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(continued from Part II)

KiKi was getting more and more turned on. She urged me to keep thrusting, and I tried to keep going, despite being exhausted from my recent orgasm. I had lost a little, but still was obviously still hitting the spot effectively.
K began screaming at me: “Give it to me! Give me More, More”, and I sped up my movements, feeling the slickness of her wonderful pussy and some of the cum that was all around my cock. I hoped that I’d not collapse before she could orgasm, and struggled for a few more minutes, enjoying every minute of it.

Finally, she screamed: “You really are a wonderful fucker”, as she exploded and collapsed underneath me. My cock slid out of her rather rapidly, and I moved next to her.

After lying together and resting for awhile, K suggested that we go to her place. We sloppily put our clothes back on and got into our vehicles. I followed her. We drove for perhaps 45 minutes, until we pulled up in front of her small house. I had some time to think a little of how wonderful she was.

KiKi’s graying hair attracted me. Her smile drew me in. Her body was toned and smooth. I loved her shapely breasts and her curvy ass. Most importantly to me, she wanted me, and I certainly wanted her. She also, of course, was a wonderful, wonderful lover.

We hugged hungrily after exiting from our vehicles. She took my hand and lead me to the front door. Once inside, she drew me to her again. Her tongue told me immediately that she wanted my body. KiKi released me and said: “Let’s take a relaxing shower and clean each other up”. There was soon a trail of our clothes leading to her bathroom.

The water streamed over both of us after we entered the shower. I felt her warmth deeply as she moved against me. Her ass pressed against me, rapidly hardening my cock. I sighed deeply. Her back nuzzled my chest, and her head and hair rubbed against my face. We both took in the growing heat of both the water and our entwined bodies. It may have been only a few minutes, but it felt like we’d been locked together for hours.

I tried to move away from her, reaching for her body wash, but she was quicker than me. She grabbed the bottle and poured a lot of liquid soap onto both of her hands, lathering me lovingly from head to toe. Her hands soothed my chest, legs, and more. My balls and cock got a lot of soft, incredible attention, and my breathing intensified significantly.

When I was about to warn her that I was about to lose it, she lightened up and kissed me gently. KiKi moved around me, and began lavishing attention on my back side. She kissed the nape of my neck and I shivered. She massaged my shoulders and neck and slowly worked her way down my back. K initially skipped my butt and began working her way up my legs.

As KiKi got closer to my butt, she began softly attacking my inner thighs. My breathing heightened again. As I felt an orgasm getting closer, she moved around me, grabbing my growing cock and thrusting it into her mouth. As I moaned and got close to the point of no return, she lovingly massaged me. Her tongue did wonders on various very sensitive spots.

I knew that I was close, but was still surprised when I started spurting into her welcoming mouth. She took in a little cum, and then aimed my cock at her wonderful boobs and I felt a lot, as my body slowed down.

After a few minutes of rest, I wanted KiKi very, very badly. I kissed her intensely and our tongues mingled, both slowly and sensually, and then very rapidly. I reached for her breasts and tweaked her nipples. I felt them expand rapidly, and K’s breath began to get more intense. She obviously loved feeling me rubbing her cum around her luscious breasts. I felt the slickness and her smoothness and we both got increasingly excited.

I sat down on the shower floor, oblivious to the water pouring onto all of me. My hands and tongue moved on her inner legs near her wonderful pussy. K moaned and pushed herself towards me, craving my touch. As I moved into her warmth, she reacted strongly to my fingers and tongue. It wasn’t long before I sensed that we both wanted more.

I stood up and moved her against the wall of the shower, as I grasped my fully erect cock. She sighed as my cock pushed rapidly into her and then responded very vocally. We both pushed hard against each other, elevating our passion rapidly. We moaned and groaned loudly, as our pace accelerated. It felt so incredible to move strongly into and out of her wonderful pussy. KiKi wasn’t taking anything for granted, pushing strongly against me.

Her breasts rubbed my chest repeatedly, as we moved towards what we both wanted. The water from the shower warmed our already heated bodies. It didn’t seem that we could get much higher, but we both continued slamming our bodies into each other. Our hands reached out and rubbed whatever each of us could reach.

Eventually we couldn’t carry it any further. I felt my cock starting to swell. K let me know very clearly that she had come, screeching vociferously. KiKi welcomed the stream of my cum into her most accepting pussy, holding me close and kissing me passionately.

We remained bound together for a few minutes, hugging each other softly, as the water streamed over both of our bodies. KiKi lowered the shower’s pressure as we gradually moved a few inches apart. She took the body wash and lathered me up. I rubbed my slippery body against my love and added more body wash. Our bodies slipped and slided against each other, as we each felt the other’s softness.

We remained in the shower for a long time. The warmth of the water blended with the heat we felt nuzzling with each other. We were very gentle with each other. I loved exploring KiKi’s lush body. I turned her on gently, enjoying both her softness and her strength. I rubbed her legs, but avoided areas that were potentially “too” intense. Her butt was both soft and firm. I love backs, and I spent a lot of time getting to know all the varying areas of hers.

K’s shoulders and upper arms were solid, but also soft. She obviously regularly did both weight work and aerobic exercise. I always revel in a lover’s face, and KiKi’s was certainly wonderful. I explored her lips intensely. I nuzzled her forehead carefully and appreciated the other areas such as her chin. I didn’t spend too long on her ears, not wanting her to get her too turned on, but they were delightful. Her forehead and the back of her neck were also particularly enticing for me.

KiKi also complemented my exploration, soothing and stimulating me in similar ways. She spent time appreciating my chest, but avoided my nipples. Her hands stimulated my neck and shoulders. K spent a lot of time exploring my hands in great detail. It was such a turn-on, very sensual, but only barely sexual.

After a good hour in the shower, we dried each other off and went into K’s bedroom. She laid down on the bed. I wondered if she wanted me to “make a move”. I laid next to her and took one of her hands in mine. KiKi pulled me close to her, shut her eyes and we lay together, adapting our breathing to each other’s pace.

It was so comforting to not feel any pressure, and to feel fully accepted. We drifted off to sleep, closely entangled. I awoke to the pleasure of feeling my feet being expertly massaged. KiKi spent a good 10 minutes or so, gently rubbing each toe separately. She didn’t miss any spots on either foot. I hadn’t known how stimulating it could be having the soles of my feet rubbed.

I kept my eyes closed and took in all the pleasure I was being given. My ankles were given similar treatment. Gradually K worked her way up my legs. I began to get turned on as her hands deftly moved closer and closer to my genitals. My breath grew more intense, as her fingers got several inches from my cock. It was rapidly engorging, as I got increasingly excited.

I was certain that she was going to grab my cock and get me off, but I was wrong. KiKi moved softly around my cock, teasing me greatly. She would occasionally lightly touch a little of it, but then her fingers would move away. The effect on me was exactly what she was seeking. I was totally on edge, strongly wanting both to sustain my erection and to come immediately.

My erection grew longer and firmer and I knew that I wasn’t going to last a lot longer. Gradually she’d touch me a little more, making me think that she was going to grab my cock and then she would back off. I began moaning, as my orgasm was approaching. K smiled at my predicament and did more and more to move me along.

Finally she whipped out a feather and rubbed it all over my erection and I exploded. My cum spread all around me. KiKi took small globs and greedily tasted my cum. I fell back into a slower, blissful state, and K cuddled up with me.

We lay together for awhile with our bodies curled together. After some time, I began gently rubbing all over KiKi’s body. I started nuzzling her shoulders and neck from the back. Her upper back loosened up as my fingers pressed deeply against her. I spent quite a few minutes massaging her. I love backs and my love’s back was smooth, soft, and also readily showed her physical strength. I paid particular attention to her lower back before I began gently rubbing her enticing butt.

I worked my way around and asked her if she appreciated anal play. Her: “Mmmm” reply was most welcoming. I took my time, gradually worked into her opening. Initially I explored with one, and then two index fingers. She moved with my touch, telling me occasionally where to focus a little more or less. Mostly there were increasing sounds of pleasure.

I knew that I needed to do a little more. I think she was a little surprised when I added my tongue to personalize things a bit. I love asses, and it was incredible to explore with complete focus upon her pleasure. After a few minutes of this, I moved one hand around and discovered a very wet and welcoming pussy.

Stimulating K on both sides intensified things greatly and her groans grew increasingly loud. My attention to her clit – soothed very gently off and on, got her very, very excited. I felt around her sacred lips and soothed various spots inside, while still licking her warm ass.

As she squirmed and pushed against me, I had to focus solely on her front, and moved to tongue her nipples. I also stimulated both her heaving breasts, and her warm, luscious pussy.

I could feel her approaching explosion, but tried to let things take their time as her breathing, vocalizations and movements all intensified greatly. Finally, she screamed out and shook incredibly as her orgasm started suddenly and grew.

KiKi collapsed in my arms and we were very close together for a long while.

We then took a brief break, eating and drinking a little. Neither one of us wanted to break the momentum of our lovemaking for long. We nuzzled a little as we ate as well as smiling a lot, remembering our recent pleasure.

KiKi then took my hand and brought me into her bedroom. I appreciated the colorful décor and took in the warmth of her room. I told her that I needed to pee, and she directed me to her bathroom.

When I came back in, she was lying on the bed, with her legs spread wide. Her intentions had been made her very clear. I dove towards her, kissing her exposed pussy. She pulled my head towards hers. We kissed passionately and held each other close.

K then turned me over and began to turn me on. She kissed me in various sensitive spots. The tip of her tongue grazed one nipple. Her hand flicked along my upper, inner leg. A light kiss on my balls, was followed by many nuzzles and kisses in other places.

She took one ear in her mouth, and lightly massaged it, as I shivered and began to get increasingly aroused.

After a few minutes of incredible stimulation, KiKi suddenly took my whole cock into her mouth and I became aware that I wasn’t going to last much longer.

K then released my hardness, and began rubbing the top of one of my feet. She seemed to ignore my erection, touching me in various places, and then would lightly touch it again, turning me on greatly.

Then she took my cock into her mouth again, and smoothly moved her mouth and tongue up and down my most sensitive area. I felt my toes tighten and my stomach clench and felt light-headed, as I began to spurt into her welcoming mouth.

KiKi took in most of my cum, but shared a little with one hand, saying: “Please rub it into my boobs”. I felt the smoothness and slickness of her heaving breasts, and the tightness of her erect nipples. It was an incredible experience. I’d never felt so much loving attention in such a short time.

I really enjoyed the wonderful time with my new love. What would the future bring?

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