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The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. Enjoy.
I’ve never had many friends. I grew up in a strict Korean household, and anything other than focusing on school and sports was looked down upon. Especially boys.

“Amy Cho, are you doing your homework?” I’d always hear my mother shouting throughout the house.

For this reason, the few friends I had were all girls. Sometimes I think about how much it sucks to have strict parents. I try not to equate it to being Asian, but everyone knows being Asian and having strict parents are basically the same thing.

My life wasn’t all bad though. I’ve had my friends all throughout high school, some from even before then. I’ve grown to love them and go out with them occasionally whenever my parents allow me to. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. My senior year in high school is quickly coming to an end and soon it’ll be time to move on and go to college. Thinking about leaving them behind and going off into a new world makes me sad, but I realize that it’s a part of life. Nothing lasts forever.

I hate that saying. Who was the miserable, depressed guy that decided to come up with that? Why can’t everything just last forever? Why do we always have to let go of something? Why did I have to let go of him?

It was last year. I’d been playing golf ever since I could remember. At a young age, my parents forced me to pick up a club and start hitting balls. In fact, I’ve gotten quite good at it. So good that I’m now the captain of my school’s golf team. But there was one person who was always competing to be the best with me. Ethan Miller.

I had the biggest crush on him since freshman year. We had built a great friendship as we fought against each other to be the best. He was a big, somewhat tall white guy, standing around five feet and eight inches. He had light brown hair and rich hazel colored eyes. He was a sturdy guy and always a bit more on the stocky side. I was a shy girl and always too nervous to confess to him because I was afraid that my parents would find out, which is why he never realized that I liked him. He’s gone now. He was a grade ahead of me, and he graduated last year. I had missed my chance to tell him how I felt.

That’s when we flash-forward to a year from then. It was my senior year, and my last season as a member of my school’s golf team was slowly drawing to a close. I had played every match and beat everyone in my league, earning myself a place in the High School Girls Golf Championship.

The championship would be taking place upstate, and I would need to drive a long way to get there. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have my school rent a small camper for me. There was only one problem. I didn’t want to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles cooped up in a motorhome all alone with my coach. I don’t think he wanted to be cooped up with me either. As if by miracle, I found out that my coach would be driving upstate by himself and that Ethan had offered to help drive me up there. They had kept in touch after Ethan graduated, and when he caught wind of me qualifying for the championships and us driving up there, he immediately offered his help.

There we were. In the campervan. All alone for hundreds and hundreds of miles with many more to go. I let out a yawn.


I looked over from where I sat slumped against the armrest in my passenger seat to see Ethan as awake as an owl. The sun was slowly falling to the west and he had been driving for hours now.

“Shouldn’t you be tired?” I responded through a yawn, sitting up in my chair and rubbing my eyes.

“I’m not allowed to be tired,” he said, his eyes dead set on the road. “We’re coming up on the mountains now, so things may get rough.”

I gazed out of the window to see a sign reading “Next rest Area 56 miles” pass us by.

“There must not be any rest areas in the mountains,” I thought to myself.

“Get some rest, kiddo,” he said, taking a sip of his now cold coffee. “I read somewhere that kids need around ten to twelve hours of sleep.”

“I’m not a kid,” I snapped back, frustration in my voice. “And you’re only a year older than me.”

“As tall as you are, I beg to differ,” he said, laughing out loud.

My Asian genes hadn’t been the best when it came to my height. I stood at five feet tall, my height making me similar to a midget compared to other people. While my height hadn’t developed that much, other parts of my body saw growth. Every time I looked at my boobs in the mirror, they always seemed to be getting bigger. Soon they would be outgrowing my bra. It’s almost as if all my fat was getting stored solely in my breasts. Even my butt was getting bigger, my curves getting more defined as time went on. I was a plump girl, neither thin nor fat.

Out of sheer boredom, I got up from my seat and went to explore our motorhome one more time.

Everything was extremely compact, as it was basically a home stuffed into a small van. Fortunately, the van was still large enough for there to be enough headspace to stand all the way up. There was a narrow hallway right behind the driver and passenger seats with a bathroom on the left and closet doors on the right along with an abundance of cabinets both above and below

Further down, the narrow walkway opens up into a small area where there was a bed and two windows on each adjacent side along with shaders to cover them. The bed was just big enough to fit two people.

I can’t believe my school bought all of this just so that I could be comfortable while I rode upstate. Since I was one of the few people to ever go to a championship for my school, they wanted to go all out for me, I guess.

“You should sit down somewhere back there!” Ethan shouted from the front.

At that moment, I could feel my sense of balance being set off. We had finally reached the mountains. Now all we needed to do was get over them and then the championship match wouldn’t be too far after that.

I walked back to the front and sat down in the passenger seat, listening to the roar of the van as its engine struggled to get us up the incline.

“This baby wasn’t built for hills,” Ethan said, pushing the pedal all the way to the floor.

It wasn’t before long when the engine couldn’t take the stress anymore and shut down completely, barely moving the van a few meters at a time. Ethan pulled us over.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, closing the hood of the van. “I think we’re going to have to call RoadSide Assistance.”

A couple taps on his phone screen and a minute later, he had them on the line. I watched from inside as he walked around talking to RoadSide Assistance, trying to describe where we were. A few minutes later, he came back in.

“Okay, the good news is that they’re on the way,” he said, plopping down into his chair. “The bad news is that it’s going to be a couple of hours before they can get here.”

“Well, that’s great,” I said, sighing loudly.

I got up from my chair once more and shuffled through the van to the back, throwing myself onto the bed.

“What are we going to do until then?” I asked, the boredom already closing in on me.

“I don’t know…” he replied, taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to me.

It was late. The sun had finally fallen, leaving us with only the lights inside the van to see. No cars passed by outside, so it was completely silent. We were the only ones out here. All alone. Just Ethan and I.

“Let’s play a game,” I thought to myself but ended up blurting out loud.

“Okay, now we’re talking,” he said, immediately interested. “What game?”

I didn’t really think he would go along with it, so I was caught off guard. I racked my mind to think up something we could play out here in a van, stuck in the middle of nowhere.

“Um… what if we… hmm… yeah, I can’t think of anything.”

“Truth or Dare?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders questioningly.

“Yeah!” I said excitedly, my eyes lighting up.

Before we knew it, we were both on the bed playing Truth or Dare. Luckily, I had decided to wear running shorts and a T-shirt, so that I would be comfortable during the ride. On the other hand, Josh wore chino shorts and a T-shirt. We sat cross-legged in front of each other on the bed.

“I’ll go first,” Josh said, taking the lead. “You ask the question.”

Now that we were playing, the nervousness had finally hit me. I was all alone with my old crush in a van, sitting on a bed with him in the middle of nowhere. My heart rate was racing.

“Okay, umm… Truth or Dare?”


“Umm… what’s your favorite color?”

“Ah, come on, that’s boring,” he said laughing. “Green.”

“Well, I’m sorry that I can’t think of anything,” I said, my cheeks turning ever so slightly red.

“Alright,” he said, calming himself down. “Truth or Dare?”


“What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”

I immediately dove into my thoughts to find an answer to his question. I didn’t want to give myself away and have him find out that I liked him.

“Umm… one time, I accidentally let my little brother see me naked.”

There was a moment of silence before Ethan broke out into laughter.

“How did this happen?” He asked between laughs.

My ever so slightly red cheeks grew more red.

“Well, I was showering and didn’t think he was awake, so I walked out of the bathroom without my towel and there he was.”

“That’s hysterical,” he said, wiping his eyes. “What was his reaction?”

“‘Your boobs are huge!’” I recalled with shame, my cheeks feeling hot. “Truth or Dare?”


“Make it interesting,” he quickly threw out.

“Okay, umm… rate me on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the hottest.”

I was already embarrassed, so I figured there wasn’t much else to lose.

“Now that’s interesting,” he said, a playful smile spreading across his face.

There was a moment of silence as his eyes wandered over my body. My heart was beating as I waited for him to answer. I know I thought I didn’t have much to lose but this silence was killing me.

“I’d give you a solid nine.”

Am I that attractive to him? His response made my heart skip a beat. I fought hard to keep a smile from appearing on my face, but I ultimately failed.

“Why a nine?” I asked.

“Well, you’re my good friend and all, and I would rate you a ten, but I think I need to see a bit more before I can arrive to that conclusion,” he said, pretending to push up his invisible glasses as his playful smile turned a bit mischievous. “Truth or Dare?”

I was starting to calm down as the atmosphere of the room began to take on another vibe. I could feel myself slowly getting into the mood.


“So, you told me your brother saw you naked and said your boobs were big, right?” he asked.


“I’m just curious. How big are they?”

“I’m a C-cup.”

Before I could think, I blurted out my cup size without thinking. My face went a bit red but not too much. I looked over at Ethan and noticed a lump in his shorts. I wasn’t the only one getting turned on.

“Truth or Dare?” I continued.


“Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?”

“I like to consider myself a both guy.”

The questions began to get more and more personal as the game went on. Soon, it was no longer an innocent game of Truth or Dare.

“Truth or Dare?” he asked.


“Remove one piece of clothing that you’re wearing.”

I paused for a second before letting myself go, following along with the mood. Ethan watched me intently as I unclasped the hooks on my bra and pulled it out from under my shirt, leaving my bare nipples to poke against the cloth.

“Done,” I said, tossing it to the side. “Truth or Dare?”


“What turns you on?”

“Not a lot but I’ve noticed that I’ve got a thing for Asian girls.”

At this point, it wasn’t a game anymore. The lump in his shorts had turned into a full on bulge begging to be let out. I could feel myself getting hotter.

“Well, isn’t that a coincidence,” I said, getting up and moving over to sit in his lap, our faces only inches apart. “There’s one right here.”

“Dare,” he said, taking another turn. “I get to do whatever I want for two minutes.”

It was no holds barred. Ethan leaned forward and our lips met in a hot, passionate kiss, the sexual tension between us exploding all at once. I pushed my lips deeper into his as all the built up arousal within me burst out. His hands went to my ass, squeezing a cheek in each hand as I grinded my hips against the bulging hard-on in his shorts. Before I knew it, his tongue had slipped into my mouth and was playing with mine. I could feel my panties getting soaked as I got high off an almost euphoric sensation. I wanted him.

He broke our kiss, a soft moan slipping from my mouth as I lifted my arms, so that he could take off my shirt. His hands went straight to my chest, softly fondling my breasts. More moans slipped from my mouth as he began to kiss my neck, the warmth from his mouth sending shocks throughout my body. His hands moved in circular motions around my breasts, his fingers grazing over my hard nipples. I closed my eyes and basked in the pleasure he was giving me. A second later, I let out a loud moan as he took my left areola into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it in circles. Meanwhile, he was pinching my left nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

I couldn’t take it anymore. By now, I was so wet that my juices were seeping through my panties into my shorts. I began grinding my hips against him harder, my clit rubbing against the wet fabric of my panties. I could feel myself getting closer before I stopped.

“Alright, your two minutes are up,” I said, breathing heavily. “Dare. Take those shorts off.”

Ethan stood up, unbuckling his shorts and letting them fall to the ground. He moved over to the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor while I got on my knees between his legs. By this point, the lust in me had fully taken over. I was going to show him just how much I wanted this. The bulge in his underwear was swelling, begging to be let out. There was a wet spot near the tip of the bulge wear I presumed the head of his dick was leaking pre-cum. I launched my attack, licking the bulge through his briefs. When I reached the spot where his pre-cum had soaked through, I opened my mouth wide, taking it into my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum through the fabric and feel the heat of his hard cock waiting for me to gobble it up. He threw his head back and groaned with pleasure as I ran my tongue over the fabric along the length of his bulge.

Play time was over. I hooked my fingers into Ethan’s briefs and slid them down to the ground, revealing his giant erection. It had to be somewhere around 7 inches. It was big, hot and thick, heat emanating from it as my face hovered just an inch or two in front of it. I wrapped my fingers around it, eliciting a groan from him. I began slowly stroking it, feeling its hardness resist my grip. I rose up on my knees and got above my hands, letting my saliva dribble onto his cock. The veins on his hard member swelled ever so slightly. As my strokes became more rhythmic, I slid his dick into my mouth, sucking on the head while stroking its base.

“Fuck, that feels good,” he exclaimed, pleasure freely escaping from his lips in the form of groans. “Truth. Where did you learn all of this?”

“Porn,” I said, taking his cock out of my mouth for one second before putting it back in.

I began to bob my head up and down, taking more and more of him into my mouth each time I went down. The sound of slurping reverberated throughout the van. My mouth was small, so I was only able to fit around three inches of his shaft into my mouth without gagging. To my surprise, I felt his hands grip the back of my head, pushing me further down onto his dick. Three inches turned into four as his cock slipped past my throat.

“Yeah, suck my dick with that little mouth,” Ethan groaned, his eyes glazed over with lust. “You love big white cock, don’t you?”

He released my head, letting me pull off of his shaft to catch my breath. I gagged a bit while I continued to massage his member, moving down and licking his balls.

“You’ve been watching too much porn,” I laughed, sucking a testicle into my mouth and then releasing it. “Truth. You have an Asian fetish, don’t you?”

“I love ‘em,” he responded, groaning in response to his balls being sucked.

“Well, what do you want to do to this one?” I asked with my mouth full.

“To be honest, I would love to bend you over this bed and fuck you senseless right now.”

“Then it’s a dare,” I said, standing and spinning around to give him a show as I slowly pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles, fluids from my pussy stretching to my panties, forming lines before splitting. “Come get me.”

My efforts to tempt him paid off, as he immediately shot off of the bed and grabbed me by the waist, turning me around until I faced the bed.

“Truth,” he said, putting a hand on my back and bending me over the bed. “Are you still a virgin?”

“I’m not as innocent as you think I am,” I replied, arching my back to make my ass stick out. “I ended up losing my virginity to a brush handle when I first discovered masturbation.”

That was all he needed to know, as in the next moment, his hot, throbbing member was pushing into me. I winced in pleasure as I felt his head slip into me, my pussy eagerly tightening around it. He continued to dive further into me, my soaking, wet pussy lubricating his dick as he dove deeper and deeper. Before long, it felt as if he was eight inches but really I had only taken six, and I still had one more to go.

“Do all Koreans feel this good?” he asked, grunting as he thrusted the last inch in. “You’re tight as hell.”

I moaned as I became paralyzed by the pleasure. He grabbed onto my hips and immediately began thrusting in and out of me, starting shallow before plunging deeper. He moved like a piston, his cock ramming into my pussy at a steady tempo. I began pushing my hips back to match his thrusts, the sound of flesh clapping against flesh echoing off the walls of the van.

“For a short Asian girl, you have an ass,” he groaned, his hips slapping against my ass as he shoved his dick all the way into my pussy.

He reached down and took my breasts in his hands, passionately rubbing and groping them. He was now thrusting even deeper than before, driving me wild as whimpers of pleasure slipped from my lips and I begged for more.

“You love this big white cock, don’t you?” he said, completely dominating me.

“Yes!” I whimpered, the pleasure driving me crazy. “Deeper! Fuck me hard with that big white cock!”

I could feel myself drawing closer to the edge. Ethan began ravaging my pussy, pulling all the way out before ramming back in with each thrust. I wildly bucked my hips back against his dick. His thrusts were so powerful that they had forced me from bending over to laying across the bed. I couldn’t hold on for much longer.

“Truth!” I wailed through a moan. “I’m on the pill, so cum inside me.”

In response, Ethan increased his pace, his cock plunging in and out of me like a piston on overdrive. His body smacking against my ass was enough to send me over the edge as waves of pleasure hit me all at once.

“Cumming!” I screamed, my moans bouncing off the walls of the van. “I’m cumming!”

I quivered as my body wildly convulsed and my pussy constricted around Ethan’s dick, forcing him beyond his limit.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Ethan continued to fuck me like crazy until he pulled out one final time and plunged all the way back in, ramming his cock as far as he could go and exploding, painting my insides white. My pussy sucked him in, squeezing out every last drop of his load. My hot fluids dribbled down his balls as strands and strands of his warm cum shot deep inside of me. I laid there in a daze as waves of pleasure continued to crash over me. By the time my orgasm had faded, he had completely filled me up.

Both of us just laid there for a while. I was in shock from what had just happened. I could do nothing but smile. My crush for four years, who I thought had disappeared from my life forever, had magically reappeared and proved me wrong. He had proven life wrong. Not everything has to end.

“You were great,” Ethan said, coming off of the high from his orgasm.

“You were too,” I giggled, kissing him as his face grew a bit red.

The next few hours were filled with more cuddling and more love making before RoadSide Assistance arrived, startling us both. It would be safe to say that this moment was the peak of my last season.


2019-12-27 04:13:20
This is a great story! Definitely very hot.Thankfully no claim of a ten inch cock! I'm very fed up with story after story about guys with monster cocks! Gotta keep it real.


2019-11-27 21:27:32
Athletic guy with a huge thick 8 inch c*ck.. Looking for GIRLS ONLY to have fun and get naughty with.. I am also very dominant and open to being a master to any girls... Intellectual guy can hold a great conversation.. Hmu on KiK.. Atz_717


2019-11-27 12:36:17
regardless of that error, I think this story is so very arousing and a wonderful "first time" story.


2019-11-25 11:24:19
A very good tale really but there is a criticism-
"he took my left areola into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it in circles. Meanwhile, he was pinching my left nipple, rolling it between his fingers."
It's not possible to be swirling a tongue around the left areola and pinch the left nipple at the same time.

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