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Kari finds her bf cheating on her and finds love with her brother
Kari was pissed.

"You are lucky I don't cut off your balls! How could you do that to me?"

But Eric didn't care. He lost in the moment. The rhythmic sound of skin smacking as he continued fucking a girl he met at the gas station not even an hour ago. Even with Kari screaming and crying, neither of them cared. Eric just wanted to put his seed in this 19 year old and deal with the rest of the world later.

Kari watched as Eric's speed increased. The moans of his new lover set him over the edge and soon rope after rope of cum blasted into her womb. Kari dropped to her knees, embarrassed and defeated as the new lovers embraced and kissed, the deed completed.

Kari watched as the cum started to leak out of this whore pussy, and finally got up and left. Enough is enough.

The early fall rain continued to hit the windshield of her car as she called her brother Chris hoping he would pick up. He could barely get hello out before she unleashed the a wail that wolves would be jealous of.

"That fucker!!! I caught him fucking some bimbo. He didn't even stop when I walked in on them. He came in her HE CAME IN HER!"

Stunned by what he heard and trying to wake up, the words he could get in were "come over". It was just past midnight when the car lights lit up his living room and as he walked to the door, he could already tell ot was going to be a long night.

Kari stood in front of him. Make up all messed up, balling and whimpering and soaked from the rain. Lost to her but not Chris, her white shirt clung to her and revealing her perky c cup breasts and nipples.

"Come on, out of the rain," he said "Did you bring any clothes?"

"I jus, I am, damn it!" The flood gate opened and she collapsed into his arms. She didnt grab anything and just wanted to get out of Eric's house.

He held her close, and tried to ignore her breasts pressing against his bare chest. He pulled her in and closed the door and helped her to the couch. "Let me get you a towel."

But she refused to let go. She was now straddling him on the couch, and in his mind, the struggle began the keep his erection at bay. At 5 foot 7, blonde hair and and slim body, he had always thought of her as cute, but now he was finding her sexy as well. He cursed himself for just wearing athletic shorts, as now his cock was at full mast.

Kari at first was startled as she thought she felt something touch her pussy. In her current state she suddenly felt weird. "Was her brother turned on? What the hell is his problem" she wondered. But she didn't move. She was oddly turned on a little bit and felt herself getting a bit wet.

"Thank you and sorry to throw this on you like this. I had nowhere else to go."

"It's ok. Kinda shitty of that prick to pull that. I put fresh sheets on the bed for you and I will take the couch. You can stay as long as you need to."

Her response was a kiss. And not a normal brother sister kiss. Shocked, Chris resisted at first, but her persistent tounge finally found his. A jolt of electricity shot threw them both and neither of them wished it to end. His hands slowly and erotically made their way to her ass. He gently and playfully squeezed her beautiful cheeks, both of them lost in the moment.

They broke their kiss, momentarily to remove her wet shirt. Her wet breasts glistened in the light and her erect nipples were daring Chris to suckle them.

A sharp gap escaped her lips as he drew the first one into his mouth. Not wanting to leave the other left out, his fingers pinched and gently twisted the other drawing sharp squeals of excitement from Kari. Her pussy was soaked now, and his cock was raging, begging to be released from the shorts tomb. She dismounted him, and for a brief moment, wondered if they should continue.

But that though died quickly as he scooped her up and carried her to his room. He sat her on the bed, and removed her shorts and panties. He lost it. The sight of her naked and scent of her love made it feel like his cock grew 10 fold. He grabbed her feet, and started to kiss and lick his way to her sex.

Spreading her legs, he licked her. Starting at her anus and to Kari's clit. Rolling it his mouth and sucking it sent Kari into her first orgasm. Her back arched and her thighs clamped onto his head as he introduced his fingers into her. A bead of sweat forming on her ran down her face, as she begged Chris not to stop the the assault on her tender love button. His free hand was was taking off his shorts, and finally his cock saw the light of day.

Chris then slid his had to her nipple, and it wasn't long before another orgasm tore through her, and this time spraying Chris with her nectar. Her body was ready, and she wanted to feel him, to have him, to make her feel wanted and appreciated again. Gone from her mind was that dickhead Eric and the whore that she thought ruined her life. It was replaced by the euphoric thought that this was right, that she deserved her brothers love.

Yes. This is what she wanted. She was his. And she hoped that this wasn't a one time thing. But those thoughts and desires would have to wait. His head rose from between her legs, and with his glistening face, a smile at her.

"Are you sure you want to continue? I know we have already crossed the line, but If you want to stop we can. I don't want you to have any regrets. And just know that no matter what, I love you, have always loved you, and always will!" His words true and genuine, struck a cord deep with her. Her heart melted as she answered him.

"Yes. Please make love to me. Let me show you how much I love you!"

He nodded, and leaned down to meet her lips. As their tongues met again and she tasted her juice on him, his cock teased her pussy, slowly and methodically until his head slipped in. She came immediately from the slightest intrusion and raised her hips to allow him to continue. When he was finally all the way in, he held it there and looked deep into her eyes and again professed his love. She returned those words by rocking her hips. For the first time she was making love, not just fucking someone.

Without asking and without telling her he came, and when she felt him cum, she again orgasmed and pulled him deep inside her. The act complete, he collapsed onto her and kissed her. She smiled and as they drifted off to sleep said, "I am yours, now and forever my love!"


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Wow, that's awesome. I really want more.


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Love these fucking sister stories.

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