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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to make fantasy into reality and ruin people's lives.

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Sunday Night

Jack arrived home around nine. The store closed a little earlier on Sundays than it did the rest of the week. And he also had the next two days off and he planned to enjoy them. But first thing was first, he had to get ready for company.

He went into the living room and made sure it was clean for when Karen and her daughter came over. He cleaned up what little mess there was, just before he heard a knock.

He answered the door and saw Karen standing there with a voluptuous young redhead. "What's your name, young lady", Jack said, looking her up and down hungrily. "I'm Lindsay", she said. "I'm not entirely sure why I'm here, but my mom said I had to come."

"Yes, but I think you'll enjoy it. Come in", Jack said and he stood back allowing both women to enter his home. They came in and he shut the door behind them.

"Alright ladies, let's get the evening started", he said, excited about the sexy young body in front of him. "For starters, you two will not wear clothes while you're here". "Yes sir", they both answered and quickly disrobed.

Lindsay had a sexy little body, some might say perfect. She had large breasts, at least a d cup, that hadn't begun to sag. They were completed by the perkiest little nipples he'd ever seen. Traveling down her body, he saw a flat stomach with a waist he could wrap his hands around.

Her hips came out a little, giving her a perfect hourglass figure. Above the tiny slit between her legs was a landing strip of curly, red hair. "Very sexy", Jack said as he sat down. "Come sit on my lap, Lindsay. Karen, go in the kitchen and pour us some wine."

The naked redhead straddled his lap, his dick making a tent in his pants that rubbed against her pussy lips. "Lindsay, tell me what you've done, sexually", Jack said as he slid a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

She moaned a little as she started speaking. "Well, I've made out and had someone suck on my tits. And my girlfriend and I regularly eat each other out". "You're a lesbian", Jack asked. "I am. I've only ever wanted pussy", Lindsay said as she looked at him.

"Well, no more. From now on you want dick too. Specifically, my dick. You don't ever have to fuck any other guy, but you will crave my dick", he said and he saw her eyes flash green. "Mmm, feels like someone is happy to see me", Lindsay said, rubbing his dick through his pants. "Wow, that command didn't take long", Jack thought.

"Now, why don't you take my dick out and slide that sexy lesbo cunt down onto it", Jack said and Lindsay climbed off of his lap. She undid his pants, her eyes growing wide when she saw his cock. "It's so big", she said and gave it a lick before straddling him again.

"It really is big", Karen said as she returned with three glasses of wine. She set them down on the coffee table after taking a drink of hers. Then she sat down beside Jack and kissed him.

Lindsay winced in pain as Jack's cock entered her cunt. But, driven by his command, she kept going. "It hurts so much", she whined and Jack looked at her. "Haven't you and your girlfriend ever used a dildo, stretched each other out a little?" "No, we just eat each other out", Lindsay answered.

"Well, fuck", Jack said. He knew too much pain would make her not enjoy it, no matter what commands he gave. "Go lay down on my bed, Lindsay", he said and she obeyed. He and Karen followed her into the bedroom.

"Karen, climb on your daughter's face and let her lick your pussy", Jack said. Karen nodded and got on the bed, straddling Lindsay's face. Without any prompting from Jack, Lindsay's tongue shot out and began massaging her mother's clit.

As Karen's moans began filling the room, Jack began rubbing Lindsay's clit and soon her pussy juices began flowing. Once she was wet enough, Jack placed his cock against her slit. With a small thrust, he entered her cunt, the head of his cock resting inside her.

Because she was relaxed and doing something she loved, there wasn't as much resistance as there was earlier. Using small thrusts, Jack slowly pushed his dick deeper inside her. She whimpered and moaned as his cock rubbed against her gspot.

When he got to her hymen, he stopped. He rubbed her clit some more as she gave her mother the first orgasm of the evening. Then, with a hard thrust, he popped her cherry and shoved his entire shaft deep inside her.

She screamed out as she orgasmed, juices exploding around Jack's cock and soaking his bed. "Oh my god, your cock feels so good inside me", she moaned when she could think again. "I know, because your tight cunt feels pretty fucking amazing", Jack said. "Karen, lean over and lick your daughter's clit while I fuck her."

Karen immediately leaned over as Lindsay continued eating her mother's cunt. Karen began attacking Lindsay's little teen clit with the hunger of someone who had wanted to do this for a long time.

Lindsay responded by moaning loudly, the dick inside her combined with her mother's tongue were overwhelming her with pleasure. As the two women pleasured each other, Jack slowly pulled his dick back until just the head was inside Lindsay's hot, tight pussy. Then he rammed it forward, drilling all the way to the base.

She screamed out and squeezed her legs around his waist. Jack started fucking her slowly, going deep, while Karen licked her daughter's cunt around the shaft invading it. Soon Jack was going faster, hammering the tight cunt like a man possessed.

Lindsay couldn't do anything under their assault but lay there as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. The constant contracting of her cunt was driving Jack crazy and soon he could feel his own orgasm building.

He drove forward as deep as he could and exploded, shooting his cum deep inside her. As soon as he finished, he grabbed Karen's hair, pulled out of Lindsay's cunt, and shoved his dick down Karen's throat, letting her taste her daughter on him. She moaned around his dick as he fucked her throat.

He stopped after a few minutes and told Karen to turn around and make out with her daughter. She did, showing her sexy ass to him. He slapped it hard, causing her to squeal. Then he pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her tight, puckered asshole.

He began to rub his dick against the orifice. She breathed in deeply as he applied pressure, the hole slowly expanding against his intruding shaft. It resisted at first, but thankfully Lindsay's pussy had supplied his dick with plenty of lube.

He managed to get his dick head inside her anus and he could feel her tensing up. He slapped her ass hard. "Relax and take my dick, slut", he ordered and he saw her visibly relax her posture.

He started using small thrusts to get deeper into her ass as she made out with her sexy daughter. After several minutes, he finally rest his groin against her ass cheeks, his entire shaft buried inside her.

"Lindsay, turn around and eat your mother and she can eat you while I fuck her ass", he said and the teen rearranged herself under her mother.

The two women began licking each other's cunts as Jack started going in and out of Karen's ass. Occasionally Lindsay would give his balls a lick before going back to her mother's pussy.

Jack moaned as Karen's tight anus massaged his dick. He soon started fucking her hard, his balls slapping her wet pussy. She moaned under the attention of her daughter to her cunt and Jack's dick in her ass.

Before long, Karen was orgasming, soaking her daughter's face with her juices. Lindsay happily lapped them up, drinking nectar from the pussy that had brought her into this world.

That sent Jack over the edge and he thrust deep inside her ass and exploded, filling her rectum to overflowing with his seed. He held her hips until his orgasm ended, then he pulled out of her ass. He then slid his dick into Lindsay's waiting mouth. "Clean your mother's ass off of my cock, you lesbo slut", he ordered.

She happily sucked his shaft into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, cleaning every inch. Then he pulled out and ordered her to clean her mother's ass of his cum. Lindsay got on her knees behind Karen and spread her ass cheeks, then drove her tongue into her mom's butthole.

Every time she got a scoop of cum, she pulled back to show Jack before swallowing. Soon she had licked her mother's anus clean, quickly giving Karen yet another orgasm.

Karen lay there panting, her ass still in the air. Jack could see that she was exhausted. This was, after all, much more sexual activity than she was used to. "Sleep for a few hours and then go home and please your husband", he told her. "And don't worry about Lindsay. She will stay the night and I'll make sure she gets to school tomorrow."

Karen quickly passed out and Jack took Lindsay into the living room. They sat together on the couch and Jack handed her a glass of wine. "So, tell me about your girlfriend. What does she look like", he asked.

Lindsay smiled as she thought about her girlfriend. "Her name is Lucy. She's Chinese, five foot, short black hair, beautiful dark eyes, sexy little titties, and she weighs about one hundred and ten pounds." Jack pictured it in his head and moaned a little.

"I've always had a thing for Asians", he said to the voluptuous redhead sitting beside him. "You can introduce her to me when I take you to school tomorrow and I'll have some fun with her." "Yes sir", Lindsay said, nodding.

Jack felt his cock getting hard again and ran his fingers through Lindsay's hair. "Suck my dick, slut. And make sure you get it wet." Lindsay quickly set her wine down and dropped to her knees.

She took his shaft inside her mouth and began licking it, coating it with saliva. She moaned as she felt it growing inside her mouth. Once it was hard, Jack pulled her off by her fiery red hair. "Get on your hands and knees, slut", he said and she quickly assumed the position.

He got on his knees behind her and spread her full ass cheeks. Then he pressed his saliva coated shaft against her asshole. He applied pressure, pushing the head inside her anus. She screamed and looked back at him, tears forming in her eyes.

"You will take this dick, slut, and you will love it", he said as he kept forcing his dick deeper and deeper inside her ass. He saw her eyes flash green and her expression changed. "It feels so good, sir. Please, fuck my ass hard", she begged.

"Gladly", Jack answered as he started thrusting, pushing his dick deeper and deeper inside her. He moaned as her virginal asshole squeezed his dick. He managed to get his entire shaft inside her after several minutes.

Then he slowly pulled back and started thrusting, stretching her anus around his shaft. Lindsay moaned loudly, her pussy leaking juices all over the floor as he started hammering her ass, his balls slapping against her wet slit.

She soon started orgasming, screaming in pleasure as he ravaged her tight sphincter. With a grunt and a deep thrust, Jack buried himself inside her and exploded, filling her with his cum.

He pulled out when his orgasm finished and grabbed her hair. He yanked her around and rammed his dick down her throat. "Clean my shaft off, slut", he groaned and he immediately felt her tongue wrapping around his shaft.

He began to feel tired and led her back to the bed. He lay down on the pillow, Lindsay's firm ass pressing against his dick. He wrapped his arms around her as he fell asleep.

To be continued...


2019-11-10 21:05:15
Loved it! But please don't fall into the trap of creating a harem that's too big. I haven't seen a story that pulled that off successfully.

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