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- Not for readers under 18, even though some characters are below that age.

- While the prologue itself isn't all that disturbing, the overall story might be for some. Speaking of this prologue, it doesn't have any sex in it, but the rest of the story will have plenty.
(f, F, school, teen, water sports)

The start to a story about Conny, a disturbed teen girl who meets a mysterious and supernatural older woman, named Autumn. Autumn makes Conny's darkest and most innocent fantasies alike come to life, but with some damage to the latter's relationships, like with her best friend Karen.


"Autumn, Conny and Karen"

(Prologue: "Too Much Soda, and a Strange Visitor")

Conny and her friend Karen were getting stuff out of their lockers, finishing up an after hours drivers education class, at their public (but all-girls school) in suburban Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They had recently both turned 14 years old, which meant that right there in the Mount Rushmore State, the two could soon get a permit.

"So this weekend, you wanna come over? We can go and -" Conny, the freckled, pony-tailed redhead began to say, as they both were closing their lockers.

"Sorry, but I'll be busy this weekend!" Karen (an East Asian girl with long hair) interrupted, while quickly hurrying away in the mostly empty hallway. "We'll do whatever on the weekend after for sure."

You said that before about this upcoming weekend, too... the disappointed girl thought to herself.

"Oh, OK..." Conny said out loud, trying not to sound let down, because Karen always seemed to have an excuse lately to not doing anything outside school hours. "I sorta understand. I guess..."

"Bye!" Karen said, without even looking back as she hurried off.

"Yeah... Bye..."

Karen hated disappointing Conny (especially since the former was the latter's only real friend), because she knew her friend had been a shy girl her entire life, with trouble making connections with people. The redheaded teenager had trouble making eye contact, even with those she knew. The introverted girl had anxiety whenever she was around people she never met, or didn't know very well. Lately, Karen was becoming more preoccupied with other things and people (especially a particular person).

After walking a few blocks away from the school (Conny hated walking by herself without her friend), the redhead suddenly realized she had to rush somewhere, too. The high schooler started racing home in the cloudy and windy (but still warm) fall day. Soon, she'd start a live online course with her tutor. She thought it was going to suck, like always, but thankfully nobody was at the house (or so she thought), so it'd be nice being home alone. Afterwards, she thought she'd masturbate to relieve some stress.

Suddenly the teenage girl had to take a major piss. She had missed the tutoring sessions before (from not giving a damn), and her Mother was pretty angry about it. Her Mom wanted her to log in and be with the tutor, 04:30-PM sharp, and that was less than 10 minutes away. Conny simply couldn't afford to miss any others, or even be a little late, so having to use the bathroom first was going to be cutting it close.

Only a block away, there was a park in the neighborhood. It had a small public bathroom building, with three rooms. Conny rushed up the women's door, and turned the handle, but it was locked. She tried the handicapped room, but it too was locked.

"Oh, come on..."

The only option left was men's. The frustrated girl didn't want to use it, but didn't have the luxury of caring, since a males' bathroom was still a bathroom. And of course, as she expected, it was locked. Out of pure desperation, the teenager tried shaking and pulling on the knob, but to no avail.

"Fuck this!" she growled in anger after stopping, before kicking the door a few times.

There was no rhyme or reason as to when they were unlocked for the public. Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren't. She'd now have to wait until getting to her home, still several blocks away. The poor girl hoped she didn't end up pissing her panties before getting back to the house.

The teen girl's home had one main floor, a basement, and the attic, which doubled as her room. After finally getting to her house about 5 minutes later, Conny rushed to the toilet. She slid down the skirt of her mostly gray school outfit, and panties. From there, the teenager sat her bare ass down, relaxed and started pissing. As the young girl sat on the toilet in her uniform, she thought it felt great to finally relieve her bladder.

"Aaaahhh..." she gently sighed in relief.

The teenager looked at her iPhone. She obsessively had been checking the time, as the yellow urine fell from her pink twat, and into the water below. There was only a few minutes left until the session started, but it felt like her bladder was taking forever to empty.

The redhead knew she shouldn't have drank so much Diet Pepsi earlier (not to mention it wasn't that good for her to begin with). Her eating habits were better, however. As a preteen, she was somewhat pudgy, but after changing her eating patterns, she lost the weight and became petite again. Being able to eat what she wanted without gaining weight was something the teen wanted very badly, but her metabolism wouldn't allow it.

"I'll drink whatever I damn well feel like..." she randomly mumbled to herself, thinking about what everyone says about the matter.

Along with the sound of her piss falling into water below, Conny thought she heard footsteps coming from the attic. However, she quickly dismissed the upstairs noise, figuring it was the wind or something, since nobody was suppose to be home right now.

"Hurry up, damn it..." the impatient girl groaned, with a stressed look in her green eyes.

After several seconds (but what felt like several minutes), she was done. The fully relieved girl flushed the toilet, stood up, and pulled her bottoms back up (being in a hurry, she didn't even bother to wipe her crotch or wash hands). The redhead ran upstairs to the small attic/bedroom. She opened the door, glancing at her iPhone again (it was 04:28, so there was only a couple minutes to spare). The young girl's life instantly changed once looking up.

With no light switched on, the attic was somewhat dark, and outside cloud cover made it even more so. However, Conny could tell there was someone there, causing her heart to race. An attractive, petite woman with curly, dark and long hair (with some light yellow streaks running through) in a ponytail was standing right in front of the room's window. She was directly across from her.

"Hi!" the mystery woman said (with a big smile), as Conny switched on the light.

As her heart beat faster, and breathing accelerated, Conny looked the mysterious woman. The light revealed that she was totally naked, except for some black high heels. She looked to be in her late-20s/early-30s or so, and had C-cup tits along with trimmed dark pubic hair.

"Uh - Who are you?" the naturally confused girl asked, looking directly at the mysterious woman (normally the teenager wouldn't look directly at someone, but knew she had to for the sake of being on guard in this case). "And why are you... Naked?"

"Well I could ask you why you AREN'T naked," the brown eyed, mostly nude woman replied.

"I asked who you were," Conny said, getting agitated, but trying to keep calm.

"Call me... Let's say Autumn..." the 5'6" woman replied, walking over halfway (her large heels causing creaking sounds in the attic's wooden floor), and extending her hand out for a greeting. "You could say I'm a witch. Not really, but kinda-sorta. Nice to meet you there, Conny."

"How'd you know my name?" the teenager asked, keeping her distance, and not accepting the handshake (meeting new people in general was very difficult for her, and the fact this nude woman was suddenly in her attic obviously made it more difficult).

"Well you sign your name on your art, which I really like, Conny..." Autumn commented after putting her hand down, and looking around. "A lot of it's really imaginative. A couple kinda suck ass, but most of it's pretty great."

Covering the teenager's wooden, slanted attic walls were highly detailed paintings and colored sketches (all her own work) in picture frames. The pieces varied. Many were nature themed, especially flowers. Others were of people. A few were futuristic cities, while some contained weird, other worldly creatures she thought up. Regardless of what they were about, the bottom of her pieces each said Make the World Beautiful...

"And why are you in my room?" the redhead demanded to know, ignoring the compliment, plus feeling her heart beat faster and faster, as her anxiety got worse.

"Well, if you stop asking questions, I've got a surprise for you," Autumn said, pointing at her dresser against the wall, which contained a square object with a black drape over it.

"I asked why you're in my room, you stupid bitch," Conny growled while clinching her fist, going from anxious to angry.

Instead of an answer, the two just stared at each other. Autumn watched with a smirk on her face, while Conny looked back with an increasingly angered expression. The latter had done her best to be calm, but was becoming infuriated by this woman's lack of answers and trespassing in her room, which was such a private space to her.

"TELL ME, OR I'LL GOUGE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING EYEBALLS OUT!" Conny threatened, while slamming her iPhone to the ground (which broke the screen).

"You considered that option first, before calling the cops?" the naked woman asked, in a dismissive tone. "You'd rather rip my eyeballs out?"


"If my eyeballs are torn out, how can I watch?" Autumn asked, before tilting her head back and laughing. "See? I can ask questions too, ya' little pissed off psychopath."

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Conny yelled while charging.

Being called a psychopath was the final straw which broke the camel's back, so Conny ran to attack Autumn, but the latter just vanished and reappeared in the same spot the teenager had just been, so they essentially traded places. The redhead froze in place, not fully processing what she had seen. The creepy woman literally vanished in front of her eyes, like an illusion that suddenly stopped.

"You shouldn't have such a potty mouth used against your elders," the naked woman commented, after reappearing. "I'll let it slide for now, but keep it up, and you'll be disciplined."

"But how - I mean..." the confused teenager asked, after turning around (her anger was now partially replaced by confusion). "What the...?"

"By the way, you fucked up your phone," Autumn said, while laughing again, and levitating it off the ground for the teenager to see. "Your phone is now as fucked up as you are in the head, but watch this..."

The smashed iPhone screen began to fix itself. Conny watched in awe as all cracks gradually faded within seconds, and in no time, it looked like a brand new device. She wondered if this was some kind of illusion or trick being done on her, along with the vanishing and reappearing, but it was very real.

"You're welcome, brat," Autumn commented before rushing the device right at Conny, but with the latter quickly catching it.

Conny just stared the screen, as she swiped through files on the phone. Not only was the screen no longer filled with cracks, but the touch feature was working perfectly. Plus, some minor scratches on the device before were now gone, too.

"Wow..." was all she could say.

"See that?" the naked woman asked. "That's nothing though compared to other stuff I can do for you."

"Really?" Conny asked, while looking up at her, still barely able to say anything from amazement.

"Yeah, but you gotta behave," Autumn replied, who was now levitating a foot off the ground (which creeped the teenager out). "You'll go farther with me by not screaming that you'll rip my eyeballs out and eat them. Respect your elders."

"Elders? So what's your age?" the high schooler asked while putting her phone away (she could tell Autumn seemed young, but clearly still older than herself). "Like you know I'm only 14, right? I don't even have a permit yet."

"Yeah, so?"

"I mean, you could go on a sex offender list for exposing yourself like this to me," Conny warned.

"Oh, like I give a shit about the law," Autumn said, continuing to slowly levitate higher, now with a deep voice. "The only law that matters is what I say..."

"...and unlike the legal system everyone else has to live under," Autumn continued in a deep voice, now appearing only as a large head the same size as her body, "I grant rewards, not just punishments."

Conny was obviously startled by seeing Autumn as a giant head, right in front of her. Suddenly, the witch wrapped her tongue around the teenager, and it curled around the latter’s body, causing the poor girl to scream. The mysterious woman pulled the redhead into her dark mouth, and swallowed. However, the high schooler instantly felt herself back at the exact same spot where she had just been, standing upright, with Autumn in her basic form, and feet back to the ground.

The teenager kept screaming and thrashing her arms for a couple seconds, before fully realizing things had just gone back to “normal”. She looked around with a very confused look, flabbergasted. The redhead went from horror, to outright numb confusion.

"Do you understand me, little girl?" the naked woman said, back in her normal voice, but with eyes glowing red and sharp teeth for a few seconds.

"Um... Yeah..." Conny replied, too confused by what just happened.

"Good," Autumn replied with a gentle smile, now fully back to normal.

The redhead liked the sound of getting rewards, but still wasn't sure what to think overall. The teenager had such a mixture of emotions in the last few minutes. As would be expected, she felt like there wasn't something quite right about Autumn at all (for very obvious reasons), but figured that if she played her cards right, great things could come of this.

"Well now that we've established who's in charge, don't you wanna see what's under the drape?" Autumn asked while pointing at the dresser.

Being a curious person, the teenage girl went over to object, feeling drawn to it. She was a little afraid to uncover it, not knowing what Autumn had up her sleeve. She removed the drape, and took a look. To her surprise, it was a glass item (about a foot and a half tall, and across), with 3 girls, about 5 or 6 inches tall, crying and screaming.

"What?" the teenager asked, peering to get a closer look.

Conny recognized everyone. Two were girls she knew from the junior/senior high school (both in yellow cheerleader uniforms, one a blonde and the other brown-haired), while the other was a Chinese woman, in her early-30s who co-ran the local antique store, but instead of a cheerleader outfit, was in normal clothes.

"Is this... real?" Conny asked, turning her head back towards Autumn, and not knowing what to think.

"Yes," Autumn confirmed, walking a few steps closer. "Why?"

"You're the one who did this?" the teenager asked, although the answer should've been obvious at that point.

"Why yes. Yes, I did, but never mind that," the evasive mystery woman said.

"Um - Well why did you? And... Why are they all... Small?" Conny asked, turning back to see the prisoners.

"Again with the damn questions," Autumn growled in frustration, still dodging direct answers. "Because. That's why."

"Why don't you answer my questions, BITCH!!?" the frustrated teenager growled back, while turning back to look at her (and hitting the dresser with her fist).

"You really do got a temper, don't you, ya' little brat?" Autumn asked, after laughing. "I can tell you're gonna be one of the funner ones."

"And what does that mean?" Conny growled, trying to calm down and wanting to cooperate.

"Now pick one of those bugs out to start," the witch said, once again not answering. "I'd like to see you figure out things to do to them, but do it one by one. The fun'll last longer."

"What do you - What do you want me to do?" Conny asked, already calming down again for some reason.

"Anything," Autumn said, who now appeared as countless heads on the walls speaking in unison, replacing the framed drawings and paintings.

"OK, what do you mean by 'anything'?" Conny asked, apparently not phased by the countless heads.

"I mean exactly what I said," Autumn's faces explained, as they talked in sync. "I gave you the power to do whatever you want to them. No limits in terms of power, and no taboos."

"No limits?" the redheaded teenager asked, as the witch went back to her basic form.

"Are you dense or something?" Autumn sarcastically asked, sounding annoyed again. "Yes."

Conny peered down again, to take another close look. She wanted to kill the cheerleader girls at least, for different reasons each. It was strange. The redhead hated the two, but never had murderous ideas (although that was now quickly changing). She didn't know what got into her, or if these thoughts were even originating from her, but didn't care much.

Plus, Conny loved the sight of them. They looked so pathetic and helpless, crying, screaming and very small. Anything could be done to them, anything at all. The relatively giant teenager had complete and total power. She also had no trouble looking at them directly into their eyes, because they were now so small.

"You know what? Why the hell not?" Conny said with an evil smile, embracing her dark side.

"Yeah, that's right!" Autumn said, giving her own wicked smile. "Just go with it..."

"Hmmm... I think I'll take out..." Conny said, moving her finger along the glass. "Jessica to begin!"


To Be Continued in Chapter 1...
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