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“We can’t keep doing this,” Stacie said unconvincingly as she tugged her panties off her waist.

“Why not? We both love it.” I responded.

“Cause it’s incest, and Mom is right over there,” Stacie whispered.
Irresponsible 2: The First Time

3 Months Earlier

“We can’t keep doing this,” Stacie said unconvincingly as she tugged her panties off her waist.

“Why not? We both love it.” I responded.

“Cause it’s incest, and Mom is right over there,” Stacie whispered.

Mom was in the bed across from us. The hotel room in Mandalay Bay only had two beds, and Mom booked the flight so late that all the other rooms were full. Stacie and Mom were supposed to double up, but by the time Mom took her sleeping pills and passed out, Stacie found her way to my bed. We’d been having sex for a few weeks now. It was exciting and taboo for both of us, but it was getting riskier by the day. We’d done just about everything sexually. We’d given each other oral in multiple ways, we’d masturbated together, we’d even done it in public. But the thing I wanted most to do was to cum inside of Stacie. Her pussy was literally the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. I don’t know how she did it. Her pussy was so incredibly tight, dripping wet, and so devilishly hot. It took all my might sometimes to pull out of her, but I did. But that never stopped me from asking.

“Can we do it this time?”

“Do what?”

“You know...” I said, leering down at her exposed and completely bare cunt.

“You know you can’t, Josh. It’s too risky, you might get me pregnant.” Stacy protested.

“I know, but just once?” I argued.

“One time is all it takes, dumbass.” Stacie playfully punched me in the arm, then she tugged on my shoulders and laid me on top of her. I went to sleep in my briefs, so I was naked by the time she got in bed with me. We made out lovingly for a moment. Our hands exploring each others’ bodies. I caressed my fingers across her erect nipples. Stacie has amazing tits. 36 DD, pert nipples and dark areolas that I love to lick all over. Stacie was about 5’6, but she looked even smaller under me, she had a bit of a pudge that I always found adorable, and luscious thick thighs with the ass to match.

We had to be quiet, we weren’t sure how strong Mom’s sleeping pills were or how many she had taken, but she was sound asleep by the time my dick was in my sister’s sultry hole. Her walls gripped me and lubricated my cock with hot juices. We took it slow, making every effort to be quiet, but in doing so, my strokes into Stacie were getting deeper and more satisfying. She dug her nails into my back and bit into my shoulder to keep from screaming out.

“Oh my god sis, you feel so fucking incredible." I whispered to her.

“Keep fucking me. You fuck me so good.”

Our lips met again in a tight embrace. I was grinding my cock into my sister’s love tunnel. She enveloped me and made my cock throb with each stroke. Feeling her soft tits against my chest made our lovemaking even more erotic. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and salivated over it. Stacie let out a low moan that cooed across the room, and then Mom stood up out of bed.

Our fuck session immediately froze. We both locked eyes on our mother. She stood completely erect, frozen still, and took off her clothes. Me and Stacie’s eyes met in sheer confusion. My mom was not unattractive. Stacie gets much of her looks from Mom, but Mom was in her mid 40’s. She was tall, about 5’11, and she was more athletic than Stacie was so she had long legs and a flat stomach, but full hips and nice small breasts. Mom didn't say a word as she disrobed. She had a full sheer pajama suit on, but underneath she wore nothing. There I was rock hard and bare deep in my sister’s soaking wet pussy, and a naked mother standing in front of us.

Then Mom fell back into bed.

Stacie and I were confused again. We weren’t sure if we should move. Then we heard Mom snoring. She was asleep.

“Is she sleepwalking?” Stacie asked.

“I guess so.” I answered, “Do you think she knows she saw us?”

“I don’t know. Do you wanna check on her?” Stacie asked concerned.

“Yeah, we probably should.”

I unwittingly pulled out of my sister and climbed off of her to get a look at our sleepwalking mother. She laid on the bed, awake, but not really and completely naked.

Stacie had gotten up behind me and gone to the bathroom. She came back with Mom’s pill bottle in her hand.

“I didn’t know Mom had a pre***********ion for Ambien.”

I grabbed the pill bottle and read the instructions, “She’s supposed to take two every night before bed...for a guaranteed eight-hour sleep.”

“She’s gonna be out for eight hours?” Stacie wondered.

“Looks like it. This must be some powerful shit. I wonder if she knew it would make her sleepwalk.”

“Clearly not.” Stacie responded, “I wonder if she’ll remember anything in the morning.”

“Only one way to find out,” I smirked. I lifted mom back further on the bed and got in between her legs. My cock was still hard from fucking Stacie and seeing Mom’s bare cunt and knowing it was unobstructed to me excited me further.

“What are you doing?” Stacie whispered.

“I just gotta know what it feels like,” I said. I slowly lined my cock up with mom’s entrance.

“Wait.” Stacie interrupted me.


“Let me taste it first,” Stacie suggested.

I went wide-eyed but watched as Stacie moved in between us, knelt down and began licking our mother’s pussy. She moaned into Mom’s cunt and lapped at her walls with vigor.

“Mmm Josh, Mom taste so good.” She commented. Mom stirred a little, but not too much. The Ambien had done its job. She was out cold. Stacie put two fingers in Mom’s pussy while she continued to tease her clit..”Oh God, Josh. Mom is just as hot as me.”

I stroked my cock as I watched my sister finger fuck our mother. My cock was throbbing with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to feel what Mom’s pussy would feel like on my cock. It was really a dream come true. Every boy’s fantasy was to fuck his mom. To feel the hole he came from.

“She’s good and wet for you Josh,” Stacie said, looking up at me with Mom’s juices running off her face.

I couldn’t have been more ready. Thanks to Stacie’s lubrication, my cock slid inside mom with ease and she was right. Mom’s pussy was fuming hot, just like Stacie’s and surprisingly tight. “Oh fuck Stace! Mom’s pussy is so good.” I moaned as I began to thrust my hips in and out of my own mother’s tight pussy. Stacie paid attention to mom’s tits, as she sucked and fondled them. She was really impressed with Mom’s body at her age.

“Mom is fucking hot. Why would Dad cheat on her?” Stacie asked.

“Beats me.” I responded while focusing on getting the most out of fucking my drugged mother, “But his loss is our gain.” Stacie smiled and resumed teasing mom’s nipples and playing with her clit, making Mom’s pussy even hotter than it already was. “Fuck Stace, should I cum in mom?”

“Of course not. She’ll definitely know what we did if you do that.” Stacie explained.

“But it feels so good.”I protested, “How many times am I gonna get the chance to fuck my own mother?” I asked.

“You can’t Josh. Mom would kill you.”

“Well, you won’t let me cum in you, and Mom won’t know by the time she wakes up.” I reasoned, “Plus, there’s less chance that I’ll get her pregnant.” I sped up my thrusts as I started pounding our mother’s cunt.

“You’re fucking her too hard. She’ll know something was up in the morning.” Stacie warned.

I didn’t slow down, “I don’t care anymore. I’m fucking my mother’s pussy. I’m gonna cum in my own Mom!”

“No, wait! Look, I’ll let you cum in me, okay. Just don’t do it in Mom. Deal?” Stacie bargained.

I slowed my pace, “Really?”

“Yeah, I’ll risk it.” Stacie said, “If Mom realizes we fucked her it could be worse than me randomly winding up pregnant. I could just blame it on a one night stand.”

I took a few more strokes in my mother before I pulled out. Cumming in Mom would’ve been great but there was nothing I wanted more than to fill Stacie’s pussy with my load. She laid down beside Mom and spread her legs in front of me. I lined myself up between her legs and entered her again. It felt like a whole new world. Mom’s pussy had heat and warmth to it, but Stacie’s pussy was on fire. It gripped me like I never left and instantly soaked me in its juices. I pounded Stacie hard, while we kissed next to our sleeping mother. My cock hitting the depths of her walls, Stacie didn’t restrain her moans this time, screaming on each thrust as I fucked her hard, her pussy dripping with sopping wetness that engulfed me. Our sex was thunderous, hard and aggressive. We threw caution to the wind as we were both nearing orgasm.

“Fuck me, big brother. Fuck your sister’s pussy hard.” Stacie moaned.

“Oh fuck yeah sis. Make me cum. Make me cum inside you.”

“Yeah Cum inside me big brother. Fill my little pussy up. “

“Oh shiiiiiiit.” I screamed as my body tensed and I buried my cock to the hilt in my sister and shot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside her. Stacie’s legs locked around my waist as her own orgasm took over her. She shuddered underneath me and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She arched her back as her orgasm ran through her. My body locked in place as I emptied my sack of all its stored up semen. I twitched several times as the last bits of my orgasm left my cock head and into my sister’s womb. We made out for a few minutes afterward until the trills of our seemingly never-ending climaxes finally subsided.

“Yeah, Mom definitely would’ve noticed that.” Stacie finally commented. We shared a laugh.

“Yeah, probably.” I said, “But I’m glad I got to do it with you instead.”

“Me too.” Stacie responded, “But I’ve never cum like that before. I think you cumming inside me helps increase my orgasm.”

“Good, so…?” I questioned.

Stacie chuckled to herself and smiled shyly, “Yes, you can do it again.”

Present Day

“And that’s how it started,” I said with my head down, staring at our dining room table. Mom came back with Stacie from the hospital. She questioned us both about how long I’d been cumming inside my sister. Both Stacie and I decided to come clean. Mom’s face had gone from furiously angry to unsure and now to uncharacteristically quiet. Her mouth was partially open as she struggled to find the words.

“” She finally choked out, “You...fucked me?” Mom asked.

We nodded. Both of our heads down.

“I...can't. I just can’t.” Mom got up from the table and stormed to her room.

“What should we do?” Stacie asked.

“I don’t know. I just know she doesn’t want to talk to us right now.” I said.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house, cooking dinner, and staying out of each other’s way. Mom had taken Stacie to the doctor to see if she was pregnant. Luckily she wasn’t, so Mom immediately put her on birth control.

“She wasn’t that mad, but she was really concerned that you had knocked me up,” Stacie said.

Mom stayed in her room for the rest of the night. Stacie and I decided it was best not to have sex for a while at least until her birth control kicked in and especially to see how Mom was gonna be around us.

We stayed up late watching movies and talking about our relationship until about midnight when Stacie got up to go to sleep. I followed after her but wanted to make one check on Mom before I did.

I knocked on her door, but there was no answer. I turned the knob and to my surprise it was open. I walked in and found Mom on her bed, asleep and completely naked. On her nightstand was her Ambien bottle, and a note that read, “Finish what you started.” I looked at the note stunned. I turned it over to see if it was a joke, but on the back was something else written, “P.S – Cum inside me this time.”

I put the note down, locked her door and started to undress.



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