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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


I Dream of Demie 11 - Pipe Dream (MFF, bi, caution, cons, magic, mc, oral, impreg?)

by Krosis of the Collective


Two hours ago:


I stuck my head out of my apartment window. What, the cat had escaped again? The old lady on the street had last been calling out for her lost cat a few weeks previous, when unexpected roommate Kate the witch had transformed the feline in heat into a sexy woman for me to fuck to power the witch's spells. The cat had slipped away and I hadn't seen her again.

I took the elevator down to the ground floor and jogged over to the woman. "Excuse me!"

The grandmotherly lady turned to me. "Have you seen my cat? She's black, with..."

"I'm sorry, I haven't seen her in weeks," I cut her off. "Did she come back the last time she escaped?"

"Oh, yes, she did. That nice lady policeman brought her back. She said that someone had played a prank but some tom got at Princess and now she's with kittens! She shouldn't be outside!" The old lady was quite distraught.

I became distraught as well. Kittens! *I* was the Tom that had gotten at her. Did I impregnate her when she was in human form, and those kittens were mine? Was that even possible?

"Oh shit..." I said to no one in particular.

"Well, there's no need for that kind of language, young man," the lady admonished me with a sniff. "I'm sure she'll turn up." She moved on. "Princess!"


Four hours ago:

"Here, kitty kitty..."

"Mrr?" Princess, safe at home, sashayed over to the mail slot where the voice had come from. As she approached she saw a mouse push through and drop to the floor, its very long tail still caught in the slot. Princess pounced, holding the mouse in her claws as she clamped her teeth at the back of its neck. Crunch! There, now she could play with it at her leisure...

Something wrapped around her. The mouse's tail! This was very strange, Princess thought.

The tail grew wider and denser, quickly immobilizing and constricting the cat. "Mowrr!" she screamed. Then the not-mouse thing expanded even more, its strange-smelling flesh covering her entirely.

There was a sickening crunching sound as the cat's skeletal structure was pulverized within the sac of flesh Demie had extended into the old woman's house. Then she flattened the poor feline's demolished remains and drew it back through the mail slot. No mess, no clues, she congratulated herself.

Once her transformed arm retracted to rejoin her torso she began to consume the dead animal and its unfortunate contents.



Detective Dianna Shepherd walked into the nightclub. She had visited the retro 70's disco club a few weeks previous on police business, investigating one of a slew of missing persons, but had been intrigued by the decor. She had been telling herself since then that she'd take a night out and go have some fun, maybe meet some nice woman to take her mind off of the case from was so frustrating that there were no leads and no connection between all those people who went missing.

The blonde police detective had dolled herself up and put on a short 70's style leather skirt and tight blouse with "fuck me" leather boots. She thought maybe now that she was in her mid-to-late 30's that she was getting too old for this look, but she would see tonight.

She ordered an overpriced drink and turned back towards the dance floor. Some hot young women were dancing together...were they lesbians too, or just flirty? Actually, she supposed they could be bisexual, which would be fine too. She went to the dance floor rail and nursed her drink, watching.

Then she saw her: the most beautiful, sexy creature she had ever laid eyes on. Brown hair, curvy, wearing a leather half-top and form-fitting jeans with sandals. More of a 1960's look than 70's, but Dianna wasn't complaining.

The woman was staring at Dianna across the dance floor. When their eyes met the mystery woman sauntered forward, still meeting her gaze.

Dianna swigged back the rest of her drink and placed it onto a table as she passed. She didn't even notice that she had accidentally placed it on the edge of the table, and it teetered and fell to the carpeted floor. Dianna continued forward, oblivious.


A half-hour later...oh, I guess that's now as,, now:

I heard the giggling before the front door of my apartment opened to reveal a human-looking Demie and an older woman that I was sure was a lesbian, with her severe blonde haircut. I looked at them, about to suck a puff from my pot vapor balloon.

The blonde suddenly lost her smile, looking uncertain. "Uh, Demie, you didn't say you had a boyfriend. I'm not into guys."

Achievement Unlocked: Gaydar, I thought, mentally high-fiving myself.

Demie closed the door behind them. "Relax, Dianna, I go both ways. I'll make sure Tom doesn't touch you." She nibbled the older woman's neck, making her sigh.

Dianna looked at me again. "O-okay, I guess...hey, is that pot?"

The way she said that made my blood run cold. "Are...are you a cop?" I paused, not wanting to puff while that question was still up in the air.

Finally she strode forward and took the balloon from me. "Not tonight," she replied, and took a hit.

I let out my breath, taking the pot balloon back for my own hit, and then I handed it off to Demie.

They joined me on the couch, Demie behind Dianna so the demon could kiss the back of her neck while she traced her sharp nails along the older woman's shoulders and back. I knew that the demon could kiss parts of your body without killing you, as long as it wasn't your mouth. Dianna was putty in her hands. I just sat back and enjoyed the view, my cock tenting out the front of my jeans.

Soon the pot balloon was deflated and Dianna's boots were off and her blouse was unbuttoned, showing off impressive breasts covered by a somewhat disappointing gray bra. I figured this woman didn't get out much.

"Let's move to the bedroom," Demie said, giving me a pointed look as both women rose to their feet. I followed, keeping an eye on Dianna's womanly hips as Demie deftly removed the blonde's leather skirt. I had expected "granny panties" but was pleasantly surprised to see a nice black thong wiggling back at me.

Unseen by her quarry, Demie's clothing vanished as they reached the bed. Demie pushed Dianna onto her back.

The detective finally noticed I was with them and stiffened up. "I don't..."

"Relax," Demie said, moving her face close to Dianna's face. I knew she was giving her the whammy with her hypnotizing gaze. "I told you, I'll make sure he doesn't touch you. Trust me."

"Okay," Dianna murmured, lying back and closing her eyes as Demie got between her legs.

Demie reached back and pulled her own vaginal lips apart, an obvious invitation to me. I quickly pulled my clothes off and got behind her, hard as a rock.

As I slipped my cock inside my hellish girlfriend and felt the incredible heat and pressure inside her, I heard Dianna gasp as Demie pushed her tongue inside the blonde's pussy. When I pulled back, Demie also pulled her tongue back out. As I began to thrust I soon realized that Demie was penetrating her lesbian lover in syncopation with my movements. It was almost like I was fucking the cop, but with a really long Demie-shaped penis.

Dianna kept her eyes closed as Demie fucked the mesmerized woman with her tongue. "Oh shit, are you doing that? I'd swear your tongue was shaped like a dildo or something," she commented.

Suddenly I had the overwhelming feeling that Demie had transformed her tongue to exactly match the shape of my cock. I don't know how I knew that; I just did. This turned me on even more, and I started thrusting harder. Demie matched my movements within Dianna's pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Dianna arched her hips as she orgasmed. Demie moaned, and I could feel her pussy grip my cock. This was incredible!

I wished I was fucking this hot thirtysomething lesbian myself, filling her hopefully fertile pussy with my sperm. Something in me had changed lately, making me really want to impregnate the women I had sex with, and not just to experience the thrill of unprotected sex. There was that MILF and the nurse at the hospital just the other day that I had left with large deposits in their baby banks, and now this lady.

Then I noticed something odd was happening below. I looked down at Demie's back, slowing down my thrusting...Demie slowed down hers in response.

The skin of her back was becoming transparent. Through it I could see the walls of her vagina as in a two-dimensional cutaway, caressing my hard cock as I fucked her. At the end of her vagina was her cervix, and beyond that...

No way.

Beyond Demie's cervix was a small tube, stretching all the way up along her spine. Demie's hair shifted to the side and I could see her neck become transparent as well, the tube moving up...

...straight to her mouth.

Seeing this, I started thrusting for all I was worth. Demie mirrored my movements and Dianna moaned in pleasure. I couldn't believe what Demie was doing for me! She was so friggin' awesome!

Finally, my balls gave up their bounty and I grunted, pleasure overwhelming me as I started to spurt my cum inside Demie. I watched, fascinated, as her cervix opened up. I felt a strong sucking sensation and then a continuous stream of my cum raced up that tube, along her spine.

Dianna gasped again. "Oh God! How are you--? OHH!"

I continued to cum and I could see the stream of semen racing up Demie's neck, into her mouth...

Dianna arched her back again, cumming hard. "Sooo...deeepp! OHH! OHH!"

In my mind's eye I could see Demie's hollow tongue piercing the hot blonde's cervix, blasting the inside of her fertile womb with my potent sperm. At this realization I groaned in orgasm again, somehow summoning up another, smaller, volley of sperm-filled semen to race up that demonic circuit and inundate the unsuspecting lesbian's violated reproductive system as she experienced her own extended orgasm on a tongue shaped exactly like my cock.

Finally, I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, completely spent. I barely registered seeing a small cloud of smoke emanating from where my camouflaged broom closet was before I lost consciousness.


I barely woke when Dianna got up to leave. I barely woke again when Demie came back to tell me that Dianna had no idea what they had done, as she had put all of my sperm inside of the blonde lesbian's uterus so none of it would come out. I gave her a thumbs up and then fell back unconscious.

To be continued...
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