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I spent the night with Lucy then left in the morning to bring Lynne back to the nudest resort. I surprised her boy toy upon my arrival
The sun was warm on my face when it woke me from my sleep.There was an aroma of fresh coffee in the air mixed with a scent of some one's perfume.I opened my eyes and stretched"good morning "Lucy said sitting at the table.She asked"how do you like your coffee"holding up a cup.

"Black"I said as I sat up covering my morning wood with a sheet."I have already seen that"she said handing my coffee.Sitting down on the bed she pulled the sheet away,"quite nice I might say"she added.She smiled looking down at my hard on"so is Lynne coming today" she asked. I told her yes she replied "good I cant wait for her to join us again".

She was sitting cross legged while we talked and sipped our coffee,twenty years older than me she was still hot at 65. "What do you think"she asked moving her cup away stretching her arms to the side. She pushed her chest up "they used to be a 32 d and not as firm" she said ."My husband wanted them to be a 40 but settled for 38".

She then sipped her coffee waiting for my response."I think I would love to feel them on me right now" I said "they felt so good against me last night". She pinched a hard nipple after taking a sip her coffee,"I bet you would love to suck on them too"she said.

Lucy then moved up straddling my legs reaching over me placing her coffee on the shelf.Her breasts just inches from my face before sitting back on my lap with a smile."So close but so far "I said wanting to reach out and cup them.She then took my cup from my hand again reaching over me placing my cup on the shelf.She lingered longer giving me a closer look at her firm breasts before sliding back down my legs and kissed me.

She smiled then lowered her self down rubbing her hard nipples along my body as she slid back up giving me a kiss.She let out a slight moan "that big thing feels nice against my tummy"she said still moving her self around on me."I want Lynne to see you inside me" she said kissing me deeper while she wiggled her hips.She then sat up with her pussy pressed against my hard cock,her hands on my arms as I reached for her hard nipples.

"Have you always been this way in the morning" asked her seeing the lust in her eyes.Lucy seemed to be thinking about what to say. Then staring into my eyes she smiled "always" she said rotating her hips against me.

She again leaned over me reaching for our coffee when I quickly sucked a nipple into my mouth.She let out a moan wiggling her pussy harder against me,that was all it took I shot my load .She felt me cumming and continued to slide her self around on me milking my cum out onto our bodies.

She then sat back handing me my coffee,"I usually like cream in my coffee"she said holding her cup up."Maybe tomorrow " she said rubbing a finger in the cum on my belly then up to her mouth.

I sat up as she sat back ,we finished our coffee as my cum dried on us."Such a tease "I said,as we talked a little more then got dressed. "I am going to cum in your pussy later "I said before leaving to get Lynne .

When I arrived at Lynne's house there was another car in her drive way. Before I reached the door Lynne was standing there in her robe She gave me a hug then kissed me and welcomed me in.

" We were just finishing breakfast " she said ,walking me into the kitchen. "Bob this is Andrew,Andrew this Is Bob" she said with her arm around me. "Hello" I said with out any hesitation as I held out my hand. He looked like a deer in the head lights when he cautiously shook my hand saying hello.

"Sit down I will get you some coffee"Lynne said "what about you Andrew",holding the pot over his cup. "I need to go" was all he could say getting up . Lynne walked him to the door and kissed him.I watched as she wrapped her arms around him saying some thing.

Coming back she put her arms around me kissing my neck ."I have told you about Andrew haven't I " she said sitting down beside me.I said "no", "oh"she said then began to explain why he was here.

I stopped her telling her she didn't have to explain any thing as I held her hand."I know I dont have to but I want to " she said taking a sip of her coffee.As she started telling me how they met. I could see her robe opened up enough where I could see her soft breast.

She was telling me that they hooked up just after her husband died,but I still was paying more attention to her breasts.She told me he was married in a sexless marriage and would drop by from time to time."It helped us both "she said squeezing my hand

"He was pretty sad when I told him we were engaged". Lynne said looking for a reaction in me. I said I was fine with that, as she took the last sip of her coffee .She got up and came back pouring me another cup. When she returned she kissed my cheek"we had sex this morning" waiting again for my reaction.

I put my arm around her pulling her down on to my lap. this time her robe fell open. I kissed her letting my hand fall into her lap"was it good" I asked .She looked me in the eyes"that's it, that's all your going to say".I kissed her again "would you like to tell me more" I said "was he good in bed"?

Lynne looked at me "well it was on the living room sofa, it was just a quickie"she said .As we kissed again this time she was much more relaxed."So did you save me some "I joked sliding my hand up to her pussy.

She spread her legs a little letting my fingers wiggle up in side her."Well you wont want to eat me" she said as I dipped deeper in side her. I had picture in my mind of Lynne spread out on the couch with him pounding away at her.How she was moaning away until he filled her with his sperm,then seeing it run out when he pulled out.

"Well feeling how wet you are is turning me on" I said ."Besides you dont have a problem with me sleeping around so why should I". She smiled "then take me up stairs and make love to me" she said standing up. I stood up "I want fuck you right here" I said bending her over the table.I undid my pants pushing her robe up revealing her her firm butt and wet pussy.

She took a deep breath when I slid my hard cock deep inside holding it there.Her pussy was filled with his cum as I stood there feeling it coating my shaft."He sure filled you" I said enjoying how warm it felt in side her.

She said it has been almost two months with out sex for him."Poor guy " I said "having to wait two months for this sweet pussy". I started slowly pulling out a little then back inside her . I think it is the first time in my life I had another mans cum lubricating my cock,it actually was nice.

She was pushing back harder every time I pushed back our bodies making sloshing sounds.I could feel his cum being pushed out around my shaft running down her thighs. I had both hands on her hips fucking her faster and deeper as she moaned out an orgasm."Damn" she cried "he doesn't fill me like you do " pushing harder against as her legs started to tremble. Minutes later I started cumming pushing my cock deep in her while I empty my load .

I stayed inside her sloppy pussy while rubbing my hands around on her body ."Your so sexy "I said sliding my hand under her belly rubbing her clit. Lynne tried to pull away but had my cock still in side her, she couldn't move. I was pulling the cum out from her around her pussy lips and smearing it around on her pelvic area.She let out a loud moan when she came again.

I made her begged me to stop several times until I kissed her back and backed away slowly. My cock was covered in cum from her pussy ,it was dripping down her thighs,glistening as it ran down them.

"Come on lets take a shower Lucy is waiting to eat you" I said slapping my cock on her the butt."Why did I not fuck your beautiful body sooner " I said to her walking up the stairs in front of me. Did he have sex with her before she came to spend the night with me I wondered.

Lynne was already in the shower by the time I got undressed, stepping in I stood behind her rubbing soap over her body. She was washing her hair when I took advantage of her arms above her head and soaped up her breasts.

She pushed her body back against me moaning from the soap running between our bodies. I followed the soap suds down to her pussy lips rubbing them,she spread her legs slightly .

I was kissing her neck as the spray from the shower was directly on her nipples causing a sensation she couldn't control.I moved my hands up cupping them as she shook in pleasure.

We finally turned around where the water was washing me off and I released her.She began soaping me up spending more time washing my gentiles .I leaned forward kissing her as she stroked my soaped up cock.

I was hard but in no way ready to fuck again, I was sure she wasn't as well. Finally we just stood there in each others arms kissing for a few minutes until she turned off the water.

I sat down on the john watching her dry her hair when I said"you don't have to stop seeing Andrew you know".Lynne smiled looking in the mirror"that 's good he started to cried when I told him we were engaged" she said ."He almost died when I said you were here too", 'I know I seen the look on his face " I said and laughed.

"I told him not to worry"she said then looked at me, "you really wouldn't mind if I continued to fuck him?" I stood up behind her "can we have a three some maybe"and kissed her neck,"we'll see "she said ."Cool then lets get going then I have some one that wants to meet you" I said getting dressed
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