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When sisters Lydia and Kate discover both their children are still virgins, they decide the best way for them to lose their virginities is to each other, and who better to guide the cousins through their first time than their own mothers.
Mutual Assurance

An original story by Starrynight.


Kate and her sister, Lydia, were meeting for their weekly meeting in one of their regular Cafes. With full time jobs, managing the house, and taking care of their kids, they both cherished these weekly get togethers. It was during these times that they could vent and gossip, a glass of wine in hand, and no one around to judge them.

Kate was already sitting, a glass of Chardonnay in her hand and a plate of edamame on the table, when her older sister walked in. Kate was wearing a black pencil skirt, a loose red blouse that showed just a hint of cleavage, and a pair of low black heels. Kate waved to her sister, looking at her gray pant suit, and smiled at her as she walked over, her high crème colored heels clicking as she walked.

"Hi sis." Lydia said cheerfully and leaned down, hugging her younger sister before taking the seat across from her. "What's this?" Lydia asked her sister, pointing to the bowl full of greens on the table.

"I'm trying to eat healthy this week" Kate said and took a sip from her glass.

"You can eat healthy all you want, but we can't break tradition" Lydia said with a smirk and signaled for a waiter who quickly came over. "Hi, I'll take a glass of whatever she's having," Lydia said, pointing to Kate's glass, "and a side of mixed fries" she added with a smile, giving Kate another smirk.

"No problem" the waiter said kindly and walked away.

"I'm gonna be fat someday because of you" Kate said to her sister with a chuckle.

"If I can take the extra calories, you definitely can" Lydia told her younger sister and smiled. Both women were in great shape, with curves you can expect from women at their age. Lydia was a bit curvier than her younger sister who frequented the gym more often, but they were both undoubtedly good-looking women.

"Oh, stop it," Kate said flattered and hit her sister's hand playfully "so, what's up?" she asked.

"You won't believe what happened to me at work yesterday?" Lydia said to her sister and paused to thank the waitress who placed her wine on the table. She took a sip of the wine and started telling her sister the infuriating story. After that, it was Kate's turn to tell some story, and for the next hour they just chatted, like only sisters can, sipping their wine and nibling on their fries happily.

"Did I tell you about Zoe?" Kate asked her sister when they were both nearing the end of their second glass of wine.

"No, what about Zoe?" Lydia asked her sister intrigued.

"You won't believe what I found out?" Kate said with a guilty look on her face, taking another sip from her wine. She leaned closer into her sister and looked into her eyes as she spoke, "So apparently, my daughter is still a virgin" Kate told her sister in a hushed tone.

"What? How do you know? Did she actually tell you?" Lydia asked her sister with surprise.

"No. I went with her to the gynecologist for a standard checkup, he told me after, without her hearing." Kate confided in her sister with a guilty smile.

"Wow, that's quite a surprise, I mean, Zoe is gorgeous" Lydia said, thinking of her petite niece, "Wait, didn't she have a serious boyfriend?" Lydia asked.

"Yeah, they broke up a few weeks ago." Kate said then lowered her tone, leaning in "apparently, he was gay" she said and straightened back as her sister's eyes widened.

"No!" Lydia said shocked "How did I not hear about this until now?" she asked.

"I myself only found out last week. She just burst out crying at dinner one night and wouldn't tell me why. After I pushed her, she told me about it, but made me promise not to tell anyone." Kate explained.

"Good job doing that" Lydia said sarcastically.

"Oh, you don't count" Kate said, taking another sip from her nearly empty glass.

"Thanks sis, I love you too" Lydia said and giggled. "So, are you relieved that she is still a virgin?" Lydia asked.

"Not really. She's at an age where I think she herself is not comfortable with it. Also, guys at that age expect sex from girls they are dating as a given already." Kate said looking worried. "What about Adam, how's he doing?" Kate asked changing the subject.

"I gotta tell you, I'm worried about him." Lydia said. "He's always in his room playing video games either alone or with friends. He has never had a girlfriend and barely goes out. I'm sure he's still a virgin too." Lydia said morosely, finishing her glass with a final gulp.

"Really, I'm surprised you're so sure. Adam is pretty cute" Kate said with a twinkle in her eye that was not appropriate for an aunt when talking about her nephew.

"Trust me, he is. It was much different with his older brother when he was at home. He constantly had girls over and it was clear what he was doing with them, but Adam is nothing like that. I wish he would find a nice girl, even just to take his virginity. I think it would really help his confidence." Lydia said and finished with a tired sigh.

Kate listened to her older sister and her mind started racing. She took in what her sister just said, and when a thought popped into her head, she just blurted it aloud. "What about Zoe?" she asked her sister.

"What about her?" Lydia asked confused.

"What if we get her and…Adam, together?" Kate asked, gaining confidence in her idea.

"You mean like a date?" Lydia asked, looking at her sister like she was crazy.

"No, not a date," Kate said and lowered her voice "they're cousins, they can't be a couple."

"So, what do you mean by get them together?" Lydia asked still confused.

"I mean, maybe they could help each other out" Kate said raising her eyebrows, the innuendo clear in her voice.

"Oh god, you can't be serious." Lydia said disgusted.

"Why not? We agree they both need to get laid, they're both good-looking, and this can help them both out." Kate explained.

"Kate, they're cousins" Lydia whispered with an edge in her voice.

"So? They're not getting married or having children, it will just be sex." Kate answered back. "You know, it's not even illegal for cousins to get married in this state." she stated.

"How the hell do you even know that?" Lydia asked her sister with amusement.

"I heard it on some radio talk show on my way to work. They we're interviewing a married couple who were cousins, letting them tell their story." she explained and looked at her older sister, who for the first time started thinking about it seriously.

"How would we even go about doing something like that. Just throw them in a room and toss in a pack of condoms?" Lydia asked, the thought amusing her. She looked at her sister and they started giggling.

"No, we talk to them about it like adults and maybe even guide them through it." Kate said casually.

"Guide them through it?" Lydia asked shocked "You mean you actually want to be with them as they're doing it?" she asked incredulous.

"Yeah, maybe. I'm not sure I can handle knowing my little girl is losing her virginity in the other room and just sitting there waiting." Kate said, looking worked up.

"Even if they do agree. There is no way they will be willing to have sex if you're there." Lydia told her sister.

"I'm pretty sure Zoe will be okay with it, and regarding Adam, I think you're underestimating the power of a horny virgin teenage boy's hormones." she said with a grin.

"No way I'm leaving you alone with my son while he's having sex with your daughter." Lydia said angrily.

"Then be there too" Kate said like it was obvious.

"What?" Lydia stuttered, blushing. "You want both of us to be there with them while they have sex?"

"Yeah, why not. I'm sure they can benefit from both of us being with them." Kate said.

"And you think Adam will be willing to have sex with his cousin with both his aunt and his mom present?" she asked her sister.

Kate looked at her older sister, and just shrugged. "Only one way to find out" she said with an evil little smile.

"You're really serious about it, aren’t you?" Lydia asked, looking straight into her sister's eyes as she nodded. "I can't believe I'm actually considering this." Lydia said shaking her head.

"Hey, you know it's probably the best thing for both of them?" Kate said sincerely.

"Yeah, maybe. But seeing my son naked, watching him as he has sex for the first time, and with his cousin no less. You have to admit it's fucked up." Lydia told her sister, almost whispering. "It really doesn’t bother you to see your daughter lose her virginity in front of you, to watch her as she's being penetrated by your nephew, her cousin?"

"Of course, it will bother me," Kate said loudly then lowered her voice, "but at least I will be there to make sure he is gentle with her. I can make sure she enjoys it and knows what to expect. It's much better than the alternative if you ask me."

Lydia stared at her sister as she thought it over. She could not deny her sister's arguments were compelling. She knew that they would not be forcing them to do something they do not want to, they would just be giving them the opportunity if they wanted. "Fine, I'm in" Lydia said finally, barely believing what she just agreed to.

"Seriously?" Kate asked amazed.

"Yes!" Lydia said with a slight edge in her voice.

"Wow, okay then." Kate said, still slightly taken aback by her sister agreeing to it.

The sisters agreed that they will do it the following weekend. Lydia's husband was going fishing that weekend with friends and would not be home, and Zoe usually preferred staying the weekends at her mother's house and not her father's, Kate's ex-husband. They decided that Lydia will have Kate and Zoe for dinner Friday night, and after dinner they will propose this to their children.


There was still plenty of daylight as Kate parked her car in her sister's driveway. She stepped out of the car, wearing a short jeans skirt, a loose white blouse and black flats. She grabbed a bottle of white wine she brought with her from the back seat and waited for Zoe to get off her phone and out of the car. Zoe was wearing a striped shirt, a pair of tight light-colored jeans, and casual white sneakers. She was still on her phone as she stepped out of the car and put it in her back pocket only after her mother made a throat clearing sound. They walked over to the front door and rang the bell.

"Adam, could you get the door? That's probably your aunt." Lydia called to her son from the kitchen.

"Sure mom." Adam called back and got off the couch. He was wearing a pair of plain jeans, a checkered blue and white shirt and was barefoot. His brown shaggy hair was messy as usual as he opened the door.

"Adam!" Kate called out cheerfully as her nephew opened the door.

"Hi aunt Kate." Adam answered back with a shy smile. He leaned in to hug her, not missing the opportunity to feel her large luscious breasts against his chest and offered her his cheek to kiss like she always did. "Hey Zoe" he said, trying to sound cool, and smiled at her. Even though she was his cousin, he couldn't ignore how hot she was. With her shoulder length auburn hair, pretty face, sexy body and tight ass, he found himself thinking about her often when he was alone in his room or in the shower.

"Hey" Zoe said back and returned his smile as she looked at her cousin. Even though he was kind of a nerd, she thought there was something cute about him. With their mothers being sisters and living close by, the would often spend time together and got along well. She moved her eyes away from him, and all three headed to the kitchen.

"Hey sis" Kate said cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen. Lydia was wearing an apron around a high cut white floral sundress with generous cleavage. She had sandals on, was wearing her hair into a high ponytail, and turned around to give her sister a big hug.

"Zoe!" Lydia called out excited and wrapped her arms around her favorite niece.

"Hey aunt Lydia" Zoe said with a giggle and blushed at the warm welcome she received from her aunt.

"I brought some wine" Kate said, showing her sister the bottle.

"Great, thanks. Go ahead and open it." Lydia said, knowing they would both be needing it for what they had planned for later. Kate looked through the drawers until she found the opener and uncorked the bottle with a pop.

"Can I have some?" Zoe asked her mother who looked back at her with uncertainty.

"Yeah, alright" Kate finally said, and a wide smile spread across her daughter's face.

"Mom, can I have some too?" Adam asked his mother, jumping at the opportunity.

"Since when do you drink wine?" Lydia asked her son surprised.

"Since tonight, if you let me." He answered with a nervous smile.

"Okay, but only one glass" Lydia said sternly, and her son nodded with a victorious smile. "You're corrupting my son" Lydia said to her sister as she grabbed four wine glasses.

"Isn't that what aunts are for?" Kate said with a grin and Lydia chuckled.

"Go ahead and take a seat around the table, the food is ready." Lydia said and waited for them to sit down before brining over the food.

Dinner was quite good. Lydia prepared Caesar salad, potato gratin and Japanese style oven-baked salmon. Throughout dinner, Kate and Lydia did most of the talking, leading the conversation while drinking the wine, and occasionally directing a question to one of their children. During the meal, Kate let Zoe have another glass and a half of wine, yet when Adam asked his mother, she reminded him kindly that she agreed only to one glass.

When they finished with the main course, Adam helped his mother clear the table, then sat down while she brought over the raspberry cheesecake she bought for dessert. All four ate the dessert with delight, Adam and Zoe not noticing how tense and nervous their mothers had turned, exchanging silent glances without the kids noticing. When they finished dessert, Lydia offered that they move to the living room, and while Adam and Zoe did just that, Kate helped her sister clear the table, seizing the opportunity to discuss their next steps.

Adam and Zoe were in the living room, chatting casually about school when their moms walked over from the kitchen and stood, looking at them with serious looks on their faces. "Guys, there is something we need to talk to you about." Kate said in an even tone with a nervous look on her face.

"Okay, what?" Adam asked, confused and intrigued by the sudden change in his mom and aunt's demeanor.

"I think it will be better if we talked about it in my bedroom." Lydia said nervously and saw lost looks on the children's faces.

"Talk about what?" Zoe asked with a slight defiance in her voice.

"Just come with us to your aunt and uncle's bedroom and we'll explain there." Kate said sternly and Zoe got to her feet obediently. Adam followed her, rolling his eyes, and along with his cousin, followed his mom and aunt into his parents' bedroom. When they entered the room, Kate slipped her shoes off, climbed onto the bed and sat on her knees, while Lydia sat on the edge of the bed.

"So, what's going on?" Zoe asked. She was standing next to her cousin at the foot of the bed and tried to figure out what this is all about.

"Here's the deal," Kate started saying nervously, "we know you are both virgins…" Kate said, taking a pause and looking at her daughter and nephew as their eyes went wide.

"Why do think I'm a virgin?" Zoe squeaked nervously, her face turning red.

"Doctor Yung told me when I came with you to your last appointment." Kate told her daughter who turned even redder and kept quiet. Zoe could feel Adam's eyes on her and turned to look at him. He was also blushing, and quickly turned away when her eyes met his.

"So, we were thinking," Lydia took over nervously "that you two could, maybe, help each other…with your first time." Lydia said, choosing her words carefully as she studied Zoe and Adam, waiting for a response.

"You can't be serious," Zoe said almost choking after her aunt spoke, "you want us to…to…to have…sex?" she asked shocked. She turned to Adam just as he turned to her and they looked at each other absolutely stunned.

"Yes honey," her mother answered in a leveled confident tone, "we think it will be good for you both to experience this now. And your aunt and I will be here the whole time to guide you through it." Kate said gently.

"You what?" Adam burst out shocked.

"Your aunt and I think, that it will go much more smoothly if we're here to guide you through your first time." Lydia said to her son, trying to keep cool and calm even though she was extremely nervous about the whole thing.

Adam listened to his mom speak and stayed silent as he tried to take it all in. He couldn't believe that his mother and aunt not only wanted him and his cousin to have sex but wanted to be there while they do. He would be lying if he said that he did not find the prospect of having sex with his hot cousin appealing, but having his mom and aunt watch him, was something else entirely. "Can't we have sex without the two of you here?" Adam managed to ask quietly.

"No Adam honey, we don’t think that…" Kate started saying but was cut off by her daughter.

"Wait, you actually want us to have sex?" Zoe called out. She looked at Adam who turned a bright red.

"I don't know, maybe" Adam said with a shrug. He hadn't thought about the fact that his question would also be an admission that he wanted to have sex with Zoe. He was so embarrassed.

"Honey, of course Adam wants to have sex with you," Kate said to her daughter casually. "Look how gorgeous you are. What normal guy wouldn't?" she said and gave her daughter a reassuring smile. "What about you, what do you think about your cousin?" Kate asked her daughter.

"I don't know" Zoe said shyly.

"Do you think he's handsome?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, I guess he's kind of cute" Zoe admitted nervously.

"So, what's the problem?" Kate asked.

"We're cousins, it weird!" Zoe said with a squeaky nervous voice.

"Having sex for the first time is always weird," Lydia said, deciding to take over. "I know it might be scary for you, losing your virginity. You're probably worried it might hurt and you might regret it. But here, at least you know who you'll be losing your virginity to. You know he won't do anything to hurt you, and he will be losing his virginity to you at the same time. Also, with your mom and me here, we can make sure to guide you through it so it will be as painless and as pleasurable as possible for the both of you." Lydia said tenderly, studying her niece's face.

"I'm still not sure we should do this aunt Lydia." Zoe said with a look of uncertainty on her face. Her aunt's words made sense, and she was much less reluctant to do this, but she still wasn't sure.

"How about this," Lydia started saying, "we start doing this, and if at any point any of you feels uncomfortable with doing it, we stop immediately?" she offered. She looked over at her younger sister who nodded approvingly at her plan, then both sisters looked at their children, waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I'm okay with that." Zoe said quietly.

"You're okay with them being here with us and watching?" Adam asked his cousin carefully. He was excited she agreed to give it a chance, but not with his mom and aunt there.

"Yeah. I'm a little scared, and if your mom and mine can guide us through it, I prefer they stay." Zoe said nervously.

"So, honey, what do you say?" Adam's mother asked him as he thought it over. He was torn between wanting to have sex with Zoe, to the embarrassment of his mother seeing him naked and watching him have sex for the first time. He looked at his aunt who he was also embarrassed by, but not nearly as much as his mother.

"Yeah, I guess it's okay." Adam finally said nervously. His eagerness to lose his virginity to his hot cousin much greater than anything else.

"That's great!" Kate said cheerfully and smiled. She was glad they got this far.

"How about we start with you two taking your clothes off?" Lydia offered and looked at Zoe and Adam who turned a bright red. She waited for them to move or say something, but hey just froze, staying silent and motionless.

"Sis, I think we should take our clothes off first, so they'll feel more comfortable." Kate said to Lydia.

"What, you want us to get naked?" Lydia asked her sister shocked. She was not counting on her son seeing her naked.

"Well, yeah, obviously!" Kate said to her sister in an almost mocking tone. "You didn't expect us to stay with our clothes on while they took theirs off and had sex in front of us?" Kate asked. She had intended to be naked from the beginning, thinking it will be less awkward for her daughter and nephew that way.

"I guess I really didn't think about it, but you're right." Lydia admitted and took a deep breath as she got to her feet with her sister right behind her.

Adam and Zoe stood speechless and watched their mothers as they began stripping. Kate started unbuttoning her blouse from top to bottom, revealing her smooth skin and a hint of her black bra underneath. After she undid the last bottom, she slowly peeled her shirt off, exposing her flat stomach and black size 34D bra cupping her large tits. She tossed her blouse aside, and immediately unzipped the side zipper of her skirt. She gave her daughter and nephew a quick look and pulled the skirt down her tone legs, exposing her sexy black panties before stepping out of her skirt.

Lydia watched her sister as she removed her shirt and skirt and only then, did she start removing her clothes. She pulled her hands through the straps of her dress one at a time, then slowly started pulling it down. She soon exposed her white 34DD bra, tightly cupping her marvelous rack as she pulled her dress down. She revealed a smooth pale stomach, only a slight pudge to it, as the dress moved down to her hips. She paused briefly, looking at her son, then continued removing her dress. She pulled it over her curvy hips, over her white cotton panties, and down her legs, then stepped out of it.

Kate and Lydia looked at each other nervously as they stood in front of their children in just their underwear. They gave each other a small nod, then continued stripping. They both reached behind their backs, unclasping the bras, and slowly removed them. Lydia paused to take a breath, noticing her son's eyes on her bare breasts before he moved them to his aunt's who immediately after started pulling her panties down. Lydia watched her sister as she slid her black panties down her legs, and as she stepped out of them, Lydia removed hers, awkwardly pulling her panties down as her son watched her nervously, an almost disgusted look on his young face.

Adam's heart was racing as he looked at his mother and aunt's naked bodies. His aunt was hot, he had always thought so. She was 5'3 tall, with medium length light brown hair. Her breasts were large and round, sagging a little, but not too bad. He could tell his aunt worked out with her tone legs, smooth thighs, flat stomach and round yet firm butt. He moved his eyes along her naked body, studying her nice boobs, large pink areolas and small nipples. He moved his gaze down her smooth stomach and could feel his cock twitch as he looked at her vagina, her labia slightly spread to reveal her pink interior, and her mound covered with a wide landing strip of brown pubic hair. He gave her body another glance, then his eyes were drawn against his will to his mother's body, just as she stepped out of her panties and stood in front of him completely naked.

A look of disgust formed on Adam's face as he saw his mother naked for the first time. It was not her body that disgusted him, but that thought that it was his mother. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but look at her. His mother was 5'4 with long brown hair which she wore in a high ponytail. Her breasts were very large and round, larger than her sister's and naturally sagging a little more. She had smaller areolas than his aunt's, about the size of a quarter with the same pink shade and with longer nipples. His mother was also a bit curvier than his aunt, with a hint of a belly, a bigger round ass, and thicker thighs, but all while still looking in shape and even sexy. Adam felt bad about looking at her as he instinctively ran his eyes along her body, finally stopping on her vagina. He was disgusted with himself for getting turned on by looking, noting her labia was pink and puffy, and her pubic mound covered with an untrimmed brown bush. As soon as Adam realized he was getting hard, he moved his eyes back to his aunt.

As opposed to Adam, Zoe just looked at her aunt and mother casually as they stood naked in front of Adam and her. She had seen her mother naked before many times in changing rooms, spas and the likes. It was though, her first time seeing her aunt naked. She looked at their naked mature bodies shamelessly, acknowledging how sexy both women were, and thought to herself that she hoped she would look as good when she was their age.

"Your turn." Kate said with a light smile after letting her daughter and nephew ogle their naked bodies for a few seconds in silence. It was embarrassing displaying her bare body to her teenage nephew yet at the same time strangely exhilarating. She noticed Adam checking her out, blushed, and when she noticed the bulge forming in Adam's pants her heart started racing.

Adam and Zoe looked at each other awkwardly then down at the floor. Adam took a deep breath, then started stripping. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt, took another breath, then pulled it over his head. He was not as scrawny as his aunt and cousin thought and had nice strong biceps that became apparent without his baggy shirt.

Zoe watched her cousin as he removed his shirt and knew she needed to do the same. She looked at her mother, then at Adam, and followed his lead, pulling her striped shirt over her head. Underneath, she revealed a flat pale stomach and a light blue bra that covered her cute titties. She tossed her shirt aside and blushed, sensing Adam's eyes on her. Zoe took another breath, then stepped out of her shoes, kicking them aside. She looked at Adam who was still looking at her, then unbuttoned the top of her jeans and slid them off, revealing a pair of yellow cotton panties as she peeled the tight jeans down and off her thin smooth legs, leaving her in just her bra and panties.

Adam watched his cousin as she stripped down to her underwear and quickly did the same. He was already hard from seeing his aunt and his mother naked, and the bulge in his jeans quickly turned into a tent in his loose superhero themed boxers. He blushed as the ladies' eyes were on him, studying him as he pulled his jeans over his boxers, then down his legs until they were off. He was left wearing just his boxers and took a deep breath as his erection twitched while pushing against the fabric. He closed his eyes, took another breath, then in one swift motion pulled his boxers down, his erect almost six-inch long manhood springing free as his cousin, aunt and mother all stared at it with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.

Zoe's eyes went wide as she saw her cousin's erect penis in front of her. The moment she laid her eyes on it, she could feel herself getting turned on. She was still nervous about exposing herself to her cousin the same way he just did, but she knew it wouldn't stop her. She gave his cock another glance then looked up into his eyes, seeing how embarrassed he was with three women looking at his naked body. She looked at him as she brought her hands behind her back and saw him watching her as she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, showing him her adorable b sized breasts. She blushed as he looked at her topless body, his erect cock twitching once more, then, trying not to think about it, she slipped her fingers inside her panties and pulled them all the way down, stepping out of them.

Adam has never felt this turned on in his life as he gazed upon his cousin's completely naked body. She was gorgeous, he had always thought so, but without her clothes on it was even more prominent. She had a nervous expression on her face as he looked at her, the shoulder length auburn hair being in perfect contrast to her fair skin. She was so petite, her body looking so tight and lithe. Her little mounds were perky and cute with her small areolas and nipples a bright pink. Her stomach was flat and there was no sign of fat anywhere on her body, with just a slight womanly curve to her hips. All these features were turning Adam on, but seeing her vagina turned him on above all else. Her labia were thin and tight, her slit showing just a hint of pink and her skin smooth and unblemished, only the top of her pubic mount covered with a wispy patch of light brown hair. It was absolutely perfect, and Adam could barely look away.

Kate and Lydia hopped back on the bed and watched their children as they studied each other's naked bodies with nervous curiosity. Kate looked at her nephew's hard cock and bit her lower lip, thinking how yummy it looked. She was relieved he was not too big and not too small, knowing it was a good size to pleasure a woman. Like most women, despite what porn videos and sex stories might depict, Kate preferred a nice average five to six-inch penis to a monstrous eight or nine inch one. It was just the right size to give you an orgasm without any pain involved, and it was the perfect size to take her daughter's virginity.

"What now?" Zoe spoke up after a long tense pause of her and Adam looking at each other while their mothers just stared at them from the bed.

"How about some kissing to get you into the mood?" Kate suggested and looked at her sister who nodded in agreement. She knew her daughter was no stranger to kissing, and heard her make out with her ex-boyfriend, but she had no idea how much experience Adam had.

"Okay" Adam said with a shaking voice and took a step closer towards his cousin. They faced each other with their moms looking at them and took another step forward until they were standing in front of each other. They looked at each other shyly, the feel of being naked still bothering them, then leaned in until their lips met.

It started out a bit awkward as their lips met and they started kissing. They were both careful not to touch each other's naked bodies and stretched themselves uncomfortably as each studied the others lips with his own. It was Adam who finally took initiative and took half a step forward.

Zoe broke the kiss and gasped. She felt something touch her pubic mound and looked down. She immediately took a frightened step backward when she saw it was her cousin's erect penis.

"Relax honey, you were doing great," Kate told her daughter and chuckled as she shied away from Adam's cock. "keep going." She urged them and watched her daughter as she took a deep breath, then stepped forward. This time Adam let out a little gasp as his cousin pressed her soft skin to his erect cock. They looked each other in the eyes and continued kissing.

Lydia and Kate watched nervously as their children made out. It was still a little awkward, but gradually their kissing became more and more natural and started getting hot. They started touching and caressing as they kissed. First, placing their hands on each other's shoulders, then slowly sliding them down their backs, until Adam's hands were squeezing his cousin's tight ass, and she was pressing her naked body into his, her tits pressed into his chest and his hard cock mashed between their bodies. It was clear Zoe was leading, pressing her lips to her cousin's and the first to slide her tongue into his mouth, but Adam was keeping up nicely. He was a natural, and although it was clear he was not as experienced as his cousin, neither woman could tell it was his first time ever making out with a girl.

It was Zoe who broke off their hot make out session. Both her and Adam got so caught up in it, they almost forget their mothers were watching them. When Zoe remembered where they were, she pulled back and looked at Adam, catching her breath as she turned her head to look at her aunt and mother who were studying them with caution.

They stayed silent for the next few seconds watching each other. The only sounds breaking the silence were Adam and Zoe's panting as they caught their breaths. Adam and Zoe slowly moved their eyes questioningly between each other and their moms. "What now?" Adam asked finally, waking their mothers from their trance like state.

Lydia and Kate stared at each other, nodded, then scooted to the side of the bed. "Adam, go ahead and lay down on they bed." His mother said, "And Zoe, honey, how about you try giving him a blowjob." She added turning red just like her son.

Adam's eyes grew wide at his mother's words and he quickly climbed onto the bed and took his place on his back with his rock-hard cock pointing up. His mother and aunt were on their knees on the bed next to him, and Adam blushed as they stared down at his hard dick from only inches away. He quickly moved his eyes to look at his cousin and watched her as she stepped over and climbed on the bed to his right, across from his mother and aunt.

"Honey, do you want me to show you how to get started?" Kate asked her daughter, ignoring her sister's leer, as she took her place next to Adam whose cock twitched in response to his aunt's offer.

"No, I got it mom!" Zoe said in a condescending teenagerous tone and reached for her cousin's penis. Even though she was a virgin, she had given more than a few blowjobs in the past. She closed her palm around her cousin's shaft, making him gasp, and started gently stroking him. She smiled to herself as he moaned in pleasure, enjoying the feel of his smooth yet firm rod in her hand, then leaned down and planted a kiss on the tip of his cock. She gave the head another kiss, then stuck her tongue out and licked it. She ran her tongue around the tip of his penis, along the bottom of his shaft, then slid her hand around the base and took the head into her mouth, closing her lips around it.

"Oh fuck!" Adam moaned in pleasure as his naked cousin took his shaft in her mouth and started sucking on it. His eyes briefly wandered over to his aunt and mother who were watching him getting his first blowjob ever. He noticed the women's nipples harden as Zoe took him deeper into her mouth, then shot his eyes back to her and let out another moan as the slurping sounds of the blowjob filled the room.

"Mmm…" Zoe let out as she pulled her mouth off her cousin's dick with a loud suction sound. She raised her eyes to meet Adam's and gave him a small smile while using her hand to stroke his shaft. His cock was really nice, and she was enjoying sucking it. She instinctively looked over at her mother and aunt, blushing at the thought that they are watching her blowing Adam, then leaned down and took his cock back into her mouth.

"Oh god!" Adam moaned as his cousin took his hard cock back into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down while using her hand to stroke the base. She managed to take it a little deeper each time until she gagged briefly and stopped trying to take it deeper. She continued bobbing her up and down his shaft, taking over half each time, which was more than enough for Adam who felt pleasure greater than anything he felt before. He watched Zoe as she kept going expertly, the pleasure raising and raising until he felt he was going to explode. "I'm gonna cum!" he called out, sensing he was only moments away.

Kate watched her daughter, wondering what she was going to do. Kate was getting wetter and wetter from watching her daughter blowing her nephew and wasn't sure she would be able to keep from touching herself when things escalated between the kids. She studied her daughter as she bobbed her head twice more, then pulled her mouth off and started sliding her hand up and down Adam's shaft as fast as she could.

Adam groaned as the pleasure built up until he couldn’t take it anymore. His cousin was masturbating him now and he let out a low grunt as he started ejaculating. He closed his eyes, hearing a female gasp, and let out a series of moans as he came. Searing pleasure shot through his body as his cock twitched in Zoe's hand. He squirted his load up into the air and onto his belly while Zoe continued to milk him with delight.

Lydia gasped as she watched her son ejaculating in her niece's capable hands. It was disgusting watching her son cum yet so perversely hot she couldn't look away. She watched her son as he closed his eyes as he came, his body shuddering with pleasure, and was disgusted with herself for getting turned on, feeling a distinct wetness between her legs as she saw her baby boy shooting his load.

Adam opened his eyes as his orgasm faded away and immediately turned red at his mother, aunt and cousin looking at his receding cum covered cock. He couldn't believe his mom just watched him cum and just laid there breathing heavily as Zoe gave his cock a final stroke and let go.

Kate watched her nephew's cock mesmerized as it started going limp, then started looking around. She reached for a box of tissues on the nightstand and handed it to Adam. He placed on the bed next to him and started wiping his cum off while the women watched.

"You want to…um…lick my...go down on me?" Zoe asked nervously after Adam finished cleaning himself.

"Yeah, okay" Adam said nervously and looked up at his mother and aunt who were nodding to themselves approvingly. He sat up, throwing the used tissues away while Zoe took her place, laying on her back on the bed.

Adam looked at his naked cousin lustfully and climbed back onto the bed at her feet. She was clearly nervous and watched him attentively as he moved his gaze from her eyes down along her breasts, to her tight virgin vagina. She shivered as he placed his palm on her right knee and slowly slid it up, her body growing warmer while he did the same on her left leg.

Zoe was breathing heavily as her cousin's warm hands reached her soft thighs. While she had given her fare share of blowjobs, no one has ever licked her pussy before, and although it was something she wanted for a long time, she was nervous about Adam doing it. She watched him as he gently massaged her thighs, the sensation good and already helping her relax. She watched him as he leaned down, placing his lips on her left thigh, then helped him by spreading her legs.

Adam's penis was beginning to stir once more as he got his first good look at Zoe's tight pink flower. It was so perfect he couldn't help himself, and within moments found himself leaning down and placing his lips on the top of her slit. He slid both hands all the way up her thighs and snaked his tongue out, sliding the tip along her slit as he got his first delicious taste of her unspoiled womanhood.

Zoe cooed, a shiver running down he spine, as Adam ran his tongue over her pussy. It sent a small jolt of pleasure through her young body and her breathing became heavier as she looked at him with anticipation. He raised his eyes to meet hers and Zoe gave him a small shy nod. Adam in return gave her a nervous grin, then dove back in, gently kissing her vulva all over.

Kate shifted on the bed and moved her hands forwards, placing them over her vulva as she started touching herself inconspicuously. She turned to look at her older sister, but she was too engrossed in the act of her son licking her niece's pussy to notice. Kate slipped a finger over her clit and clenched her teeth to keep herself from making a sound. She began scratching the sexual itch, watching her daughter's tight little snatch getting licked hungrily while doing so.

Lydia was looking down mesmerized, her arousal only growing. She watched her son as he buried his face between his cousin's legs and began licking. She wasn't sure if he had done it before or was just mimicking what he saw in pornographic videos. She assumed the later, but in any case, Zoe seemed to be enjoying herself, watching him and moaning gently as he studied her vulva with his lips and tongue.

Another small moan escaped Zoe's lips as the tip of her cousin's tongue found her clit. He gave it a teasing lick then guided his tongue back down and ran it along her tight labia. He kissed her outer folds tenderly, using his hands to spread her legs wider apart, and kissed a few inches down her inner right thigh. He moved to her other thigh, kissing inwards until he was back to her pussy and gave her clit a tender kiss before beginning to lick it.

"Oh yeah, right there!" Zoe moaned and ran her fingers through Adam's hair. She slid them to the back of his head then pulled him in, pressing him tighter into her pussy as he continued licking her clit. She moaned as he pressed his tongue to her clit then released his head and let him continue exploring her intimate region.

Adam lifted his head from his cousin's sweet muff to take a breath. He tightened his grasp on her upper thighs then moved his thumbs to her pussy and used them to spread her lips apart. His dick was beginning to harden as he gazed upon her perfect pink interior, and he quickly moved his mouth to it and dipped his tongue in.

Zoe closed her eyes and let out a shaking moan as her cousin slipped his tongue inside her cunt and began licking around. He spread her pussy lips even wider and pushed his tongue as deep as he could inside her vagina, flailing it around her love canal with his nose pressed to her small bush. Her breathing quickened at the pleasure he was inflicting upon her and she watched him as he devoured her womanhood. He continued eating her out for another minute or two, swirling his tongue inside of her some more before pulling it out and returning to licking and kissing her slit and clit to her moans. He then pulled back and looked up at her breathless, his face red and glistening with her wetness.

"How is he?" Kate asked her daughter suddenly. Zoe, Adam and Lydia turned to look at her. She still had her hands pressed to her vulva, but she stopped rubbing it.

"Good I guess" Zoe said shyly, still a little out of breath.

"Anything he should be doing differently?" Kate asked her daughter.

"I don't know" Zoe said blushing a bright red and shrugged.

"Then, show me" Kate said to Adam as she started shifting around on the bed.

"What?" Adam asked unsure.

"I want you to…go down on me…so I can make sure you're doing it right" Kate said nervously while getting comfortable on her back next to her daughter.

"Mom!" Zoe called out embarrassed and annoyed. Her voice high and whiny

"Really Kate?" Lydia said incredulous. This was not part of their plan.

"What? I want to make sure my nephew can orally pleasure a woman properly." Kate said to her sister in a firm tone. "Unless you want to do it?" Kate added. She was so horny, and this was the only excuse she managed to come up with to get some action from her handsome nephew.

"God no!" Lydia said. She knew it was disgusting, her son licking her pussy, but it didn't stop her arousal from growing by what her sister just said.

"Okay then. Go ahead Adam, show your aunt how you eat a pussy." Kate said, spreading her tone thighs and presenting her nephew with her sexy mature coochie.

Adam looked at his aunt's naked body on the bed in front of him and advanced towards it. Meanwhile, Zoe rolled a little to the side so her mother could get comfortable at the center of the bed. Adam had always thought his aunt was hot. With her big tits, firm round ass and tone legs he had fantasized about her a few times, but now he was actually going to taste her pussy. His eyes were locked on her vagina as he crawled between her legs. He looked her in the eyes, then leaned down and stole a quick taste, dipping his tongue into her honeypot, her sexual flavor a more mature musky one than her daughter's sweet nectar. He inhaled her aroma, then started hungrily eating his aunt's cunt.

"Mmm, not bad" Kate exclaimed with a moan as her nephew began eating her out. He licked and kissed along her slit, clit and pubic mound, starting tenderly and getting more and more into it. "Don't forget the clit" she said, bringing a hand down to rub it while Adam was exploring her fuck hole with his tongue. He quickly moved back to it and started licking it as his aunt moved her hand away moaning. "You can try biting on it real gently." She said and let out a sharp high-pitched squeal as he did, then moved back down to her slit. Kate continued rubbing her clit and let out a heavy moan as Adam playfully bit her labia, sending a wave of pleasure through her. "Oh god!" she moaned, closing her eyes, and started rubbing her clit faster. "Stick a finger inside my pussy!" she ordered in between moans and moaned louder as he did. "Now start fingering me but keep licking" she said and watched her nephew as he eagerly presses his tongue back to her pussy and resumed licking it while fingering her. Kate started touching herself harder, feverishly rubbing her clit while her nephew licked and fingered her pussy. She closed her eyes, moaning continuously, and breathed heavily as the pleasure heightened. "Oh fuck!" she called, out opening her eyes and looking at Adam. "Fuck!" she groaned as she winced. "Oh, don’t stop. Keep going! Yeah, I'm almost there" she said begging. "Oh my god, oh god, oh god, oh GOD!" she called out, almost crying as she erupted.

Lydia watched as her sister exploded in a powerful orgasm brought on by her son. Kate closed her eyes and squealed with pleasure as she climaxed. Her back arched and her legs began to convulse around Adam who continued to finger and lick her. She stopped rubbing her clit and her eyes flew open, a dazed expression on her face as her body continued to writhe in excruciating pleasure on the mattress. He thighs shook and shuddered uncontrollably as high-pitched moans left her mouth. After another minute of groaning and shaking, her orgasm finally died out, leaving her sweaty and breathless on the bed with her daughter, sister and nephew, looking at her, all amazed and incredibly aroused from the show.

"Wow, it has been a while since I came this hard." Kate said after catching her breath. She sat up slowly and as she looked at Adam noticed his cock was once again rock-hard, even more than before. "I see you liked that too" Kate said amused and grabbed Adam's cock.

"Kate!" Lydia said sternly as her sister squeezed her son's hard cock, something she found herself wanting to do but knew better.

"Will you relax?" Kate said to her sister teasingly, gave Adam's dick a single stroke, then let go, chuckling as Adam's cock throbbed and his eyes grew wide.

Adam moved his gaze to Zoe who looked flustered. He could see her nipples were erect on top of her cute tits and he saw her touching herself while he was eating out her mother. "Do you want us to try to have sex now?" Adam asked nervously and looked at Zoe as she blushed and nodded shyly. "Do I need a condom or something?" he asked shyly, looking at Zoe then turning to look at his mom and aunt. He did not have any condoms and assumed that his mother and aunt brought some if he needed.

"No, we don't need any condoms." Zoe whispered and didn’t notice the way Adam's cock twitched.

"Okay. So, how do you want to do it?" Adam asked nervously, looking straight into her eyes.

"I suggest you start with you Zoe, on your back, and Adam above you." Lydia said in a leveled voice.

"Go very slow, that way it will hurt less." Kate said. She returned to the edge of the bed next to her older sister and looked at her daughter as she cautiously got on her back on the center of the bed.

"Rub your clit while he's penetrating you. It will help." Lydia told Zoe and watched as her son took his place between her niece's legs.

Adam was so nervous he was almost shaking. He spread Zoe's legs apart some more and moved between them on his knees. He noticed his cousin's eyes glued to his one eyes snake warily and placed his hands on her thighs as he moved in. He rubbed her thighs gently, hoping it will help her relax as he took his place between her legs with his hard dick hovering above her pussy.

"Rub your penis onto her vagina a few times" Lydia said trying to sound casual, like she didn't just tell her son to rub his dick against his cousin's pussy.

Adam cringed at his mother's voice but listened to her nonetheless. He grabbed his throbbing penis and started rubbing the head along Zoe's clit just like he saw in porn. It felt amazing to them both, and Zoe let out a soft moan as she watched him doing it a few times before he grabbed his shaft and traced it along her slit, guiding it to her entrance.

"Remember to go slow." Kate told her nephew as she watched the entire ordeal ambivalently.

"And don't forget to rub." Lydia added to her niece and watched her as she slowly started rubbing her clit, a frightened look on her face.

"Here, let me do it." Lydia told Zoe and moved towards her. She switched places with her sister, getting on her knees at her niece's side. She placed her palm on Zoe's smooth stomach and slid it down, over her cute patch of pubic hair, and started rubbing her clit. "Is this okay?" she asked Zoe, thinking her niece will be more comfortable with her doing it than her mother.

"Yeah, thanks aunt Lydia." Zoe said in her hoarse voice and moaned gently as her aunt tenderly rubbed the top of her clit just right.

Adam watched his mother as she began rubbing Zoe's pussy. He looked into his cousin's eyes, back down at her vulva, and pressed the tip of his cock to the entrance of her sacred hole. The warmth radiating from it was incredible, and he took a deep breath then started pushing himself into it, less than an inch from his mother's hand.

Zoe moaned as the head of Adam's cock entered her virgin hole. It felt good but she was terrified it was going to hurt when he pushed deeper. She raised her head, looking down at their merging privates and breathed heavily as her aunt began rubbing her clit faster.

Kate and Lydia watched nervously as their children lost their virginities in front of their very eyes. Lydia witnessed tonight things she never imagined she would see, and no mother should. She saw her eighteen-year-old son naked and with an erection. She watched him getting a blowjob and watched as he went down on two women. She saw at him ejaculate, his erect cock shooting his load onto his stomach as it was being stroked. And to top it all off, she watched him from mere inches away as he lost his virginity to his cousin, pushing his hard dick into her virgin teenage snatch lustfully. She, his own mother, witnessed to all this, but what disturbed her more than seeing it all, was how turned on she got as she did.

Next to Lydia, Kate watched the two with similar feelings, but what she saw until now didn't bother her as much. It was different for a mother to see her daughter naked than to see her son, different to watch your daughter engaging in sexual activity, and much more acceptable for an aunt to get aroused by seeing her nephew naked than by a mother seeing her son. But as her nephew plunged his penis into her daughter she could barely stand to watch. It was much harder for a mother to watch her daughter lose her virginity than to watch a son lose his. Tears filled her eyes at the sight of her little princess with her legs spread as a big hard cock penetrated her tender womanhood. Her little girl was turning into a woman in front of her very eyes and it was her that made it happen.

Adam moaned in pleasure as he slowly pushed himself into his cousin's pussy. He watched the head as it slowly disappeared inside and continued to gently penetrate her. He could feel her walls closing on his cock, reluctant to let him in and used more force as he continued to push. He looked up at his cousin's eyes, her discomfort clear in them, and continued pressing himself into her with great pleasure. He already had a third of his cock inside Zoe's cunt and he moaned as he pushed himself deeper into her tight canal. He kept pushing, feeling her pussy getting even tighter, and continued until she let out a painful grunt that made him freeze.

"It's okay, keep going slowly." Lydia told her son after a few seconds of rubbing her niece's clit faster, making her moan. "Zoe, take deep breaths." She said and nodded towards her son who resumed breaching his cousin.

Adam kept going, moaning at the immense pleasure Zoe's tight pussy was causing him, and studied the painful expression on her face as he pushed himself in as slow and gentle as he could. He saw Zoe close her eyes, clenching her teeth and grimacing from the pain as he pushed his last inch inside her. He pressed his pubic mound into her, accidently rubbing it against his mother's finger before she quickly pulled it away.

"Don't worry, the painful part is mostly over." Lydia told her niece squeezing her thigh tenderly, then moved back a little next to Kate.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Kate asked her daughter with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine mom." Zoe assured her. Adam still had his cock deep inside her, but the pain was mostly gone, and she just felt a strange discomfort as her vagina was adjusting to her cousin's shaft.

"Good. Adam, give her a few more seconds to adjust, then you can start slowly pulling out of her and pushing back in." Kate said guiding.

"You okay?" Adam asked he his cousin sweetly.

"Yeah, go ahead." Zoe said almost whispering and took a deep breath. Adam started slowly pulling out and Zoe felt a strange emptiness when he pulled his cock out to the tip. She took a breath as he paused, then moaned as he slowly pushed his cock inside her, the feeling still slightly painful, but also somewhat pleasurable.

Adam kept quiet and studied Zoe's face as he pushed himself back into her. Her pussy felt amazing as it powerfully hugged his cock, yet he couldn't fully enjoy it seeing the pain in her face. She did not seam to be in as much pain as the first time, but she didn't look like she was enjoying it either. "Does it still hurt?" he asked his cousin sympathetic once his cock was all the way inside her again.

"Yeah, but not as much. Keep going, I think it's starting to feel good." Zoe said to Adam and took a deep breath as he slowly pulled his cock out of her and pushed it back in. This time she only felt a dull pain and it really was starting to feel good. She looked at Adam as he pulled himself out and in again gently, and this time she let out a gentle moan, the pain finally gone and making way to a type of pleasure she never felt before.

"Better now?" Kate asked her daughter after she moaned.

"Yes." Zoe said with a joyous little smile on her face. "It feels good" she added and looked at Adam as he continued penetrating her. "Mmm…" she moaned closing her eyes as her cousin's snake slithered into her pussy yet again, slowly rubbing along her snatch and sending a wave of pleasure through her young body. "Try going a little faster." Zoe said to Adam who nodded and started doing just that.

"Oh god!" Adam moaned as he started going faster. He had his hands on his cousin's spread thighs and pushed his hard dick into her hot tight pussy in a swift motion. It felt incredible and Zoe let out a moan of pure pleasure as he entered her completely.

They were really starting to get into it, building a steady pace of incestuous love making. Kate and Lydia watched, getting incredibly turned on as their children discovered the wonders and pleasures of sex in front of their very eyes. They heard their children moaning as their naked bodies merged and could not look away. Lydia was still fighting her urges and refrained from touching herself, but her sister didn't really care, and even though she recently climaxed, she was horny again and started touching herself as she watched her nephew plunging his penis into her daughter.

"Oh fuck!" Zoe moaned as her cousin shoved his dick into her again. All initial pain was gone by now and her body was alive with pleasure. She looked up at his sweaty face, moaning and grunting, then down at his hard cock and watched as he used it to breach her, each thrust sending a jolt of pleasure from her core to every inch of her body.

"You can switch up and try different positions if you want." Kate offered after they were fucking for a few minutes. Adam stopped thrusting into Zoe, and they exchanged questioning looks.

"You wanna try being on top?" Adam asked Zoe eagerly.

"Sure." Zoe said and waited for Adam to pull out. Once he did, she rolled over to the side and got to her knees as Adam got on his back in her place. She looked at his hard cock lustfully then climbed on top of him facing him. She grabbed his shaft in her hand, feeling her slick juices on it, then raised herself up and over it. She looked at her cousin's face as she lowered herself onto his cock and guided the tip to her entrance. Once the tip was in, she let go of it and watched Adam's face contort with pleasure as she impaled herself down onto his member, letting out a groan of pleasure herself.

"Oh fuck!" Adam moaned in pleasure as his cousin lowered herself onto his cock. It felt amazing having her on top of his cock like that, and he was getting an amazing view of her naked nubile body. He watched her as she moved her hands to his stomach to steady herself, then watched as she started moving up and down his shaft. "Oh my god." He moaned again as his cousin began riding his cock to their mutual pleasure. She looked so hot, her auburn hair matted and an expression of pleasure on her face as she moaned. He watched her perky tits as they bounced provocatively, then ran his eyes down and looked at her perfect pussy, the lips spread apart as it engulfed his cock with each downward motion. He really was in heaven.

"Oh my god yes!" Zoe moaned as she started riding her cousin's cock faster. She leaned into her cousin, moving her hands over to his chest and pressed her clit into him as she continued sliding along his shaft. She kept this up for a few seconds, then straightened back up and continued bouncing on his cock. She watched Adam moan in pleasure as she rode him, then grabbed his arms and put them around her waist to help steady her. With his arms around her, she moved her hands away from him, sat up straight and continued jumping on his cock while moaning and groaning.

Lydia watched her niece riding her son's cock and was fighting as hard as she could not to touch herself. She noticed her sister was masturbating next to her, using one hand to rub her clit while fingering herself with the other, but she was still determined to stay celibate tonight. Her pussy throbbed and begged to be touched as she watched the kids fucking, and her arousal kept growing until she reached a point where her hand found its way to her pussy without her noticing. When Lydia noticed she was touching herself she snapped. She started rubbing her clit with her right hand while she slid her left between her legs and started fingering herself to the sight of her son and niece having hot passionate sex.

"Play with her boobs." Kate suggested, part for her daughter's pleasure and part for her own. She was fingering herself wildly as she watched her daughter fucking her nephew, the sight hot as hell. Both Adam and Zoe turned to look at her, Adam's eyes growing wide as he noticed she was masturbating to them, but he quickly listened to her advice, sliding his hands up to his cousin's delectable tits.

"Ooohh, yes!" Zoe cooed as Adam grabbed her breasts and squeezed gently. He started caressing them while she rode his cock, squeezing and massaging her perky mounds. She closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure, then opened them wide as he moved to her hard nipples. "Oh fuck!" she groaned as he pinched her nipples playfully, causing her to have a mini-orgasm that made her pound her pussy down onto his dick even harder.

Adam was happy he lasted this long and knew it was only because he came once already, but he felt he was getting close. Zoe started riding him faster as he played with her breasts, pounding her pussy down onto his cock hard and letting out high moans so erotic, a guy could cum only from listening to them. Adam gave her nipples a final pinch then moved them away, but Zoe kept pounding her pussy down onto him, each time bringing him a little closer to his impending climax.

Lydia's body was burning with arousal as she watched her niece hammering her cunt onto her son. She had two fingers inside her vagina, fingering herself slowly, and had her other hand rubbing her clit in circles. She watched her son's shaft going in and out of Zoe's tight little snatch and began fingering herself faster, her body madly craving sexual release. She watched Zoe's tits bouncing adorably and listened to her erotic moans. Lydia started rubbing her clit faster and could feel the pleasure bubbling up inside. She stifled a moan as she kept playing with herself while watching and breathed heavily as the sexual tension continued to build up. Her eyes were glued to her son's cock, watching it go in and out of Zoe perfect pink twat while she started fingering herself wildly. She felt the pleasure growing, raising to new and incredible heights with each moment. She shoved her fingers in and out of her muff, rubbing her clit madly until she couldn't take it anymore and she exploded in a powerful orgasm.

Lydia let out a whimpering moan as her body erupted with electrifying pleasure. She noticed her sister, niece and son all turning to look at her, and felt extremely embarrassed, but by then she was too far gone to stop. She squealed as another powerful orgasmic wave tore through her body and closed her eyes as she began shuddering. She pushed her fingers deep into her cunt and kept rubbing her clit, not able to stop as her body burned with pleasure. Her pussy started convulsing around her fingers and she could barely breath as she continued to shake, the scorching pleasure surging from her vagina to every part of her body as it trembled. Her legs, torso and hands spasmed until her muscles gave out and she spilled down onto the bed. She stopped rubbing her clit, her eyes open, and took several shaky breaths as the last orgasmic convulsions ran through her until fading away completely.

"Oh fuck!" Adam moaned as he watched his mother's intense climax while his cousin continued to ride his cock. They were both watching her, seeing her body tremble with raw sexual pleasure. The sight was so hot they could not look away as they continued going at it. Adam knew he was not supposed to get this turned on by watching his mother having an orgasm, but he couldn't help it, and as he watched her, he couldn’t take it anymore. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" he called out and moaned loudly as Zoe continued ramming her pussy down his cock. He let out a loud grunt, then a series of low moans and exploded, pleasure rushing through his body like a tidal wave as he began ejaculating, a shudder running through his body as he shot his incestuous load deep into his cousin's deflowered womanhood.

Zoe was overwhelmed with pleasure as she pounded her pussy down Adam's cock. She had just witnessed her aunt having the most intense orgasm she had ever seen, making her hornier than she ever thought possible, and just when she finished taking it in, Adam started cumming. She was intent on enjoying his cock as much as possible, riding it as hard and fast as she could until within seconds, she felt his cock shooting his warm seed inside of her. She kept going, riding him to their mutual moans as he continued ejaculating inside her, and stopped when he finished cumming. She stopped moving, focusing on the strange feeling of his warm seed inside of her, then climbed off his receding cock with his spunk leaking out of her and laid down on the bed next to him breathing heavily.

There was a long silence as the four of them sat on the bed. Lydia, Adam and Zoe were breathing heavily, Lydia and Adam recovering from their intense orgasms. It was Kate who broke the silence after a few minutes. "Sweetie, did you manage to get off?" she asked her daughter.

"No" Zoe answered shyly, blushing as she looked at her mother surprised.

"Well, that's no good." Kate said disappointed. "Even your aunt and I got off." She added and turned her gaze over to Adam. "Adam honey, I think you should make sure Zoe has an orgasm after treating you so well." She said.

"Yeah, sure." He said obediently. "What do you want me to do?" he asked his cousin as he turned to look at her.

" I suggest you start fingering her and licking her clit at the same time." Kate jumped in. "Does that sound good to you baby?" she asked her daughter who nodded.

Zoe waited for Adam to get up, then she stretched her body on the mattress and spread her legs open. The sheets where she was laying were stained with a combination of her juices and Adam's cum, and as she spread her legs a small stream of cum dribbled out of her pussy and onto the bed.

Adam took his place between his cousin's legs and slid his hands along her thighs. He ran his thumb along her slit, over her clit and slid it along her pubic mound and stomach until reaching her tits. He played with them briefly as Zoe cooed, then leaned down, took her right nipple in her mouth, and sucked on it.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time." Adam said with a devilish grin as Zoe moaned in approval. He moved his mouth to her other nipple and latched on, sucking on it to another of his cousin's moans. He licked and sucked her nipples, squeezing and caressing her breasts for a minute or two, then gave her a smile and slid back down her body towards her prized jewel.

"Oh wow!" Zoe moaned and briefly shut her eyes as Adam placed his thumb on her clit and started rubbing it. He had his other hand on her smooth thigh, and she could feel his warm breath on her vulva as he continued pleasuring her. "Mmm…yes!" she whimpered as he pressed his left index finger to her tight hole and slowly pushed it inside. He started fingering her slowly, still rubbing her clit, then stopped rubbing her clit and inserted a second finger inside her wet pussy, slowly fingering her tight hole to her strained moans. He fingered her a few times, his warm breath still on her soft skin, then stuck his tongue out and pressed it to her clit. "Oh my god!" Zoe screamed as Adam began licking her clit while fingering her. It felt amazing and she couldn't stop moaning as his nimble tongue licked over and around her clit. "Oh god!" she yelled as Adam playfully bit her clit then went back to licking it. She could not believe how good this felt and grabbed the sheets with both hands as the pleasure her cousin was inflicting upon her kept growing.

"Suck on her clit." A hoarse female voice suggested. Kate, Adam and Zoe surprised to hear Lydia speaking after apparently recovering from her intense self-inflicted orgasm. Adam stopped licking Zoe's clit, and listening to his mother's words, closed his lips around his cousin's little nub and sucked on it.

"Oh fuck!" Zoe called out in pleasure as Adam started sucking on her clit. He raised his eyes to hers and gave her a mischievous grin. "Oh yeah!" Zoe moaned as he sucked on her clit again, the pleasure of it along with him still fingering her, amazing. "Oh my god yes!" she moaned again as the pleasure grew even more. A moment later she exploded.

"That's it, make my baby girl cum!" Kate called out encouragingly to her nephew as her daughter moaned in sexual delight.

"Oh my god yes! Oh fuck I'm cumming…I'm cumming!" Zoe screamed aloud as her body was finally hit by a powerful crescendo. Her eyes closed tightly, and her legs began to spasm as the orgasm took over her. "Oh my god yes!" she called out, sounding almost like she was crying, and shrieked as the climax hit her. Pleasure engulfed her hot young body, raw sexual pleasure burned through her as her back arched and her legs convulsed. She started clawing at the covers, scratching them while her cousin continued sucking on her clit and fingering her tight snatch. She shot her eyes wide open, looking straight at Adam, let out a final grunt, then dropped down onto the mattress motionless, her body red and sweaty while she gasped for air.

Adam extracted himself from between his cousin's legs and looked at her amazed. He had just made her cum, and she looked so hot doing so. Sadly, he had already cum twice in the past hour and was too worn out to go again but admired his cousin's nude body as it glowed with post orgasmic bliss. He smiled at her as she looked up at his eyes exhausted, then crashed onto the bed next to her.

Lydia watched her son as he brought her niece to a powerful climax using his mouth and hands. She watched Zoe as she thrashed and screamed in excruciating pleasure until she went limp. She looked at her son, his limp cock swaying as he fell at his cousin's side exhausted. She watched the kids breathing heavily, dazed expressions on their faces as they absorbed what they did. She slowly climbed off the bed and tapped her sister's shoulder. She gestured her to get off the bed and watched Zoe as she cuddled into Adam, pressing her naked body into his as he brought his arm around her. Lydia signaled Kate to follow her and the two quietly left the bedroom, leaving Adam and Zoe exhausted and satisfied in each other's arms.

"Well, that certainly was something." Kate said as she followed Lydia into the kitchen, both still naked.

"You got that right." Lydia said ponderingly. She had seen and done things she was not very proud of, but she convinced herself it was worth it for Adam. "Coffee?" she asked her sister who nodded in return and started on a fresh pot.

"Is it safe to say our plan worked?" Kate asked her sister as they waited for the coffee.

"I guess so" Lydia answered tiredly and looked at her sister's naked body as she did the same.

"Why didn't you shave that?" Kate asked pointing to her sister's wild bush.

"Seriously?" Lydia snorted, "Why didn't you tell me you were planning on us getting naked too? I didn't count on my son seeing my huha."

"I thought it was a given." Kate said shrugging. "We saw theirs, it's only fair they see ours." She said and looked at her sister's plump ass as she poured two cups of coffee and turned around to hand her one.

"Speaking of unexpected," Lydia started saying as they moved to the table and took a seat across from each other, "what were you thinking having my son, your nephew, go down on you?" Lydia asked part anger but mostly incredulous.

"I just wanted to make sure he knew how to do it right." Kate said innocently. She was blushing and had a guilty look on her face. "Evidently he does. I came so hard." Kate said delighted. She took a sip of her coffee and gave her sister a studying look. "You should have asked him to go down on you too instead of masturbating to them having sex, though you did cum pretty hard doing that." Kate said with a sneaky grin on her face and took another sip of her coffee.

"Eww, god Kate. That's my son." Lydia said looking disgusted even though she was only partly.

"I'm kidding." Kate said playfully and smiled at her sister. There was a long silence after that, the sisters drinking their coffee as each in her own way processed the events of that night.

"You think it was right what we did?" Lydia asked her younger sister after they both finished their coffees.

"I do." Kate said confidently, getting to her feet. She took her sister's mug and placed it in the sink along with hers.

Lydia gave Kate a long look, replaying in her mind the crazy events of that night: Her son naked, his hard cock, and the sight of him cumming in his cousin's hands. She thought about him eating Kate's pussy and making her cum, about him pushing his cock into Zoe's virgin vagina and losing his virginity, and about how hard she climaxed as she watched them. She felt herself getting wet again as she thought about all these things and blushed, looking down at her exposed vulva to make sure it wasn't noticeable. She looked up at Kate's face and gave her a tired smile. She then took a step closer, embraced her in a strong sisterly hug and whispered into her ear: "I really hope you're right."

The End

Hope you enjoyed and please comment with your thoughts on the story.

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Still think a ch 2 would be great. Does Zoe want another go with Adam or does she just want to move on to another boyfriend that's not gay? Adam's tenderness & concern for Zoe is an excellent side of the "event".AWESOME 2nd time as usual in Ur works.


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You should make another chapter


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Am I obsessed if I look for a new Starrynight story every day?


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Very good story, great plot, well done. I also would like to see a chapter 2.

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