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We put Paige's plan to use and later give a surprise to Trevor and Zach
By the time she contacted me, Paige had put the plan into place. She had Brittany accidentally spill coffee on this women’s tan corduroy pants. I think her name was Kim if I remember right. Kim wasn’t too upset at the situation but Paige had made it so that pair of pants was headed to the laundromat for sure on Saturday. The stain was right on the front of one of the legs. That day she would go in and try to gauge when Kim would be there. She usually would put the clothes in the washer and leave to run errands and come back and put them in the dryer and leave again for half the day. No one had ever yelled at Kim for this and Paige had never really put much thought into it until she saw Kim in those pants which Were just another pair of pants to Kim. The plan was to snatch the pants when they had finished drying and have some fun in them before returning them in time. It was a risky idea and was a stretch but the thrill of doing something so bad had Paige’s blood boiling and mine as well. Unfortunately, Zach and Trevor were both busy the day she had this planned for so they couldn’t take part. In order to make it up to them we also had something planned for all of this later that night. She explained the whole plan and I agreed instantly as I was stiff as a board hearing it.

we wasted a little of the day waiting in my car to see when she would arrive and sure enough, there was Kim coming in with a load of baskets. We came back a little later now that we knew she would be there that day and timed it so she had already put things in the dryer. Paige went in and checked dryer Kim usually went to and sure enough she saw the cords right in the mix. She was the happiest if ever seen to find them and to think a few months before that she’d never messed with corduroy and didn’t even know me or the others. I waited for her to come out but she had to be sneaky with it. There wasn’t many people in there but she get weird grabbing one article of clothing and not the rest.

Once she got outside though it was on. She pointed at a back alley and told me to follow her. Now keep in mind I was dressed in normal clothes because I didn’t want to draw attention but it wasn’t going to matter. The target that day was Kims corduroys. Paige rushes to the end of the alley and started undoing her pants ferociously. She knew that time was off the essence and by the time I got to her she had kicked her shoes and pants into the corner and was pulling the cords on. I don’t know what they looked like on Kim but based on what Paige told me, they fit even tighter around Paige’s ass than Kim’s . The ass that pooped out much more based on the fact that the pants didn’t have back pockets. We had hoped that we would have time to toss them in a separate dryer after using them so that they’d be dry and she might just think they didn’t wash well. If we didn’t get them back in with the rest of the laundry in time we would just hope she didn’t notice them missing for a week.

As soon as she has them all the way on we both started fondling the pants as we kissed. Paige was way beyond the point of guilt that she was cheating on her bf at this point so much that I forgot he existed in that moment. I spun her around and put her up against the wall so she could put her hands against it and bend over. She did as I asked and I whipped out my dick and blasted a stream of piss all down her ass. She shook her ass at me and spanked it as I finished my stream. I converged on her quickly and started trying to finger her asshole through the pants. As she grinded the finger, she let out moans and began wetting the front of the pants herself. My other hand massaged her pussy through them the same way she did to Brittany. The soaked material must have lost integrity because I poked a small hole through the seem and eventually started exploring her asshole. She squealed like a pig and tightened her legs at this and told me she just needed to go to the car and finish this. She flat out wanted to fuck at this point and we raced to the car, leaving her actually clothes just sitting in the alley. Before so she bent down and rubbed the piss soaked ass of the pants right against the brick wall to really press it in. Doing so left a red tint to them that i watch bounce up and down and she ran her ass straight to the car like a little kid.

Each time we felt the fabric and the noise of her legs rubbing together it reminded us of Kim. The look on her face if she only knew. I imagined in the car with us and fucking us both as she wore them and I didn't even know this women. I couldn't take it anymore and I yanked the cords off of Paige's wet legs. "My Turn", I said with a smile. I hiked the pants up as far as I could with them being soaked . Paige was ecstatic and jump right on top of me as I finished gettting them on. She wasted no time in getting me hard with her hands and mouth before hoping on. The best feeling in the world was the friction of her pussy rubbing again the fabric and the noise it made. She came all over the front of the pants while squeezing the front pockets as I also finished in her. Going to the car was probably where we made a mistake and took too much time. When we finished things up, we raced back to get her clothes and through the pants in the dryer far away from Kim’s clothes. We thought we were in the clear until about ten minutes later when Kim showed up and snatched her clothes quickly and left. The whole thin was stressful but was also driving me wild as hell. I had never felt so horny especially watching Paige have to go retrieve her other oants in the back alley wrapped in a blanket. What an absolute slut and I loved it.

The thrill and the rush we were feeling from being naughty was higher than ever. We new the plan wouldn’t go 100% but we made out better than we thought. While we missed the opportunity to give the pants back, more opportunities arose. Paige could now plan to wear Kim’s pants out tonight and have some fun in them along with the rest of us. That night without even having washed them, she wore the pants with a brown belt to match and cowgirl boots as well with a button up shirt and pig tails. I’m not usually a redneck type of person but there was something absolutely sexy about that outfit. Knowing what we did to those pants earlier in the day and seeing her in them made it hard for me to keep my penis inside the tight white women’s cords that I was wearing that night. I pulled my outfit together with some black stilettos and a black designer belt and black sexy thong with a black women's button up shirt that I tied off at the bottom. The boys after hearing about the little surprise dressed up for a night out by avoiding their usual baggy wide whale chords and went with tight almost skater like cords. Zach wore navy blue and Trevor a dark purple. They both wore a button up shirts as well that match their outfits and we all met at my house to plan the night.

Once everyone had arrived and we pre-gamed a little with some shots, Paige and I explained that we were going to a strip club of sorts where we found this guy online who will basically do anything for people for a price. He works right in one of the rooms in the club and we would be taking a cab to go have some corduroy fun with him and his assistants. Both their eyes lit up to the sound of this as the orgy hadn't in a long time and we were kicking things back off with a bang.

As soon as the cab arrived we all jumped in the second and third row seats for what would be almost a 45 minute drive. Trevor was feeling it from the shots quite a bit now and I’m sure the suspense was killing him as well as the needed to fucking pee. As he sat in the seat in front of me I watched him slowly close his eyes and start to relieve himself and his tight corduroy jeans. I could see the outline of his penis as his jeans grew darker and darker around his crotch. ”Come on Trevor,l it’s too early to be getting sloppy. We need to wait to do that until we get there” ,Zach chuckled. Trevor pretended almost like he didn’t hear him but eventually he Stopped his piss to save some for when we got there. An idea came to mind as I reached around and over the seat he was sitting in. Slowly, I ran my hands across his lap with one massaging his inner thigh and the other grasping his wet corduroy covered cock through his pants. As I stroked him softly, I listened to his soft moans as he opened his legs inviting me in. I teased him for a little bit but not for too long. None of us were exactly sober which is why we were probably so comfortable with each other back there with the driver inside with us. Once he directed his attention back at me through the mirror I released Trevor’s manhood and sat back in my seat with a grin. I’m sure he knew I was getting handsy with Trevor but I don’t think it was until later that he realized his seat was covered in piss when the next passenger sat down.

When we finally arrived, we went in and asked for the guy specifically and we were sent to the back. At the time he was only dressed in some leather because we hadn’t given him a pair of corduroys yet but Paige and I hashed out the details with him while the other two sat in the chairs provided for us in the room. I handed the man who is a little taller and more muscular than me a pair of pants to change into. They were Paige's original red corduroys that she wore to her first ogry with us and I cut a hole in the crotch out of to fuck her. He then instructed us to take our places and I motioned for us to kneel down in front of a long couch that was there and we could put our elbows on the cushion while our butts pointed out.

When the man returned, it looked like he had stretched the pants about as far as they would go but still got them on and was looking very toned in them. By the looks of it he had just pulled his entire junk through the slightest hole in the crotch and just made the whole bigger for his manhood to fit through.He was caring a pair of scissors in his hand as he came toward us wearing just the pants. When Zach and Trevor asked what it was all about, I simply smiled and responded that he was going to service our assholes. There eyes lit up together with both surprise and delight as he approached us. I was first in the line of people in front of the couch and I stuck my butt straight out in his direction and I waited my treatment. I felt him palm my ass in the tight white cords and slowly he traced his finger down around my asshole to find where to make his cut. I could feel his finger pushing against the fabric teasing my horny hole. He told me to relax my cheeks a little bit which pulled the fabric away and he made a slice and cut a small hole out of the pants keeping the piece of fabric that he cut in his hand.At that point, he slid his finger in and fish hooked my thong, picking it out of the way so that he had a clear shot. He went down the line and did the same to everybody else and my excitement was about as high as I could get when he got to open the hole in Kim’s pants that Paige was wearing. We hadn’t planned on having fun with Kim’s pants this long but we were not complaining and now we would have to work a little harder to cover up the mess when we returned them. Paige clicked her cowboy boots together with excitement as she stared down the line at me smiling..Once all of us had the holes cut, the man had all the fabric in his hand. Zach and Trevor were already impressed with the night we had planned and the man could tell that Trevor was the most giddy out of all of us right then.He walked up behind Trevor and told him to open his mouth which he did very willingly. At that point he stuffed all the fabric from all of our pants that was cut off into Trevor's mouth and then tied a gag around his mouth nice and tight. I was rock solid watching the whole ordeal and Trevor was the first one to get teased by the man’s tongue and finger from the backside. He went down the line tasting and rimming us and teasing us with the mushroom of his dick before he finally got back to Trevor and inserted his penis inside his hole. Trevor started up his moan louder and louder and I just had to join in. I jumped up and sat on the couch so that my crotch was right in front of Trevor's face and I spread my legs wide open so that Zach and Paige had my legs right in front of them as well. For just a moment I unzipped my cock out of the tight white pants and allowed Trevor to take it in nice and slow as he got pounded by the man. Eventually he had to spit me back out so that he could bite down on my corduroys instead because he couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed onto the red corduroys that the man wore and bit down on my cords for dear life as the man finished all inside him. After the man was done, he wiped the rest off his cock off to the side on Paiges red chords on the leg.He didn’t stop there because this caused him to have to pee as well and he ran a stream all over Paige and Zach’s asses, getting some right into the slits that he cut in their pants right on their assholes which felt warm and cozy to them I’m sure. He finished the tail end of his golden shower right on me on my lap. Paige stood up and lifted one of my legs as I was still sitting on the couch and she sat on my lap and started scissoring with me rubbing our wet fabric together so we can hear the sound of them. She was loving the fact that Kim's pants were being violated and she was the one doing it and she got to watch her red pants being ruined by someone else.

The final piece of the plan came in when the man called in several women and one of them pulled Paige away from me for just a sec so they could also rub their crotch's on her as well. Any piece of Kim's pants that might’ve still been dry where soon turned wet when the women rubbed their dripping pussies Kim's and the red pant's the man wore like napkins. The rest of the night was kind of a blur as we had a few more shots later. I do remember the man handing back the remains of the red corduroy pants to Paige which she excepted and would probably use again later in a different orgy.

We more than made up for the absence of Zack and Trevor during the Laundromat by paying them back with this unforgettable night. The following Saturday we had washed Kim's pants and made it so that they were visibly unharmed outside of the small hole in the back. I went to return them to cams load of laundry that she left in the dryer again.

I couldn’t resist the urge one more time. I ran to take them back out to my car and shoot one more load into them and watch the cum dripping down the creases one more time. By the time she got back to her load of dry clothes, Kim didn’t even notice that they had reappeared in there.Weeks later Paige told me she saw Kim in the coffee shop again and you could still see a small white discoloration from where I shot my jizz and also a small little stitching where the hole was cut.
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