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A start to a lovely weekend between a Master and his kitten.
It had been a little while since they had enjoyed some quality time together; life had kept them both busier than they had anticipated. They had both managed to have Valentines Day off so they could spend time together. She had had specific orders on which hotel room to obtain, what she was to bring and what she was to wear. What was left completely unknown to her was what they would be doing that evening.

Hailey had arrived at the hotel by early afternoon with several small bags accompanying her. She had an idea in mind as to what would occur based on the contents of her luggage and it kept an excited bounce in her step. She found her way into the room that overlooked the river and the city across from it. Placing the bags down but one, she fully opened the curtains and stepped onto the balcony.

The air was brisk and it sent goosebumps over her skin immediately. She slipped off her long coat, letting it fall onto the floor to reveal her bare form. Hailey looked down at her body, the bell on her collar chiming as the wind tickled her skin. She wasn't sure if her nipples had hardened from the cold or from the thrill of her little exhibitionist stunt. She knew she was certainly wet from the latter.

Twirling on her toes she went into her bag and pulled out her elegant kitten's plug tail and a smile was instantly on her face. The metal bulb reflected the tall buildings blurrily as she held it up and squeezed some lube onto it. Bending low and widening her stance elicited a small whimper from her as the breeze kissed her swollen and exposed lips. The chill matched the coldness of the plug and she sucked in her breath sharply as it came into contact with her warm rim. She teased herself with the tip of it barely long enough to get her body accustomed to it’s width before she was pressing it’s mass inside her. Her discomfort grew, as did the soft groaning that accompanied it. She struggled with the widest part of it for a moment before it popped inside her cavity and she shivered with pleasured relief. Her hand went back into the bag to find her soft kitten ears attached to a headband and she adorned her head with them.The last additions were two black cuffs with little purple diamond accents that would help hide her mitten ends and would complete her outfit.

She checked her phone and saw that he would be arriving in fifteen minutes. The spike in her heart rate was noticeable and when she poured some ice into a glass tumbler for him her hand shook slightly. No matter how many times they were together, she never seemed to be able to rid herself of these nervous jitters. Only him walking through the door subsided them, unless of course he chose to escalate them. From the moment her collar was on and until the moment it was taken off, she was at his mercy, and that was when she was most free.

She had finished taking the remainder of her gear out, letting toys and implements of various sizes line the dresser top. His glass was set just next to the couch and his drink of choice was poured neatly inside it. When the bottle was stashed away Hailey beamed and knelt down to the floor. Her tail draped over her calf and she curled up against the couch, eyes on the door, bottom swishing gently as she anticipated his arrival.

She heard her phone buzz from across the room and perked up immediately. Her body was brimming with excitement, barely contained inside her. It was when the click of the card opening the door that had her spring forward and perch herself just outside the doorway as he walked inside. She arched up and leaned heavily into his leg, rubbing against him and mewing with elation.

“There’s my girl-- Down kitten, down, give me some space!” He lightly scolded, scratching the top of her head just behind her ears. She backed up enough to let him close the door and put his bag down against it. Only when he started towards the couch did she circle him excitedly like a shark- a mewing, purring, wiggly one. He stopped before sitting and crouched down to scratch her head, her front paws landing on his leg and almost toppling him over.

He decided to let the motion carry him to the ground and she rolled partially on top of him, wriggling and rubbing her back on his side until he was laughing.

“Someone missed me, huh? Here, pussy, look what Master got you.” He dug around in his pocket and pulled out a mouse toy, letting it dangle between two fingers just above her head that rested on his chest. He couldn’t see it but her eyes followed it intently before she swatted at it. It bounced wildly in the air above her head and she tracked it before taking another swipe at it. This time he let it go and she launched off of him to chase it down.

Hailey pounced on the toy with zealous and bent down to bite it’s tail. She then pranced back to Alexander and dropped it by his hand. She meowed and scratched at his arm that he was now propping himself up on. He picked it up and lazily tossed it across the room and she eagerly followed it, tail swishing over her pale cheeks with each movement.

This time she bellied out on the ground, her body wiggling as she stalked her prey. When she lept for it she swatted it backwards and the mouse tumbled over to Alexander. She crawled back to him and swiped at it again slower than he had scooped it up. She growled and tried to paw at it but he managed to keep it just out of her reach. Hailey huffed in frustration and did what cats do- she pinned his arm and bit the hand that held her toy. His surprised yelp made her realize what she had done, causing her to release his hand. She did her best to look remorseful and she whimpered.

Scowling, he slapped her cheek sharply “Bad kitten. No biting. Lay down now.” The slap and the harsh tone had her cowering immediately so there was little more movement needed to obey the command. Her head lowered down to her paws and she tucked legs under herself, making herself as small as possible.

He scooped up the mouse and pocketed it, signaling that playtime was over. He stepped over her as if she were simply the rug, ignoring her sorrowful eyes as he went to the bathroom to tend to his reddened finger. When he returned he remained silent, sitting on the other side of the couch and continued to not acknowledge her.

The quiet ate at her insides and she kept her eyes trained low at his pant leg, knowing better than to raise his ire with an accidentally challenging look. Only the clock echoed through the room for a full five minutes before he spoke again. His voice was stern yet soft spoken and was all she was focused on.

“Now that you’ve thought about what you’ve done, I still think you need a little more of a reminder never to bite the hand that pleases you. As a lesson without pain is meaningless, isn’t it, Hailey?”

Hearing her name said so cooly sent a shiver down her spine and she nodded her head, her cat ears flopping slightly from the motion. Reaching down he gripped the back of her neck as if it were scruff and he pulled her up so that she had no choice other than to leap onto the couch. He lead her like that to the edge of the sofa until her torso was hanging off towards the floor and her hips hooked snuggly over the arm.

Her bell clipped her arm and jingled lightly when she looked up to him, her eyes wide and remorseful. As he met her gaze he collected her long, dark tail and draped it over her spine, letting the soft fur tickle her back. She couldn’t stop the small, nervous giggle that it teased out of her.

“Looking sweet and innocent now will not save you from your lesson, little girl. Stay still for me, and don’t forget to count.” Before his sentence had finished his hand landed firmly on her right cheek. She yipped and squirmed slightly, he hadn’t given her a chance to warm up and had gone for a firm strike.

“One.” It was the first word she had uttered since his arrival and it was shaky already. His hand came down in the same spot harshly, making her “Two!” higher in pitch. The third, fourth and fifth came down in quick succession and after an exasperated “Three, F-four, Five Sir!” and sufficient squirming she felt his fingers dip between her legs and brush her moistness. She groaned softly and tried to push back onto them, her short lived effort ended by a quick backhand to her left cheek.

“Stay still, kitten, or you will get nothing tonight.” She knew better than to challenge him and she whimpered an apology with the next count. He rubbed her reddened right cheek, some outline of his fingerprints visible. His other hand poked her lips again, disappearing into them for merely a moment before he brought it to his mouth and tasted her sex. Another slap brought the blush to her face a shade redder as she watched him sample her and she moaned “E-eight Sir”. He grinned at her need, always enjoying keeping her on edge.

Both his hands left her body and she looked up at him in surprise only to watch as both landed squarely in the middle of each cheek. She hopped off of the couch and yelped sharply, whining the final counts “N-nine, t-ten…” and she cowered a bit on the floor, worried that falling on the couch would have angered him.

Instead, he crouched down and smiled at her, gently stroking her flushed cheek with his thumb. He leaned in and kissed her forehead, his hand moving to pet her head gently until she closed her eyes and started purring. The noise softened his smile further and hers grew as well. She lifted her head up to give him a peck on his cheek as she received two last pats on her head behind her cat ears.

“Now, go play with your little mousey while I enjoy my drink.” Her master collected his glass and sat back in his spot on the couch, sipping it idly. The kitten meowed at him, her butt still fairly tender and her slit moist with need that would not be met in this moment, She wriggled for him, the soft fur of her tail soothing some of the pinkness on it. She turned her attention to the toy on the floor and lowered herself down to the ground.

He watched with a small smile on his face as she stalked the toy until she closed in and swatted it part way across the room. She scampered after it and trapped it under her paws. When she looked down at them, a slight look of confusion crossed her face as she could no longer see it. While mewing a complaint to her owner, she made the discovery of it under her paw and she jumped in surprise, resulting in a hearty laugh from him.

She blushed and went about swatting and rolling with the toy mouse, clearly enjoying the attention and the freedom that being a kitten gave her. She cast a look at his glass every now and then, and when it was more than halfway finished she abandoned her little toy in lieu of something much more desirable.

Turning towards her master she crawled over to him with a cheshire smile and batted her eyes. He said nothing but raised an eyebrow in response as he took another draw from his glass, what remained of the ice clinking against it. He moved forward enough to gently stroke her hair behind her ears and she leaned into it, the mischievous smile melting into one of warmth.

She purred as she rubbed her cheek against his shin and she looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye. She hopped up onto the couch next to him and he teasingly scolded her by saying that kitties did not belong on the furniture. The kitten took her mitted paw and brushed the scruff on his cheek, running her pads over his mouth to quiet him. The sparkle in her eyes grew just before she closed them, leaning down to meet his lips with a soft kiss.

She whispered against his lips, “Tell me to get off again and I will, Sir.” She felt his hand snake between her legs and grip her thigh firmly.

“But I have you right where I want you, kitten. Actually, I want you right here.” His hand had moved higher to her pink slit, hooking two fingers inside and tugging to the side until she had swung her leg over his lap, coming to rest just atop of him. Hailey’s tail draped over his leg, it’s length tickling him but Alexander’s attention was on his kitten’s face. Her lips curled into a smile as she purred again, gently pressing down onto his lap and onto his growing bulge. His free hand slid up her side and up the front of her neck to come to rest just under her chin, chasing a small whimper of need out of her and onto his lips.

“Now, tell me what you want, little girl.” Just as she opened her mouth he brought a finger up to silence her, “Ah ah ah, tell me how a kitten would, or you’ll get the opposite of what you want.” The challenge sent a shiver down her spine and she nodded her head.

She wriggled in his lap, letting her wet heat tease him over his suit pants. When she leaned down to kiss him again, his hand slipped down to rest just above her collarbone. He reached up with his thumb and jingled the bell that hung from her collar as her lips traveled over his cheek and down to his ear. Her paws kneaded his chest and occasionally gripped at his buttons, unable to do much more than clumsily pull at them.

Purring into his ear she licked and nibbled his earlobe, pulling a soft groan from his lips. Encouraged, she nibbled more and ground her hips down a little harder. She felt his hand on her throat tighten momentarily and she reversed her hip movement, sensing she was being too eager. When his hand relaxed she went down and nuzzled her way past the collar of his shirt to graze her teeth against the nape of his neck.

She felt him shift her in his lap so that more of her pussy came into contact with his bulge. His free hand snaked around her hip to grasp a handful of her plump ass, pulling and pushing it in a way to show her how he wanted her to grind on him. His fingers dug into the pink marks he had left on her skin, causing her to groan lightly into his neck.

Her paws had dropped lower down his torso, having abandoned their futile attempts at unbuttoning his shirt. They made their way to his belt and nudged at the buckle, making him chuckle and bringing a brightness to her cheeks.

"Does the kitty want another spanking? With a belt this time? What a frisky feline you are.." He teased, pulling her asscheek away from her plugged tail as the blush on her face darkened. She shook her head into his neck, and made a small mewing sound to try to convey he was wrong.

"Does the kitty want..this?" He asked as his fingers laced around the plug's base, starting to pull it out enough to force a gasp out of her. He paused the withdrawal at the plug's widest part and she whined, almost pleading his name before he popped it back inside her. She jumped in his lap at the insertion and moaned, the sound getting lost in his ear. Again she shook her head, panting slightly with need as her mitten snuck underneath her straddled hips and pressed down onto his cock.

Her mouth dropped open as he twisted her nipple, a grin on his face as he pretended to finally understand what she wanted, "Ah hah! The kitty wants her Master's cock, doesn't she? Is she a dirty little cockloving slut? Yes she is, yes she is!" He said in a mockingly cutesy voice that one would to an animal as he twisted her nipple the other way.

"Aaahhhahh" she groaned and squirmed, nodding her head a little too enthusiastically, provoking another bit of degrading laughter and remarks and spurring on another bright blush.

"What makes you think that you deserve my cock, little bratty kitten? Would you bite it like you did my finger? I think if I detailed the consequences of such an action, you'd wet yourself, pussycat." His twisting worsened as his other hand found it's way between her folds, making her mewl and pant as she thrusted onto his fingers, wanting him deeper. Her master's fingers teased and rubbed her gspot to the point where she'd cum on his lap but to her dismay he withdrew them and stood up, turning and dropping her onto her back on the couch.

Driving her legs apart with his knee, he rubbed her wet slit with his thigh as he towered over her. Drawing closer, he could feel her whole body shiver against his to his delight. His fingers found her clit and rolled it as he whispered barely a hair's breadth above her lips, no distance at all but one she dared not cross before him despite her whole being needing to, "You'd like that though, wouldn't you, you dirty little girl. I know my kitten all too well, and the redder you blush the harder you cum. You best not ruin my suit with your mess though, or those little pink marks on your ass will pale in comparison of what I'll do to you."

She took the chance to flicker her eyes down his body as he sat up, his hands moving to his belt, slowly unclasping it and drawing it through the pant loops. Her breath caught as she saw what she had already done. He made the discovery as well when his hand went for his zipper and he found his grey woolen pants damp. When he brought his eyes to hers, they darkened only as a sadist's would when things went his way. Her's reacted in kind, widening as she whimpered and shrank back as he swooped in and tugged his hardened shaft free.

"Tsk tsk Hailey, look what you've done. I guess you're going to find out first hand what I'll do to you now, won't you?" His dangerous words were paired with a gentle movement to brush some errant hairs up behind her pointed cat ears. The kind gesture disguised his true intent enough so that when he gripped a large clump of hair and yanked down she yelped in surprise, the bell jingling frantically on her now fully exposed neck.

Keeping her neck taunt, he reached over next to his whiskey glass and retrieved something out of her view. Her entire body flinched when the mechanism triggered, the very familiar sound of his switchblade. He brought it to her neck, letting the flat of the blade kiss her until she whimpered again, barely squirming in his lap. The edge was turned towards her skin and trailed lightly down over her collarbone and against her breast.

“Since today is a special day, I won’t do too much to you.. But you made me wet, so I have to do the same to you.” With that, he pricked her skin just enough to get her to yelp and a small red bulb of blood formed atop of the cut. The metal left her skin and his mouth found the side of her neck, nipping and biting it as she whimpered.

The whine that left her dissipated as his breath traveled down, following the track of the knife down to the wound in her chest. He licked it, collecting a droplet or two and brought himself back up to her lips. Her mouth parted, dying to kiss him but holding herself in check. She felt him pull his sword out of her sheath only to plunge back inside her as his lips met hers, stealing the pained moan she produced that he was the cause of.

His hand brought the knife up to her neck, twisting it in his hand so that the back of the blade kissed her skin as he kissed her. The slight switch was lost to her and she was still quite terrified that he'd cut her. His thrusts slowed in voracity and took on almost a lovemaking quality to it as he placed the knife down above her head and onto the side table. When it came back down it brushed ever so gently down the side of her face and onto her neck. Just as his thumb found the red line he started to squeeze.

Hailey's eyes had been closed, lost in this sudden yet very welcome tenderness. He had disarmed her perfectly with little effort before it was too late, the hand on her cutting off her airway. Her eyes flew open as she gasped and struggled to breathe against his mouth, mittened hands pawing at his taunt arm and tight fingers. His other hand had found it's way down to her clit, trapping it between his nails and pinching hard.

The brief romantic kiss ended as she gasped and wheezed against his devilish grin. His thrusts had increased in frenzy and she could feel the overwhelming urge inside her building quicker than she could comprehend, just as she was seeing spots in her eyes and her vision was fading.

Her master leaned back to take a look at her fluttering eyes and panicked face once more before he rubbed her button and eased up ever so slightly so she could take in a breath that was just too short. It was enough to bring her back from one brink and almost enough to push her over the other with each touch on her clit.

"P-please sir m-may I cum?" She struggled to the words out past his hand and he chuckled darkly, shaking his head.

"Only someone as desperate and needy as you would choose to beg for release before they would their own breath. You may cum only if you manage to do so before you pass out, slut." With that, he redoubled his grip, his thrust and his pinching to the point where her strangled cries were laced with agonized pleasure.

Her body gave way before her lungs did as he released her throat to allow a blast of air into them that heightened her ecstasy. She was barely able to make a sound besides sucking in air as well as trying to vocalize the orgasm that ripped through her. He groaned with her, feeling her constrict around him and he almost came with her but he had made up his mind before on how he wanted to finish.

While she writhed under him he took the opportunity to yank her plugged tail out of her asshole without warning. The small teasing he had done before did little to warm her up and after wearing the plug for the length of time that she had, her rim had shrunk back to as normal as it could be until the moment the metal mass was ripped out of her. Her gasping moan turned into a shriek and pleading, the pain and shock ending her blissful state and pushing her back into a fearful one.

A well placed slap on her now vacated pussy made her yelp and her legs tremble as she lifted one up and around him. She knew that look all too well and she was in no position to be bratty anymore. She came up on her knees, careful not to kick him. Her rim smarted painfuly and she was worried about what he'd do next. Once her head was pressed against the cushion of the couch she felt him lean his weight against her, his slick shaft rubbing up and sitting between her asscheeks. He reached over her and retrieved his knife, making certain to open it so she could hear that distinctive click that made her heart skip a beat.

Alexander let the knife trail up her spine and over her rim, which was twitching slightly from pain. Hailey whimpered his name and he shushed her with a slap of the blade against her reddened backside.

“Tell me,” he said as she brought the dull edge of the blade between her legs and against her hot slit, “how badly you need my cum in in this pretty little hole of yours, Hailey. Channel your inner slut, I know she’s there hidden under those fuzzy ears of yours.” His other hand was guiding the head of his shaft in small circles around her rim.

She cleared her throat, her voice frightened and small as she answered him, “Pl-please Sir, please fuck my ass until I cry and fill me with your cum. I’ve been craving you and I need to feel your warmth within me. Let me be your cumdump, AlexaaaHHNDER PLEASE!”

The pitch of her voice escalated as he didn’t want to wait for her to finish to shove his cock inside her. Hailey did what she could to dig her nails into the couch but her mitts prevented her from that respite and she gasped loudly as he embedded himself inside her again and again.

He rubbed the knife over her lips once more before bringing it up near her face. He held the handle to her teeth and he whispered darkly “Hold this for me, kitten. I’ve got a hole to ruin and I need both hands for it.”

Hailey’s pleas were reduced to chattering teeth on the metal handle and the grunts that he forced out of her. Alexander had a hand on each of her hips, pulling her onto him just as he shoved into her. The plug had loosened her rim but only just, the deeper he went the tighter she was. He kept at her, occasionally pinching and spanking her and making her writhe before he groaned in pleasure himself.

He dropped his head back, buried his sword into her cavity and shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her, reveling in her muffled moaning as he used her. Her master stayed inside her until his balls were emptied and only then did he pull himself out, some of his cum oozing out of her hole. He picked up her tail, collecting what cum tried escaping and shoved it back inside her thoroughly fucked hole. She groaned in heat knowing full well his seed was trapped inside her, her previous orgasm no longer as satisfying as it was.

He slapped her bum and stood up, retrieving the knife from her panting mouth and he commented on the drool she had made. Wiping it on her arm he folded the knife and shed his pants, leaving them on the couch as he went to lay on the bed. Hailey sat up and whined, her noises of displeasure only causing him to raised his eyebrow in question at her.

“S-sir please, I need more, I am not ready to stop.” She said needily, following him to the bed on two feet. His glare sent her sinking to her knees, crawling the rest of the way before hopping up on the bed on all fours.

When she went to speak again he silenced her with “Kitten’s don’t talk, Hailey.” She groaned and murred in frustration, trying to think of how to express herself. She looked at her toys so far away on the dresser and then to her Master, relaxed and content on the bed. His hand was at his side and she thought to take the opportunity while she could.

Her cheeks flushed as she attempted to straddle his hand, averting her gaze as she tried to press herself down on his thumb. Alexander brought his hand up and slapped her slit roughly, making her jump back and whimper.

“I’m not helping you, kitten. Figure it out yourself or stay desperate. You know I like it when you’re weak.” She reddened further as his words dug into her and she wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Her mitted hands did her no good and rubbing her thighs together fell frustratingly short of relief.

That left his.

Hailey shamefully made a move to mount his thigh and this time he didn’t stop her. Instead, he raised his leg to meet her soaked lips, providing her with some friction. She moaned softly, pressing down on him in a steady rhythm.

“Such a needy little girl you are, Hailey. A whiny, desperate little slut who can’t be satisfied with what she’s given, always asking for more.”

His chastised her and degraded her in an almost lovingly way as she ground herself on him. Her tail brushed on his leg with every movement, the cum nestled inside making the plug twist slightly as she rode his thigh. Her mewling dissolved into panting as she neared her edge, her eyes full of lust meeting his bright ones. The desperation emanated from her enough that Alexander took pity on her and reached down to pinch her clit between his nails.

“Cum for me, kitten.” He commanded, his voice quiet yet loud enough to fill the room.

Her body shook atop of him as she came once more, her mitted hands barely able to hold her up from the strength of it. Alexander sensed this and leaned up, lacing a finger under her collar and pulling her up his body and into his embrace.

His feather-like touch sent goosebumps throughout her skin as his hands moved down her shoulders and over the curves of her body. He tickled her sides slightly until she giggled, then moved onto redder pastures, grazing her butt tenderly. The softness of his movements helped slow her racing heartbeat and pull her down from cloud nine.

Hailey melted into him, purring and nuzzling his scruff as best as she could. He petted her head, his hand moving to cup her cheek and pull her into another softer kiss. She sighed into his lips, feeling whole again. When she pulled back, she looked down at him and smiled warmly.

“I absolutely adore you, Sir. Thank you for everything.” She purred, the smile never wavering.

He chuckled lightly, brushing some matted her from her face and he said simply, “I know.”

She kissed his cheek gratefully, loving his confidence. Hailey rested her head on his chest, reached down to her tail and draped it over her thigh so that it tickled his. Alexander kissed her forehead and whispered, “Good girl.”

Her purring gently faded as they both drifted off to sleep, contented in each other's presence. A few hours later, Alexander stirred and stretched as best as he could with Hailey curled into him.

Alexander gazed down at her sleeping form and rubbed her arm absentmindedly. Hailey’s nose twitched slightly and her mitted hand pawed at it. His hand trailed over her shoulder and down to her side. He could see the slight bruising on her bottom just under her fuzzy tail and he licked his lips. He still had many shades he wanted to paint her but those would be for another time.

For now though, Alexander stealthily detached himself from his kitten and let her roll onto her stomach. He slid off the bed and over to one of the bags she had been instructed to bring. He sorted through various lengths of rope and colored duct tapes before finding a pair of silicon cuffs. He made a mental note to chastise her for the messy bag later.

He could feel himself stiffen as he crawled up the bed on top of her, careful not to jostle her. Her right arm laid parallel to her body and proved easy to bend and come to rest on the small of her back. Hailey's left hand was still up by her face and it took a little more finesse to maneuver it. Once her left wrist joined her right one he then threaded them through the cuffs, wincing slightly as he knew they'd tug on her skin. He rewarded his success by dropping his hand to his shaft and stroked it slowly. His other hand ran over Hailey's prints on her bottom and he squeezed her ass firmly. Lifting it he saw the glistening of the plug sitting just above her slit.

Edging himself forward and resting one hand above her shoulder, Alexander towered over her small frame. He leaned down and smelled her hair, giving her head one gentle peck just as the tip of his shaft kissed her pink lips. He adjusted his stance once before plunging himself into her body. As he expected and intercepted with his hand, Hailey awoke with a violent scream. She bucked and tried to fight him off but Alexander was now pressing his full weight into her and Hailey could do nothing to stop him. His thrusts were short but deep and soon she was grunting and groaning into his hand.

“Did you think I was going to let you sleep all night, kitten? No, little lazy girl, we have much. To. Do,” Alexander growled into her ear, thrusting with each word, “But first, I need to empty myself in that pretty cunt of yours. Since you're awake now though..”

Alexander released her mouth and leaned back. Her mitted hands swayed helplessly as he started his assault on her pink bottom. Hailey knew he wasn't interested in her counting the strikes, only the squeaks and squeals he elicited from her from the bare handed spanking. He delighted in feeling her walls clamp around him with each blow and her futile efforts to squirm away from him.

Once her cheeks were a brighter shade of red he doubled down on fucking her. He could feel her body reacting under him, she was so terribly close to finishing. Just as she started to ask for permission Alexander clamped his hand back on her mouth and thrust inside her harder until he felt his own climax mounting.

He buried himself inside her and unloaded rope after rope of cum inside her pussy while ignoring her muffled pleas for her satisfaction. Once his orgasm had subsided, Alexander pulled himself out of her and started fixing himself, leaving Hailey still panting and lost on the bed. Her hands were still bound as she tried to turn around to look at him for mercy.

Alexander had collected a small gift bag from his bag and had come over to the bed to show it to the sexually frustrated girl. He made a slight mocking face, matching her pout as he pulled out two balls attached by a small string. He then pulled out a small black remote and disappeared behind her.

“Wh-what is that for, A-Alex?” she asked, trying to look over her shoulder at him. She gasped sharply as he pushed the balls into her heated, sticky core and felt them vibrate immediately.

He released her hands from the cuffs with instructions to dress herself in her finest attire. With her teeth she gently undid the purple cuffs and slipped the mittens off while staying on the bed, still seething quietly. Alexander didn't need to turn around to know that her fingers were dancing on her clit in an attempt to finish herself off. His next words worried her enough that her fingers slowed to a stop.

“Don't get greedy now, kitten. The night is young and you have yet to run out of tears.”

She huffed but submitted, collecting her silk dress from its resting place and stopped by the dresser to remove her kitten ears. She placed them down gently, then slipped the dress over her body and shivered as the soft cloth caressed her. Hailey’s face reddened as she felt his cum start to ooze out of her. The weight of the balls inside proved tricky to maintain but she knew that losing them would be a humiliation she wasn't ready to endure.

Hailey lifted her dress up to remove her tail but Alexander's hand stayed her. He kissed her neck and shook his head and whispered that she was to be fully stuffed for the walk to dinner. He sent a small vibration with a click and she bit her lip thinking of what torture lay ahead for the rest of the evening.

Possessively taking her arm, Alexander lead her out the door and into the night.
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