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… she said to me:

“Let’s get better acquainted. I’m KiKi”.

“I’m Joe”, I replied.
We both reached out, embracing each other. Our tongues were closely entwined and our breathing intensified. Our bodies blended together very quickly.

It felt incredible to feel her breasts massage my chest. My cock grew rapidly as she ground herself into me. KiKi’s hands were all over me as I tried to touch all of her at once.

I don’t know why, but at the same time then we both totally slowed our pace. Our touch changed radically. We were relaxed, sharing and really caring about each other.

I took K’s left hand in both of my hands. I began softly massaging her fingers, as well as her palm and the back of her hand. She closed her eyes and took in the feelings. I switched hands and she softly murmured.

I moved to her arms and softly explored them one at a time.

Each of us interrupted the other at various times with soft, gentle, sensuous kisses.

KiKi took my hand and pulled me along. She lead me to her minivan. We both got in back, into an open area with blankets covering a mattress.

We returned to slowly exploring, gently soothing each other. We removed each other’s clothing above our waists. We each got our first sights of the other’s body. K was tanned deeply all over, with plenty of freckles. Her arms were quite muscular.

My hands moved again to her arms, feeling her strength, as well as how smooth and enticing her skin was. She responded, rubbing and soothing my hands and then my arms.

I kissed her smooth stomach, gradually moving upward towards her luscious breasts. They were nice sized, but not large, with nipples increasingly becoming engorged.

KiKi relaxed, making varying sounds as she took in my exploratory touch. Her eyes were closed. K’s sounds gradually got louder, as I neared her breasts. I moved my hands around the edges, gradually, slowly moving towards her nipples.

I was in no hurry and neither was she. We both were very calm, while underneath the calm we felt a lot of excitement. I stopped before I reached K’s nipples, licking and kissing her softness.

I stopped and rested my head on her breasts. Kiki reached out with both hands, holding my face to her delicious boobs.

I don’t know how or why, but I found myself waking up, resting upon her. I had no idea how I’d fallen asleep, nor how long I had slept.

KiKi reversed our positions, moving on top of me. My eyes remained closed, as I felt her explore my chest. Gradually she worked her way around my upper body. She then began gently licking my nipples.

My “mmmmmm” and slightly elevated breath told her how I felt. After plenty of time moving up my body, K massaged my shoulders and neck area, with plenty of soft gentle kisses.

KiKi then reversed her position. She took my boots and socks off as I lay beneath her. K also removed her own foot ware. I then felt one little toe being smoothly sucked.

I moaned a lot as she took each toe into her mouth, softly soothing it with her tongue. KiKi explored my feet with her hands and her mouth. I was so, so comfortable. I alternated a smooth calm with strong reactions to the stimulation I felt.

K slid my pants down, leaving my underpants covering my cock covered. She slowly began working her way up each leg with her hands and tongue. Gradually she got closer and closer to my most sensitive areas.

My cock got aroused, pressing against the material. Her lips got me extremely excited as she licked my inner, upper parts of each leg. My breath grew heated, and she slowed her touch, as my tension built up.

I anticipated her mouth taking my cock in, but then she stopped, and said:

“You’ve got such a nice body. I want us each to savor the feelings”.

She got off of me and I heard a rustle as her clothes came off.

Though I wanted so much to see her nude body, I kept my eyes closed. I took in the feelings that were taking over me. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with KiKi. I felt like she was both a total stranger, and a love who I felt incredibly close to.

Amazing feelings expanded as she explored my body, now using her breasts, luscious pussy, her hands and her legs and gradually more and more of her body.

I felt the soft hair of her pussy tickle me in many places. I felt her erect nipples surprising me over very much of my body. I felt K’s smooth ass nuzzle my face and my chest.

I hoped that my cock would not explode, but that wasn’t an issue. I found excitement and a hell of a thrill, yes. I also felt mixed with this moments of incredible softness, with total peace and relaxation.

Finally, things shifted as she nuzzled her soft, wet pussy on my mouth. With my arms still at my side, I moved my tongue all around the outer part of her incredible mound, feeling some hair, as well as areas where there was only smooth skin.

I wanted to know her. I wanted to take in all that I could. Her breath got intense as her excitement grew. I also mixed my touch from intense pressure to letting up and resting my tongue on K.

KiKi’s outer lips were so soft and inviting. I took my time, taking in her flavor. Gradually her sweetness aroused my sense of smell. K was just so, so hot.

When my tongue entered K finally, her noises got much, much louder. Her movements became much more pronounced. She clearly wanted to experience a major explosion. I, however, wanted to take things much more slowly.

KiKi relaxed in a state of intense excitement. Eventually I sped up my movements, moving one hand up and into her moist, soft cunt. It was not long before she screamed and moved off of me in excitedly in an intense orgasm.

I opened my eyes in wonder at the moment. I saw my most gorgeous love now in this most wonderful moment. I took in both her wonderous body, and my first, expanded vision of something bigger and much more important to me.

KiKi lay back on top of me, as her breath slowed. I felt her sweat and all that came from her body onto me. I held K and we both moved gradually into a gentle, peaceful state.

Again, I drifted. I almost fell asleep again, as K’s energy level seemed to slow.

I then felt KiKi’s hands removing my undies, and my cock’s size grew slightly.

Her hands and mouth now explored my most sensitive areas.

K clearly was in no hurry. Her tongue returned to the inside of my legs. She moved around, so close to my cock and balls, but doing her best to avoid touching them.

Occasionally my cock would flop and touch K, but she limited the touch by deftly moving away from it.

My erection grew intense and I wondered what was to follow. Kiki took her time, keeping my suspense up.

Suddenly I felt her pussy attack me, taking my engorged cock deeply into her. We both responded loudly, as K began moving slowly up and down above me.

Gradually, as she sped up, we both got more and more excited. I heard her get louder and louder, as I neared what I knew would be an intense orgasm.

I tried to extend the moment, but finally I knew it was the right moment. My cock exploded and she reacted appreciatively feeling the cum flowing into her soft inner essence.

(Part III to follow)
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