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This series is veeery loosely based off Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
Quick FYI: Codes are roughly for the entire book not just this chapter


The young farmer hesitated as he stepped up to the large hole in the rocky side of the mountain. The last time he was here his experience had been amazing. Now that he was once again standing at the cave’s entrance he was beginning to regret his decision to come back. The boy had come to the delightful conclusion that the cavern’s tenant was likely out and about in the forest. With the cave unoccupied it would be best for him to return home with much haste.

Heavy footsteps from inside the cave froze the man in place. The creator of the dull thumping sound halted before stepping out into the morning light. Glowing red eyes peered out from the shadowy entrance. The color was an indication their owner could see in complete darkness. The eyes widened in surprise then narrowed in annoyance as they inspected the farmer.

“Do you have a death wish human?” said a gruff but noticeably feminine voice.

“N-n-no,” stuttered the young man, fear keeping him rooted in place despite his mind telling him to run in terror.

“Then why have you returned? You’ll be receiving no more gifts from me. My charity only goes so far,” she said.

The man’s eyes widened. “No ma’am that isn’t why I’m here! Though I did want to thank you for your gift. It allowed me to get my mother the elixir she needed and still left enough for us to live comfortably for many years.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you have darkened my doorway once again.”

Fidgeting in place, he looked down and mumbled, “I came to see you.”

“Speak up, boy! I can’t understand your words if you are talking to the ground!” she growled.

The young man’s head snapped up, looking her in the eyes. “I came to see you again!” he blurted out, his face flushing with embarrassment. “You saved my mother’s life and likely saved me from a life of slavery. Those who can’t pay the lords taxes are taken as slaves until their debt is paid off. Her cure would have left us penniless. After everything you did for me and my mother, I felt I should come back and see if there was more I could do for you as thanks.”

The large figure stepped into the sunlight and leaned over until her lips brushed his ear. “Liar,” she whispered.

He started turning his head to object but the ogress grazed his ear with her razor-sharp fangs, freezing him in place again. When she was certain he wouldn’t run away, traded her teeth for her tongue and ran it along his ear as his breath quickened. “You came back in hopes that you could put your cock inside me again.”

The farmer blushed, “I won’t lie, ma’am, that day was so amazing it has been hard to stop thinking about you.”

She stood up and smiled at him, “Flatterer. Come inside and we can ‘discuss’ just how you can thank me.”

He finally got a good look at her before she disappeared into the darkness of the cave once again. The change in her appearance since he had last been here was startling. She had polished the dull, dried horns back to their original golden hue. Ratted gray hair with sticks and leaves poking out was now bright white and looked well kept. Her clothes were still the animal hides and leather straps that left little to the imagination but the farmer did think the buckles on her leathers seemed a bit shinier.

Most surprising was her skin. The light green color from his first visit had been replaced by a light blue. Small triangular markings on each cheek had turned from black to a deep navy color

“You’ve changed…” he said, following her inside and stopping as the cave became too dark for his human eyesight.

He saw her glowing eyes in the darkness before him. “Pay it no mind,” she said, “our skin changes depending on our personality: Green is crude and violent, Red is a drunkard and Blue means intelligent. I’m usually a darker blue than this but lack of food in the area as well as getting harassed by do-gooders and thieves has made my skin turn green."

Taking his hand, she led him further into the darkness until he could no longer make out even the faintest light from outside. He took a couple of steps onto something that felt like animal hide when she stopped him and let go. He was completely at her mercy now, running away was impossible since he had no clues as to what direction to go. The thought both terrified and excited him.

The quiet shuffling of her feet on the hides echoed in the cavern making it hard to discern where she was. His first indication of her whereabouts was her breath on his neck.

“Don’t move,” she whispered gripping his shirt and pulling it over his head before undoing his belt from behind. His pants, however, got hung on his already rigid prick.

While his brain was having trouble figuring out if he should be aroused or terrified, his penis was having no such issues. He went to brush the pants off when she grabbed his arm with one hand and brought the other up to his neck, sharp claws digging into his flesh. “I said. Don’t. Move,” she growled. Placing his hand back at his side, she removed her claws from his neck. Terror won out for the moment and his cock started to droop until he felt the ogress’s hot breath wash over the shaft. All worries about going soft disappeared as she took his pants in her teeth and pulled them over the head of his dick, letting them fall to the floor.

He gasped as her long tongue softly slid up the underside of his cock, his hands clenching and unclenching in frustration as he tried to keep them still. His hips gave a small jerk as her tongue swirled around the head and in a flash, he felt her claws on the base of his balls. “

No moooviiiing,” she quietly singsonged. Her tongue swiped lazily over his prick as her claws gently danced over his scrotum. Meanwhile, his fingernails were biting into his palms and he began to sweat with the effort to stay still.

Her tongue left his cock to be replaced by her hand as she stood up, claws gently resting on his shaft as a reminder that no movement would be tolerated. She bent down and took one of his nipples in her mouth, gently biting and licking it before giving the other one similar treatment. The ogress then slowly licked and nipped her way up his chest before licking and kissing his neck.

“You taste good,” she purred, “but I know what will taste even better.”

Sinking to her knees, she started teasing his balls once again. The occasional brush of a claw never letting him forget the importance of staying completely frozen in place. He felt her breath on the head of his cock a moment before her tongue flicked out, catching a droplet of pre-cum hanging from the tip.

“Mmmmm delicious,” she hummed in pleasure as she swirled the treat around in her mouth. Tightening her grip on his balls, she brought her lips up to his cock. With a patience that was driving the farmer boy insane she slowly slid her lips down his entire length. Pressing her tongue against the underside, she pulled back with the same agonizing slowness until only the head remained inside the warm confines of her mouth.

After three strokes of her excruciatingly slow blowjob, the young farmer was whimpering with need. The complete darkness made him all that more aware of what was happening to his body. The ogress pulled completely off his cock then took his hands and placed them on her horns.

“Now you can move,” she growled, her voice thick with lust. Before he recovered from the surprise of being allowed to move again she quickly swallowed his prick to the hilt. The farmer boy almost cried out in relief as he began to thrust in and out of the ogress’s mouth. The tongue that had been just teasing the underside of his cock now swirled and danced around his prick, sometimes circling the head and sometimes fluttering across the bottom as he savagely fucked her face. After only a couple of minutes, he began to feel the familiar tingling in his balls.

“Gonna…. cum,” he said through gritted teeth. To his surprise she began sucking harder, grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him into her mouth. Concerns of bruising her lips or nose fled as the first shot of cum rocketed up his cock and into her mouth. The ogress moaned in delight as spurt after spurt of cum sprayed across her tongue. After a final shudder from the farmer boy she let his dick slip from her mouth.

The boy realized she had been holding him upright as he was cumming. His legs were like jelly and he sank to his knees as she moved away disappearing into the darkness. A moment later a torch flared to life behind him. Turning to look, he squinted in the light as the ogress silently walked around the cavern, lighting other torches in various wall sconces and bathing the room in a soft glow. He looked at her as she put the first torch back in its sconce. “That…. Was…. Amazing….” He said between labored breaths. She smiled at him then tapped her cheek, swishing the contents of her mouth around and giving a small moan of pleasure.

The ogress then walked over to a makeshift chair, hewn out of a large rock and draped with animal hides. Sitting down, she leaned back and let the farmer’s cum roll around inside her mouth, savoring the taste. As she relaxed and enjoyed her meal one of her hands made its way down to push aside the leather flap hiding her pussy. Her fingers lightly brushed across her folds as she began to let the farmer boy’s cum slide down her throat a tiny bit at a time. Finally catching his breath, the boy watched the large woman play with herself for a time. Smiling, he decided that this was a perfect opportunity to return the favor.

He tried to stand but his legs were still too shaky. Instead, he quietly crawled across the furs to her chair. He watched her masturbate for a little longer before putting his hand over hers to stop her. Leaning forward, he began to lick and nibble on the lips of her sex. The ogress moaned in delight at the boy’s attentions as she let the last of her meal slip into her belly. Pulling her hand away she relaxed into the chair giving small appreciative moans at the farmer’s efforts.

After a few minutes he could tell that she was getting antsy, it felt good, but he wasn’t giving her clit any attention and she would never cum at this rate. The farmer pulled away then taking one of her legs in hand he propped it up over the arm of her chair then did the same with the other leg opening her up and making her scoot her butt closer to the edge.

She gave him a questioning look, “What are you up too?”

He smiled, “You’ll find out soon enough.You had your fun with me, now it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean it’s your tuuUUURRN!” she ended in a surprised shriek as the farmer boy leaned down started tracing small circles around her engorged clit with his tongue. Her claws scraped along the stone chair as her body tensed up from him gently sucking her nubbin into his mouth.

“Scamp!” she panted, “You were just teasing me! I didn’t think a youngling like you would know what that was.”

He had let go of her clit and was licking and nibbling his way around the entrance to her pussy. He looked up at her and smiled, “That’s not all I’ve learned” then darted down to the pucker of her backdoor. As his tongue came into contact with her anus it felt like a jolt of electricity ran straight to her clit. The ogress leaned back and let out a high-pitched screech as he continued to rim her out. None of her captives had shown any interest in her rear. Then again, captured bandits and ruffians didn’t make the best lovers to begin with. Most were too terrified to do anything more than needed to survive.

He made his way back up to her clit making her moan once again in building ecstasy but while his mouth was occupied with her clit his hands were taking her pussy juices and smearing them all over her rear entrance, making her hips buck with pleasure. Gently, he eased one slickened finger past the muscular ring of her sphincter. Another soon joined it as he constantly teased her clit with his tongue.

The boy could tell she was getting very close and wanted to make this memorable for her with his last trick. When he felt she was only a few seconds away from her climax he slipped a third finger into her anus and began moving them in and out. Three fingers on his other hand slid into her pussy, curling his fingers upwards. Finding the small rough spot he began to gently massage it while keeping up his relentless oral attack on her clit.

Her cries of pleasure turned into a roar as the ogress exploded. Tensing up, she lifted herself out of the chair, supported only by her legs over the arms and her head on the back. Her arms flailed about in the throes of her orgasm, searching for something nearby to grab ahold of. The young man ducked away as she tried to grab his head and hold it to her clit. He had no desire to find out what kind of damage her claws could do when she wasn’t in control of them.

The pressure on his fingers was intense and he winced in pain as her pussy and ass clamped down. Even as he gritted his teeth from the pain he couldn’t help looking forward to how that would feel around his cock. As the ogress’s body began to relax the young man slowly slipped his fingers out of her. Smiling as she let out a low growl of satisfaction.

He had recovered from the blowjob earlier and lined his stiff prick up with her entrance. Pushing forward he buried himself in her dripping wet pussy in one stroke. She moaned again as he filled her sex, trembling as another small orgasm swept through her body. Reaching up under her fur brassiere, he began pinching and tweaking her nipples as their groins slapped wetly together. She seemed to be building quickly towards another big climax which was good for the farmer. Even though he had just come a little while ago her insides gripped his cock so tightly he was having a hard time holding back his own release. After only a couple minutes her legs came off the arms of the chair and wrapped around him, holding him in place as she roared her way through another earth-shattering orgasm. Though he couldn’t move in and out, the inside of her sex rippled up and down with her climax, the added sensation sent him over the edge as well. Grabbing tightly to her breasts, which only seemed to set her off again, he pushed even further into her and did his best to paint her cervix white with his seed.

As they both came down he leaned forward onto her chest as his cock gradually shrank inside her. Orgasmic aftershocks made the ogress’s pussy squeeze him every so often, as though not wanting to let him go.

Nestling his head between her large breasts he asked, “What’s your name?”

She chuckled, “You ask that after our second time together, we seem to have disrupted the order these things are properly done. My name is Ikuno.”

“Ikuno…. It’s pretty. I’ve never met someone with that name before”

“Not surprising, I come from a far-off land,” she put a hand on his back letting him know she wanted him to stay inside her as she lowered her feet to the floor. “I was traveling in this area with a merchant caravan when we were attacked by bandits. The rest of the caravan was killed but the raiders thought I was one of the ogres that live in this region and tried to recruit me. I escaped as soon as I could. A few days later I found this cave and I’ve been living here ever since.”

“You aren’t an ogre?” he asked.

“In a way I am, we are in the same family but in my land, we are called oni.”

“Oni… certainly better sounding than ‘ogre’,” he said jutting out his jaw and grunting.

“I agree,” she said, chuckling as she ran her fingers through his hair and down his back. “In my homeland oni are both revered and feared as powerful spirits. Unlike here where the ogres are considered dangerous nuisances.”

The farmer finally let his softened member slip free of the oni. Her muscles gripped him as he pulled out and her sex closed up without letting even a drop of his cum escape. He walked over to his discarded clothes as she rubbed her lower belly. “Your seed feels wonderful inside me,” she said.

“It’s not like that much comes out, I’m surprised you can even feel it,” said the man.

“You don’t know much about monster girls, do you?” He shook his head. “Maybe I’ll go into specifics later but for now I’ll just say that almost all monster girls feed off a man’s essence in some way. A man’s essence is very concentrated in his seed. I can’t feel what you left inside me, but I can feel your essence seeping into me.”

“Essence? Are you stealing my life away!?” he said with alarm.u

“Nothing so crude, though there are some monster girls who will not just drain your essence but take your life along with it. Those ones need to be avoided at all costs. I only take what you give to me and human males replenish their essence very quickly. Quite simply, I could not drain you quickly enough to kill you that way. If I were to try, you would likely die of thirst from nonstop sex.” Ikuno rubbed her belly again, “I wish that I could make other monster girls understand how much better it feels when essence is freely given instead of raping or coercing it out of men.” She smiled at him, “I feel so good it seems like I should be glowing right now.”

He smiled in return, satisfied that she wasn’t trying to suck his life out of him.

“It's your turn now,” said Ikuno once he was dressed, “I’ve given you my name, now tell me yours.”

The farmer boy turned towards her and bowed with a grace that seemed out of place with his peasant clothing. “My name is…“

“BEAST!” came a bellow from the direction of the cave entrance, “YOU HAVE SLAIN A KNIGHT OF THE LION’S SHIELD! COME FORTH AND RECEIVE YOUR JUDGMENT!”

The young man stared wide-eyed in the direction of the voice then looked over at the oni. Scowling she stood up and adjusted her furs, “Come, boy, let’s see what issue these moronic knights have with me.” She smiled down at him, “this should make an interesting distraction while you recover your strength.” Walking towards the cave entrance, she reached back and flipped up the strip of leather covering her rear. Looking back at him she said in a low husky voice, “There’s territory I wish for you to explore before I let you return home.”

As he trotted after her, the boy hoped that his half-hard cock would be gone by the time they reached the mouth of the cave.


Three knights sat astride their horses outside the cave entrance. Two had squires in tow while the third’s only company was a packhorse. The empty, blood-stained saddle telling of a recent tragedy that had befallen the missing squire. The knight in the middle sucked in a deep breath to bellow another challenge.

“Oi, oi, oi,” the oni interrupted. The knight’s bellowing challenge escaped in a sharp wheeze instead. “Enough with the yelling into my home, what business do you have with me?”

The lead knight recovered quickly, “You stand accused of killing Sir Michael of the Order of the Lion’s Shield! What say you?!”

“Who, may I ask, has accused me as such?” There was a calmness about the way Ikuno was speaking that the farmer boy found unnerving.

“A young man in the nearby village swore that you were the one the end good Sir Michael’s life. Others in the village stated that you had been terrorizing them for years stealing children and livestock!” The knight was getting so worked up the farmer boy could see specks of froth start to form in the corners of his mouth.

“Young man you said? Are you certain it wasn’t a young girl?”

“You dare mock my intelligence!” yelled the knight while drawing his sword, “I am not such a fool as to not know the difference between a boy and a girl!”

“Perhaps you can tell the difference between boy and girl. However, you appear to be lacking the ability to tell lies from the truth.” Ikuno’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “Besides myself, there was only one other who was witness to your ‘good’,” the word dripped with scorn, ”Sir Michael’s end.”

“So, you admit to killing him!” the lead knight bellowed triumphantly, leveling his sword at Ikuno.

“I said nothing of the sort, merely that I was a witness to his death along with a young girl. Leading me to question any accusations coming from a young boy that I was Sir Michael’s murderer. Addressing your other claims: Ogres from my homeland are much more civilized and have no taste for human flesh. If the humans are missing their whelps it’s not to end up on my dinner table. Livestock that wanders into my hunting grounds is a large and easy meal for me. I see no need to apologize for losses from their shepherd’s inattentiveness.”

The second knight was leaning forward listening attentively. “You certainly don’t sound like any ogre I have seen before. In fact, if I were to close my eyes I would think you were of noble birth.” He turned to the young man, “and you certainly don’t look like an ogre’s ‘husband’. Those I have seen were bruised, battered and longing for the peace of death’s embrace.”

Ikuno’s face flushed a deep purple as she blushed, “He’s not…”

The farmer boy stepped forward and bowed deeply, “I am not her husband, good sir. However, it was through Milady’s acts that my ailing mother was saved from death and myself saved from slavery. I owe Milady a debt of gratitude I can never fully repay. Though she stated that she needed no recompense, I am here today to place myself at her service before I return to tending my farm. I plan to make many more of these trips until Milady tells me that she no longer needs or wants my services.”

The knight’s face hardened as the boy spoke. “Young man perhaps you feel it appropriate to jest at my expense. I assure you that is unwise. In all of the realms I have traveled, no farmer speaks with such eloquence. It would do you well to be forthright about your true profession when speaking to a knight.”

The farmer’s eyes went wide as his expression became panicked. Desperately, he looked up at the blue oni next to him as he tried to figure out what exactly he had done wrong.

Ikuno smirked. “Though I don’t believe you to be a liar, you may want to offer up some explanation as to why you speak like that. I’m having as difficult of a time as Sir Knight in believing you are just a lowly farmer.”

The young man thought for a moment before turning to the knight, “My sincerest apologies, Sir Knight, I meant no disrespect. My grandmother had wished for my mother to be taken in by the staff of a lord or lady and trained her in many useful skills towards that end. Sadly, my mother fell in love with a local farm boy before that could happen. Not wanting to see her skills wasted she passed them on to me. In fairness, this is the first time I have ever spoken to someone highborn like yourself. Again, I meant no offense.”

The knight chuckled. “An intelligent blue ogre and a farmer who sounds like a noble. You two are certainly an interesting pair. I’d like to interview this young girl you speak of and see if she has any more to add before we pass judgment.”

The lead knight sputtered, “She all but admitted to killing Sir Michael! We should slay her now!”

The farmer took an unconscious step in front of the blue Oni, hands balled into fists and body tensed to defend her from an attack. A snort of laughter came from behind him and he looked up at Ikuno in confusion.

She made a waving motion with her hand, the struggle to not laugh painted on her face. “It’s nothing. It’s nothing. You are just too cute.” She said with a smile. The farmer boy was trying to figure out how anything could be funny while having a knight’s sword pointed at you.

The third knight chose then to speak. “I too am curious about what the girl may have to say, assuming she can be found. As I have the fastest horse and a spare for the girl, I shall return to the village and attempt to locate her.”

Ikuno stepped forward, “Find the boy who reported me and ask if he has a sister. She seemed terribly concerned about what her brother would think. It may be a good place to start.”

The third knight nodded in response then spun his horse around and galloped off in the direction of the village. The packhorse close on his heels.

“He will be gone a few hours at least,” said the second knight. He then turned to his squire, “there was a small glade off the path that looked like a good place for a meal.” A couple of clicks of the tongue at his horse and the knight and squire rode back up the path they used to get to the cave.

The lead knight watched his companion leave with annoyance. Once the other knight was out of earshot he turned back to the oni and the farmer, “Manipulative bitch! I will have your head as a trophy!”

Ikuno walked over to the shield embossed with a roaring golden lion’s head hanging from the horse’s tack. Tracing the outline of the lion with a claw she said quietly, “Do you know why the oliphaunt is not scared of the lion?”

The sound of metal being punctured rang through the clearing. The oni held up the knight’s shield by the claw that was now sticking through it.

“Because the lion is no threat to the oliphaunt.” She let the shield slide off her claw to hang at the horse’s side once again. A neat hole now adorning the middle of the lion’s forehead.

Burning hatred and no small amount of fear blazed in the knight’s eyes as he glared at her. Sword still in hand, he dug his spurs into the horse’s flanks and galloped off after his fellow knight.

Ikuno watched him go then turned back to the farmer boy, “A couple of hours till they get back hmm?” She walked past him back into the cave, swinging her hips from side to side. The leather that covered her rear flipped around in ways that teased and tantalized about what lay beneath. “I think I can come up with a good way to spend that time,” she said giving the farmer boy a sultry look over her shoulder.

He had certainly gotten his strength back and was ready for more. He was also very happy he didn’t need to worry as much about the tent in his pants going into the cave as he had on the way out.

She looked down at him as he caught up, “Before I get too distracted, what is your name?”

He smiled, “Kal… my name is Kal.”


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