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Straight man, bisexual man, bi curious man and a wife willing to be seduced.
Note - In Britain, “Jocks” refers to people from Scotland. The title of this story is a pun on “Scotch on the Rocks”, scotch being one of the biggest exports from Scotland.


Richard phoned and asked if we could work at his house on Wednesday. There was no issue on my part so we agreed. I got there just after 9 am. We got down to work and Richard explained that this afternoon a couple were coming to see his house, the idea being they would live there while he and I were in California.

We did get a lot of work done until the people arrived. A very nice looking couple, she was very pretty, about my height and curvy with blond hair. He was taller slim good looking chap. They introduced themselves as Eddie and Sara, their home in Edinburgh.

Eddie was being seconded to London and they were related to a friend of Richards.

It was only after a few minutes I saw that Sara's eyes were green, and very striking. I confess to being lustfully smitten there and then. Richard and Eddie chatted about the general arrangements. I was watching Richard closely as I saw his mind revolving and suspected that I may have to play a part in what was coming.

"Come and have a walk round the garden Eddie and we can talk. James would you show Sara the inside of the house?"

I agreed, of course. I had been right in reading Richard's mind. I took Sara round the downstairs rooms and chatted to her, we then took the tour upstairs. One feature of Richard's house is a room upstairs which has a view out over the surrounding parkland. It is the feature. Sara was delighted with it and we sat down to admire the view. She asked me if Richard and I were a couple.

"No, we work in cooperation. I write short stories and Richard writes novels and we have been jointly commissioned to write some ***********s for TV in America. So we will never be famous but will be reasonably well paid."

Sara wanted to know why us?

"Basically we are producing English stories for an American audience"

I went on to explain to her that we made lots of trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles but now we needed to spend more time there.

"So are you famous?" she asked.

" No we are worker drones not queen bees''

"But surely?" she wanted us to be celebrities I think.

"We do have a lot of fun, once we start speaking"

Sara looked puzzled.

"We spend our time in hotels, and as soon as we are in a cafe, restaurant or bar and start speaking English then we become highly amusing to the American guests"

"Oh so you have lots of women throwing themselves at you, like groupies".

I think Sara was teasing but I decided to take her seriously for a reason.

"Strangely enough our groupies tend to be married couples".

She looked at me to explain.

"I am straight but Richard is bi-sexual with a leaning towards men. So a groupie for me is no good for Richard and vice versa, so we have evolved a system that works for us. Richard has some kind of "gaydar" that helps him identify bi sexual or bi curious married men."

Sara sat quietly for a few moments.

"So you two hook up with a married couple, and you go with the wife and Richard goes with the husband?"

"Yes, more or less"

"And I am sitting here with you, and Richard is talking to Eddie in the garden?"


"What do you think Richard and my husband are doing just now?"

"Well if Eddie is bi then likely they will be kissing"

Sara showed shock at this statement, perhaps she had an inkling that Eddie might be curious. I noticed that she made no move to go and find out.

"So what would be next, in the garden?"

"Well to be honest, usually one or the other would be kneeling by now"


"Yes, one of them, probably Richard would be kneeling down and unzipping Eddie's trousers, shame he wasn't wearing a kilt!"

Sara got the joke and laughed. Still she made no move to find out.

"What are you supposed to do with me then?"

"Ah well, usually we have chatted to the couple and had a drink and got a feel for their likes and dislikes, and I usually take it from there."

"So in the absence of that information do you have plans for me?"

"Well if you stand up and walk with me to Richard's master bedroom, I will happily show you."

I didn't know how she would react but she got up and followed me to the bedroom.

"So next I would kiss you." and I did, and she responded.

"Now I would remove all your clothes" and she stood and allowed me to do so, even helping.

"Now I need some equipment" and walked to Richard's toy drawer. I brought back several scarves and a large feather. It was a warm day but Sara's nipples were sticking out on stalks. I tied her hands behind her back and started tickling her.

Running the feather up and down her back, over her front, flicking her nipples, down over her clit. By the time I arrived at her clit she was in dreamland. She kept staring at me with those beautiful green eyes and smiling at my progress. I ran the feather the length of her clit and under to her anus, and brought it back again. I lifted it up to her and showed her how wet it was.

"So, you are very wet, I can also see your nipples are rock hard."

She said nothing but smiled and indicated that she was mine to play with.

My mouth over one nipple and my finger and thumb on the other. Sara was now moaning and purring like a cat.

"What the fuck?"

Oh, Richard and Eddie had arrived. Sara turned to look at Eddie who blushed.

"Hello dear, where on earth have you been the last hour?"

Eddie turned from red to white, and started stuttering.

Richard intervened. "We have been sucking each others cock."

Eddie nearly died, but Sara simply smiled.

"James told me that what you would be doing so he offered me some fun too."

Richard quickly judged the situation. "Eddie get your clothes off."

Eddie was lost and simply did what he was told and Richard had also got naked.

He drew Eddie towards him and spun him around, I could see Richard's cock was wet from coming and he pulled Eddie back towards him. I had anticipated this, or hoped for it, and had the tube of lube ready. I threw it on the bed and Richard sat down on the bed and picked it up. He moved Eddie forward a little and started rubbing lube into Eddie's anus, and onto his own cock.

Sara stared straight at them, not moving her body, however her lips were moving, I could not work out if she was saying something or licking her lips in anticipation. Richard moved Eddie back onto his lap and Richard guided his cock to the entrance, and gently pushed. Eddie jumped but came back into position, he twisted his upper body and tried to look at Richard but could not turn far enough, instead he looked at Sara and I, although mostly he was fixed on Sara's expression.

Sara said nothing nor showed any emotion. She watched intently. She seemed to realise that she could in fact move, only her hands were tied, so she walked closer to Eddie, but stood to the side so she could see Richard's cock.

Richard took his time, easing in a small amount of cock and then letting Eddie get comfortable again, eventually he was in completely. Eddie was still, Richard held him in place.

Sara turned to me, with a question but she did not know what to say. I took over now.

"Sara bend yourself forward at the waist and I will hold you.”

She did so and I supported her, now I moved her round so she was in front of Eddie and bent like that very close to his cock. I unzipped my trousers, took my cock out and stood behind Sara. She was soaked and I slipped in ever so easily. She pushed back onto my cock and I moved her face forward. Richard had understood my intention and he held Eddie's cock in his hand and waved it at Sara. She now understood and opened her mouth, taking him in. I stepped forward and she moved a little as well.

Richard is sat on the bed, Eddie is impaled on Richard's cock and Sara is sucking Eddie's cock. I have penetrated Sara doggy style. Richard has a huge grin on his face, Eddie has a mixture of shock, pain, lust and pleasure on his face. I can't see Sara's expression, but I can tell you I was very pleased to be where I was.

Richard nodded to me and I started pumping Sara, he in turn started raising and dropping Eddie's buttocks, Sara was moving but I had to simply assume she was enjoying herself. Richard and Eddie had presumably already wanked each other off so it would take them longer. Not so me! My heart was pounding with excitement and I had to stand still a couple of times so as to hold back the load which I know was about to shoot. Then I could not hold back any more and shot my load into Sara. I stayed rooted inside her, she had gripped my cock tightly with her muscles and so she kept moving and moving me with her.

I hear a noise and it was from Eddie, I didn't know if he had come in Sara's mouth or Richard had come. Sara provided the answer by straightening herself and kissing Eddie. Eddie and Sara were locked in their kiss and Richard continued for a while, but I don't think he managed to come.

I slipped out of Sara then undid her scarf.

She wrapped her arms around Eddie and kissed him passionately. Richard was reduced to providing the chair for Eddie to sit on.

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