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This is a bisexual story containing depictions of mm oral and mf oral sex that is intended for adult reading only.
The Knothole

Widower Charlie Kantrel, mid 30's, light brown hair, blue eyes, about five foot eight with a decent build, watered the herbs he grew on his back porch early every morning before going to work. On this particular Monday morning, after he closed the nozzle on his garden hose, quieting it's hissing sound, he could hear a moaning coming from the other side of his fence. It wasn't just any sort of moaning either! From being previously married for eight years, he knew the sort of sounds a women makes when in orgasm quite well. Charlie rushed to a knot hole in his fence then peaked through.

There was his sexy neighbor, Sally, laying back on a lounge chair, knees up and her long luscious legs spread wide, vigorously diddling away at her soggy slit, working up to yet another orgasm! Charlie had been on his own for a year after his wife, after three miserable years, had finally succumbed to a deadly brain tumor. All in all it had been a good four years since he'd had sex with anything other than his hand. So, as can be expected, his libido literally exploded! He lifted the elastic band of his shorts over his throbbing boner, grasped it, then brought himself to orgasm with only a few urgent strokes. Most of his ejaculate hit the fence then slowly ran down while what was left oozed over the fingers that grasped his now dwindling boner.

Charlie looked through the fence again. She was setting up now looking quite directly at the knot hole he was looking through! And she was smiling too. Could she know he was watching her? How? Had he made a noise? Could have she made him out through the gaps between the boards of their privacy fence? And the fact that she was smiling... Did that mean she wanted him to watch her? Charlie wondered and wondered. As the day went by he struggled to not think about it though because every time he did he would start getting hard again.

After Pam passed on Charlie had noticed a certain flirtatious way about Sally. She was rather tall with long luscious legs and a really nice ass to go with them. Firm C cup in the titty department too. But it was her legs and ass that got Charlie' s hormones flowing. And she had a way of getting them noticed too. Like with shorts so short and tight that they revealed the bottom curve of her ass cheeks and defined the shape of her camel toe quite well too. Often he would fantasize about having sex with her when he jacked off before going to sleep at night.

The next morning Charlie was watering again but with his nozzle closed down to a nice quite mist . And there she went again! Moaning and groaning through the throws of a powerful orgasm! It was pretty much a ditto of the previous day. A rivulet of ejaculate was running down the fence again when he brought his eye back to the knot hole.. But oh shit! His eye met hers looking through from the other side. Yeow!

“Charlie please. Don't waste your cum like that. Next time stick your dick through and let me take care of it for you. Please?”.

“Ok... (gulp) I will” Charlie choked out, nearly in shock.

He walked away from the fence already regretting that he had agreed to do something like that with someone's else's wife. Normally Charlie would have turned her down but he was weak from doing without for so many years. The way she had been flirting with him lately had softened him up too. Sally walked away then, so elated that their plan was now in motion.

The next morning, after he heard her again, he went to the fence determined to refuse her offer. But after watching her hump wildly at her fingers as she came? It was his libido that was making his decisions for him then. Through the knot hole he fed his stiff dick. She covered it with her warm sucking mouth then put her tongue to work getting his sperm to come up. Charlie rewarded her with the one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever experienced. It was on wobbly legs that he stumbled back from the knothole in that fence. That Wednesday he noticed a change in her technique. Now she was working her tongue ever so rapidly over his slit stimulating that most sensitive area of his glans. She really knew what she was doing! In no time he would be in the throws of orgasm.

It was Friday of that week, after he had removed his penis from the knothole, another came through from the other side! Charlie couldn't believe his eyes! This big ol' boner was just pointing straight out at him from that hole in his fence!

“Ok man. Now it's you turn. Suck it for me guy” Dean, Sally's husband, said from the other side.

“Uh... what?!” Charlie returned, with his head spinning in confusion, his eyes hopelessly affixed to this rather large penis that was pointing right at him.

“My wife sucked you Monday and Tuesday. To be fair you need to eat her twice now. I did you Wednesday and Thursday plus today. So now it's your turn to blow me guy. You owe me three”.

“Hey wait a damn minute!!! Fair?! What do you mean fair?! Nobody explained this shit to me!” Charlie cried.

“It's her turn tomorrow. If you want her to do you you'll have do me now. Oh and swallow my stuff too”.

“Do him Charlie. Please...” Sally pleaded, “ I so want your sweet semen. The only way that I can have it again is if you do him first. Give it a try Charlie. It's fun. He tastes so good” Sally pleaded.

“Look... What if we started off a little easy? Just put it in your mouth. As much as you can without gagging. Don't worry. It's clean. I showered this morning. Just suck on it a little now and she'll do you tomorrow morning. That's all you have to do. And don't worry... The only way I can cum is if you take me there yourself” Dean said.

“Grab it Charlie. I swear you'll love the way it feels” Sally encouraged, “Oh and the way it feels in your mouth too!”

Charlie's heart was beating fast. There was something about that big dick protruding from his fence that beckoned to him. If this was what was required to continue his relationship with Sally, should he do it? He reached down then and wrapped his hand around Dean's shaft. It was like an electric spark shot up his arm headed for his brain. It felt so warm in contrast to the cool morning air. He knelt down then with his face not many inches from Dean's glans. He tested it first with the tip of his tongue then eased his lips over its bulbous tip. He was truly amazed by how smooth and slippery Dean's glans felt. After he had played there for a bit, exploring Dean's coronal ridge, his tongue passed over Dean's slit as he continued to engulf more of his hefty shaft. He stopped and backed off when his gag reflex threatened to activate.

“That wasn't so bad ” he thought to himself while gazing for a moment at Dean's tip, now shiny wet with his saliva. For Charlie it felt like a previously unknown portion of his mind was being revealed to him. He was getting hard!

“Ok. Do that again tomorrow morning then she'll do you” Dean said.

“How will I know it's her not you?”.

“Don't worry!” Sally growled with a frown to Dean.

As Charlie slid the sliding glass door open to enter his house he heard a whirring sound coming from the neighbor's yard. He looked over his shoulder just in time to see a small drone descend into their backyard!

“So that's how they knew I was watching. Sneaky sneaky...” he thought to himself, “Damn... I wonder what else they can see from up there?”.

Charlie poured another cup of coffee then sat down to think about how they had tricked him. It concerned him that every time he remembered what it was like having his mouth filled with Dean's dick his heart beat would pick up and his dick would fill.

After he got home from work that day he fired up his computer and did a search on fellatio. Some of the statistics surprised him and some didn't. The poles that showed a large number that said “yes” to giving fellatio didn't surprise to him. The percentage of men in that pole was much higher than he ever thought it would be though. He watched some porn that featured that sort of activity too. It was imagining that Dean's hefty shaft filled his mouth, ejaculating sperm into his throat, that got him off when he jacked off that night. After that, out of curiosity, he took a little taste of his own stuff to see what it was like. “Interesting...” he thought to himself.

“Good morning” Dean said as Charlie approached the fence “You ready?”

“Yes” Charlie answered “And can cum too if you want to”.

“That's up too you Charlie. You have to earn that reward. I can give you a hint or two as we go if you like”, Dean said slipping his half hard through the knot hole.

“Ok” Charlie said to that.

“Hey! I can give hints too” Sally chimed.

Charlie lifted Dean's drooping dick up then slipped his lips over its tip then on down he went. The way Dean's dick was responding in his mouth, swelling like it did, gave Charlie this certain feeling of power.

“Remember how I rubbed my tongue against the bottom side of your tip? That's what will take us where we want to go guy” Dean said.

Charlie did as Dean suggested. Charlie was enjoying himself, really getting with the program, when suddenly it was there. The reward that Dean had promised was blasting out over his tongue, saturating his taste buds with it's spunky flavor, as it filled his mouth. Charlie swallowed then swallowed again. With his head spinning as he rose, “Oh what a rush that was!” he thought to himself.

“You liked that. Didn't you?” Sally asked. Dean was grinning too.

“Uh... yeah. Pretty cool. No wonder so many people like doing this” Charlie admitted, blushing quite red.

“Ok guy. Feed me. Stick it through dude” Sally demanded.

With the spunky taste of Dean's sperm still in his mouth Charlie was so hot he really gave her a mouth full too. Sally leaned with one hand against the fence, the other between her spread legs diddling away, organisming as she swallowed his load down.

The next morning at the fence, Dean reminded Charlie that he owed Sally cunnilingus several times now.

“Uh... unless you have a really long tongue, I don't think we'll be able to do that through that hole there” Sally said.

“I'll be right back!” Charlie announced.

He ran to his house, chucked up a number two Phillips bit in his battery powered drill, then ran back to the fence. In no time he had enough fence boards removed to squeeze through. Sally threw her arms around him then kissed him ever so passionately.

Then she laid back on her lounge chair, hiked her knees up and spread her legs wide. With her thumbs she spread her labia apart then grinned at Charlie, inviting him to dive in. Charlie looked to Dean for permission. Dean nodded yes. He crawled onto the lower portion of the lounge chair then drove his tongue as far up into her vagina as he could make it go. Then up over her clit he drug it, bearing down as it he went. Then down over it and back up into her he returned. It didn't take many of those to have her in orgasm again. After she came he shoved his tongue way up inside her to curled his tip upward to drag her copious secretions back into his mouth. Oh what a rush that was!

When Charlie looked to Dean just to verify his approval, Dean was glad to see that Charlie was hard as rock again. There was still something Dean wanted out of this.

“Go ahead. Fuck her guy. But take it out a couple of times for me so I can taste her on you.” Dean said.

“Yeah. Fuck me Charlie. Then you fuck me too babe” Sally said.

This was another new one for Charlie. Dean knelt close to their point of union, watching Charlie's dick driving steadily into his wife's pussy. After a bit Charlie took it out of her then turned a bit so Dean could get his mouth over him. Charlie repeated that one more time for him before unloading his balls way up inside her. Once he was out of the way Sally pushed to make his cum fill her slit so Dean could lap it up.

This had gone on for a week or so when one morning it was just Dean that met Charlie at the opening in their fence. Charlie stuck his head through and looked around. Sally was no where to be found.

“It's just us today Charlie” Dean said, “Sallie's bipolar manic depressive. When she's manic she cant get enough sex. And I really appreciate how you've helped me with her needs. But when she's on a depressive swing she doesn't want to have anything to do with sex or much of anything else. Sooo... we're on our own today guy”.

“Well I guess we'll just have to make do” Charlie said smiling, his mouth was already watering for the taste of Dean's dick, as he stepped through the gap in their fence.

Charlie knelt in the cool carpet grass then lifted Dean's swelling member to direct it into his mouth. This time Dean grasped Charlie's head and began to thrust. It was like he was using Charlie's mouth as a substitute for his wife's pussy. Charlie was loving it too! All he cared about was getting Dean's load so what ever got him off was fine with Charlie. Charlie was fucking Dean's mouth himself when he happened to look toward the porch. There was Sally, wearing a loose blouse, baggy shorts and no make up, smiling their way. “Soon guys. I'll be back soon” she said.

And, with a little help from the anti depression medications her psychiatrist prescribed, Sally was.


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