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This story is the fourth of four in a POV series of romance that follow two people on their "firsts" of a relationship, one for each season
Winter. I watch as the snow falls softly, gently on the pine trees, but weighing them down with the white coat of winter. I stare from the porch, as it blankets the hills and valleys, covering every foot of land between the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the cabin we rented for a weekend to ourselves. Basking in the scene provided by nature, I'm snapped from my trance by a voice calling to me:

"Are you coming? Or are you going to leave me out here by myself?"

Your call makes me grin and I look out and meet your gaze as you skate light-heartedly around the frozen pond. I contemplate for a moment, knowing that joining you would mean I could no longer admire you in this scenery from a distance. However, it is quickly made up for in the knowing that it meant I would get to be by your side again.

"I'll be right out!"

I shout, proceeding to rush inside to get on my one skates. I stumble out, off the porch and through the yard, anxious to meet up with you. Skating to the edge, you take me by the hand and help me onto the ice, careful of the cracking ice on the shoreline. We skate to the center of the pond and you continue your graceful skate routine. I skate slowly behind, happy just to be watching your exquisite movements flowing from your perfect curves so smoothly. I become lost, near hypnotized by the elegance of the beauty gliding before me.

Your complex moves end and you soon return so a slow and simple skate. I take the opportunity to move up alongside you, placing my hands on your hips. Your hands cover mine and you turn your head to face me as we skate side by side. You close your eyes, smile sweetly, and for a moment time freezes.

That smile, that godly smile. It pierces through me every time I see it on you. The simple perfection of everything that you are. Your face, smooth and pale like an angel cast of alabaster in this cold winter light. An angel made specifically for me of unbridled beauty, worth its weight in gold and absolutely priceless. Just as I get lost in your eternal magnificence, time seems to return to my world. Your eyes open and I return the smile. We skate together, both sets of our hands on your waist for some time longer, until the snow begins to get heavier and the daylight fades.

We decide to resign ourselves back to the cabin for the evening to warm up. Once inside, we shed our skates, hats and coats. You relax on the couch while I throw some sticks and logs in the fireplace and get the fire lit. I leave for a moment and return with a large blanket to cover us as I join you on the couch. I turn and lean my back against the arm of the couch so that you can snuggle against me and rest your head on my chest the way I know you like to do.

Once we are both settled I grab the blanket and throw it over us. We lay there sharing heat in our embrace, listening to the fire crackle. I run my fingers through your soft, cold hair massaging your head with my fingertips as you slowly close your eyes. There is nowhere I would rather be at in this moment than right here. Nobody I would rather be with in this moment than you.

I stop rubbing your head and you let out a soft sigh and open your eyes to look around the room. As you focus on your surroundings, you notice an envelope sitting, leaning against a candlestick on the mantelpiece. There are words written on the front of it but at this distance you are unable to read it clearly. You ask what it is and I say that I'm unsure what it is or where it came from, suggesting you investigate it if you're curious. You whine in the cutest little way because you don't want to leave the comfort of the couch, nor the heat of our cuddle.

In the end your curiosity gets the best of you and you get up to check it out. Getting close enough to the mantle to feel the fire's heat against your legs, you lean in to read the envelope. Written on the front are two small words: Read Me. Instinctively you cock you head slightly in confusion but again your curiosity takes over and you take it from where it sits. Opening it you find a letter inside which you unfold and begin to read:

"My Only One,

It seems like just yesterday I met you and fell for you almost instantly. We didn't always know that we were meant for each other but I never doubted for a moment that we would end up together. There have been ups, there have been downs, but we never lost faith in each other. Now here we are all this time later and I wouldn't trade a moment I've had with you for anything in the world. We know each other intimately, and I feel you are closer to my heart than anyone else has ever been or could ever be. I've told you my deepest secrets and I've shared my darkest fears. We know each other inside and out and loathe every moment we're apart from each other. I could go on and on with reasons we go so well together but I think at this point it's easier to just say there are only 3 things I need to tell you;

1 - I love just as much now as I always have.

2 - Merry Christmas Sweetheart.

3 - Turn around..."

Seemingly lost in the letter, you suddenly snap to attention after reading the last sentence and you turn around. You see that I am no longer on the couch where I was rested but am instead just a foot or so away, kneeling in front of you. I withdraw my hands from behind my back to reveal that one is holding a small black box. I use the other hand to open the box, revealing a ring with a beautiful diamond that shines almost as brightly as your eyes do. You stare at me for a moment, tears forming in your eyes, before I break the silence.

"Will you marry me?"

Without a word, the tears come forth, bursting from your eyes and you fall to your knees, now face to face with the special little box. The level of emotion staggers me and I feel the welling of tears swell up inside my chest as well.

"Of course I will!"

You throw your arms around me. Our lips meet and it is as magical to me as it was the very first time it happened. I break the kiss just long enough to take the ring from the box and slide it upon your finger before our lips lock once again. Still on our knees, we ease ourselves down into a laying position on the warm fur of the bear skin rug in front of the fire. You now lay on your back as I prop myself on my elbow and lean over you, my face directly above yours. I wipe the few remaining tears of joy from your eyes and hold your ring-clad hand up.

"With this ring I promise you will never be alone again. I will be here, by your side. Always"

I kiss you on the forehead, then your warm little nose, and then back to your lips. I lightly run the backs of my fingers down your soft cheek, down your neck. My hand glides past your collarbone, down across your breasts, along your belly, coming to rest on your thigh. Just the feel of your body is enough to make my heart race. I begin to slide my hand up, this time underneath your sweater. I rest my hand on the smooth skin of your stomach. I push the shirt up enough to reveal your abdomen and stop, as my head moves from your lips downward.

I kiss your jawbone, then a peck on your neck. I slide the tip of my nose down, through the valley between your breasts. I inhale slowly, your scent always having been more alluring to me than any drug. Working down, I kiss the top of your belly, then the right side. The bottom comes next, then the left side. Back to the top, I continue like this in a tightening spiral pattern toward your belly button. Once I reach the center, I stop and kiss a line straight up your stomach. As I raise your sweater higher, my head follows, momentarily stopping at the base of your bra.

Using both hands, I raise your sweater over your breasts, revealing them into my view. They are the picture of magnificence and, without moving your powder-pink bra, I kiss every inch of their exposed skin. I work my way back up, still pulling up your sweater as I go. You raise your arms, allowing me to remove the sweater entirely.

I toss is aside and then take my index finger and place it gently on your chin. I trace a line straight down. Across your throat, through your supple cleavage, across and over your stomach, coming to a stop at the upper edge of your jeans. I use just my thumb to flick open the button of your pants and smile.

I stop, for now, with your pants and you decide it's your turn to take some of my clothes from me. You tug at my shirt as I am already beginning to take it off. As I am removing it, you can't resist but to lightly drag your nails across my abs, following my shirt upward. You come up to nibble at my chest as the shirt finally comes over my head. I pull you upward so that our chests are now together, face to face. I take your face in one hand and rub the full length of your back with the other.

I meet your lips again, taking your soft tongue into my mouth. As our tongues dance intertwined, I use a quick snapping motion to undo your bra, displaying your full back to my open palm. Staying pressed against you, I don't let the bra fall free. Instead I use my right hand to remove the strap from your right shoulder. Our lips come undone as I kiss the spot where the bra strap sat. I repeat the process with the left hand and the left strap, leaving another kiss on the other side. I stay against you as I lower you back onto your back.

I push myself up from you, looking down at your amazing self. I see that now your bra is only resting on your succulent breasts and I begin to pull it downward from the middle. Not quickly, but purposefully, slowly. Every bit of skin I reveal gets wither a kiss or a light flick of my tongue. I pull it down far enough to reveal the top edges of your areolas and then your already stiffening nipples. I know they are very sensitive and, as a slight tease, only give a small bow of air to each. Though it is now warm in the cabin, I see that my breath on your nipples has given you goose bumps all over your arms and chest. I smile at this and continue.

I lick each nipple, in small circles and take turns sucking each one into my mouth. You gasp and run your fingers through my hair, encouraging my motions as I suckle and your luscious breasts. After I am finished and your nipples are as erect as I have ever seen them, I give each one a final kiss and move my face back to meet yours. You are breathing heavily at this point and as I kiss every bit of your warm face I feel your hot breath and sharp teeth biting at my neck. My hand now returns to your jeans and I take two fingers to undo your zipper. Slowly, I pull it downward, revealing the tops of your matching pink panties to my view.

Just the sight of them turns me on immensely and for a moment I must hold myself back from going into a sexual frenzy. I leave your pants for now, and with my middle finger I rub the full length of your pussy. I stop each time I near the top to rub little circles around your clit. I have always loved the little squeals you let out when I do that. I retrieve my hand from your pants and bring my moist fingers to my lips, tasting yourself on me. I push up more, raising myself to your knees and bring myself down to your feet.

Once there I lift each one and give a small kiss to the sole of both. I then take the bottoms of your pants and begin to pull. You lift your hips to aid me in my effort and the jeans start to come down. The top edge slides past your shapely and amazing hips, moving lower and lower. I continue to gently tug them, taking my time and enjoying every bit of exposed skin, it feeding the hunger in my eyes as more and more of you comes into view. Your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, every bit of you sending a warm and familiar tingling up my spine.

I get them to your heels and, with a final pull, free your lovely legs of them completely. I spread your legs just enough to accommodate me between them and begin to move up them. I slide my fingers the full length of your legs, enjoying how soft and smooth your skin always is. Moving up, I kiss the insides of your knees, then the inside of your thighs, until I reach your very center. I place the tip of my tongue at your entrance, licking a line up the entire length of your panty-covered slit. I savor your sweetness as your moans fuel the fire within me.

I lick to the very top of your now sheer panties and grab the top edge of them with my teeth. Pulling downward, I leave my hands on your legs and let my mouth do all the work of removing them. Soaked, I hold your panties in my mouth for a moment and rise to my knees. I remove my own pants and then carefully, teasingly pull my boxers downward. As my cock springs into view I could almost swear I hear a whimper escape your lips.

I let my boxers and your panties fall to the floor as I return to your divine body. I return to my place between your legs, not touching, but close enough for you to feel my heat on your skin. This time I do not lick, but instead kiss your beautiful pussy and work my way up your body from there. By the time I reach your face I feel I had place a hundred more kisses on your sweet bare body. You take my face with both your hands and I hear nothing come from you but a whisper.

"Please make love to me. I need you"

A simple smile is my only action before pressing my lips against yours yet again. These lips you have that are capable of so much. Able to kiss me and melt my heart in an instant. Being able to smile in a way that can see all the way to my heart in a way you may never even know. I feel I could stay like this, with you, here forever.

However, I abide by your wishes and after you have had a fill enough of stroking my fully-hard cock, I lay down beside you. You turn your back to me, facing the fire and I move in behind you, pressing the full front of my body against your bare and silky backside. I whisper back to you.

"Are you ready for me?"

I see you bite your lip and smile, nodding your head and moving your top leg upward, spreading your thighs for me. I kiss your on the shoulder as my hand guides my firm cock to the entrance of your waiting pussy. I bite down on your neck unexpectedly and it causes you to take a deep breath of air in. As you do, I slide my cock inside your tight wetness. Filling you entirely, you moan loud as I hold myself as deep inside you as you can take. I withdraw half the length that would fit inside and proceed to sink my full length back into you.

With your mouth open wide, letting out the sexiest and most erotic range of noises I have heard from you, I pick up my pace thrusting faster and deeper. My hand moves from your satiny thigh to take your breast in my palm. I squeeze it, hard but sensually, massaging your flesh in my fingers. I pinch your nipple between my fingertips, succeeding only in making you grow louder. Your moans have transformed into sexy screams of pure pleasure, echoing out into the nothingness outside.

My thrusts change from short and fast to slowly, as if carefully, withdrawing and reinserting the full length of my cock into your moist depths. My hand moves again, this time downwards. Now between your legs, my fingers successfully find your sensitive little clit. I rub gently, just on the tip of it while my cock is being withdrawn, and rub little circles with more force as I insert myself back into you.

These motions cause you to lose all control and you begin moving your hips to match my motions. You're meeting my hips with each thrust and then press your clit into my fingers on each off thrust. I can feel you tightening around my manhood and I can tell that you are getting close. My goal now is to make this the most memorable orgasm of your life. I pick up the pace on all fronts; thrusting harder, rubbing more quickly, kissing your neck and biting your earlobe. The increase in pleasure sends you reeling and you simply can't hold it in anymore.

You let out a final moan loud enough that it could have shattered the windows. Your pussy squeezes my cock like a vice, with an enthusiasm that I have never felt from you before. It feels as though your pussy is milking my cock and this is just more than I can take. I feel every muscle in my body tighten as I let loose a torrent of cum inside your deepest depths. I fill you to the brim, intensifying the orgasm you are already in the middle of.

We both moan to each other and I take your hair in my hand and guide your lips to mine. You hungrily attack my mouth and grab the back of my head as well, sucking my tongue deeper into your mouth. Though both of our orgasms have now subsided, our raw love for each other is stronger than ever in our embrace. What seems like hours later, though I'm sure was only moments, we release our kiss and stare into each other's eyes. You've lost your strength so I keep your head propped up with my hand, using my other one to bring the blanket down from the couch to cover us.

I also grab the two giant couch pillows and slide one under each of our heads to rest upon. Decidedly, this is the best place for us to sleep for the night, the fantasy setting of the finale to our perfect day. As they have always been, your lips are just too irresistible to me, and I must steal away another short kiss from them. You turn your head back toward the fire. Staring into it, I see you give but a half-smile. Catching me off guard, I have to question it.

"Is everything okay?"

It takes but a moment for your reply.

"This has been the most amazing day of my entire life. I love you more than I ever have and today will stay burned in my mind as my happiest memory. That's why It makes me so sad that I didn't get you anything so special this Christmas."

As I laugh at your statement, it catches you off your guard. I take your left hand in mind and hold it extended in front of your face. The light of the fire shines through the diamond on top your ring, drawing your gaze into it. I whisper to you.

"I'll never be able to give you enough to match what you've given me this, but I'll spend forever trying"

Again, tears fill your eyes but you smile. I intertwine my fingers with yours, relaxing our hands before releasing them. You roll onto your other side so that you are able to face me. In the midst of the transition I slide an arm under your head so that it is resting on my bicep. We stare deeply into each other's eyes, deeper even. You see me for who I am, and I love you for it. You speak.

"I love you."

I brush the hair from your face, behind your ear and reply.

"I love you."

I pull you closer to me. I hold you tightly and we drift off to sleep in front of the still crackling fire. We sleep deeply and more at peace than either of us have known before, knowing that tomorrow we begin the rest of our lives. Together.
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