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It was a beautiful day for Halloween Kelly Ripa thought as she looked out her front door. Costumed creatures were running all over her neighborhood getting their candy. Kelly was dressed in a sexy cheerleader outfit holding a bowl of candy for visitors. As the night wore on the visitors slowed and she was about to turn off her light and call her family who were away visiting relatives. She noticed a group of seven trick or treaters heading her way so she waited.

The group gathered in front of her on her porch and she saw it was four young men and three young women. One of the guys stepped forward and she asked trick or treat. Looking around he grinned and said both you’re the trick slut and our treat. Shocked she froze as the guys moved towards her pushing her back into her living room. The girls quickly gagged her and stripped her naked. Then the guys moved her to the bedroom binding her spread eagled on her king sized bed. The group of teenagers disrobed the guys exposing their already hardened cocks.

Kelly recognized one of the girls who was local and was Kelly's regular babysitter for the grandchildren when needed. The girl laughing told Kelly that two weeks ago when she babysat she replaced Kelly's birth control with sugar tablets so she was likely going to get pregnant tonight. The first two moved to Kelly and the guy moved between her legs and shoved his ten inch cock balls deep into Kelly. She would have screamed but the girl had straddled her head muffling her scream with her wet cunt.

The guys pumped his large cock into her stretching her pussy to it's limit. Kelly sobbed as she was raped and forced to eat her first pussy. Each of the four guys took a turn fucking her vagina and anus. It was like the united nations each of the group was a different race. Each of the girls forced her to eat their cunts until they climaxed. The group finally finished with her and redressed but they were not done. They found a video camera and set it up to stream what happened to her straight to a site on the web.

Then they bound her in place on her hands and knees smeared peanut butter on her groin and breasts. Then as they left they let her dogs into her bedroom. The hundreds of thousands of viewers got to watch as one dog licked her groin clean then mounted her fucking her to the amusement of many of her fans. Two small dogs licked her nipples clear of peanut butter. One dog licked her mouth French kissing her deeply. Blushing a dark scarlet she orgasmed to the canines ministrations. Kelly went through this for eight hours until her son , daughter and their friends came to visit that night.

Upon finding her they chased the dogs away but then unexpectedly took the dogs place. Each fucked her vagina and anus ejaculating filling her womb with their sperm. Kelly tasted her daughters cunnt and felt her sons penis fill her pussy. They released her but her body had been so abused that she had no energy so her audience watched her petite blonde body lie exposed for hours with her vagina and anus gaping open and dripping cum.

Many videos and pictures were captured of her beautiful physically fit white untanned body with her shapely legs flat abdomen and small breasts with hard pointy nipples. Kelly's fans watched as one of her captors prepared syringes of some drug and he injected it into each nipple then four around her vagina. She suddenly became so aroused her nether lips spread open like a flower and sprayed her juices around.

They then released her as naked she ran out of the building chased down any living being and used each one she caught to fuck her thoroughly. Finally exhausted and extremely sore she collapsed. Unfortunately it was in the bad part of town where her already abused body was further used by the homeless for their sexual pleasure.

When finished she curled into a fetal ball around her groin and whimpered In pain. After her experience Kelly changed. Her normal outfit consisted of black high heeled shoes, dark thigh high silky nylon stockings , short silk skirt , and lightly colored sheer collarless, sleeveless, silky front button blouses and always had dark red finger and toe nail polish with matching lipstick. She also always kept her legs , pits , and groin shaved clean. She went around in a high state of arousal her juices running down her legs and followed by packs of dogs that constantly tried to lick her legs and pussy clean.

When at home her son and daughter were forced to masturbate her to exhaustion just so shhe could find moment of peace. Her children took great pleasure in this as they fucked her and brought their friends over to help. Kelly was fucked three at a time one in her vagina another in her anus and a third either shoved a cock down her throat or she was forced to eat girls pussies. What she hated was if she did not get regullar intercourse she would beg anyone or anything to fill her cunt. She was forced to divorce her husband he just could not keep her satisfied. Kelly set up shop as a prostitute that would do any sexual act desired.
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