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Hot Slut Wife and I will always be one!
Hot Slut Wife and I will always be one!

I love being fucked; I can't believe there is a better sensation than a cock exploding its hot seed inside my tight shaved pussy. I've loved cock since I first experienced one on my eighteenth birthday. Ever since that moment I've had all different sizes and shapes pounding my pussy and on some spectacular occasions, driving into my asshole also. I've always been a slut since my first cock and before I hit 20 I was posing in sexy lingerie for a photographer neighbor whose wife hated me, so I revenge fucked him after every photo session, still wearing the sexy lingerie which in most cases belonged to his wife!

This guy taught me so much and loosened all of my inhibitions. I had my first threesome with him and one of his photographer friends. These guys were serious deviants, my kind of people, and after they photographed me in a tight wet look corset with fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes, pushing a very large vibrator into my shaved pussy, which they shaved earlier, they proceeded to fuck my pussy and ass then giving me my first DP. To a young girl these guys had huge cocks compared to the cocks of guys my own age, plus they had a wealth of experience and knew how to press my buttons.

I enjoyed my wild sexual years with great gusto and when I reached 25 I met and fell and love with my present husband who pleased me sexually with his more than adequate cock. We had been married two years and I'd been faithful 100% during our marriage.

When we first got together I was admittedly a bit wayward with quite a wild reputation in the sexual stakes. I'd had a few threesomes, attended a couple of swinger parties and basically acted out my life as a sex crazed slut! I loved cock and won't deny it. I still do!

But when I met my husband, that side of my life ended immediately. I was besotted with my husband and loved him more than life itself. My husband was my soul mate and I fell head over heels in love with him.

He wasn't the adventurous type in bed and to be truthful, he was somewhat under endowed. I have had the pleasure of some colossal cocks in time, but my husband's is very small and has never really satisfied me, but my love for him was way stronger than that.

It eventually got to the point that my husband felt so inadequate that he became impotent and couldn't muster an erection for love nor money.

This frustrated me immensely, so much so that I had an affair with a work colleague who was more than adequately endowed but boy did he have a fertile mind and a massive sex drive.

He fucked me relentlessly on numerous occasions, delivering an abundance of orgasms in the process.

I would dress in the most outrageous lingerie as he fucked me and made feel more like a woman than I had felt in years.

I was very fond of him but there was no love, however I would have done anything sexually for him and there wasn't much I didn't do. He fucked every hole I have and came over every inch of my body. He photographed in lingerie, naked and sucking and fucking. He also videotaped me doing a striptease for him then he fucked me on camera coming all over my face as I licked and swallowed every drop of man juice.

I broke the off affair and returned to my husband, but his insecurities multiplied and we would quarrel about the least thing but we both knew it was his impotence that was the driving force.

At one point I turned to drink for comfort but this only made matters worse. The bursting point was last weekend when we went at each other hammer and tongs. I never ever used my husband's impotence during our arguments but this evening my husband said.

"I can't give you what you need, so it's probably for the best that you get that from someone else!" he shouted

I paused looking at his eyes as they filled with tears.

He looked at me lovingly and said.

"I will always love you, but you have needs I can't fulfill. Go and find someone who will fulfill that side of your life with my blessing!"

I looked again at his moist eyes and blurted out.

"You're giving me permission to get fucked by someone else?" I enquired to make I understood fully.

"You can take a sexual partner, but it must never happen in our home or be flaunted in my face!"

I rushed up to him and hugged him tightly, pushing my head into his chest.

He returned my hug and held me tightly, stroking my hair gently and said.

"This is probably the only solution that will save our marriage. I knew about your previous affair and to be honest I didn't get insanely jealous over that!"

I was somewhat taken aback at his confession of being aware of my previous affair. I was under the impression that I'd covered my tracks quite well during that period, but obviously had not.

Holding my hand he looked directly in to me eyes and said.

"I love you more than you can possibly know, but I can't give you the physical love you need and crave!"

I looked at him wanting to speak, but no words would fall from my mouth. Holding each other tightly we both sobbed uncontrollably. I lifted my head up to meet his face as our lips brushed against each other.

"I love you so much!" I cried as the tears ran down my cheeks.

Looking into my red tear soaked eyes he whispered.

"I love you too but I can't give you the physical love you need! Go and find someone who can give you that but please don't flaunt in my face. I'd appreciate some discretion!"

"You're seriously going to let me fuck another guy?" I questioned demandingly

"I think this is the only way to save our marriage! I can give you everything but sex, so you're better off getting that somewhere else then coming home to me!" he stated calmly and efficiently.

This conversation happened two nights earlier and here we were heading to a very flirtatious party.

I often engaged in some quite outrageous flirting in front of my husband but never took it any further out of respect for my husband, but tonight that could all change!

We'd been invited to a housewarming party of former neighbor's who just so happened to be the most flirtatious sexually experimental couple that we knew. The new house was huge and was a massive step up the social ladder for our former neighbours Dave and Marie. Marie was similar to myself figure wise. We both possessed a very large firm bosom, narrow waist, full buttocks and though we weren't tall we both had long legs. We both would always dress provocatively when the opportunity arose and would flirt outrageously with other men. Marie was a brassy brunette with a tint of red in her shoulder length locks, where as I was a bleached white blonde with a styled short cut.

My husband never seemed to get jealous no matter how outrageous the flirting nor did Dave for that matter, which I suppose is only natural because they both are swingers. They would swing at arranged parties and I knew Marie had enjoyed one or two cocks outside of her marriage and swinging lifestyle, so tonight the flirting would be the usual outrageous but controlled as I was starting out in what could be a new lifestyle choice I thought it best to tread carefully. When we arrived at the party it appeared to be in full swing with the music a little on the loud side as we made our way into the huge lounge where most of party was taking shape. As it was autumn, I was wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a tight black shiny turtle neck top. The top was skin-tight and showed my large breasts and small waist perfectly. I had a tight high waisted belt cinching my waist making my tits look even bigger.

Underneath I was wearing my obligatory fishnet stockings, garters, and quarter cup bra which held my breasts perfectly showing my prominent nipples to full effect. I noticed a few of the guys there giving me the once over and I'm sure my hubby noticed also. We were introduced to some of the people and one particular guy caught my attention. He was 6'-2" with broad shoulders and a narrow tapered waist. He had a thick mop of unkempt black hair, flopping over his brow and lying on his tanned face. His looks were rugged and manly and his smile was jaw droppingly perfect. I held out my hand as we made our introductions, noticing he made eye contact with the dreamiest bedroom blue eyes I'd ever encountered. I felt my cheeks flush slightly as he held my hand saying.

"Hi I'm Conrad and you are?"

I looked into his seductive eyes and said,

"Hi I'm Becky and this is my husband Fred" I turned to introduce my husband to find he'd moved over to the other side of the room and was in conversation with our former neighbor Dave.

I giggled at the social awkwardness as Conrad still held my hand.

"C'mon we'll grab a drink while your husband is socializing" Conrad smiled as he guided me over to the well stacked bar in the corner of the lounge. Guiding me through the crowd, his hand went from my waist to my buttocks as he manoeuvred me to the bar. He spent a little longer than was necessary on my buttocks and he could obviously feel the straps of my garter belt as I slowly walked beside him, moving my taut buttocks from side to side as his hand firmly grasped my fleshy orbs.

When we reached the bar he asked me what drink I would like.

"Jack Daniels and Diet coke please!" I smiled

Pouring the drink, he poured the same for himself, dropping ice cubes into both drinks in the high tumbler with a lot more Jack than coke! Passing my drink to me, he wasted no time at all and said.

"I couldn't help notice that you're wearing garters beneath your very sexy skirt" he smiled

I returned his smile saying

"I always wear garters. They're so free and liberating and they are very hygienic!"

"Not to mention so sexy!" he retorted "First time I've heard of the hygienic rule!" he commented

"Oh yes they're extremely hygienic along with one or two of my own personal habits!" I continued

"Such as?" he queried

"Staring directly into his eyes I said

"I always keep my pussy hairless and smooth!" I smiled

"I might just have to get you to prove that later!" he smirked

I playfully tapped his upper arm as we both giggled and took a sip from our drinks.

He placed his hand on my waist as he looked me in the eye.

"I do some amateur photography and I would love you to pose for me!" he grinned.

"You don't waste any time do you?" I teased "What kind of photography do you have in mind?" I teased.

"Any kind you'd be willing to pose for, plus I'd pay you a modelling fee!" he retorted

"I may just take you up on that!" I continued with my tease "Do you think I would be photogenic?"

"Lady, with that body and those smouldering looks you'd probably melt the camera!" he smiled as his hand touched the back of mine.

A spark of electricity surged through me and the sexual fizzy feeling between my legs began to stir. His hand stroked the back of my own with such a delicate touch. I imagined he was stroking my hairless slit in this manner and my bubbling pussy almost reached boiling point. I felt myself squirm as I clamped my thighs together, enjoying the sexual urge soaring through my pussy.

"Would you be willing to do some lingerie shots or even a nude session? I'd like to see if this pussy is really smooth!" He smiled very provocatively.

"We'll see how things go!" I teased.

I looked over at my husband who was talking to a small group of guys but was still casting furtive glances in my direction. His eyes looked toward me just as Conrad placed his hand on my hip and began to slowly pressure his fingers into my waist. His hand moved down slowly till he was rubbing the tips of his fingers over strap of my garter belt, moving his digits slowly over the material of my tight skirt. I placed my free hand on his shoulder and leant in to whisper to Conrad that he was a very boy feeling my garters with husband still in the room.

"What he doesn't know can't hurt him!" he smiled.

"Mmmm!" I replied as Conrad continued stroking my garter strapped buttock. My hand moved off his shoulder as my nails gently stroked his cheek. My husband watched all of this and didn't flinch one bit. I decided to take my flirting to another level. Smiling at Conrad I stroked his cheek saying.

"I seem to have a very naughty boy talking to me, which evens things out as I can be such a naughty girl!"

He held me closer as his lips went to my ears and whispered.

"A body like yours was meant to be naughty!" as his hand ran up my waist and gently rubbed my side boob. I looked over at my husband who returned my look and winked at me!

I smiled at my husband as my eyes went half closed with Conrad gently nibbling my earlobe and flicking his tongue softly around my ear. My crotch automatically thrusted into Conrad's as I felt his very impressive hard bulge throb against my freshly shaved mound. I looked over to see my husband still smiling and actively encouraging me. I whispered in to Conrad's ear.

"What is a single guy photographer doing at this party?"

Conrad held me closer and softly whispered in my ear.

"I photograph most of the ladies here for the husbands, sometimes in lingerie or nude and sometimes with another guy or sometimes with me!" He sighed as his hot breath silkily seduced me.

I placed both of hands around his neck as his hand cupped my right breast and began to manipulate my nipple, rubbing the material of my very tight top and my sexy lace bra, in slow moving circles, arousing my sexual urges and taken them to a dizzy height. I looked over again at my husband as he stood watching this lounge lizard feel my tits and grasp my ass as his teeth gently nibbled my neck. Conrad was quite clever as he performed his delicate seductive acts away from the eyes of the party goers, but my husband could see what was happening over in the corner of the expansive lounge.

Conrad was now smoothing down the front of my tight skirt, feeling the tight straps of garter belt holding my black fishnet stockings in place. He moaned softy as he rubbed the garter straps into my flesh. My pussy was fizzing at this sensation with the added excitement of my husband being yards away enjoying the floor show; I felt a low soft moan emanate from my mouth as Conrad's hands spread across my stomach and eased their way inside the waistband of my skirt. His hand spread as he slid inside the skirt. His fingers made contact with the bare flesh between my garter belt and stockings. As his hand moved tantalizingly slowly toward my pussy, his eyebrows raised when he found I wasn't wearing panties. My nostrils flared as he smiled and moved his hand over my smooth mound.

"You were telling the truth about the shaved pussy!" he smirked.

"Finger my cunt!" I replied as his lips brushed mine, slithering his snake like tongue over my open mouth as we locked our lips in a passionate embrace. As his tongue delighted my mouth his finger slid in the groove of my bald slit and gently unhooded my clitoris. His finger gently caressed the excited button as my breathing got heavier. His finger slid inside my pussy with consummate as my wetness coated his intruding finger.

"Let's take this somewhere comfortable shall we?" he whispered as my loins thrust against his finger.

Panting and breathing heavily I nodded in agreement then looked over at my husband. He smiled and nodded his head indicating I should carry on with current antics.

I smiled at him and then followed Conrad with very unsteady legs. He led me out into the huge hallway and guided me to a small room at the end of the wood paneled corridor. The room was furnished with chez lounges and quite dimly lit. There was a mix between amber and red subdued lighting, giving the room a very sex warm feel. There were two huge full length mirrors on the wall opposite the chez lounge. At the side of the Mirror was a TV set facing the sofas, showing pornographic movies with no sound. The music was being piped throughout the house and the choice of tune was a driving hip hop medley. Conrad sat on the Chez lounge and patted the seat next to him inviting me to join him. I hitched my skirt up my thighs revealing my stocking tops and garter straps, moving the skirt further up my thighs, displaying my smooth wet slit to my audience of one.

Conrad touched my opening very slowly, sending delightful shivers through my entire being. His finger slid inside my tight tunnel as my pussy grasped his invading finger. I delicately pushed down on his finger and straddled his lap. His other hand felt my right breast through the shiny tight material of the turtle neck top. Slowly I began to ride his finger, seeking my sexual gratification from the invading digit stroking the inside of my unfaithful pussy. My mouth closed over Conrad's as he began to swirl his snake like tongue inside my obviously slutty mouth. I broke from his kiss as my lungs needed the additional breath, to take me through my impending orgasm. As I tilted my head back to enjoy my unfaithful orgasm, my eyes fixed on my husband standing watching his wife be sexually used. I looked at my husband, staring into his eyes as I rode the invading finger to orgasm, panting furiously as the waves of pleasure surged through me.

"I need to feel your cock inside me!" I panted as Conrad removed his finger and positioned his exposed cock at the opening to my pulsating cunt. I felt the wide tip of his hot cock open my lips as it began its wondrous journey deep inside my pussy. My breath ceased as the size of his weapon took me by surprise. This cock was much bigger than my husband's which I confirmed by blurting out.

"Fucking hell your cock is huge!" as I impaled myself on the massive weapon. His entire length slid in slowly and easily, till I could feel his pubic bone nudging my clitoris. My pussylips were stretched to capacity as my hungry cunt grasped this masterful cock. I looked into my husband's eyes as he watched the cock push in and out of my stretched quim. My moans were in rhythm with the thrusting cock as my husband undid his fly and released his rock hard cock. He was so aroused watching his wife be fucked that pre-cum was oozing out of his slit. He rubbed the greasy offing into his blood engorged helmet and began to stroke his cock in rhythm with my thrusting. My top was being pulled over my head as my breast spilled out of the see through lace bra. My top was thrown across the room as my skirt was unzipped and followed the same journey as my top. Over my head the skirt went as I rode the cock dressed only black bra, garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heels. I rode the cock like the unfaithful slut I had just become as my orgasm became extremely vocal. I almost screamed with passion.

"Fuck my pussy I'm going to cum!" then my voice tailed off as the quickening breathing flooded my body with an earth shattering orgasm.

Conrad's hands were playing with my erect nipples as his powerful cock plunged deep inside my pussy. My husband was slowly jerking his cock as the door opened and three other guys came into the room, watching the spectacle of me being royally fucked as my spouse enjoyed the sexual vista.

"Fucking hell, this one looks too good to be a filthy slut!" one guys said.

"Sluts body is fucking awesome!" said one as he walked toward me with his cock in his hand. He wiggled his large erect cock in my face, inviting me to suck the solid length of flesh. I placed my left hand around the base of his cock and inhaled his length into my mouth. My tongue swirled around his purple glans then the tip slithered inside his slit just a fraction making him squirm with desire.

"Fucking hell this whore is filthy!" he laughed enjoying the delights my tongue was doing to his lip covered cock.

My husband kept wanking slowly as another of the guys removed his cock and headed over to the chez lounge. Taking up a position behind me I felt him hold my butt cheek then pull it apart as he aimed mouth full of spit at tightest hole. The saliva landed perfectly on my puckered ring as he pushed the fluid into my tight hole. I squirmed on Conrad's cock as I knew any second now, my asshole would be penetrated, not only giving me my first DP but also my first gang bang.


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