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A good part of this story is true and what occurred on the trip has been slightly improved. The girls were a little younger than what is portrayed here.
Boating Holiday

A good part of this story is true and what occurred on the trip has been slightly improved.

Chapter one:

My name is Mike and I love my boat “Lollypop.” She’s a new Amel 64’ twin mast built in 2014 a true blue-water cruising yacht. The boat has electric winches and in mast furling and below decks there are three cabins and sleeping for eight at a pinch. I’ve been sailing all my life, with my Dad and uncles when I was just able to swim then competition sailing in a VJ sailing club during High School. Through College I sailed with Dad in regattas and got my scuba license.

I’m my own boss now 20 years later and own a software company. I take off every chance I get to sail, I usually ask some colleagues at work if they would like to help me sail for the weekend and do some fishing and usually don’t have to ask more than once, they ask me when I’m going out again.

Dave works in shipping and Ben on the back dock and both love to fish and are not bad sailors and know what to do when it’s their turn to do a watch on board. The boat is easy enough to sail with the three of us and where’re comfortable with her now. We’ve been out on short trips up and down the coast with the longest trip of a week away sailing and fishing the islands to the south.

Dave has a wife, Meg and twin girls Sandy and Shelly, Both about to turn 18 this month and go to the same school as Ben’s girl Celeste 18 (going on 21). My wife Carol and I have a girl too. Bess has just turned 18 goes to the same school as the other girls and plays the same sports, swimming and netball. We love our girl loads and she has me wrapped around her little finger so she gets spoilt terribly being an only child.

All of us, Mum’s, Dad’s and kids had been out on the boat ever since I had bought it and right from the start there was an air of casualness as soon as we left the dock and the Wives took off their bikini tops and didn’t put them back on till we returned to the dock. This made meal times great with all of the nice firm flesh on display, of cause the kids wanted to follow suit and in the end they were running around the boat naked. Back then they were all about just young kids, and we thought nothing of it and occasionally the wives joined in sunning themselves on the deck with the excuse that they didn’t want any strap marks from their bikinis. Safe to say us guys weren’t complaining and sported full on hadrons’ for most of the trip. These days the wives and girls think nothing of stripping off as soon as we’re underway. If they are up on deck they’d keep an eye out for other boats out on the water but below decks they would wander around cooking and playing games and sleeping in the nude. As much as we all loved sailing and fishing the women would have nothing to do with smelly fish or days without a proper shower or bath so this time the wives have opted to stay home and relax with trips to the Day Spa for sauna’s and get some much needed Manny/Pedy’s.

This year wouldn’t be any different as our daughters would be coming along and helping to crew but it would be the first time they had come along without their mums along. You would think that at 18 they would want to be with their boyfriends or out clubbing with the other girls but as Dave put it ‘they tell me that this is the only chance they get to strip off and sun without worrying about getting pestered or perved on by a boy.’ The four girls had it in their heads that they would be su0nning themselves on deck and doing nothing else. Ha. There’s always work to be done on a boat.

On the day we were leaving for our five day trip we all met he at the dock with our duffle bags in tow. The Mum’s spent a long time going over and over how the girls would have to obey the Captain and follow orders as their lives may be on the line. I had spent the previous day restocking the boat with enough food to last the time we would be away and checking all the lines and weather for the trip. We spent a good hour familiarizing the girls with the boat and their jobs as crew this time as we would need them to help with the sales and gear. I went over how everything worked, like the Dingy and gas stove and the safety aspect of sailing.

The sleeping arrangements would be the same as they usually were except the girls would sleep in the same cabin as their Dads and not in the communal lounge. The girls all wanted to share a room, all but Bess wanted to share with me in the aft cabin. That left Dave and Ben sharing the cabin with the two single bunks and the 3 girls sharing the double bed in the other forward birth.

Finally we were off and the guys cast off the lines and we pulled out into the main channel. The girls all huddled together under the Bimini and waved at the other boats as we passed. We had planned to head south again as we were familiar with the currents and islands and knew where to anchor for the overnight stays. Our first night would be 70 NM down the cost at a small island chain dotted with palms and sheltered coves.

As I got into the routine of making passage to our first anchorage the others went below deck and before too long I could smell the food being cooked for lunch. Shortly after Bess came up on deck with a hot dog and fry’s for me. She had changed into her bikini and I was surprised how well she filled it out. It was light blue and she noticed me staring and did a twirl around for me showing off her string bikini bottoms and her front tie top. I knew it wouldn’t be staying on long and she had worn it just to show me. I was flattered.

Next to come up on deck were Dave and Ben in long board shorts with their rods and bait buckets. “We’ll be down the back if you need us Mike” said Ben. “The girls are all getting changed and stowing their gear after eating lunch.” With that they headed aft to fish.

“Can I help you sail Dad?” asked Bess and sat in my lap as I sat behind the wheel. This wasn’t unusual as she was quite proficient at sailing and navigating and could probably do a night watch if it was calm. What was unusual was my reaction to her cute little ass sitting in my lap with me in my Speedos and her in her thin bikini bottoms. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen and poke out the top of my costume, the draw string tight just under the head poking out. She leant back into my chest and put her feet up on the wheelhouse consul just as the rest of the girls came up the stairs, each naked and covered in a thin film of sun screen. First came Sandy and Shelly both would be turning 18 this week and I had stowed some presents for them below. Their nipples hardened as I looked at their chest. Bess made a comment on how she could just make out the lines from their costumes and this made the girls spin and show off their bottoms. I could only gaze and sigh at the display before me, and they giggled at my reaction. Next was Celeste, at 18 she had the almost full figure of a woman but retained her slim teen waist and flawless complexion. Her body also showed white lines where the string ties would be if she wore a bikini. The white triangle covering her mound was so tiny that her bikini was covering nearly nothing when she bothered to wear one. They all shaved their pussies completely and they glistened with the tanning oil they had used.

“You all look lovely, are you going to get some sun on the front deck mats?” I said.

“Yes,” said Sandy and Shelly at the same time as they often did and went off. Celeste asked what all the dials on the consul were for and Bess lent forward and pointed out the different dials and gauges. As she leant forward and pointed my stiff cock was exposed to Celeste’s view and look she did. Then she placed her hand on Bess’s lower back just above where my cock was sticking up. She continued to talk to Bess asking all sorts of questions but lowered her hand till she was stroking my cock head and toying with the Precum leaking out. She pulled the draw string and released my cock from its confines. I was stunned by her actions. We had fooled around in the past to some degree and the girls had laughed when they saw what their accidental bump or touch had caused and our hard cocks rose up. We all had but this was deliberate and full on contact with my stiff cock in her hand. Then she said that she’s like to get behind the wheel if that was all right? As Bess hopped off and Celeste sat down she took hold of my cock and pressed it down on the seat cushion as she sat down with her pussy sitting on my stiff cock.

“This is fun” she said and wriggled about. I put my hands on her hips to quiet her movements before I blew a load. She was pointing to the sails and the rigging and Bess was looking up at the mast and saying something. All I was aware of was that Celeste had adjusted my cock while Bess was distracted and it was now in direct contact with her hot cunt. I moaned and Celeste asked if she was too heavy and should she get up and started to rise.

“No, no stay there.” I knew that if she hopped off I would be exposed to my daughter so I pulled her back tighter to my hot cock now dripping with her juices and mine. As she sat back down she looked to be adjusting her position on the seat but had spread her lips and as she sat my cock my was just inside her moist cunt and as she sat back it sunk in even further.

Bess had a small smile on her lips and leant in and gave me a kiss on the lips as she stripped off her bikini and left to go up front with Sandy and Shelly. Left alone I pulled down on her hips trying with all my might to get as much of my cock as far up her as I could. The tightness was incredible. She leant back on my bare chest and sighed. “I’m on the pill,” was all she said and started to Jill herself off. As she got close to Cumming her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock and I pulsed till I filled her with cum. She sat up and we came apart and she left saying she had to use the head.

I had just enough time to put my now soft cock away when Ben came up and said that he would take watch for a while and give me a break. He’d just use the head and be right back. While he was gone I took in the view of Sandy, Shelly and Bess lying out on the foredeck cushions. They had applied tanning oil and they all looked great. They lay on their backs their lovely little breasts on display. Sandy and Shelly had long legs with toned muscles from swimming and I could not get over how hot they looked. In Bess’s case I could see her slit slightly open and she looked to be aroused. Sandy rolled over part way onto her sister and lay with a leg draped over her sister’s upper thigh spreading her legs open to my view and showing that one of her lips was also slightly open now and glistening with moisture. She ran a finger along her pussy lips and dipped the digit in to her moisture and brought it up to her sisters waiting lips where she spread the pussy juice over her mouth and inserted her finger between her sister’s lips. I sat there stunned. Bess glanced up my direction and then whispered to the other two girls and they all looked up and gave me cute little girl finger waves and giggled. I waved back automatically then laughed out loud. They had set me up and I had taken the bait.

Ben still wasn’t back so I set the autopilot and went down to the galley. I got a drink and heard voices coming from the forward cabins. Now the internal walls of a boat are made thin to save weight but that also makes it as though there isn’t a wall at all when someone is talking on the other side.

I heard Ben say, ‘What surprise?’ and Celeste reply ‘Suck my pussy and find out my cuckold daddy.’ Then nothing till ’Yes that’s right lick me clean. Drink in that cream pie.’

I was in shock. I never pictured Ben as a cuckold and not to his daughter. I turned and saw Dave just heading down the stairs so I said ‘Hi. Just getting a drink do you want one Dave?’ I listened for any voices coming from the rear cabin, but all was quiet now as I handed Dave his drink and went back up the stairs.

I sat at the helm and digested all that had happened in the last hour. I had gotten a hard on over my daughter sitting in my lap. I had fucked Ben’s daughter and he had eaten her out knowing it was full of cum. Sandy and Shelly had put on a very lovely and sweet lesbian show on the deck and knew that I would be watching and as I sat back down I looked out the window to see that the girls had spread their legs and lay out totally nude, just amazing.

Dave came back upon deck and we both admired the tabloid of young flesh before us. “It’s unbelievable how fast they grow up.” He said, “just look at them, firm young flesh, great little tits and the sweetest of pusses’ you’ve ever seen. It’s not that long ago that I was playing Marco Polo with them in the pool and now it’s a full on grope session with me getting groped. Not that I’ll ever complain mind, I love it and I suppose they are into that inquisitive stage now anyway and allowing them a bit of leniency now and then will only broaden their view of their world. This trip will be good for them and I’m hoping they will be that much more mature at the end.” I could only agree.

Chapter two:

That evening we pulled into our mooring and tied down to a mooring ball for the night. After a meal of Mac and Cheese and 3 bottles of wine we were all feeling pretty mellow. With the boat decked out to sleep 6 and there being 7 on board it was decided that Bess would sleep with me in the rear cabin, Ben and Celeste in the double bunk room and Dave, Sandy and Shelly in the other double bed cabin. But during the night things changed. We had decided long ago that even when at anchor or moored we should have someone on watch. We had heard stories of ships being boarded at night or just waking to find your dingy missing. Dave was up on deck for his stint at watch which left Sandy and Shelly alone in their cabin. It was not 5 minutes later that there was a knock at my door and Shelly said that they didn’t feel comfortable sleeping without dad there and could they sleep with us till his watch was over. That wasn’t due to be over till 6:00. I said OK and shuffled over. There wasn’t much room so it was decided that Bess being the littlest would lie on top of me and Sandy and Shelly would sleep on each side of me. That went well for a bit until I got a cramp and asked if I could bring my arms up and put them under the twin’s shoulders and they could rest their heads on my shoulders. That went well for a bit until I felt a hand exploring my balls inside my boxers. The hand found what it was looking for and started to stroke my now hard shaft. Bess was lying with her legs spread outside of mine and the stroking caused my cock to lengthen and start to poke at her pussy. It’s then that I realized that it was her pussy that I was feeling and not her panties.

I felt my cock head rub along her slit and her moisture lube the head then stop and nudge her entrance. She must have felt something because she sighed and wriggled a bit to get more comfortable and then it slipped in and the head was lodged inside my daughter’s young teen pussy. She rested her head on my chest and sighed. “Love you Daddy.”

Oh my God. She must have been awake the whole time. Was it her hand that had been stroking me? Knowing this made me harder, knowing that she was OK with this happening. I couldn’t hold her because my shoulders were pinned down by the twin’s heads. The twins! Were they also awake and knew what I was doing? I looked to my left and saw two blue eyes looking back at me. Sandy kissed my lips and cuddled closer. I looked to my right and found two big blue eyes looking at Bess and kissing her mouth and Bess returning the kiss. I heard, “Thank you for helping he wouldn’t have gone this far without your help.” And they kissed again. Yes I felt used but in a good way, you know, happy to help in any way that I could and I pushed up into my little girl’s pussy, she sat up and rode me for the next 20 minutes till she came in a big way, shaking and shuddering and releasing a torrent of girl juice onto my cock. She slowly slipped off and Sandy took her place and we fucked for while till she came and Shelly hopped on board and we ended up Cumming together with the help of both Bess and Sandy sucking on her tiny tits.

It was 0500 when I woke to find that it was just me and Bess in bed together. She was lying there just watching me sleep. As I opened my eyes she leant over and kissed me. “Just in case you’re worried, were all on the pill. OK?” I hadn’t stopped to think of that last night. Typical bloke but in my defense nothing was planned by me last night.

“Do you want some coffee?” asked Bess.

“Oh yes. That would be lovely. Thank you.” And with that she hopped up and took off towards the galley, still naked from last night. I got up and used the head and slipped into my Speedos and met her and Celeste both naked in the galley. Celeste had a whole lot of toast made and Bess was pouring out mugs of coffee. Celeste took one up to Dave at the helm and I heard him give her a wolf whistle and she came back down giggling.

Next Ben came out of his cabin and he was naked. He was looking down till Celeste saw him and told him to get over here and make himself a coffee, which he did and joined us at the table. “I told Dad that he should go naked for the rest of the trip and he agreed didn’t you Dad.”” Yes.” he said.

We all laughed at his meek manner in front of his daughter. She sat there casually talking to us all while stroking her Dads cock under the table. She didn’t try to hide the fact and he leant back and let it happen in front of us all. Sandy and Shelly looked on waiting for the expected end. But Celeste stopped just as it looked like he was about to pop and said that she was going up on deck to sun herself. “It’s your turn to go on watch isn’t it Dad?’ she said and went up the stairs. We watched as he got up with his cock waving in the air as he moved off to take up the watch.

Dave came back down and he had a look of surprise on his face. “Ben just relieved me on watch and he had a hard on and Celeste is naked. Is this going to be a great cruise from now on or what” and we all laughed. Dave got himself a coffee and retired to his cabin for some well earned sleep. He dropped his shorts before entering and his girls ran off after him. We heard laughing and giggling coming from their cabin.

That left Bess and me. I said “I’m going to make a light breakfast for myself and then check the weather for our next leg of the cruise.” I said as I dropped my costume and kicked it out of the way. “Do you want anything?”

Bess looked at my semi hard cock and smiled. “No thanks Dad I might go up on deck and take in some sun with Celeste.” And off she went. I couldn’t take my eyes of her cute bum and remember the feel of her pussy from last night as she mounted the stairs. As she got to the top she paused and looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her bum. I blew her a kiss and hardened up immediately.

I got up, hard on and all and moved to the galley and made another coffee and toast, while there Sandy and Shelly came out saying that their Dad needed to sleep. They wormed their naked way into the small galley and I could see their being some fun times to be had around meal times if we were all in here and naked at the same time. They deliberately backed into my stiff cock and felt me up unashamedly. Of course I retaliated and pinched their little tits and fingered there cute pusses’ but eventually I was too aroused put my hand on Shelly’s head and got her to kneel down and suck me till I came while kissing Sandy. I kissed them both passionately then moved to sit at the nav station. Our next stop would be only 2 islands away about 50 NM to a sweet spot that we found where there was a reef and good fishing to be had. The girls could snorkel and dive off the boat in perfect safety.

Up on deck everyone was out on the sun pads all naked and glistening with sunscreen. I stopped and spoke with Ben about our next leg and about leaving this afternoon if the weather held. He started to say something then stopped.

“Mike I don’t quite know how to say this but I should say something. My wife and daughter like to treat me as their cuckold and Mike. I like it. There is something about it that turns me on like nothing else. So understand that what she does to me and how I respond, I do of my own free will. OK?”

“I understand to some degree and I like think that she’s not going to physically hurt you at all.”

“No she never wood. We love each other but she gets off on this side of me too and I’d do anything for my little girl.” he said and I could hear the conviction in his voice.

“Well now that that’s over welcome to the first inaugural naked cruise of the good ship “Lollypop”. We toasted this with a clink of our coffee cups and laughed.

Chapter Three:

The rest of the day was spent swimming au naturel and sunning ourselves. When Dave woke up we made a quick trip to shore to have lunch to a local café and got some very nice and cheep local wine.

Back on board we quickly lost our clothes and we boys got hard watching the girls move around and playfully getting groped by them. As it got time to leave we settled into the seating under the Bimini and we relaxed as we got underway. Being naked while the wives were on board was fine as we could go below decks and get some relief with them after looking at the girls all day, but with the wives away and the girls jus as naked all day the boys cocks were hard all the time and the occasional touch by the girls kept them that way. I was behind the wheel but watched as the naked crew sat together and chattered away and played with each other, stroked a breast or fondled a stiff cock. The underlying sexual tension was almost visible. With a following breeze we made good time and got to our next anchorage just on Dusk. We dropped anchor and found that we were the only boat there. It was so calm and quiet and as evening came and the stars came out. It was so dark that we could see a sky absolutely full of stars right to the horizon.

After a dinner of steak cooked on the grill and salad finished off with the local wine we were all very sleepy after a very full day and not much sleep last night we all called it a day and went to our cabins. I didn’t call on anyone to do a watch as we were on our own here but I had the security cameras on and to indicate with a bell if there was any movement on deck.

After being naked all day it was no surprise to find Bess lying on her side naked and smiling when I came in and lay down. Straight away she was kissing me and fondling my cock which soon became hard I ran my hand down her back and held her butt, so nice. She was so cute and it was so nice just to lay here and cuddle but I wanted more. I wanted to taste my little girl to lick and nip at her Clit to feel her shiver and shake as she came on my tongue giving me her spice. I got her sit up then to wriggle up till she was astride my face and facing my middle then licked her lips and dipped my tongue into her depths. She moaned and bent forward to lick my cock then took the head into her warm and moist mouth. I was in heaven. We stayed like this, lightly licking and sucking each other which slowly built to a crescendo of passion that burst upon us in an orgasm that I have never experienced. She spun around and we cuddled and slept till daylight, totally drained.

In the morning I woke before dawn and made my way to the head and then the galley for coffee. As the galley is toward the middle of the boat I was able to hear sounds coming from the rear cabins. I could hear Celeste telling her Dad that he couldn’t cum till she had and then only using her feet and to keep licking. From Dave’s cabin I heard. ‘My jaw is hurting Daddy your too big let Shelly have a turn now it’s my turn to be licked.’ I had to laugh. It was warm and I thought I’d have a swim before breakfast. Naked I made my way up on deck to find we had another boat about 1000 Meters away. There looked to be someone up on deck so I waved and she waved back. I dove in the water and slowly swam to shore and lay panting face up on the sand.

My snooze and dreams of my daughter were interrupted when cold water was dripping onto my cock. I opened my eyes to find a young girl of about 17/18 with long wet hair starting at my cock and dripping water from her long blond locks. She had on a high cut full swimsuit that was so tight that it left little to the imagination and being white it was nearly transparent when wet.

“Well hi” I said. “My name is Mike what’s your name?”

“Elsa. That’s our boat. My mum and Dad are Ingrid and Olsen. We sailed all the way from Sweden in our catamaran. You’ve got a big dick. My daddy’s dick is small.” This girl was so open and honest; it was refreshing to hear her talk. She sat on the sand at my hip height and put her hand on my semi hard cock and straight away it became a rod in her hand. We heard her name called out from her boat and she looked up. It was too far away down the beach to make out the figure on the prow of the boat but Elsa said “that’s my Mum I have to go, adjo” and she was off running down the beach and as she got closer to her boat she dove in and swam.

I didn’t hear Celeste come up the beach until she said “What are you looking at?” and we both looked out at the cat bobbing in the water.

“There was a young girl just here named Elsa and she had to go home.”

“And she left you like that.” She said pointing down at my hard on.

“Well, yes. In my defense she was pretty cute, blond, long legs and a cute Swedish accent.”

As I was saying this Celeste had taken my cock and was slowly stroking it.

“Would you do something for me?”

“Sure what would you like?”

“I’d like you to fuck me and fill me with cum. It’s still early and if we’re quick I can get back and give my Dad a present I know he’d like.”

“You really do love him don’t you?”

“Yes. I’d do anything for him and I like to give him what he likes and that’s to be dominated. Mum and I like to gang up on him and see how far we can push him before he just can’t take anymore then we let him cum and he cums hard every time.” And she laughed.

“Come on she said I’ll race you to the boat.’ and she was off like a rocket.

By the time I got to the boat she was laying out on the sun pads and almost dry. She spread her legs and welcomed me on top of her. She shivered as I lay on her but soon overcame that as my cock stiffened up and I entered her soft lips and moist tunnel. The sun was just rising as I started fucking this young teen and 10 min later I filled her up with cream. She kissed me and slowly moved inside keeping her surprise deep inside her.

I was sound asleep when Dave and Ben woke me and asked if I wanted to go fishing. There idea was to take the dingy ashore and fish off the beach. I said I’d fish and snorkel of the boat and keep an eye on the kids and the boat.

My idea worked out great. I was able to catch 5 Cray and spear a Yellow Fin Tuna about 7 Lbs. Swimming with 4 naked nymphs wasn’t hard to take either. As we had so much freshly caught fish I asked if the girls if they could swim over to the Cat and ask them if they’d like to join us for dinner at 17:00. We should get in a good dinner until the sun was due to set at 18:16.

I started to marinate the Tuna and clean the Cray just as Dave and Ben returned with the fish they had caught, a dozen whiting and 2 Snapper that we cleaned and put in the freezer for later.

The girls had returned and said that the Nilssons would be here by 16:45 and would bring some Snaps that they had been keeping for a special occasion. Bess sat next to me as I cooked and told me about the Nilssons. They were from Sweden and had been married for about 19 years and had had Elsa before they got wed. Ingrid was 29 and Olsen was older at 46 but owned his own design firm that worked with Volvo.

“What did they say when they saw all of you girls naked?”

“Mr. Nilsson couldn’t take his eyes of Celeste but Ingrid and Elsa thought the idea of being naked while on board was great and suggested that we could have dinner all totally naked. As we were going Olsen offered to take us back in his dingy but we said no thank you and dove in and swam over.”

That afternoon they came along side in their Dingy and tied off. Ingrid was in some short shorts that hugged her firm rear and had on a tube top with no bra. She looked the spitting image of her daughter down to the long blond hair and blue eyes. Olsen had on some swim shorts and no top but was very buff for his age. Elsa wore shorts and a bikini top that was a bit small for her and stretched across her chest making her nipples extend.

“Bess had mentioned that you might all be naked when we arrived but it didn’t seem right to turn up naked the very first time we met you all so we wore a minimum to make us feel more comfortable” said Ingrid.

“That’s fine. I said “It’s second nature to us now and as you see from our all over tans we’re like this all day.”

I think that Olsen was more outgoing than I had first thought as he said that his wife and Elsa could remove their tops if they liked as everyone else was naked anyway. They smiled and slowly removed their tops and after everyone smiled and welcomed them to our naked or near naked dinner they relaxed.

The dinner went off without a hitch and the meal was liked by everyone. The two Snaps were gone in a snap so a few bottles of local wine were consumed to round off the evening. Olsen was a very funny guy and had us all in stitches by the end of the night. It was decided by the girls that they would meet up in the morning at our boat to go snorkeling after breakfast. I think Ingrid was keen to have some alone time with hubby and agreed.

Again everyone was keen to go to bed after a busy day and we turned in early.

Celeste was very pissed and Ben had to help her to bed and later in the night as I was up to get a drink I happened to hear Ben having a go at Celeste that she had drunk far too much and needed a good spanking. What surprised me was that Celeste was getting off on the spanking and before too long I heard Ben driving home the point by driving home his cock in her pussy. As the noise was coming to a high Dave and the girls came out of their cabin and we all stood in the lounge listening to Celeste getting well and truly fucked by her Dad and loving it. Dave had a hard on and it was getting attention from Sandy I had a hard on and the same attention was being given me by Shelly. Both girls knelt in front of us and swallowed our cocks taking our loads as Ben was delivering his to Celeste. I gave Sandy a passionate kiss in thank you and she hugged me and said ‘any time Mike’.

I went back to bed and cuddled with Bess who was happy to nurse on the tip of my cock as she used to do on her pacifier. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I woke slowly to the sound of voices getting closer and closer. “And this room is mine that I share with Dad.” It was Bess showing Elsa around our boat and here she was showing me with my morning wood to the girl in the boat next door. I opened my eyes and saw both of them standing in the door way and to my shock Ingrid was also there with her hands over her eyes and giggling and blushing like mad.

Bess walked into the room followed by Elsa but Ingrid stayed at the door. She had got over her shyness and was looking at my wood. “Dad Ingrid and Elsa wanted to see the boat so I’m showing them around.” I casually sat on the side of the bed with my cock sticking out and said good morning to both girls. Ingrid said something in Swedish to her Mum and indicated my hard cock nearly touching her daughter’s hand. Her mum replied “ja väldigt stort.”

I said to Bess that she had better knock on the cabin doors and make sure that everyone else was awake before just going in. “OK” she said and off they went. I yelled after them to put the coffee on before you do anything else. That left Ingrid and me alone with me sporting a huge hard on. “We usually go around naked all day and night on board and that’s why I’m not dressed.”

“You sleep naked with your daughter?” she asked.

“Well yes we are all naked all day every day. Ben is naked with his daughter and Dave is naked with the twins. Don’t you ever get naked on board?” I asked.

“Sometimes by accident Olsen will catch Ingrid naked but we don’t go around naked all the time.”

“You should try it if just for one day. Call it a naked Sunday and stay naked for 24 hrs. It’s refreshing to see how people will be themselves when they are naked.”

“Our bodies are nothing to be afraid of, ever swam naked?”

“When I was younger our family used to swim in summer and sauna in winter.”

“Where is Olsen this morning?” I asked.

“Oh he can’t handle his Snaps and is sleeping it off. He woke earlier got something for his headache and went back to bed.”

“Well come on then now’s your chance to swim naked.” I caught her hand and as I was going through the door way I deliberately brushed it against my cock. I let it go and she left it there resting on my hard cock we stood there for a moment and I put both my hands on her shoulders and she looked down. She eventually wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze. “Let’s go swimming.” I said. She was reluctant to let go but did when she heard her daughter up on deck laughing at something Bess had said. Naked I walked ahead of Ingrid and up the stairs. When I got up there I saw Bess and Elsa both dive off the end of the boat totally naked and surface some 10 feet away and yelling for us to join them.

I watched as Ingrid slid down one shoulder strap of her one piece and then the other and then lower the rest down to her hips. This was having an effect on me and I was very hard. She turned away from me as she dropped the rest of her swimmers to the ground but this afforded me a view of her curvaceous rear. She stood and took my hand before we both jumped in. After swimming for a bit and occasionally touching this bit or that Bess said “let’s play Marco Polo.” This was also played in Sweden. Suddenly I was ‘IT’ and had to close my eyes and follow the sound of the others shouting Polo. As I swam around with my eyes closed I was groped sometimes by three hands at once and always on my wood. I peeked and saw Bess dive underwater and felt her lips around my cock. I peeked again when I felt lips again and saw Ingrid surface just in front of me with a big smile on her face.

I was soon tired and said that I was going to the beach for a rest. We all agreed and ended up sunning on the beach lying side by side and enjoying the sun. The girls soon got tired of this and wanted to see what everyone else was going to do for the day and swam back to our boat. Ingrid rolled to her side and asked if I wanted to see their boat. I said that would be nice and could I go like this indicating my cock lying flaccid across my leg. She thought for a bit and casually toyed with my dick making it stiff and said she thought it would be OK. She would tell Olsen that this was your custom to stay naked while on board. Still playing with my cock she started to stroke it and rub the Precum over the head and down the shaft. She rested her head on my stomach and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked. She rolled over and sat astride me with my cock aimed at her pussy and slowly lowered herself down till she was full.

“I’ve never felt so full. You’re touching places that are still virginal.” And she began to rock back and forth making sure to bring her Clit into contact with my shaft. Her breathing increased and she stiffened up and held her breath then shook till she finished and clasped on to my chest. I held her hips and started to ram my meat inside of her. I watched her chest move back and forward as I pounded her pussy. I came in a rush and filled her up. She shook and shuddered and said that she could feel it going off inside her. After a while we walked hand in hand down to the water to clean up then swan the rest of the way along the beach till we reached the Cat.

Olsen heard us climbing up the swim ladder and came to the back of the boat. He didn’t seem all that surprised that we were naked and after a quick conversation in Swedish he dropped his shorts and displayed a modest half hard cock. We spent a nice morning aboard and I was impressed with the 45 Ft Cat and all the space they had. He was an avid sailor like me and in fact we had a lot in common. Bess and Elsa came on board and both stayed naked in front of Olsen who took in the young girls with admiring looks. Soon it was decided that we should go back and see what the others were up too. Elsa asked if it would be alright if she went snorkeling with Bess and the other girls in the morning as we would be leaving tomorrow for a new anchorage further south. Olsen agreed only if he could come too. So it was decided.

Back on board Lollypop we found everyone in the water swimming around and diving off the prow. Bess joined in the fun and I went down to check the weather and the chart plotter for the next day’s sail.

Chapter Four:

That afternoon Dave had got a bit sun burnt on his back and the girls spent a lot of time covering him with aloe to soften the skin. All was soft except one bit and he would go back and lie down and one of the girls would go back and help him out. Once it was Celeste who went in and came out 10 min later only to go straight into her and Ben’s room and close the door. She winked at us and smiled.

Dinner was a bit of a cookout on the grill eating the whiting Dave and Ben had caught the other day again with a nice salad and lots of wine.

That night we heard Ben and Celeste having words and then later the sound of her getting a spanking and moaning for Ben to give it to her harder please and much later in the night the sound of them fucking well into the morning.

Dave was also moaning but because of the sun burn. He couldn’t lie on his back and would wake up when he would roll over. Sandy and Shelly slept out on the lounge near the galley.

In my cabin I heard all about the day Bess had had. She had come back to the boat and she and Elsa and had made some coffee for everyone. They took coffees into Ben’s cabin and found Celeste with Bens cock in her mouth and she was sitting on his face. They stayed for a bit and Celeste showed her technique then left the coffee’s and took some more into Dave and the twins cabin. There they found Dave with his cock in Shelly’s cunt while she ate out her sister. Dave smiled and started to pump harder eventually pulling out and spraying Shelly’s back with his seed.

“Well Elsa sure got a show then didn’t she?” I said.

“Later after breakfast we all went swimming and played Marco Polo and I got felt up by Ben and Dave at the same time. Ha. It was a lot of fun.”

“And now I get to cuddle with my favorite man in the whole world.” And she kissed me. I felt so loved. She snuggled up to me and rested her head on my stomach and nursed on my cock head again. I could get uses to this. That is how Elsa found us in the morning with Bess nursing on my cock head. Without waking us she climbed onto the bed and snuggled up to us holding my shaft and sucking on the head Bess was the first to wake and started playing with my balls. My morning wood was set to blast off and I opened my eyes to see this amazing site, one blond head and one brunet head giving me so much pleasure. I could only say. “I’m going to ….” And that was all I got out before I filled her sweet mouth with my baby juice and she in shock withdrew my cock and Bess took up the challenge and swallowed the rest.

After catching my breath I managed to say “Good morning you two. That was an excellent way to wake a Daddy up.”

The both cuddled up to my sides and we hugged till we heard someone else in the galley and smelled the coffee. When we left the cabin we found Dave making coffee and he looked as if he hadn’t had much sleep. He smiled when he saw both girls come out of my cabin and gave me a wink and a high five then groaned in pain as his burns hurt him again. He was certainly a deep red from the top of his shoulders down his back and his bum.

“Maybe a good day to stay out of the sun, what do you think? Get the girls to layer you with Aloe and go and get some sleep.”I said

“Yea I don’t think I’d be much good for anything else. I’ll take this coffee back with me and ask the girls. I’ll see you later around lunch maybe.” And he trudged off to his cabin.

“Well first breakfast then some snorkeling.” I said. I held onto the girls little bums as we walked into the galley, there we jostled for position to reach this or open this cupboard. It was a lot of fun and a lot of touching. Eventually we sat down with cereal I had a girl on each side of me and their hands were on my cock the whole time keeping me stiff.

We heard the dingy bump against the hull and knew that Ingrid and Olsen had arrived. Elsa hopped up and brought the two of them below. They were both naked and seemed at ease with it. I got up to get some coffee for them. They saw my half hard cock and I shrugged. “It happens a lot on a boat full of pretty girls.” Olsen just nodded his head in agreement.

Everyone came out of the cabins as the smell of coffee permeated the boat. First were Sandy and Shelly who took a coffee back to Dave then returned and sat with us. Then Celeste came out with Ben in tow and they went to the kitchen and got some toast and jam. “As soon as everyone has eaten we’ll get to this snorkeling.” I said. 10 min later we were all in the water with face masks and flippers. Ingrid and Elsa looked so fine in the water with their long blond hair flowing behind them. I caught Olsen looking at Celeste now and again and sporting a chubby the whole time. Back on board I went and got some towels and put them on the back swim platform for everyone to grab as they came out of the water. Ingrid came up the swim ladder and I helped her out of the water. We both stood there and laughed at the antics of the others in the water. She put her arm around my waist and said “Thanks for yesterday I hope we can meet up again at another mooring.”

I smiled and pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head. I looked out over the clear water towards the beach and thought I could just make out a couple on the sand locked in an embrace and then was distracted by the twins and Bess mucking around and diving just off the swim platform.

The twins were the first out and lay out on the foredeck, then Bess and Elsa. Celeste and Ben swam up and hopped out and went down stairs. Celeste had big smile on her face. Olsen waved from the shallows near the beach that he was headed back to his boat as it was close to check on it. We shouted OK and he swam off.

I went to the helm and checked the weather one last time before plotting our next leg Ingrid leant over the map with me and our hips touched. I ran my hand down her back and cupped her rear. She did the same to me and we turned into each other and kissed. My cock extended up between her slightly spread legs as we kissed till I was sawing it back and forth between her pussy lips. I lifted her up and sat her on the raised helm chair and slowly slid my cock into her depths. She had her head back and moaned as I pumped her cunt. We slowly made love and had a quiet cum then we kissed for the longest time. It was time to go.

It was sad leaving but we promised to get together when next we met. The sailing community was a small lot really and we were always running into each other as we cruised around, keeping in touch via the Net and two-way radio. They stood naked on their deck and waved as we sailed past onto our next mooring some 100 NM away to a marina and resort nestled in a bay of a large island with a town and fishing fleet. The center of the island was an old volcano and was covered with lush tropical forest and was largely untouched due to the steepness and rugged terrain.

Sailing with a following wind, we made good time and found ourselves resting in the salon or sitting and chatting under the Bimini and taking in the thrill of sailing. Dolphins played of the bow and Dave caught a Yellow Fin Tuna off a trailing lure that would feed us for days. I slowed our speed and did a reef to the jib as we got close and motored into the marina just on dusk. I refueled the boat just in case we struck some calm wind on our return journey.

After clearing customs we wandered around the town and bought some fresh fruit and vegetables and of cause ice cream for the girls. The girls bought some overpriced scarfs/sarongs and we headed to the marina to call home and check in with the wives.

They were all at home at my place and were well into the second or third bottle of wine by the sound of it when I rang and insisted that we have a good time as they were having a great time. Some old school friends had met up with them and they were enjoying talking about the good time had while they were at Uni. It’s times like this I wish I had installed the security cameras that a buddy of mine was selling through his security firm. They were cloud based and had minimal impact visually in your home. I’d see about that when I got home.

Dave and Ben talked to their wives and both suspected that a bit of hanky-panky was afoot. But who were we to take the moral ground.

I had sex with my daughter and both of Dave’s girls and Bens. I’d had Elsa suck me off and taste my cum and fucked her Mum twice. I wasn’t one to talk.

Dave had had sex with both of his girls and Celeste and I’m pretty sure he fingered Bess with Ben while swimming.

Ben had fucked his daughter and eaten cream pies from both me and Dave and I suspect Olsen.

It would be interesting to see what would happen when we got home.

Chapter Five:

The marina was great and had a live band playing Calypso that night. The scene was very casual with us boys wearing cargo shorts and button down shirts and bare feet the girls in their sarongs with local flowers in their hair and bare feet. Everyone danced and we had a bite at the seafood buffet and tried the locally made Rum. It was a magical night and it wasn’t over just yet.

On the way back to the boat we were all feeling no pain. I had my arm around Bess and my other hand held a bottle of the local rum and Dave had both of his girls cuddled up to him and even Ben had an arm around Celeste’s waist and she rested her head on his shoulder. Dave pulled out a Baggy that he got off the bartender. “It smells really good if I’m any judge and the bartender says that he guarantees that it will get us high.”

Back on the boat we stripped off and sat out on deck. We passed the joints around till we were all giggling. “I just want to say that this is the best cruise that I/we have ever had and I’m already planning our next.” To this I got a rousing applause and kisses from Bess.

“I want to formally invite you all to the next cruise of the good ship Lollypop, the naked Caribbean cruise.” Cheers went up and each girl came and gave me a hug and a kiss.

A cool breeze had sprung up and felt great after the heat of the day. I checked the lines to the dock and threw on another two then secured all the hatches and locked down the dingy. I went down into the cabin and everyone was sitting on the lounge and kissing their dads. Bess ran up and started kissing me. “We girls want to play a game” said Bess a guessing game. OK dad.” “Sure” I said or was that the weed talking. I wasn’t sure.

The girls got up of the laps of their dads and put on blindfolds then bent over the dining table pointing their rears up and out for us dads to see. Bess tilted her head back and explained that each dad had to fuck their daughter some then move onto the next daughter and so on and till they were about to cum then tap the girl on the back where she will swing around and suck off the dad. The guessing comes in when you have to guess which dad gave you the best orgasm. “Sounds like a plan?”

I lined up behind Bess and Dave and Ben did the same to their daughters only Dave had the choice of two.

Ben was first and slid balls deep into Celeste and started pumping. I followed suit and soon had built up a good rhythm. Dave had Sandy Cumming in minutes and quickly swapped over to Shelly. “This is your birthday presents girls.” He said.” Enjoy”. Celeste and Bess came at the same time and we swapped and I fucked Celeste. Ben slid in slowly as if to prolong the feeling. He had his eyes closed and a smile on his face. Bess had her eyes closed and was humming. Celeste was squeezing my cock with her incredible pelvic muscles and I pumped and pumped till she came, nearly collapsing. I moved on to Sandy then and fucked her with a fury yelling out towards then end when I tapped her on her back and she turned and took my cock into her mouth and just held the head as I emptied my balls. Dave had given Shelly a good orgasm and had moved on to Celeste when he also smacked her bum and said ‘now little girl, now.’ She turned just in time to catch his load. Ben was still sawing in and out of Bess and they looked as if they were enjoying the experience. He pulled out and she turned and sank down on to his cock sucking his seed deep into her tummy.

Ben and Celeste were the first to wander off to their cabin then Dave and the twins. Bess and I tided up and I locked everything down. There was a soft rocking of the boat and I knew we would be soon asleep.

In the morning I was wakened early by the sounds that accompany being moored at a marina. Lots of people waking and making breakfast, people getting underway for a cruise or up and about excited to be moored in a new place. I got up and hoped in the head for a quick shower, the benefits of being hooked up to shore power and water. I was soon joined by Bess who said that I needed to shave and not just my face. She said that ‘we girls’ have to shave our pusses’ and that us guys should be clean shaven too. So as I stood in the shower she squatted on the floor and proceeded to give me a pubic shave. Oh and a BJ while she was there.

I asked if I could shave her too and she said that that was the plan all along. I didn’t mind this chore at all and gave her a nice orgasm while I was down there. When we came out for some coffee Sandy and Shelly looked down at my newly shaved cock and balls and grabbed Dave and whisked him into the bathroom. Later he said that he will probably get the girls to keep his lawn mowed all the time now.

This would be our last day on the water and visiting foreign ports if we turned around now we would have a 220 NM return journey that as the winds stood would take us two days hugging the coastal islands as much as we could. I never like to push my boat so I would take it slow.

Chapter Five:

After breakfast at the marina we headed out to sea again eager to lose our cloths and feel the freedom of the sun and breeze on our flesh. We were beating into the wind for the first few hours then sailed in the lea of some small islands before again having to Tack and Jibe. About 120 Nm we stopped at a small inlet that gave us some respite from the winds and I set the fwd and rear anchors out. The weather was set to be calm in the early hours of the morning then the breeze should come around to our beam and it would be an easy sail for the rest of the trip. It was a little bit rocky and rolly but not too bad we had a light tea of made of fried fish pieces, savory dip and the last of our fresh bread and of cause wine.

This trip had brought us all closer and not just in a physical way. Dave and his girls look adoringly at each other at every opportunity. Ben and Celeste have done a complete turn about and Celeste seems to hold her dad in reverence. Bess and I have a deeper love for each other than when we started this trip. I hope that when we get home we can continue to have such a close relationship with our daughters.

The small island where we were anchored had a small mountain running down the centre and two arms of land that encircled a small bay. The sandy bottom was visible about 20 ft below and fish could be seen darting between the coral bommies across the ocean floor. I told Dave and Ben that I was going to dive on the bommies and see if I could get any Cray for dinner. The girls wanted to go ashore and walk along the beach looking for shells and Dave and Ben wanted to again try their luck fishing from the beach. So after a day of doing our own thing Dave and Ben had a score of whiting and two snapper. I had found two big Cray and a small one. The girls had gathered some driftwood into a pile and suggested we have a cook out on the beach for tea.

It took some time to clean our catch but after that we took the Cray and whiting to the beach with some wraps and Taco shells and had a feast frying them on a portable grill with Mexican spice and special sauce. We sat out on some Logs by the fire and finished off the last of the baggy. It was a Lovely way to finish our day.

Back on the boat I secured the dingy and went below. We were all tired from a long day and the effects of the weed but everyone wanted a glass of wine before bed and we toasted a good trip.

Back in our cabin Bess was very cuddly and clung to my side running her hands through my chest hair and around my stomach.

“What are we going to do when we get home Dad and I have to go to bed in my own room?” Bess asked in a small voice.

“Well you will be going off to college next year and will be staying in a dorm with someone else then. I know you applied for the college in town but we haven’t heard back from them and you did get a reply from Central and that’s a good collage. Everybody gets nervous when they go off to College, I did and so did you mum, but after a while you get so involved in collage life and meet so many friends from all over the country you won’t even miss us, you’ll be studying and looking forward to getting a good job and probably even moving overseas to start a carrier.” I tried to make it sound appealing and interesting but I felt her tears wetting my chest and she started to sob.

I rolled her over till I could spoon up behind her and wrapped her in my arms. I couldn’t think of anything that would make her feel more secure and eventually we both drifted off to sleep.

I lay there in the morning listening to the morning sounds of the waves slapping on the side of the boat and the quiet voices of the others. The wind had dropped off as predicted and we were a lot calmer than yesterday. I had my usual morning wood and it was slowly being sucked by Bess or so I thought but when I peered in the semi darkness of the cabin I saw Sandy’s dark hair falling down around my hard cock. I asked where Bess had gone and she stopped for a minute to say she was with Dave and Shelly. Then continued to suck and lick my pole. I asked her to spin around and she slowly sat herself down on my face and I began to lick her juicy twat. I nibbled her Clit and sucked her lips till she came then spun her around till she was face down on the bed and I rammed my cock home. I was so deep in her that my balls were slapping her clit. She moaned and gripped the sheets with both hands and arched her back to gain as much of my cock as she could. I lifted her arse into the air till I was doing this little girl doggy style and she was loving it and moaning. I was so close but determined to bring her off first. My cock was expanding the head had to twice its size and then she came and squeezed my cock and I released my load inside her. With a grunt I was done and I collapsed on her back panting along with her.

I heard a sound and fell off onto my back and looked to see Bess in the doorway. “Could you two be any noisier?” And she crawled onto the bed and immediately started sucking my cock.” Mmm tasty” and she winked at Sandy. Sandy lay beside me and cuddled into my side and we watched as Bess had her fun. She didn’t want to bring me off she just wanted to be close to me. “Love your cock Dad.” And she kissed the end. She came up the other side of me and cuddled along with Sandy.

“We need to get underway girls so up and at them crew.” I smacked their butts and they reluctantly got out of bed. I no time at all we were all fed and we hauled anchor and with the wind on our beam we were making good time. I predicted we would be home by dark. We didn’t have to tack much and a good deal of our trip was under spinnaker. We entered our home port with plenty of time to spare and started to empty the boat of all the perishables including the fish we had left in the freezers. I transferred all our gear to my truck and helped Bess load the sheets and other stuff that needed washing into the back. Everyone else was at the same stage as we were and I wished them luck as they headed off to their houses. I hooked the boat up to shore power and water then washed down the decks. Bess rang her mum and said that we were on our way home.

At home we parked the truck and went inside. The only thing I brought in was the fish and other perishables for the fridge. The rest could wait till morning. Carol was eager to hear about the trip and that everyone was safe. She fussed over carol and asked if she had an allover tan. “Yes mum we all do even the boys. In fact Dave go sun burnt from the top of his head to his toes.”

“Where did you go?” she asked.

“Just south of here not more than 200 NM away to the islands, we tried the local wine and Rum and had a BBQ on the beach” said Bess. “We met another boat at an island and had them over for dinner that night.”

“Well sounds like a lot of fun “she said.

I smiled “and what about you?” I said. “What did you get up too while we were away?”

“Well we had a little get together with two of the girls that I went to Collage with and their husbands. They were in town for a business seminar and we ended up going out to the club with them and showing them around town. It was a fun night. We ended the night here in the hot tub and swimming in the pool. They crashed on the couches and in the spare room for the night.” She looked down and blushed as she spoke and I knew that there was more to the story.

“Well I’m tired and need a shower so I’ll leave you two ladies to talk and I’ll clean myself up.” As I left the kitchen I heard the two of them start a whispered conversation and giggle fest.

I was just finishing up in the shower when Carol joined me in the shower and hugged me close. “Did you miss me?” I asked.

“Well of course I did but I just wanted to see for myself what your cock looked like shaved.” With that she grasped it and squeezed. I like it and will make sure you keep it that way.”

“Bess told you about the trip then?”

“Yes and I wanted to say thank you. I had my first time with my Dad and it was wonderful and Bess couldn’t stop raving about the good fucking she got from you while she was on the trip.”

I just stood and listened to Carol as she outlined how the trip had been organized by the wives and daughters months ago and that it was up to the girls to seduce their Dads on the trip and enjoy themselves before they had to go off to College.

“So I know you won’t be all that mad that we wives got up to a little bit of wife swapping while you were away.” I held her close under the shower spray and smiled.

“I love my wife” I said. She smiled and we kissed.

The end


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I don't care about punctuation either but I didn't think the story was well written. Maybe it's basically accurate but it didn't read that way. The sex actually sounded boring.


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Yeah I could be a grammar Nazi but I think the story is the important thing and I don't get distracted by missing commas, Etc


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Yeah I could be a grammar Nazi but I think the story is the important thing and I don't get distracted by missing commas, Etc

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