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After not being wanted by either of her parents following their messy divorce, Lori has to move in with her uncle Ashton. It is not easy though as he is not used to raising children and would rather spend time with his girlfriend than his deadbeat sister's offspring. If Lori wants to keep living with her uncle, she is going to have to be willing to do things for him that his girlfriend won't.

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As Lori sat in the diner booth, reading the menu again, she swung her feet back and forth beneath the seat. Her sandals clicked against her soles as she tried to alleviate her boredom. How long had it been since her mother excused herself to the bathroom? How many times had the waitress come by asking if she was alright and if she was ready to order?

Glancing at the kitchen, Lori saw the waitress pointing her out to the hostess. They were obviously discussing the young girl who was all by her lonesome. Even Lori could tell something was not right about how long her mother had been gone but she was not willing to ask these total strangers for assistance.

Finally the hostess approached Lori. She took a moment to size the young girl up. Unlike her mother who had silky black hair, Lori’s hair was golden and always a little messy. It was thick but not quite curly. It stuck out on the sides from a bad haircut but still somehow fit in a thin ponytail. Lori was wearing an open black jacket over a flower patterned t-shirt and blue jean shorts and knee height socks with wooden sandals.

“Excuse me,” the portly hostess spoke in a timid voice.

“Mom’s in the bathroom,” Lori repeated the same answer she gave the waitress without even waiting for the hostess’s question.

“It’s just that… we’ve checked the bathroom and there is no one in there.”

“Are you suggesting that Mom ditched her bill?” Lori asked while rolling her eyes so as not to look at the woman directly. She did not like talking to strangers.

“She didn’t even order anything,” the hostess explained. “Her car isn’t in the parking lot anymore.”

“How do you know what kind of car my mom drives?” Lori asked.

“We got worried so we checked the CCTV recording. We found which vehicle you two arrived in. It was a tan sedan, right?”

“I don’t know. I normally ride in Daddy’s car,” Lori’s answer was intentionally abrasive.

“Can you perhaps call your father?”

“Mom has his number in her cell phone,” Lori responded curtly.

“Do you have your mother’s cell phone? Do you have a phone perhaps?” the hostess asked hopefully.

“Nah, Mom wouldn’t waste money on that for me,” Lori scoffed. “I get scolded by the teachers all the time because I don’t have a computer at home to do the online homework.”

“Perhaps if you tell us your name, we could get in contact with your parents,” the hostess tried a different approach.

“Lori Caper,” she answered with a smile.

The hostess and the waitress backed up several feet and began to whisper to each other. Lori could hear them complaining about not having been able to see the license plate on her mother’s car. After a moment one of them took out her own cell phone and snapped a picture of Lori. She was startled but she did not complain.

Within an hour, a police officer had arrived to question Lori further. “What are you doing here, little lady?” he spoke softly.

“I'm not a child, you can talk to me normally,” Lori was offended by his tone.

The police officer glared at the hostess and waitress he had just spoken to. By their account he had assumed she was a special needs person. She certainly acted mentally handicapped in their opinion. “Alright, Lori, I won’t treat you like a child. I just need to know a few things about your mom and dad. As I understand it, your mother brought you here today. Do you two come here often?”

“No, she says it’s not worth feeding me expensive food,” Lori answered with evident displeasure.

“Were you two celebrating something?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, Mommy and Daddy just got a divorce,” Lori answered nonchalantly. She obviously did not understand the meaning of the word.

The officer looked surprised but tried to hide it. “That was cause for celebration?” he inquired.

“Mommy said it was. She said good riddance to that man and everything he did to me. She said she was going to forget it all and move on with her life.”

“Do you know your home address, sweetheart?” the officer was starting to put the pieces together.

Lori wrote her address on a napkin and handed it to him. Another hour later and the officer had news from a squad car he had sent to the residence. Apparently the whole place had been cleared out. Mrs. Caper had moved out without a trace after abandoning the daughter of her failed marriage at a dinner in the next town over.

The officer did not let Lori know what his partners found. He avoided talking to her for a long while. Lori was starting to get sleepy when she noticed the sun was going down. She was looking around for the officer to ask him more questions when the door to the diner opened. The sound of the bell caught her attention. She swung around to look and her face immediately lit up. “Ash!” she shouted while leaping out of the booth and running to greet the newcomer.

Her uncle Ashton was a year younger than her mother with a similar slender face and silky black hair. He kept it slightly long and messy though. He was wearing a brown trench coat and looked utterly out of place in the diner but Lori was happy to see a familiar face none the less. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. Ash, Mommy disappeared,” she tried to explain her situation.

“Sarah didn’t disappear, Lori, she ran away,” Ashton explained bluntly.

“Why would she do that?” Lori did not understand.

“You stupid girl. Your mother doesn’t want you anymore. She blames you for her marriage ending.”

“But… Daddy already said he didn’t want me either,” Lori recalled something her father had said.

“Which is why the police called me,” Ashton explained.

“Are you going to be my new daddy?” Lori asked in a terrified tone. She was worried that yet a third adult was going to abandon her today.

“How can I be your dad? I’m already your uncle.”

“But you’ll look after me, right? I can come and live with you, can’t I?”

“That’s an awfully selfish request,” he groaned. “I was in the middle of a real good time with Shelly when the police called. She was real pissed when she found out the reason we had to stop was because of my no good sister and her brat.”

“I don’t like Shelly. All she does is spend your money.” Lori crossed her arms and puffed out her bottom lip.

“Don’t talk ill of grownups,” he scolded her.

“Why? You always complain about her making you buy her things too. Remember that string bikini she ordered with your credit card. You were furious when you saw the price.”

“To be fair, getting to look at her wearing that thing was a good start to paying me back,” Ashton made a roundabout excuse.

“So if I let you look at me in skimpy clothing, you’ll let me stay with you?” Lori asked.

Ashton rubbed his tired eyes instead of responding. It was a childish way of looking at things. Kids are always looking for loopholes in anything you say. Lori was not a child anymore. She was not exactly raised properly by his useless older sister or her good for nothing husband but that did not mean she had an excuse to act like a child.

At the moment, Ashton wanted nothing more than to turn around and leave without Lori. However, even though taking her in was not his responsibility, he could not handle the embarrassment and shame after all the trouble the police went through to find him. For now, she would be coming home with him. He was definitely going to teach her more than her parents did about acting mature and being responsible.


Lori fell asleep in the car on the way back to her uncle’s apartment. She awoke to the sound of him slamming the driver door. Without opening her eyes, she groaned at him, “Carry me.”

“I'm not breaking my back for you,” he scoffed.

“You carry Shelly sometimes,” she whined.

“Why are you so caught up on what I let Shelly do? She’s my girlfriend. She gets special privileges.”

“I'm your niece; I should have other special privileges.”

“You do. They start with me not kicking you out on the street.”

Reluctantly, Lori slid out of the car and shut the door softly. Ashton rolled his eyes before opening it again and slamming it to make sure it was completely closed. Lori stumbled from the car to the metal rung stairs that led up to his third floor apartment. Ashton had to keep pushing on her back to keep her from falling over. He had no idea how long she had waited at the diner but she was definitely exhausted.

“I'm hungry,” she moaned after they finally got inside the apartment.

“I’ll bet you are,” he sighed. “I think there’s some leftovers in the fridge. Use a ceramic container to heat it up. I don’t know if that plastic is microwave safe.”

Lori opened the fridge and took one of the containers out. After looking at his cupboards for a moment she determined that it would be too much work to transfer the container and heat it up. Instead, she took the lid off and stuck her fingers right into the mushy food. Ashton had already left the room but when he came back he looked at her with obvious disappointment. Too tired to scold her again, he found her a spoon in one of the drawers and handed it to her.

He had babysat for his sister a lot when Lori was younger. She was always a handful but he had expected her to grow out of it. It was obvious why neither of her parents wanted her. They had done an atrocious job of raising her and neither one of them was fit to take care of her as a single parent. Then again, neither was he.

“I went by your place. The landlord wouldn’t let me in but it seems like all of your stuff was gone,” Ashton explained as Lori ate. “We’ll have to get you new clothes and everything.”

Lori immediately realized who was going to be paying for all of this. “I'm sorry,” she did not know what else to say.

“If you’re sorry then hurry up and get a job to help me pay for things.”

“Why doesn’t Shelly get a job?” Lori grumbled.

“Because she’s in college. Technically she’s an intern at my office but it doesn’t pay much,” he explained.

“You sure do like ‘em young,” Lori mocked him. “I'm in school too,” she argued. “Let’s make a deal, if it costs less to take care of me than her, you’ll dump her.”

“There are other benefits to having a girlfriend than a niece,” he reminded her.

“You’re talking about sex, right?” she responded bluntly. “Are you saying that Shelly’s pussy is worth all the money she wrings out of you? Doesn’t that make her a hooker? Maybe you’re not her only client.” Ashton’s lack of response suggested there was some truth to Lori’s suggestion. “Look, if you don’t make yourself exclusive, then she’s not your girlfriend, she’s your booty call.”

“Who taught you all of this?” Ashton was getting annoyed.

“My friends at school.”

“We’re gonna have words later about who you hang out with.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she responded sweetly.

“Don’t call be that.”

“Why not? Is that what Shelly calls you?”

“Of course not!” he snapped at her.

“I heard that skanky girls like calling their boyfriends daddy. It’s a power thing or a kink.”

“And why do you want to call me Daddy then?” Ashton asked.

“I thought you’d be nicer to me if you thought of me like your own daughter.”

“Trust me, if I had a daughter she would be a lot better behaved than you are. Also, she’d be younger.”

“Mommy had me right out of high school. You always said she should have waited until she graduated college.”

“At that time I thought she’d still go to college at all,” Ashton chuckled. “Shows what I know. Worthless slut. I should have known things would turn out this way. She was always walking around the house in her panties, talking with your dad on the phone late at night. They snuck out so much I'm surprised her belly wasn’t already swollen at graduation. I got made fun of by my classmates a lot for the stunts she pulled.”

“I'm sorry,” Lori apologized again. Although Ashton’s hang-ups about her mom were not really her fault, she had to at least be sympathetic if she planned to leach off of him.

“Never mind,” Ashton had not intended to make her apologize for her mother. “Just finish that and get ready for bed. I don’t have a spare bed or even a spare sheet for the couch. We’ll sleep in my bed tonight like we used to when you were younger.”

“I don’t have any pajamas,” she whined.

“Just sleep in your underwear,” he did not care in the slightest.

Lori glared at him as he left the kitchen. “He’s still treating me like a child,” she muttered to herself. She was too tired to complain though and she definitely did not want to sleep on the couch that night.

Ashton was already lying on his bed when Lori entered the room; flat on his back with his eyes closed and still wearing his clothes from the day, minus his boots and trench coat. “Did you brush your teeth?” he asked without opening his eyes.

“I don’t have a tooth brush here. I just used some of your mouth wash.”

“Fine, I guess.” Ashton did not really care if she followed proper hygiene; he was just used to being strict with her because her parents never were.

Even with his eyes closed he could feel the bed sinking when she climbed in next to him. From the feeling of her skin as she brushed against him, he could tell that she was indeed in her underwear. The desire to peek at a scantily clad girl was outweighed by his fatigue. Though he did not show it, he was definitely a little pleased with the situation. He was not so moral not to be turned on by the idea of a half naked girl sleeping next to him, even his own niece. A girl was a girl and as looks went, Lori got the best of both her parents’ genes.

Lori was more tired than he was; she curled up next to him and fell right to sleep. Barley ten minutes later she had her arms and legs lying over him, using him as a pillow. Ashton woke up a few times but never really stirred until the middle of the night when he awoke to a sensation he quickly identified as her knees on either side of his arm, squeezing it tightly. His elbow was definitely digging into something it should not have been. Her crotch was soft underneath her panties. He wanted to reach over and poke it, partially to tease her and partially because he had been left unfulfilled after the police interrupted his afternoon rendezvous with Shelly.

For a long moment, Ashton debated with his conscience. Eventually his libido won out though. Lori gasped when she felt her uncle pushing his fingers into her crotch, forcing the cloth of her panties up inside her slightly. “Not right now,” she scolded him.

“Just a little bit,” he argued while rolling over on top of her. She was immediately aware of something hard between his legs pressing into the cloth of her crotch, and it was not his fingers.

“Knock it off.” She pushed on his chest. She gasped again when he pressed his lips to her neck. “I'm not Shelly. You can’t treat me like this.”

“You’re a freeloader,” he reminded her. She relaxed a little, feeling slightly guilty. His bulge pushed her panties deeper into her.

“What do I have to do?” she asked reluctantly.

“Just keep your legs together,” he ordered her. She closed her legs as he pulled back, releasing the pressure on her crotch. She felt the warm flesh of his cock against the skin of her legs as he slid his pants down slightly. He pushed it in-between the tiniest gap of her thighs and rubbed back and forth. From his breathing she could tell he was getting off with just her thighs. It concerned her that he did not need to actually have sex with her to feel satisfied. However, she also felt flattered. All he needed was her bare thighs to feel attracted to her. It felt like a compliment.

It took longer for Ashton to get off than Lori anticipated. She was already falling asleep again when she felt the warm wet sensation of his cum slipping down between her thighs. “Ew,” she groaned.

“Should I get you a towel?” he offered.

“No.” She squeezed her legs together and basked in the feeling of slimy warmth smearing on her skin. Though it was definitely gross, she wanted to enjoy the fact that her uncle found her attractive enough to assault in her sleep.

Grateful that he did not have to get up, Ashton rolled off of Lori and lay down beside her with his arm draped over her shoulder. He patted her chest lightly, making sure to squeeze one of her breasts slightly.

“Don’t push your luck,” she warned him in a stern but sleepy voice. After a moment she had fallen unconscious again.

The realization of what he had just done was washing of Ashton. Even half asleep, he had no excuse for treating any part of his niece’s body as a tool to get off. He hoped she would not remember when she woke up in the morning. If she did, he would have to play it off as unimportant somehow.


It was mid morning when Shelly unlocked the door to Ashton’s apartment with her spare key. When she saw the living room empty and all of the lights off, she called out loudly. “You better not still be in bed. It’s Sunday. You already wasted your first day off. What was up with the police calling anyway? Was it about your sister like you thought?” Shelly’s voice trailed off as she entered the bedroom of the apartment. The strap of her purse slid off her shoulder and the whole bag hit the floor accenting exactly how disturbed she was by the sight before her.

Even with the lights off the sun was shining into the room enough for her to see her boyfriend lying in bed with a young girl clinging to him, clad in nothing but her underwear. What was worse was the fact that Shelly recognized this girl. Lori sat up slowly, yawning and stretching. “Good morning, Shelly,” she greeted the annoying acquaintance on principal.

“Lori, so help me god, you will explain yourself immediately before I call the police and get one or both of you arrested.”

Lori stared at her drowsily for a moment before shifting her gaze to the man sleeping next to her. She then looked down at her own attire, or lack there of. Slowly the pieces fell into place in her mind. “Well, I would explain it to you except I'm a little worn out after yesterday. Plus, I'm pretty sure you can figure it out for yourself. I mean, it’s not like this is the first time this has happened.”

Shelly’s eyebrow twitched as she glared at the little tramp in bed with her boyfriend. “Ash, get up, now!” she shouted.

“I'm awake!” he groaned while sitting up. “Hey sweetie, you didn’t have to come over twice this weekend.”

“After yesterday, I figured we could use a do over,” Shelly explained. “Besides, I thought you could fill me in with whatever the hell happened.”

“I would’ve told you on Monday at work,” he argued. “As you can see, I'm a little preoccupied with…”

“Good morning sweetie,” Lori greeted him with a kiss on the lips the moment he turned to look at her. Ashton was too startled to even push her away. Slowly he turned his head back to look at Shelly whose face was bright red with anger.

“I can explain,” he sputtered.

“Don’t worry, I already did that for you,” Lori assured him.

“Oh no,” Ashton was positive that Lori had done anything but explain things properly. “What did she say?”

“That you two share a bed often.” Shelly crossed her arms.

“That’s way out of context. She’s my niece. I’ve babysat for her since she could walk.”

“Last night you weren’t baby sitting anything,” Lori giggled.

Instinctively Ashton looked down to see if his penis was still exposed. It was not but the action was not well received by his girlfriend. “You’re a family of degenerates.” Shelly picked up her purse and marched out of the room.

“Hey, you know this isn’t what it looks like. I have a very good explanation for everything,” he called after her while stumbling out of the bed. When he got his footing he ran to the door to block her path.

“Really, Ash? You can explain not just what she said, but how she was dressed?”

“Tom and Sarah got a divorce!” Ashton shouted. Shelly stood perfectly still with her arms crossed, waiting for more. “Wow, not even an I’m so sorry to hear that?” Ashton was hurt by her apathy.

“Ash, we both know they were bad for each other. I fail to see why it’s your problem.”

“It’s my problem because of the brat.” He gestured back toward the bedroom. “They dumped her on me. No, they dumped her on the police and they dumped her on me.”

“Okay, things are starting to make more sense now,” Shelly began to calm down.

“Now you see what I'm dealing with? I could really use your support right now, Shelly,” Ashton was relieved to have gotten through to her.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll give you all the loving you need as soon as the problem’s out of the way. Where exactly are you taking her.”

“Problem? No-no-no, the problem is not going anywhere. Lori is staying with me.”

“What? Why?” Shelly leaned back with an expression of disbelief. “She is not your responsibility.”

“She’s family,” Ashton argued.

“You can’t afford to take care of her.”

“Yeah I can. I make enough money. She’s not a baby. She just needs a few sets of clothes and a toothbrush or something.”

“Let me rephrase that, you don’t have the money to take care of both her and me.” Shelly put her hands on her hips.

Ashton opened his mouth to argue but Lori interrupted him as she left the bedroom finally. “Why does he have to take care of you? You’re a grown woman with a job.”

“I'm not gonna be talked to that way by a freeloader,” Shelly spat back at her.

“If I'm a freeter then what are you? You cost him money and you don’t even live here.”

“Kid, that’s what dating is. If my man can’t provide for me then I have to get one that can.”

“Wow, I thought we liked each other,” Ashton was genuinely shocked.

“Sweetie, I do like you. You’re pretty and funny and that’s hard to come by, but that doesn’t buy me new shoes. I'm not gonna be this hot forever. If I'm not earning something for this body now then I'm just wasting my potential.”

“So this whole time, this has been one long date with a prostitute,” Ashton snapped at her.

“Did you just call me a hooker?” Shelly’s eyes widened.

“He just called you a whore,” Lori corrected her.

“Ash, you better tell her not to talk to me that way.”

“Lori… can you… can you please be a little nicer to… to my girlfriend,” Ashton stuttered over his words.

“Oh that was brilliant. I can just tell how sincere you are,” Shelly responded sarcastically. “I'm gonna make this simple, either she goes, or I do,” Shelly laid down an ultimatum.

Ashton looked back and forth between Lori and Shelly several times. “Wow, are you really struggling with this?” Shelly scoffed.

“She’s family. What do you want from me?” Ashton asked.

“Are we in the sixties here? Family my foot. This isn’t a sitcom where we all hold hands in the theme song. You’re a bachelor. You’ve got a girlfriend. Fuck family. We both know you’re not gonna put her above sex.”

Ashton glanced over Shelly’s shoulder at Lori again. She held up two fingers to her lips and stuck her tongue between them suggestively. Ashton snorted before covering his mouth. “What’s so funny?” Shelly spun around to look at Lori. She put her hands behind her back and averted her eyes. After a moment under Shelly’s gaze though she started giggling as well. “I don’t understand you two. Is this some kind of inside joke?”

“Face it, Shelly, you’ve lost. We’ve known each other my whole life. I could probably shoot him in the foot and he’d still choose me over any girlfriend.”

Shelly looked at Ashton again, waiting for him to argue on her behalf. Instead he stepped out of the way of the door. She glared at him as she stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

After minute of trying to remain calm, both Lori and Ashton burst into laughter. “I can’t believe I let you just end my relationship like that. I still have to see her at work tomorrow.”

“You ended that relationship when you called her a prostitute,” Lori corrected him.

“We’ve had fights before. She’s said it’s over before. She’s stormed out before. Somehow I don’t feel like she’s coming back this time. She might call but as long as you’re here she’s not gonna let this go.”

“To hell with her. What do you need her for?”

“You were so confident that I’d choose you. Let me tell you, when she mentioned sex, I was sorely tempted.”

“Are you that horny?” Lori trotted across the room to him. “Well, if you ever feel like you can’t take it; if you ever think you might call her just for a hookup, remember, you have other options.” She placed her hand on the crotch of his pants. At that moment Ashton was positive that she remembered everything from the night before. He was not easily going to live it down.

Lori burst out laughing suddenly. “You should see the look on your face. Did you really think I was going to offer that to you? I’d have to actually like you first. What kind of girl wants her first time to be with an old man like you? Get over yourself.”

Ashton smiled at her calmly. Lori stopped laughing immediately. She recognized the smile he had. He always looked at her like that right before punishing her. She turned to run but he quickly grabbed her arm. He dragged her over to the couch in the living room and sat down, pulling her down as well. She struggled to escape but was not strong enough. He bent her over his knee and slapped her hard on the butt. She yelped in pain immediately. He ignored her and hit her again.

“God, how many years has it been since someone hit me!” she yelled.

“You’re parents really should have disciplined you more,” he scolded her. In fact, the last time she had been spanked was the last time Ashton had babysat for his sister. Despite the fact that neither of her parents cared enough to punish her when she acted out, neither did they care if Ashton punished her. Nothing about her made any difference to them.

Lori gripped the armrest of the couch and gritted her teeth. Ashton felt her muscles tense up the next time he spanked her. She was no longer complaining, she simply planned to suffer through. Ashton had been keeping count and planned to stop at an even number depending on how remorseful she seemed.

After about twenty hits, he released his grip and let her roll off his lap. She landed with a thud on the floor and groaned. “Was that for teasing you or for driving Shelley off?” she asked in a muffled voice, lying face down.

“A little of both,” he admitted.

“You laughed too,” she reminded him.

“It was definitely funny, how she reacted, but you still lied and made me look like some kind of molester. I don’t much appreciate that.”

“Fine, I'm sorry,” she groaned. “God, my ass is sore now. You couldn’t have waited for me to get dressed or something?”

Ashton looked down at his niece. It was only then that he realized she was still missing her pants, meaning he had been spanking her underwear directly. Lori heard him trying not to snicker and stood up violently. “It’s not funny!” She swatted him several times in the chest.

“Come on, I’ll take a look and see how bad it is,” he offered.

“Like hell you will.” She covered her butt with her hands and backed out of the room. A moment later she returned wearing the name knee socks and jean shorts from the previous day.

“Oh yeah, we need to buy some things for you,” he recalled.

“Yay, we’re going shopping,” she cheered excitedly. She had already forgotten that he was punishing her a moment ago. Ashton smirked while shaking his head. It really was easy to please this brat. Why did his sister continuously tell him raising children was so hard?


Ashton’s wallet felt significantly lighter when he and Lori returned from the store. Not only had he purchased her three new outfits, he had to buy more food than he normally would. Shopping with his niece was a struggle to say the least. She wanted to eat things that he had not even tried since he was a child. She insisted that only grownups eat bagels and toast for breakfast. Children must have pop tarts and cereal.

The most expensive thing he bought was a bed and mattress set, to be delivered at a later date. Though she had no qualms about making him buy food and clothing, Lori was actually quite uncertain about purchasing a bed. She kept asking him if he was sure she would even be staying with him long enough to need it. Despite having just driven his girlfriend away, she still did not want to be a complete burden to him.

That night, sitting on the couch as Lori lay on her stomach on the floor, playing on his Xbox, he pondered his own willingness to take her in. He definitely hated having to clean up after his sister’s mess but he never thought it was Lori’s fault. Taking her in was the natural step as far as he was concerned. He grumbled about it but he never actually refused. Now he was feeling bad for not being more welcoming. Of course Lori would feel bad if he treated her like an obstacle or a hindrance. She might even run away.

Ashton watched Lori’s feet swaying in the air as he thought about their current situation more and more. Subconsciously he reached out and poked one of them. Lori giggled and jerked away. “What are you doing?” She paused the game she was playing and rolled over onto her back.

Ashton stared at her blankly for a moment, not realizing what he had done. “You can stay here as long as you want,” he finally spoke.

“Um, where else would I go?” she asked bluntly.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to say it out loud. I don’t think I ever really welcomed you. I know it’s not the home you’re used to, but for now this is your home. You don’t have to feel like an outsider.”

“Okay, something is really wrong with you.” She stood up and touched his forehead. “Are you drunk or just lonely?” He swatted her hand away. Why had he bothered trying to be sincere?

She sat down on his left knee and stared up at his face. He tried not to smile. She looked adorable when she did that sort of thing. He could not understand why both of her parents seemed to regret having her. If he had a daughter like her, he would be obsessed with her.

“Hey now, don’t fall in love with me,” Lori seemed to be able to read his mind a little. He lifted his leg slightly, shaking the part she was sitting on. “Don’t move.” She almost lost her balance.

He took note of the fact that she was wearing a white shirt that was far too big for her. “Are you wearing pants underneath there?” He asked while lifting the hem of the shirt.

“Of course I am,” she announced proudly. “I'm not gonna run around in my underwear if I can help it.”

“I see,” he muttered while touching her exposed stomach.

“Oh, did you perhaps want me to keep dressing like that,” she asked coyly. He ran his hand down her stomach and stopped just at the waist of her shorts. They were practically underwear anyway as the legs were almost nonexistent. The correct term booty shorts could be used.

“Why did you buy these?” Ashton asked. “Couldn’t you have gotten something less revealing?”

Lori looked up at him with a red face. He had been touching her for a while. He examined her expression as he played with the waist of her shorts. She grabbed onto his wrist but did not make him stop. Eventually he pulled the shorts down just enough so that he could see below her waist.

He was mostly doing it subconsciously. Normally when he was this close to a girl dressed like this it was a prelude to sex. He was mesmerized beyond thinking about who he was touching. He always got this way when he was touching a girl, particularly her waist. It was always his favorite part of any girl. He liked how, if a girl was fit enough, there was virtually no difference between her stomach and below her waist. He could run his hand from her bellybutton to her crotch without noticing a difference.

Thinking along those same lines, Ashton slid his hand under the waist of her shorts. At the same time, he used his other hand to push on the small of her back, sliding her forward along his leg, rubbing her crotch against it. She could not help but let out a gasping moan. He felt her skin get hotter.

Still clutching his wrist, she gyrated her hips slightly, and even began to bounce up and down a little. After a while she threw her head back and bit her bottom lip, squealing in orgasm. Ashton watched her bare stomach and admired the way her muscles stretched to accommodate how far she was leaning backwards. He made sure he was supporting her back though so she would not fall off his lap.

After a while, she let out a held breath and began to pant, coming down from her orgasm. She looked up at him with a drowsy expression as she licked her lips and giggled. It took her a moment to realize what had just happened, when she did, her face became even redder. “Th-that was payback for last night,” she sputtered while standing up and backing away from him.

Ashton did not argue. He simply waited as she sat back down on the floor and unpaused her video game. She kept glancing back at him over her shoulder but he made sure not to react.


That night Ashton was late getting to bed. He was busy trying to sort out all the documents needed to send Lori to a school nearby instead of her old school. She was already fast asleep when he entered the bedroom, splayed out on the bed messily with her large shirt ridding up exposing her belly and the underside of her breasts.

After the afternoon’s events, Ashton was immediately turned on by the sight. He crawled into the bed and began to touch her exposed skin indiscriminately. It did not take Lori long to wake up. At first she was confused as to why she felt so constricted. Eventually she realized Ashton was spooning her with his arms wrapped around her so he could rub her breasts.

“Knock it off.” She kicked at him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I'm just trying to relax a little,” he explained while kissing the side of her neck.

A shiver ran down her spine as she learned that her neck was quite sensitive. “I'm trying to sleep. Can you not molest me every chance you get.”

“What about this afternoon? I'm pretty sure that was you getting off,” he reminded her.

“You started it. Why are you always touching me? It’s gross. I'm getting scared, Ash.”

“Just a little more.” He rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her shorts down, exposing her round butt. She yelped face down in her pillow as he slapped it lightly. She felt him massaging it and spreading it. When she felt cold air reaching her exposed anus, she kicked upwards as hard as she could. Her foot hit him in the chest, pushing him back.

She rolled over quickly and sat up. Ashton was rubbing his chest when she slapped him hard across the face. He was shocked and stared at her blankly in the dark. He only then noticed the tears in her eyes. “I'm not a toy,” she cried. “Please leave me alone.”

Ashton was at a loss for words. He had not really considered that she would not enjoy this as much as him. Sure he knew it was wrong because they were related and she was younger than him, but he was only trying to have a little fun. Of course she would not see it that way. Unless he was mistaken, she was a virgin. She was not used to playing around like this. Of course her feelings would get hurt.

“I’m gonna go sleep on the couch.” He moved to stand up.

“No.” She grabbed his arm. “Just sleep here, but you have to actually sleep, okay?” He watched as she pulled her shorts back up before moving to the side to give him room. He gave a half smile and laid down next to her. “Goodnight, Ash,” she made a point of reminding him that they were just here to sleep.

“Goodnight Lori,” he did not argue.


End of Prologue

After a few days of awkwardness, Lori and Ashton began to settle into their new life. Lori was enrolled in school and was no longer cooped up in the apartment all day. Her new bed arrived and the two of them had fun assembling it. Ashton even joked about how it was nicer than his and that they should trade. When she refused he knocked her onto the bed and tickled her until she screamed. After sleeping in the same bed for over a week they had that kind of close relationship.

While things at home seemed to be going well, things did not progress similarly at work for Ashton. Following their breakup, Shelly had spread rumors around the office that caused most of his coworkers to stop talking to him. It was now a very cold place that he did not like going. Coming home to Lori’s smiling face became his solace.

However, he needed to put in quite a bit of overtime to make up for the money he spent buying clothes and a new bed. As such it became harder and harder on him to come home when Lori was still awake. Whenever the two of them did see each other, Lori was always quiet. She felt it was her fault that Ashton had to work so much.

One day, Ashton was just finishing up his work, intending to get home quickly so he could work on patching up his relationship with Lori, when his boss approached his desk. Mr. Nator sat down on Ashton’s desk without warning, getting in the way of his work entirely.

“Hello sir,” Ashton greeted him. “Sorry, if it’s not important, I wanted to finish up early today.”

“In a hurry to go home?” Mr. Nator asked.

“Whatever you’ve heard from Shelly, it’s not true,” Ashton grumbled. One of the rumors Shelly spread was that Ashton had dumped her for a much younger girl. Considering Ashton was not all that old himself, it was assumed the girl in question was not eighteen yet. These rumors made him the subject of hatred of all the women in the office.

“I’ve heard a little bit about your situation,” Mr. Nator admitted. “You’ve been picking up so much overtime because you’re trying to support a relative right? Supporting a family is not easy. It’s even harder when you weren’t expecting to suddenly have another human being relying on you.”

“Sudden dad shock,” Ashton laughed.

“If you really need more money, you could just trying getting a higher paid position in the company,” Mr. Nator came to the point of his visit.

“I don’t really have the qualifications,” Ashton sighed.

“We promote internally on principal here and you’re better suited to the job I'm thinking of than the other candidates. All I’d need to do is convince a few other managers to support you. The only problem is…”

“There will be no convincing Shelly’s manager Barb,” Ashton grumbled.

“So we’ll need the support of Todd and Dale, don’t you think?” Mr. Nator smiled smugly.

“I don’t think they like me very much either,” Ashton sighed. “They both have young daughters. They look at me like I'm scum.”

“Well, why don’t we change their minds? It just so happens Todd and Dale invited me to go out drinking with them tonight. I was told to bring anyone I wanted from my team too.”

“You want me to socialize with them?” Ashton was skeptical.

“If we get them talking, you can explain all about how you’re looking after your niece. They’ll realize you’re a family man like them. I’ve already got them half convinced Shelly was being spiteful because you chose family over her.”

“I don’t know, sir. I was really trying to get home early today. I haven’t seen Lori for more than an hour a day for a month now. She just started at her new school and I'm worried.”

“What’s one more day gonna hurt? If this works out, you’ll get to see her whenever you want.”


Finally Ashton was convinced. Rather than heading home as intended, he left the office with Mr. Nator. They headed straight for a bar downtown. As Lori did not have a cell phone, there was no way he could contact her to let her know he would be late. Then again, he had been working overtime so often recently he was always late.

As expected, neither Todd nor Dale was extremely nice to Ashton at first. They sat at the bar with Mr. Nator between them and never really talked directly to him.

It was not until the four of them were thoroughly drunk that they began talking properly. “You know, I still can’t believe you gave up that hot piece of tail,” Todd referred to Shelly crudely.

“Leave him alone, he chose family over a slut. Good for him,” Mr. Nator tried to defend him.

“I'm not saying it wasn’t the right thing to do.” Todd shrugged. “I just thought it was a shame. That girl looked feisty. Say, what color are a black girl’s nipples?”

“How does one end up in an interracial relationship,” Dale added onto the question.

“The same way you get into a normal one,” Ashton had never really concerned himself with the fact that Shelly was black and he was not. Todd and Dale were from the previous generation. They must have assumed their questions were normal. Even Mr. Nator did not seem to think anything was wrong with what they were saying.

“Bet you’re glad to be back with a white girl, aren't ya.” Dale poked Ashton in the ribs with his beer bottle.

“I'm not really dating anyone right now,” Ashton admitted.

“Oh, don’t be like that. We’ve all heard about it. You wrangled a young one, didn’t ya?” He looked very interested in the topic, not at all disgusted like Ashton had assumed.

“Recently my niece moved in with me. I had to break off things with Shelly because the two of them did not get along.”

Dale stood up and moved to Ashton’s other side so they could talk without being overheard. “So, what’s she like?”

“Lori’s a little head strong. She acts out a lot. I'm worried about how things are going at school.”

Dale stared at him with a confused drunk look. “I'm not talking about that. I meant how does she fuck?”

“Sir?” Ashton was startled.

“Them young girls are nimble, ain’t they? Do her legs bend behind her head? Can you fit the whole thing in her throat? My Molly still chokes a little when I hold her head down too long.”

Ashton searched his memories and recalled that Molly was the name of Dale’s daughter. “Sir, you have intercourse with your own daughter?” Ashton sputtered.

“Hey, keep it down a little. Yeah it’s a little more taboo than what you do with your niece but you and I have the same hobby, my friend. Sorry about the cold shoulder earlier. I'm still working on convincing Todd to let me have a go at Miranda. I bring it up every time he’s about to black out. I’ve almost got him to crack.”

Ashton was having trouble believing his ears. Then again, when Lori first moved in with him, he did quite a few questionable things to her. Perhaps it was just hard on adult men to control themselves when living with young girls. Lori had shut him down right away though. There was only one question on Ashton’s mind. “Molly lets you do things to her?”

“She puts up with it.” Dale shrugged. “Oh she screamed and cried the first time. I caught her sneaking back in after being out late with a guy. I was so mad because I knew what they were doing. I first thought to check her chastity. I guess I went a little too far.”

“You raped your daughter to check if she was still a virgin.”

“Well she wasn’t so stop judging me,” Dale scoffed.

“You don’t regret it?” Ashton was trying to find any excuse to stop feeling as guilty as he already did for what happened with Lori.

“I don’t know if it’s like this for most men, but I was living only half a life before I started fucking Molly. I was always shy with my wife. She was never satisfied by me. With Molly I had to be forceful. I held her down and fucked her til her knees were shaking. She’s never not satisfied.

“I’ve done things to that girl I couldn’t dream of doing to my wife. When Carol leaves us home alone, Molly isn’t allowed to wear clothes. She walks around the whole house naked. If I get horny I just bend her over or slam her into the wall. I kick those long legs of hers apart and slide right in. It’s better when she struggles. I have to hold her down or choke her a little. She gets submissive eventually.”

“You don’t feel bad for her?” Ashton asked.

“You mean when she cries? Let me tell you, it’s sexy when a girl cries because your big dick won’t fit down her throat. Just slap her a few times until she opens wider. She sometimes calls me daddy, hoping that will earn her sympathy. If I let her win any of these times, she’ll gain the courage to fight back; can’t have that. No she’s my little slave forever; should have never let me catch her that night.”

Ashton’s expression showed the conflict in his mind. Dale was actually getting to him a little. Perhaps he should not have stopped when Lori asked him to. If he ever decided to change his mind and force her, she already knew how to get him to stop.

“What are you thinking about?” Dale waved his hand in front of Ashton’s face. “Don’t tell me I'm too cruel. The slut was spreading her legs for someone else already. It does me absolutely no good to stand by and watch. If she was gonna act like a whore, I may as well just cut out the middle man.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” Ashton asked. “As you just said, it does you no good unless you’re the one having a good time. Why do you think I want to hear about you raping Molly rather than just going home to Lori right now?”

“I was hoping we could trade.” Dale winked at him. “I’ve been wanting to try out something new for a while. I’ll let you get into Molly if I can have a go at your Lori. What do ya say?”

Ashton tried his best not to show the disdain on his face. The fact that he almost raped Lori once was something he had to live with. He was definitely not going to trade her off to someone like Dale though.

Dale could see he had hit a wall. “Don’t get all angry,” he sighed. “I'm still working the idea into Todd’s head after all. We’ll talk about this next time. Why don’t you get home and enjoy that slice before you pass out. She must be waiting for you.” Ashton set down his beer and went to tell Mr. Nator he was leaving.


Ashton was a little surprised to see the apartment lights still on despite it being well past midnight. It was not that he expected Lori to obey the curfew he set, so much as he expected her to have gotten tired on her own. Though she did like breaking the rules, she liked sleeping even more.

Upon entering the apartment, Ashton noted Lori’s presence on the couch. She was fast asleep with a game over screen on the TV. She must have passed out while waiting for him. Ashton silently contemplated getting her a cell phone so he could warn her when he was going to be late in the future. At the moment it was just one more expense they could not handle though.

Why exactly had she bothered waiting up for him? Often times she did this when she was younger when she had something to tell him and did not want to wait for the next day. Perhaps she just wanted to play a video game with him. If she thought he would be home soon, it would make sense that she would wait.

With a sigh, Ashton sat down on the couch next to Lori. He had already removed his shoes and his blazer. The sleeping girl shifted so her arm was over him. She nuzzled her face into his shoulder and got more comfortable.

Ashton smiled at her while sweeping a few strands of hair from her face. When she was like this he could somewhat understand other adult’s desire to have children. He himself never saw the reward of such an endeavor. As an uncle he did not have to have his own children. In that moment he thanked his sister for getting knocked up in high school for the first time.

Thinking about parents and children, it was inevitable that Ashton’s thoughts drifted back to supervisor Dale and his daughter Molly. What could possibly have gone through Dale’s head to change how he looked at his own daughter from an innocent child to something to be sought after with carnal desire?

Touching Lori’s sleeping face, Ashton thought he could fathom it. She was prettier than any girl he had had the good fortune to date. Not only that, she was younger, which meant she would stay prettier for longer. Ashton shook his head. In reality the reason was obvious. Dale was a coward that could not act out his desires with his wife so he pushed them onto a person who could not say no to him. Molly was just the closest weaker minded person he could get his claws into.

Ashton laughed to himself as he tried to imagine Lori being called weak minded. She was such a troublemaker and was so outspoken, it would be hard to convince anyone that he had any control over her. Yet, the thought lingered. If he did something to her, proved to her that he was bigger and stronger, would she become more bashful around him. Some how he wanted to give it a try.

Lori awoke when she felt suddenly colder. She opened her eyes to see Ashton sitting on the couch in front of her. Looking down she found she was missing her blouse. Her bra had been lifted up as well. Her nipples were exposed and they were erect. She could tell someone, presumably Ashton, had been touching them. They even felt a little wet. Perhaps he had licked or bitten her slightly.

“What are you doing?” she tried to pretend to be half asleep, to give him a chance to act like nothing had happened. In her head she was wondering how many times he had assaulted her in her sleep before. Perhaps this was just the first time she caught him. She decided she would be quite disappointed in him if that were the case. She had to draw a line soon. There was no way she was going to have her first time taken from her while she slept, even if it was the wish of her doting uncle who was taking care of her out of the kindness of his own heart.

Ashton ignored her question and pinched her left nipple, causing her to gasp. When she opened her mouth to complain he kissed her. She was startled when she felt his tongue enter her mouth. They had kissed a few times before, back when she thought it was normal for family members. It had never been this invasive though.

When she finally broke free, she gasped for breath. “What are you doing to me?” She was slightly dizzy and very confused.

Again, Ashton ignored her. He lifted her by her waist so she was on her knees and slid his fingers into the hem of her pajama shorts. She grabbed his hands while shaking her head, pleading him to stop. “Hush, baby, I just want a little bit of payback for everything this past month,” he whispered.

She stopped resisting at that moment. She definitely felt guilty about forcing him to spend money on her. She had gone over what she could possibly do for him a dozen times in her head. The only thing that ever came to mind was taking over all of the household chores. However, she did not know how to cook and that was the hardest of all the chores.

Ashton smiled when he saw how complacent Lori had become. He pulled her pajama shorts down and found that she was not wearing anything beneath them. “You were waiting for me, weren’t you?” he teased her. She clenched her eyes as he ran his fingers over her waist. He was admiring his favorite spot again, the flatness between the crotch and the stomach that only young fit girls had.

Lori almost bit her tongue when his fingers brushed over her actual cunt. The sensitivity sent a shock through her body. Nothing foreign had even come into contact with that spot before. Though she did not say anything, Lori still adopted a miserable expression, waiting for Ashton to notice on his own what he was doing. She knew that he was not a bad person and would never hurt her intentionally.

The look in his eyes was slightly glazed over though. She could tell he had been drinking. His inhibition was gone. “Ash, maybe we should wait until you’re sober,” she suggested.

“Will you let me do this if we wait,” he was skeptical.

“Well, maybe you’ll regret it once you’re sober,” she suggested.

“That’s why it has to be now.” He plunged his finger inside her. She threw her head back and groaned. Her tiny opening was stretching with a feeling she had never experienced before. Growing up her parents had never taught her about sex. She learned about it from her friends and from TV. She knew it was a taboo subject though and spent each day pretending she was not a girl with an actual cunt that could feel pleasure. Now she was experiencing everything she had pretended was not real. It felt twice as odd as it should have.

Several of her friends already claimed to have had sex at least once. It seemed like a normal thing that would one day occur. However, it never crossed Lori’s mind that the person who she would have her first experience with would be someone she had already met and had known her whole life. She had always dreamed of meeting a cute boy in her grade that she would flirt with and pass notes. They would fall in love normally and make the mistake of sleeping together like normal teenagers. That dream was slowly slipping away right before her eyes.

Unable to control her emotions, Lori began to cry. Ashton wiped her tears away with one hand at first but eventually became annoyed when she did not stop. Lori’s vision went white for a moment along with the loud sound of flesh clapping against flesh. It took a while before the sting of her cheek let her know she had been slapped.

She stared at him in shock for a moment. It was not that he had never slapped her before. She acted out so much, when he did not have time to bend her over and spank her a swat to the face was his next choice. What surprised her was that he would hit her for crying. It was not like she had done something to be punished for.

Then again, perhaps this whole situation was punishment. Originally she had suspected him of wanting her to enjoy the experience. Her friends told her that sex was supposed to feel good for the both of them. However, Ashton was not taking her into consideration at all. He was touching her body however he wanted similarly to how he did when he spanked her. With that thought, Lori set her mind a little. If this was indeed a punishment, then maybe she could endure it in a similar fashion.

Ashton saw the expression on her face change to the same defiant one she always gave him when he slapped her. She was daring him to do it again. He slapped her on the other cheek, less hard because he had to use the back of his hand. His other hand was still preoccupied spreading her cunt. She tried not grin and she glared at him, warning him that two hits was hardly enough to discipline her.

Not wanting to hurt her face too badly, and wanting to keep the sexual agenda of his assault present, Ashton’s next slap was not to her face but instead to her chest. Her boobs wobbled as her body shook from the impact. It was not long before a red hand print appeared on one side. Lori gave him a look warning him to stop if he knew what was good for him.

Ashton was beyond caring though. Over the next few minutes he subjected both her breasts to a slew of swats. She sucked in and held a large breath as she endured the stinging. He did not stop until they were both red and slightly swollen.

Lori let out her held breath and panted at him. Her bare body shiny with sweat and her eyes half closed with a satisfied zeal to them. Ashton felt her cunt and found warm liquid dripping out around his fingers. There was no doubt in his mind that she had just cum from having her breasts slapped raw.

After basking in her post orgasm bliss for a while, Lori’s expression became slightly frantic. She was searching for an excuse to give that would convince her uncle that she did not actually enjoy having him hit her. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. With one hand on the back of her head, he nuzzled his face against her neck and bit down. She squealed as she felt a shock go through her body, running down her spine and into her groin. In that moment she released all the tension in her bladder. A steady stream of liquid ran down her thighs.

“Looks like you really enjoy it rough,” Ashton teased her.

“No, no I don’t,” she sputtered in a slurred almost drunken tone. Her eyes were fluttering and there was drool running down from the corner of her mouth. She stared at him with her mouth open, waiting for him to do something else, not resisting at all. On cue he kissed her and lapped up her dripping saliva. At the same time he pressed into her cunt with his fingers again this time from behind, making her jolt in his arms.

It was too late for Lori to resist any more. She was a toy in his hands. Her whole body spasmed with each scrape of his fingers inside her. She ground her crotch against his while sticking her tongue back into his mouth. He was surprised when her hands began frantically searching his waist. The moment she found his zipper she unsheathed his cock and let it slap against the palm of her hand.

She ran her hand up and down the shafted greedily while continuing to kiss him. She even ran the tip up and down the slit of her crotch a few times. She never put it in though. Ashton endured her teasing for several minutes before he grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him. The tip of his cock popped into her cunt with a slippery sound.

She immediately broke their kiss and pushed on his chest, as if trying to separate from him. “You can’t,” she gasped unconvincingly. “We’re related. We can’t do this. You’ve taken this punishment too far.”

“Punishment?” Ashton was slightly confused. He had not been intending to punish her. He saw the gleam in her eye as she spoke though. She had gotten off on him slapping her. She would definitely get off on him taking what he wanted by force.

Without warning he pushed her down onto her back. At the same time he slammed his whole cock into her tight but slippery cunt. Her tongue stuck out as she let out a groaning gasp. The sensation of being filled and stretched was satisfying. It had officially happened, she had just lost her virginity to her uncle.

Lori hiccuped and moaned with each thrust as he pounded away at her cunt. It was quite a lot more painful than she had originally expected. Even when it did not hurt directly, there was a dull ache left behind. Annoyed and slightly bored she adopted a disappointed expression as she looked up at him. “This doesn’t feel much like discipline anymore,” she taunted him.

Knowing exactly what she meant to say, Ashton grabbed her waist and flipped her around onto her face. She screamed as she felt herself moving as his cock remained stationary inside of her, scrapping all the walls of her cunt. Before she could say anything, he pressed on the back of her head with his hand, burying her face in the couch.

Her vision went white and a sharp pain was felt in her neck as he disregarded her comfort entirely. She could not see nor speak nor breathe. All she felt was his cock slamming into her sensitive cunt. This was the pinnacle of Ashton proving what he wanted from her. At that moment at least, the only thing he wanted from her was what was between her legs. She was a piece of meat for him to fuck.

Lori’s body shook beneath him as another orgasm coursed through her. She could not help it. The idea that her lovable uncle could have such desires toward her was enthralling. Her mind raced with ideas of how their life together would never be the same. When he became sober again, would he forget what he had done? Would he beg for forgiveness or would he double down? Maybe he would continue to treat her like a toy. Maybe he would fuck her every day and never let her wear clothes again. Thinking about that possibility kept her orgasm going for a long time.

Lori was just about to pass out from exhausting and lack of air when she felt something invade another part of her anatomy. She lifted her head and gasped for air as she felt his thumb penetrating her asshole. With his other hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head up next to his so he could whisper in her ear. “Do you want me to break this hole in next?” he hissed softly.

She shook her head violently. “It’ll break. My butt will break if you shove something so big inside. She laughed with both nervous dread and excitement. He could tell she wanted him to disobey her. She wanted him to make his own choice and treat her however he felt she deserved. She sighed with relief when he pulled his thumb out of her asshole.

Instead he put his hand under her chin and pulled her head backward until she was able to look at his face. He was staring at her with such a calm and almost loving expression. She blushed instinctively. He kissed her while keeping one hand under her chin to keep her from escaping and the other on her butt, guiding her back and forth on his cock.

She moaned into his mouth with each thud of his thighs hitting her ass. Everything about her current situation felt odd to her. She knew what sex was but she never realized it would be so intimate. She had never thought she would have to concern herself with where her partner’s hands were or what part of his body touched her apart from his cock. It was all new and exciting.

After a while Lori became dizzy. It was hard to breathe with Ashton’s tongue in her mouth. She tried to pull away but he still had a hold of her chin. She gave him a shy pleading look, her slightly bushy eyebrows raised meekly.

Ashton fell for it. He released her mouth and let her catch her breath. He held her by the wrists though as her head hung down above her chest. She could feel him grinding his cock inside her, enjoying her body without a concern for her feelings. She once again got angry. “Can you pull out already? Haven’t you punished me enough?”

“If this really is punishment, don’t you think I should be the one to decide when it ends?” he taunted her.

“I assume it will end when you cum. I hope you aren't planning on cumming inside me though. Unless you want to have a third mouth to feed.”

“It’s fine, I can just feed this mouth.” He pulled his cock out of her cunt and stood up, stepping off the couch, so his waist was at the same level as her head. She stared up at him with a disgruntled expression. He wound his fingers in his hair and pulled her face toward his cock.

“Hey, let go.” She pushed against his thighs, trying to keep the thick shaft from going in her mouth. He pressed the tip to her lips and smeared some precum against them.

“You’re lips are soft and shiny. Shelly’s are always sticky with chapstick or some product.”

Lori’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. “Don’t talk about her right now,” she scolded him.

“Why don’t you make me forget about her?” he suggested.

Lori rolled her eyes but still opened her mouth. She licked the tip of his cock a few times before closing her tiny mouth around the head. She ran her tongue back and forth over the hole in the tip while adopting an inquisitive look. She seemed to be trying to see how easily she could stimulate him with just her tongue.

“Are you kidding? I just had it all the way in your cunt. You’re gonna have to work a little harder to get me off.” He pushed on the back of her head, sliding his shaft into her mouth further. Her tongue slipped along the bottom and out of her mouth to make room for the invading member. She pushed on his thighs again when the tip met the back of her throat, almost making her gag.

“Every one of your holes feels so nice, Lori,” Ashton praised her embarrassingly. He was the last person she had ever expected to hear such a comment from. Her mind still wandered back to the imaginary boyfriend she had yet to meet and fall in love with. How could she have innocent encounters with her male classmates if she had already had everything done to her by her uncle?

Angered again, she bit down slightly on his shaft. This was a mistake as she was immediately slapped. “You know better,” he warned her sternly. She nodded while trying to keep a tear from rolling down her cheek. She finally relaxed and let him push her head all the way down. With a pop his cock slipped into her throat. She clenched her stomach as she tried not to gag and throw up.

Not knowing how else she was supposed to stimulate him anymore, she wagged her exposed tongue around the base of his shaft. He smiled as he swept some of her hair out of her face. It was clinging to her forehead and neck due to sweat.

When he had had enough of her awkward tongue teasing, he pulled her head back slightly so his cock was just in her mouth again. He slid it out and back in roughly, scrapping it against her tongue and hitting her cheek pockets with the tip. Finally he was stimulated enough to cum, though it looked like it took a little effort on his part. He closed his eyes and grunted as a warm slimy fluid filled her mouth.

She stared down her nose at his shaft as she felt her cheeks expanding. More than just filling with his cum, she stopped swallowing her saliva as she subconsciously did not feel like consuming the slimy contents of her mouth.

Ashton watched her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk’s. When his cock had softened enough, she spat it out, leaving it coated in saliva and some of his cum. She then leaned over the coffee table and opened her mouth, letting a stream of whitish slime spill out in the center.

“You could have swallowed,” he suggested offhandedly. He appeared slightly disappointed.

She glared at him. “You said I had to take it because I was a freeloader. You didn’t say I had to enjoy it or act all kinky,” she reminded him. “God, I really need a shower now.” She stood up and walked toward the bathroom. Her legs were weak and wobbly though. He had to rush to catch her when she almost fell over. “God, it feels like there’s still something thick and hard inside me,” she groaned. “You really stretched me down there.”

“Sorry,” he almost laughed.

“Don’t do it if you’re gonna have to apologize.”

“I don’t regret it,” he assured her. “You’re so adorable. I’ve wanted to rape you since the day you moved in. I finally got the confidence with a little bit of booze.”

“Congratulations. At least one of us enjoyed this mess,” she continued to act annoyed. He could tell she really was. Even if she had let herself get a little swept up in everything, she was still more clear headed than him at the moment. She remembered that they were related and that she was underage. Of course she could not let herself go and enjoy herself easily.

Lori had just turned on the water in the shower when she heard the door open behind her. She was not surprised to see Ashton. What surprised her was the beer in his hand which he handed to her. “What’s this for?” she asked skeptically.

“A reward,” he answered with a shrug.

“Oh goody, this’ll definitely make up for my aching joints and sore pussy,” she responded sarcastically.

“Come on, just let loose a little.” He pushed the bottle against her lips and forced her to tilt her head back. She swallowed as much of the frothy liquid as she could before the foam began to spill out of her mouth.

“Ugh, that tastes so gross.” She was not accustomed to the taste of beer at all.

“Would you prefer something a little more organic in nature?” he asked coyly. She kicked at his crotch, forcing him to step back to avoid getting hit in the balls. “Wow, that was way too close,” he gasped. “You can kill a guy if you hit his balls too hard,” he warned her.

“You can kill a girl if you fuck her brains out,” she spat back. “I'm sure the police will forgive me. I'm not sure they’ll forgive you.”

Ashton frowned at her. She was not being very cute right now. He had wanted to spend time cuddling after their copulation but she was extremely abrasive. He waited for her to turn back toward the tub before grabbing her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled his face into the back of her neck. “What are you doing?” she asked in confusion.

“Let’s take a bath together,” he answered her question with a suggestion.

“Fine,” she did not argue. She stepped over the side of the bathtub and sat down in the water which had been slowly rising since she first turned it on. He stepped in behind her and sat down as well, pushing her forward. She felt the warmth of his body as he leaned against her, especially his cock which now rested just on top of the crack of her ass. It was still soft though and she did not expect him to be able to get it back up. He was extremely drunk at the moment after all.

He rested his head on her shoulder and rubbed his cheek against hers, causing her to giggle slightly. It brought back memories of when they used to bathe together. He always wore swimming trunks back then though. Her face turned red as she recalled that she had been completely naked. He had never done anything indecent to her back then though. His attitude toward her had completely changed since she moved in with him. He viewed her as a woman rather than his niece. It was nice to be wanted but she still felt like they had lost something precious they would never get back.


The fact that Lori found herself in Ashton’s bed, lacking any and all clothing, the next morning helped her confirm his little episode had not been a dream. Every part of her felt sore. Mostly her neck and her throat though.

Lori’s line of sight drifted over to the man lying next to her. She no longer thought of him as her uncle in the slightest. He was the man who took her virginity. At best he was her boyfriend and at worst he was her abuser.

Lori took a moment to size up the two options. Ashton was not a bad catch at all. He was not exactly athletic but he kept himself in shape. His thick black hair was adorable and was Lori’s favorite thing about him. She loved running her fingers through his hair. In fact, she took the opportunity to do just that as he slept.

Her head hurt a little. She had finished the beer he brought her and even drank another after they left the bath. He was trying to drag her down to his level in hopes of calming her anger of the whole issue. It had slightly worked at the time but now she was not just sober she was hung over. She had only one thought in her mind; revenge.

Ashton awoke to the feeling of his mouth being covered by someone else’s. “Good morning sleepy head,” Lori whispered when he opened his eyes.

“Hey baby, why are you in my bed?” he groaned. “Didn’t I buy you your own bed?”

“I don’t think I’ll be using that thing again,” she responded with a shrug.

“Come on. That’s just a waste of money then,” he whined.

“You should have thought of that before you broke my hymen yesterday,” she scolded him.

“I what?” he was at a complete loss. Surely he had dreamed of raping Lori after Dale had filled his head with strange thoughts the previous day but there was no way he had actually harmed her, was there? He looked at her inquisitively. All she did was nod. He could not come up with a solid memory though. He had been so drunk the previous night that everything was a blur. His eyes traveled down to her chest. It was no longer swollen but it was still slightly red. “Was it consensual?” he asked the first thing he could think of. His heart sank when she shook her head.

“Are you alright?” his next concern was obviously her well being.

She was pleasantly surprised. She had assumed he would be begging her not to get him in trouble. Her cheeks turned red as she contemplated her response. “I'm alive and not injured,” she avoided admitting to being completely fine. “I can no longer wear white on my wedding day though.”

Ashton had an extremely guilty expression. It annoyed Lori greatly. Yesterday he had been so obsessed with his own satisfaction. He had no right to feel bad now. If he wanted sex he could have just gone to someone else. Deep down he had definitely wanted sex with her. He was obsessed with sleeping with his own niece to the point of acting on it when uninhibited. This was not the alcohol’s fault, it was his and his inappropriate desire’s.

Still, she could not completely hate him. It was flattering to be wanted and he was taking care of her after all. How much did she owe him though? “Are we okay?” he asked the next question on his mind.

“I don’t know.” She shrugged. “Am I gonna have to start locking my door at night?”

“No,” he sputtered. “I promise this won’t happen again. In fact, tell me what I can do to make it up to you.”

“So I’ve paid my debt?” she asked him. “You’re not going to complain about me freeloading any more?”

“I never meant to,” he grumbled solemnly. “Taking care of you is my responsibility. I should not have asked for anything in return.”

The stern expression on her fact softened slightly. She hugged him and looked up into his eyes. “I really am grateful to you for taking me in. For that reason, I won’t tell anyone what you did. However, it can’t happen again. If you do it again, there are only two outcomes. I will tell someone and you will go to jail, or you’ll have to shut my mouth permanently. Can you do that, Ash?”

He shook his head. “If you feel like telling on me, go right ahead. I will not deny anything. I'm begging you now to give me a second chance but that is entirely up to you. Once was too many times already. I'm too much of a coward to go and turn myself in though. Plus I know life on your own will be hard without me. Even if it’s just for self interest, please don’t tell anyone.”

Lori nodded before hugging him again. She felt extremely odd. She had just come to some sort of agreement with her very own rapist. Somewhere she heard that the majority of sexual assault cases never get reported. Perhaps a lot of the victims make the same choice as her. It really helped that Ashton was an easily guilt ridden person and normally gentle too. If he were not, then she would be scared of him like most victims probably are.


2019-11-20 05:02:25
more dirty talk wow amazing more ??? illustration/photo would be better


2019-11-14 17:45:59
I enjoyed this story, even though taboo, it was very well written and I'm looking forward to future installments. The tug-of-war between fantasy and reality with the protagonists is quite interesting. Great piece of storytelling.


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