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A teacher and his young student connect on a level where lust is inevitable.
Brittany’s Story

Doug Sanders:

You know, I always led a quiet life. I was a gym teacher, underpaid, underappreciated and not what any woman would consider a catch. I have kept my body fit, muscular, kind of ripped. So much better than the other guys my age or even younger. But not going anywhere, so I never married. Some girlfriends along the way, lived with a couple, but it never went anywhere.

I teach at an elite private girls’ school. The girls are in their teenage years, which are tough. Tough years. Hormones are starting to rage, bodies have been changing, and the girls are learning how to use their sexuality on boys, while the boys are learning about blue balls.

Lots of the girls flirted with me over the years, mostly trying out their lines for boys, seeing how I would react. I got used to smiling back and ignoring their attention. So, I didn’t think anything of it when the principal called me in early in the term and asked me to coach the school basketball team in addition to my gym classes. Seems one of my female colleagues needed an emergency leave. The principal only offered an extra couple grand for the new work, which seemed cheap. But as I said, underpaid and underappreciated. And I had nothing to go home to anyway.

The school wasn’t built to have gym teachers of the opposite sex. When I needed to get to the office inside the locker room, I would bang on the door and warn them I was coming in in 30 seconds. This would result in much squealing and banging of locker doors as the girls tried to cover up before I entered (I doubt this arrangement would be allowed today). I averted my eyes anyway and didn’t see anything, though.

The second day of class I went through the drill to enter my office. I got inside the locker room and headed for the office door. There was a girl standing by the door, clad in her tight spandex gym clothes. Our eyes met for a moment. I think she saw me look her tight young body up and down. She smiled. I saw her glance at my cock (under control inside my UnderArmors) which made me go silly, clear my throat nervously and blush. She stifled a giggle.

“Ahem. Yes. Hello. What can I do for you…?” I didn’t know anyone’s name yet.

“Brittany. Hi Mr. Sanders! I’m good, I’m just waiting for the other girls to start class.”

“Ah, good. Yes. Brittany. Well. We’ll start in a few minutes. Head out to the gym.” Brittany smiled at my discomfort and bounced past me towards the door. I watched her perfect little ass bounce out into the gym. I was mesmerized. I stepped into my office, leaning back against the door, breathing heavily. What the Hell just happened? Without my even thinking, my hand slid inside my spandex shorts and stroked my cock. I was so fucking hard. If I didn’t have to teach class I’d have gone and beat off to relieve the pressure.

What the Hell happened? Have you ever met someone and from the moment you met you just knew you were going to fuck? Not wishful thinking. No doubt. You are going to fuck that person. And maybe they have the same feeling. But something changed for me. In all my years being around such girls I never had that feeling.

I knew I was going to fuck Brittany.

And she was less than half my age.


Sometimes you look back on things you did in your life and think, “What the Hell was I doing?” And if you’re lucky, you have one you look back on and think, “That was perfect. Just perfect.” I have one of those.

It was high school. I mean shit, high school! Who has a perfect experience in high school? I guess you could say I was an early bloomer. I never had a growth spurt, so I topped out at 5’3”. But I was developing curves, and getting lots of attention from the boys after school. I hated it. They were such immature asses. They started giving me nicknames like “Boobany,” “Brittany Boobs,” or just “Boobs.” I was tired of hearing comments like “You would win any battle with those warheads,” or “I wish those headlights were in my garage.” I couldn’t talk back, it would just encourage them.

So I didn’t go to parties or socialize much. Played basketball with my friends, boys and girls. The boys looked at me, but they were friends, they didn’t join in with the nagging. But I loved how my body was developing. Nice breasts, long shapely legs and a cute bum. I took some nude selfies in the mirror, but I never sent them to anyone. I also started spending time alone in my room, looking at porn on the internet and playing with my pussy. No one had ever had “the talk” with me, so I only had a vague notion of what they were doing. The first time I saw a video of a blowjob and facial, I thought to myself “No boy is going to splooge on my face!” So why did I keep going back and watching that video over and over?

So school started with much excitement. My friends and I new to the building, so we were all getting lost. I hung with my few old friends, and made some new friends, girls coming from other schools.

We had gym class on the second or third day. We had a substitute, Mr. Sanders, a male gym teacher! The girls were all excited at the scandal of it all, all whispers and giggles. I didn’t care, I loved gym class and planned to try out for the basketball team, which Mr. Sanders was going to coach. Doesn’t hurt to be friendly with the coach before tryouts.

Mr. Sanders had to pound on the door and holler he was coming in to the locker room. The little girls would all scream and run and cover up. I thought it was my chance to say hi to the coach, so I finished getting my gym clothes on and stood by his office door. Mr. Sanders hurried in, averting his eyes from the screaming girls, but he stopped short when he saw me by his door. I don’t know what I did to this day, but his jaw dropped and he started stammering and blushing. I thought it was funny. He definitely checked out my body, which I was already used to from men. All that porn made me glance at his package. I swear I saw it move.

Anyway, I said goodbye and headed out to the gym to wait for class to start. I bent down to retie my sneaker and something dripped to the floor.

My pussy was dripping wet.

Doug Sanders

The next few weeks were torture. I could not get Brittany off my mind. My dick got stiff when I saw her or thought of her. I picked up a woman at a bar. She was giving me an awesome blowjob when I cried out “God yes, Brittany!!” Her name wasn’t Brittany.

I was feeling like such a perv. Brittany was so young. Too young. Like five years in prison too young. Suppose I could get a wife in prison, I thought darkly. But I kept putting consequences out of my mind. I was going to fuck her. I had to.

Basketball tryouts happened and Brittany made the team easily. A fine shooting guard. I began imagining she liked me too. She always greeted me with a smile and always sat next to me on the bench when I was mapping out a play. Really close. Like her thigh up against mine while I talked. Sometimes she rubbed her thigh a little against mine while I talked. I think she knew that made me lose my place and start stammering because she always laughed when I stuttered and stammered. One time I was designating her to take the shot and I absentmindedly put my hand on her naked thigh. She looked at me seriously and briefly covered my hand with hers before pulling it away. I almost came in my shorts.

A couple times when I was going into the locker room after practice, the rest of the girls were in the shower. Brittany was at her locker, wrapped in a towel. She greeted me with a smile and put one leg up on the bench, causing the towel to fall away from her back, exposing her pretty little bum. She was embarrassed or feigned embarrassment, but she wasn’t that quick to cover up. And she always smiled at me when she was done. After those encounters I practically ran to the men’s shower to jack off. This girl was driving me mad.

And why not? She was a raven-haired beauty, getting more beautiful by the day as her body developed. Beautiful with an air of mystery about her. She was happy and friendly and could do the girl next door thing, but you could never tell what she was thinking. Drove me nuts. She wasn’t tall, maybe 5’3” (I always put 5’6” on the team roster). Her hair was long, down to her waist. I could imagine grabbing a handful of that silky hair and pulling hard while fucking her from behind. I could also imagine using that hair to stroke my cock and balls and shooting a load of jizz into her hair. Nice young firm breasts and yes…a fantastic ass. I mean really. A, Fantastic. Ass. Legs that you just wanted wrapped around your hips while she rode your cock and took your load deep inside her.

Brittany and I developed a friendly banter. When she made a great play, I would yell “Brrrrittttannny!” rolling the r’s. I didn’t do that for anyone else. Everyone noticed. Brittany, to deflect that attention, I think, began calling me “Old Man,” and would pretend to ignore me. It didn’t work.

Other people were noticing my obsession with Brittany. The school was old and the locker rooms were kind of outdated. The main locker room had gray rusty lockers, gray floor, showers with exposed pipes and no ventilation for the steam. There were wide window sills about shoulder height and frosted windows at the back. It was too hard to reach them and they were rusted shut anyway. Soap and shampoo gathered on the window sills. There was also a small locker room on the other side of the gym for male coaches and staff.

I was in the men’s’ showers one day after practice stroking a massive hard on trying to get Brittany out of my mind. I thought everyone had left. I reached up to the window sill and squirted somebody’s body wash into my hand to lube my dick. I was startled by a voice behind me.

“She has really gotten to you, hasn’t she?” I turned and it was Ed Peters the swim assistant coach.

“Huh? What? What do you mean?”

“And if you are going to do that in here don’t use my body wash. It’s too expensive”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Brittany. You’re in here spanking the monkey because you can’t fuck Brittany.”

“You’re crazy. I’m not doing anything.”

“You look at her like a lost puppy. Every time you see her. People notice. Her Dad asked me what was up with you.”

“Ed, I…”

“Fuck who you want Doug, Brittany is a doll. Just make sure you’re okay with going to jail or getting murdered by her father.” I left the shower and got out of the building as fast as I could.


I don’t know if I’ve ever really been in love. Maybe it is what they call puppy love. But I never lusted after anyone like I lusted after Mr. Sanders. I didn’t want to marry him and have his babies. I just wanted to do him. Even though I really didn’t know how to do anyone. And I knew I would let that boy splooge in my face.

Basketball practice was agony. I just wanted to touch him. I just wanted to be with him. I ran to get the seat next to him during the time outs. Our thighs would touch and it was electric. He didn’t pull away. I would get so distracted I couldn’t follow what he was telling us to do. And my pussy got so wet when we touched. My clit ached for relief. Once when I was out of the game I was able to move my ass on the bench so the spandex rubbed my clit and I came right there. It was awesome. I don’t think anyone noticed. I worry it will show up on YouTube someday.

And the way he looked at me! Not pervy at all. Just kind and warm and perhaps a bit eager. Every time I looked his way, he was giving me that look. Every. Time. I don’t know how we won so many games that season. I started calling him “Old Man.” I think it made him harder.

I decided I wanted to fuck him. I didn’t think he would get up the nerve to move on me, so I planned to get him to move on me. I watched some more porn so I wouldn’t look stupid. All those things I thought were gross six months ago now got me really wet when I imagined Mr. Sanders doing it to me. Even anal. I had always watched it and thought No. Way. That had to hurt. Now I was sliding my finger into my asshole in the shower to see how it felt. I’d play with my clit and asshole at the same time to see if I could cum like that. I could. It was crazy. I barely understood what sex was and now I was obsessed with it.

I had to spring my plan. Either Mr. Sanders would fuck me like I’d never been fucked before (which was a given since I’d never been fucked at all) or he would run from the room. But I couldn’t wait.

Doug Sanders

Losing my job. Going to jail. Becoming a registered sex offender. This is what my future held. I didn’t care. It was the most powerful feeling I’d ever had. Nothing short of Brittany rejecting me was going to stop me.

Total strangers were noticing. I was chatting with an opposing coach before a late season rematch and he brings it up out of the blue.

“You have a thing for number 23, don’t you?” 23 was Brittany’s number.

“Oh please. She is just kicking your forward’s ass. She dropped 28 on you last game, no?”

“Ha! Yeah, she takes a lot of jumpers around the key and makes more than she misses. That’s my whole point.”

“You’re crazy. What do you mean?”

“Here’s what I see. Every time a girl takes a shot, you follow the ball to see if it goes in, or who gets the bound. When your 23 takes a shot, you watch her ass all the way up and all the way down.”

Crap. He was totally right. How can anyone tell that? I thought I was playing it so cool. Crap. Crap. Crap.

That night was raining pretty hard, and I let the crew go right after the game. They needed to get home safe. Some streets were flooding and some parts of town had lost power. It didn’t matter where I slept. But I had to put away the score board equipment, make sure all the exterior doors were locked, etc. When I was done, I went into the girls’ locker room to get my gear out of my office. The locker room was empty. But there was a noise. I could hear the showers running in the back of the locker room. Stupid girls I thought. The environmental generation, I thought. I walked quickly back to the showers. I wanted to close up and go home while I could.

I turned the corner and stopped cold. Every shower was on, every window was open. The cold humid air from the rainstorm hit the hot water making a thick cloud of steam you couldn’t see through. But just barely, through the swirling steam, I could see a person. A girl. A shapely girl. Her back was to me. Long dark hair to her waist. A wisp of steam blew aside and I could see her bum. Her hand was between her legs, playing with her pussy. Then the steam took her away again.

I was frozen. A million thoughts raced through my mind, but I can’t remember a single one. I thought I was frozen solid, but I must have made some noise. The figure turned its head towards me. It was Brittany. Not startled. Unafraid. She smiled that smile that had enslaved me. She turned her body towards me and took a step closer. Just enough to thin the steam around her. She looked like an angel in the mist. I will always remember how the wisps of steam swirled between her breasts. She was still playing with herself with her right hand. She reached out of the cloud towards me with her left hand.

“I need your help.”

Then she stepped back into the cloud and disappeared.


You know, it turned out much more dramatic than I planned. I made sure everyone else had gone, and rushed to open the windows and turn the showers on boiling hot to create a cloud of steam. After that, I didn’t even know if Mr. Sanders was going to notice or come back to the showers. I was going to feel pretty stupid (and wrinkly) if I stood in hot steam showers for an hour waiting. I had spent the day, and the game, working myself into a wet, horny frenzy, so by the time I got in the shower I had to play with my clit to get some relief. But I was super horny. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted everything.

Luckily Mr. Sanders had to get into his office off the girls’ locker room, I guess, and he came back to the showers. His sneakers squeaked on the wet floor, so I knew someone was behind me, and he was the only one left in the building (Had it been a janitor I would have fainted). I looked over my shoulder at the sound and almost burst out laughing. Mr. Sanders’ face was this combination of shock, desire and terror. I think he truly didn’t know what to do. I decided to give him a push, so I stepped closer to him, let him see I was playing with myself, and let him decide.

I reached my hand out in his direction and said something like “I need you,” or “I need your help,” I can’t remember exactly. Then I stepped back into the cloud. Now I was really stuck. Mr. Sanders could run away in terror, yell at me to get dressed, or come fuck me. I didn’t know which it was going to be. I was standing in the steam for I don’t know how long, feeling more and more stupid.

Doug Sanders

I now know what people mean when they say your life flashes before your eyes. A million reasons why I should yell to Brittany that I’m leaving. Years of playing by the rules, clawing my way to the bottom as a gym teacher. Never making any waves, passing through life unnoticed, which was my goal. Then the future flashed through my head. Losing my job. Facing the parents of the little girl I fucked. My mug shot in the newspaper. Sobbing, apologizing, begging the court for mercy. I couldn’t get that song by The Police from repeating in my head. No doubt I knew what I should do. I should run. I should go. I know that. But I wanted Brittany in that moment more than anything in the world. Nothing else mattered.

I started ripping off my clothes. My rigid cock bounced out of my pants. I can’t go on the way I have been, like a lovesick puppy. I didn’t care what anyone thought. It was going to happen.

I stepped straight into the warm steam. Brittany was waiting for me. She smiled.


The steam parted in front of me, and Mr. Sanders appeared—totally naked, except for his oversized watch. He was sporting the first hard cock I’d ever seen in person. Thankfully he didn’t have one of those porn star cocks. I wouldn’t have known what to do with one of those monster dicks (although I know now)! The sight of his hard tool made me forget everything I imagined I would do in this moment. I could only stare at his cock and smile.

Mr. Sanders knew what to do. He grabbed me roughly around the waist and kissed me hard, while backing me up against the wall. The cold concrete had grown warm from the steam. He pinned me to the wall with his body. I couldn’t have escaped if I wanted to. And I didn’t want to. Mr. Sanders held my arms over my head and thrust his tongue deeper into my mouth. He was much taller than I was, so I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach and his pendulant balls getting wet against my pussy lips.

I still remember that kiss. Not my first kiss, but the one that makes me wet every time I think about it. The warm water running down our bodies, the steam beading like sweat on our faces. His body pressed against me. Feeling his cock throb against my stomach. Feeling my hard nipples disappear into his chest hair. My arms pinned to the wall. The feeling of him just taking control of me.

He released his kiss from my lips and ventured down to my neck, kissing and biting and licking. I think I moaned. He released my arms which I flung around his neck. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me effortlessly and took my nipple into his mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Now the shaft of his cock was sliding between my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I grabbed his hair and held my breast in his mouth. I never thought my body could feel so good, feel so alive! His dick rubbing my clit was more than I could take.

“Oh God yes! Oh God yes! What are you….aaaaaaaAAAAAAHHH!” My body exploded with the most amazing orgasm. I thought I knew how to touch myself, how to make myself cum, but his hard shaft stroking my clit took me to the next level. It was fantastic! Taking one hand from around his neck, I reached between my legs and wrapped my fingers around my first cock. Mr. Sanders had a nice cock. Pretty thick, five, maybe six inches. I don’t know. It was just the first, and therefore the biggest dick I’d ever held, and it felt amazing. Rock hard, but still flexible. Throbbing in my hand. I began stroking the length of his cock slowly. Now it was his turn to moan.

“Oh oh geeez Britt. Oh God that feels so good. Oh God…” Mr. Sanders panted, his eyes closed to concentrate on the feeling of teenage fingers playing with his manhood.

“Do you like that, Mr. Sanders? Does it feel good? Tell me how to make you feel good. Teach me how to touch you. I want to learn.” I could feel my juices wetting his shaft, making my hand slide easily along his throbbing dick.

“Perfect. You are doing it just perfect. I love how you touch me, Brittany.”

As much as I loved watching porn, as much as I lusted after Mr. Sanders, I still wasn’t sure that I would actually take his dick in my mouth and suck it when the time came. I didn’t want to look stupid and gag on his cock or choke on his sperm. But now I knew. I wanted his cock inside me, anywhere, everywhere, starting with my mouth.

I lowered my legs from around his hips, sad to stop his beautiful cock from caressing my pussy lips. I was going to get on my knees to put his cock down my throat, but Mr. Sanders had other ideas. He had his hands under my ass and lifted me off the ground and carried me over by one of the window sills. He boosted me up so I was sitting on the wide windowsill. He put one of my legs over each shoulder and came face to face with my twat, still dripping profusely. I thought he was going to eat me right then and there, but again he had other ideas. He turned his head and began licking, and biting and sucking the inside of my left thigh, starting at the knee and slowly—slowly—working his way up my thigh towards my cunt. My juices were practically pouring out of my pussy, I was so wet. I could feel my warm juices start to soak my ass.

After an agonizingly long time, Mr. Sanders’ mouth was within inches of my aching pussy. I needed my pussy in his mouth so badly I was going to explode. Finally his head is squarely between my legs. I can feel his hot breath on my shaved pussy. His nose brushes against my lips. I can’t do this anymore. I need to cum in his mouth. I grab his hair and try to push his head into my crotch, but he is too strong. He kisses my pussy lips gently but tortuously and begins licking and nibbling along my right thigh. My pussy is on fire. I need his mouth so badly.

“Don’t do that! You are killing me!” I said, almost begging for him to eat me.

“Do what?” he says innocently, without interrupting his worship of my right thigh.

“Frustrate me. Tease me. Make me wait. You see how wet I am. EAT ME NOW!”

“Nope. Not until I’m ready.”

“When will that be?” I said, almost pleading.

“When you beg me for it,” he said, catching my eye for an instant and smiling.

“You want me to beg? You’re going to make me beg you to lick my pussy?”

“I can’t make you. Only if you want it. Then you’ll beg.” His attention has returned to my pussy, his lips just brushing against my wet pussy lips.

“You should beg me old man! You should beg me for giving you the freshest pussy you’ve had in your elderly fucking life!”

“I definitely should. But you are the one who wants something now. So let me hear you beg me for it.” Much to my surprise, his making me beg was making me hotter still. I was about to go crazy with desire.


Without another sound, he plunged his tongue between my pussy lips, with the tip of his tongue landing on my engorged clit. He swirled his tongue around my clit twice making me cum instantly. It felt like the top of my head blew off. I don’t even know how to write the sound that came out of my mouth. A cross between a howl and a primal scream. No one has ever made me cum so fast again. Maybe not even that hard.

Mr. Sanders kept torturing my clit with his tongue, swirling around the base, flicking his tongue along the bottom of the little knob of flesh, sucking it into his mouth, holding it gently with his teeth while his warm wet tongue had its way with my pretty little clitty. I was like a wild animal, holding his hair in both my hands, pulling his head into my crotch, my hips trying to thrust my pussy into his mouth.

“Uhh! Uhhh! Yeah! Do! It! Do! It! DO! IT!!” I was completely out of control. I had no idea my body could feel like that. I didn’t know how he was doing it, I just know I didn’t want him to stop. I almost told him right there that I would be his sex slave forever.

Doug Sanders

I’ll admit it. I love eating pussy. I am told I am quite good at it, way above average a few have said. But I was not prepared for Brittany’s reaction to having my tongue in her front hole. I was mean, I made her beg, licking and eating her thighs and just touching her pussy with my lips. But she begged. And I think she liked it.

But by that time she was so aroused, so hot, that my tongue was making her cum—hard—very hard—every 30 seconds or so. She was riding my face hard, using her hips to fuck my face with her pussy. And wet! Maybe it was the steam, but Brittany’s pussy was dripping wet, so wet my face was quickly coated with her juices. And she tasted delicious. It was so hot, I almost came while eating her. The angle was perfect. I wonder if the guy who designed these locker rooms back in the 50s had pussy licking in mind when he put the wide window sills at shoulder height. I could stand there and lick her pussy for hours like that.

But I was getting ready to bust too. Her enthusiasm for having her pussy eaten had gotten me super hot and I wanted to bang her pussy before I shot my load. I wasn’t so far gone that I didn’t realize that dropping my load in her pussy was a certain route to fatherhood. But I didn’t see her next move coming.


“Come here. I want to fuck you.” Mr. Sanders removed his drenched face from my pussy and started to slide my bum off of the window sill.

“Wait a minute. I need you to do something else for me.” I pulled myself up onto the window sill, turned around and got on all fours. I did the splits to lower my ass down to his face level. Spreading my legs like that also spread my ass completely. I could feel the steam on my asshole. I felt him grab my hips.

“Lick my asshole please. I want to feel your tongue on my asshole.”

My request was met with silence. Maybe he was startled or confused. Or maybe he was grossed out and trying to figure out what to tell me. I wanted him to be able to do whatever he wanted with me, put his cock wherever he wanted. I even borrowed my mom’s vibrator and slid it up my ass to see if I could take it. It hurt some at first, but it felt good after my bum relaxed. Mr. Sanders’ cock was a lot thicker than the vibrator, but I wanted him to fuck me wherever he wanted so I would take it.

But he is face to face with my ass and not doing anything.

“Brittany. Are you sure? You’re not just saying that?” His hands were still on my hips. I could feel the warm steam and his hot breath on my anus. I wanted his tongue there. But I was embarrassed that he didn’t seem to want to.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to. But I really want you to eat my ass (I’d picked up a lot of the lingo from my porn watching).

With that, I felt his warm tongue rimming my asshole. It felt wonderful.

“Mmmmm….yes. Please. Keep doing that…” I reached between my legs to play with my clit. My body was just vibrating…

Doug Sanders

That one just blew me away. She wanted me to rim her ass. Of course I wanted to, I love ass. And Brittany had a nice firm rocking perfect ass. Of course she did, she was a hot as shit teenager. How does she know about rimming? I was 35 when I first heard about it. Thought it was gross until I tried it. Most women my age don’t want it won’t do it.

But here is this gorgeous, mysterious young girl putting her ass in my face and telling me to eat it. I am sure this is another few years in jail and another beating from her dad. But Brittany has this beautiful, pale puckered asshole. An asshole that just begs to be licked.

I stick out my tongue and lick that fantastic anus. It tastes delicious. And the muscles of her sphincter tighten just a bit when I pass my tongue over her anal opening. I grab her hips and pull her closer. I am eating her ass more aggressively. I lick and bite her ass cheeks. I see Brittany is playing with her pussy while I suck on her pert little bum hole.

“Ohhhhh…” Brittany moaned as she used her hips to push her asshole onto my tongue. “Ohhhh…ohhhh…You’re gonna make me cum…Mr. Sanders!” Brittany screamed “Oh my God!” as she came so hard she almost fell off the windowsill.

“Mr. Sanders, My God, that was…I don’t even know! That was…” and Brittany just collapsed in a round of giggles. I chuckled myself as I kissed her sweet ass.

“Okay Britt, I just had my tongue on your ass, I think that allows you to call me Doug.”

Brittany was still on hands and knees on the windowsill, her ass still by my face. I was going to jail, so I might as well go for broke. I wet my index finger in my mouth and slowly pushed it against her puckered pink bum hole. Her sphincter tightened at first, resisting my finger, but it slowly relaxed and my finger slid inside her.

“Mmmmm…yeah…” Brittany murmured as my finger violated her bum. I took another finger and entered her pussy and slowly slid in and out of her ass and pussy. Brittany groaned.

“Keep doing that,” she sucked in her breath. “Just like that…make me cum again Doug.”

Her hips moved and fucked my fingers with her pussy and asshole. So fucking hot, I can still see my finger disappearing up her tiny teenage ass. Even if I avoid jail I am going to Hell, but I didn’t care in that moment. This was hot.

I slid my finger out of her asshole and slipped my tongue into her ass before her tiny hole slammed shut. I couldn’t go too deep, but Brittany could feel the tip of my warm tongue in her anus.

“Oh my God…oh my god…” Brittany sighed as I tonguefucked her perfect ass. She took one hand to play with her clit while my finger massaged the spot inside her cunt. All of that stimulation sent her over the edge.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned quietly. “Ohhhh…I love that. Ohhhhh…” When she came to her senses, she slid off of my finger and tongue. “I want your cock now. Now. Inside me.” Her commanding style was actually kind of hot. I still had a little sense.

“Britt, we don’t have any protection. I can’t cum inside you. You know that.”

Brittany grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly as she spoke. “So cum in my ass.” I almost fainted.

“No, Britt, that’s too far right now. I’m not going there. It’s not something to do spontaneously.” I couldn’t believe I was turning down what would have undoubtedly been the most epic ass fuck of my life. But really. She’s still a novice no matter how much porn she’s watched.

“Okay, next time,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around my hips. “Just pull out before you cum.” Women always think that is easier than it really is.

Did she just say “next time?”


Geez, this guy licks my pussy, eats my ass, and can you believe he refuses to fuck my ass and balks at fucking my pussy? Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands. I jumped up on his hips, so his cock was right under my pussy. I didn’t do all this not to get fucked. I just told him to pull out. Duh. Like, who’s a beginner and who’s the old guy?

I grab his cock and guide it into my pussy as I lower myself down onto him. Wow. I thought his cock was kind of thick in my hand, but it feels enormous as it stretches my pussy as I slide down onto him. I must have looked surprised, maybe a little panicked, as it seemed for a second like he was too big for my tight young pussy. But God made men and women to fuck. Doug steps forward, puts my back against the wall and pushes. We both grunt, moan or cry out, or all three as his cock stretches me and slides inside. I felt a bit like I was going to split in half, but I loved it. I’d wanted this for months. Mr. Sanders, I mean Doug, senses that these are all new sensations for me. He starts sliding his cock in my pussy, maybe only an inch or so at a time.

“Nice and slow, baby. We got time. Let me fuck your tight little pussy.” His strokes continued slowly, maybe sliding a little more cock each time. I still get super wet when I think about how that first cock felt.

“Uh-huh,” was about all I could come up with in response, maybe not even that much. Doug’s fucking had my body humming like a guitar string, I don’t know how else to describe it. Then I felt his cock withdraw completely from my pussy, before he thrust it back inside me again, slowly but forcefully. I’m sure my eyes widened again, or I made a shocked sound. I don’t know. I was only paying attention to his cock.

“Feel me,” Doug said as he did it again, sliding his full length out of my pussy and pushing it back forcefully. “Take it a bit harder Britt.” With that he slammed his cock back inside me really hard, ramming my pelvis into the concrete wall behind my ass.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. That last thrust tingled every nerve ending in my body as his shaft slid along the slick walls of my pussy. I imagined it giving off sparks. I knew my pussy juices were dripping to the floor.

“Yeah. Again,” I whispered. Doug needed no encouragement. His thrusts slammed me into the wall each time, each time bringing me closer to the orgasm of my life.

“Harder. Make me cum. Make me cum hard.” I looked Doug in the eyes, daring him to fuck me hard. Beads of sweat appeared on his brow and lip. I felt his sweat dripping onto my chest and breasts.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” He grunted with each thrust. My ass made a slapping sound each time it hit the wall.

“Do you know,” Doug panted, “Do you know how crazy you have been making me? Odd time to start a conversation.

“I do. Everyone in school knew you wanted to fuck me. What they didn’t know is how badly I wanted to fuck you. So fuck me!” He calmed down and started letting me ride his cock, sliding along his shaft, putting it where it felt so good.

“Oh….oh…geez…yes…I…love…this” I was transformed. My body felt alive, tingly, fulfilled. Odd feelings while fucking but that is what I felt.

“Make me cum…make me cum…make me cum…” Doug’s cock was amazing. Hit all the right spots. Perfectly. I was going to cum.

“Ohhhhh….fuck….ohhhh…yeah….fuck m….” my body erupted in a magnificent orgasm. I saw stars. My toes curled. My back arched. My nipples have never been so hard. I wanted to do it again.

Doug slides his cock out of my pussy and lowers my feet to the ground. Don’t stop…

“Turn around. Bend over. Hands against the wall.” Doug grabs a big handful of my hair, puts the head of his cock against my pussy and slowly pushes hard inside me. Oh. My. God. He pulls my hair. Hard. It hurts. I want him to pull it harder. In this position, his cock hits all new spots, or hits old ones with a different part of his dick. I cum immediately.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Mmmmm! Jesus!” I felt a wave of intense tingling, the only way to describe it, emanating from my pussy. I could barely stay standing. It was beyond de***********ion. Suddenly Doug pulls out of my pussy.

“Britt I am going to cum!” I want it. I want his jizz on me in me somewhere. I drop to my knees and grab Doug’s cock. It is wet and slick from my pussy and it slides easily in my hand. He is practically delirious.

“Oh God Britt. I’m going to cum…I’m going to cum…” I had all sorts of plans of what I would do at this moment; let him cum in my mouth, let him cum on my tits or cum on my ass. But it all happened too fast. His cock pulsed in my hand and a huge stream of cum hits my face and runs down onto my tits. Another. And another. I open my mouth and catch one of the streams in my mouth. It’s warm and it’s sticky and tastes like the ocean. I love it. I close my eyes to keep from getting hit. Doug’s cum is painting my face. My cheek, my forehead, my mouth, my hair. I have cum everywhere on my face. I swore I’d never let a man jizz on my face. I was wrong. I fucking love it. His warm cum is running down my face. Some into my mouth, some dripping onto my tits, some falling to the floor. My first facial and it is superb.

Doug regains his composure a little and helps me to my feet. I feel kind of stupid with jizz all over my face. Doug smiles.

“You look gorgeous. Hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He leans over and kisses me, licking his cum from my lips. He playfully licks some cum from the tip of my nose and puts it in my mouth. He feeds me some cum from my forehead. I feel like a baby robin begging for some more cum from his tongue. Then he kisses me hard, his tongue in my mouth, his powerful hands gripping my petite ass. I have never forgot that moment. Doug steps towards the raging showers, still billowing steam. He takes my hand.

“Let’s get cleaned up.”


After Mr. Sanders fucked me in the shower that night, we had to play it cool. Now we didn’t make eye contact at practice, I stopped playing games with my towel whenever he came through the girls’ locker room. Looking back on it, our behavior had changed so much people must have known that we fucked.

I kinda thought that night in the shower would be a one-time thing, scratch an itch, as it were. We snuck away to the equipment room one night after practice and talked about how wrong that was and we could never do it again. We were fooling ourselves. I could see the outline of his stiff throbbing cock through his shorts, and my dripping pussy made a noticeable wet spot on my spandex shorts. He noticed. We both wanted it, we both knew it, but we were proud to have resisted. At least I was.

Summer basketball rolled around, meaning travel tournaments around the area. My parents were busy with their work, and thought it was so nice that Mr. Sanders volunteered to drive me to the away tournaments. We pretended we were cool. We weren’t.

To travel to the first game, I had my uniform and equipment in my gym bag. I wore a short sundress with an open plunging back, almost to my ass. Nothing underneath. Strappy slave sandals with just enough heel to make my ass stick out. Yeah, I was testing him.

The drive started out okay. We talked about the day’s opponent, teammates and the like. I caught him stealing glances, so I hiked my dress when he wasn’t looking, all but exposing my ass. Mr. Sanders was adjusting his cock as we drove. It was so hard it must have hurt. I put my seat back and put my feet up on the dashboard—feet together, arms wrapped around my knees. The dress slid up my thighs. If my legs weren’t together my pussy would have been exposed. The tight top of the dress displayed my hard nipples, erect from the blowing air conditioning.

Mr. Sanders was notably distracted by now. “Britt, you better cover up before we break our promise to each other.”

“Oh come on Doug, when you volunteered to take me to these games, tell me you weren’t thinking about fucking me.”

“Maybe I was at the time, but it wouldn’t be right.”

“Yeah, well we left what is right in the dust long ago. And loved it. Didn’t you?”

“Of course I did.” Mr. Sanders was visibly sweating now, and no amount of adjusting his pants could hide his stiff cock. “But we should cool it. We could both get in trouble.”

“You can cool it if you want. I don’t want to.” With that I spread my knees a bit and slid my hand between my legs. I was already really wet and my finger slid easily between my labia, stopping to massage my throbbing clit. “Mmmmmuh,” I murmured as I could feel the orgasm start to build.

Mr. Sanders almost drove off the road he was so focused on me. “Britt, we can’t, we shouldn’t…”

“Ahhhhh! Fuuucckk!” I yelled as the orgasm took over my body. I have to admit, it was really hot playing with myself while being watched. Mr. Sanders started to say something, but I cut him off.

“Will you just shut up and pull out your cock before you hurt yourself? You know you want to.” He looked a little surprised, but instantly obeyed, working his spandex pants off pulling the left side, then the right side until his beautiful cock was bobbing in his lap. I never got a look at his dick in the light, but now I saw it was a nice one, not huge, maybe six inches, but pretty thick. No wonder it stretched my virgin pussy so wide. Mr. Sanders kept both hands on the wheel, staring straight ahead at the road. His cock danced with his pulse, and it was dancing fast. I unfastened my seat belt and crawled over the console.


“Stop talking,” I said as I took the knob of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I loved the taste of his precum, it got me even hotter remembering that night in the shower. Mr. Sanders groaned loudly as I pushed his dick as far down my throat as I could, which wasn't very far. I gagged a little and slid him out of my mouth. I used my tongue to lick his shaft from balls to tip. His dick danced a little each time my tongue flicked the head. He was breathing heavily.

“God Britt, that feels so fucking amazing! Where’d you learn to go down like that?”

“Porn. Lots of porn,” I laughed. I reached between his legs and lifted his balls from between his legs. If his dick was a little above average, he had the most beautiful balls I have ever seen. Large balls, sack that swung nicely when he fucked you, filled your mouth when you sucked one into your mouth. I licked and bit his sack while slowly stroking his cock. When I took one of his balls into my mouth, I could feel more precum run down my hand. His cock was oozing that sweet juice.

I felt him reach down my back and tug my dress up, exposing my ass and pussy. He wet his finger and put it on my asshole like he was going to finger fuck my ass. Maybe I flinched from surprise, as he pulled his finger away. I took his ball out of my mouth long enough to say

“It’s okay Doug, play with anything you want. You know I’ll do anything.” He’d moved on to fingering my pussy, and now it was my turn to moan. “Ummm…oh my God yes” I sputtered, mouth half full of ball. I dropped his ball and massaged his shaft more vigorously as he worked my g-spot with two fingers.

“Yeah—yeah—right there—keep…oooohhhh!” as another sweet orgasm rolled through my body, emanating from my clit to my head and down to my toes. I could feel my toes curl involuntarily. He was amazing. As I came down from my fuck high, I licked the streaks of precum from my hand and his shaft. Not as thick but saltier, I thought to myself for no particular reason.

“We gotta do something about this,” Mr. Sanders muttered as I licked his throbbing cock like an ice cream cone. Suddenly he takes his hand from my pussy, grabs a big handful of my hair and pushes my head onto his cock. I was almost gagging, but I liked being told what to do.

“Britt, you have to learn how to swallow all of my cock.” Pulling my hair harder, he pushed his dick farther down my throat. This time I gagged loudly and drooled some spit as he roughly pulled my head off of his cock.

“You’ll learn,” he said matter of factly as I composed myself. Mr. Sanders turned the car down a wide dirt road with a derelict sign marking an abandoned campsite. “This should do!” He smiled down at me as he tugged more on my skimpy dress, eventually pulling it off over my head. He threw my dress in the back seat and smiled at me as I sat up to see where we were.

“You know, you went from “Mr. We Can’t Do This” to “Mr. You Are My Fucktoy” in no time at all. Now you are driving down a dirt road with a naked underage girl in your car.”

“I know. Ain’t it the greatest? You spent the last ninety minutes teasing and taunting me, and now I am going to give you what you want. And what I want.”

“Really?” I said teasingly. “You know, I haven’t told you but I went to the women’s clinic last month and they started me on the pill.”

“Seriously? Wow, this day just keeps getting better.” Mr. Sanders turned right down a narrower dirt road with a clearing in its dead end. The car lurched to a stop.

“Get out” he commanded, as he slid his shorts off the rest of the way. I was naked except for my “fuck me” sandals, Mr. Sanders had on a polo shirt, sneakers and a raging hardon. We met at the front of the car. I got on my tip toes ready to kiss him. Mr. Sanders had other plans as he grabbed my hair with one hand, pinned my arm behind me with the other and roughly bent me over the hood of the car. The metal hood almost burned my nipples, hot from the motor and the scorching summer sun.

“Grab the hood,” he barked, releasing my arm, holding tight to my hair. I grabbed the edge of the hood. He lifted my legs off the ground as he spread them and stepped between them.

I was spread eagled on the hood of a Toyota in the middle of nowhere, not knowing whether I was going to be fucked in the pussy or ass, but not really caring. I thought that this is the part where the young girl gets murdered, but I trusted Mr. Sanders. I hope I’m right. He held my ankles, my knees bent while I clung to the hood of the car. I was helpless. I loved it.

I heard his shoes scape on the dirt as he positioned himself between my legs. I felt the tip of his cock push through my pussy lips. He didn’t say a word. Suddenly with one huge thrust, he is balls deep in my pussy. The head of his dick is pushing against my cervix.

“Whoa! Geez Doug go easy.” He pulls his cock almost all the way out of my pussy and slams it back inside me again.

“You’ve been teasing me all day, wearing a skimpy dress and no underwear, playing with your pussy. You knew when you got in the car this morning that you wanted me to fuck you.” Another hard thrust into my pussy. I can imagine my pussy juices dripping onto the car hood and running off onto the ground.

“Then give it to me Doug! Fuck me as hard as you can. Shoot your load inside me. I want to feel your cock.” He starts sliding inside me just as hard, but not as far. He’s trying not to hurt me. My feet are off the ground, my head on the hood of the car. He can do whatever he wants with me.

“Doug, make me cum. Make me cum hard, please!” Truthfully I had been aching for him for awhile, but we had to play it cool in school. It was weird, I wasn’t in love, I didn’t want to have his babies, but I wanted to fuck him so badly. Mr. Sanders falls into this nice rhythm, pulling out then filling my pussy. Sometimes his cock comes all the way out and he plays with my clit with the tip of his dick before he slides it back inside. Driving me nuts.

“God, yes! Yeah…umm. You’re gonna make me…” I didn’t get to finish. One last hard thrust and I was over the edge, falling through space, my body tingling, my toes curling my entire body pulsating.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!! Doug!! Yes!!” I started pulling myself on the hood, sliding myself on and off his cock. I wanted it all. I wanted to pull his cock inside my pussy and never let it go. Mr. Sanders starts fucking me faster, all hips, pushing and pulling. It feels amazing.

“Yeeeaaahh! Yeeeaahh! Oh fuck! Britt! Fuck!” One final push and I feel his cock erupt inside me. I love cock and I love to fuck, but that first rush of cum in my pussy, his cock pulsing against the walls of my pussy, the streams of warm thick cum shooting inside me, filling me. I don’t know that I’ve ever had another feeling like that. I didn’t want it to end. Doug stayed hard for a couple minutes after he came, and he managed to make me cum softly a couple times before he withdrew his cock and put my feet on the ground. My legs were trembling, barely holding me up. Doug’s cum was spilling from my pussy and running down my thigh. He turned and sat on the hood of the car, his spent cock still glistening with my juices. I sat next to him, and for a moment we just watched the cum drip out of my pussy and run down the hood of the car. With my finger I scraped some cum off of my thigh and put it in my mouth.

“I can tell this is going to be a problem,” I said, semi seriously.

“What?” Mr. Sanders said, suddenly serious and concerned.

“How to decide where I want you to cum. You fucked my pussy so hard I can barely stand, but I don’t get to feel you fill my mouth. I love the taste of your cum. And I love how it feels when you fill my pussy. I’m new at this, so tell me, do you cum a lot?”

He grinned sheepishly. “I have been told I pack a pretty big load. Hope that’s okay.”

“Oh hell yeah. It’s fine.” I reached over and took his limp, but still gorgeous cock in my hand and began to stroke it softly.

“You got it all babe. I’m dry.”

“I know.” Impulsively I hopped off the car hood and stood in front of Mr. Sanders, still holding his dick. I bent over and began gently cleaning his dick with my tongue. I started at the knob, still oozing bits of cum, licked his shaft clean and sucked his balls until I couldn’t taste him anymore. I stood up, licking my lips.

“I love dessert,” I said with a smile. I was still stroking his dick, which had become semi hard again with all of the attention. “There might be another load in there after all.”

“I wish,” Mr. Sanders said. “I am spent baby. Maybe we better clean up and get going.”

A great idea flashed into my head. “Not so fast, bucko!” I pushed him back onto the hood, lying face up. I crawled up the hood on my hands and knees. The hood was a mess between my juices and his load. “You have some clean up to do too!” With that I swung a leg over his head, straddling his face.

“You’re not going to make me eat…” he didn’t get to finish his protest as I sat down hard on his face, covering his mouth with my pussy. I didn’t respond, I just started grinding on his face, wiping cum and pussy juice all over his face. He grabbed my ass to hold me still, then started licking me from the base of my hole to the top of my slit. He stuck his tongue deep inside me, making me cum instantly. I had no idea his tongue was so long.

“Oh shit Doug! What was that?” I asked into the air, grinding harder into his face. I wasn’t sure he could breathe, but I was sure I didn’t care. He licked my clit clean with long slow strokes that made me grab his hair and hold his face in my cunt. He licked my labia clean, and even licked some of his cum from my inner thighs. I was done counting how many times he made me cum.

But now my legs were complete rubber, I couldn’t support myself at all. I flopped onto the hood, totally fucked stupid. I couldn’t move. Mr. Sanders saw me staring into space and went into the car. Soon he returned with a towel from his bag and started wiping me clean. He wiped my thighs, where his cum had started to dry. I thought it might be cool to play a basketball game with some dude’s load on my thigh, but… He cleaned my pussy gently, cleaning up anything his tongue missed. Then he cleaned his cock and balls of the residue of our fucking.

I peeled myself off of the car hood. Mr. Sanders was going to have a hard time explaining that hood to the car wash, but whatever. I was bent over the back seat, retrieving my dress from where it had been discarded. As I was putting it on, Doug laughed.

“You are going to have a hard time explaining this one.”

“What, that I am playing basketball bowlegged?”

“No, you will have to explain to the girls in the locker room how your ass got so sunburned.”


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An amazing piece of story-telling. Well thought out and beautifully written. Bravo!!!

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