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Hi this is Taneesha Shah once again, this story of mine when, I was 18 year old, I was 5 feet 6 inches and my stats were 36C 28 36. This is the continuation part of my earlier story. Those who haven’t read my earlier story please read My Brutal Brothers Part-1
Suddenly the door opens and there was Sameer, Rohan and Dinesh my all brothers standing there. They were taken aback when they saw me naked and sucking my own brothers cock I was terrified by seen them my body started shivering and I stood up and covered my boobs with my hands and ran upstairs into my room and Raj did the same thing. I was so fucking terrified and by what happen just now what if anyone tells anything to mom or dad.

I washed my face and got dressed into white tank top and white shorts then sat on my bed filled with fear. After few minutes I heard a knock at my door, when I opened the door, my all brothers entered the room including Raj. As usual he had an evil smile on his face “You want us to tell everything to Mom & Dad” Rohan asked. “Please don’t tell anything to Mom & Dad. They will be angry if you guys will tell them about this” I begged. “Then you have to do one thing” Rohan said. “What” I asked. “Same thing what you did with Raj” he said caressing my boobs. “What! are you mad, this is wrong” I told them crying. Will you do it or you want us to tell everything to Mom & Dad” Sameer asked. “Please forgive me I won’t do anything like this again please” I begged.

Suddenly Dinesh gave me a tight slap on my face “You should have thought about this before sucking your brother’s dick slut!! Now just say!!” Dinesh said. “Nooo please don’t say anything to Mom & Dad” suddenly Rohan pinched my nipples hard “yes or no”. “ahhhhhahaa pleeessss ohhhhhh please stop this. He again pinched them harder, nooooooo pleeeeessss stooppppp okay okay I’ll do whatever you say but please stop, don’t tell anything to anyone please.”

“Yeah that’s like a good slut” they all shouted together. I realized that today I’ll be fucked hard by my own brothers and I cursed Raj for putting me in such a situation.

Sameer held me by my hairs and took me down stairs I was standing in the middle surrounded by everyone. Dinesh took my nipples in his hand and said “You are a slut now and you’ll do whatever we ask you to do” do you get that slut. Ahhhhhhh Aaaaaeeee plzzzz no stop!! I cried and he pinched my nipples harder. “Yes or no” he asked again.

“Yessssssss I am your slut yeesss aaaaeeeee but please stop this”. I cried again. Sameer and Dinesh pulled down my tank top and started chewing my boobs they were literally chewing them biting my nipples and leaving teeth marks on them they were way more brutal than Raj aaaaaaaaaeeee plzz noo stop, I was screaming and crying but they didn’t listen.

Raj got to my ass and started fingering my ass with his three fingers in it and Rohan at the same time was doing the same thing with my pussy after few minutes of finger fucking and chewing Sameer forced me to knees and every one dropped their pants, I was shocked and surprised at that time none of their dicks was smaller than Raj’s and Sameer was the biggest about 10 inches and Rohan’s cock was thickest on them I was not able to enclose it with one hand. I was terrified by thought that only Raj dick was too much for what will happen when all these monster cocks will fuck me together.

They all started slapping my face with their dicks they were as hard as iron rods “let’s start this slutty sister” Sameer said, saying this he shoved his monster in my mouth, he tried to push his cock as far as possible I was gagging drools were flowing out of my mouth to my chin and then to my boobs he asked me to take the whole thing in my mouth I wasn’t able to do so, he held my head from back and started forcing my face on his dick, it went further I was breathless and removed his dick from my mouth and pushed him back, he tried again and this time I pushed him back.

He got angry when I pushed him back and he pulled out my top completely and gave to Raj and asked him to tie my hands at the back I protested but they were 4 and I was on my knees now my hands were tied there was nothing to stop him to destroy my throat.” Hold her head straight” Sameer told to Raj he did and the Sameer started unloading his 10 inches meat in my throat in few attempts he succeeded and whole dick was in my neck his ball were touching my chin and pubic hair were on my nose he stayed there for some time and chocked me and made me breathless he did this few more times,

Sameer fucked my face for several minutes, Dinesh by now was sitting on the couch he asked me to come to him on my knees I walked to him on my knees and he fucked my mouth for another 20 minutes and Raj was recording everything, next was Raj I did him the same way and moved to Rohan his dick was a real monster it was so wide that I was only able to take the top of his cock in my mouth he forced it hard and only succeeded in shoving 1/4 of his cock in my mouth I told him it’s too big and it won’t fit but he didn’t listen. After the face fucking session was over, it was time for real fucking session.

Rohan sat on the couch and asked me to sit on his cock, I stood up Rohan lowered my shorts and I sat on his cock, his cock was tearing my pussy and he was forcing me down on this thick cock. He forced his whole dick in my pussy and they were just laughing at my moans and spanking my ass in between I was jumping on his cock and few minutes later moaning stopped because now I was given a cock in my mouth Dinesh came from back and shoved his cock in my mouth and stated face fucking me again.” let’s give this slut some more fun” Sameer said. Suddenly I felt something near my asshole it was Sameer who was trying to make way into my ass hole.

It was too much for me with Rohan’s cock already in my pussy Sameer was shoving his dick in my ass it was so painful that I was I tried to jump off but I was caught by their strong hands finally he succeeded and his whole cock was in my ass now Dinesh was fucking my face, Rohan was in my pussy, Sameer was in my ass and Raj was recording everything. I wasn’t able to moan because Dinesh’s cock was in my mouth and my hands were also tied. They fucked me the same way for around half an hour and during that time pussy juice was continuously flowing from my pussy and I cummed more than 5 times but they were still on now they changed their position they opened my hands and now Rohan was the camera men, Dinesh lied on the table and I was over his dick.

He shoved his dick in my pussy plzzzzzzzzzzz stopppppppp I screamed but they again ignored me, Raj took my ass and Dinesh made me lied on his chest and my neck was hanging from the table and now Sameer came and put his dick in my mouth. They fucked me the same way like a machine for another hour it was too much for me I started to lose my senses suddenly there was a call on my mobile phone which Rohan answered and everyone was quite for some minutes it was mom she wanted to speak to me Rohan gave me the phone but fucking didn’t stop they were still ramming me while I was talking to mom.” ahh yaah hello Mom” I said on the phone” are you alright mom asked me listening me moaning” “yeahhhhhh mom ahhhhhh” I said.” what happened Taneesha” mom asked “nothing mom I just got a cramp in my leg so It’s hurting me” I said. “Okay” mom said, they all were laughing seeing my condition, she asked me to pack some of her clothes and Dad. Me and your Dad are going out for office work and will come back on weekend. “Okay” I said. I didn’t want them to go if they will go there will be no one who can save me from these monsters.

Sameer asked what did she said and I told them everything what mom said to me. They got very happy to listen that. “Fucking session got an extension slut” Sameer said, my fucking continued now Rohan was at Dinesh’s position and Sameer took Raj’s position and Raj was on my face again. They fucked me for another hour and finally when they were about to cumm they brought me on my knees and all of them ejaculated on my face and in my mouth, my face was filled with cum and there was too much cum for me to swallow. “I don’t want you to spill a single drop out of your mouth slut” I swallowed the whole thing and it was very nasty. I was so tired and was not able to stand up Raj helped me stand up and asked me to do what mom said I was not able to walk properly I went into my room and took a bath and got dressed into black top and black shorts and packed some clothes for Mom and Dad.

After packing, I went to sleep, when I woke up Mom and Dad was at home and preparing for their trip. I looked myself in the mirror I was looking tired. I went to mom and helped her after few minutes’ Mom and Dad was ready to leave. “Take care of your sister” mom said to them while leaving “ohhh yes mom we will” everyone said back. Rohan went with Mom and Dad to drop them to the Airport. As soon as mom and dad left with Rohan, Raj came from back and started caressing my ass I looked at him and begged him not to start again as I was tired and sore.

“I think u have got enough rest slut, time to continue your punishment” Raj said pointing me towards his dick it was hard again in few minutes their pants were down again and I was on my knees and my hands were also tied at my back. Raj took my ass and Sameer was on my pussy and Dinesh was on my face, and the session started they were spanking me and biting my nipples in between after some time they switched positions and my all the holes were filled for the next few hours they fucked me brutally without any break they cummed after one and half hour everyone was down and tired and I was breathing heavily there was a knock at the door they asked me to open the door” I am not dressed” I said ” ohh shut up bitch it’s your dear brother” Sameer said and it was none other than Rohan as I opened the door his dick was already out of his pants and he caught me by nipples” hey slut did I miss something” Rohan said.

Aaaaaaaiieeee Noooo” I said “Oooh come on little slut, I did miss something!! “Tell me what happened after I left?” he asked with a devilish smile on his face and pinching my nipple hard.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing happened” I said

“Ohhhhhhh don’t be shy slut tell me now” he asked me again.

I was standing there in pain and with closed eyes and didn’t say anything so he twisted my nipples harder.

“Then tell me what happened” he asked

“I was fucked hard by Dinesh Raj and Sameer” I said.

“Ohhh in which position slut” he asked me by laughing and enjoying.

“In doggy position ahhhhhhh pleeseeeeeeeeeee it hurts” I said and begged him to stop.

He was still twisting my nipples he forced me down on my knees and started shoving his monster in my mouth and as usual my mouth was not big enough to take his cock in he was still forcing it he fucked my mouth for few minutes and then fucked my ass and pussy brutally by the time he cummed on my face rest of the three were ready to destroy me again I begged them to stop but they didn’t listen to me and this way my fucking session continued till 9 in the evening because I got unconscious because of brutal fucking I had even lost count how many times I was fucked and I had cummed more than 20 times after that I lost count of my own fucking.

I woke up in the morning next day Raj and Dinesh sitting naked next to me stroking there dicks in their hands. “Morning slut” Raj said. As I stood up they both came into my bed Dinesh started caressing my ass whereas Raj took my boobs and started massaging them. They both were seducing me and I was kind of getting wet down at my pussy, I didn’t asked them to stop because I knew what could be the consequences of doing that.

Within minute I was sandwiched by them, Raj was on my pussy and Dinesh took my ass, they started ramming my ass and pussy in rhythm giving slaps and pinching my nipples in between they both fucked the shit out of me for around half an hour I was really in a bad situation, After that they took me to the bathroom and took a shower with me and deep throat me under the shower. I came out of shower session. Raj didn’t let me wear my clothes and held my ass and took me down the hall where I saw Rohan and Sameer sitting naked on the dining table, that was with pretty wired.

“You need something for breakfast sis” Sameer asked.

“Yeah I am hungry” I said.

“Come have your breakfast” Sameer called me, I went to the table and as I was about to sit Sameer said “Hey u don’t have to sit there!! Come down the table and suck my dick that will be your breakfast” everyone laughed as he said this.

I thought he was kidding I continued sitting on the chair suddenly he stood up and held me by my neck “Don’t you get it slut!! I said come down and suck my dick” I didn’t believe he actually wanted me suck his dick while he was having breakfast. He caught my neck really hard so it was paining a lot he forced me down the table and shoved his dick into my mouth and fucked my mouth and all the three did the same thing to me. After that all of them went out for few hours except Rohan and during that time Rohan and I was alone in the house, he fucked my brains out for at least 4 times in the afternoon. Everyone came back in evening and later that night I was taken to the terrace and was fucked there brutally for the whole night.

For the next four days fucking never stopped unless I was unconscious which I usually got at the end of the day, none of them went to college for the next four days as they were busy fucking me I was naked all the time and didn’t wear any clothes my hands were tied most of the time and they didn’t open my hands even if I was sleeping I was fucked every corner of the house i.e. bathroom, kitchen, my bedroom, mom and dad’s bedroom they never used any protection. Once they took out some condoms from my mom’s closet and they used to collect their cumm in there condoms and asked me to chew it like a gum. Most of my sessions were recorded.

Finally this continuous punishment came to an end when Mom and Dad came back by seeing my bad condition mom asked me what happened I told her that I was sick. Even after mom and dad were at home they used to come to my room individually or sometime together or they used to call me to their rooms and used me. I was completely there fucking slut.

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