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Tales of following my mistress's instructions with everyone she commands.
We had gone shopping and were in line behind a voluptuous but older woman who they chatted with briefly while waiting in line. She had a sexy southern accent and had on a tight skirt and button up blouse. I have no idea how she had got all of her items to the checkout but it was clear she was not getting them to her car without a basket. Mindy glared at me to which I dutifully nodded and asked the lady if she would like some help. She agreed and I picked up her bags and followed her to her car.

Nice car I said as we approached her Bentley. Thank you she said. As I deposited the bags in the spacious trunk. She handed me a wad of bills which I refused. And then as if making up her mind she stared straight at the ever present bulge in my pants and said to it. Well if you won't take my tip I will just have to take yours. She grabbed me by the belt marched me to the side of her car and climbed in pulling me in after her. By the time I turned from closing the door behind me her blouse was open exposing her milky pink tits and large light areola which blended into her tits so it was hard to tell where the areola stopped and the rest of her tits began. Her nipples were hard and erect, and difficult to look away from. By the time I did, her skirt was up revealing a fiery red bush which I only caught a brief unsatisfying glance of before my cock was out, firmly gripped by one hand at the base and had been unceremoniously stuffed three inches deep into her waiting twat.

She let out an extended ohhh during which the hand still gripping the base had a war with her pussy for which could squeeze my cock the hardest. The end result of this was the head of my cock swelled inside her as she jiggled on it until her orgasm subsided. Thinking the fun already over I started to lift off her, oh no she said with that accent. Ya'll ain't leaving yet that was just the appetizer as she released her hold on my cock and used her now free hand to grab my ass cheek and pulled me down until I was fully inside her. To this she provided a repeat performance managing to say ohh again through clenched teeth as she gripped my cock with her pussy tight enough I couldn't move. This time I think she squirted a little and when the waves stopped she said ok now you may begin. I sucked on her tits while my cock rose and fell inside her fire box. I couldn't see past her tits so I had to imagine her red bush swallowing my cock and the petals of her pussy caressing my shaft with each stroke. We came together this time a long drawn out round of grunts and moans.

After this she started pushed me off her and began getting dressed. I took the opportunity to check out her pussy framed in all that red hair as she put her shirt back on. She hopped out of the car as I was scrambling to get my pants back on.

She said something that sounded like he'll do. I looked out the window to see my smiling wife waving goodbye to her and then their tight asses walked away, without me. She peered in at me and said ok let's go, I got out confused. She tossed me her keys and said your driving. I opened her door for her and then climbed in the driver seat. Where to I asked?

Oh they didn't tell you did they? No I said. No ma'am she said as she looked at me coldly. It was a nice car, a pleasant day, and we started the drive to her home about a half hour away. We had barely left the parking lot though before her tits were out again warming in the sun. Something about bare tits in a car is impossibly sexy and irresistible. Soon I was reaching for them, while taking quick peeks at her the curly red hair and pussy lips which were just visible below the hem of her skirt.

Dam this woman came with almost any stimulation. This time it was from me pinching her nipples while telling her how much I liked her red bush.

She was good with her hands. Once her orgasm had subsided she had my, hard prick out and she spent some time examining the series of veins along is shaft, the ridge where the shaft meets the head, and even commented on the color. Finding everything in order and to her liking she popped it into her mouth and gave me one of the best blow jobs I've ever had. Just as I pulled into her driveway I shot a load down her throat which she swallowed sucked a little too hard for the last few drops and then smacked her lips after extracting my drained cock from her mouth.

Its time to get ready. For what ma'am I asked. Oh yes, you are the bartender for tonight. You are to keep all of my guests fully entertained. Go shower, upstairs third door on the right. Here is your uniform as she handed me a black bowtie.

When I protested about the tie she just glared at me and said for what I'm paying for you, the little one said I could keep you as long as I wanted or until sunrise and you would do anything I want. So far you have not disappointed, don't start now. Not wanting another alone night on the couch I put on the tie. She grabbed me by my still hard cock and while rubbing the tip with her thumb, and stroking my corona with her index finger pulled me back downstairs. I knew I only had a couple of shots left in me so how bad could the night be.

The doorbell rang shortly after and the guests started arriving. Mostly they were more mature women than I would go after on my own but after my buyer's performance, I found I was looking at them differently than before. She had been better than most and still didn't seem finished with me. A couple of the guests arrived with men in tow but most did not. Some of the guests ignored me while others openly stared at my cock which was permanently at attention.

As I moved through the crowd taking orders and delivering others the tray prevented me from seeing who was currently groping my dick, rubbing my sack, or pinching my ass.

As the drinks settled in, the groping became more open, as did the looks. Soon enough, one of the women led me to a couch, dropped her pants and spread her legs. She bent over the couch and waited patiently, until I guided my pulsing prick past her black bush, dark puffy lips and into her open pink pussy. As I pushed inside, her, her hair pulled her lips in with my cock causing it to be a tight fit. They rolled back out as I pulled out but they were puffy enough and with her full bush they repeated their performance with each stroke. A small group of people gathered around and watched. She was watching my penis as it glided out of sight. I was watching those dark lips which looked even darker against the lighter brown of my shaft and the bright pink of her clit which was now peaking out of its hood. As she started moaning I slowed the pace, I like moaners and screamers, you know you are giving them what they want. Besides there was no way I was going to be able to take care of all the women at the party, so might as well give them a good show. The watching group became larger as her excitement grew. By the time she was screaming, almost everyone was trying to get a look. I was just concentrating on giving her a great fuck and pleasing my buyer. I like to watch their tits bounce as I bottom out but hers were small and she had left her top on so I looked over the other women. I knew who was going to be next by the look in her eye and I was looking forward to it.

I took her right to the edge a couple of times, stopping before she came to play with her small tits, through her shirt the first time. By the second time her shirt and bra was off exposing her small tanned tits.

Deciding it was time I grabbed her by her hips and gave her that last little bit of depth with a few forceful thrusts swelling the head of my cock as I did so. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back as she tensed going past the point of no return. When she finished with her orgasm and the screams had stopped she pushed me back and pulled away letting my unsatisfied cock bounce free and hang cooling in the air. She pulled up her pants and walked away without a glance back. What a bitch I thought but then decided it didn't matter, I had another red haired beauty up next with big bouncy tits. Her nipples which were well centered and currently pushing her shirt out in their need for attention would have been hard to look away from had it not been for her exposed cleavage between them.

She walked up with a slight sway of her hips and while looking her husband straight in the eye put several $100 bills on the couch just out of my reach. He and I both watched intently as his wife pulled her dress up and over her head. She smiled a wicked smile, spread her legs, and stated her challenge for the room to hear. I listened closely but let my eyes continue to explore her small body, great curves, and lingered on her pale tits and pink pussy lips.

It was a two part challenge. The first part was to get the entire length of my cock, which as she stood in front of me could almost have touched the bottom of her tits, burried in her cunt. The second part was to make her have an orgasm as good as the last womans had been. The money was mine if successful on both counts. She then whispered in my ear, he wants to watch, show him how it should be done.

She hadn't provided any restrictions and so I started with my tongue on her pale pink nipples, they stiffened even more and grew as I sucked on them. I slowly working my way down to her navel, spending some time there as my hands groped her ample tits and then moved to squeeze her firm ass. Finally my tongue moved to the folds of her neatly trimmed, curly red haired pussy, these I sucked completely into my mouth while forcing my tongue in deep enough to find her g-spot. She wasn't as wet as most but with a few flicks of my tongue to that spongy spot and a few encounters with her small clit, she was warming up. With a few more, her clit started responding and was now big enough and she was wet enough that I decided it was time to give her a shot.
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