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It is not imperative, but might be helpful to read my story "Jesse" which I have just reposted.
“Professor, is that you?” I was walking through the American Airlines concourse at LAX, through security and headed for the gate of my redeye flight headed back east. I was already tired, and annoyed that I would have to connect in O’Hare in the middle of the night.

The woman had planted herself in front of me. She was in her mid-20’s maybe, blond hair to the middle of her back, tied in a pony tail for travel. I couldn’t say if she looked familiar or not, having taught hundreds of pretty blond girls over thirty years of college teaching. Like the millennial “bro” boys, they all looked alike after a bit. Not wanting to offend or admit I had no idea who she was, I resorted to my usual “Maybe we’ve met, maybe we’ve not” greeting.

“Hello, how are you doing? Nice to see you.” She smiled slyly. “You don’t recognize me, I know. But I would know you anywhere.” I was grateful that she let me off the hook, but more confused than before. I laughed a bit.

“That’s a level of notoriety I never expected, I’m sure. How is it you know me?”

“I’m Eliza,” she said, expecting that would clear up everything. It didn’t. Eliza saw the confusion remaining on my face. “I’m Jesse’s sister. We met at her graduation.”

“Oh wow, that is some time ago! You are Jesse’s younger sister, right? You were what, 14 or 15 at Jess’s graduation?”

“Fifteen. Jess and I are seven years apart.” Some quick math told me that made Eliza 26 or so. She was cute at fifteen, but now had developed into a real stunner. I remembered Eliza from that graduation, a smiling young girl in a plunging top and tiny spandex shorts. Really nice legs, dancer’s legs I learned later. Truthfully, I spent graduation day trying to wrest Jesse from her family for a last visit to my office, so I did not pay a great deal of attention to Eliza. But Jesse packed her dorm room and left with her family without my fantasized final visit.

“Are you flying in or out today?” I asked, noting that Eliza still dressed to display her large, natural breasts and long shapely legs. Still into spandex workout shorts and a sports bra. This time though she wore a clingy knit cardigan that covered, but did not hide her well-toned ass. Odd travel garb, but I wasn’t going to object.

“Out,” she replied. “I am heading back east to visit Jesse, in fact. She and her husband separated recently, and I am going to give her a hand with the boys.”

“Justin, isn’t it? I met him last year at Jess’s college reunion. I’m sorry to hear that they’ve split. It must be hard.”

“It is hard, but for the best, I think. They weren’t right for each other. So far it’s amicable for the sake of the boys.”

“It’s good of you to go help out. Do you live here in L.A.? What do you do that you can take off and visit your sister?”

“I’m a singer. Nobody famous. I make my way as a studio singer. Backup vocals, movie scores, things like that. I can go anywhere any time because I am easily replaceable, unfortunately.” Eliza saw me check out her legs, which had added a west coast beach tan since last I ogled them. “I used to dance too. Same thing. Music videos, background dancing, some musical theatre. Now I just teach dance now and then.” She laughed at my discomfort. “Don’t blush just because you got busted! Do you live in L.A. now? That’s far from home.”

“No, I am on my way back from a job interview. One of the local colleges needs a Dean for a year. How they continue to make use of retired faculty. I don’t think I want the job, though. I don’t think I could take Los Angeles. I was never so happy to return a rental car safely in my life. So you’re flying into Albany?”

“Yes by way of Chicago. I almost flew to LaGuardia and took a bus so I could avoid the connection but changed my mind at the last minute. You heading to Bangor?”

“I am, stopping in Chicago too. Nobody flies to Bangor non-stop. Are we on the same plane to Chicago? Mine is at Gate H9.”

“Darn,” she pouted. I am at H4. What time do you leave?”

“4:30 if the weather in Chicago holds out. I heard it was getting bad.”

As if on cue, both our phones buzzed or dinged with incoming text messages. Chicago weather was not good, my connecting flight was delayed until 4:30AM, Eliza’s until 4:10AM. As our flights were arriving in Chicago around 11:00, we were in for a long night in O’Hare.

“It’s going to be a bore at O’Hare. Want to go drinking when we arrive? Let’s meet at that Mexican place on K Concourse. You know the one?”

There were worse fates than to spend a late-night layover at the airport with a lovely young lady. I would have to concentrate on not concentrating on her breasts, though…

“I think so. If I get lost you can text me where you are.”

“Wow, Professor, already getting lost, are you?”

“Funny girl. You’ll see. We’d better run before they change their minds about these flights. See you in Chicago.” With that we hurried off to our gates. Before we parted company, I swore Eliza gave me a lascivious wink, but it was probably my imagination, I thought. Nonetheless, I boarded my flight with a raging hard-on, imagining her well-toned legs wrapped around my neck.

I did a little consulting work on the flight, dozed a bit and picked at the mediocre business class meal. I did take full advantage of the free alcohol, however. The weather in Chicago was bad. I was kind of surprised we made it at all given how bumpy the approach and landing were. I was kind of regretting that 4th vodka…

I made my way to over to the K concourse, actually looking forward to spending some time with Eliza. If she was half as fun as her sister, it would be an enjoyable layover. The Mexican place was closed, but a couple of the other bars were staying open to make some extra money while people were stuck in the terminal. Eliza texted me from one of them. The bar was crowded, but of course someone had offered their seat to Eliza and was chatting her up as I approached.

“Hi Eliza, I made it finally.”

“Hey Professor! It’s a tough room here. This is Roger, he gave me his seat.” As we did the perfunctory handshake, Roger gave me a less-than-welcoming look. Eliza easily got the bartender’s attention and ordered me a drink. The drink was a vodka and tonic. I was glad for the tonic after drinking it straight on the plane.

“A vodka drinker!” Eliza exclaimed. “Me too! The nice flight attendant slipped me a couple of nips on the flight. He was really cute.” Of course he did, I thought to myself. He was hoping for a happy landing too, I’m sure.

“I had a few myself on the plane. The only way to fly.”

“Did you see both our flights got pushed back even later. Or earlier. Hard to tell at this time of night. Or morning. Whatever!” Eliza said with a giggle as she downed her drink and ordered another. We chatted about Jesse for a bit. I was curious who left who. Turns out Jesse left Justin. Nothing wrong with him, according to Eliza, just not enough right. Eliza said Jesse got tired of how boring Justin was. She had the better job, so she took the boys too. The divorce proceedings were just starting. She mentioned that Jesse apparently bought a new Mustang convertible to celebrate. Not that she could put the top down in the winter.

“I was texting Jesse while I was waiting for you. Giving her the new travel times. She said to say hi, and that she hadn’t heard from you in awhile.”

“I tried not to bother her, I figured she was busy with her job and the kids—and Justin.”

“Oh, she loves to hear from you. She talks about you all the time.”

“Really? Well, there is not much to tell.”

“Ha! That’s not what Jesse says.” Eliza took a pull on her drink and gave me a knowing look. The alcohol was getting to both of us. I didn’t know what she knew, or if she was just fishing for stuff on her sister. I felt my phone vibrate through my suit pocket and it occurred to me I hadn’t checked my messages or email since landing. There were a couple messages from Jesse.

“I hear you ran into Eliza at the airport. She is a hoot. Have fun!!” Kind of non-committal. The next one less so.

“You should know that Eliza has had a major crush on you since my graduation. Especially after I told her about China and my reunion last year.” My face must have registered some surprise that Eliza picked up on.

“That doesn’t look like good news,” she offered.

“It’s fine,” I tried to brush it off. “Life is just full of surprises.” We shared a smile. I shifted my weight onto the other foot, I had been standing so long.

“Professor, where are my manners? Here sit down.” She started to slide off the stool.

“No I’m fine,” I protested. “I don’t want you to have to stand.” Eliza slid off the stool and grabbed my arm and pushed me towards the stool.

“I’ll make you a deal Professor. You sit on the stool and I’ll sit on your lap, okay?” Before I could protest, Eliza climbed up and was sitting on my knee. She felt feather light. “That works, doesn’t it, Professor?”

It was hard for me to protest. “Uh, yes, what could be wrong?” I said truthfully and we both laughed. “Forgive me if I have to bounce you a bit now and then to keep my leg from falling asleep,” I said, also truthfully.

“I can fix that,” Eliza said helpfully. She put her arm around my waist and pulled herself fully onto my lap. “There, that’s…oh!” She stopped midsentence as her ass cheek landed on my erection. I felt the blood rushing to my face as I tried to apologize or say something.

“…that’s a perfect place to sit!” Eliza said without missing a beat. She put her finger on my lips as I tried to speak. “Shhh…now we’re even.” I looked at her quizzically, I had no idea what she was talking about.” Eliza took my free hand and thrust it between her legs. The spandex in her crotch was damp and hot. “I’ve been wet since L.A.,” she whispered in my ear.

Speechless doesn’t begin to describe how I felt at that moment. Eliza kept torturing me, wiggling her tiny bum against my throbbing shaft, getting me harder by the second. I hadn’t been so close to cumming in my pants since my junior high school dance. Eliza was grinning at me and continuing the taunting.

“Wow,” she whispered, grinding her bum against my cock. “This actually fit in Jesse’s ass? Well, she said it hurt at first. I thought her ass toy was pretty big, but not like this.” I was slowly regaining my wits, but something caught my curiosity.

“Uh, Jesse has toys?” Eliza giggled at my discomfort.

“Haha! Hell yeah! Her biggest complaint about Justin is that he did the same thing in bed over and over. No new rides. So she started using toys to make up the difference.

“That’s sad,” I said, still telling the truth. “You know I think your sister is a wonderful person.”

“And you know she is a freak in bed!” I blushed bright red. “Don’t be ashamed, she thinks you are a God. You know she tells me everything. I knew all about China when we met at her graduation

“I thought she might, still it is kind of a shock to hear it out loud.”

“Jesse taught me all about sex when I knew nothing. Our age difference was a real plus for me. Jesse and I have played naked since I was 14. Jesse was the first person to go down on me. She got me drunk when the parents weren’t home and got my pants off. Convinced me to sit on her face. I thought it was gross until she made me cum. I had never cum so hard, she created a monster. I begged her to eat my pussy all the time. I’m sure she’ll go down on me after the boys go to school tomorrow. I get wet just thinking about that.” The alcohol, the sensory overload and the blood leaving my brain for my penis had me at an uncharacteristic loss for words.

“Ah, Jesse did not tell me that part.” Eliza had no trouble keeping the conversation going.

“Oh she let me watch her suck her boyfriend’s dick, and then taught me how to give him head. He said I was as good as Jesse. Jesse doesn’t know that he would come over when he knew Jesse wasn’t home and take me for a drive in his car so I could suck his dick while he drove.” There was much to Jesse’s family life that I didn’t know, apparently. Meanwhile, Eliza was grinning at my discomfort. Not only was I surprised at the turn the conversation had taken, I noticed that the people closest to us had stopped talking or were talking lower to listen. I had to get this chatty drunk girl out of here before she told all of her family’s escapades.

“Let’s finish these drinks and get out of here. I need to find someplace quiet for a while.” Eliza’s inebriated frankness was fun, but I didn’t know how much control she had and whether she would regret saying those things when sober.

“Wait!” Eliza said. “I want to take a selfie with you to send to Jess.” I didn’t see any harm in that and leaned in for the picture. Eliza showed me the picture then proceeded to write an accompanying text while I pounded the last of my drink. I needed it. I heard the swoosh of an outgoing text from Eliza’s phone, and she gave me a mischievous smile.

“Want to see what I wrote to Jesse?” She turned her phone to me and smiled. “Sitting on Professor’s lap, my ass on his hard dick. Can’t believe you took this up the ass. Bad girl.”

“Eliza!” was the only protest I could get out. “You can’t be sending things like that to your sister!”

“Why not? It’s the truth.” Just then, Eliza’s phone dinged with an incoming text. Eliza read the text and burst out laughing. “Read this,” she said, turning her phone my direction. “It’s a stretch, but you could take it, little sis.”

“We got to go,” I said, again at a complete loss for words. We pounded our last call drinks; I paid the bill and took Eliza’s arm and led her out of the bar. She was swaying a little, but she seemed under control. At least as much as I was. Eliza’s phone buzzed again. She didn’t show me this time.

“Was that Jesse again?”

“Yeah,” Eliza said flatly. Nothing important.

“So show me.”


“I want to see!” I said playfully, snatching the phone from her hand. “You need to lose that anal cherry, Eliza,” the message said.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” I said, trying to cover my mistake.

“It’s no big deal. Some girls won’t swallow, and I won’t do anal. My asshole is too small. It would hurt. I know you and Jess do anal,” she said. I was taken aback by her frankness, and was lost for a response to the fact that I do indeed love ass and everything about it.

“Hey, let’s find someplace to sit for a while.”

“Where we going?” Years of getting stuck in airports taught me where the late night/early morning quiet spots where one could work are. The ends of concourses were generally pretty empty, as few people wanted to walk that far for nothing.

“Someplace we can sit and talk and not be disturbed. Follow me.” We walked, kind of holding each other up a bit. Eliza slipped her arm out of mine and wrapped it around my waist. I did the same, wrapping my arm around her tiny taut waist. Eliza looked at my face to see my reaction as she took my arm and slid my hand down onto her ass. I could feel the toned muscles working as we walked.

“Don’t tease me or torture me, Eliza,” I said, moving my hand back up to her waist.

“I’m not,” she said, suddenly sober sounding. She took my hand and guided it down her bare back, through the waistband of her elastic shorts and letting it rest on her bare buttock. I am going to jerk off a lot thinking of reaming this tight ass.

“Believe me, I’m not,” she repeated, her face completely earnest. I noticed that the perfect nipples topping her perfect breasts were protruding sharply through her glorified sports bra.

“Good,” I replied. I saw Eliza lean forward as we walked to catch a glimpse of my trousers. My erect cock formed a perfect tent in my pants.

“I see you’re not kidding either,” she said with a grin. We walked on in silence until I found what I was looking for. At one of the commuter gates, there was a partition with the arrival/departure board mounted on it. Behind this partition was a row of chairs, invisible to anyone walking by on the concourse. The refrigeration unit at the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts was loud enough to mask normal conversation. I guided Eliza around the partition to the chairs.

“You are full of surprises too, Professor. Do you bring all your female students here? Is this where you put the “lay” in “layover?”

“Funny girl. This is where I sat as a young professor trying to write papers to get tenure. I never had that kind of layover.”

“Fascinating,” Eliza said, feigning interest. “Kiss me.” We kissed hard as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Eliza grabbed my cock hard through my pants. I had one hand on her bare ass and the other on her spandex covered breast. The nipple was rock hard. With her free hand, Eliza pulled up her top to expose her ample breast.

“Play with my nipple. Rough. Pull it. Twist it. Bite it. It gets me hotter than anything.” I squeezed the nipple hard and gave it a twist. Eliza moaned. As I was pulling and twisting her nipple, I slid the hand in her shorts around to the front and my fingers slid between her labia. Her pussy was hot and moist. Eliza’s body stiffened as my finger found her little clit.

“Mmmmm…oh yeah,” Eliza whispered as she ground her pussy against my finger. Her clit throbbed against my finger as her breathing became more rapid and she started talking shit under her breath.

“Yeah, make me cum Daddy, make your little girl cum in your hand. Then you’re gonna want more. You want to fuck my little girl pussy, don’t you Daddy? Put a baby in my slut belly, don’t you Daddy?” This girl is fucking hot, I thought to myself. Issues, perhaps, but fucking hot.

Eliza grabbed my hand and held it against her clit. “Oh Hell yeah, Professor!” she whispered. That’s…it…right…Mmmmmowwww! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!! Yeah!!” she said under her breath. Eliza’s body exploded, her hand grabbing my still-clothed cock and the other pulling my hair. It took several seconds for the waves of pleasure wracking her body to subside. Her pretty blue eyes were inches from my face.

“Yeah,” she whispered dreamily. “That’s how you do it, daddy. But I know what you can do.” Without another word, Eliza tugged at her spandex workout shorts, wriggling them over her hips and down to the floor. She picked up one gorgeous leg, pulled her shorts off the heel of her shoe and nonchalantly tossed them onto a nearby chair. Now Eliza was naked except for her sports bra and cardigan sweater.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing? We are in the middle of an airport! Someone is going to see.”

“Don’t care. Come over here.” Eliza led me to the bank of chairs behind the departures board. She plopped herself down in a chair and propped one leg up over the arm, exposing her beautiful pussy.

“Eliza, what are we doing?” I said, thoroughly confused.

“Professor, you are going to lick my pussy. I am going to cum in your mouth. Any questions?” I guess I stood there a bit too long, shell shocked at this gorgeous girl, spread in a chair at the world’s busiest airport, telling me to go down on her.

“I, uh, well…” is all I could manage.

“Jesse told me you give the best head on the planet. I want to see if she’s right. Now come here!” With that, Eliza pulled on my collar to bring me to my knees. Next she grabbed my head by the hair and shoved my face into her crotch. Her pussy smelled amazing.

“Hey, as the expression goes, ‘this pussy ain’t gonna lick itself,’ so get busy Professor.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to eat the crap out of that pussy. But there is no way we are not going to get arrested. Not many schools are going to want to hire an acting dean with a rap sheet for eating pussy in public.

“Stick out your tongue, daddy! Baby girl needs to cum.” Eliza was smiling as she got bossy. But yet she held me tightly by the hair.

Throwing caution to the wind, I held Eliza tight by the ass so she couldn’t get away and plunged my tongue deep inside her. I tongue fucked her pussy hard and fast, sucking some of her delicious pussy juices down my throat. I thought she was going to jump out of her skin.

“Oh! Damn! Yeah! Fuck!” She was practically pulling out a handful of my hair by the roots she was yanking so hard. I withdrew my tongue from her hole and began licking up the mess around her labia. Then I began long, slow strokes, starting at her hole and slowing licking across her clit. She jumped each time my tongue dragged across her engorged clit. Her labia became full and started to swell. I took each one gently in my teeth and pulled them hard.

“Ohhhh shit!!! What are you doing? Fuck…” Eliza was heading into that orgasmic dream world that only multiple orgasms can bring. I released her pussy lip from my teeth as I slid a finger inside her, stroking her g-spot. Eliza dug the heels of her fuck-me sandals harder into my back. If I ever get this girl naked again, I thought, I need her to walk on my back wearing those shoes.

“Ummm….yeah…ummmohhh…yeah.” Eliza was grinding on my finger, building to another orgasm when I thrust my tongue between her lips and began flicking the hood of her clit really fast. 40 years of eating pussy taught me a few moves. Eliza couldn’t squirm or flail her legs about fast enough. She put her lovely legs straight up into the air and pushed my face into her pussy with both hands. I almost couldn’t breathe, she had me so deep.

“Shit! Yeah! Like that! Just like that! Just like th…!” She didn’t get the last word out before her orgasm took control of her body. She didn’t make a sound, but I could feel her body go stiff and stop moving. All of her being was concentrated at the tip of my finger in her pussy and the tip of my tongue vibrating against her clit. Eliza was going to cum. The only question was, how hard?

“Geeeeeezzzzz…eeeyyyoowww! Damn! Fuck! Shit! What are you doing to me?” Eliza’s legs collapsed back to earth. She loosened the grip on my hair and began idly stroking my hair. “That was unbelievably amazing…” Eliza was drowsy and sort of fucked stupid. My lips, cheek and nose were coated with Eliza’s juices. I tried to wipe my face clean as discreetly as I could.

“Jesse was right, you give amazing head, Professor!”

“Well, you probably don’t get out enough and I probably have eaten too much pussy in my day. You learn a thing or two.”

“You probably don’t know this, but Jesse said you should be a porn star.”

“Ha! Porn writer maybe. I don’t have the equipment to become a porn star.” I was looking around to see if security was coming or if anyone had seen our little orgy at O’Hare. The coast appeared clear. The floor polisher a couple of gates down probably helped mask our noise and prevent other people from coming this far down the concourse. Maybe Eliza thought we were done, but she was wrong…

“Turn around,” I said, withdrawing my head from between her long legs. Eliza looked at me quizzically, still emerging from her orgasmic fog.


“Shut up, turn around and kneel on the chair,” I said, a bit more commanding than I intended.

Eliza lifted herself from the now-wet chair, turned around (putting her ass in my face for a lingering second) and knelt on the cushion, her ass at my eye level, me still on my knees.

“Jesse said you love ass. No one has ever done my ass. Remember, I don’t do anal.”

“Uh-huh,” I said noncommittally, as I gave her ass a hard smack. Her pale ass cheek turned bright pink from my hand. “Just be quiet. I can’t believe no one has touched this ass.” I spread her muscular ass revealing a tiny pink butthole. It was beautiful. It was quivering in anticipation. For an asshole that no one had violated, it was bleached pink and obviously well cared for.

“Well?” Eliza said, looking back over her shoulder. “No one has ever eaten my ass, and Jesse says you’re the best ass pirate she knows of.” Eliza wiggled her bum invitingly, still spreading it and showing me her tight pink hole. I really wanted to eat that ass. Anyone who has read my writings knows I love everything about ass. Nasty, wrong, abiblical, just fucking perfect. At the same time, it is one thing to make the papers for going down on a beautiful girl who should not even be giving you the time of day, it’s another to get busted with your tongue stuck in her anus. But, of course I was going to eat this ass.

“No one has eaten your ass?” I asked as I returned to my knees. “That’s unbelievable.”

“Nope. I guess I date prudes. I’ve asked, even begged. I’ve eaten some ass. Well, Jesse’s, but still.” I spread her ass wider, gazing appreciatively at the puckered pink present she was offering me.

“Well, that ends today. I can’t believe no one wanted to play with this perfect bum.”

“Oh, boys want to fuck me in the ass, but I don’t do anal.”

“Oh my. That is a tragedy with such a tight little ass. Why don’t you do anal? Your sister is the premier assfuck of my life. She loves it.”

“She does. She hated that Justin wouldn’t do her in the ass. She had to hook up with a guy at the gym who loved fucking her ass. She offered to have this guy bust my anal cherry, but his dick was huge. It looked painful stretching Jesse’s ass like that. I could barely get the head of his cock in my mouth.”

There was a story I needed to hear someday, but I desperately wanted to stop talking and put Eliza’s ass in my mouth. She kept talking while I admired her little anal opening and considered how to attack it.

“Jesse caught me one day watching Jerry, the guy from the gym do her in the…ohhhhh myyyy God, yes!!!” Eliza was reacting to the first tongue to ever rim her asshole. Early returns were positive.

“Oh my God, that is amazing!” She was already reaching back, grabbing my hair and pushing her ass onto my face. Eliza was right, it was amazing. My tongue circled her tiny anus, stopping to push the tip into her ass. But Eliza’s virgin ass was too tight for my tongue. This girl needs some anal training, I thought to myself. But her anal sphincter tightened and relaxed as I played with her asshole with my tongue.

“Shit yeah, eat my nasty asshole Professor. Jess is right, you rock at this shit.” Just then I slid finger into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot vigorously. My tongue was stimulating her asshole, my finger her g-spot and I saw her hand was pulling and twisting her left nipple. Every pleasure center of her body was in play. Eliza was going nuts with desire.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, getting into the sensation of having her asshole licked. I began rimming her sweet pink butthole, and Eliza ground her hips against my tongue.

“Spread your ass for me, baby,” I whispered. Eliza reached back and obliged, spreading her ass wide for me. I slid a finger into her pussy and stroked her g-spot while my tongue continued to probe her asshole.

“Ahhh…geez…okay…yeah,” Eliza was beginning to relax and enjoy the attention to two holes at once.

“Try to relax, Eliza. Let me in,” I asked, pushing with my tongue to open her tight hole.

“Uh-huh…trying…I like it.” I had my eyes closed, enjoying her ass, trying to get inside when I heard Eliza speaking to someone else.

“Come here…” she said dreamily. I opened my eyes, startled, expecting to see a policeman about to arrest us. Instead there was a ticket agent standing about five feet away, pants open and stroking a good-sized dick, watching me eat Eliza’s ass. The man, Steve, according to his name tag, came closer. Keeping her ass spread for me with both hands, she spoke to Steve.

“Put it in my mouth,” she said opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to accept Steve’s substantial cock. Steve grabbed her ponytail, holding her fast as he began roughly fucking her mouth.

“Gug…gug…glug…gug…” Eliza was gagging on Steve’s cock as he rammed it down her throat. Saliva dripped freely from Eliza’s mouth.

Sensing that she was distracted, I took my tongue away from her ass and slowly slid my finger up her ass all the way. Her eyes widened and looked to the side to see what I was doing, but she couldn’t protest with a mouthful of Steve’s cock. Now all three of her holes were being probed with cock or fingers. She ground her hips against my hands, sliding her g-spot across my fingertip, and letting me finger fuck her asshole. I could feel her asshole relaxing as my finger slid in and out of her rectum. I withdrew my finger and pushed my tongue into her asshole before that tight little anus snapped shut. The tip of my tongue wiggled in her anal canal.

“Guh…guh…gug…gug…ummmh?” Steve was still throat fucking Eliza hard, but her gagging was interrupted with a bit of surprise when she felt my tongue wiggle inside her butthole. I spread her ass wider so I could probe deeper, but this muscular ass was not giving way easily. My finger, still stroking her g-spot, was about to make Eliza cum again when Steve started making noise like he was about to cum.

“Fuck yeah, awwwh fuck, awwwh fuck, yeah FUCK!!” Steve held Eliza’s mouth on his cock as she squeezed his balls hard as he started to cum. His cock was far enough down her throat that I was sure she was going to gag and spew his semen across his uniform pants, but Eliza took it all. I watched her throat muscles work as she swallowed what appeared to be a large load of Steve’s sperm.

“FUCK…that’s it…swallow it…swallow it bitch…swallow it all bitch!” Eliza obliged, not spilling a drop until she pulled her head from his dick, gasping for air. She wiped his cum from her chin with a long finger and put it in her mouth. Eliza smiled up at Steve as he zipped up and just walked away. She didn’t seem to mind a bit. Eliza’s full attention returned to me and my violation of her butthole. Her hips now gyrated again as she tried to push her asshole onto my tongue. For a girl who never did and didn’t like ass play, she seemed like a quick learner.

“Come on Professor, lick my ass and make me cum…please!” One finger inside and stroking her g-spot, my tongue wriggling quickly, trying to relax that tight sphincter. Her wish was not long in coming true. I could feel her pussy tighten on my finger, and her anus tighten on my tongue as her body shuddered with another hard orgasm, more pussy juice dripping down my hand onto the chair.

“Errrrr….geeez….oh fuck Professor, yeah!” I could feel her strong legs go wobbly as her orgasm sapped her strength and she sank a bit onto her calves.

“God, that is nasty as fuck, Professor!”

“Glad you thought so. Did you like it?”

“Fuck yeah! I came really hard. Shit. Wish I had the strength to do that again, but between you making me cum repeatedly and sucking Captain Eveready’s cock I am pretty spent.”

“Things are starting to happen around here, we need to go.” Nobody had yet entered our little nook, but I could hear food service places starting to stir, and people talking on the concourse. Eliza buttoned her cardigan and stood up, it looked like a very short knit dress and showed nothing—at least as long as she didn’t bend over. She picked up her bag and stuffed her spandex shorts inside.

“All set,” she smiled. Aside from a very flushed face, Eliza looked like nothing had happened at all. She tossed her bag over her shoulder and we headed out into the concourse.

“You going to put your shorts on? It will be cold landing in Albany like that.”

“Ha! You’re right. I just have to find a place to clean up a bit first. Stuff is running down my thigh and I smell like a barrel of fresh fuck. They won’t let me on the plane. We have to take care of you Professor. They will not let you board the plane with that weapon sticking out of your pants.”

“They might have to. It is too busy around here now to find another quiet spot. And you’d get gangbanged dressed like that if I tried to take you into the men’s room.”

“That might be worth a try someday,” she smiled. She was joking, of course.

“Speaking of gangbang,” I said tentatively, “What was that with the ticket agent—Steve—back there. That was a surprise.”

“For me too. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But, it checked two fantasies off my bucket list at once.”

“Really? Do tell.”

“Well, I always wanted to try a threesome, but have been too shy to arrange one. This one kind of arranged itself. And, I have always fantasized about grabbing a stranger off the street, sneaking into an alley and blowing him. This was close enough.”

“Ah. Were they as good as you thought they would be?”

“Hell yeah. I am already thinking of who I want to tag team with back home. And I will definitely be sucking some strange cock in the future. I liked that he just took what he wanted, didn’t ask questions and used my face as a cum dump. That was hot.”

“Glad I could help. There’s a ladies’ room over there. I can wait for you here.”

“Hmmm…I feel amazing, but I can’t say I feel like a lady especially. I feel bad to blue ball you tonight. Fucking Jesse’s professor is also on my sexual bucket list.”

“No worries. Can’t be helped. Hardly the first time it’s happened to me. Hurry back.” Eliza pecked me on the cheek and bounced off to the ladies’ room across the concourse. I checked my phone. Not much going on, as it was the middle of the night, but there were a couple of playful texts from Jess asking what I did to her sister. I wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out?

Suddenly Eliza was tugging at my sleeve, grinning from ear to ear. She hadn’t been gone long enough to clean up, and she did smell of fuck. But she was brimming with excitement.

“Come on Professor. I have the solution to our problem!” She dragged me across the concourse towards the ladies’ room.

“Nope. Nuh-uh, Eliza, not going in the ladies. I’ll get arrested.”

“You’re not. Look at the next door on the right.” A standard door was emblazoned with the symbols for men, women babies and a wheelchair, above the words “Family Rest Room.” Eliza threw the door open, dragged me inside and quickly shut and locked the door behind us. We were all alone. The room was about 5’ by 10’, with a sink, a baby changing table and a toilet with the standard handrails to assist the handicapped. It was perfect. Before I finished looking around the room, I felt a tugging at my pants. Eliza was already on her knees. She opened my zipper and reached inside for my cock. She almost got slapped in the face as my imprisoned cock sprang from its trap.

“Mmmm…yeah. Just like I remembered.” This, of course, startled me.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Eliza looked up at me, stroking my cock and fondling my balls.

“You don’t know? Jess snuck a picture of your cock in China. I used to have it on my phone. Had to delete it when I gave my phone to a friend. It still looks the same.”

“Well, I…ohhhh…!” My response got cut short as Eliza’s warm mouth enveloped my cock. I could tell instantly she learned well from Jesse. Her tongue wrapped around the head of my cock, pausing to take the wad of precum oozing from the tip. She slithered her tongue down the base of my shaft as she swallowed me until her tongue was licking my now-perspiring balls. Eliza definitely topped Jesse in cock swallowing, as she played with the tip of my cock with her pulsing throat muscles while her tongue licked and played with my balls.

Eliza next slid me out of her mouth to take a breath, then, stroking my cock with her hand, she lifted my shaft and began to suck my balls into her mouth, gliding over them with her silky-smooth tongue. No wonder Steve came so quickly, this girl was amazing. Her efforts coaxed another wad of precum to the tip of my cock that she swirled around the head with her finger before slowly licking it clean and swallowing the wad. She looked over her shoulder and smiled.

“I’ve never had sex on a baby changing table! So much symbolism at so many levels!” She jumped up, shedding her sweater so she was completely naked as she climbed up on the table. The table was a bit narrow, so she hooked her knees with her elbows and smiled impishly through her spread legs.

“Daddy are you going to take care of my wee-wee hole and bum-bum? They need daddy’s help!” This girl is so freaking hot, I thought as I kicked off my shoes and got out of my pants.

“Ooooh, Daddy is bringing his big toy for his little girl to play with! Daddy’s girl loves his toy!” Without a word, I stepped over to the changing table. I grabbed her thighs, put my cock at the opening to her front hole and slammed my cock all the way inside her until I hit her cervix. She was still warm and wet from our earlier games, but gasped at having her tight pussy stretched so quickly and violently.

“Oh my God! Daddy! Please!” she whispered. Eliza’s eyes rolled back in her head as she moved her hips to fuck me with her sweet hole. Her dance experience showed through as her pussy muscles were tight, yet flexible and Eliza knew how to squeeze a dick with them. . I was going to have to go slow or she would take my load in a few seconds. I held onto her thighs and began slowly withdrawing my cock from her pussy and slamming it hard back inside. Eliza continued with her baby voice.

“Daddy! Harder! Make your baby girl cum harder Daddy! Are you going to fill my tiny pussy with your boy juice? Are you going to put a baby in my belly today?” As much as she tried to talk smack, her orgasms kept getting in the way. My cock was slamming inside her and she was stroking her clit at the same time.

“Daddy! Daddy! Give…oooohhhaaawwwhhh! Shit Yeah Daddy, again do it again!”

I thought I was going to spew my load inside Eliza right then, between her talk and her expert manipulation of her pussy muscles. I happened to open my eyes right then and spied a small travel size bottle of baby oil. This was just too good to be true. Sliding my dick out of her pussy, Eliza looked at me quizzically, apparently expecting me to add my cum to her pussy juices. I grabbed her head and kissed her hard, taking the opportunity to grab her long pony tail and pull her to her feet. I surreptitiously grabbed the baby oil in my other hand as I guided her across the small room.

“Come over here,” I commanded, Eliza still thoroughly confused, obeyed. I took her to the handicap railing, bent her over and said, “Hold onto the rail.” She again obeyed, wiggling her bum at me. Oh yeah…

“Mmmmm…Professor, how did you know I love doing it like this?”

“Lucky guess,” I said, as I spread a generous dollop of baby oil on my cock. I slammed my slick cock into her pussy. It slid so well…

“Oooomph! Yeah, I like it nice and hard too. Fuck me hard daddy!” I obliged Eliza by sliding out of her pussy and stuffing it back inside her as hard as I could. I had to pace myself to avoid cumming too soon in this impossibly tight pussy.

“Yeah, fuck. Come on Eliza, fuck me with your little baby pussy!” Eliza obliged me by pushing herself onto my throbbing member, wiggling her ass as she slid along my cock. I had her by the pony tail, and pulled it hard.

“Damn Professor! You feel so fucking good. Fuck me just like that, make me cum again!” I slowed down and started probing her pussy more shallowly, rubbing the head of my cock against her g-spot. That’s all it took.

“Just. Like. That. Just. Like. That. You’re gonna make me…ummmm, yeah, fuck.” She squeezed my dick hard with her pussy, almost making it hard to move. I took the opportunity of her orgasmic delirium to squirt some baby oil in the crack of her ass, letting it run across her asshole and onto my dick. Eliza didn’t react until I slid my oil-slick thumb into her asshole, all the way. She startled and tried to pull her ass off of my thumb. I didn’t let her.

“Wait! What are you doing! Don’t do that!” Eliza’s voice betrayed genuine alarm.

“Relax, Eliza. I just want to relax your asshole before I fuck it. Just relax.” I said reassuringly. She wasn’t having it.

“I don’t do anal! I’m too small. No, please!”

“Eliza, trust me, let me try. I’ve done this before, and every woman who was scared of ass fucking before ended up loving it. One woman actually prefers anal to pussy sex. Nature’s birth control she says,” I said trying to lighten the mood. “I’m going to go slow I am going to give your ass time to relax, but I am going to fuck your ass today. Any questions?” I echoed Eliza and her sister’s challenge when they are determined to do something.

“I really don’t want to do this, Professor,” she said as I slid my thumb out of her asshole.

“Well, Eliza, I am not giving you a choice,” I said, positioning the head of my cock at the entrance to her back hole. “Once you get past your fear, you will love it.” I started pushing my cock against her asshole. Nothing. Tightest anal sphincter I ever encountered. “Come on Eliza, you loved the finger in your ass. Relax. Let it happen. Push with me.”

“Ohhhhh…ow…ow…ow…” Eliza said fearfully, but I felt her begin to push herself back onto my cock. She was trying. He sphincter began to give way, if ever so slightly.

Boys who love ass as much as I do will know what I mean. To me, there is nothing hotter than to watch the head of your cock slowly penetrate a tight asshole. No gaping for me, I love to slide the head in and out of her asshole, giving it time to relax before I push all the way in. I love to use my cock to play with a tight asshole like Eliza’s.

As I worked the head of my cock halfway in, then backing off, I could feel her butt hole start to relax a bit. Eliza was still whimpering but taking it.

“Umph…shit…oww…slow down…damn…owww!” My cock isn’t that big, but it is fairly thick, so there was a pretty good stretch left to get the head all the way into Eliza’s ass. Eliza may have been whimpering, but for me, I hadn’t enjoyed playing with a virgin ass like hers for a long time.

“I’m going to push a little farther now. Try to relax, push with me. Exhale hard while I push.”

“Oooffffhh…yikes Professor. Damn. How much more?”

“About another inch to get the head all the way in. Then the stretching will be done. You’re doing fine.”

“What? I thought you were almost there and the head isn’t even in? It feels like your dick is going to come out of my mouth.” She adjusted her hips and took some more cock, spreading her ass a little wider. “Shit let’s just do this. Just get the head in and get it over with.” I grabbed her ass with one hand and pulled the pony tail with the other and just crammed my cock into her ass. I actually went an inch deeper than the head.

“Ow! Damnit! Ouch! I told you I was too small.” It did appear that Eliza’s eyes were tearing up a bit.

“But you’re not sweetie. My cock is in your ass. You stretched and took it. It will stop hurting in a bit.” I started sliding gently back and forth in her ass, going a bit deeper each time. Eliza’s whining turned into moaning as she reached between her legs and played with her clit. She even started talking a little shit.

“Ummm…yeah…yeah Daddy…stretch your little girl’s asshole. I can take it. Are you going to cum in my baby asshole?” I grabbed her hips and buried my cock balls deep in her bum. My balls slapped against her taint.

“Jesus! Wow. Yeah…” Eliza caught her breath. “You know what?” she said somewhat breathlessly, “Do that again. Harder.” I knew then I had taken her to the dark side of ass sex. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass hard. She was as tight as any ass I’d ever had.

“Umph…Uh…Uh…Geez!” Eliza gave a guttural grunt each time I violated her ass, slapping my balls against her taint. During one plunge, she reached between her legs and grabbed my balls and squeezed.

“Stay there…stay there…all the way… I’m going to cum.” With that, her sphincter squeezed my cock as hard as it had ever been squeezed and her hips gyrated wildly as her body exploded in yet another blinding orgasm. She let me fuck her ass some more before repeating the ball grab and erupting in orgasm. The last time she held my balls and turned her head to see me.

“Your cum. My ass. Now.” She pulled hard on my balls as I thrust inside her a couple more times before it was my turn for a blinding orgasm. It started slowly, as precum dribbled from my cock. Then as Eliza squeezed my balls, my cock began spewing streams of hot cum into Eliza’s hot rectum. The feeling of my cock pulsing against her anal sphincter sent Eliza over the edge one more time.

“Geeez! Fuck, Eliza fuck…that’s it…yeah, take it like a good slut. Tell me how much you love my cock in your ass.”

“Umph…ahhh…yeah…I love it…fill my slutty ass with your jizz…give it to me, every drop!”

I came so hard I literally saw stars while I came. Eliza’s knees buckled a bit as she felt her ass fill with warm cum. Soon our spasms slowed and we tried to catch our breath as I slid slowly in her anal canal, trying to milk every last bit of cum out of my balls. As my cock deflated, I could feel my cum begin to drain from Eliza’s ass, down my balls and onto the floor. Her asshole gushed cum when I withdrew my flaccid cock from her ass. One of us finally spoke.

“Damn Professor!” Eliza exclaimed, still clinging to the railing. “You win. I just learned to love ass sex.” She reached behind her and took a fingerful of cum and put it in her mouth. She swirled it in her mouth before swallowing it down.

“Yum. I love creampie. You taste better than that Steve guy.” Just then her face brightened with an idea.

“Quick Professor, go get my phone!” I was slow on the uptake. “I want to take a picture of my creampie. Jesse won’t believe it unless she sees it!” I dug through Eliza’s bag until I found her phone. I noticed she had half a dozen text messages, a lot for the middle of the night.

“Take a close up. Video too. I want to see my first anal creampie.” I obliged, snapping several photos and shooting a couple videos. Eliza even managed to squeeze out a stream of cum for the camera. I helped her stand up straight after I was done with the phone. She grabbed me and kissed me.

“Thank you. Thank you Professor. You really are a great teacher. Come here.” She led me over to the toilet, where she sat down and pulled me closer. I could hear the sound of my cum dripping from her asshole into the toilet. The sound was strangely hot. She pulled me closer and grabbed my cock in one hand, my balls in the other.

“Let me clean you up.” Eliza started with her tongue on my balls, licking up the still sticky cum that had so recently been in her ass. She took several long licks along the shrinking shaft of my cock. It was coated with cum and pussy juice and, I hope, tasted like Eliza’s ass. She was so slow and careful, my cock actually got semi hard and produced a small wad of cum that Eliza ate off the tip on my cock.

“We need to get going,” I said, having looked on the clock on Eliza’s phone. We don’t want to miss our planes.”

“Well if we did, we could just go to a hotel and fuck until the next flight.” Like I will be able to fuck before late next week… I started sorting out the mounds of clothes on the floor. Mostly mine, as Eliza had never removed her shoes or cardigan. As I finished dressing, Eliza slipped on her sports bra. Before handing her her spandex pants, I held them to my nose and sniffed. They smelled so good I even licked them, tasting Eliza’s amazing taste on her shorts.

“Why don’t you keep those as a souvenir?” said Eliza, her bum still dripping jizz into the toilet.

“I would, but you need these. That sweater won’t get the job done.”

“It’s good enough,” she said, buttoning the cardigan halfway up as she stood up. “It covers everything.” I couldn’t argue with that, although I was sorry I was going to miss the show when she sat down. I stuffed her shorts into my shoulder bag. I was definitely going to jack off into those shorts as soon as possible.

We got organized, I tucked my shirt and tried to arrange my hair. Eliza redid her ponytail. As she raised her hands above her head, the sweater rose about halfway up her ass. This girl is fucking nasty, I thought. As we exited the bathroom, there was a group of three or four people who moved away quickly, pretending they hadn’t been listening at the door. Eliza and I laughed and ignored them.

We checked the departure boards and learned that we had to go in opposite directions and quickly. Our flights would be boarding soon. Eliza played with my lapel.

“So Professor, thanks again. I will definitely use what I learned in this lesson.”

“Well, you are an excellent student, Eliza!” We both laughed.

“Professor, what would you think if I came over to visit you when I am done helping Jess in a few weeks?”

“That would be nice,” I replied. “But maybe better if I come over to see you and Jess in Albany. Sounds like there are some lessons you can teach me!” Eliza laughed, kissed me on the cheek and bounced off towards her gate, her ass crack clearly visible at the hem of her sweater.

I headed towards my gate, feeling about as drained as I ever had been. I imagined that people were staring at me, a somewhat disheveled and distracted academic type. I was confident that Jesse and I had a “FWB” relationship and she would not be jealous of a dalliance with her sister. After all, I had gotten some intimate details from Jess about her butt buddy from her local gym.

I don’t remember much about the flight, only that I was grateful to have reserved a limo rather than drive the hour to my home. I flopped into bed about 8:00 in the morning, and didn’t wake up until about 2:00. Only then did I realize that I had shut my phone for the flight and neglected to turn it back on. When I did, I found a series of text messages from Jesse, like “What did you do to my sister?”, “You are such a pervert!” or, “Call me when you get this!” I called Jesse, expecting the worst.

“What did you to my sister?”

“What do you mean? We hooked up, hardly a surprise.”

“Okay, I know. But she was a mess when she got off the plane.”

“Really? She was fine, even ebullient when I left her.”

“So, her hair was a mess, she left a shoe on the plane, and when my son hugged her, we discovered that she had no pants on. And, there was stuff on her thighs that I can only assume was your dried cum.”

“Well, it did get hot at times. We were busy for a couple of hours. You know how it goes.”

“And this morning she says she wants to go see you?”

“She mentioned that. I suggested it was better if I came over when both of you are there.”

“Oh so you think you can handle both of us?”

I laughed. “On the contrary, I am certain I can’t. But you have to admit a threesome with the two of you would be interesting…”

“Okay stud. Bring it. Next month, okay?”

What did I just get myself into? “Okay.”

…to be continued…


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Hell yeah, great shit mate


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Another awesome sequel to the Jessie series. It had me just as wet as the last one's.I recommend you read all of his stories.The Professor is one of the best writers on this site

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