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Saturday night had been off the charts wonderful and exciting. Waking up with each other Sunday morning, they get each other going again. Daddy has the day planned out for his son, and it will test the limits of the boy's submission.
This story is not for everyone. If you do not enjoy stories about sex between two males, please move on. In this story there is a large age between the two men who form the dad/son bond and relationship. They are not actually blood relatives, so this is not incest. Rather it is a unique bond that forms between a younger male and an older male that benefits both in different but complimentary ways. In this story, Joey the son learns to submit completely to Todd the dad. The levels of trust grow as the bond cements further between them. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome so that I may become a better story teller.

A dad is a dominant and self-assured older man (generally 35 and older) with a strong sexual drive, high level of experience, tremendous energy, stamina, and prowess. A dad is an in charge man, a leader, and a teacher, but does not take advantage of his son and lover. A son is generally a much younger (under 30) submissive and is energetic, honest, highly sexually driven and motivated looking to learn sexually from a powerful experienced older partner and dominant man. Each of them accepts and adores the other for what they bring to the sex and the relationship. The older man (or dad) wants to share in the energetic youthful nature of the son, and share in the vibrant bright open sexuality that the younger man (or boy) brings to the intimacy. The son wishes the attention of the dad and to be accepted by him and to learn from his elder and superior. The driving force between the Dad and Son is the complete and total erotic power exchange. The Dad is in charge to teach the son in all ways sexual, how to give and receive pleasure, as well as other normal maturing life lessons. The Son appreciates the way the Dad needs him, and wants him both sexually and emotionally. The Son is happy to please and learn as this brings him the attention he seeks from the dad. Both have their roles to play, and appreciate the other for what they bring to the relationship.

It had been a fantastic Saturday night with Joey. We had become bonded and fluid bonded as Dad/Son and lovers through our intimate fucking. Our first fuck was face to face, I got to watch the pure pleasure on his face as my dick slid into his warm, wet, and willing body. He was not just a piece of ass to me, he was my loving son now. He had good basic skills to take dick and bottom that I could work with and build on. Our second fuck a few hours later was a lazy cuddle fuck with him spooned into me and my dick gently rocking in and out of him, or parked deep to let him feel full and the pulsing in my cock. This second fuck I was pushing the boy to see how much he could handle. He took me for a solid hour in that lazy cuddle fuck. I was very proud of him and happy with my choice to take him as my son. His sex drive was off the charts, and I needed this in my son as my sex drive is extremely high too. While I am breaking him in and starting his training I have to remember to build up gradually as he is not used to getting fucking multiple times per day. He does not know how to loosen up quickly and easily to get penetrated, yet, that is.

We slept in a little bit Sunday morning, and it was a lazy morning. I slowly woke up to realize that Joey was sucking my dick. Gently I rolled over on my back, and he got between my legs.

“Good morning dad, I just could not resist your hard cock this morning,” he said as he moved up my torso on his knees and straddled me. He lined my dick up to his ass and lowered his still slippery cum covered and filled ass down onto my cock. Oh that felt so fucking good, I just let him ride me. His boy boner was in full erection as he started to bounce up and down on my cock. The boy deserved a creamy reward for showing such initiative to please me.

“You are amazing son, gawd that feels so fucking good,” I said as he bounced on my cock with great exuberance.

“I want another load dad, give me another load please,” he pleaded with me as my cock ran in and out of his ass.

“So you want my load you sweet precious little slut now do you, well then earn it boy, bounce that ass on my cock, make me cum boy, milk my cock,” I commanded. There was not going to be any edging this morning. When I felt it start to built in my balls, I was going to let him have it right then.

Grabbing him by his hips, I paced his bounce till I was right on the edge of cumming. I pulled him down on my cock and did not let him up keeping his ass full of my about to pulsate cock. As I held him down, I went over the edge and starting cuming inside him. “Can you feel that boy? Can you feel me cumming and filling you? Can you feel my dick pulse inside you boy,” I asked. I got my answer as his boner erupted and he shot all over my chest and tummy. Then he collapsed on top of me smashing his cum between us.

“Yeah I felt it dad that was awesome. I could feel every pulse, and that pushed me over. Sorry for the mess dad,” he said.

“No mess there son, I will wear your cum anytime you want to give it to me. Besides, nothing a quick shower won’t clean up,” I said. He lay on top of me like that for a while as we kissed, and then we headed to the shower. All cleaned up and dressed in jeans and tee shirts we went out to the local dinner for a late breakfast. We decided to go to a movie that afternoon, and got back to my place around 6. It was time for his next session.

“I want you to go take another shower son. You need to be nice and clean for me inside and out. While you shower, I will get the bedroom set up for us. You will like the way I play with you and fuck you tonight son,” I said with a devilish grin. Off came his clothes and off to the shower he went, limp dick swinging side to side and his round ass moving as he walked. It was a beautiful site to see.

My bed was queen sized with a good head board and foot board. On the corners were the posts I needed for his next session. I got out the restraints to tie him to the 4 corners of the bed, the wedge pillow for the center of the bed for him to lay on, the blind fold, and the other things I would need for the sensation play. There was my soft fury rabbit skin glove, silk scarf, single feather, massage oil, and heavy flogger. I was ready for him now.

When he came in the room, he did not know what to make of the scene. There was concern on his face, but I went to him and wrapped him up in my arms. “Son, one of the most enjoyable things you can do for another person is sensation play. You will submit and be tied to the bed and under my complete control. Sensation play is when I take different objects and touch you with them in various ways to bring you pleasure. I will not be giving you any pain what so ever. You will be blindfolded so that all you can do is feel, not see. Trust me son, no pain here, you will enjoy this as much as I do,” I said to him.

This complete level of submission was a great gift from Joey that I would never take for granted. At work, he was an in charge man running a 16 man team installing the electrical wiring in office building. He was running multimillion dollar work at age 25. He was going places in life. This is I loved and admired him for, and it made the gift of his submission to me extra special. What he got out of the submission was leaving every day demanding life behind, and letting me make all the decisions for him. He was learning that he liked handing over the control to me. He trusted me. I wanted it and accepted it freely.

“Now son get in the middle of the bed kneeling in front of the wedge pillow, and then lay down on your tummy and point your arms towards the posts on the head board,” I ordered him. He did as I told him. “Are you comfortable in that position son,” I asked.

“Yeah, this is nice dad, I like the way my ass is up for you,” he said.

“Get back up on your knees then son,” I told him, and he obeyed. From behind I placed the blindfold on him and made sure it fit right so he could not see anything that would be coming to touch him. “Son if for any reason you decide you cannot continue with what we are doing, you just call out red three times. If you do that, I will stop immediately and free you. Do you understand,” I asked him. He nodded yes. Make sure your cock is comfortable and straight on your tummy so when you get hard it has room.” With that he adjusted his cock and laid back down on the wedge pillow.

Today it was only me in the room. Eventually I would do this with him and several of my friends and their sons in the room. My boy would have as many as 8 sets of hands on his body at one time, talk about an intense sensation. Joey did not know of the network of Dads and Sons that I was part of. He would learn when the time was right. They would all play with him, and he would get his turn to play with the other boys who had gone through the same things as he was. I knew he would enjoy that when the time came.

Getting started on our scene, I moved to the upper corner of the bed and grabbed the restraints. The restraints were top quality soft leather that was sheep skin lined, and could be adjusted tightly and securely with Velcro closures. The first one was put on his right wrist and tied to the bed post. His wrists and ankle were small, but I could get these cuffs tight. This I repeated the other three corners till he was bound and spread on the bed. His little arms were tied to the head board, and his sexy legs to the foot board spreading his legs and opening his ass just right. He was completely under my control now to do with as I pleased.

Getting on the bed I was on my knees between his spread legs so that I could rest my half hard cock right in the crack of his ass. I put my hands on the top of his shoulders and started with a neck and shoulder rub to relax him. “Relax Joey, you have nothing to worry about, daddy is here to protect you and watch over you. I want you to relax as deeply as you can but do not fall asleep son. You know it is only me who will be touching you, but I want you blindfolded so that you cannot see or anticipate my touch or what I am touching you with. I want you to trust me so much, that when suddenly something touches you, it does not startle you and make you tense up and jump around. I assure you, everything I touch you with will create pleasurable sensations. Your daddy is not a pain giver,” I said as my hands worked down to his shoulder blades and then further down his back. Sliding a little further back the bed, I caressed his ass. Leaning forward from where I was, I kissed his ass cheeks and then spread them wide. His rose bud was mine now. Face between his cheeks, I licked from his balls to the top of his ass crack. He moaned in pleasure. Settling in for a little bit, I rimmed his hole to loosen him up. When I withdrew my face from his ass and set back on my heals with my own ass, I rubbed down both legs to his feet. Turning around between his spread open legs, I massaged his feet for a moment, kissing his feet when I was done.

From my now exposed tray of tools, I picked up the lube and the medium glass dildo with the ridges and knobbed end to simulate a cock head. The lines of glass laid around the toy simulated the veins on a cock. 5 inches from the tip was a nice bulge to act as a butt plug. With this toy, and the other larger one like it, I could insert it and it would stay in.

Getting between his legs on my knees I bent down and kissed both of his cheeks several times. Having something done to him that he enjoyed normally would be completely different in this restrained blinded position. I knew it would help relax him and it did. I felt some of the tension in his body ease as my tongue went to his hole, and I licked and rimmed him for a minute or so.

Applying the lube to the dildo, he did not know he was about to be penetrated. I had been holding the toy in my hand so it was warm. “Relax son, you will enjoy this, but you need to stay loose,” I coached him as a hint. The lube was cool as I dropped it on his sweet rose bud straight out of the bottle. With my thumb I worked a sufficient amount into his hole, and with my thumb I massaged his prostate. He moaned his approval of this. Removing my thumb I slowly inserted the toy working it in slowly and thrusting it in and out of him several times, then plunging the knot all the way in him. He now had 5 inches in his ass with this toy that would stay put. I got off the bed and got my feather to start.

The feather was up first for its light sensation. Starting at his right hand I moved it down his arm across his shoulders and out to his other hand, then lifted it. Moving to his right foot, it was run over the bottom or his foot, up his leg, around his ass and down the other leg to this left foot. Soft cooing sounds were coming from him. He did not appear to be ticklish. A feather will reveal that if you are just the slightest bit ticklish. Finally I traced lazy lines across his back moving side to side starting at the top and working down to his ass.

This toy had a nice handle on it. Grabbing that handle I pulled it out and thrust it gently back in to massage his prostate as well as loosen his hole for my cock later.

Next up was the rabbit skin glove. It was a right handed glove that felt like pure heaven when run across bare skin. From the sides of the bed I rubbed up and down his arms, the sides of his torso, across his back, each ass check and hip bulge, then down his legs and feet. “Are you enjoying this baby boy,” I asked. A hum of response told me yes he was. Joey got a one handed light massage on his back with the rabbit skin. I still remember the first time someone did this to me, how enjoyable it was. It was time to step up to the bigger toy.

Preparing the next anal toy, I got ready to change them out. I had kept this toy laying on a cold pad to add the sensation of temperature in his ass this time. This next one was the same basic design with the knot and the ridges on it to act as a butt plug, but it was slightly larger in diameter and length. The knot was a little bigger than the diameter of my cock, so it would stretch him just a little more. He would have 7 inches in him when it was fully inserted. Pulling the warm one out of him, I put the cold one at his hole. “Relax Joey, relax,” I coached, touching his hole with the cooler toy. I could see him tense some and then relax. “I will never do anything to hurt you son. I added the temperature sensation. It will feel very soothing as it goes it, just relax.” Firmly but without hesitation I pushed it in down to the knot. Then I fucked him with it several strokes to let him get used to it. “Now you need to really trust me and completely relax son,” I said as I pushed the knot in past his hole. Joey had relaxed and the knot passed almost effortlessly. “Good job son,” I said as I rubbed his head and mussed his hair up some. This was the largest diameter object I had inserted yet. Over time I would use bigger and bigger objects to slowly stretch him till eventually he would be fisted by one of the other smaller boys in the group.

Taking the silk scarf I caressed his back with it. This is a very soothing sensation of the silky softness on the skin. I wanted him fully open for me soon, so I worked the knot of the toy in and out while I rubbed his back with the silk. He was fully relaxed now I could tell as the knot passed easily in and out of his hole. His time to get fucked was getting close.

The flogger was the last toy. I was not going to beat him with it; rather I drug it all over his back like a light broom. Then I took it up and down his legs and set it aside.

Returning to kneeling between his spread open legs, I just had to enjoy the view. Here was my boy with his legs spread wide, his cheeks spread and the toy I inserted sticking out of his ass. He was truly sexy and a joy to behold. Slowly I took the massage oil and drizzled it all around his back. With both hands, the oil was spread all over his back and worked into his skin. It was just the coconut oil which is a great skin conditioner. Feeling what little tension there was left leaving his body, it made me feel good that I was doing my job well. Slipping the toy out of his ass, he was gaping open and ready for my cock now. My cock was hard, and ready to be inside my boy.

Lubing my dick with the oil, and dripping more oil in the crack of his ass and in his gapping hole, I worked the oil in just running the head of my dick up and down deep in the crack of his ass and running the head of my cock across his sensitive hole. I knew how much he liked this right before I slid him my dick. Silently without any warning, I plunged my cock balls deep into his warm, wet, and slick ass. He inhaled deeply and sighed as he hummed MMMMM. He had what he really wanted, his daddy’s cock in his ass. He loved that feeling of being penetrated and filled. I just knew his dick was hard now.

Laying on top of him, using almost all my weight to pin him down, I fucked him. I fucked him deep and I fucked him passionately. Kissing his neck and the top of his shoulders, I thrust my dick in and out of him. I was giving him some long strokes where the head of my dick popped just out of his hole and then plunged in balls deep to park for a moment. My dick was alive with the great sensation of being inside this sweet young man. Between the restraints and my weight on him, he was completely pinned and helpless. There was nothing he could do to resist me now. I wanted him to feel and know he was mine, and that he was safe with his daddy. His body was to be given to me for my pleasure. If it were not for my great control he would have been filled already, but I still had plans for him. When my arms grew tired of supporting myself after 15 minutes or so, I pulled out of him. He whimpered a whine that said it all. Put that dick back in me daddy was what he was thinking.

Taking the blindfold off, I also undid the straps from the posts of the bed, but not from his wrists or ankles. “Turn over on your back son, and keep your ass up on the edge of the wedge pillow,” I instructed him. Once in that position, I tied his arms back to the corner of the bed, and tied his ankles to the same spot holding his legs open, up and spread. Looking him in the face, my smile said it all as I went down on his hole to eat him some more. His cock was so hard and dripping precum that I just had to suck his cock into my mouth and clean him up. His precum was so sweet tasting. Bobbing up and down to tease him some, I let his cock go and licked his balls. Going a little further down, my tongue slid deep in his gaping open hole. He was wide open and my tongue slid in easily stimulating his hole with pleasure. Reaching an oily hand around his leg, I grabbed his hard cock and began stroking him. There was a clear stream of sticky precum flowing from the piss slit of his cock and down my hand now.

Moving in closer and still kneeling in front of my restrained boy’s ass, I slid my hard cock deep in his guts.

“Oh yes yes yes,” he cried out, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me, yes, make me cum daddy.”

In this position I had just the right angle to pound his prostate as I stroked his oily cock. His head was pushing back hard into the bed. I knew he was getting closer and closer. I was paying close attention as he picked up his head and started to curl up. This was his body language that he was getting ready to blow his load. Well as curled up as he could get being all tied up that is, his cock was getting even harder and the head getting bigger. This was it, any second now, he would explode his load for me to see again. Stroking furiously, I felt the first pulse as he threw his head back into the bed and arched his tummy up. The first rope of cum erupted and shot almost up to his chin, the next hit his chest, and the third and fourth landed on his belly. Then he relaxed suddenly being fully spent for the moment, but held in place by me and the restraints. Quickly I undid the Velcro on his 4 cuffs to let him free, and then leaned in on top of him. His cum spread between us as I began to pound his ass for my release. His ass was still so nice and loose just the way I liked it.

“Your turn now daddy,” he said as I felt his ass clamp down on my cock.

“Not so fast son, try this for daddy, clamp down as I pull out, and loosen as I drive back in,” I told him. Within a few slow strokes he had it down. That did it, I could not hold back anymore. Just one deeper stroke in, and the feeling that had been building in my balls shot up my dick as I pumped my load deep inside him. His arms and legs were wrapped around me, as my boy took my load. Spent myself now, I rose up just enough to kiss him. We kissed gently, just lip kisses for several minutes as my cock softened in his ass. When it finally fell out, we cleared the bed of the wedge pillow, I lay down on my back, and he cuddled in beside me with his arm across my chest, and his head on my shoulder. My arm was around him holding him in close.

After we had settled down for a bit I said, “Joey you are incredible. You are a natural lover. I have had some great sex in my life, but it seems with you, I keep finding new highs. You are fucking amazing son, and we are just getting started.”

“Daddy, you have brought me sexual pleasures that I had only ever dreamed of, and you have been earning my trust. I do trust you daddy. None of the guys I have had fuck me before ever earned my trust. Not that it was that many of them, maybe 5 or 6, but they all talked a good line, and just used me to get off and then left. You bring me the training I need, and the afterglow that I dreamed of having. I love you daddy,” he said as he hugged me tightly.

“Son, I love you too, and you are a fast learner. You are a natural bottom. You bring out the side in me that just wants to protect you, keep you warm and safe, and fuck the hell out of you every night,” I said.

“I want that so daddy, but honestly, my hole is kind of sore right now as much as we fucked this weekend,” he said.

“I understand son, truly I do. I will build you up so you can take more, but that will take time and patients. I was all bottom when I was your age, so I know what you are experiencing and feeling. There were nights my daddy fucked me so much, he wore me out. I was sore the next day or two, but it was a good feeling too because he gave it to me,” I said. “Son, we will just cuddle the rest of tonight, well accept we can still suck each other or give each other hand jobs. Besides, I want to taste you cum right out of your cock tonight baby boy.”

“That sounds fine daddy, thank you for understanding,” he said.

“This is what dads do son, they understand their boys and what they need, and then give it to them,” I said as I kissed the top of his head that was resting on my shoulder.

“Good night dad, hold me tight while we sleep,” he said.

“You got it son,” I whispered to him as he turned his back to me and I spooned him in good and tight. We fell asleep just like that.
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