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Having sex with teen boy and pregnant woman
It was my first visit to the Philippines. I heard it was a great play to meet young sexy girls. So I arrive in Cebeu and checked into the hotel. I met many sexy girls on my way into the hotel. The hotel clerk said many girls and woman like foreign men like you with blonde hair and blue eyes. She said it is considered good luck to have a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes. I laugh with the beautiful desk clerk. I guess that explains the attention I have been getting since I landed at the airport. I checked in the clerk gave my room number and room key card. She said the bell hop will help you with your luggage to your room. I thanked the clerk shook her hand and she smiled then said call the desk if you have any question or need help.

I followed the bell hop to the elevator then up to my room. He was a young man maybe 18 or 20. He said you will love it here there are so many places to visit and the weather is always hot even when it rains.As he talked we arrived at my floor then to my room. He open the door I went inside to see my room it was very big and had a nice view of the hotel pool. The bell hop put my bags down and offered to unpack my cloths. I said sure hang most of then in the closet the computer and Ipads put them on the desk. I asked him what is the wifi password he gave me a card with all the information I needed. I asked him how much he gets paid doing his job he said $8 pesos a day plus tips. I said that not much but he said it all this job pays but it is better then no job I am lucky to have a job to support my family. I understand I said do you have a big family he said 3 sisters and my mom. My dad left us he has another family now. That's not very nice of him how old are your sisters he I'm 17 my sisters are younger you have a big family. What about your mom he said she is 30 years old and no boyfriend. As he spoke I could feel my cock start to get hard all 9 inches I did see him look at my bulge in my pants. He said would you like to meet my mom I'm she would more then willing to please you in many ways. I said you mean sex he was shy but said yes she has no job I'm the only one working. I would love to meet her then he got very excited I hope that maybe you like her enough to marry. I said slow done son its just to meet and maybe sex.

I said to him do you have a girlfriend he replied yes she is 18 years old. Do you fuck her oh sorry for being so open. He said its ok and yes I fuck her every time we are together be careful not to get her pregnant young boys like you forget about that he said we are careful. That's good you do and he said I must support my family now not my girlfriend with a baby. That good you thinking that way being responsible. Have ever had sex with another boy he said no I'm not gay I said u don't need to be gay you can like both you know. He said do you like both I said more girls,woman then boys or men. I understand he said but I only like girls sir, said if I gave you a tip of $50 pesos would be willing to suck my cock he was quiet turning red in the face. I don't think so sir I said maybe I should find another woman not your mom because there are many girls and woman interested in me I will have no problem finding sex here. I understand you don't want maybe you get in trouble no problem son here is $10 pesos thanks for all your help.

He was going towards the door and I said is the hot water good in the hotel he said yes very good. Then I started taking my pants off then my shorts and my hard cock stood straight out. He said wow have a very big cock sir many girls and woman would love that big cock. I'm sure they will I ask how big is your cock the by said not very big how about you come here and show me. He said sure since you are a nice man and you gave me a big tip more then I have ever received. So he open his pants and took out his cock you see its small. When its hard how big is it as I said that he was looking at my cock and is cock was getting hard. I said see you my like my big cock then he said I wish I had a big thick cock like you do. I said you must like it because your cock is getting hard and he said yes I do. How about you come here and suck my cock then I'll see your mom. I'll even buy them food for a month. He said ok then got down on his knees and open his mouth I could feel his hot breath on my hard cock. He then put my cock in his mouth I said suck it son he began taking my cock in his mouth deeper then out. I held his head then began fuck his young virgin mouth in and out faster faster he gags as I push my cock down his throat until I cum over and over. Then I pull my cock out so he can breath and he say your amazing that's what I want my girlfriend to do for me. Did you love my big cock son he said yes I never thought I would to suck a cock but I do with you. I said great your a good cock sucker and now I want you to masturbate now then eat your cum. He did as I asked then he said I wish my girlfriend would suck my cock like you had me suck you. I need to hurry and get back to work so I gave him a bigger tip $50 pesos and he was very happy. Do you want to meet my mom I said sure tell her to come to my room when she ready.

So he left then I took a shower while masturbating again then room service came in to bring me more towels. She knocked on the bathroom door so I said come in waiting for a towel she was young and a few months pregnant. I was stand there with my long hard cock sticking straight out I was naked. The room service girl was holding the towels and staring at my hard cock I said i'm sorry and covered up with a towel. She wow sir you have a very big cock even bigger then my husband who is only 5 inches hard sir. I said how many months are you pregnant and she replied 5 months and my husband don't like to fuck me now I'm pregnant. I said would you like me to fuck you with my big hard cock. Sir as much as I would like to feel your big cock in my tight pussy I'm married. I told her who will know I will never tell anyone and if you want I can give you a $100 pesos. I asked do you have breast milk now or does that happen after birth. She said it usually happens after birth but I'm still breast feeding my son. I see so you already have breast milk that's why you have big boobs. My boobs are normally 38C but now a little bigger because of the breast milk. Your boobs look very nice and you are very pretty too she said thank you.

Would you like to see and touch my cock you can even masturbate me. I'll give you the $100 pesos if you let me suck your breast milk and you masturbate my cock. Ok she said I dropped the towel my cock was even harder and thicker now you look bigger. You make me that big with your big boobs and yr sexy body. Really you will give me that much money yes I will so I gave her the money to show I was serious. She then took her shirt and bra off milk was dripping from her nipples. I licked my lips as I stare at her boobs and her long dark nipples. Here you can enjoy my milk my husband never wants my milk he says that it's wrong well your husband is a fool. She smiled so I walked over to her then put my hand on her boob it started to squirt milk. So I put her nipple in my mouth her warm milk filled my mouth. I suck her nipple as my other hand squeezed and pulled her other nipple. She was moaning as I sucked her milk then licking her hard nipple until there was no more milk in that boobs so she moved my head to her other nipples and the warm milk began to flow with each suck I moaned as she become more excited now. After the boob was empty of milk she then thanked me for the pleasure of sucking my milk dry.

Anytime you need me to drink your milk dry come to my room. There 3 other Filipino pregnant woman they are 35, 25, 16, years old. I will inform them how much you love breast milk and they are married except the 16 year old she has a boyfriend. So I stood back so she could masturbate my now throbbing cock. She slowly put her hands on my very hard cock stroked it up and down moaning as she enjoyed the feel. Her hands could not wrap around my thick cock and before I knew what was happening I felt her wet mouth on my cock. She said sorry I could not resist suck your big cock. I love the feeling of your wet mouth sucking cock, suck me deep and I pull her head on my cock now. I was very excited I began fucking her mouth in and out, faster and faster. I was moaning louder the more I fucked her mouth. Faster, faster in her mouth until I could feel her rubbing my balls. I was ready to cum in her mouth faster,faster,faster until I held my cock deep in her mouth and the cum rope after rope of cum in her throat until Ii was empty.

I fell onto the bed she lay beside me exhausted my cock was still hard. You are amazing lover she then said please fuck my pussy it very wet and I'm very horny for your big cock in my tight pussy. She took off her uniform that was covering her pregnant belly and her shaved pussy. I went to lay her on the bed then spread her legs wide open. I could smell her sexy pussy juice then I spread her pussy lips open then licked and sucked her clit. She began to moan then said my husband has never done this to my pussy. I have always dreamed of a man to lick my pussy. She then squeezed my head between her legs and push my head into her pussy as she screamed cumming in my mouth. She arched her back a little as she cum more in my mouth, then I licked her clean then kissed her putting my tongue in her mouth. She loved the taste of her cum and she put her her tongue in my mouth with sex starved passion. As we kissed I rubbed my long hard cock between her pussy lips touch her clit making her more excited. She broke our kiss to please fuck my tight pussy with your big hard cock. I want to feel your big cock in my pussy just be careful because I'm pregnant. ok I slowly pushed my hard cock in her pussy it was so tight squeezing my cock inch by inch. She was moaning saying yes your so big I love it my pussy is wet I'm going to cum because I'm so excited fucking your big cock, more fuck me my lover I want you. Once I was all in I pull out slowly then in getting faster her tight pussy squeezing my cock. I suck her nipples as I fuck her wet pussy faster,faster until she screams and arch her back saying fuck me faster and deeper. I fucker faster,faster then I cum in her pussy it starts to run out. She is exhausted after I fuck her so I let her rest.

She then gets up and dressed to go back to work, she scared she might get into trouble I said I will call the front desk to say you helping me clean up a water leak in the bathroom because the floor was covered in water. She thanked me kissed me after I gave her $100 pesos. She said I hope my husband doesn't find out you can fuck me anytime. I told her back later or on your day off we can fuck me. Let the other room service girls I give big tips for good service.



2020-01-18 04:52:30
Great story. Very sexy. I might think about Cebu for my next holiday


2020-01-18 04:52:05
Great story. Very sexy. I might think about Cebu for my next holiday

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