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Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

I hope you enjoy this latest chapter of Movie Night. I put my heart and precious spare time into it for your enjoyment.


Movie Night 7 (MF, MFf, Ff, incest, exhibitionist)

Summary – It’s daddy’s turn to spend some quality time with horny, young, Samantha.

Previous Chapter Summary - Sexy, young, Samantha and her naughty mother spend some quality time together. Samantha learned a few new things, and so did Julie.

Note - This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. *** It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives! ***

Chad Williams returned home late Monday evening. The house was strangely quiet. His daughter Samantha didn’t greet him at the door with her typical squeals of “Daddy’s home!” And since those two wonderful but totally inappropriate Movie Nights, Samantha was always pouncing on him in the privacy of the entryway, to entice him with her firm young body and plead with him for sex.

Thoughts of those nights made his cock twitch. And more recently, Chad remembered her warm mouth encircling his cock this morning as he awoke. Chad smiled as he recalled Samantha’s smirk of satisfaction as she smacked her lips on his warm sperm while his wife Julie was finishing her shower. He had to chuckle, thinking of his sneaky little minx! Damn, she wanted his cock! Here he was, a virile man being seduced by a gorgeous young teenage – every man’s dream - and he dare not touch her.

He had to admit he missed Samantha greeting him at the door. No., the truth was he had actually been looking forward to it. Even before they had sex, he absolutely loved seeing and holding his sexy young Samantha after a long hard day; smelling her perfume, nuzzling her neck and feeling her pert breasts against him while holding her firm young body in his arms. Besides, since that night, it wasn’t him groping his daughter, it was her coming on to him. He was just an innocent bystander. That somehow made it all right. He sighed. He didn’t know how much longer he could resist her.

Chad walked into the living room to find his wife and daughter watching TV. They barely acknowledged his presence only saying “Hi, honey,” and “Hey, dad,” while focusing their attention on the show they were watching. Strange? At least they were dressed in shirts and pants, and not flaunting themselves in their new slutty underwear and causing him to have a perpetual hard-on. He was actually a little disappointed again. He enjoyed looking at his daughter as she exhibited herself and he enjoyed confiding with Julie on their mutual admirations of their sexy, little Sammie.

The rest of the evening was also subdued. Chad tried to engage his wife and daughter in polite conversation but they seemed distracted. Samantha finished her homework and went to bed early. His wife shortly retired for the evening as well and Chad soon followed her.

“Everything OK?” Chad asked as they undressed for bed.

“Yeah, why?” His wife Julie asked, slipping off her top.

“Nothing. It just seemed kind of quiet tonight.” Chad briefly admired Julie’s breasts and mentally compared then to Samantha’s.

“Well,” Julie said, “I had a little talk with Sam tonight. She’s a bit pissed at me I think.”

“Oh?” Chad replied, dropping his underwear to show off his chubby cock. “About what?”

“The way she has been behaving lately; showing off her tits and pussy and acting like a little slut.”

“You did?” Chad gasped. “I thought you like looking at her!”

“I do, but she’s been way too obvious about it. Remember last night?”

Chad remembered. Samantha was showing off her teenage body as if begging for a hard cock. He reluctantly agreed with Julie that Samantha had gone too far.

“It’s almost as if she daring us to have sex with her. Especially you, Chad. It’s as if she really wants your cock.” Julie looked at him. She glanced at his nearly hard shaft.

Chad almost choked. “I’m sure it’s just a phase she’s going through,” he stammered.

“Well, phase or not, I told her to tone it down. Hell, I don’t care if she walks around naked, but I don’t want her acting like a cock-hungry whore. Not my daughter! Not in my house!”

Chad tried to hide his disappointment. He attempted to get his wife involved in their sexy, naughty game again. “Remember when she touched her toes last night?” he asked. “And her tight little pussy showed through those damn crotch-less panties you bought her?”

“Yeah,” Julie smiled before turning off the light and getting into bed. “Samantha has one sweet little cunt, that’s for sure – perfectly ripe for licking, slurping and fucking.”

Chad also climbed into their bed. He slid his naked body next to Julie’s. “Didn’t she make you want to slip your tongue into her tight little crack?” he suggested, hoping to engage his wife in some incestuous play-acting tonight.

“I guess.” Julie replied. She smiled to herself in the darkness, remembering licking Samantha’s sweet, young pussy barely an hour ago. Then, she frowned, knowing her lying husband had tasted that innocent pussy before she did.

“So, how badly did you want to fuck her, Chad?”

“Uh, well…, she is pretty hot and all…” He was still cautious of saying too much. “But she’s our daughter after all. I could never…”

“I know. But, I bet her tight little cunt feels really good wrapped around your cock.”

“Uh, I’m sure it would,” he replied slowly.

“Or her cute little mouth sucking on her sweet, juicy, daddy-sickle?”

“Mmmm,mm” Chad relaxed, and sighed, getting horny and pressing his boner against his wife’s ass.

“Can you imagine our precious, innocent, Samantha sucking on your cock-sickle? Slurping and sucking on it?” Julie asked.

“Oh yeah. Why don’t you show me?” Chad growled.

Julie pressed her naked ass on her husband’s hard cock. “What if you could fuck her, Chad?” Julie asked.

“Wha.., what do you mean?” Chad was confused, and very hopeful Julie was somehow letting him know he could fuck their little Samantha with impunity.

“I mean, I know you want her as much as I do,” Julie said. Then paused. “I know you jacked-off into her underwear thinking about her.”

“You do…? I mean…, I did?” Chad said. He was confused, he never jacked-off into her panties before, unless Julie had found…

“How else would your cum get all over her panties, Chad?” Julie asked softly. “Did you think I wouldn’t find her cum-soaked underwear in the laundry?”

“Uh.., Well…, I…, Uh,” Chad stammered. Whew! Julie thinks the cum in Samantha’s panties was caused by me jacking-off!

“Shhh! It’s OK, Chad,” Julie stopped him. Just like Samantha always did. “I think it is cute, picturing you stroking your hard cock with your daughter’s panties wrapped around them.”

Chad shut his mouth. He recalled how his cum-load actually ended up on Samantha’s panties.

“So, what is your favorite fantasy about Samantha,” Julie continued. “What do you think about when your wrap her sweet smelling panties around your cock? Is it maybe a pony-ride and your cock ‘accidently’ slipping into her tight little cunt? Or having maybe her slurp on your hard, nasty, daddy-sickle?”

“Hmmm,” Chad thought, stalling for time to respond correctly. He had to be careful! Julie was dancing around the truth about him and Samantha. “You only want to know so you can tease me tonight, right?”

“Maybe,” Julie replied.

Chad cuddled his wife and slipped both hands around her, cupping her soft, fat breasts. “I guess seeing her in those fucking, sexy panties and underwear you bought her.” Chad said. He felt safe now, curled up to his wife, and was getting excited thinking about his hot daughter. “I can imagine her bending over the kitchen counter with that perfect little ass, her hot cunt peeking out of those blue panties you bought her, and just hearing her begging for my hard cock.”

“Mmmm, mmm,” Julie groaned. “I know that’s your favorite position, bent over and begging for it. That’s hot.” Julie purred. “Why the kitchen though? I know you banged me enough there.”

“Just the thought of doing it somewhere besides the bedroom. Like in the shower, the park that time, or the kitchen.”

“Or the couch?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Chad answered, remembering fucking Samantha on the couch. “Anywhere, but over the kitchen counter is probably my favorite,” he said, then added, “What about you, Julie?”

Chad poked his hard cock against her ass once, then rocked against her slowly, again and again, letting his intentions known.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Julie responded, “Nothing as specific as yours anyway,” Julie said in a way that made Chad feel a little perverted for having such dirty thoughts. “You know, I’m really sorry, but I’m exhausted and not feeling well,” Julie rolled over separating her ass from his persistent pokes. “I have a headache.”

That was Julie’s way of letting him know he wasn’t getting sex tonight. Suddenly bewildered and disappointed, Chad realized he was going to have to sleep with a hard cock. He thought of Samantha in the kitchen, and with a smile, drifted off to sleep.

Chad woke the next morning almost hoping to find Samantha sucking on his cock again. After all, it would be her doing, not his; he could claim innocence, but Samantha was nowhere to be found. He felt beside him, and discovered Julie was already out of bed. He waked groggily down the hall, and found his wife in the kitchen.

“Morning.” Chad said, getting his coffee and sitting down next to his wife.

“Morning.” Julie said, barely looking up.

They sat in silence for a while. Then, Chad heard his daughter’s soft staccato footsteps on the floor. He looked up. To his surprise and delight, Samantha walked into the kitchen; she was topless; barefoot and only wearing her panties! He admired her firm, young body; from her pretty face, to her suck-able breasts, down to her flat stomach, round ass and long, luscious legs.

“Morning family,” Samantha said. She grabbed a bowl, spoon, milk and cereal and sat down across from her parents.

“Uh, Julie?” Chad said softly, “I thought you had a talk with Sam?” He eyed his daughter’s exquisite nipples. They seemed extra puffy and swollen today. He wanted to suck them.

Julie looked up. “Yeah, we had a talk. I asked Samantha to not act like a cock-hungry slut around us. I don’t care what she wears or doesn’t wear in our house. Right Sam?”

“Whatever.” Samantha said. She ate her cereal acting obliviously, staring at the wall and completely ignoring her father and mother.

Chad used the opportunity to watch his daughter without being noticed. He saw each spoonful of cereal enter her sexy, cock-sucking mouth. He watched the milk dripping from her lips and saw her tongue dart out to lick it clean; like sperm from a spent cock. He felt a stirring in his groin. He looked at his daughter’s tits and fat nipples, wishing he could suck on them once again.

Chad jumped when he felt Julie’s hand softly land upon his thigh. Her hand deliberately slid towards his crotch. He looked at her alarmed. Julie stared down at her coffee, slurped, and put her hand on his crotch searching for his half-hard dick. She pulled it out and began to stroke him.

Chad knew Samantha couldn’t see what was happening under the table and besides, she seemed preoccupied. He let his cock grow fully hard as Julie softly stroked him and Samantha firm, young breasts and slurping lips aroused him.

After a few glorious minutes, Samantha finished eating and set down her spoon. She lifted the bowl to her lips and drank the remaining milk, clumsily spilling some onto her naked chest. The white fluid ran down a pert tit and dripped between her cleavage. Another spill - and a rivulet of white milk dripped down her other breast and soiled another nipple; it grew hard and taut. Both round globes and a fat, puffy nipple were wet with milk, making Chad wish he could lick and suck her clean.

“Aaaahh!” Samantha sighed contentedly. She licked her lips and briefly meet her father’s stare. She rubbed the wayward milk onto her chest, leaving her breasts wet and shiny in the bright florescent lights of the kitchen. Then, she belched loudly and excused herself. She stood up, put away her dishes and walked out of the room, with her father staring and his cock straining.

Chad moaned aloud. A few more strokes from his wife, and he would cum.

Julie stopped. “I’m jumping in the shower,” she said with a wink. “Care to join me?”

“Oh yes, ab-so-fucking-lutly,” Chad said. After all, a warm, leisurely fuck in the shower was better than a quick, cold, hand-job under the table anytime!

Julie led him by his hard cock to the master bathroom, still stroking him gently. Chad was surprised Julie was being so open and exposing his cock that way. He scanned the hallway for Samantha, but she was nowhere to be seen.

They entered the bedroom and dropped their night clothes upon the floor and stepped into the bathroom. Julie bent over to turn on the water and Chad admired her shapely ass and her furry cunt peeking out at him. When the water was warm, they stepped in, and Julie began soaping Chad after they both were warm and wet, running her hands over his firm body and paying extra attention to his genitals and ass. She gave his cock a few slippery strokes; keeping him hard and expectant, then offered him her back. Chad soaped her up, playing with her ass and breasts, taking his time to get her ready for sex. He heard her moan. Typically, at this point, Julie would bend over, offering her body to him, and Chad would take her from behind.

As he slid his cock up and down her slippery hole, Julie suddenly pulled away.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, turning around with her large breasts swaying.

“What?” Chad asked, “What is it?” His cock was hard. He was ready to fuck. What the fuck was the matter?

“Damn it! I forgot, I have to pick up breakfast for our team meeting this morning! Sorry honey!” Julie immediately began washing her hair and protecting her warm, wet cunt from his hardness.

“What about me?” Chad asked, pointing to his aching hard-on and pouting.

“Aww, poor baby!” Julie said, giving his cock a tug. “I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight, but I really have to go now!” She rinsed off quickly and left the shower, grabbing a towel on the way, and leaving her husband standing in the steamy water; wet, hard and suddenly feeling neglected and lonely.

Chad briefly considered stroking-off to mental images of his sexy daughter and his wife’s wet, slippery ass, but he remembered Julie’s promise. He decided he could hold off a few more hours and anticipated a glorious fuck from his wife later tonight.

When Chad entered the kitchen again, Julie had already left.

‘Oh shit!’ Just him and his cock-hungry daughter, he thought. Chad’s cock was still chubby from the shower and he knew he was especially vulnerable to Samantha’s charms at this moment. All he needed was Samantha groping at his cock right and begging him for sex.

“Damn it!” Being horny and missing his wife’s affections is how he got into this whole mess to begin with!

“Hi dad.” Samantha’s voice coming from behind him made him jump.

“Hi Sam,” Chad replied, glancing over his shoulder. Thank goodness Samantha was dressed for school and not naked! She walked to the counter to pack her lunch. She leaned against the kitchen counter, her ass facing him and bent over, reaching up into the cupboard to prepare her lunch. He briefly admired her long legs and her perfect ass before saying, “Uh, mom had to leave early.”

“I know. She told me.”

“OK then,” Chad said, “I’ll see you tonight.”

“OK, bye.” Samantha said.

Chad started to walk away, expecting his daughter to call out to him. After all, her mother was gone and it was her perfect opportunity. He heard nothing.

“That’s it, just bye?” Chad said, turning around, “No begging for sex?”

“No,” Samantha said. “What’s the use? Besides, mom told me I was acting like a cock-hungry slut.”

“Oh?” Chad replied. “Well, good. I’m glad you got it out of your system.”

“Besides, you don’t want to play with me anymore anyway.” Sam pouted.

“Honey, it’s not that I don’t want to… I liked what we did, but…,”

“But what? Don’t you like my ‘amazing’ tits anymore? Do you hate my ‘hot fucking pussy juice?’ Don’t you want to fuck me again?”

Chad was torn. He wanted Samantha to know he loved her and appreciated her, but the sex they had shared was better forgotten.

“Oh, honey, I like everything about you, and I’d love to fuck you again, but,”

“Then why don’t you fuck me, dad? Right now, right here! That’s what I don’t understand! If you want to fuck me, then just do it.” Samantha cried, “I want you to. I’ll suck your cock right now and then you can fuck me before you go to work. Every day if you want!” Samantha bent over the counter and slowly wiggled her ass back and forth. “Come on, dad. Fill my pussy with your cock and your cum, so I can feel it dripping out all day long; that way I can think of you and your hard fat cock while I’m at school!”

Samantha turned around and pulled down her shorts. Then, she pulled down her panties; they caught on her round globes, and with a tug and a jiggle, her bare, pale ass and warm cunt were exposed to her father. She bent over the counter, ready for him to take her.

“Oh, fuck…,” Chad stared and drooled. “Damn it Sam! We just can’t!” Chad said, “It’s not about what I want or what you want!” Chad tore his eyes away and continued his rant. “Samantha, you are a hot young woman, and its taking all the will-power I have to not pull out my cock and fuck you right now… Just the thought of your sweet, tight pussy…, It’s driving me crazy…, but we can’t.” he managed to mutter.

Samantha bent further over the counter, almost like in his fantasy. She was so ready, wet and willing. All he had to do was…, just do it…, give her what they both want…

“Fine!” Samantha snapped. She pulled up her shorts and panties over her gorgeous ass and turned to look at her father defiantly.

Chad walked to the door. He was so tempted turn around and pound the little slut like she wanted him to, but instead he opened the door to leave.

“Guess I’ll have to find someone else to fuck me, then.” Sam yelled as he stepped out.

Chad stopped. “Samantha…,” he warned.

“Maybe some of the boys at school, or even Professor Wilson will let me suck their cocks, fuck me good and hard, and even fuck my tight little ass, since my daddy won’t – even though he promised!” she shouted angrily.

“No more of that kind of talk young lady!” Chad said, his anger rising.

“Whatever,” Samantha said, and walked away.

Chad let her go, late for work, and his mind whirling.

All day, Chad thought about his precious Samantha having sex with nameless boys; her head bobbing up and down on their young dicks, being fucked by their hard cocks, and even taking it up the ass. He knew Samantha was too sexual driven to go without a hard cock for long. He tried to tell himself Samantha was old enough to date boys – yes, even have sex with them, but the thought drove him crazy. But, maybe it was for the best, even though no boy would be as gentle, experienced, or loving as he would be. The images of Samantha with another boy, or even an older father figure, flashed into his mind, keeping him distracted and half aroused all day long.

Julie called him on his way home.

“Hey, honey!” she said cheerfully.

“Hey!” Chad replied.

“Sorry to leave you hanging this morning, baby,” Julie said.

“It’s OK, besides, you said you’d make it up to me, remember?”

“You bet I will!” Julie said, “But first, I have a couple things to take care of at work. Remember the meeting this morning?”

“Of course, it kept me from getting laid,” Chad snorted.

Julie laughed. “Well, I have a couple of open items I have to take care of. Shouldn’t be more than an hour or two. I’ll call you on my way home to see what you guys want for dinner, and then…”

“And then what?”

“Then…, after dinner I’ll take you into the bedroom after we perv on Samantha for a while.” Julie said.

“Oh? Tell me more,” said Chad.

“I’ll put some sexy, slutty lingerie and then maybe put on a little show for you.”

“Uh huh.”

“Maybe suck your cock and balls for a good, long time. Get you nice and hard. And then…,”

“I’m almost hard now!” Chad replied. “And then what?

“I’ll get on all fours on the bed, with my wet pussy and puckered asshole looking at you through those crotch-less panties.”

“Yeah...” Chad rubbed his crotch, “Mmmm, my favorite position and such sexy underwear!”

“Then, I’ll ask you in my best slutty little Samantha voice to get the lube from the dresser drawer.”

“No, really?” Chad was excited now. Lube only meant one thing!

“Really.” Julie confirmed. “Then, you’ll get my asshole – I mean Samantha’s asshole - all nice and slick, and slide a couple fingers in there until she’s nice and loose, then put some lube on your hard, throbbing, cock, press your fat cock against her tight little hole, and fuck your daughter’s ass!”

“Oh, Julie!” Chad moaned. “I can’t wait! You hardly ever want anal sex anymore!”

“Well, the truth is, I really like it. It’s just not something I can do every night. After all, I don’t want my husband to think his wife is a butt-slut. But tonight, you are going to fuck your slutty little girl’s tight little ass, not mine!”

“Shit, I’m hard as a rock Julie!”

“Fuck me daddy, fuck you little girl’s slutty asshole. Fuck me!” Julie whispered into the phone.

Chad groaned.

“Feel my tight little ass around your cock, daddy?”

“Aw fuck!” Chad groaned. “I’m just pulling into the driveway, Julie. Why did you do this to me? I can’t walk in with a hard-on!”

“Why not? Sam’s seen you hard before.”


“But nothing, give her a show Chad,” Julie giggled. “Then tell me about it when I get home!”

“Fine. But that means I’m walking into the house with a big tent in my pants and if she sees it, so what?”

“Right! Tease her back!” Julie agreed.

“Yeah, two can play that game!” Chad said.

“It would serve her right! Let her perv on your cock for a while! But, what the little bitch needs is a good, hard fucking. A big, fat, cock to pound some common sense into her! Really fuck her good!” Julie said.

“Yeah!” Chad agreed, “That’s what the little bitch needs!”

“Oops! Someone came in! Gotta go!” Julie said.

The phone went silent.

Determined, Chad parked the car in the garage and strode into the house. “I’m home Samantha!” he shouted. Samantha didn’t greet him at the door this time. With his cock leading the way, Chad walked into the kitchen, expecting Samantha to be at the table doing her homework. He intended to show off his hard cock to his daughter; to remind her what she already had at home, even if he couldn’t give it to her. He knew his cock was much bigger than the boys at her school, and once she realized it, she would decide to keep begging him for his cock instead of going elsewhere for sex.

Chad stopped in the entryway to the kitchen. His cock surged at the sight before him. Samantha was bent over the kitchen counter wearing her baby blue chemise and crotch-less panties. Her legs were spread, showing off those perfect pussy lips protruding from her soft, satin panties. He could see her pink little rose-bud. Her pussy was wet. She was ready for him. His fantasy was before him; his little was Sammie bent over the counter wearing his favorite set of lingerie.

“Hi, daddy,” Samantha said. “Mom’s going to be late tonight.” She wiggled her ass provocatively. “Any idea what we could do while we wait for her?”

Chad stared at Samantha’s pussy. He remembered how tight his daughter was. He remembered how Samantha moaned and squealed when he fucked her. He remembered how sweet her pussy tasted and how good it smelled.

Samantha reached between her legs and spread her pussy-lips apart with her fingers, showing him her wet, pink fuck-hole. She had been waiting for him and gently playing with her pussy to make sure she was wet and ready.

“Wanna fuck me now, daddy? Or should I find someone else with a big, hard, cock who can give me what I need?”

Chad’s cock strained against his pants, growing harder. He suddenly came to the realization Julie was right. Samantha did need a good, hard, fucking. And he was the one to give it to her! No! He was the only one to give it to her! Not some puny, pencil-dicked schoolboy! Not with daughter! As he fumbled at his pants, he easily convinced himself it was for her own good. He would show her!

“Ziiiiiip!” Down went Chad’s zipper.

Samantha smiled victoriously.

“Clink!” Down fell Chad’s pants and belt, hitting the hard tile floor.

Samantha took a long, deep breath, and held it, anticipating what would come next. Finally!

Chad shuffled over to her with his pants around his ankles. He wildly kicked off a shoe and then one pant leg. He stood before Samantha’s backside pulling his hard cock out of the top of his boxers and pushed his underwear down. He lined up his cock to his daughter’s soaking wet slit, admired the view of her ass and wet cunt for a brief moment, then worked his leaking, thick cock-head up and down the length of Samantha’s sweet, wet, slit, combining their lubricants.

Samantha felt her father’s fat cock sliding against her pussy lips, and unbidden, a high-pitched mew escaped from her mouth. She felt his cock position against her tight hole and start to penetrate her.

Chad pushed until he felt Samantha’s warm pussy lips totally envelope his cock-head. He wanted to slam his entire shaft into her immediately until she gasped out loud with surprise, but he couldn’t hurt her. Not ever. And he needn’t have worried; as he steadily pushed his rock-hard cock into her warm, wet cavern, Samantha gasped out loud, sharply catching her breath as her tight pussy was stretched by her daddy’s thick, invading cock. She slowly exhaled as the long, fat shaft entered her, filling her up completely.

“Ohhhhhh daaaaaddy!” Samantha moaned as Chad’s cock continued to impale her. “Ohhhhh, yes, oh yes! It feels so good!” Samantha’s utmost desire was being fulfilled along with her tight cunt. She was sexually giddy with lust and love, as was stretched and stuffed-full of her daddy’s dick.

Chad pushed slowly and steadily until he was balls deep inside of his daughter, then he pushed a little more. He felt her tight, hot, cunt grip his entire shaft. It felt even better than he remembered.

He slowly pulled out while watching his slick, wet, rod retreat from her slimy little fuck-hole. He felt the suction of her vaginal walls trying to suck the cum up from his balls. When he saw his cock-head, he pushed into her again slowly until he bottomed out once more. Then pulled out again until he could see his hard, flared glans escape from her pussy lips. Once, then twice more he repeated these actions, getting Samantha wet, stretched, and ready for a good, hard, fucking! He began to slide into her once more. Sam glanced over her shoulder at him, getting impatient.

He smiled down at her and then quickly thrust the last few inches of his hard cock into her forcibly, so his fat, heavy, balls bounced off of her clit and his groin slapped her ass. He did it again, and then again, making her moan with pleasure.

‘Smack…, smack…, smack…!’

Samantha babbled as her daddy rocked her body again and again, pushing her against the counter; her breath escaped with each thrust as she gasped with pleasure. “Oh daaa-aa-ddy, fuck me-ee, fu-uuu-uuck me! It feels so goo-oo-ood! Oh gawd! Oh yessss-esss!”

Chad slowed his thrusts and then gave his daughter long, slow, thrusts once again, moving his body from side to side and up and down; spreading her cunt and hitting her in places she had never felt before.

“Do you like my cock, princess?” Chad looked at Samantha and grinned with a perverse satisfaction at the quivering teenage-slut he had created.

Samantha looked over her shoulder and met her father’s eyes again. “Oh daddy! I love your cock!” she said, and she did! It was long, hard, thick, and filled her up completely. “Don’t ever keep it from me again!” Samantha cried as she rocked back against his steadily increasing thrusts.

At this moment in time, with his cock engulfed with exquisite pleasure, Chad had no intention of ever keeping his cock out of his daughter’s tight, little, wanton, fuck-hole again. He was already plotting when and how to fuck her without detection, not willing to ever consider denying himself of her sweet, young, ready-and-always-willing tight pussy.

“Mmmmm-mmmmm!” Samantha moaned long and loud. “Ah, ah, ah!” she panted as Chad began pounding her tight, juicy, cunt again, showing his daughter what a good, hard fucking felt like.

“Your pussy is so tight, Samantha!” Chad exclaimed as he plowed his daughter steadily with long deep, strokes and finishing with hard thrusts against her, smashing her groin against his, and slapping her pussy with his balls. He watched Samantha’s ass jiggle.

Samantha arched her back and Chad caught a glimpse of her bouncing tits. He easily slid his long arm around her small frame and slim waist and pulled a breast free, pushing her baby blue chemise down, and proceeded to grope her soft flesh enthusiastically.

“Damn, you do have ‘amazing tits’ Samantha.” Chad twisted her nipple firmly just as he slammed his cock into her again.

“Ummmphhh!” Samantha grunted. “Oh, daddy, it feels so good! My pussy feels so good! My titties too! Play with my titties some more daddy!”

Chad groped Samantha’s swaying breasts now with both hands. She braced herself against the counter as her dad slammed her cunt; long, fast and firmly, over and over.

“I’m going to cum daddy! You’re making me cuu-uuu-uummm-mmm!” little Samantha said as her father fucked her hard and steadily, playing with her tits and fat nipples, bouncing her ass and pressing her body against the kitchen counter. Samantha closed her eyes, arched her back, and reveled in the feelings coursing through her ripe, young body. Her insides melted and tingled, her thighs quivered and her pussy gushed. Her father brought a hand to her cunt and twirled two fingers around her swollen clitoris. Samantha creamed.

“Uh, uh, uh, cmmminnnng!” Samantha cried, “Oh fuck! I’m cummminnng!”

She felt her daddy’s cock thrusting and felt one of his hands on her tit, the other on her cunt. Her thighs tingled and her pussy exploded. This is what she had been waiting for and begging for since the last Movie Night!

“Sooo good! Mmmmmm-mmmm! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she moaned. Her daddy’s cock continued its onslaught. His left hand pinched her nipple, his right hand smashed her clit. Samantha saw stars as she orgasmed. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss enveloped her. Her pussy spasmed and her toes curled as her orgasm rocked her. She felt like she was going to pass-out. Her eyes rolled back into her head with orgasmic bliss.

Chad felt her tight cunt convulsing around his cock. He gave his daughter what she needed as he helped her ride wave after wave of intense orgasms, holding her up as her legs failed her. Days of frustration had cumulated in this exquisite fuck! He reveled in the forbidden fruit he was once again enjoying. His daughter moaned uncontrollably underweight him. He felt like a stud. No little schoolboy could compare to what he was giving her. He fucked his Sammie harder.

Hearing her moans, grunts and gasps, Chad’s cock grew thicker; his balls tingled and his entire groin area surged and swelled with every thrust. He gripped her hips and fucked her harder. Nearly two days’ worth of denied sperm churned in his balls. He moaned with his daughter and erupted, spurting a huge cum-wad forcefully inside of Samantha’s tight pussy. He thrust again, and thick, hot, splooge began to fill Samantha’s young cunt. Chad’s rock-hard shaft continued to swell until Samantha felt it growing inside of her. His cock convulsed again, his shaft pulsed again, and his prostate spasmed yet again, sending his potent seed deeply into his daughter’s ripe cunt.

Samantha felt every thick, hot blast erupting inside of her. Once again, her father was cumming inside of her and she loved it! Another huge spurt made her pussy warmer and wetter. She orgasmed again. How good it felt to be fucked! How great it was to make love to her daddy! She wanted it to last forever! Her cunt was filled-up with his cum. She felt it warm and deep. Her small body shook once again and then fell limp. After a moment of intense pleasure, she slowly opened her eyes to the bright lights as she felt her father slow his steady, firm, and persistent thrusts.

Father and daughter stayed tied together for a long while. Chad’s cock refused to soften and Sam’s pussy refused to let him go. Samantha sighed and purred contentedly and Chad snuggled and caressed his loving daughter.

Chad finally softened sufficiently and he pulled his still chubby cock from Samantha’s pussy. His wet member slipped out heavily coated with sperm and sexual fluids. Samantha’s pussy gaped and oozed.

“Plop…, plop…, plop.” Chad’s thick cum splattered on the floor.

Samantha turned around and embraced her father who kissed her back this time. She slurped his lips and he tenderly and sensually met her lips with his. They hugged lovingly and caressed each other a while before Samantha lowered her body, clenched her thighs together and proceeded to cleanse her daddy’s cock with her warm, wet mouth.

Finally, they moved to the living room and sat exhausted on the couch where their tryst began that one fateful Movie Night; with Samantha curled up against her father and Chad lovingly running his hand up and down her body.

“Thank you daddy,” she purred against his chest.

“You’re welcome, Sam,” her daddy said.

“Dad?” Samantha began, “You know we have a problem…”

Don’t I know it, Chad thought, wondering how long he and Samantha could continue without Julie finding out.

“I know,” Chad finally replied with a sigh.

“First, we had lumps on the couch, now we have lumps in the kitchen!” Samantha squealed, remembering the ‘lump’ she had found the first Movie Night, and the two ‘lumps’ her father had then discovered. They giggled and tickled and enjoyed themselves. They laughed and kissed and played with each other. Then, Samantha reached for her father’s cock and slowly manipulated it.

“Take off your clothes dad.” Samantha said. She stood up and held out her hand for him. Chad gripped her hand and stood up and stripped his remaining clothes. Samantha’s chemise fell to the floor, followed quickly by her panties.

Chad nervously looked at the clock.

“We have plenty of time, don’t worry.” Samantha said. She pushed her father onto the couch and sat on the floor before him. She reverently caressed his balls and shaft. She leaned in and took his soft cock into her mouth, tasting their juices. She took her time and lovingly cleaned him with her tongue; his heavy balls, his glans, and his expanding shaft. Soon, Chad was hard once again.

Samantha’s phone rang, buzzing on the coffee table.

“It’s mom,” she said before answering.

“Hi mom!” she said, then holding the phone away from her mouth, took a long, deep slurp of her father’s cock.

“Oh, I’m having a daddy-sicle,” she giggled and slurped loudly on her dad’s hard cock twice more.

“Yeah, daddy gave it to me… I’m hoping he give me another one!”

“No, it won’t’ spoil my dinner.”


“What…? Oh, yeah! It was great!”

Samantha giggled.

“Sure, I’ll ask him,” Samantha said. “Daddy, is the Chicken Shack OK with you?”

Chad could only nod stupidly as Samantha sucked him again before answering.

“Yeah, we are good with that.”

“Another hour?”

“OK, see you then!”

Samantha set down her phone and went back to enjoying her daddy’s cock.

“Sam, you could have gotten us in trouble!” Chad pretended to be mad. “And, what was so great?”

Samantha pulled her mouth back but kept her lips partially on his cock-head. She licked and sucked. “Oh, mom asked me how school was today.” She went back to his cock.

“What was so great about it?

“Not now, daddy!” she said, not wanting to be disturbed again. She made love to his cock and balls, leaving him hard and wanting more. With a smack, she pulled off her lips.

Chad looked at her, and was surprised when Samantha stood up and pushed him forcefully down onto his back. She swung a leg over him and sat on his lap, trapping his hard cock underneath her ass and cunt. She slid up and down. Chad felt her smooth, wet cunt lips ride along his shaft.

“My turn,” Samantha grinned. She lifted her ass, grabbed Chad’s cock and positioned it to her love-tunnel. She sank down upon it until she was filled once again. Then, she began to ride him.

Samantha’s pretty, sexy face looked down at Chad. He watched her smoothly ride up and down on his cock, loving each time she smiled, caught her breath, or looked determined to ride him harder and faster.

Chad let her have her way. His cock was hard, he had already cum, and he was going to let his little girl enjoy herself for as long as she wanted. At least for an hour or so.

Samantha bounced and let his long, fat cock do its magic inside of her. She rode him for what seemed like a long time, until she began to moan softly. She bounced harder. Chad rose up his hips to meet her. Samantha moaned again and Chad reached his large hands to grab his daughter’s small breasts.

Samantha came softly grinding on her father’s cock. The look of bliss on her face and her gentle moans and gasps triggered Chad to cum as well. Samantha’s tight cunt milked him, and her pussy massaged him with little convulsions until both were satisfied, Samantha laid on top of him, keeping his cock tightly imprisoned in her warm, wet, pussy.

“Mmm-mm,” Samantha sighed, “That was nice.”

“Uh huh,” Chad agreed.

They lay together for a while until Chad’s cock slipped out and a river of cum ran down his thighs.

“We better clean up, now Sam,” Chad said, “Mom’s going to be home soon.”

“Just a little while longer?” Samantha said.


They lay in silence for a while. The only sounds were their deep, contented breaths.

“No more silly talk about finding another cock to play with?” Chad asked her softly.

“Nope,” Samantha replied. “I already have the best cock-sicle in the world.”

“Good girl.” Chad said, pulling her tighter against him

When Samantha had her fill of her daddy’s caresses, she climbed off and gathered up their clothes. Chad went to the kitchen to get something to clean up their mess. He wiped off the sexual fluids from his thighs and the kitchen floor. He returned to the living room and tossed a clean wet rag to Samantha and watched as she wiped her tired pussy and then the couch.

Satisfied, father and daughter changed their clothes and waited for Julie to return.

“Can I suck your cock some more, daddy?” Samantha asked after a while.

“I don’t know honey, your mother might come home anytime,” Chad said.

“Please, dad?” Samantha asked. “I don’t know when I’ll be able to play with you again.”

“OK, princess.” He couldn’t say no to her. Chad dropped his shorts and plopped down in his favorite chair; out of sight from the garage entryway where Julie would be walking in.

Samantha cooed and pounced on her prey. She inspected her father’s cock with her eyes and then with her tongue. She played with his limp, chubby flesh and empty balls, mesmerized by how soft he was now and how hard he was only moments ago. Samantha liked her father better when he was hard, she decided. She sucked his soft flesh into her mouth and teased it with her tongue.

Chad resisted for a while until Samantha doubled her efforts. His body couldn’t resist Samantha’s expert oral skills for long. His cock pulsed and grew firmer in her mouth. With a little more coaxing, she felt him fully harden around her lips. Triumphantly, Samantha swallowed his cock, hoping to give her father one last orgasm and get her first taste of cum tonight.

Chas was surprised at his virility, or maybe it was his daughter’s sexuality, or maybe both? Whatever it was, he was enjoying it. He watched with delight as Samantha sucked his cock, clearly loving what she was doing. She met his eyes and her eyes twinkled. Her lips curled as she tried to smile with a mouth-full. She then ran her tongue over his glands and hummed with pleasure.

Samantha urged her daddy closer to the edge of the chair so she could more easily pleasure his balls. Chad scooted further, until his ass was nearly dangling over the chair. Samantha licked and sucked his nuts for a while as she continued to stroke him. He leaned back and decide to relax and enjoy it. When she first started, Chad didn’t think he could cum again, now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t had a long, leisurely, blow job while relaxing in his favorite chair, in a long time. All he needed was a beer and a ball-game, and it would be perfect.

Samantha took her daddy’s cock deep, over and over, fucking her throat with his cock. Then she worked her tongue over his frenulum and glans before lapping and sucking on his balls.

Chad thought he just might be able to cum again. He pumped blood into his shaft as Samantha slurped, suckled and slathered his rock-hard cock with her saliva. He opened his eyes when he felt a wet, slippery digit probing behind his balls. He looked at Sam and she grinned mischievously. She placed a dainty finger against his ass-hole and toyed with it. Now, Chad was certain he could cum maybe just one more time.

Samantha kept sucking and drooling on his cock, bringing it deep into her throat and then coating her fingers with the thick, slippery spittle, to further lubricate his bung-hole. She tugged and prodded at it.

Chad smiled as he remembered doing the same to Samantha last week. Julie rarely played with his ass, but it was a sure way to make him explode during a blow-job. With the continuous sucking, slurping, licking and tugging, Chad finally felt a slight tickle in his groin. Yes, he could easily cum now.

“Mmm-mmm,” Chad sighed. “I’m almost there Samantha.”

Samantha bobbed her head faster. She sucked a little harder. She tugged at her daddy’s sphincter more forcefully, feeling him open up.

“Oh, baby, I…”

He stopped suddenly. They both heard the garage door opening.

Chad was on the precipice of his orgasm. He tried to pull his cock away before he could make a mess of his clothes, his chair and his daughter, but Samantha was determined to get her prize. She throated him and plunged two fingers deeply up his ass!

“Oh, shit!” Chad exclaimed as he came suddenly. His cock and balls spasmed as Samantha worked her experienced mouth and fingers. He continued to orgasm, sending his meager remaining sperm into Samantha’s mouth. She sucked him dry.

They heard the door open. “I’m home!” Julie yelled.

Samantha finally pulled her warm, sperm covered lips from Chad’s cock and her wet fingers from his ass-hole. She got up from her knees and ran into the kitchen to meet her mother to give her father time to compose himself.

Chad stuffed his oozing, hard cock back into his shorts and willed his cock to soften. Three orgasms today! His cock was almost aching!

Samantha met her mother at the door, and kissed her fully on the mouth before Julie had time to set down her packages. They kissed like lovers do, and Samantha pushed her father’s still warm sperm into her mother’s mouth. Julie was caught by surprise, but delighted. The cum in her mouth meant her daughter had a great time with her father! She shared her daughter joy and excitement.

“So it worked?” Julie whispered.

“Yes!” Samantha whispered back. “When I told him I might fuck some boys as school, he went crazy!”

“I knew he would,” Julie said, licking the insides of her mouth and swallowing. “And the kitchen?”

“Oh, mom! Dad fucked me good and hard, just like you said he would!”

“Good!” Julie said, “I’m so happy for you!”

Samantha took a bag from her mother’s hand and walked with her to the kitchen. They heard the TV blaring. “We fucked twice, and I got to suck his cock again!”

“I know, I can still taste it.” Julie said.

“The butt thing worked like you set it would. And, dad came twice in my pussy and once in my mouth! It was awesome!”

“How many times did you cum?” Julie asked, setting down the bags and then pulling serving dishes from the cabinet.

“Twice, but they were really big ones!” Samantha replied.

“Hmmm, maybe I can help you before we go to bed,” Julie offered. “After all, it’s not fair that he came more than you did.”

“Thanks mom!” Samantha kissed her mother one more time.

“Dinner!” Julie yelled.

The family dined together. Samantha’s excitement was obvious.

“You are so happy! What’s gotten into you tonight?” Julie asked, knowing very well what had gotten inside her daughter recently.

Samantha giggled. Chad choked on his drink.

After dinner, Julie met Chad in the bedroom.

“So, are you ready to fuck your little Samantha’s ass tonight?” she teased, as she wiggled out of her skirt and displayed her buttocks to her husband. She dropped her panties and spread her cheeks. “Fuck me daddy, fuck my ass!”

Chad knew he couldn’t get it up again. Samantha had drained his balls three times. Just the thought of another hard-on reminded him of how sore his cock was after a hard fucking, a slow grinding, and a fantastic blow-job. Besides, his cock smelled of cum, pussy and spit. Julie was sure to find out.

“Uh, you know…, I’m not feeling too well tonight... I might be coming down with something…,” he said. “Maybe I need to get to bed early. I’m getting a headache,” he said, repeating Julie’s words to him last night.”

“Suit yourself, but it’s your loss,” she replied. “Goodnight, Chad.” Julie turned off the light. “Do you need anything before I go check on Sam?”

“No, I just need some sleep.”

“OK, get some rest, baby.” She turned and left Chad in the darkness. She quickly walked to Samantha’s room to hear the glorious details of her wonderful night with her father.

“So, tell me everything!” Julie said, sitting down on Samantha’s bed.

Samantha dropped her wet panties in the laundry bin. They were filled with two cum-loads from her daddy’s dick.

Julie knew she would have to inspect those panties in the morning, but right now, she was going to inspect her daughter’s slick twat while she listened to the details of her daughter’s eagerly anticipated night of lovemaking with her lying husband.

“Set your pussy right here,” Julie said, patting the space in front of her, “And let me lick your sore little cunny while you tell me what happened.”

Samantha proceeded to tell her mother every little detail, while her mother lapped at her cum-filled cunt.

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