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Part 3 continues the exploration with his stepsister.
I woke up the next morning in her bed alone. I looked around and was not dreaming, I was still at her place and in her bed completely naked. Still groggy and waking up I rolled over to get out of bed and had some surprisingly good morning wood already going, for the first time in my life though my dick was sore from all of our excitement the previous afternoon, and evening. I got up and was looking for my clothes so I could get dressed and could not find them. About this time my stepsister came walking in the room with a cup of hot coffee and smiled at me, gave me a kiss, and said, “good morning!”

I did that awkward side turn and bending over trying to hide my hardon out of reflex, and she grinned at me and said, “I have had that in my mouth and my pussy bro, do you think I am going to be upset that you have a hardon again?” I kind of shrugged and sat down on the side of the bed with my hard on bobbing around for attention. She came over and sat down next to me and handed me the cup of coffee.

“Black, no sugar or cream right?” and handed me the hot cup of morning goodness. I shook my head yes as I took my first sip. I noticed that she was staring at my cock again. She looked over at me and saw that I caught her looking at me and she grinned a little and licked her lips. She got up and walked out towards the kitchen (completely nude as well with her cute tits and beautiful ass bouncing just a little) and got herself a cup of coffee too and returned to the bed sitting next to me again.

She looked over at me and said, “Are you still ok with what we did last night?” I nearly choked on my coffee that I had just taken a sip of…

I looked her in the eyes and said, “That was the most incredible and intimate experience I have ever had in my life, I am great with it…but are you ok with it?”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Yes, we really seem to understand each other, and I have never had that with a guy before”. She leaned over a little and put her head on my shoulder and said, “Thank you for trusting me”. I put my arm around her, and we sat there and finished up our coffee.

I stood up and looked around the room for my clothes again. This of course put my semi hard cock almost right in her face and she leaned forward and gave it a kiss. I jumped of course, then looked at her and she said, “well don’t put that in my face if you don’t want me to pay attention to it!” We shared a glance at each other, and I started looking for my clothes again.

“Are these what you are looking for?” She was standing in the door of the bedroom with my clothes from yesterday, obviously just washed and folded up neatly in her hands.

“Yes, that is what I was looking for”. And she handed them to me, I got dressed as she pulled out some clean clothes from one of the boxes in her room. I sat on the bed watching her get dressed, I had dreamed of this so many times…It was exciting to watch her putting on her bra and then sliding on her panties and deciding what shirt and skirt she was going to wear today as she looked in the mirror on the back of the door.

She turned around and could tell I was watching intently and said, “Do you like this?” She had on a denim skirt that went to just about the middle of her thighs, and a blue halter top that was nicely filled with her ample breasts.

I said, “Yes, you look amazing”. That was met with a big smile from her and she tossed the other clothes over to the box.

We both moved out into the living room area and sat down on the couch. She poured us both another cup of coffee and came over and sat down. As I was taking my first sip, she looked over at me and said, “Ok, just listen to me first; before you answer ok?” I nodded in agreement. And she continued “If you would like to, I am pretty sure I can get mom and dad to agree to you staying here to help me get everything set up and help with any problems I might find while getting settled in. “

I took a big gulp of coffee and tried to hide my excitement at this prospect.

She continued on, “I know you are leaving in about three weeks to go over to Korea and I want to spend as much time with you as possible. Things happen when guys are in the military and I do not want to have something happen and then wished I had at least asked you to stay with me for a little while before you left (little did either of us know that I would be sitting in some shit hole in the middle of a desert in about 13 months.) I am not asking you to marry me, I just want to spend some more time with you before you go out and save the world”. She looked at me and asked, “Would you like to stay here with me until you leave?”

I waited a second or two and then said, “Yes I would love to stay here with you, but you know your little brother (her actual blood related brother) is going to want to come over and see you as well as mom and dad at least a few times right?” I continued, “Especially if I am going to be here with you helping you get settled in…”

She looked at me for a few seconds and then said, “So, you would like to stay here with me?” A cute little grin showed up on her face at that point.

I told her “of course I would love to spend more time here with you”. I could tell she was thinking and kept quiet.

She looked at me again and said, “Ok here is how we are going to do this…I will call mom and dad and tell them you stayed here last night because we were both really tired after all the moving and I have some furniture and other things I need help getting up here and putting together. I already asked you and you said you are ok with staying here and helping me out. I will tell them and our little brother that we can meet up a few days a week for dinner or something and I will set up some time to see him as well before he goes off to college. Sound good to you?” I agreed and she set out on her mission.

Somehow, she managed to pull this whole thing off without any questions or anyone throwing a hissy fit…I was amazed. I forgot that she was just about to graduate from college with her BS in Psychology and Sociology. Duh…a trained manipulator and cute to boot. I should have known. So, the day continued, and I went over to mom and dad’s house to get my bags and tell them I would make sure she was safe and sound. Got the compulsory hugs, etc. and the order to call if we needed anything. I told them I would and headed out for the truck to head back over to stepsister’s apartment. This had all happened so fast, I think I was still in a bit of daze. But I was not going to screw up this opportunity with her.

When I get back over to her apartment, I saw that our younger brother’s car was there in the parking lot and took the que to keep my wits about me and not mess anything up. I got my bags out of the truck and headed up the stairs to her apartment. I knocked on the door and said, “hey Sis it’s me, can I come in?”

The door opened and it was our younger brother who gave me a hug and said “hey bro, I hear you got the short straw again (as he was laughing)” I nodded and he grabbed one of the bags and took it in to the living room by the couch. He had brought over a chair he had in his room so there was another place to sit now. Our sister was sitting there all proper and controlled and we sat there and talked about him heading off to college and me heading over to Korea. We all joked around and ended up ordering something for dinner. After we finished eating, he had to head out to meet up with all his high school buddies before they all headed off for college, so he said goodbye and we were finally alone again. We did some cleanup of the trash and put some more stuff in the cupboards and then went over to the couch and sat down.

She looked over at me and said, “Ok, how did everything go at home?”

I told her everything was fine; I got my bags and stuff and of course mom and dad ordered that if we needed anything, we are to call them immediately.

She laughed and said with a little smile “I have plenty of my birth control pills, we will be fine”.

She had gotten quite a bit done today and even the TV was hooked up now, so she turned it on to some show and we sat there on the couch and kind of got lost in the noise. She moved over so that our bodies were touching and began to rub her hand on my chest and thigh. I looked over at her and said, “be careful, you might get me excited”.

She reached over and turned off the TV and said, “what would you like to do tonight?”

I looked in her eyes and said, “Ladies choice, you decide. You made all this happen”.

She looked at me and said, “ok!” and grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

When we got there, I saw that she and little bro had set up the bed to include the headboard and foot boards. I did not know she had gotten one of those 4 poster beds. The store had delivered the box while little bro was there and they both had put it all together. She then shooed off her brother and had set up some of her other things from the boxes.

She closed the door behind us and turned off the light, and I was met by a soft glowing light on the nightstand next to the bed that was just enough light to barely light up the bed. She looked at me and said, “Welcome to your bed”. She told me to strip down and get on the bed, which I did and then I watched her as she came over to the bed with her bare body just barely lit by the soft glowing light on the nightstand. She really had an amazing body and I just took her in.

She sat on the bed next to me and started to run her hands over my skin, this got a quick response from my cock that had started to grow again. She of course noticed this and said, “he will get his, just relax”. She sat there for a while just gently rubbing her soft hands over my body, so I just relaxed and enjoyed her attention.

She looked at me and asked, “So, how often did you lay there in your room down the hall pulling on your dick while thinking about me?” I was a little embarrassed again; but decided to answer anyway.

“To be honest, 3 or 4 days a week, unless you were walking around in your short shorts, then I would need to that night”.

She smiled at me and said, “So you did notice?” I nodded my head yes…

“Did you see when I would bend over in my towel after I got out of the shower?” I told her yes again.

“I was doing that for you”. She continued, “I messed up a couple of times and dad and bro got quite a view…but I knew you did too, so I lived with it”. “Got a lecture on it a few times too…”

I looked at her and asked, “So why didn’t you say something to me?”

“For the same reasons you never said anything to me…”

She was now making frequent stops at my hardening cock and giving me a few strokes as she continued to rub her hands around my body. She did this for a little while longer and then said, “I really liked the way you got into using your tongue on me last night…could you do that for me again?”

She had her answer very quickly as I moved on the bed, so she could lay down where I was, and I moved over in between her legs. She paused for a few seconds and said, “I have dreamed of this with you so many times, play with me and love me”.

I spread her legs apart and moved into position and was met by her beautifully most lips that were already slick with her passion for what was about to happen. I used one hand to slowly spread her lips apart and then place my mouth on her beautiful pussy. She had showered earlier and still smelled like the flowery lotion she had put on afterwards. As my tongue contacted her it elicited a low pleasurable moan from her mouth.

She pushed her hips up into my face forcefully and said, “put your tongue in me, please!” I was getting there but this was her night, so I moved at her pace. She moaned again and said, “yes!” as I moved my tongue deeper into her love canal. I was rewarded with a small little trickle of her appreciation for my efforts. This was more of the thicker and creamy sweet juice I had tasted the night before. It was amazing I could do this to her so fast.

I have no recollection of how long this went on, but eventually she asked me to make her have an orgasm like she did last night… I took that as a request to up the intensity of what I was doing and leaned over a little so I could use a finger to help some. I swirled it around her now engorged clit to get it a little wet before I entered her and that drove her crazy. She started moaning a little quicker and I could tell she on the upswing of the Orgasm now, so I continued. Just by luck and the way I was laying I used my right hand and needed to turn it slightly to get in. When I did this, it ended up putting my finger in with my palm up and I noticed there was slight smooth spot above it, so I was curious and rode my finger up it until I felt some small ridges. This immediately turned on the valve to her love juice and she stiffened her entire body as I moved my finger around in circles and rubbed this newfound area.

She was now moaning loudly and thrusting her hips into my face extremely hard. I kept going with my tongue on her clit now and using my finger to increase her pleasure as much as I could. Suddenly she got very ridged and her entire pussy seemed to lock down on my finger. I was about to stop when she opened the flood gates on me, and I was getting showered in her love juices. It was amazing, even better than the night before and it was a large amount of cum she was letting out. She finally released my finger and I could see her pussy was literally grasping at the vacant hole left.

She was catching her breath now and said, “Who taught you to do that?!”

I move up next to her, (leaking my own precum at this point the whole way) and said, “no one, I just found a smooth area inside with my finger and was exploring a little”. “I felt some ridges and figured I would see if that could give you any pleasure”.

She looked over at me and said, “That is called a G-spot honey, and it will make a woman that is relaxed and comfortable with her lover go absolutely insane with passion. Thank you!” She pulled me in closer and gave me a very deep and passionate kiss for several minutes. I brushed up against her nipple as we were kissing and to my surprise, she was building another orgasm…

I started to move down to help her again and she said, “wait a second, flip around on the bed so I can play with you and suck on your cock while you are licking me”.

I was graduating to the side by side “69” and had only just learned how it was done the night before…this was an amazing experience I was having with my stepsister…

As I began to lick on her clit again, she took me into her mouth after stroking me a few times and getting quite a bit of pre cum all over her hand. I could now smell her sweet love juice all over her thighs and pussy and it was amazing. I kept licking her clit as she was taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I was getting close to Cumming and I am sure she could tell with my entire cock in her mouth…and she decided it was time…

She slid one of her hands up on to my butt and then without me being able to say anything she gently pushed it up against my anal entry and I exploded into her throat. In a short second or two after that she came, she was once again showering my face with her own cum and in the after spasms of her own Orgasm once again. We laid there in tired contentment for a few minutes as I waited for her next request.

As we were recovering we just laid there next to each other and at this point knew there was no sense in asking if it was ok to touch somewhere, we just let your hands roam around each other’s bodies and play with things as we felt like doing at the time. ¬The body of a fully-grown woman was mesmerizing to me and I could not stop touching and nibbling on nearly her entire body. This kept both of us at a low simmer as we were both extremely excited by what I was doing.

She looked at me and said, “There is one thing that I have not done with a man yet, but I am not sure if I can do it on the first try and am a little scared it will really hurt…”

The only thing I could think of that would scare her about pain at this point was anal sex, and the fact that she had just poked her finger in my butt to get me to cum… We had already made love in the traditional way and while I did go deep into her and could feel her cervix nudging the head of my cock, there was not any sharp pain she had let me know about.

I looked at her and said, “I will be gentle, I can imagine it will take some time for you to get comfortable with something pushing in and stretching you there. Do you have any lube? I have heard from a couple of friends, that have done this with their girlfriends, it is very painful for the girl if you so not use a good lube”.

She grinned at me and reached over to the nightstand by the bed and opened the drawer (her new sex toy storage area) and pulled out a large tube of KY Jelly. She looked at me and said, “one of my friends at college has used this several times with her boyfriend and she says it makes it much easier for the guy to get in you once you are relaxed”. She paused for a second and then reached back in the drawer and pulled out a small vibrator.

She handed it to me and said, “Here try using this to get me loosened up and into it, I think your cock might be a little big for me at first”.

I agreed and we got positioned on the bed so she could put her butt up in the air while she was laying on her stomach and she then took the pillows and put them under her to help support her in that position. I wanted to be as gentle as possible and figured that using the vibe in her pussy first would help her get excited and would also provide a little warmth and natural lubrication to it in the process.

While I was doing that, I put some of the KY jelly on the fingers of my other hand and began to slowly message that on and around her cute little anal entry. At this point I was thinking (like she did) this was not going to be easy and we might have to try this a few times before we were able to do it successfully. I continued this for a little while and she was enjoying the vibe and the occasional flick of her clit with my fingers, and she was very wet. I was not really paying attention to my other hand that was massaging her cute little button.

Unintentionally, as I was moving up on her butt my middle finger decided to see where this hole went…at first, I did not realize it, but then she moaned pretty loudly “yes!! That feels amazing keep going, I like it!!!”

So, I now concentrated on her cute little hole and moved my finger in deeper and started to twist my hand so I could get her ready for the vibe. I pulled it out of her gorgeous pussy, and it was dripping in her amazing love fluid so I figured it would be good to go. I placed it next to my finger and slowly started to pull my finger out while putting pressure on the vibe that was right next to my finger. This made my finger vibrate as well and she let out another series of moans that were definitely pleasure based and not pain.

Just as my finger was almost all the way out, I pushed in harder with the vibe and ‘pop’, my finger was out and the larger vibe was in and she was experiencing a great amount of pleasure with the increased size of the vibe and its vibrations. To be safe I grabbed the lube and put some on the shaft of the vibe and began to slowly move it in and out of her beautiful little hole. She was really enjoying this and getting into the new pleasure she had found.

After a few minutes of this I realized it seemed to be getting easier to move the vibe in and out of her tiny little hole. She was still moaning softly and would shutter every now and then as larger wave of pleasure moved though her. I told her, “I think we are about as there as we are going to get with the vibe, do you want me to try just putting the head of my cock in to see if you can take it?”

She moaned quietly and said, “yes, but please go-slow hon.” I told her I would and put a good amount of the lube on to the head and upper area of the shaft of my cock and got in position over her so I could see if this was going to work or not.

In much the same way I had used the vibe earlier I place the head of my cock right next to the vibe and slid it out as I pushed down with my hand on the shaft of my cock to hopefully push it in very quickly as the vibe slid out. To my shock and amazement, her little hole did not snap shut as I had expected. She had relaxed to the point that her cute little hole stayed open when I pushed on my cock and this caused me to overshoot by quite a bit, the initial amount, I was trying to put in.

She let out a loud moan and said, “holy fuck, that is just the head of your cock?”

I stopped immediately and told her “umm, no. I thought were going to spring closed again so I pushed in pretty hard when I took the vibe out and you have about 1/3 of my cock in you right now…do you need me to pull out?” I was both scared and worried I had hurt her badly. But she was not writhing in pain at the moment.

She said, “no just stay still for a few seconds as I adjust to this huge pole in my ass”. I was mortified and figured this was going to turn out badly at this point.

She seemed to relax again and suddenly she pushed her butt back on to me and had about half of my length in her now and let out a long low moan. This was a quite different feeling form being in her warm and wet pussy. She was not overly stretched out there by any means, but I could imagine as I stayed still, this must have been what it felt like for her first boyfriend that got to take her virginity when she was just about out of high school. It felt like I had a rope tied tightly around my cock, and it was extremely exciting.

She raised up on to her hands and told me to “push it all the way in hon, I want to feel all of you in me”. I put a little more lube on the shaft of my cock and started to slowly push into her tight little hole. She moaned softly again and said, “that feels amazing, now start sliding in and out, slowly at first”.

She now had the entire length of my cock in her ass and could tell as I pressed up against her butt cheeks completely and bounced off them now with every thrust as we both really got into this new found pleasure and the excitement of doing it for the first time together.

As we got into a rhythm with each other again, she began moaning quicker and I noticed she was trusting back at me much harder now. I took this as a sign she was getting close to having another orgasm again and I reached around her hip with my hand and I started to rub her clit again.

A great guess on my part once again as she began to moan louder now and she said, “Yes, that feels amazing…don’t stop anything…please keep going!”

We kept this up for a little while and I could tell I was about to cum myself…she must have felt something change or I said something, that I don’t remember, and she started saying “Fuck me harder, drive it in, I want you to fuck me now!”

That was all the prompting I needed so I began to really push as hard as I could into her cute little button, I put my hands on her hips and I was pulling her into me with every trust of my hips into her. She began moaning louder and then I felt a warm gush from her pussy again and that sent me over the edge as well, as I moaned to her, “I am cumming”

This was met with a reinvigorated pumping on her part as she said, “pump it into me, please…I want your cum in me, show me you love me”. I exploded into her cute little butt with everything I had as I took one last hard drive forward. She was now laying there as exhausted as I was, and I pulled my cock back out of her slowly and gently. I was amazed that her cute little hole was now wide open and a bright cherry red color, it was exciting to see my cum tracing all the way down this beautiful hole and knowing what we had just done together.

She rolled over slightly and asked me to lay down next to her. I moved over into place and laid there trying to catch my breath too. She leaned over and gave me long and extremely passionate kiss and looked in my eyes and said, “I saved that for you. I wanted you to be the one I first experienced this with. I wanted you to be the one to take my virginity, but it did not work out. This way you still did”. She smiled at me sheepishly and I responded, “Thank you, that was an amazing experience and I am happy we got to share it the first time together”. We laid there holding each other and must have drifted off to sleep in happy contentment.

~~ End of Part 3~~

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2019-12-05 12:59:06
Love it! Looking forward to Pt 4 & maybe beyond! Good Job. Thanks again for sharing Ur talent.

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