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Sexy Co-Worker at the Branch
The Bank Branch – Part 1

She walked into my office on that Friday night at 6:40. "What are you doing here so late" she asked in a slow calming voice. "I have to upgrade every computer after we close and they haven't balanced yet, its starting to piss me off" I said angrily. "I have a date in ½ an hour and had a chance to get lucky tonight, and those people out there are screwing it all up". She walked back to the door and closed it, then she closed the window blind and walked toward my desk. It was then that I noticed the grey skirt and the black silk stockings. She walked up to my desk, slid on it and spread her legs slightly while hiking up her skirt. She was wearing garters which looked so sexy, and then I noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. Her pussy lips were slightly glistening implying she was starting to get very excited and wet. Just then the phone rang, "fuck" I thought, "I wanted to see where this would go". "Tellers are balanced and you can start your upgrades" the interrupting voice said. She gracefully slid off the desk "I have some work to finish so don't set the alarms while I am still her". "Ok" I mumbled. "Stupid tellers taking this long to balance". "Oh" she said in a sexy tantalizing voice, "they were balanced right away, I told them to wait until 6:45 to call and let you know". She smugly walked out the door and closed it behind her.

"What the hell is she doing, I thought as I stood up. My dick was rock hard from the sight she had given me, so I had to pause and adjust him so I could walk. As I started to load the software in the first computer, I looked over to see her in the vault room counting the cash. She slowly bent over revealing her garters and the bottom of that nice tight firm ass. Knowing she didn't have underwear on made my dick start growing again. "Why did you have the tellers wait", I asked in an annoyed voice. "Because I thought it would be funny to me, and it was. You should have seen your face, hard on bulging out of your pants as your face got this dark red. It was even better than I thought." "What are you up to, what is your plan" I asked. "Just fucking with your mind, and only your mind" and she bent over a little farther exposing even more of the ass and just a little bit of the wet pussy. "I'm glad you are having fun" I said sarcastically as I moved to the next computer refusing to even look her direction. As I was moving to the next computer the disc fell on the floor, As I was on my knees picking it up, I heard the vault room close and her walking toward me. I looked up just as she brushed those silk stockings against my arm. "Having problems" she said with a laugh and continued to walk by. "I'm going upstairs now, so don't lock up while I am still here". Good I thought, she is going to stop bothering me.

As I moved to the next computer, I heard the door upstairs open and looked up to see her on the balcony. I could see right up her skirt to that beautiful pussy that was only inches away from my face on the desk a short time ago. "Fucking bitch is just torturing me. I am going to lift up that skirt and bend her over something if she doesn't stop this real soon", I thought. She moved a table over by the balcony and started to arrange some papers on it. This somehow caused her to be slightly bent over, with her legs slightly spread apart. The pussy lips were spread apart, and I could see that hole that my dick was going to be in soon, I hoped. I could see her clit, her pussy lips, her pussy, and even her asshole looked beautiful from that angle. "I wonder if she likes anal sex" I thought. I was never able to find anyone woman who would let me try it. She notices me staring up her skirt, "What the fuck is your problem. Finish your damn upgrade and leave me alone". "What!" I said extremely angry again. "What is my fucking problem". Why don't you stop putting that fucking pussy in my face you fucking cock teasing slut!". I apparently had had enough. For the second time, I had a rock-hard erection and was extremely angry at the same time. "Fuck you, you asshole" I could hear say as she walked away from the balcony.

I finished that computer and went back to my office. Looking at the checklist of computers to upgrade, I realized I had forgotten the vault computer. Shit, I thought I was done and could get away from that crazy bitch. I walked to the vault and opened the door. I leaned over to put the disc in when I heard the vault door shut behind me, startling me. "Don't you ever fucking talk to me that way again you asshole", she shouted at me. "Whatever" I said as I just wanted to get out of there. She dropped something on the floor and went to pick it up, bending over and exposing her pussy to me again. "Don't you dare look or even say a fucking word", she said loudly. That was it, I reached over, pushed her against the vault, lifted up her skirt with one hand while unzipping my pants exposing my large throbbing dick. "You have wanted this dick in you all fucking day, but instead of just asking you are playing these games. Well this dick is going in that pussy, so get ready for it" I said in a deep angry voice. "You better be good at fucking for all the trouble I have gone through today" she says sexily. I was too angry to care what she was saying.

I bend her over the counter and roughly insert my dick into her pussy. She was completely ready willing and able. She was so wet in there, it slid in without any problems immediately. I grab both ass cheeks roughly and hold them hoping it is causing a little pain to get back at her. Instead she moans loudly, and I feel her pussy starting to tingle. I haven't even rammed my dick into her pussy 10 times, and I think she is going to come already. This is one crazy fucking chick. "Harder" she says in between moans, "Faster, grab that ass harder and thrust that dick fucking faster and harder!!!" she yells. I follow orders, grab her ass harder and ram my dick into her pussy as hard as I can. The wall that the counter on is starting to shake and stuff is falling down. "This is one fucking great orgasm" she is saying loudly as she comes. I can feel sensations within her pussy going crazy all around my dick and it puts me over the edge. I moan loudly as I start to come inside her pussy, gushing repeatedly and continuing to pound her pussy roughly for as long as I could because it felt so great.

As we are cleaning up and picking up all the stuff that got knocked down during the sex, I ask "why did you do all that shit to get me aroused and angry at the same time". "Isn't it obvious" she says acting surprised I even had to ask. "I wanted rough, hard angry sex. When you ask for rough, hard angry sex, it is never rough, hard or angry enough".

As I am leaving the office I am wondering, that was great, but what is she going to do next?

The Bank Branch - Part 2

The Monday after the rough, hard, angry sex encounter was very awkward for me. I had no idea what she was going to be like or how she was going to treat me. I started dreading seeing her as soon as I woke up. I got to work early so I could get some work done before she got in, just in case something would happen. She walked in at her normal time, leaned into my office and in a nice pleasant voice says "good morning. I hope you had a good weekend". Caught off guard by the pleasantness, I mumbled "It started out great and the rest of it was ok". "Mine started off great as well, see you later" she said and walked to her office. I wonder if she is up to something again, I thought.

It didn't take long to find out she had another plan. Just before lunch, she stands at my doorway and says "I know it is very short notice, but could you stay late and help me with a different project. It won't be anything like the last project, and it had better take a lot longer." The way she said this was very slow and deliberate in a sexy voice. My dick instantly shot up to attention and was ready for the mission. It surprised me how quickly the erection occurred, and I looked down at my pants. "It looks like your rock-hard throbbing dick has agreed to assist me" she stated with a gentle laugh. "Once everyone leaves, I will explain the project here in your office. And they will balance immediately and get the fuck out of here, not like on Friday". She walked away. I noticed she was wearing a skin-tight skirt that went all the way down to the ankles and you could see subtle panty lines if you were staring at her ass like I was. There was no chance of getting any kind of view with that outfit.

The rest of the day was hell. I could not concentrate in order to accomplish anything. I was glad I came into work early. My dick started getting an erection every time my mind would start thinking of her. Last Friday kept replaying in my head with how great her pussy looked when it was on my desk and when she was on the balcony. And I kept remembering how it felt even greater ramming my dick into that beautiful pussy.

As we approached closing time, I heard her half threatening the tellers with how they had better balance very fast today since she had something to do and the person that kept her late was going to be in big trouble. They giggled because they thought she was joking, but for some reason I thought they should have been afraid.

After everyone left, I could hear her walking towards my office. My dick again shot straight to attention telling me that he was ready for duty. She walked in to my office, closed and locked the door. She slowly walked over and closed the blinds, looking over her shoulder so she could watch me watch her.

The she walked over to my desk, climbed up on it like last Friday and hiked her skirt up all the way revealing some very sexy black panties. "If you want to see my pussy today, you are going to have to take them off” she slowly and sexily said. Before I could move, she says "I had a feeling you liked looking at my pussy from your chair there and thought I would reward you today". "Thank you" was all that I could think of to say. I reached up her legs slightly touching them hoping she would enjoy that. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, which I took as a good sign. I very slowly grabbed her panties and started to take them off "accidentally" brushing her pussy lips in the process. As I took them off over her feet, I stood up and leaned forward and started licking her pussy. Her breathing started to change, and I thought I was hearing some quiet moaning noises. I started with the pussy lips and went up and down and all around. Then I went up to the clit and slowly licked it in a sideways teasing way. Then I licked my way down to the pussy and started to lick all around the hole. After teasing for a minute, I started sticking my tongue in and our her as deep as I possibly could like I was fucking her with my tongue. Then I started slowly licking up and down from the pussy to the clit applying as much pressure with my tongue as I could without pushing her off my desk. I really started to hear the moaning at this point. After doing this for a while I went back up to the clit and focused on licking it up and down and side to side. After a little while, I had had enough at this point and started to take of my pants while licking her a few more times. As I stood up to take my pants completely off, she slowly slid her nice tight ass over to the edge of the desk and lifted her legs up so I would have access.

As soon as I could, I inserted my rock-hard dick into her wet pussy. As it went in, she let out a moan that let me know it was time. I started with a slow pace going in and out and was gradually increasing as her moans were getting more frequent. As I started getting faster and harder, she wrapped her legs around my head, as she did this, I could feel that my dick was penetrating even farther inside of her and this sent her to orgasm as she loudly informed me "I'M COMING!!!!!!!". I kept pounding her for another minute before I couldn't hold back any longer. I let out a moan as I exploded inside of her and pushed her slightly farther back on the desk. She got off the desk and gave me a huge hug. "Thank you", she whispered in my ear.

She grabbed her panties and put them on. "Is there any way you could help with a completely different project tomorrow?" she asked. "Anything you want, your projects have been very enjoyable so far" I told her. "Actually, there is work involved. We need to set up the community room for a social event at seven. The nice part is, we can enjoy a cocktail or two while we work. Unfortunately, I get a little kinky after drinking tequila. Last time that happened I ended up having some great anal sex. I wonder if they will have tequila?" she teasingly asked. "I guarantee it. Did you know that was one of my fantasies?" I asked. "No, I was just trying to think of something kinky to make sure you will help me". See you tomorrow.

Working late has never been better I thought as she left my office!

The Bank Branch - Part 3

It was a busy day with hardly anytime to talk or see her. While on the phone once, I saw her walk by wearing a black silk shirt and medium length skin tight gray skirt. I couldn't wait to get close to her after work while setting up the community room. When the day was nearing the end, she leaned into my office and asked me in a sexy voice "Are you ready for tonight", as she did this she leaned over and her shirt was unbuttoned so I could see a sexy black lacy bra and some very nice looking cleavage with some rock hard nipples pointing at me. "I am now after that quick show" I replied.

After everyone had left she came to my office to get me. "Time to go to work". As we walked to the community room I asked "What do I have to do tonight". "Other than me, we have to rearrange the tables, move some boxes, put the liquor bottles on the counter and bring in the mattress", was her answer. Puzzled, "a mattress?" "Yes, before the meeting they are doing a short demonstration on cpr, and they have a mattress. I wonder if there is anything we can do with that" she teased. "That reminds me, the Patron Tequila is in my office", I said as I hurried back to get it.

When I caught up to her, she was taking some liquor bottles out of a box and putting them on the counter, next to a sexy black lacy bra. "She is starting to get comfortable", I thought as my dick started to grow. "Pour us a shot" she said, continuing to unload. I took some small glasses from the cabinet and poured 2 large shots. "To another fun project" I said as we toasted. The shots tasted great, after she drank hers she reached on the counter and grabbed a lime. "Wow, she is prepared" I thought as I put the Patron off to the side. I pulled my tucked in shirt out of my pants and opened the top couple of buttons to get comfortable.

We walked into the room and she looked all around. She pointed to the corner and said, "we need to move two tables over there together. Then those heavy boxes need to go under them, they are handing something out during the presentation." I moved the tables and was walking toward the hallway for the boxes when I noticed a gray skirt next to the black bra. "I hope I am the reason she is getting so hot" I thought with smile. I stacked the boxes under the tables and went to get the last one. I hadn't seen her for a while when all of a sudden she was sitting on the tables with the boxes underneath them. She kind of bounced up and down testing how sturdy they were. "With those boxes underneath, these tables could easily handle two people and a good fucking", she stated. With those words, my dick was as hard as a rock. I now notice the black shirt was off and she was only wearing black lace panties. "Why don't you place the mattress up her to keep it out of the way", she suggested. "After that, pour us some more shots, but fill it up a little higher". I followed orders. We drank the shots and she handed me a drink she had made when I wasn't looking. Hers was almost gone.

She noticed me staring and said in a teasing voice, "It is too hot in here for the work we are doing, why don't you get comfortable". With those words, I took off my shirt and pants and placed them with her clothes. "We need to move some tables and then I think we are done, with setting up. Almost time for the real project" I moved the tables off to the side when I noticed her bending over showing me that tight ass and beautiful pussy. Her panties were somehow also now off and she was completely naked. Out of instinct my boxer briefs were off in less than a second. "Not yet, we need to finish setting up", she ordered. I moved the last couple tables the entire time staring at her, and she knew it. "All done", I exclaimed. She handed me a shot she had poured, and we clanked glasses and pounded another tequila.

She looked at me and stated, "Thanks for all your help. Come here and lets have some fun". I walked towards her, she looked at my dick, took it in her hands and moaned, "I like what we have here". She let it go and gave me a big hug pressing her wonderful tits against my body, I could feel the rock hard nipples against my chest. She looked up at me, and leaned forward for a kiss. I really enjoyed kissing but have never felt comfortable doing it, never felt that I knew what I was doing. I leaned forward and slowly met her lips in a slow sensuous kiss. We kept moving our mouths and lips slowly all around each other when she slowly started to stick her tongue in my mouth. I opened my mouth and met her tongue with mine as they worked around each other in my mouth. This kissing had caused my rock hard dick to start to throb and I noticed that it had worked its way between her legs and was rubbing up against her pussy lips. "I am ready", she stated.

We walked over toward the mattress and she climbed on it laying on her back. I immediately inserted my dick into her pussy and started to fuck her hard and fast. We were both more than a little buzzed and I just kept fucking her so hard and it felt so good like we could do it for hours! Just then I started fingering her ass! Which drove her wild! She was so wet and excited! I then took my dick and slowly but forcefully put it her ass. Her legs were up and wrapped around me...her pussy was rubbing against my body and I am fucking her brains out in her ass. In and out harder and faster! Her pussy was going so wild like she had never felt before!! Her pussy was rubbing against me and the feeling in her ass and my big dick banging it and she came and moaned and came some more yelling "yes oh yes!!" And then I came too exploding in her ass!!

B. E. S. T. Orgasm ever she said as we lay in each others arms for a very long time. We grabbed our clothes and Patron and as we were walking out she looked up at the surveillance camera and said, "when you make a copy of this, and I know you will, I want one. We went back to my place to sleep in each others arms all night.
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