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Monday Morning

Jack smiled as he stepped out of his car, Lindsay getting out of the passenger side. All around the courtyard, talking with each other and filing into the high school, were sexy young women. And most of them were dressed in very revealing clothing, normal for modern teenagers.

His dick immediately got hard and Jack knew that he was going to have to restrain himself here. Even with the enhanced stamina the medallion gave him, he didn't think it was possible for him to fuck everyone he saw. And he definitely wanted to sample Lucy, Lindsay's girlfriend.

She led him inside and he was immediately stopped by a security guard. The man's nametags said Tony. "Can I ask what your business is here, sir", Tony asked. "Well Tony, if I'm being honest, I'm here to fuck a petite little asian girl and possibly my niece."

Tony looked taken aback by the statement, but Jack wasn't about to let Tony stop him from accomplishing his goals. "Its It's okay, Tony. You think this is a good thing." "That sounds like a good plan, sir", Tony said. "These girls need that."

"That they do", Jack agreed. "And so do you, Tony. You work hard at your job and you deserve a reward. Tell me, are there any of these girls you want", Jack asked. Tony nodded toward a bigger girl with long brown hair. "Kathryn Jackson", Tony said. "She's supposed to be the best cocksucker in the school."

Jack called the girl over and she obeyed, smiling the whole time. "Kathryn, you're going to go with Tony and give him the best blow job he's ever had. You will also allow him to do whatever else he wants to you. And you'll enjoy all of it." He turned to Tony. "Enjoy her, man. I hope she's everything you expected."

As Tony and Kathryn walked off, Jack looked around for Lindsay. She was talking to a girl that he assumed was Lucy. He walked over and Lucy turned toward him, poking his chest with her finger. "Who the hell are you and what did you do to my girlfriend", she demanded. "Why does she think she loves your cock and that I need to fuck you?"

"She's right", Jack said. "Lindsay has an amazing body that I thoroughly enjoyed last night. And I'm going to enjoy yours too. Now take me to the ladies restroom." Lucy's dark eyes flashed green and she turned and started walking down the hall to the ladies restroom.

The duo entered, finding it empty. Jack led her to an empty stall and locked the door. "Now, let's just see how sexy that body is. Take off your clothes, Lucy." The asian girl nodded as his command planted in her brain. She began to strip off her clothing, tossing them on the floor.

Soon she stood naked before Jack, his command keeping her from hiding her body from him. He looked over her smooth skin, noticing how small her waist was. His cock twitched as he looked at her tiny titties, no bigger than an a cup. And down her flat belly to the trimmed landing strip above her tiny slit.

"Come over here, slut", Jack said and the girl walked over to him. "You want my dick. You always thought you only wanted pussy, but the moment you saw me, you began to wonder about my dick and how it would feel", Jack said. "Please, let me see your dick. I need to feel it, taste it, and feel it inside me", Lucy pleaded.

"Take it out of my pants, slut", Jack said and the girl eagerly obeyed him, freeing his shaft from it's confines. He saw the hunger in her eyes, planted by his words. "Now what do I do, sir? I've never sucked a dick before", Lucy said as she wrapped a hand around his shaft and began stroking it.

"You and Lindsay never used a strap-on", Jack asked, moaning at how good her hand felt. She simply shook her head in answer. "Fine. Lick up and down the shaft while you stroke it. Make sure you lick my balls too. Then put it in your mouth, and start bobbing your head back and forth. Suck while you do this and tease my shaft with your tongue."

The girl immediately began to obey and Jack was amazed by how well she took to it. Within moments, she was sucking his dick like a pro. Without telling her, he grabbed her hair and started thrusting forward, his dick entering her throat. For a few moments, he fucked her face like it was a pussy.

As he pounded her mouth, his balls slapping against her chin, he thought back to all the girls he'd known in his life. Hot girls he had wanted that had refused him and he started getting angry. His fucking soon started taking on a more primal feel as he began taking out his anger on the petite asian girl on her knees in front of him.

He thought of how some of those girls had made him feel humiliated for even thinking he had a shot with them and then he got an idea. This girl, who everyone knew was a lesbian, would feel the sting of humiliation. He pulled his dick from her mouth, stroked it a few times and covered her face in his cum.

Some landed in her waiting mouth, some in her eyes, but most of it landed on her face and in her hair. She went to wipe it off, but he stopped her. "You will wear that all day, until you get home. You will feel ashamed and embarrassed, but you won't clean it off."

Tears welled in her eyes, but she nodded. "Now, stand up and put your hands on the wall. I'm going to fuck that pussy until you can't stand up." The girl got up and assumed the position. Jack rubbed his dick along her tiny slit, feeling it getting wet, before ramming it inside her.

She was almost virgin tight, but she was so wet that her cunt offered little resistance to his cock. Within three thrusts, he was buried inside her. She cried out in pleasure and pain as he started brutally fucking her.

If Jack had looked in the mirror at that moment, he would have seen his eyes turning green as he ravaged the girl. All he knew was that all the pent up rage and anger over the years was coming out as he fucked this girl.

This lasted for almost ten minutes before he thrust deep and exploded, filling her pussy with his seed. He held her against the wall as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. When he finally pulled out, he forced her to her knees to clean his dick with her tongue.

Once she was done, he allowed her to stand. "Now, put your clothes on. Don't clean up until you get home. Then get to class", Jack told the girl. Then he left her standing there and he entered the halls of the high school, searching for his niece.

As he walked the empty halls, he felt himself calming down. "What was that", he thought to himself. "I don't get angry and I don't try to humiliate people." He absentmindedly pulled the medallion from beneath his shirt. "Did you cause that", he asked, hoping the voice called Anya would respond. But the jade stone was quiet.

He sighed and returned the medallion to it's place, just as he found the class his niece was in. He opened the door and was confronted by the sexiest teacher he'd ever seen. "Not right now", he told himself as she spoke. "Can I help you sir", she asked, her auburn hair flowing in waves down her back.

"I need to speak with Emily", he said and the teacher's eyes flashed green as she motioned for Emily to go with Jack. As soon as they were in the hallway, Jack kissed the girl deeply, his fingers going to her blonde hair. "I've missed you", he said huskily.

"I've missed you too, uncle Jack", she said as she caught her breath. "I can't wait for you to fuck me again." "Well, you won't have to wait long. I'm coming over to your house tonight." She frowned at this. "What's wrong", Jack asked as he caressed her face. "It's just that my best friend and her sister were coming over tonight for a sleepover", the girl said sheepishly.

"Good", Jack said as he began to imagine what the night would bring. "The more the merrier. And let's surprise them. Don't tell them, or your mother, that I'll be there." She nodded, the smile returning to her face. "Good girl", Jack said and kissed her once more. "Now, get back to class."

As she scampered off, Jack headed outside toward his car. He suddenly felt a strange sensation, like he was being watched. He looked around and saw a man in a brown coat. The man looked familiar and he was definitely staring at Jack.

Jack walked toward the man and that's when he remembered where he'd seen the man before. It was the bum who had bumped into him several days ago, right before the medallion appeared in Jack's pocket. "Hey", Jack yelled and the man turned to run. But Jack quickly overtook him.

"Who are you and why are you watching me", Jack said as he grabbed the man's arm. "I don't know what you're talking about", the man said. Then Jack pulled the medallion from beneath his shirt. "Why did you give this to me", he demanded.

He saw a look of recognition and something that could only be described as fear in the man's eyes as he beheld the green stone. "Fine. I'll tell you everything, just not here", the man said. "Where then", Jack asked. "Is there anywhere I can get something to eat", the man asked. "I know a place", Jack said and led the man to his car.


Half an hour later, Jack was sitting in a booth across from the man at a small diner. The man had a cup of coffee and an omelette on the way. "Now", Jack said, exasperated with having to wait, "tell me what you know about this stone."

"Not much", the man said. Jack got frustrated with the answer, especially since the power of the medallion should have made the man answer him. "Well, not much that will be helpful to you", the man continued.

"To start with, you can call me David. Secondly, don't bother trying to control my mind. I had that stone for so long that I've become immune to it's powers." "If that's so, then why did you look so scared when you saw it", Jack asked. "Because, I hoped I would never see it again. That stone nearly ruined my life", David said with a sigh.

"What do you mean", Jack asked. "Well, as you may have guessed, that stone pulls out the darkness inside you and uses it to manipulate the world around you", David said. "From the look of you, you're not after power. So I'm going to guess that you been manipulating women into sleeping with you."

Jack couldn't believe how perceptive the man was, but he simply nodded in response. "For me, I wanted money and power. For awhile it seemed like everything was going my way, but I started noticing strange things happening", David said.

"What kind of things", Jack asked, wondering for the first time if this medallion wasn't as good as it seemed. "I'd lose time, like I'd black out", David said. "Other times, I'd feel myself getting angry, like I was losing control. Then I realized that that stone was corrupting me when I started hurting people."

Taken aback, Jack looked at David suspiciously. "What do you mean, you hurt people", he asked. "Anyone who I felt was in my way, an obstruction to my goals, I ordered them to hurt themselves or disappear and never return", David said, shame in his eyes.

As Jack listened, he thought back to earlier, how he had humiliated Lucy. She had never done anything to him, yet he hurt her because he was angry. "Maybe that's just the kind of person you are. Maybe the stone didn't do anything except give you what you wanted and you abuse the power", Jack said, although he could hear how pathetic that excuse sounded.

"Maybe that's true", David said. "If it is, then you have nothing to worry about. But if it's not you are screwed." "If it's true, then why didn't you get rid of it when you started to notice things going bad", Jack asked. "I tried", David said, sipping his drink. "The thing about that medallion is that you can't get rid of it until it wants to go."

"You talk about it like it's alive", Jack said, hoping David would reveal something that would help him. "Don't pretend that you don't know it is", David said. "You've heard the voice, haven't you?" Jack just nodded, not wanting to reveal too much. "What do you know about the voice", Jack asked.

"The only thing I know is that it's very old", David said. "I tried doing research on the damn thing, but I could only find one thing. A story about Greek mythology referenced something that may have been the stone. It was called the Eye of Aphrodite." Jack filed the name away in his memory.

"I don't know what happened to you, but I can handle this power", Jack said confidently. "Good. I hope you're right, for the sake of everyone in your life", David said as he finished his meal. "Well, I've told you everything I know. I'm gonna go."

As the man got up and left, Jack thought about everything he had said. "Maybe he's right and this thing is dangerous", he thought as he grasped the medallion beneath his shirt. But deep down he knew he couldn't give up this newfound power, no matter what happened.

To be continued...

Kestianna McLeodReport

2019-12-27 20:30:29
Awesome story so far...wish I had this power! Can't wait to see what happens next


2019-12-10 14:42:48
Nice; i can't wait to see if he's stronger than a millennia old medallion. Methinks he's not the first one to find out he's not. After all, he;'s not the one who made it, is he? That guy was prolly pretty twisted!


2019-12-07 08:44:51
Enjoying the read so far ..!!!!


2019-12-03 21:02:02
Awsome! Looking forward to all the fucking & the plot!!

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