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New York city is tormented by mysterious monsters attacks and no attempts to track the suspected aliens are successful. The government's solution is to form an all new super hero team named G.S.P. to protect the city. The veteran heroes assembled know the hardship of being heroes and how sex might be an useful relief, but are they really prepared for what happens when an innocent (?) bystander hurt during one of their missions is something they have never encountered before?
This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author and all rights are reserved.


Chapter 5

Trying to Fit in

"Only 32 seconds!" Eagle growled as he landed. Jennifer kept silent as she shook her head to clear it from dizziness from a sudden impact. The sensation that the floor of the training hall was moving slowly faded.

"Sorry for colliding with you," Thundercloud said as he cleared himself from the debris from the objects he had smashed into during the training exercise. "I did not expect you to be so close," he added embarrassed.

"No problem," Jennifer replied. The impact when colliding with the tall superhero had sent her tumbling for six meters. On the other hand the pain was long gone after the demon had done its healing. She must keep absolutely secret the demonic presence inside her since the superhero groups hunted demons with the belief the demons were aliens.

"I am very disappointed," Eagle stated with a businesslike tone in his voice. "In almost every one of these chase scenarios we have managed to catch you almost directly. You need to learn how to use your power in situations like this."

Jennifer gave him a tired stare, but the lean hero just waited in silence for her to respond.

"I am sorry to disappoint you," Jennifer finally said. "The thing is that my power is not suited for this kind of chase scenario."

"You need to improve your control of your power," Eagle countered. "If you should be a really successful G.S.P. hero you must be able to use your power to the highest possible degree."

"What should I do?" Jennifer wondered. "Should I use my powers to maim some of you or should I cut a path through the objects that form this labyrinth so you know what direction I took?"

Firefly’s voice was heard over the speaker system, "Eagle, give her some slack. Her performance is still way better than mine. Once she even managed to dodge Fang when they ran into each other unexpectedly."

"Don't interfere with my lecture, besides your very potent energy beam compensates for your lack of aptitude for physical skills," Eagle said.

"I am skeptical about the value of her energy beams in real combat. Few demons will attack in the open so she better be very good at aiming since she will only have one shot before the attacker reaches close combat range," the demon contemplated.

"So, Firefly kills with an energy beam; I kill with an energy sword. Sounds similar enough to me," Jennifer said.

"Don't ridicule me," Eagle spat. "Her power is a projected one while yours are only usable when you are at touching range."

"Why is he giving me such a hard time," Jennifer wondered, not for the first time.

It was Firefly that broke the silence. "Sorry Eagle, but your comparison does not work. What happens when I heat a weapon is typically that it explodes or that the one who carries it flinches so that my energy beam hits him instead. It is better with him burned than me dead, but only Mindeye and Thundercloud have powers that have a good shot at safely dealing with distant attackers."

"I would use my sonic pulse weapon to disable the attacker," Eagle responded, but it was obvious that he had lost some of his composure.

"Can we drop this?" Thundercloud asked. "Your high tech weapons are the only reason you can pass these kinds of tests and we have frequently discussed that no other can use them unless professor Enigma turn up and add more approved DNA profiles to the weapons."

"Okay," Eagle said. "Let's end this day’s training exercise. We continue tomorrow with more field tests."

A short while later Jennifer exited the woman locker room and encountered Firefly who had not participated in the training exercise. Firefly was clothed in civilian clothes; a blue dress that highlighted her flaming red hair and dashing green eyes.

"How come that you did not have to attend Eagle's training?" Jennifer asked.

"I am scheduled to practice my long distance aim now. That is why the rest of you got the day off. Unfortunately Eagle said I might learn something from watching you so I was stuck watching the exercise from the supervision room," Firefly responded.

"Why is Eagle giving me such a hard time?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't know," Firefly responded. "Maybe it is because you don't have a former career as a superhero. He used to nag me about training like crazy until Thundercloud arranged a day when we talked about our past superhero deeds."

Jennifer frowned; it was not like she had any bold deeds that could help her to convince the stern team leader of her ability.

"I ate at the supervising room, but I guess you are heading to lunch now, right?" Firefly asked.

"No, I have some errands to do," Jennifer responded.

"You skipped breakfast too. Better not do that too much or you will be too drained to have sex to replenish your energy," Firefly commented with a smirk on her lips.

"Maybe we need to explain to them that we don't need to eat any food to sustain ourselves." the demon thought.

"No food at all?" Jennifer wondered even though she could sense the demon was right.

"My powers mean that I sustain myself by having sex and not eating so that will not be a problem," Jennifer said with a smile.

Firefly gave her a skeptical look before she entered the locker room. Jennifer shook her head; she did not know how to interpret that reaction.

Jennifer walked to the room of Agent Anderson and after a short wait she was summoned into the room. Anderson was an aged man with well trimmed white hair. He looked curiously at her as she came into the room.

"I must say that it is admirable that you move around in your GSP costume when off duty, but there is no need. Please use more casual clothes like the others," agent Anderson said.

"Actually that is why I am here," Jennifer said. "I totally lack any personal belongings and I am wondering if there are any clothes I could borrow while I purchase some replacements now when I have my credit card again."

"We do have the address to your apartment? I understand that the keys to your apartment were lost in the car accident, but that is really not a problem. I could send over some agents to fetch whatever you want," agent Anderson suggested.

Jennifer looked down on her firm and large breasts and slim waist. Clothes from her old life would not fit the sexier body that the demon had created for them. It felt weird as she thought about how she had gone from beautiful but average looking into something that best could be described as a sexual fantasy.

"It would be nice if you can arrange to fetch shoes and other footwear," Jennifer said. "For other clothes I need to purchase them new since the activation of my powers has given me lots more female curves."

"I see," the old agent responded. "I think that Sandy the receptionist might have a spare dress that you can borrow. I will provide you with a letter that verifies your G.S.P. employment. Could be useful in case you are noticed by police officers that missed our earlier statement about you being an undercover G.S.P. agent.

"Thank you sir," Jennifer said.

* * *

Jennifer listened to the sound of the taxi driver’s card reader and it again emitted an angry beep.

"Your card is not working," the taxi driver said, his voice filled with a strange anticipation.

"Are you sure your card reader is working?" Jennifer wondered.

"Would cost me 300 dollars to fix it if it was broken, can't afford that kind of money," the taxi driver replied.

"I asked if you accepted credit cards before I entered the car," Jennifer said.

"I do, but your card doesn't work," taxi driver responded.

"I think your card reader is broken," Jennifer stated.

"Can't afford any repairs if it was broken. Hand me cash please," the taxi driver said.

"I don't have any money; will you please follow me into the mall so I can get money?" Jennifer asked.

"You will lose me in the crowd inside; I will not fall for that trick. Give me money!" the taxi driver said.

"Can we skip this game?" Jennifer asked. "Shall I give you a blowjob?"

"No offense but I am gay so I think I will pass," the taxi driver responded.

"Why don't we just beat him up?" the demon growled, but it did not try to make them attack the taxi driver.

"Superheroes can't do such, we must play nice if we want to keep our position in the G.S.P. superhero group," Jennifer responded.

"Are you listening?" the taxi driver asked.

"Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts," Jennifer said.

"My suggestion is that we drive into the parking lot of the mall and that you masturbate on the hood of my taxi. I take some pictures that I can trade with others to get pictures that I am more interested in," the taxi driver suggested.

"Whatever," Jennifer responded.

* * *

The parking lot was empty for the moment. Jennifer exited the, car anxious to get finished before people arrived. The taxi driver handed her a large rubber dildo and Jennifer leaned down on the car hood, pulling up the white dress she had borrowed.

"Nice no, panties," the taxi driver said. "Can you move to the right so that you obscure the registration plate of the car?"

Jennifer complied and then did her best effort to look slutty as she slowly pushed the large dildo in and out of her wet folds. She did her best to look excited, but did not really feel into it at all. It felt strange to both be dripping wet and bored as hell.

"Our excitement feeds of the excitement of others, this male is not attracted by us really and thus we get no real satisfaction" the demon reminded her.

"Yes, I recall," Jennifer thought. "That is also why we don't climax unless somebody else climaxes in the surroundings."

"These pictures are great!" the taxi driver exclaimed. "Your dreamy look as you masturbate will most certainly allow me some nice pictures in trade."

"In that case we are done," Jennifer stated. "You did not drive me that far and now you have a large number of photos."

"No," the taxi driver objected. "Do it a bit more and I’ll give you money."

Jennifer glared at him as she pulled the dildo out and tossed it in his direction. By instinct he tried to catch it and this made him lose his grip on the camera. He cursed aloud as the camera hit the ground with a bang.

"You will pay for that, bitch!" the taxi driver shouted as he raised his knuckles.

Jennifer stared back at him, the morning’s frustration in the training hall washing over her as she fought not to kick him in the face. Something of this must have been seen in her eyes for the taxi driver suddenly shrugged and moved out of the way.

"Wise choice," Jennifer said as she walked away.

* * *

Jennifer added another piece of clothing to the pile she had decided on. She tried to not think about the total price. It cost a fortune to purchase a completely new wardrobe. On the other hand she could easily see the benefit of having sexy clothes for all occasions. With her life depending on having sex, the clothes would without doubt make things easier.

"It is strange that I have forgotten all about my former life, but still remember the code for my credit card," Jennifer thought as she entered her code.

After the clerk finished she extended her hand to take the receipt. The clerk suddenly looked behind her with frightened eyes. Jennifer started to turn when she felt a cold metal object poke into her back.

"Everyone freeze!" a male voice shouted. "This is a robbery."

Jennifer glanced over her head and saw that there were three robbers armed with shotguns and regular guns. In the far distance of the mall she could see other similar groups moving into stores to do the same.

"We should have taken one of the G.S.P. communication devices with us," Jennifer thought.

The people in the store were escorted out to the center of the mall where hostages from the other stores also gathered.

* * *

Firefly walked down the street in her civilian clothes. The practice session after lunch had taken some time to finish, but less than she had anticipated so she had some free time. Using her powers extensively always left her a bit drained, but ice cream was just the right thing to solve such a problem.

She looked into a store window and saw her reflection. Flaming red hair and slim tall legs

"How strange that none of my old friends knows what Sarah Simons does since she moved to the city," Sarah thought.

The words rang hollow, what friends did she really have back home she wondered? There had been no absence of guys that wanted her as a trophy. They could easily imagine themselves as boyfriends to a gorgeous girl like her, but the notion that they would need to talk to her and see her as a person had totally eluded them. Sarah had played along with some of them that seemed a bit more intelligent, but since she never felt any real connection she avoided actually having sex with them.

Of course there also had been some girls she hung out with back then, but none of them had really made any effort to stay in touch with her and Sarah had grown tired of always being the one that initiated contact.

Thinking rationally about her loneliness she could, of course, see that she might have rejected potential friends due to her superheroine career. People had the habit of taking it as a personal insult if you suddenly disappeared from a meeting without a proper explanation. On the other hand she had not exactly been doing it for fun. The massive load of pictures of her with associated plump sexual jokes had never stopped no matter what great heroic deeds she did. Male heroes she encountered always blundered around, but the press never nailed them for that.

It had been sweet revenge when she completed the G.S.P. trials with better scores than all her former partners. Of course the press did never know since the government kept it secret who had failed the tests. Back home the second rate heroes kept going around like they were too good to be on the G.S.P. team that accepted heroines like Firefly.

"Never been fucked back then, and now I get paid to fuck every night ," Sarah thought with a smile as she imagined the nude beauty of the male members of the team.

Unfortunately the thoughts left her a sense of nervousness. At nights when she had sex she had no regrets and loved every second of it, but daytime old doubts returned. How could a former prude like her suddenly start to fuck like a bunny when she had joined G.S.P?

Could it be that Mindeye had altered her preferences for sex when he tested her resistance against mental assault? Many times before she had to conclude that it seemed like a very real possibility, but there was little she could do about it. Mindeye was her friend and lover and if she accused him of brainwashing her, one of them would one way or another be forced to leave the team.

Sarah shrugged as she finished the ice cream. Some distance in front of her she saw a young woman that moved forward on legs that seemed a bit shaky. On the surface nothing seemed strange about the woman. She had a skirt and a top that seemed quite ordinary, but something about the woman drew Sarah's attention and she studied her puzzled.

"Is that blood and cum on her leg ?" Sarah wondered with alarm. It did indeed seem like the young woman had such running down her legs.

"How are you?" Sarah asked as she intercepted the woman from walking into the driving lines.

"I don't know how I got here," the woman mumbled. "I was at the public bath over there swimming and suddenly I am on the street outside."

"I think something terrible has happened to you," Sarah said.

"Yea, my panties are gone and it hurts terribly," the young woman mumbled and then collapsed in Sarah's arms crying.

"Wait a second," Sarah said and looked around to verify that neither people nor surveillance cameras kept her in view. Satisfied that nobody watched her she pulled on her Firefly mask. It looked a bit strange with her civilian clothes combined with her heroine mask, but to strip down nude on the street to change into the full costume was no real option. Her red mask went down to her shoulders but left her red hair visible. Her mouth was, of course, also free, but all parts of her face were covered. From the inside of her mask she had perfect visibility of the surroundings, but the press always assumed the red lenses that covered her eyes left her close to blind indoors.

"You are Firefly from G.S.P. hero team," the woman mumbled with relief in her voice.

"Indeed," Firefly responded. "Can you give me some privacy while I contact our base for assistance?"

After the woman had moved away a bit she hit the button on her communicator. "Base, this is Firefly here. Get me Mindeye online."

"Authenticated transmission from Firefly, calling Mindeye. Is there anything else I can assist with?" the metallic voice of G.S.P. base AI asked.

"Yes, arrange for a police car to arrive at my position. I have a victim of a psionic related crime that needs to be taken to the hospital and to give statements to the police," Firefly said.

"A police car will arrive in one minute. Connecting Mindeye online," the base responded.

"Mindeye here, what is the situation?" Mindeye asked.

"Firefly here, I have a rape victim here who seem to have had her memories erased," Firefly reported.

"Is the suspect around?" Mindeye asked.

"It happened on a public bath, no real suspect at the moment. I am a bit worried about the police having the needed expertise to deal with such a victim. What is your opinion?" Firefly asked.

"Depends on how the memory was erased. Regular questioning by the police will not matter if it was done by some artificial method, but a rogue psionic beyond the normal might have added safeguards that will trigger and hurt her mind if the police questions her in the wrong way." Mindeye responded.

"What is the risk level?" Firefly asked.

"Few psionics have the skill for such, but my presence will have the added benefit that I probably can extract what the villain looked like," Mindeye said.

"Good, I will make a search of the surroundings to secure any evidence left by the attacker," Firefly said.

"Are you sure about that?" Mindeye asked. "Going alone might put you in danger. Thundercloud and Eagle are away to test the upgrades to our transport, but Fang could come to assist you."

"Without the transport Fang will be stuck in traffic to get here," Firefly said. "Besides the mask of my superhero costume has protection against mental manipulation, so I should be quite safe, right?"

"Yes, your Firefly gear makes you protected unless the attacker has the secret access code that lets me make mental contact," Mindeye answered.

"Good, inform Fang that if I don't report back within half an hour from now Fang should arrange a search party."

"I will do that," Mindeye said.

Firefly ended the transmission and walked over to the young woman. She spent a while to calm her down until the police car arrived.

None of the police thought about suggesting they should follow Firefly to look for a suspect. Firefly was grateful, the prospect of having policemen with her that could be brainwashed by a psionic did not seem very attractive.

A short while later Firefly had entered the public bath and was looking for clues. The girl in reception had recalled a young woman moving out with some kind of strange sleepy look on her eyes and had directed Firefly to the changing room the woman had used.

The room was empty and Firefly locked the doors with the key she had borrowed from the receptionist so that she could look for clues without being disturbed.

Close to a bench at the middle of the room there were some suspicious drops on the floor that might be blood. Firefly leaned down to watch them carefully, from the looks of it the young woman might have been forced to bend over the bench as the attacker fucked her ass.

Firefly felt a slight tingling in her loins as she thought about the poor woman forced to submit to sex like that. She discarded that thought and turned to look at the rest of the room.

Suddenly her vision was filled with something wooden fast moving towards her. She yelped and tried to dodge backwards but the object hit her hard, totally knocking the wind out of her. She tumbled backwards over the bench and landed in a pile at the floor.

Gasping for air Firefly frantic stared after the attacker. The only thing she saw was a bench that levitated in front of her.

"Shit, an invisible attacker !" Firefly realized. "Will I put the building on fire if I fire my energy beam?"

The attacker took advantage of her hesitation and the bench hurled toward her. Still not having regained the wind in her lungs Firefly was easy prey and it hit her squarely.

As her head slowly cleared from dizziness she registered that the attacker had dragged her to the bench where the woman had been raped earlier.

"We can not have you pointing your hand towards me, can we?" a mean male voice said and Firefly felt strong hands force her arms out. She could sense the attacker kneeling behind her. Filled with fear she tried to push herself back from the bench to make the attacker topple over.

Her movement made her feel nude skin touching her ass. It took no imagination to understand that it was a cock that touched her ass. The attacker had used her dizziness to pull up her skirt and tear her panties to shreds. Firefly froze as she realized her predicament, exposed nude for a rapist that had her pinned down inside the locker room with locked doors.

He pushed forward trying to force his way into her. With only moments to react before he captured her body towards the bench she had to make a choice. Should she try to break free and risk that he overpowered her, or should she try to make him enter her pussy instead of her ass to take the lesser evil?

Sarah did not feel like her Firefly alter ego at all as she chose the second choice and felt him slide into her pussy. The attacker stopped moving in surprise as he felt her softness surrounding him.

"You are a very horny little cunt, aren't you?" the attacker taunted her. "The thing is that I want to violate your little ass."

"No, I must distract him ," Sarah thought and used the little leverage she had to start humping back towards the very hard male cock that thrust so deep into her.

The attacker grunted in irritation, but could not resist the sensations as he started to trust into her.

"It is just body movements to keep him from raping my ass ," Sarah thought as she did her best to squeeze her pussy around his cock to make him lose control. Unfortunately, her body did not agree with her and burning with shame she felt her loins tingling with anticipation as she quickly moved towards a glorious climax.

"Get a grip on yourself, he is raping you ," Sarah tried to remind herself. Not that this thought did much, she was already panting in anticipation for the upcoming climax. For awhile she tried to suppress her moans, but then she gave up. There was no use in trying to hide the fact that her whole being trembled from sexual need.

"It feels sooo great!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me! Fuck my defenseless little cunnnnmmmnhh!"

Her moan continued and continued as her being trembled from the contractions in her pussy. As the heavenly feeling faded she noticed that she was lying on the floor, not touching the invisible attacker any more.

"What a slut," the mean voice said. "Even now you want me to take you hard, don't you?"

"His voice, I can attack back now when I hear where he stands ," Sarah thought.

"A shame that I need to wipe your memory, but first a golden shower," the voice said.

Sarah froze as his words, trying to make her mind register what he had said. The moment afterwards she tried to dodge away, but it was too late.

The attacker pissed on her and within moments the exposed lower parts of her face and her upper body was wet with shameful evidence. Some bits of it came into her mouth and Sarah spat and spat to clear the taste away.

"Look here!" the voice commanded and Sarah turned her head. She looked into some kind of high tech gadget that suddenly flared with red light.

"This is funny," the mean voice said. "The great heroine Firefly wakes up without her mask, covered in piss and fucked without any memory of this happening. It is unfortunate that I don't have a camera."

Sarah felt his finger fumble after a grip to pull off her Firefly mask. This prompted her to start to act, her G.S.P. gear had protected her from the memory eraser. She hit out in the direction of the invisible attacker and connected with something. She had tried to hit his groin, but the limited grunt of pain from the enemy told her she had missed.

"Fucking immune freak!" the attacker taunted. "I will beat you bloody."

Firefly reacted by instinct, his voice had given her a general direction. She used her Firefly power without aiming as usual. Covered in her Firefly nimbus of energy she sent energy towards the whole area without caring about the effects.

The moment afterward she smelled a massive wave of ozone coming towards her. The whole room was covered in blue Ozone gas and it stung like hell in her nose. Sarah shut down her energy beam and covered her nose with her hand.

In front of her she saw her attacker become visible. Not having any goggles like Sarah’s Firefly suit the Ozone gas had blinded him totally. He desperately tried to cover his face as he stumbled backwards not getting any air.

It was a tall man, slightly muscular, and just wearing a long coat without any clothes beneath it. Sarah did not hesitate as she stepped forward and kicked his groin with her full strength. He collapsed in a pile, his body trembling.

Filled with satisfaction Sarah moved to the door to unlock it and let the Ozone out. If she recalled her chemistry correctly it would dissolve into normal oxygen within a number of minutes.

After taking a deep breath outside she returned inside and located a hose normally used for cleaning. She moved over to the still unconscious man and tied him in a secure hogtie position. Slowly he woke up, still feeling the residues of pain and eyes red with tears. The ozone gas had dissipated by now.

"Let me free, bitch!" the man cried out as he struggled with the hogtie.

"Can't do that rapist," Sarah said. "You are going to jail."

The man stared back at her with contempt. "So the G.S.P. heroine Firefly is going to stand in court and tell the world how you let me fuck you hard and then piss on you, sorry but I don't think so!" the man spat.

Firefly stared back at him pale with fear, but eventually she recovered.

"No mister," she said. "You are going to jail because you raped a young woman’s ass and wiped her memory with illegal equipment. I came here after the police had picked her up and Mindeye will uncover what your device tried to remove and doctors will find your cum inside her."

"Then I will tell the world what a slut you are. You have to let me go," the man said. Yet it was obvious his confidence was gone.

"I promise you two things," Sarah said. "Firstly if you drag my reputation down I will make a media appearance when I ask all your other victims to step forward so that Mindeye can find the evidence to keep you in jail for eternity. Think about how many raped females with memory loss will come forward if a superheroine has suffered the same thing. Secondly I promise that you might not find it so easy to make people believe you when I leave this room cleaned up in my full Firefly costume."

"What about your soiled clothes?" the rapist asked.

"I’ll use my power to burn them to nothing," Sarah said and she really enjoyed the look of panic filling the man when he understood that she indeed had thought about everything.

She picked up her communicator to report back to base and request police to pick the criminal up. Yet only one thought kept repeating in her head,

"Damn you Mindeye for messing with my mind so I did not have the strength to resist!"

* * *

All the visitors of the mall knelt on the floor as the robbers were busy dividing their loot. From the sounds from the outside the police had arrived, but apparently the hostages made them reluctant to try to make contact. The robbers seemed to not care about the police.

"I recognize this one, she is the one that killed the nurse in the hospital" one of robbers suddenly called out as he looked towards Jennifer.

"They are just a dozen, let's be a heroine and fight them!" the demon urged.

"Very dangerous, they have guns and shotguns ," Jennifer thought.

The moment afterwards pain exploded in Jennifer's stomach. One of the robbers had fired his sawed off shotgun from just a few steps away. Toppling over from both pain and a loss of feelings from her legs Jennifer landed awkwardly on the floor.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" one of the robbers screamed. "What do you think the police will do now?"

"I saw it on the news, she is a superhero agent connected to the G.S.P." the shooter explained as he once again fired a round at Jennifer.

"I can't feel our legs !" Jennifer thought filled with panic.

"This is police!" a voice from outside called. "Don't harm the hostages. Don't force us to enter by force!"

"Fuck this ," the demon growled and launched them forward into the midst of the attackers.

Jennifer barely had time to be amazed about her legs moving despite the total loss of feeling before they were fighting. Their first kick dislocated the knee of one of the attackers, and the second hit the throat of another attacker.

"Sword !" the demon spat and Jennifer realized she was the one that could summon the energy sword.

From around her the attackers fired wildly at her, many of the bullets hitting other robbers even though most of course did hit Jennifer. With a flash of insight Jennifer realized the danger to the civilians around her and her energy swords materialized in their hands.

"Oh glorious joy !" the demon sang as they whirled around, energy sword cutting through steel and flesh with equal ease.

One of the last robbers actually had time to open his eyes with fear before the sword cut him down. The majority of the robbers just screamed in confusion as the pain from their maimed limbs registered in their brains.

Jennifer stopped her movement, eyeing the carnage around them, letting go of the magic sword when no attacker remained ready to attack her. Since her whole body trembled in horrible pain Jennifer looked down. Very little of the white dress she had borrowed remained. Bullets and shotgun shots had pierced it from just about every direction.

"I see your point, those human weapons are rather nasty," the demon thought as they collapsed on the floor in pain.

"How the fuck can we move ?" Jennifer wondered. "Did not the first shot severe our spine?"

"Healing and making ourselves moves is pretty much the same to me ," the demon noted.

"We are not healing, are we going to die?" Jennifer wondered.

"No," the demon replied. "The problem is we have an awful lot of metal left in us. If I heal us now we must cut ourselves up again to remove it. Seems like a waste of energy."

Jennifer felt somebody pull her over. A police officer bent down over her as he stared at her injuries.

"We have one barely alive here!" the police called out.

"Don't worry," Jennifer said. "It is just flesh wounds. I need to be taken to a hospital."

From the background there were more voices. "She is the one that saved us from the attackers."

"She is that new G.S.P. hero from yesterday’s news," another voice said.

"Oh, you are the one that..." the police officer mumbled and looked around at the piles of bodies.

"Didn't have much choice when they started to shoot me," Jennifer said. "In my right pocket I have a letter from G.S.P. headquarters that verify my G.S.P. status, but there might be some bullet holes in it."

"Officer, move aside, we need to get her to the ambulance," a paramedic said.

"I am sorry," the police officer mumbled. "Not used to this much blood. Can I do something for you?"

"Find the clothes I purchased before the robbery and send them to the G.S.P base," Jennifer said. "The clerk should be able to direct you if he is still alive."

"I’ll do that," the police officer promised.

The paramedic had meanwhile being busy covering Jennifer's injuries in dressings tied securely with a massive number of bandages.

"Can't understand why she has not bled to death," one of the paramedics mumbled.

"That is a benefit of being a super heroine, but I need your help to get me to a hospital," Jennifer mumbled. After hesitating some they placed her on at stretcher and carried her out from the mall.

A number of camera flashes flared when they came outside. Jennifer was thankful that most of her was covered in bandages.

"Can we talk to the G.S.P. heroine that saved the hostages?" a voice shouted.

"Is this one of the robbers?" a female voice asked.

"Did the heroine block bullets like in the Star Wars movies?" another voice asked.

Jennifer just ignored them and soon the paramedics had her inside an ambulance. They continued to work at her injuries on the way to the hospital and Jennifer saw little need to stop them. Better with them busy than asking themselves how she could still be alive.

Finally they were there and within minutes Jennifer lay on an operating table. The paramedics had given her some drugs in the ambulance and now they added yet another batch.

"They are pumping us full stuff that makes us sleepy," the demon noted.

"Standard procedure, they want us unconscious while they work ," Jennifer responded.

"No good ," the demon thought. "I dissolved some of it so that we will stay partly awake. They are cutting very badly for being professionals."

Time drifted by and finally Jennifer felt a sigh of relief from the demon. Within moments pain came soaring through her as she again felt anything from below her arms.

"What is happening?" a doctor screamed. "Pulse is racing. Body muscles contorting wildly."

Jennifer felt the sleepiness leaving her mind and sat up. Around her scared doctors tried to keep her down as they frantically looked at the monitoring equipment.

"I am okay!" Jennifer shouted and struggled to get free. After a short while she managed to push the doctors off her and come up standing. Most of her injuries had been sewn together and without asking she knew that the demon wanted the threads gone before it sealed their wounds.

"I need privacy now!" Jennifer ordered and used her strength and good balance to push the three doctors outside.

The door closed and Jennifer relaxed before she started to pull stitches. As soon as the thread was gone the injury healed and the pain lessened step by step until she felt as good as new even though she was very tired.

"About half of the damage I healed was caused by these doctors ," the demon thought. "I don't understand how any being could survive such medical care without healing powers."

"I agree that it is weird ," Jennifer responded as she opened the doors.

To her great surprise she found Doctor Paul McFenna standing outside the door with her still bloody clothes.

At first Jennifer just stared in surprise at the doctor who had tormented her a number of days earlier, but then she pulled him inside the room.

"Wanted me dead, did you?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing like that," the doctor mumbled with a nervous look in his eyes. "I just wanted to test your healing powers," he finally said.

"Liar !" Jennifer thought.

"Can you feel his lust for our body. We could really use a massive amount of fucking to recover all the energy spent on healing ," the demon noted.

"You can't be serious ," Jennifer thought, but on the other hand it seemed like a very bad idea to leave with very little energy left. What if she had to have sex with somebody in a public place?

"Care to fuck me while you explain how you could know about my healing powers?" she asked.

She leaned back as she spread her legs for him. The greedy grin of his face as he ripped off his clothes to get ready to fuck, gave Jennifer shivers.

Moving over to the operating table Jennifer leaned forward and spread her legs. Within seconds the doctor was behind her, violently thrusting into her. A flash of pain played over Jennifer as he felt him stretch her before she was ready. Fortunately the sexual heat he radiated felt good enough for her to ignore the discomfort. Grunting he picked up speed as he drilled her insides.

"How did you...know....about my healing powers?" Jennifer asked.

"Ahhhh...heard the statement from the government about you being a G.S.P. employee," McFenna answered between his thrusts.

"Why would he need to have us more injured than we were, to see our healing? He did excessive damage just so that we should not be able to heal it," the demon reasoned.

"Mmmmmmany days without fucking?" Jennifer asked.

"No, some possibilities here at the hospital," the doctor grunted in response.

"He is continuing to do it. Raping woman who can not defend themselves because they are injured ," Jennifer realized with anger.

Far too early the doctor lost hold of himself and they both screamed as an orgasm ripped through them.

"Not a very good sex partner ," the demon thought with disgust.

"I want to nail this bastard ," Jennifer thought.

"Mutilation of private parts ?" the demon suggested.

"I recall how we had sex when I lay helpless in a hospital bed. What a shame that I could not watch what it looked like," Jennifer said.

"I know you like it, just about every woman likes to pretend that they don't like it," McFenna said with a proud voice.

"Could it be that there needs to be a helping female hand present to assist the act," Jennifer suggested.

"I agree," McFenna responded. "It was a shame that Claire is not present anymore. I had no idea she was involved in illegal stuff."

"The G.S.P. story to the press was that the nurse was killed when I tried to arrest her for sexual assault on myself. How stupid is he really? " Jennifer wondered.

"Please show me!" Jennifer suggested while leaning suggestively towards the nude doctor.

"Gladly," the doctor responded and got dressed.

They left the operating room and moved through the hospital. Jennifer's clothes, with more holes than garment, attracted much attention, but Jennifer kept the doctor distracted by flirting with him.

They arrived at a room with a lone female in a bed and Jennifer felt the doctor’s lust surge. The woman on the bed stared at them with clear fear in her eyes.

"No funny ideas about screaming," the doctor ordered. "Remember that I supervise what sedatives that are given to you. Would be a shame if you got enough of a dose to become addicted to the drugs."

"No, please," the woman whispered. Her voice barely able to carry the sound.

"I know that you do love this deep inside you," McFenna said. He pointed towards Jennifer, "This is an associate that has requested to watch."

Jennifer stood behind the doctor so she could shake her head. The woman on the bed noticed it, but was wise enough to remain silent.

Already grinning with anticipation the doctor pulled down his trousers as he climbed up in the bed. The woman lay there defenseless as he pulled the blanket away to expose her body.

Jennifer stood partly in view and slowly touched her private parts through holes in her clothes until the doctor had made the woman half nude.

She moved over to the door and opened it silently. As she had hoped she found a man and woman outside the door. The clothing revealed they worked at the hospital and they stood gossiping about what might happen inside the room. She motioned them to be silent and pulled them into the room.

They entered the room and the newcomers cried out in outrage as they saw what was happening. Doctor McFenna had pushed himself into the woman and twisted to look towards the door, pale from fear.

"I went undercover in this hospital to expose a group of personnel that sexually abuse the helpless. Unfortunately, I happened to kill the first person found guilty, when I intended to arrest her, and had to run from the cops since I lacked proper identification. This doctor McFenna on the other hand, is the person responsible for the abuse and we have now found him in the midst of the act;" Jennifer said.

"Damn you, you asked me to do this!" the doctor screamed as he scrambled off the bed.

"I did not, how could I ever team up with a so called doctor that tried to kill me? You are a disgrace to your profession," Jennifer responded.

"Damn those hit men from the mob; if they had finished you off like I paid them to this would never had happened!" McFenna roared as he charged towards Jennifer.

"McFenna just admitted to having sent those thugs that tried to kill us in the alley," Jennifer thought with surprise.

The demon did not respond but instead dodged the doctor’s wild swing at them and then brutally kicked him down with a round kick.

More hospital personell had by now arrived and Jennifer picked up the soiled note from agent Anderson at the G.S.P. headquarters. After showing the note she soon had the assistance of the hospital personnel as they furiously dragged the lecherous doctor towards the summoned hospital security.

"Kind of fun to be a super heroine ," the demon thought.

* * *

"Sorry about the dress," Jennifer mumbled to Sandy in the reception of the G.S.P base. The blond woman stared back at the bloody rags that remained of the clothes.

"Is that your blood?" Sandy finally wondered.

"Mostly," Jennifer responded. "The robbers might have added some when I fought them."

"I see why all the papers are calling us and asking for details about you getting injured," Sandy said.

"I hope the executives of the G.S.P will not be pissed. I killed lots of armed robbers. I guess they might take it off my salary again," Jennifer said.

"I don't think you need to worry. Their statement to the press was that the police had given them access to the surveillance tapes and these clearly show you acted in self defense. They also said they expected you back in active duty soon," Sandy replied.

"Good," Jennifer said. "How much did the dress cost?"

"It's no problem really." Sandy said. "Agent Anderson asked me to lend it to you so I will demand payment from him."

"Sounds good," Jennifer said. "Where are the others?"

"Firefly has requested to take some time off after she suffered a possible concussion when she caught a rapist. Mindeye is assisting the police with investigation of the same case. Thundercloud and Eagle are officially testing some improvement of G.S.P. air transport, but they are in fact checking for leads in a case assigned to the group. You and Fang are to remain at the base and will be informed if anything comes up." Sandy said.

Jennifer returned to her room. To her delight the clothes she had purchased at the mall had been delivered to the base so she could change into a comfortable negligee.

She lay down on the bed and started to flip around TV channels. On one channel she found a reporter talking to a masked superhero. The hero had a blue costume with some kind of spiral on the torso. Interested, Jennifer raised the volume.

"I say today’s events really prove my earlier statements before I moved to New York. We were many that were worried about the results if the government actually started to pay superheroes and our fears have been realized. Unfortunately reality has proven much worse than my earlier worries. No descent heroes have applied for the position and this Blade of the Government Security Powergroup today butchered a number of poor men where a more competent hero would have arrested them."

"The government has made statements about the surveillance tapes proving that Blade acted in self defense, does this not put the events in another light?" the reporter asked.

"I very much doubt a surveillance tape that is kept away from the public," the superhero said. "I think the government officials did not want a public record of the incompetence of their employees. The mysterious alien infestation in New York must be dealt with, but the solution is not paid-for-hire-agents but honest working heroes like me. I, the famous super hero Cyclone, call for the assembly of a better superhero team with heroes that are better than the second rate superheroes like those on the G.S.P team."

"Good that you are unhurt," Fang said from the doorway. As usual the large wolf stalked far too silently to be heard. Jennifer motioned her to come into the room as she muted the sound of the television.

"I suffered some injuries, but it was nothing I could not heal. At least not after getting the lead out at the hospital," Jennifer said.

"Heard Eagle issch pretty upssset. Been calling the base again and again assssking why he wasssch not ass leader the one to tell the presss," Fang said.

"What did they respond?" Jennifer asked.

"The door clossseed before I heard. I wasss just passsing by since I wasss bored," Fang responded.

"I am bored too. Care to keep me company?" Jennifer said.

"Ssssure," Fang said. "Do you mind hair in the bed?"

"Not at all, it is not like I will spend time sleeping here," Jennifer replied. Fang joined her on the bed.

"Wassch the robbery ssscary?" Fang asked.

"Not particularly, they just had guns. Not really the right approach if you want to take me out, but I am worried what the G.S.P. managers think about the matter," Jennifer responded.

"You’re brave, I hate gunsss, can't stand the sssound of them," Fang admitted.

"Bad experiences from guns?" Jennifer asked.

"Ssshall we watch televissssion?" Fang asked instead of answering the question.

They switched around between the channels until they settled for an old fashioned black and white sappy romance movie.

Jennifer found the movie slightly boring, but on the other hand, it was interesting to watch one of these old movies. She could remember those kind of movies concept wise, but had no real memory of actually watching such thing.

"Funny, it is really the first time ever I watched television ," she suddenly realized and giggled at the thought.

Suddenly she felt something touch her ass and sliding towards her wet slit. It felt just like fingers. She turned towards Fang who suddenly jumped off the bed with a nervous twitch in her tail.

"Sssorry, bed isss bit small for two," Fang said.

"It felt like fingers, but Fang only has paws ," Jennifer thought.

"They presented her as medical experiment that became sentient, but what if she really is a werewolf. I don't know if I ever encountered any, but I do know that werewolves exist and can change into a humanoid form," the demon responded.

"Only one way to find out; she seemed to be excited before we jumped at her touch ," Jennifer thought.

"I think it is large enough if I remove this negligee and you change into humanoid form," Jennifer said.

"You know!" Fang exclaimed. The air shimmered around her as she shifted from wolf to a still furry, but very humanoid, form.

Her body was larger than Jennifer had expected, a fair bit taller than herself, covered in gray colored fur. It was still a very feminine body, perky breasts and slim waistline even though Fang’s movement hinted of great strength. Jennifer smiled as Fang moved to the bed.

"How could you know?" Fang asked as she slipped into Jennifer's arms.

"I believe in magic so werewolf seems pretty much like the first guess with a talking wolf," Jennifer responded. Her hand moving until she touched Fang's sweet spot. Fang groaned in delight and moved closer.

"First time," Fang breathed silently as she tried to make Jennifer to push her fingers inside. Jennifer let her fingers wander over Fang's loins, but kept enough attention on her clit to keep Fang squirming in desire.

"Are you only into girls, or did you just found me too sexy to resist?" Jennifer asked.

She studied Fang's face and tried to imagine how it looked without the fur. She had high cheekbones, brilliant amber eyes and teeth that just maybe had a hint of being bestial. Ignoring the fur took little effort and Jennifer briefly wondered if the demon inside her made it easier for her to do this.

"Been longing to try sex for so long, but the others do not believe in magic," Fang mumbled and attempted again to push her pelvis towards Jennifer's teasing hand. Jennifer eluded her effort by caressing Fang's sexy stomach, Fang froze with a deep moan.

"About twice as strong as us ," the demon commented. Her voice purring with delight from the sex.

Fang's lips trembled as Jennifer's fingers brushed over her hot sex. Jennifer moved slightly upwards and kissed Fang. First Fang froze as she felt Jennifer's tongue force itself past her lips, but then she got the idea and their tongues touched. Jennifer took this moment to push her finger inside and as she had expected she found the werewolf dripping wet.

Fang broke their long hot kiss. "What about you, what should I do?" she breathed into Jennifer's ear.

"I will climax when you do so focus on your own pleasure," Jennifer whispered back.

She added yet another finger and started to wiggle around inside of the highly aroused werewolf,

" incredibly good!" Fang exclaimed as she rolled her hips to get even more stimulation from Jennifer's nimble fingers.

Jennifer kissed Fang yet another time and then moved downwards. Sitting between Fang's legs she leaned forward so that she could suck on a very erect nipple. Her own large breasts brushed over Fang's taut stomach and Fang squirmed in delight.

She added yet another finger as she let the tip of her tongue play over the nipple and Fang squirmed even more.

"Deeper...more...yes...deeper...that's it...ayiiiihiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaahh", Fang screamed and they tumbled out of the bed as Fang squirmed around wildly. Fang took most of the impact since she ended below, but did not seem to mind. Not that Jennifer complained much either as she lay there relaxing from her own orgasm.

"Sorry," Fang mumbled. She took hold of Jennifer and without much difficulty she lifted Jennifer up and placed her on the bed.

"No problem love," Jennifer responded. "I must say you are really strong."

"Equal strength as in my wolf form, but I have much better leverage with arms and legs," Fang responded as she lay down on the bed.

"Must be easier to speak also I suppose," Jennifer commented.

"You have no idea," Fang mumbled as they snuggled close.

"You seemed to like deep penetration, I think you would like straight fucking with a male also," Jennifer said.

"If it can compare with this I surely will," Fang said. "You smell human, how come that you know about werewolves?"

"Damn it, this seemed to work so well. How should I explain myself out of this discussion? " Jennifer wondered.

"The sword is magic. We can not explain why it is a sword, but it might perhaps get us off the hook ," the demon suggested.

"I don't really remember my background, but my energy blade is of magical nature so I suppose I must have some connection to the art of mysticism," Jennifer explained.

"Sword magical? That explains why you are reluctant to test the sword against Thundercloud," Fang reasoned.

"Yes, I don't really trust his invulnerability when magic enters the picture," Jennifer said.

"I think you can be safe, I have tested my claws on him, and even though they for certain are supernatural I totally failed to hurt him," Fang said.

"Not something we can trust. The sword seems to tap into my hunter demon ability to breathe clouds of nether energy. There are demons who can resist such, but it is clearly one of the most deadly attacks possible ," the demon reasoned.

"This was glorious, I owe you big time for giving me such a good first time, should I return the favor?" Fang asked, hugging Jennifer close.

"We feed off sexual excitement from others. If she get sexually excited from it then we benefit, but we can't really climax on our own so we would need to fake it, " the demon commented.

"I climaxed at the same as you did so I am satisfied," Jennifer said.

"I think Thundercloud talked about how you had simultaneous orgasms with him also. Does this happen often to you?" Fang asked filled with curiosity.

"Every time really," Jennifer responded. "My power makes me cum only when somebody else cums."

"Would you benefit if I had sex with some of the males close by?" Fang asked.

Jennifer hesitated for a few moments about what to answer until she remembered how she earlier had regained energy from a lesbian couple that had sex in another room.

"Yes, provided you are close enough," Jennifer responded.

"The sex was wonderful, but for the moment I am more interested in testing regular fucking than doing it again. What about if you hide you in some room where I have sex with one of the males?" Fang suggested.

"Sounds like fun," Jennifer responded. "You sure about revealing yourself as a werewolf?"

"Yes, pretty sure," Fang answered. "Trying to speak human tongue in my wolf form has been driving me nuts. If you are close you can also step in if the sex goes wrong."

"Sounds like a plan," Jennifer said.

* * *

Jennifer waited in one of the recreation rooms on the upper floor of the base. She took cover in the corner behind a large couch. It did not seem like a good hiding place, but Fang had insisted that she had hidden there many times when other people were in the room.

"I hope this is important, I am really in a foul mood tonight. Firefly should have been with me tonight, but she has been given time off due to an injury," Eagle complained as he followed Fang into the room.

In truth Jennifer could not see them from behind the couch, but by now she recognized the lust that Fang radiated when she was excited.

"Sssorry bossss, it isssh important," Fang said. "You need to know sssomething about my background."

"I suppose there is no problem in hearing you out," Eagle said. The sounds indicated he had sat down on the couch that Jennifer hid behind.

"What do you think about magic?" Fang asked.

"Not something I have ever encountered, but that does not really prove anything. Still, I am a skeptic until proven otherwise," Eagle responded.

"Good, Thundercloud just walked out when I tried to tell him," Fang said.

"You are telling me you have encountered magic?" Eagle asked.

"Yesss," Fang responded.

"Is this about the experiments that made you sentient?" Eagle asked. "I assure you that there is a rational scientific explanation even though it might seem like magic for non-scientists like us."

"I wasss never subjected to experimentsss," Fang said.

"What do you mean?" Eagle asked. "Surely you can't become sentient just by pure genetics."

"Can you explain this without magic?" Fang asked. From the surprised gasp from Eagle Jennifer understood that Fang had changed into humanoid form.

"Nothing magical about changing shape as far as I am concerned. There more than a few villains that have that ability," Eagle finally muttered.

"My parents were also werewolves that lived in the wild," Fang said.

"I suppose you might be right, but I am leaning more towards some kind of mutation that is passed on genetically," Eagle replied.

"Don't you think the government personnel would have spotted if the blood test they took on me showed I was a mutant human?" Fang asked. From the sound she had moved a bit closer to the couch.

"Okay, you have me convinced," Eagle admitted. "I know perfectly well that your profile warns against regular blood transfusion due to your wolf nature. Why have you been hiding your nature?"

"I pretended to be a wolf since I was afraid of the human hunters that executed my family," Fang responded.

"You are quite tough, I would have expected that a group of werewolves would be quite hard to kill," Eagle said.

"When the bullets hit, the limbs literally exploded. Six of the humans also died with my family, but the two remaining hunters took me as a prisoner. Eventually they relaxed their guard and I killed them," Fang said.

"Can you turn all the way to human form?" Eagle asked.

"No idea about how I would do that," Fang responded. "Yet, why should I? Is this body not nice enough?"

Jennifer could sense Eagle's arousal which left little doubt that he found Fang very sexy.

"Are you asking me to have sex?" Eagle asked in a hoarse voice.

"Of course. Why else would I flaunt my body like this? Still, I can keep doing it with my finger if you don't think you are up to it," Fang said. She suddenly yelped with surprise and Jennifer could not resist a quick look.

Eagle and Fang levitated from the floor in the middle of the room. Eagle's flight power obviously allowed him to keep both of them nearly untouched by gravitation. Their hips were making very suggestive movements as Eagle's hands played over Fang's body.

"Far too interesting to not watch ," Jennifer thought and silently slipped onto the couch. Since Eagle was turned away he didn't see her, but Fang grinned.

Jennifer watched the sex amazed. Not only could Eagle keep them close to weightless, but he also used his powers to vibrate his cock as he steadily pushed it into Fang.

"Seems like I have something to look forward to," Jennifer thought as she relaxed on the couch and felt pleasure fill her.

It felt stupid to not do anything and Jennifer started to finger fuck herself. Fang groaned in pleasure as she came and Jennifer had to struggle to silence her own moan.

The two fucking lovers had levitated toward the wall and Fang placed her hands on it. This allowed Eagle to increase his pace even more.

Fang screamed in pleasure again and this time Jennifer could not help but to moan. Luckily Eagle did not hear and continued until he received his climax. Jennifer's climax was so massive this time that she almost fainted.

She heard a surprised yelp and groans of pain. Opening her eyes found Fang and Eagle tangled together in a pile on the floor.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Eagle screamed at Jennifer as he pushed himself free.

"I was just watching, it was surely great sex you had," Jennifer responded.

"You surprised me so much that I lost concentration and landed on Fang," Eagle retorted angrily.

"It's okay," Fang mumbled from floor. "I don't hurt that easily."

"Don't interfere!" Eagle snapped.

"I am sorry," Jennifer said.

"Damn right that you are sorry!" Eagle spat.

"This is a common room, if you want privacy you could choose another place for having sex," Jennifer objected.

"Do you have any idea how much you damaged the team’s reputation today?" Eagle asked. Jennifer flinched as she heard the unexpected accusation.

"For that matter," Eagle continued. "Shouldn't you be in Mindeyes's room tonight."

"I am on the way there now," Jennifer stated and exited the room. Fang had recovered by then and tried to distract Eagle, but he still glared after Jennifer.

"Just great, this day can not get much worse," Jennifer thought. The demon did not seem to share this sentiment, apparently very content with the sex.

* * *

Jennifer knocked on the door to Mindeye's room and it opened to admit her. The room was literally covered in books. Besides the many bookshelves at the walls there were piles of books covering the table and all the chairs.

Mindeye himself was leaning on the bed. The day before she had encountered him without his costume when he had demanded to read her mind, but Jennifer had really not had time to look at him.

He did not really come across as the muscular superhero type, but more as a lean long distance runner. She estimated he was in his middle thirties, dark hair with a touch of gray at his temples.

"Coming here in such a short almost see-through negligee really suggests what you are after," Mindeye said.

"Your bedrobe is not that modest either; nice legs you have," Jennifer said as she gave him an admiring look.

"I can totally say the same. Shall we skip the small talk and have sex?" Mindeye asked.

Before Jennifer got around to replying there was another knock on the door. Mindeye looked alarmed at the sound.

"Expecting somebody?" Jennifer asked. This made Mindeye's face turn really red.

"Not really," Mindeye answered. "If I don't answer they will probably go away."

He said this while looking towards the door with a frown on his face.

"Is he using his powers on the person standing outside ?" the demon wondered. Jennifer could sense sexual excitement from the person outside.

"Ah, the person is leaving," Mindeye said at the same time as Jennifer felt how the sexual excitement of the person outside did disappear like a blown out candle.

"Either the person teleported away or he did indeed use his power to tamper with the person outside ," the demon reasoned.

"I want you nude on the bed," Mindeye ordered.

Jennifer pulled the negligee off and lay down on the bed. Mindeye stepped closer as he opened his robe to reveal his maleness. He was nothing spectacular, about average size but Jennifer had no problem with moaning in delight at the sight of him.

She spread her legs for him and he dropped his robe to join her on the bed. He caught her in a hug as his member moved teasingly around Jennifer's eager wet slit. She tried to make him enter her, but he avoided it and let the tip of his cock slide over her pussy again and again.

"Inside me," Jennifer breathed, filled with desire and he complied. With one long thrust he slid into her. She moaned and pressed herself close.

Again he teased her by not giving her the fast fucking she desired, but slowly pushed himself in and out. Jennifer put up with it for a little while until she anxiously rolled them around and straddled his hips. She moved done in such a way that he remained inside her.

Moaning deeply, she started to ride hard; his response leaving little doubt that he enjoyed it very much.

"He tries to alter our perception of his cock by using his power. It disturbs my enjoyment," the demon observed filled with irritation.

"Stop that silly!" Jennifer ordered. "You are handsome enough."

To her surprise she heard another thought inside her head; not the demon using her own voice, but Mindeye's voice.

"Oh, bad habit. I tried to play with her perception," Mindeye thought.

"Weird to hear him thinking, but not dangerous I think. He cannot hear us," the demon thought as they continued to ride Mindeye.

"How can she just ignore my command sends without any effort or backlash towards me? There is something fishy with how her mind works. Immunity to commands is not unknown in literature, but it is never combined with good resistance to mental monitoring. Could she be mistaken in her resistance? Shall I try to read her thoughts?" Mindeye wondered.

Jennifer did not know what to do. She hesitated about speaking up or staying silent. How could she tell him to don't not it without revealing she could read his mind?

"We must do something! I have an idea, delay him at any cost! " the demon thought.

Jennifer hesitated about what to do and then settled for faking an orgasm. Moaning deeply she threw herself at Mindeye who was taken by surprise. A few moments later she felt something slippery touch her mind, yet it was not inside her real self but in some kind of copy that she vaguely could perceive.

"I am presenting him with a modified copy of your mind. I can not alter your thoughts, but I can alter the copy I made ," the demon explained.

Jennifer started to ride Mindeye again and he grunted in delight. On the other hand his thoughts that she could still hear sounded troubled.

"The whole set of memories is filled with subtle marks of manipulation. Not something a newbie would notice, but it is not just the long time memories, but also the recent events shows signs of an incomplete line of thoughts," Mindeye thought.

"Ahhh! How I love feeling your hardness pushing inside me!" Jennifer mumbled, attempting to distract him, but it did not seem to work.

"She must be controlled by a psionic and sent here to infiltrate or assassinate us! " Mindeye thought, filled with alarm.

He twisted on the bed to cast her off him as he assaulted her mentally. Neither attempts were very successful. The demon just brushed of the mental manipulation as they tumbled around. They ended on the lower end of the bed with Jennifer's legs locked around Mindeye's neck in a possible suffocating hold and her controlling his hands in a secure grip.

"Damn you, no mental contact the G.S.P. contract says!" Jennifer spat at him as she tried to come up with what to do.

"You will never escape the base alive even if you kill me. Just give yourself up," Mindeye told her as he made a failed attempt to break free.

"You have seen me training. Do you really believe that you can escape from close combat with me?" Jennifer asked

"Not really," he admitted.

"Can I let you free so we can talk like grownups without you trying to bolt towards the door?" Jennifer asked.

"I will not try to run," he promised.

"Are you really going to let the bastard free? " the demon asked. "He did attack us."

Jennifer ignored the demon and let go of her grip on Mindeye. Slowly he rolled away from her glaring suspiciously. He glanced towards the door, but remained on the bed.

"You are being controlled by someone who changes your memory. Your purpose here must be spying or assassination even though you might not know it yourself," Mindeye said.

"It is not what you think," Jennifer objected.

"Like your judgment could be trusted. Your mind is being subtly controlled by someone else. Possibly you encountered the responsible person when you were away from the base, but this was removed from your memory," Mindeye responded.

"Listen, thing is that I showed you a fake copy of my memory to hide some bits about my personality," Jennifer told.

"That is a very hard to learn psionic ability, especially since you are not a psionic," Mindeye said.

"Well, maybe I have some passive ability in the area that is suppressed by my more dominant powers," Jennifer suggested.

"Can you lower your mental walls so I can watch your real thoughts?" Mindeye asked, eyes narrow with suspicion.

"I don't think we can do that. Demons are considered immune to human psionics for good reasons. Without magic our mental defenses can not be penetrated ," the demon commented.

"Maybe there is a good idea to make an effort anyway. He will probably not trust us less," Jennifer thought.

"I don't think I am able to lower my mental shield, but I am willing to give it a try," Jennifer said.

When he tried to enter their mind without the fake persona present the demon threw him out with something that felt like a whip. Mindeye shook his head dizzy from pain and then gave her a long stare.

"It felt like trying to make contact with Fang," he finally said. "Her mind is too feral to accept prolonged active contact with my mind. The only difference is that your reaction is incredibly faster and more violent. It actually hurt when you cast me out. What kind of being are you really?"

"What if we show him an unedited copy of our memories from the battle with the robbers?" Jennifer suggested. She felt the demon agreeing and set up a fake persona with such a memory.

"Check the fake persona I present now," Jennifer said. Mindeye entered their mind and paled visibly when he understood what he saw.

"No wonder you killed all the attackers, your wild side really loved the mutilation," he finally mumbled.

"On the other hand I became injured because I restrained my wild side until there was no choice, and you sensed I really want to be heroine, right?" Jennifer said.

"Your memory seems to be consistent even though you seem to be talking to yourself, but I do not know if you really felt it or if it was induced by from some psionic that controls you," Mindeye responded.

"Fang is not human either and you can't know if she is loyal to the team, right?" Jennifer said. "I just want to be a heroine like the rest of you."

"How could I not report my doubts to the managers of the team?" Mindeye asked.

"What should we do? We can't really know if the one that removed our memories and joined us together is really controlling us, can we? " Jennifer thought.

"What about the person outside the door that he controlled, mentally? Surely such is forbidden among humans ?" the demon thought.

"My memories before the accident that activated my powers are gone, edited in some way, so I can not really know if there is a reason for your concern. On the other hand, I do think my memory purged itself so my mind could carry the burden of my wild side. I do think that I have control of my mind," Jennifer said.

He seemed to be on the way to say something, but Jennifer continued. "On the other hand, I really want to be on the team and if you turn me in I will tell the superiors about the person outside when I had just arrived to this room. I could sense the person’s arousal until you sent the person away. The only explanation is that you have brainwashed the person there to feel lust."

Mindeye stared at her with wide eyes. "You have no proof," he said with a shaky voice.

"Do you have evidence of your accusations towards me?" Jennifer asked.

"Your closed mind is the reason for the concern so I don't need proof," Mindeye said.

"My resistance to mental reading is mentioned in my contract. Are you going to tell them that you violated the contract by trying to watch my thoughts or will you let them view your memory of this conversation?" Jennifer asked.

"Oh, you mean…" Mindeye said.

"I do indeed mean that the only way you can voice your concern about me will mean that you are off the superhero team since it will reveal your brainwashing stunt," Jennifer said.

"I think you are correct," he admitted and Jennifer beamed at him.
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