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Did you ever see one of those balloon guys at the mall, the ones that make animals from long skinny balloons? That’s exactly what happened to my prick, it puffed up like a long fat balloon with one breath, my sister had boldly propositioned me and I reacted instantly to her.
I heard sex. The clapping of naked groins smacking against each other, a girl moaning, a deeper masculine groaning. I stopped in my tracks to listen in disbelief next to the door and stood still as I envisioned what was going on in my sister’s room. There could be no doubt Piper was screwing her boyfriend, oblivious to the fact I was standing just a few feet away.

Mom and dad weren’t home so maybe she felt safe fucking Clyde, but she didn’t realize I might skip the after-school basketball game and come home early. The door wasn’t clicked shut, it was standing open a couple of inches, just enough to peer into. I put my eye to the crack but couldn’t see the bed; what I could see was their reflections in the mirror atop her bureau. Clyde was standing at the side of the bed, his pants around his ankles, pounding the shit out of Piper who was on her back, holding her knees high and wide. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, she still had her blouse and shoes on. Up until that moment I didn’t give much thought about my sister’s private life, but seeing her with a cock jammed up her pussy opened entirely new avenues of thought about her; the first was I didn’t have to wonder if she was cherry anymore. Not even close, Clyde was hammering her good and it looked like it wasn’t the first time.

I watched him cock slam Piper for a few minutes then suddenly he huffed a long, “Ooooohhhhh Fuck that feels Good!” He pushed into her and stopped moving. He was still for a few seconds then pulled his prick from her hole and stepped back; I had a full view of the crack between her legs as she began to leak. I didn’t get hard watching Clyde fuck my sister, but when I got an unhindered look at Piper’s cum drooling pussy, my cock inflated to manhood in seconds.

Clyde stepped back grinning like he’d won the Lotto but Piper just lay on her back and stared up at him, when he bent to pull up his pants she asked “You’re leaving?

He looked down on her, “I gotta go, Mike is waiting, I shouldn’t be late.”

When he had his pants buttoned, he bent to kiss Piper but she turned her head and snarled, “No, you don’t have time to waste giving me a kiss, get out.”

Just before I turned to dash from the door, I saw the look on Piper’s face; she was angry, frustrated, and at that moment wanted to smush her boyfriend’s nuts in her fist. Clyde, however, stood straight, smiled with a lot of pride then turned to leave; he either didn’t care she was mad, or it didn’t register.

I ducked into the bathroom to take a leak while Clyde left the house. I was standing at the bowl with my dick in my fingers when the door opened and my sister came in. She wasn’t expecting to see me so she stopped dead, blushed bright red and freaked, “What are you doing here?! I thought you were playing basketball.”

I couldn’t stop the words, “I came home early, early enough to see you screwing Clyde.” My younger sister scorched with embarrassment, backed out the door and fled. I tucked my semi-hard into my pants then went to aggravate Piper some more. I opened the door to her room and caught her holding her up skirt and daubing cum from her pussy with some tissues.

Her head snapped up, anger blazed in her eyes as she screeched, “Get out, get the fuck out you bastard!!” That was enough aggravation, I stepped back and quietly closed her door.

It wasn’t until mom yelled at us that dinner was ready that I saw my sister again, she’d been holed up in her room for three hours. While I was spooning veggies to my plate, Piper came up next to me and mumbled “Please don’t tell mom or dad.”

I looked into her pleading eyes, “It’s okay Piper, they don’t need to know.”

Her eyes softened slightly, became less flinty as she took a breath of relief and grabbed a plate. Dinner at our house is not a formal affair, Dad took his to the front room to watch the news about the circus acts in our nation’s capital, mom and Piper sat at the table and I wandered back to my Xbox. 45 minutes later my sister came to my room, “You done?” When I said yes, she offered to take my dish to the kitchen. I was kind of surprised when she did, normally she and I ignore each other. When she turned to leave the room, I checked out her butt and legs. At seventeen, Piper had some well-formed female contours. My cock twitched again as I recalled her pussy dripping. She was gone maybe two minutes then returned, offering me a can of Dew. Again, I was surprised, and curious, what the hell did she want? She sat on the edge of my bed and watched me spray an invading Intergalactic troop transport with Asticc bombs. I was aware of her behind me and tried to ignore her, but her presence was distracting me. I wiped out a Makeldolf, Senior Grade, but its mate blew me away, I should have known it would fire to my right, but I ducked wrong, directly into the range of its Eleczro Nullifier. Getting killed off gave me the break I needed, I set the controller down and faced my sister, “What’s up?”

She sat up a bit straighter and asked “Can I ask you a question about boys? A kind of private question?”

“Yeah, well, I guess. What do you want?”

She looked at her knees for a few moments then lifted her eyes to mine, they were guarded, “You have a girlfriend, had girlfriends, do you have sex with them?”

The question stopped my mindworks, I stared at my sister while she turned red and wondered where in hell a question like that came from. I’m just 11 months older than Piper and I’ve been hanging with girls since I could get a hard-on but I was surprised she had to ask. I mean, hell yeah, I’ve fucked some. One was her best friend, but apparently Piper didn’t know that. “Uh, yeah, some. Why?”

She relaxed a little that the question was asked and answered, “How many?”

“Hey Piper, what’s up? How come all of a sudden you want to know what I do with girls?”

My sister fidgeted on the bed a little and answered “I’m curious, I don’t know what boys think about sex, I mean, you’re a guy, so maybe you can help me figure out what guys want from a girl. I talk to my friends but they don’t have a boy’s perspective.”

“What guys want from a girl? Piper, what Clyde did today is exactly what guys want, a quick fuck then go off to tell their friends. What happened in your room today probably is the best thing you could do for him. He got in, got off and got out. Quickies are always fun for the guy, especially when the girl lets him cum in her. You’re not gonna get pregnant, are you?”

Piper glowed brighter red, moved her eyes to stare at the ceiling then took a deep sigh, “I’m okay that way right now. I don’t always let him do that, today was special.” She paused for a moment then asked “How much did you see, how long?” Just then our mother called from the front room for my sister. She stood from my bed and said “Mom’s calling, I have to go but can we talk some more later?”

“Here? What if mom and dad hear?”

“Tell you what, let’s go somewhere, we can talk in your car or something.”

“Okay, let me know when you’re ready, we can go to the skate park.”

She smiled a bit of thanks, “Yeah, good, let me find out what she wants.”

Twenty minutes later we were headed across town to the Mission Hills Skate Park. I had my board with me; Piper was wearing a skirt so she left hers at home. We pulled into the parking lot but before we got out of the car my sister pulled out a baggie of weed and her little brass pipe. She and I had been toking together about a year so this was normal. We opened the windows then smoked the little bowl to ashes. When our heads were properly prepared, she started her interrogation again, “How many girls have you had sex with Jeff?”

I was feeling tranquil, she wanted to talk, I was ready, “Eleven.”

“Eleven? Eleven girls let you screw them, when did you start? Who with, do I know any of them?”

“I was fifteen. She was the second girl I dated and the first to let me feel her up. We necked and played around for a few days then she let me screw her. Her name was Karin.”

“Karin Wyles? Isn’t she like two years older than you?”

“Yeah, but that wasn’t a problem for me.”

My sister snickered, “Getting her pants off must not have been much of a challenge, she’s got a rep all over the city.”

I smiled, “Why do you think I was hanging with her? Let’s go watch the skaters.”

“Don’t take your board.”

Piper led the way to the benches next to the ramps and as I followed her, I watched her mid-thigh skirt rocking. My sister has nice legs. She is about 5’5 and carries a fair amount of her 125 pounds in her well packed bra and firm, round ass. Most of her clothes are size 4. I like watching her, especially around the house when she is wearing casual clothes or her nightwear. After what I saw earlier that day, how sexy she looked with a boner between her legs, my prick was paying attention to her too. We got to the viewing benches but instead of sitting on the hard seats, we sat on the lawn. Piper stretched her legs straight, leaned back on her arms then started with more questions. I was looking at most of her athletic thighs when she began, “Besides Karin, do I know any of your girlfriends?”

“Uh, I guess. You know Rachel for sure.”

She sat up and stared at me for a long moment, “Rachel? My Rachel? My best friend?”

I hesitated only slightly, “We screwed a few times last summer when you were gone and she came over.”

“That fucking bitch, she never said a word!”

“She asked me not to say anything.”

“But you just did. What the hell, wait till I see her again.” Piper got off her butt and went to watch some guy trying to do a 720, but he kept busting his ass. We watched him in silence for a couple of minutes then my sister took me by the arm to lead me away from the others standing around. She was ready to talk some more.

We went back to the car where it was my turn to share pot. Piper and I smoked up while she asked me more about Rachel and threatening to expose her friend to the world if she denied screwing me to her face. We talked about ten minutes then she asked me, “Jeff, do girls get off with you?”

“I suppose, I think so, maybe not all the time, but enough to let me come back for more.” I was positive my sister didn’t really have fun with Clyde earlier so I added, “I’m not like your boyfriend, he didn’t seem to care what you were feeling. Is he always like that?”

My sister shaded again, averted her eyes and told me her terrible secret, “He finishes too fast, I know I could finish too, but he just does it until he pops off then finds some reason to leave. My first boyfriend and me did it longer but I never finished with him either. I can get off, but only by myself.”

“So, you only fucked two guys?”

Piper nodded slowly, took another hit off the pipe then said “I think I should find another prick, one that can make me enjoy what we do. I hear all the time from girls at school how they get off with sex, sometimes they even screw more than once a night with their boyfriends. The two I’ve let haven’t done that, they always seemed to be in a hurry; maybe those girls are lying.”

I knew from experience they weren’t lying, I’m not SuperStud, but I know for sure some of my girlfriends hit some pretty high points when I fucked them. Rachel was the best though; I screwed her five times one day and she dug holes in my back while I tried my best to knock her up. She and me don’t do it anymore, but when we did, it was fucking hot. The conversation with my sister made me think I should hit on her bestie again. As I was thinking about Rachel, I was watching my sister and out of nowhere burst a question, “Why don’t you let me fuck you, maybe I can do it right for you?” I surprised the shit out of myself when I heard my own words.

The question clapped on Piper’s ears like a lightning strike, she snapped her head back and looked up at me with startled eyes, “What? Did I hear that, you want to fuck me?”

My question surprised me as much as it did her, but, since it was out, I pressed on, “Well, maybe, I mean, it’s not like I want you like a girlfriend, but we could do it, you know, maybe you can finally get a good screwing.”

Piper got out of the car and stood looking at the skaters, I joined her. She looked up at me, “That’s the most nauseating thing you ever said to me Jeff, god, you’re my brother.” She wasn’t yelling or acting pissed, but she ended the conversation with, “It’s time to go home.”

As we got into the car again, I made one more suggestion, “Okay, if not me, maybe I can set you up with one of my friends. Both Rob and Edgar think you’re hot, they would screw you.”

“Home. Now. I have to finish my homework.”

No more was said by my sister or me about the events of that day. She didn’t avoid me, but also didn’t explore any more intimate subjects with me. At least for the next four days. It was a Saturday afternoon when Piper invited me to the back yard to get stoned, I was kind of surprised because we usually only smoked together when we were at the skate park, “Here?”

“Come on, mom and dad won’t be gone all day.”

We sat on the lawn facing each other, knees wide, legs crossed at the ankles, the baggie, pipe, and a bottle of Gatorade between us. It didn’t take long for Piper to bring up the subject of sex again, I think that’s why she wanted to get stoned; it broke down her inhibitions tell me what was on her mind. She started, “I broke up with Clyde.”

“I figured you would, last time I saw him and you together you didn’t look too happy with him.”

She looked at me, puzzled, “When was that?” Piper blushed and diverted her eyes when I reminded her of the fuck scene, the last time I saw Clyde. “Yeah, that was the last time because after what you and me talked about made me think I want a new boyfriend so I told him we are done.”

“What did he say?”

“He wanted to screw me one more time before I broke up with him.”

“Did you?”

“Hell no! Not ever again.”

“So, now what?”

Piper stood, took the smoke with her then went to the fence behind the house, she wasn’t tall enough to see over it but peered through the cracks as she walked the two sides that bordered on the neighbor’s yards. I was curious but waited until she came back to ask what she was looking for. She stood over me, I was still sitting, the hem of her skirt was at my eye level and I was enjoying a nice up-skirt view of her upper thighs. Her eyes caught mine and held them as she asked “Do you think the neighbors watch over the fences when we are in the back yard?”

I didn’t know what her question had to do with anything but I answered, “No, I hardly ever see anybody in their yards except when they mow the lawns or bar-b-que. I don’t hear any mowers right now.”

Piper glanced around one more time, taking another 360 view around the yard, her breasts rose high on a deep breath then she said “Have sex with me.” While I sat stunned, Piper reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She kicked them off her ankles then sat next to me and paused, with her eyes reading mine she waited for me to do something.

Did you ever see one of those balloon guys at the mall, the ones that make animals from long skinny balloons? That’s exactly what happened to my prick, it puffed up like a long fat balloon with one breath, my sister had boldly propositioned me and I reacted instantly to her. Piper’s mouth curled as a slight smile as she watched my crotch and when my erection was obvious to her, she put her fingers to work, opening my jeans. I helped her get my pants to my knees, fell to my back, then Piper threw her right leg over my stomach then positioned herself so I could push up. The head of my hard-on pierced my sister, and less than a minute after she offered, I was fucking her. She had to have been thinking of doing it for a while because she was already juicy, I arched my ass and shoved my cock far up her pussy in one stroke with no friction. Piper put her hands on my chest, closed her eyes then began to rock on my lap, sliding her body on mine.

She fucked me like that for a few minutes, she was getting hotter and noisier as she slid back and forth on my lap. I didn’t do a lot of moving around, she was totally into rolling her hips, taking what she wanted at her own pace. I lifted her skirt to watch her, I could see the top of her crack and lower belly, she was hairless. Piper opened her mouth for deeper breaths, grabbed my shoulders then bent over until she was lying on my stomach. Her legs started shaking just as she yelped in my ear. Piper climaxed in a flurry of body slamming jerks on my erection. She went limp on me for a few seconds then pushed up. She stared down on me, eyes locked on mine, “Shit, I never did that before.”


“Got off with a guy inside me. Damn, that felt good.” She lifted off and rolled to her back on the lawn.

My erection was chilling in the air but refused to deflate so I grabbed it to keep it company while Piper dipped a hand under her skirt, she asked “Did you?”


“Good” she huffed. She pushed my hand off my stiff cock then wrapped her fingers around it, keeping it warm for me, “Do you have a something to wear?”

“A couple, yeah.”

She squeezed my bone, smiled and invited, “Let’s go to my room.”

I followed my sister to her room. Inside the door, she turned, “I’ll be right back” then went to the adjoining bathroom. I hurried to my room, got a rubber then went back to Piper, I pulled my pants and jockeys off then laid on the bed, my boner was aimed at the ceiling.

Moments later Piper came back in, she was naked and carrying a towel, “Hey, take your shirt off.”

I sat up to shed my t-shirt while my sister got onto the bed with me. She folded the towel in half then slipped it under her ass. Since I was thinking she wanted me to wear a rubber I asked her, “What’s that for?”

“Clyde used to tell me he would put a rubber on before he came, but sometimes he didn’t, he would pull out and mess up the bed, or cum in me. If you do the same thing, I don’t want mom finding a big stain on my blanket.”

“Come on Sis, not all guys are so reckless, trust me, I’ll put it on when it’s time, I really, really, don’t want to knock up my sister.”

Piper barked a quick laugh, “Yeah, that would suck.” The last time we’d ever seen each other naked I was wasn’t old enough to wonder why I had a penis and she didn’t. We hadn’t bathed together since we were little so she sat back and checked me out, from head to toes, while I focused on her tits. After a few seconds of silent observation, she wrapped her fingers around my hard-on, stroked me a couple of times then fell back. I rolled over her, poked at her twice then found the right place. I pushed into Piper while she watched. Her eyes didn’t show any passion, but were full of curiosity.

I rose up on an arm then fumbled with my free hand for the condom pack then dropped it on my sister’s left breast when I started fucking her. Piper picked it up and tore the packet open, dropped it between her tits then put her hands on my shoulders to help me stay up. She watched between us as my cock slid in and out. In about a minute the curiosity in her eyes faded away to be replaced by a growing desire to screw. Even though she climaxed in the yard, she was still experimenting; at first, she was passive, but the longer we fucked, the less restrained she got, what we were doing was turning into a sensual sexual encounter. My sister was getting more turned on, her pussy got warmer, wetter, and her hips began to roll in sync with my thrusts.

The first time I ever thought about Piper sexually was a day she and Rachel experimented with makeup. When I saw her less than expert attempt to apply eye shadow and lip gloss, I got a shiver in my nuts. I was kind of surprised about my reaction to her, but not apologetic. Ever since then I would have an occasional fantasy about her, mostly when she was walking around in towels after a bath or even in bra and panties. As I plunged into my sibling, I realized my sister fantasies hadn’t been very exciting; what we were doing was real; more fucking real than any daydream I’d ever had about her. My ball pressure was building way to fast, I needed to pause. I pulled out of her and flopped to my back then grabbed the condom from her chest. Piper watched avidly while I rolled the rubber down my hard prick. When it was in place she rose up, straddled my thighs then settled down on my cock and we started fucking again.

I let her set the pace for a few minutes then urged her to her stomach and mounted over her back, my groin was rolling over the firm round cheeks of her ass while I screwed her. She spread her arms wide, her hands were clutching the blanket, her breath coming quick and shallow, she began to yip softly every time my body slapped against her. I was nearing the end of my endurance when Piper rolled her head to look up at me then she arched her back, pushed her hips off the bed and began to cry out an orgasm. My sister bounced under me, her pussy got hotter and I could feel her juices wetting my balls. I rammed into her as far as I could then stopped holding back. I came while she gasped and sobbed out a series of orgasmic convulsions.

I collapsed to the bed next to her, she turned her head, the smile on her face was huge. She didn’t say anything but sat up then pulled the flooded latex off my still hard cock. Piper tied off the end, threw it to the floor, then fell back to lie with me. She put her head on my chest and her fingers around my stiff prick. We lay like that for a minute then she pushed back and asked “Did you fuck Rachel like that?”

“What do you mean, ‘like that’?”

“I mean if you and her had sex that good and she never told me, I’ll kick her ass.”


Piper put her hand on my cheek and looked me in the eyes for a few moments, then said softly, “Because if I knew she liked what you did, maybe I would have too. Sometimes I wonder about you like this and --------” she left the rest of her words drift off but my mind was filling in the blanks. She was thinking about me that way? Shit! I could have been screwing her before? I really had to learn to be more sensitive to my sister.

I recovered quickly, “That’s not what you said at the skate park, you said I was nauseating.”

She chirped a quick laugh, “Come on Jeff, I’m your sister, we are supposed to be nauseated by each other. She sniggered softly and admitted, “But I never barfed when I imagined what you looked like hard.”

“So why are we doing this now?”

“Don’t you remember, you asked me?”

My prick began to stir again, swelling tighter as I paid attention to my sister’s nudity, “What if I ask you again?”

Her eyes were smiling but she said as if she were being forced to make a decision, “I’d say, ‘well, okay, but only if I have to’.”

I reached for her, put my arms around her waist to pull her close but Piper resisted. She leaned back from me and looked at me for a long silent pause, her face tinted pink in the cheeks, she sucked a deep breath then asked kind of timidly, “Can you do something else for me?”

I was willing to do anything, “What?”

She looked away for a moment then back, softly she stammered the question, “Eat ---” she sighed a deep breath, “Eat me? I hear from girls that is like totally awesome but Clyde and Bobby never did that. Can you do it, have you done it?”

My heart started thumping, my face got hot, my prick swelled even harder. Without saying anything I rolled Piper to her back and kissed and suckled her tits before kissing and licking a trail down her body to between her thighs. She jostled to get comfortable, moved her legs wide, and waited for my tongue.

I kissed Piper at the top of her crack then licked her once as I looked over her stomach to her face. She was watching me intently, and when my tongue touched her, her eyelids fluttered, her hips bucked slightly and her legs kind of moved wider apart. I kissed her again then moved back to get a better angle then started flicking the tip of my tongue on the folds of her pussy. Her head got too heavy to hold up so she flopped down on a pillow, flexed her back then put a hand on my head, her fingers wove into my hair. She was massaging my scalp as I got totally involved in eating her pussy. I mouthed, lapped and probed her for a couple of minutes; her body began to roll, she was hissing quick breaths. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her closer to my face. Piper began to jerk under me, her butt cheeks were clenching in my hands, I sensed she was about to explode so I pulled away. Her eyes flew open and she looked down on me, desperation shaped her face. I flipped to my back then invited her, “Come up Piper, on your knees over me.” She looked momentarily puzzled but got up and straddled my chest. I slid down between her legs until her pussy was over my mouth then put my lips on her again. I pushed my fuck finger into her then licked and tongued my sister for another minute or so until she began to climax. She put her hands on my head for support then began to shake and call out the shocks of her orgasm. Piper rocked her body against my mouth for about ten seconds then fell over to the bed, she was rasping for air, her eyes closed, her body quivering with waning contractions.

When her tits quit heaving, I flipped to my side and said “Now I get to fuck you.” Her eyes twinkled like diamonds, she rolled to her stomach, raised up on her knees and nodded to me. I penetrated my sister in one easy stroke then she continued to learn how to enjoy sex with a guy who takes his time. I didn’t have a second rubber so as my cock filled with semen, I told Piper, “I’ll pull out before I finish.”

She voiced her agreement then grabbed her pillow, kicked her feet on the bed and groaned, “Rachel is so going to be in trouble; OH shit, don’t stop.” Piper was moaning and panting while I thrust and pulled, her pussy was hot and flowing wet. Me and my sister screwed all over her bed, bending, twisting and bouncing until I couldn’t hold back any longer. It took a ton of concentration to pull out before I came, but I managed to pull just one pump from blowing my load. My cock convulsed then I sprayed cum on her back, ass, and over her butt hole. When I was done Piper twisted to her back; that’s when I realized she was smart to bring the towel. She didn’t say a fucking word, she just lay spread eagle on the bed staring up and sucked fresh, cooling air. I crashed to my back too and tried to breath normal again while thinking I really like screwing girls when we are stoned.

Piper turned her head to me, puffed, “God, that felt really good,” then got off the bed, wiped her back clean with the towel, then started getting dressed. She didn’t say any more, she didn’t need to, I understood completely.

Later that day Piper was animated; she was happy, laughing, smiling and generally talkative during dinner. I took all the credit; I took pride in how I had fucked my sister into a good mood. After dinner I went back to my games and Piper joined me. The conversation was hushed and sexy, “I never felt like that before Jeff, is it always good like that?”

“For me, always; for you, maybe, but you need more than one time to figure that out.”

Her eyes sparkled, “What are you saying you fucking perv, I have to let you screw me again?”

I gave it to her straight but with a lot of tease, “Well, yeah.”

Piper put her hand on my arm, leaned close to my ear, “Let’s go to the skate park.”

We passed the bowl back and forth on the drive to Mission Hills. By the time we got there my sister and I were again pleasantly stoned and I had a boner that felt huge. When I shut the car off, I complained to Piper about the condition of my cock so she immediately took action to play with her new toy. In seconds she had my jeans open, my cock in her fist. I put a hand on her head and pulled her over my lap. I felt some initial resistance then she bent and kissed the end of my hard-on, the kiss became a lick then she put her lips over the head of my dick and started bobbing, she was sucking my cock. My sister gave me a short blow job then sat up, I felt between her thighs and rubbed her pussy while she pumped my erection. I unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts then together we tugged them to her ankles. Piper laid her seat flat then turned her back to me while I crawled over the console and jammed my swollen prick into her again. We body slammed for a few minutes, the entire time she was yelping and yipping her pleasure. She was noisy enough that some girls walking past the car looked in, but seeing sex in the parking lot wasn’t that unusual so they kept going. My nut pressure was reaching critical so I forced myself to pull out of her, we lay quiet for a few moments then she rolled to face me. Neither of us had gotten off, we were both still horny as hell, but we agreed to get out of the car.

When we were out and breathing fresh air, our lust receded to a low-level desire as we took our boards to the skate ramps. For the next hour Piper and I rolled and jumped, ignoring the fact we had recently become lovers. On the way back to the car my sister asked me if I knew where we could go, somewhere private. I ran my hand over her ass as I leaned to her ear, “Private, like we are going to get it on?”

She put her hand on mine and pressed it tighter on her butt and answered without hesitation, “Yeah, let’s go somewhere and finish it.”

It was about 10 when we left the ramps. Our parents were used to me and my sister staying out late on weekends so there was no hurry to get home, nobody would ask where we were or what we were doing. I drove to a Seven Eleven and bought some munchies then we headed out to a spot on the power line road that was secluded and had a nice patch of grass to play around on. Karin Wyles showed me the place, and since then I’ve been laid there several times. As we were driving Piper asked “Do you have rubbers?” I nodded to the console; she lifted the lid then picked out three packets. She took one from its wrapper, unrolled it, blew it up, then tied it off. For the next few minutes we laughed and played, batting the big latex balloon back and forth as I drove.

We got out of the car; the stars were like jeweled crystals against a black velvet sky but the moon would be coming over the hills later. We lit another bowl then nibbled on Pringles as we talked. We were comfortable, enjoying a sibling moment before getting involved. She quizzed me again about Rachel, for some reason she was fixated that her friend had slept with me. It was when I told her that I screwed Rachel two times right where we were sitting that Piper stopped waiting. It was a warm California night so she stood and stripped her pants and panties. My prick reacted immediately and got so hard I had a tough time pulling my shorts off and down. When our clothes were heaped up on a bush, I pulled my sister to her back and got between her legs. She rolled her hips, put her hands on my shoulders then sipped a long breath when I plunged deep.

Piper and I fucked for a few minutes then I went down on her again. I made her hot with my tongue then twisted around so we were lying opposite each other. I put my head between her legs while she put my erection in her mouth then we got totally involved in 69. She was getting passionate, more flexible as my tongue tip tickled her clit but I couldn’t wait for her. I jammed two fingers into her cunt as I warned her, “I’m there Piper,” then my cock unlocked and started gushing. She took the first shot then pulled off the fountain in her mouth and let it coat her face.

I scrambled to get some McDonald’s napkins from my car so she could wipe cum off her cheeks then she went to use the vanity mirror in the car to clean the cum from her hair. We sat side by side watching the moon rise, again relating as brother and sister, neither of us felt the need for cuddling or cooing, that shit was for boyfriend and girlfriends. She asked me about the girls I screwed and what I did with them, what they did for me. She admitted that she been screwing about a year but her experiences with Bobby and Clyde were unexciting to the point of boredom; but what she and I had done was totally fucking hot. I told her she need to find a good lover, there were a lot of guys that could screw her to exhaustion. After about an hour of talk Piper laid on her stomach, angled an arm across my legs then reached for my cock and began to encourage it. She looked up at me for a moment while it grew in her fingers then offered, “This time you can go all the way if you want.” Her invitation caused my prick to surge to man-sized in seconds.

Even though she just gave me permission to fill her up I had to express caution, “You won’t get pregnant?”

“I’ll buy a Plan B pill tomorrow. I did it before when Bobby didn’t pull out when he was supposed to and I panicked. It made my tummy queasy for a while, but not too bad; it’s okay, you can do it, but you have to do it when I get off, I want to feel that.” At the moment in my life I really appreciated the guys who invented the morning after she fucks pill.

Piper went to her back, I pushed up her shirt and bra to bare her tits. I licked and tickled her nipples while she jostled around then pulled me into place between her thighs. Again, we didn’t need a lot of foreplay, we were brother and sister, not lovers, so there was no reason for a lot of warmup or anything. I plunged, she gasped and grabbed my back so hard she scratched me. Piper pulled me flat on her, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, her legs encircled my thighs and I put my hands under her ass. We fucked bonded tight like that for a few minutes, then I pushed up and rolled over, taking her with me until she was lying on my stomach. She grinned down on me then started rolling her ass, sliding on my cock. Her eyes were sparkling when she did the unexpected, she bent down to kiss me. The kiss was not a tentative, first time experimental kiss. She was feeling the passion of hot sex so her lips were soft and hot, they welded to mine with an urgent intensity. Piper was still learning how exciting and erotic good sex could be, and she was really getting into it. Her lips on mine sent a cascade of thrills to my nuts and I thrust up and lifted her high off the ground. She moaned into my mouth then started to vibrate. Piper pulled her lips off mine and began yelping as her body convulsed.

When she was done vibrating, she lifted off my boner then bent down to suck it. My sister kissed and licked my hard-on for a minute or so then rolled off to her side. I lifted her top leg then slammed into her cunt, grabbed a tit, then screwed Piper as if she were the first and last piece of ass I would ever get. It took only a couple of minutes for her passion to overflow; her final orgasm sent a message directly to my balls and I started cuming in her.

She moved off her side to her knees then straddled me, semen was smearing from her pussy to my stomach, she was smiling again, “How do I feel, did you like it?”

I put my hands between her legs and pressed on her clit, teasing it, Piper shivered, her eyes fluttered as I answered, “Better than Rachel, that’s for fucking sure.” It’s always wise to tell a girl, ‘you’re the best’.

She felt between her legs and began rubbing her pussy, smearing the fluids into her skin then dipped her long finger into the hole. When she pulled it out, she inspected the cum on her finger, then with a big smile, licked the finger clean. Piper leaned over, kissed me quickly then casually ended our night, “We better go home, it’s getting late.”

It was starting to get daylight; the sun would be full in another half hour when I woke up. It was early but I’d had a dream about my sister. My cock was swollen with lust, my nuts pulled up tight against the base of my erection. The memory of what we had done a few hours before and the hot fuck dream about Piper caused me to do something I had never, ever, thought I would do. I sneaked out of my room, down the hall to my sister’s then very quietly went in. She was lying on her back in a short night gown, her legs were angled apart, she wasn’t wearing underwear. The perfect position for what I had in mind. Mom and dad were in the next room but it was too early for them to be up, so with confidence I wouldn’t be caught, I got on the bed with Piper. I was pumping lube by the quarts so when I put the head of my boner against the lips of her pussy, it slipped in with almost no resistance. I started fucking my sister even as she slept. My memories and the dream had put me on edge, so just about the time Piper opened her eyes in surprise, my cock convulsed and I pumped her up, cuming deep in her again. She slammed her hands on my chest and pushed me away, but didn’t make any noises that would alert our parents, “What the Fuck!?” she whispered.

“Couldn’t help is Sis, I got horny for you.”

Her eyes were hostile, she put a hand between her legs and felt the mess, “Goddamn fucker, you should have brought a towel.” She got off the bed holding her pussy so she wouldn’t leak then ran to the bathroom. The pressure was off my nuts so I went back to my own room.

The next time I saw her was a couple hours later and the first words out of my mouth were an apology, “Jeeze Piper, I’m sorry, I really am,” I tried to justify my early morning sibling rape, “but I really got turned on for you.”

“Hey, I’m not mad that you sneaked a quickie, but you have to learn to use a towel or something, now I have to wash my sheet before mom sees it. Be careful next time.”

“Next time?”

She flashed a petite grin, “Maybe, I don’t know yet.”

Piper confronted her bestie, she demanded to know why Rachel didn’t tell her she fucked me. Rachel made up some lame excuses about not wanting to make Piper jealous of me. Finally, my sister got her friend to talk about our affair, and that’s when Rachel told her how fucking hot fucking me had been. When Piper asked her why she stopped, Rachel told her, “You weren’t there so he kept me from being bored; when you came home, I didn’t need him anymore.”

“Just like that, you can screw some guy then stop, you don’t get all fucking emotional?”

“Well, yeah. What fun would it be if I thought I had to be steady or in love? Doing it with one guy all the time might get boring. That’s why I’ll never get married, I see how my parents are, they got no spice in their life, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t fuck at all anymore.”

That night, when Piper told me about the conversation with Rachel, she revealed a fundamental shift in her thoughts about love and sex. “I think Rachel is on to something, screwing for fun might be more fun than screwing for love. I thought I loved Bobby and Clyde but it wasn’t a lot of fun, at least for me. I don’t love you like a boyfriend, but what we did was way better.” I volunteered right there to be another fun fuck for her, but she declined.

A few days later I got a call from my sister, “Hey, me and Rachel want to go to Wanda’s party but we can’t go alone, want to come along?”

“Alone, like with no guys?”

“Yeah, Wanda says no one comes single.”

“Sure, where?”

“Pick us up at Rachel’s, and since I kicked Clyde out, I don’t have anybody to ask, can you get Edgar to come too?”

Edgar had been hitting on my sister for at least a year so I was pretty sure he’d abandon whatever plans he had and jump at the chance to hang with Piper, “Yeah, I’ll bring him along.”

The girls got into the back of my car and the first thing we did was pass Edgar’s pipe. By the time we got to Wanda’s the four of us were yakking, laughing and generally feeling fine. The first thing I did when we went into the house was grab a bowl of Doritos and a root beer. Edgar was glued to my sister, Rachel huddled up with three other girls and started gossiping about some ‘real bitches’ in school. We stayed at Wanda’s for a couple of hours then split, Rachel wanted to leave. I dropped her off first then took Edgar to his place. While I was driving, he and Piper were all over the back seat, necking and grabbing. I was watching in the mirror while he was trying to pull my sister’s pants off but she wasn’t into him like that and made him stop. Before he got out Piper agreed to a date, without her brother hanging around.

It was early when we got home, at least early for us. Our parents were in their room, dad snoring, mom probably had her ear plugs in, so didn’t hear us come in. It wasn’t until we were in the house that I noticed my sister was looking all dreamy eyed and acting goofy. We hadn’t smoked anything on the way home so I asked her, “Hey, what’s up with you?”

“Huh, what?”

“Are you fucking high on something?”

Piper put a hand over her mouth to hide a grin, her eyes tried to focus on me as she returned, “Nope, not me. I have to go to bed.” She left me standing in the front room not believing she wasn’t wasted. I was thirsty so went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water. Water in hand I stepped out to the back yard for cool air and to think about fucking Rachel again. I had her number so I gave her a call, maybe she’d answer the phone. “Hi, it’s me.”

“I know, your name lit up my screen, what do you want?”

I was feeling bold, “I want to fuck you again.”

I sensed her smile as she answered, “Too late, you should have dropped off your sister and Edgar first. Good night.”

The short call with Rachel sent my balls on another fantasy tour, my prick manned right up, I went into the house thinking I was going to beat meat. The lights were off in the house so when I reached for the knob on my bedroom door, I grabbed cloth. Terrycloth. A towel was hanging on the knob. When I realized what I was holding I almost doubled over with a lusty convulsion, my erection pumped another inch fatter. There could only be one reason the towel was there, only one person would have put it there. I grabbed it and went to see my sister. She was lying on her back, the blanket pulled up to her chin, her smile a mile wide. I tossed the towel over her face, switched off the light, then stripped off my clothes. By the time I crawled under the covers with Piper, she had the towel under her ass. Neither of us needed any build up to fucking, I rose up over her, she guided my erection, and just seconds after going to her room, my balls were smacking her butt.

You know what it’s like to start screwing a new girlfriend. I mean, the first time or two is usually pretty straight, a little awkwardness about what she wants or will do, but after a couple of introductory fucks, you both get volcano hot, into each other, and screw like crazy every time you have five minutes or more. Well, that’s what was going on with me and Piper. She was totally into sex. I’d fucked her three times before and she was no more shy or timid about screwing her brother. As I pummeled her body she was moaning and gasping, hanging on to me like she wanted me to crawl right up her cunt. I was afraid mom or dad would hear the racket and pulled the blanket over our heads but the air under the covers got too fucking hot. Piper pushed it off then put her hands over her mouth, muffling the yips and yelps. Her eyes were wide open and glowing with sexual fever, my sister had never been so turned on before, at least not with me. I screwed her between her legs like that for a while then rolled her to her tummy, pulled her hips up then got to my knees and went back at her. Piper pulled a pillow over her head then after a couple more minutes began to rock and bounce. She was noisy as hell as her body jerked and vibrated while she ground her ass against me. I didn’t even think to pull out, when it was time, I came as deep in my sister’s pussy as I could push, I stayed with her until my balls dialed 911. She collapsed flat to the bed, I crashed down on her back, both of us were doing nothing but trying to breathe normal, I enjoyed the feel of my erection still lodged in her. After a few moments of nothing, Piper pushed up so I had to roll off her. We lay face to face, she put a hand on my cheek then told me, “Holy fuck, that pill really worked a number on me.”

“What pill?”

“Wanda gave me a pill, she told me it was a Molly, you know, Ecstasy. She said it would make Edgar happy if I took it.”

“You popped a pill and it made you horny? Why didn’t you screw Edgar in the car?”

“Come on, Jeff, I’m not dating him. Besides, the back seat of your car is kind of cramped.” She sat up to wipe her pussy, rearranged the towel then laid back down. Her hand went to fondle my semi-hard prick then she cooed softly, “I’m still horny.” My prick had halfway relaxed so with the determination of a girl who wants hot sex, she stroked my cock then slid down and started blowing me, getting me hard enough to enjoy again. She mouthed me enthusiastically until I was stiff then crawled up and laid full length on my body. She captured my hard-on between her thighs then began rolling her hips, pumping my cock with her legs. Piper put her lips on mine and we started making out like we were dating.

My sister and I necked, ate, sucked and fucked all over her bed for damn near an hour and by the time my balls transferred their load to her, she had orgasmed a dozen times. We kind of tried to be a little quiet but in the heat of wild sex we forgot our parents were near and Piper got a pretty vocal a couple of times. When we finally broke apart, I was thinking our parents needed hearing aids. Piper’s pussy was drooling a river of cum when we both crashed to an exhausted sleep.

Piper was pushing on my shoulder, whispering in a panicked voice, “Get off the bed, someone is walking around!” I was groggy with sleep but in an instant realized what was happening. I was in my sister's bed and one of our parents was up. I scrambled up, snatched my clothes off the floor, then squeezed myself into her closet just as dad opened her door, “Piper, you awake?”

“Mmmm, I am now” she answered sleepily.

“Do you know where Jeff is? Did he come home last night?”

My sister lied convincingly, “Last time I saw him we were at Wanda’s, he let me drive his car home but he stayed with Edgar.”

“Okay, sorry to have bothered you.”

He shut the door again but I stayed in the closet frozen with fear until Piper pulled the door open. She was grinning as she looked me up and down. She glanced over her shoulder at the closed door then eyeballed my prick; with a playful voice she cautioned me, “Stay here until I tell you.” Piper left me standing naked among her dresses while she went to see when it would be safe to leave her room. I knew I would have to stay hidden until dad was gone, that way he wouldn’t know I was in the house when he was looking for me. I sat on the hard wood floor between pairs of shoes and waited almost an hour before she came back, threw open the door and said with a lot of humor, “You can come out now.”

I emerged from Piper’s closet then she stepped away and told me, “Mom and dad went shopping, they’ll be gone a couple of hours, I’m going back to bed.” I went to pee and when I came back to pick up my clothes, Piper was on her knees in the middle of her unmade bed. Naked. Grinning. And holding a fresh towel.


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