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My wife and I had a friend that would drop by giving me sloppy seconds . This day he also gave me his second load to swallow
My wife and I were interested in swinging and had searched for several months for a couple with sad results.When we were finally able to meet one it didn't work out like we had hoped and the other mans wife lost interest.My wife on the other hand was quite interested in Tim so we invited him over for our first M/F/M three some.

He was a lot smaller endowed than I and his condom accidentally came off leaving me with my first sloppy second. I was hooked,seeing her pussy dripping with another mans cum and feeling it coat my cock as I slid into her was a total turn on.

Tim since being much younger he could stay hard and cum again easily it was also a plus. I never thought I could watch my wife making love to another man but seeing her sucking him was hot. Tim became our regular boy toy and the sex between my wife and I took a new turn in our swinging life style.Since the first time he came in her we decided to drop the condoms, I was treated with warm cream pies from then on.

I was lucky and had found an younger woman,[Cindy] to screw on a weekly basis so Tim would come over to have sex with my wife.Our marriage became so much stronger since we both had a new way to relieve stress.

My friend Cindy was married to an over the road trucker who would be gone days at a time.She would call me when he was gone and we would spend hours fucking while her children were in school.Since Tim was a farmer I often came home on rainy days to find a freshly fucked wife.

I had the best of both worlds even though I had to use a condom with Cindy she loved to give me a blow job and swallow. Cumming in my wife's mouth was off limits she would rather feel a cock cum inside her. I had become a fan of sloppy seconds and some times thirds since Tim could cum several time in a row.

Cindy liked to have sex any where ,inside , out side some times even blowing me in my car on lunch.She said she wore her husband out so having me around unleashed her desire for sex again . I was also a lot thicker than him and since I was married I was less of a threat for getting attached .

Now I have never had thoughts of being bisexual, sucking a mans cock had never crossed my mind until one day.Cindy only gave me a blow job one afternoon because she had her period .When I came home Tim was there fucking my wife.I was instantly aroused seeing his truck in the drive was knowing I was going to have a fresh creamed pussy waiting for me.

When I went in I went directly to the bedroom hearing my wife moaning and the bed banging against the wall. My clothes left a trail from the living room I was naked by the time I found them.My wife was on her back with Tim still pounding her when I fed my wife my cock.

I watched as her breasts jiggled with each thrust of his cock,and her juices coating his shaft. I place my hand on his shoulder as he leaned down and sucked on a nipple. I was watching his ass banging against my wife not realizing he had started sucking on my cock.

When I finally realized that there were two mouths working on me I was already enjoying the feeling.Finally I see Tim's ass twitch and stop moving knowing he was filling her with his cum,but his mouth continued to suck my cock.

Tim rolled off my wife leaving a trail of cum along my wife's body with his hand now on my cock.He move up along side my wife stroking my cock at her mouth seeing that didn't seem to bother me either.

I had that cream pie waiting and when I moved towards it his hand rubbed my cock up and down along her slit.I slid easily into her soaked pussy while Tim continued to stroke my cock.I knew I was in for a good time because she was filled with a lot of cum .It must have been his first load because he was quick to get hard again.Letting go of my cock he moved up feeding it to my wife .

I knew by how sloppy my wife's pussy was that I wasn't going to last long .Seeing her red cheeks and the out line of his cock in her mouth wasn't helping either.I started watching his cock as she sucked on it was taking my mind away from cumming.Tim had his hand on my back when I leaned down to kiss my wife's cheek.

Then it happened as I reached her cheek he pulled out and his cock touched my lips. Instinctively my mouth opened taking all of his small cock in my mouth. He had his hand now on the back of my head fucking my mouth as my wife whispered "suck him honey".

I could taste a mixture of my wife's cum and his and surprisingly it tasted good. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat also felt good. I could feel him getting harder , I could hear my wife moaning then I felt my self cumming. I think I came the hardest I had ever came as I emptied my load in side my wife.

Tim was ready to go again moving behind my wife and rolled her over. He lifted her up on her knees and slid his cock inside her sloppy bottom.I needed to see it I thought moving my self under her. I hadn't given it a thought until our cum started dripping down on my face.

I moved up to where I was watching his balls sway back and forth inside her and the cum was being drawn out into my mouth.Soon my wife had so many orgasms that she was now laying flat against my body. I was now licking her pussy and Tim's cock as he fucked her hard.

Then it happened Tim started cumming pulling his cock out emptying his load in my mouth.I could feel his cock twitching as his warm cum shot down my throat. I was swallowing cum and sucking his cock until he pulled away but I didn't stop there. More of his warm cum was leaking out of her pussy so I cleaned that up too.

Then they both got up and they kissed, as she helped him get dressed.My wife walked him to the door as I laid there in disbelief of what I just did.My wife came back after cleaning her self off with a warm wash cloth and sat down beside me.She wiped the drying cum off my face and down my body to my cock.

I must have cum when Tim shot his load down my throat because I was limp and she had to wipe cum off my groin.She was exhausted and just laid beside me giving me a kiss then closed her eyes drifting off to sleep.

We never talked about what happened between me and my wife but I did with Tim.I even met him a couple times and we sucked each other off in his barn.

My first time was quite enjoyable ,sucking him alone was fun but much better with my wife there .
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