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New York city is tormented by mysterious monsters attacks and no attempts to track the suspected aliens are successful. The government's solution is to form an all new super hero team named G.S.P. to protect the city. The veteran heroes assembled know the hardship of being heroes and how sex might be an useful relief, but are they really prepared for what happens when an innocent (?) bystander hurt during one of their missions is something they have never encountered before?
This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author and all rights are reserved.

* * *

"What is the situation?" Thundercloud asked as he closed the door to the cockpit. Inside some of the other G.S.P. members waited.

"Didn't you listen to the alert?" Mindeye grumbled as a small vibration slipped through the floor.

"Type C creature doesn't tell me much," Thundercloud responded in a calm voice.

"Put yourself on the seat so that the G.S.P transport can take off," a metallic voice said from the intercom.

"Damn AI," Thundercloud complained. "Could it ever learn that I am only vulnerable when I am cold."

He sat down and the G.S.P transport took off from the ground. One of the screens on the left side the of cockpit lit up.

"Incoming authenticated transmission from the G.S.P. base," the metallic voice of the AI reported.

"Thundercloud, Mindeye and Fang I am sorry I and Firefly will not be joining you for this mission to perform rescue at Kings Plaza Shopping Center," Eagle said over the com-link while the screen showed the G.S.P logo.

"No visual," Mindeye mumbled, "to busy fucking Firefly to even get dressed?"

"Stay professional, we will arrive at the drop zone within minutes, Brooklyn is close," Thundercloud commented.

"The reason we are not with you is that my flight power will be of limited use in this indoor target area and Firefly has not mastered her power enough to not risk catching the building to fire. In case of emergency we will arrive to assist you, but I really think you should be able to handle C-class aliens yourself," Eagle commented.

The screen shifted to show a drawn picture of a miniature humanoid monster with large claws and jaws. Black fur covered the body and made it impossible to see any body details.

"That is the C-class?" Thundercloud asked.

"C-class aliens was first encountered last Christmas. They are extremely fast, probably due to lack of protection from an exoskeleton that slows down the larger aliens. The only thing remaining after they are killed is their sharp claws," Eagle told.

"Why are there no pictures?" Mindeye asked.

"This kind of alien is extremely vicious, especially if exposed to light. The camera flashes provoke them to berserk attack. The few attempts to take a picture ended with the alien eating both the person and the camera," Eagle responded.

"Combat analysis has not been verified in actual combat, but it is as following. Mental probes from Mindeye should be able to detect them, but they probably lack thoughts that can be understood. They are of course most likely immune to controlling attempts since all other aliens so far has been immune. As their only known attack is their claws it is not believed that they can hurt Thundercloud. Their humanoid from and previous estimates suggests that they are slower than Fang in ground movement, but probably of the same or higher close combat combat ability," Eagle replied.

"Sssame combat ability. I bleed them and bite them apart." Fang snarled.

"What information do we have about our target area?" Thundercloud asked.

"Kings Plaza Shopping Center is a premier shopping outlet in Brooklyn with many independent stores. The police estimate that at most sixty persons could be left inside," Eagle responded.

"Why so few?" Thundercloud asked.

"The complex suffered from a blackout. A group of aliens was discovered when personal and the police tried to deal with this. The police had already started to evacuate the area when the aliens were found. No UFO’s have been sighted," Eagle said.

"How many injured so far?" Thundercloud asked. The golden mask hid his face, but his blue eyes had narrowed.

"None injured or reported as killed," Eagle responded.

"This smells fishy," Thundercloud stated.

"How come? It is good none been injured, right?" Mindeye asked.

"Is news about the aliens out in the media news feeds?" Thundercloud asked.

"It has not been covered," Eagle responded.

"This means some person saw aliens, called the police, but did not try to earn money from the discovery. Aliens cause a blackout so they can dispatch class-c aliens inside the shopping mall. Why was not the UFO that delivered them seen? Someone discovers the aliens, but is not torn to pieces when his flashlight makes them go berserk. It all looks weird to me," Thundercloud explained.

"Actually I think you are onto something here," Eagle commented.

"Any alarms or crimes in the neighborhood that could be connected to this?" Mindeye asked.

"Some female martial arts user dressed in a hospital gown did kill a nurse and hurt a policewoman at Brooklyn Hospital Center. Other than that no significant crimes reported. There is also a report that the alarm system in the Kings Plaza Shopping Center has broken down even though it should have spare power. This could be caused by the alien rampage." Eagle reported.

"My guess would not be random rampage from the aliens, but careful manipulation from the one that fed the police information about the aliens," Thundercloud said.

"Are there even any c-class aliens around?" Mindeye asked.

"You and Fang should be able to find out. Actually if the one behind this has access to such critter they make sense as diversion," Thundercloud commented.

"Report in if you get any confirmation of the suspicions," Eagle ordered and the screen went blank.

* * *

Jennifer leaned towards a tree in Fort Green Park, taking shallow breaths trying to calm down. The fast sprint from the hospital had not really made her tired but her body seemed slow and weak compared to what she expected. On top of that, the sound of police sirens kept her nervous.

"Another police car sent here. Why send so many cars for two unconscious persons?" she mumbled.

She thought back at the fight and replayed it in her mind. She froze when she recalled how the sadistic nurse had crashed into the desk after Jennifer kicked her. Her neck had twisted in the wrong way when she landed on the floor.

"I need to stay calm," Jennifer told herself. She tried to recall if she knew any hiding place in the city, but came up with nothing. Nothing could be remembered before she woke at the hospital.

"The police should have a descrption of my appearance by now. Most likely they have already put surveillance on bus and train stations. I will not be able to move around unless I find myself less obvious clothes," Jennifer reasoned.

The thoughts came fast and easy. Without difficulty she calculated the expected cost for buying second hand clothes from a suitable shop. The money she had taken from the cop would barely be enough.

"Strange that some things are so easy to recall," she thought and started to walk.

Jennifer came out the Fort Green Park and followed the flow of people down the street. Most people ignored her. Probably thinking her to be a bag lady with her ill fitting coat. Jennifer smiled in relief for their lack of attention, but this feeling ended fast.

"Don't move, you are under arrest!" a voice shouted. Jennifer froze. Around her people were running in panic to get away from the line of fire. She risked a quick glance and saw two policemen that had left their car to intercept her.

"You are wanted for the attack at the city hospital and may choose to remain silent until you have a lawyer. Everything you say may be used against you and we will now arrest you," one of the policemen explained.

He moved forward with hand cuff raised. Jennifer fought down an impulse to fight. No reflexes or training would allow her to dodge a bullet. With a metallic click the handcuffs locked around her arm. His hand continued to search her for weapons. His hand stayed longer on her breasts than was needed. Jennifer struggled to keep her face even.

"Can you imagine such a fragile thing beating Eve unconscious?" one of the policemen asked.

Jennifer stared back with the most innocent smile she could manage. They begun escorting her to their police car.

"I agree," the second policeman said. "She barely has a muscle on her body."

They arrived at the car and the policeman leading Jennifer followed her back into the backseat.

"Regulations say you should ride in front," the other policeman commented.

"The regulations are intended for muscled brutes and not little girls like her," the policeman answered as he handcuffed Jennifer to the sturdy bar in front of them and removed the cuff that connected them.

Jennifer expected him to move away, but instead his hand touched her knee and slid upwards. Jennifer yelped as their skin touched.

"What a nice prison guard," a voice sounding just like hers said inside her head.

His hand reached her groin. Jennifer could not help herself from moaning as he touched her.

"You know what," the cop said. "She has no panties, cum over her whole pussy and is dripping wet."

"You shouldn't be doing this," the cop from front seat complained.

"She is begging for it," the cop answered. "If you drive us around for a while, we can later change place."

Jennifer did not hear the answer. Inside her head she heard herself singing: "You lucky whore. Fuck the prison guard and be happy, Slave! He will lock you for years in prison, Slave! Have fun while you can, Slave!"

Jennifer could not constrain herself and used her free hand to pull his cock free. Bending forward she leaned into him and blew into his ear as her hand slid over his erect cock. He groaned in surprise when he registered what she did. Jennifer twisted around and slid into his lap. He groaned in pleasure as she sat down. Eagerly directing his cock into her wet slit.

"Can you keep it down. I am trying to follow the police radio transmission," the policeman from the front seat complained.

Jennifer and the policeman in backseat ignored him and moaned higher and higher as he drilled her wet hole.

"This is a call to all squad cars," a voice over the radio told. "The situation at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center has turned critical. G.S.P. member Mindeye used his powers to search the complex and locate the hostages. To quote his own words the hostages were busy with theft, basically looting the mall. He also told their minds were body trapped. For unknown reasons G.S.P. members Thundercloud and Fang at this moment charged into the building. The screams indicate that they did not reach the area in time. I repeat, we did not manage to keep the monsters trapped until G.S.P. could deal with them. All available squad cars in the neighborhood must be ready to use lethal violence to deal with the aliens. I repeat, fire to kill if you must, but don't provoke the monsters if it can be avoided. These aliens show no mercy and attack everyone that attacks them. Let the superheroes deal with them if possible."

"Steve, did you hear that?" the driver called out. No reply came as suddenly something black landed on the front of the car.

Jennifer screamed in pleasure as she cummed. Yet the scream turned into one of horror, a claw had pierced the front window and cut off the driver's head.

Behind her the cop she rode groaned in orgasmic bliss. He did not see the black skinned monster that eyed them with red shining eyes. Its painfully thin body leaning forward in a weird fluid motion, chitinous claw aimed towards Jennifer's neck. Eagerly it cleared the rest of the window away so it could reach them.

The next moment something furry pounced on the monster's back. The alien tried to turn to face the assault, but it's head was momentarily caught in the window. Then wide jaws snapped over the monster's overlong claws, shattering them with a metallic clang, and both toppled over the side of the car. Then all Jenifer could hear was the sound of the alien being ripped apart.

The policeman groaned as he began to come around and desperately Jennifer dug around his pocket 'til she found the keys for cuffs and undid them. She leaped out the door and the cursing cop lunged out after her, but tangled in his pants he tripped halfway out without reaching her.

A real mayhem surrounded her. Ahead of her, two of the monsters chewed on a huge man with lighting bolt on his chest. She turned away from him to run through the charred and smoking corpses of a dozen aliens. There were as many tattered and bleeding civilians. She slipped in the blood as she tried to break into a sprint and staggered ahead as the policeman from inside the car pulled up his pants and bellowed, "Stop her, she's a murder suspect!"

Some distance forward a dark haired man stood clothed in a red coat with a rune on his chest. He watched her with some amusement.

"Stay," he ordered.

Jennifer ignored him and dodged into an alley on the left. Behind her she heard him cry out in surprise. Unfortunately the alley was cut off by a large fence, twice as tall as her. Jennifer halted her sprint and circled around searching for a way out of the dead end.

"I order you to sleep," the man in the coat ordered from the entrance of the street, his hand extended towards her.

Jennifer stared at him and then shook her head. She turned, rushed toward the fence, and jumped.

The jump did not take her as high as she had expected, but with a grunt of pain her fingers caught hold in the net of fence. Pain soared through her fingers as she forced herself to climb upwards. Soon she was over on the other side and rushed out on the street on the other side. A cab stood waiting there. Without missing a step Jennifer jumped inside.

"Drive me to a secondhand clothes store," she ordered.

It looked like none had noticed her entering the car so she sank down into the seat trembling from exhaustion and fear.

"What is wrong with me?" she wondered. All the time she found her strength to be much lower than she expected.

She looked at the palm of her hands. The welts in her skin had already begun closing themselves. At least it seemed like the healing power still worked.

* * *

"What the fuck? You let the suspect escape?" the policeman cried out as he stepped closer to Mindeye.

"Calm down officer," Mindeye said. "I really tried, but she has a very strong psionic shield. At least as good as the artificial one contained in our team suits."

"Are you saying that she is psionic?" the policeman asked. The color leaving his face.

"Not exactly, many people with superpowers have natural shields," Mindeye responded. "The only surprising thing here is that her shield resisted my command channel towards her. As a first class psionic I am used to bypass passive shields that non psionics have. It is a shame I did not have time to try to read her thoughts."

"You will regret this," the policeman complained.

"I can testify before court that I did what I could in the limited time span. Can you stand up in court and explain why you were in the backseat?" Mindeye asked.

"You are reading my mind!" the policeman cried out. "I have not given you permission to do that."

"No need to read your thoughts when I can see the strains on your uniform," Mindeye responded and pointed. The policeman looked down and then moved away with a red face.

Thundercloud and Fang came walking. Their relaxed posture told the danger was over.

"We will need to get in contact with headquarters before we make any comments about this disaster," Thundercloud said.

Mindeye sighed and nodded. Paramedics was already busy trying to treat the many wounded. It would not be many minutes before the reporters would learn they could move in without risking their lives.

"That girl puzzles me," Mindeye said. "She have a first class passive psionic defense. It's an extremely rare talent for people without any superpower. I thought I had memorized all known cases, yet she does not match any of the known people with this kind of power."

"Shees the girl from car crassh," Fang commented.

The others turned towards the giant wolf in great surprise.

"You identified her by smell?" Mindeye asked. Fang made something that could be interpreted as a nod and sniffed the air.

"Her name is Jennifer Stevens," Thundercloud told and showed the wallet that he had in the hidden pocket on his suit.

"Why do you have her wallet?" Mindeye asked.

"I put it in my pocket by accident I think," Thundercloud answered crossing his arms in front of him.

"We need to speak about this later, the press is just a block away and approaching," Mindeye said.

The three heroes from the G.S.P. tried to look like they were occupied until the G.S.P. transport came. Of course it did not work, they were soon flooded by reporters screaming questions.

* * *

With a sigh Jennifer entered a small second hand shop. If the cab driver had noticed the hospital gown below the trench coat he had said nothing about it. She hoped he would not hear anything about the fight at the hospital for a while so she would have time to find herself some new clothes.

"Do you want to buy some new clothes?" the young clerk behind the desk asked.

Jennifer estimated him to be around 15 years old. His gaze traced her forms, finally locked on the embarrassing wet spot on the front of the hospital gown. Jennifer could not help herself from blushing as she pulled the coat closed.

"Listen young man," Jennifer said. "I really need help to replace these clothes. I need both clothes and shoes if I can afford it. This is how much I have."

The young clerk licked his lips as he stared at her extended hand with the money.

"That is not much, but I can give you enough discount if I get to see you change," he said, then laughed like it had been a joke.

Jennifer froze when she heard his words, but then forced herself to relax. What did it really matter if some boy saw her nude after what she endured this day?

"It is a deal, but if you try to touch me I break your neck," she responded. Saying the threat felt strangely natural. The teen-agers face lit up despite the threat.

"Give me a moment and I will find you clothes," he said. He glanced towards her hip with the embarrassing wet stains . "You did really know what?"

Jennifer just gave him a tired smile and nodded. The clothes he picked up did not feel particularly modest. It was clear he already thought her to be a whore.

A short skirt in some plastic material, a top that would be tight even over her small breasts and some pumps with matching socks. With a happy smile he extended the clothes towards Jennifer. She gave the clothes a stare and then accepted them, somehow they felt suiting.

They moved over to the changing room. She entered the small boot while the young clerk stood in the doorway half a step away. With a sigh of relief she pulled the hospital gown off her and used it dye away the cum that had dripped from her cunt. A pleasant tingle filled her as the teen-ager watched her.

Suddenly he extended his hands and grouped her tits. With dread Jennifer realized that the skin contact had started the voice in her head. Yet there was a difference in tone compared to earlier times.

"Time to fuck! Show how a mistress should rip his clothes away and discipline him! Then suck his virgin cock!" the voice in her head ordered her.

Jennifer could not help herself from following the command, but it was with pleasure that she pulled him into the boot and slammed him towards the wall.

"You want to touch me?" she asked as she ripped his shorts down. She giggled with delight when she saw his firm hardness.

"You are so sexy," the clerk mumbled. His trembling fingers following her skin downwards.

"Is that the way to speak to your horny mistress?" Jennifer asked. Seductively licking her lips.

The young clerk stared back at her in confusion. His fingers frozen as he tried to come up with what to say.

"The answer if of course you forgot the word mistress, stupid slave!" Jennifer barked. She twisted and sat down. Pulling the teen-ager into her lap with his ass exposed. His hard cock dug into her leg.

"Time for some spanking," Jennifer promised and the young clerk finally made a try to get out her lap. The attempt was not very serious and ended totally when Jennifer's hand hit his exposed ass cheek. She hit him again and again. The teen-ager moaned every time she hit him.

Confused she realized she had almost passed over the edge to an orgasm. Her hand traced the slightly red skin, and then hit hard. With a grunt the teen-ager came. Spilling his cum over Jennifer's leg. Jennifer collapsed bent over him, her own cunt trembling in the orgasm rhythmic spasms at the same time. They slid down onto the floor.

Jennifer ended over him and with a moan of delight she moved so she could reach his still throbbing cock. She licked him, tasting his hot cum. Swallowing it with pleasure. She opened her mouth wider and took the head of his cock into her mouth. He moaned as her tongue whirled around the tip of the cock.

Smiling she took more of him inside her mouth. He had started to get soft, but her eager sucking managed to make him turn erect once again. Her fingers found the base of his cock and she started to comfort the cock. Trying to make him cum once more.

"No please, I am totally spent," the young clerk objected with a weak voice.

Jennifer ignored him, only listening to the tremble building in her loins. She pulled free so she could speak, her hand jacking him off like crazy to make him get erect again.

"Imagine that I spank you," she whispered.

Her free hand brushing over his tender ass. Her tongue barely touching the tip of his cock. This made the teen-ager turn totally rigid. With a satisfied smile Jennifer swallowed as much as she could of him. After a few moments he moaned incomprehensibly as his cock spilled yet another load.

Jennifer could not scream with a throat filled but her eyes momentarily lost focus as a gigantic orgasm ripped through her. She did not know if the orgasm took seconds or minutes.

Afterwards she sat up unsteady. The young clerk didn't manage to move as she released his now limp cock. He just lay there in post orgasmic bliss.

"I take the clothes as payment," Jennifer mumbled and pulled on the tight whore like clothes.

Logic told her she should be exhausted after such huge orgasm, but strangely she felt energized. Far from rested, but much better than she had been before she entered the second hand shop.

"When did I eat last time?" Jennifer wondered as she came out on the street. She had eaten only once at the hospital, but that had been yesterday. Perhaps the lack of food could explain the weird feeling of weakness in her body.

She walked down the street until she found a fast food restaurant that looked descent. Inside she sat down on a chair and waited on the food she had ordered. A radio stood in the corner. Jennifer tried to listen if the police had released any more information about her person.

"New York’s new super hero group, the G.S.P. finished their press meeting just a few minutes ago. A meeting that left us with more questions than answers. According to G.S.P. the bloodbath at the shopping mall was caused by psionic commands entered into the minds of the hostages. The hostages is claimed to have been working as pawns for the aliens. Stealing cash and wares from the shops. When Mindeye tried to find out who controlled them they jointly provoked the aliens to slaughter them. How the hostages was planning to transport the stolen wares out of the shopping mall is not known. Details like this are making many people having doubts. The group Society of Mind Enlightenment Development responded on the G.S.P. story with an official comment that such a level of control that Mindeye suggest is not possible with psionic means. Meanwhile many are asking questions if the whole bloodbath could be a cover up to hide government involvement. The theory focus on that G.S.P. are funded by government money and might thus be forced to present this story about psionic control done by the aliens even while they perhaps not even themselves believe in it."

Jennifer waited impatiently, but no information came about the events on the hospital.

When she raised her gaze she saw a man staring back at her. A fat little man leered at her. Jennifer looked down on her clothes wondering if that was what he was looking at. When she looked up again the short man stood up. Her pulse beat quicker as he turned towards her and delivered a smile. A smile that fitted badly with the look of hate in his eyes.

Her food had just arrived. Jennifer tasted it and found it pleasant, yet she could barely sit still with the little man's gaze on her. As he began to move forward towards her table she noticed that he carried a camera in his left hand that he tried to conceal.

"I can not allow him to get close," Jennifer decided. She whirled up from her seat, leaving her food behind.

She rushed to the door and came out on the street. Twisting she looked back inside to see if the man followed her. To her surprise he stood bent over her food with the camera extended.

"What is he doing?" Jennifer mumbled aloud. One of the waiters must have wondered the same thing. He stepped closer to the little man. Suddenly he jerked back like he been stung by some kind of invisible needle.

The little man looked down on the camera sized object in his hand and then raised his gaze directly towards Jennifer.

"Creepy!" Jennifer exclaimed and ran.

* * *

"This is bad," Eagle announced to the team as he turned towards them. Behind him the news-feed continued, but silenced.

"The press is always out to discredit new heroes or teams," Firefly complained and sighed.

"I doubt we can find a solution now," a government official named Anderson commented as he entered the room.

"We have used the information from Mindeye to add extra surveillance on known groups with enough psionic capability to do something like this. Our monitoring program indicate that none seem to have members in the city at the moment. Thus we conclude it's a new group behind it or an old group that had worked very hard to hide their involvement. Meanwhile we will focus on this mysterious girl named Jennifer Stevens."

"Have you managed to find any information about her?" Eagle asked.

"From what we have learned she has not done anything to catch the attention of authorities before," agent Anderson said. "Typical case of university educated woman that gets employed in fast food establishment in Brooklyn due to troubles with finding employment. Probably fear of her being in child bearing age and thus not a reliable employee. Her relatives live in New York but have not reported her as missing."

"Where did she learn martial arts?" Eagle asked. On the wall monitors the surveillance tape of the hospital entrance played yet again.

"Beside the short battle at the hospital there is nothing that connects her to martial arts. We got in contact with her sports instructor from collage that described her as an average female student. More fit than most girls her age, but not particularly fond of sports activities," agent Anderson replied.

"Any indication in her, or her family, of the existence of superpowers?" Thundercloud asked. Agent Anderson just shook his head.

"Without doubt she has healing powers now," Thundercloud said. "At the car accident she was literally dying, but a few hours later she has only minor injuries. When she escaped from the police car she seemed perfectly healthy. The testimonial from the doctor that treated her at the hospital does look strange. Should we put him under surveillance?"

"Why does this girl interest us?" Firefly asked.

The males froze with slightly red faces. Firefly blushed when she saw their reaction. The color of her face nearly matching her red hair.

Fang snarled and left the room. Firefly hesitated for a few moments and then followed.

* * *

Jennifer strolled down the street thinking about what to do. It did not look promising. The little money she had would not last long and she had little chance of getting any new without a job. She looked down on the cheap clothes, maybe there was one way to get cash.

The thought about sex filled her with a strange satisfaction. Momentary she hesitated about if it was right to sell her body for money, then she smiled. With her personal memories gone she could only rely on her feelings, and those were pretty clear. Just the thought to sell her body had filled her loins with thrilling anticipation.

She halted at a corner and leaned towards the building. Slowly she raised her gaze to see if anyone had noticed her. A handsome man stood some distance away looking at Jennifer's bare legs. Jennifer let her hands slide suggestively along her body and then walked into a small alley to wait.

After waiting for a while the man came walking into the alley. His gaze was locked on Jennifer’s body, but he seemed nervous.

"See anything you like?" Jennifer asked and licked her lips. "Money can buy you many things provided that there is enough of them."

The man had a very distinct bulge in his trousers by now, but remained standing in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer smiled at him and lifted the plastic skirt up and pushed a single finger into her bare pussy.

"Seeing you makes me so wet. Do you have any cash to offer a poor horny girl that do anything if the price is right," she whispered.

"I will pay you plenty. Blow me," the man finally groaned and pulled his trousers open.

Jennifer giggled with delight as she saw the large hard cock. She reached out and touched it with the tip of her finger. This filled Jennifer's mind of the image of a romantic garden.

"Lucky little horny girl that get to blow your lover," the voice in her head ordered.

Jennifer dropped down on her knees. Opening her mouth to blow gently at the cock, still barely touched by her fingers. The man groaned in anticipation and pushed forward. Her finger followed the line of the cock as it entered her mouth. She gently sucked as her fingers carefully examined his balls. Suddenly a silent "thud" was heard and the man collapsed over her.

Jennifer landed on her back with the man over her. His rigid cock almost suffocating her, even while his limbs felt strangely relaxed, like all his strength had left the body. She pushed him off her and looked at him with confusion.

His head was a bloody mess. Jennifer looked at the broken skull bone and then turned to look down the alley.

From the entrance four men in black coats came rushing, armed with broken bottles and bats. The first of the men had already started to swing his bottle when Jennifer desperately rolled backwards, barely she avoiding the swing.

"Corner her," someone ordered from distance.

Jennifer did not wait for them to comply and attacked the man with the bottle. With a hard kick she dislocated his knee. He went down screaming.

Jennifer dodged to the right to avoid a swing from a bat only end up in front of another.

The man kicked her hard in her stomach. Jennifer doubled over in pain. Vaguely she noticed him moving and without thinking she rolled sideways. The metal bat hit the ground with a clang.

Jennifer came up in a low crouch, ready to defend herself. The pain from the kick was very real, but not enough to prevent her from moving. The attackers surrounded her but did not advance.

"Tough bitch just like he said, move aside and I will shoot her," the leader ordered.

They started moving and Jennifer desperately searched for an escape route. The only option seemed to be a red colored window on the left.

"If there are bars behind the window I am done for," Jennifer thought and launched a flying kick towards the window.

She did not hit any bars, but broke through the window in a shower of glass. Somehow she managed to keep her balance as she landed. Pain soured through her left leg as she ran forward and Jennifer stumbled.

Two sharp shards of glass had cut deeply into her flesh just below the plastic skirt. With a groan of discomfort she pulled them out and lots of blood started to flow. She turned and looked towards the window. No one could be seen on the outside in the alley.

People approached her with concerned faces. Jennifer just ignored them and bolted. Outside on the street she saw the brutes from the alley come running. Jennifer ran in the opposite direction. Each step forcing pain to soar through her leg.

"What the heck did I do to make these guys so angry?" Jennifer wondered.

She glanced backwards. Their longer stride had allowed them to gain distance on her. Luckily they had hidden or dropped their weapons so she did not have to worry about them shooting her on the open street.

"I'll try to lose them in the subway," Jennifer thought when she saw a subway sign.

Without missing a step she ran down the escalator. That is until she saw two policemen that stood waiting below. They stared at her as one of them was talking into his radio.

Jennifer stumbled, almost pulling some other people into a fall. By sheer force of will she regained balance at the last moment. The cops below had started to go for their weapons and desperately Jennifer jumped over the side of the escalator to land on the stairs.

She ran upwards. At the top of stairs she encountered the surprised brutes following her. They hesitated for a moment about what to do and Jennifer used that moment to do a handstand and then launch a mule kick. The brute in her way actually did block, but the force from her motion, arm muscles and leg muscles made the kick so hard that she felt his arm breaking. He collapsed backwards and Jennifer used him as stepping point to jump over his comrades.

She landed on her feet on the other side with a satisfied smile. Somehow it felt so very easy and natural to do all these martial arts moves.

In front of her a man exited a cab and Jennifer ran towards the open door. She jumped inside and pulled the door shut.

"Drive now. I'll give money, sex or what ever you want!" Jennifer screamed. To her relief the driver did not ask question but turned on the car.

One of the brutes was close behind and came rushing towards the door. Jennifer waited for the right moment and then kicked hard as he pulled the door open. Like she hoped the cab door hit him squarely, he collapsed without a sound .

With a sigh of relief Jennifer saw that the others would not reach the cab before it had time to accelerate. After closing the door she turned forward to give the driver directions.

She froze when she saw that the driver was the creepy man she had seen earlier at the restaurant. He sat there chuckling in a sinister way. Suddenly the doors locked themselves.

"What do you want?" Jennifer asked, and yelped as a needle stuck her ass. She tried to locate it, but her vision had started to become blurry.

"I want a reward since you been so tricky to find freak, it will be very fun," the man said.

"I...didn'" Jennifer started to say, but her voice soon failed her as spasms ripped through her body.

"Of course the more official answer to your question is that I have taken..." the man said.

Jennifer tried to follow the rest of his speech, but could not. She lost hold of her conscious and everything went black.
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