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As she fingered her dildo, my daughter asked “Can you help me daddy, if you do this with mom, can you show me how it’s supposed to work too?”
As I did every night before I went to bed, I went to check on my children, to make sure they were asleep and tucked in for the night. My twin sons were spread out on their bunk beds, arms and legs bent and angled in every which way, blankets a jumble under them, normal sleep mode for both. I peeked in on Charlotte, my first born. Charlotte was well into puberty, a maniacal nutcase one moment then the sweetest little daddy’s girl the next. My wife was tolerant of her most of the time but once in a while I heard from the girl’s frustrated mother, “You deal with her, I’m done!” I had a much less eruptive relationship with my daughter, we were bonded close ever since she could toddle from her mom to me. Charlotte was developing into a pretty teen girl and the more she changed, the more aware I became of the nasty, pimple faced, drooling little bastards hanging around her, and as time passed, I noticed she was becoming less repulsed by the opposite sex.

I opened the door wide enough to let the hall light shine on Charlotte and got the shock of my life. She was lying nude on top of the covers, a small dildo clutched in her left hand. The girl was asleep so didn’t see or hear my reaction. I stared, stunned for a few seconds then backed into the hall and closed the door, my mind was blank, I wasn’t thinking, I was only fixed on the image of my daughter lying naked on the bed with a sex toy in her hand. After a few moments of calming quiet, I cautiously opened the door again to see I if my imagination was playing tricks on me. Nope, there she was, in all her glory, holding the dildo. I started breathing again then began to really look at her. My daughter was about 5’2, but my wife and I agreed she was still growing. She weighed maybe 100 pounds and up till that moment I wasn’t too concerned how the weight was distributed. I looked her up and down, my eyes taking in the soft mounds of her breasts, the coat-button sized areola with smallish nipples. Her stomach was youthful flat to the slight mound of her pelvis, the top of her pussy slit was visible through a thin cover of curly light brown hair. Her slender thighs were angled apart so I could see her vagina from top to ass, the folds of her pussy looked soft, full. The inner lips, the labia, were peeking from the slit of her cunt. Except for a one-inch birth mark on her left hip, her body, her skin, was flawless and smooth. I moved my eyes to the dildo, it was maybe five inches long and shaped like a genuine erection, it even had a set of balls. The pale latex toy didn’t look like a vibrator, just a hand operated fake prick. I stood rooted in the doorway staring at the scene on the bed, knowing I should leave, but unable to make my feet move. I finally moved away and closed the door again and as I went to my own room only one thought occupied my mind. My daughter had grown up in the time it took me to open, then close her door.

After reassuring my wife the kids were all safe and snuggled in their beds, she dozed off, but I laid on my back, I couldn’t sleep. The room was dark but I didn’t need any light as I stared at the memory of Charlotte’s body. She sure as hell didn’t look that mature when she was flitting around the house in clothes. I didn’t know what to do with my discovery and the longer I thought, the more questions rose in my mind. Should I ignore it? Investigate further? Tell her mother? What was she doing with that dildo, had she gone all the way yet, use it to pop her cherry, or was she still modest enough to be experimenting? Was she messing around with the skinny, knuckle dragging teen boys she was hanging with? My daddy concerns were on high alert and I knew I had to do something.

About 4 that morning I slunk back to my daughter’s room and eased open the door. Charlotte was cuddled under her blanket, snuggled into her pillow. I stepped to the bed and looked down on her, and for the first time ever, saw my daughter as an alluring female, not my girl. Ashamed of the rush that tickled my nuts I stepped back from the bed where my bare foot stepped on something cool and rubbery. I looked down to see the dildo poking from under my toes. I picked it up gingerly then did something that shamed me even more. I put her play prick to my nose to see if I could catch her scent, again my balls stirred. I had to escape my thoughts so I bolted back to my bed, I wasn’t aware that I still held the plastic prick until I lay down. Unsure of what to do with it, I dropped it behind the bedside stand, on the floor against the wall. I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

The next morning, I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee when a loud explosion of voices echoed through the house, “Which one of you was in my room last night!?” Charlotte was yelling at the twins.

They denied in unison, “Not me.”

“Don’t lie you little creeps, one of you, probably both, had to be in my room, I know it!”

My wife jumped in, “Charlotte, what the hell are you yelling about?”

“They were in my room mom, they had to have sneaked in when I was sleeping.”

“Why would you think that?” asked my wife.

Charlotte’s voice dropped about 20 decibels, “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” Just as her mother came to the kitchen, I heard my daughter threaten her brothers, “One of you took something from my room, I want it back or you’ll both catch a lot of hell from me.” I immediately knew what she was missing.

Charlotte was edgy the entire morning. It was only after the twins went to visit friends that she regained some composure, was a little more at ease. Again, my wife asked her what her problem was, but our daughter assumed one of her puberty driven Stephen King personalities and snarled at her. After a short confrontation my daughter went out, my wife Pearl came to me, “She’s being impossible! What the hell is wrong with the little snipe? You have to talk to her Will, I can’t anymore.”

I started to chuckle, Pearl looked at me, “What’s so funny?”

“Do you remember what your dad says about the years you were a teenager?”

My wife wasn’t in a mood to be reflecting on her childhood, “No, what?”

“He’s told me a couple of times that from the time you started puberty until you were about seventeen, he was not a husband and father, he was a referee. Now I know what he was saying.”

Pearl growled at me, “Not funny.” I thought it was hilarious.

For three more days the level of hostility between the Charlotte and the twins was deep enough to drown any family relationship. Pearl and Charlotte weren’t doing much better, I was the only one my daughter would interact with without snapping and snarling like a wounded animal. I knew what was bothering her, but wasn’t sure how to set things right again. I thought about putting the damn fuck toy back in her room but even that might not work, she would still think her brothers had it and would continue to hate them. The whole crisis came to a head on Saturday afternoon when my wife warned me, “Get your daughter out of the house and talk her down. I’m ready to beat her into a body cast!”

“Charlotte, let’s get out of here, I’ll buy you an ice-cream.” She and I had been using ice-cream parlors as a setting for many father/daughter talks. Many times, we had enjoyed cones at Baskin-Robbins without brothers or her mother; clearing up problems or just bonding.

She had a double dip cup in front of her and took the first taste when I asked as if I didn’t know, “What’s going on sweetie, why are you so edgy these last few days?”

She blushed red, averted her eyes while trying to come up with a plausible answer, “I don’t know dad, the boys are just being brats.”

“Is your mom being a brat too?”

She looked up at me, exasperated, “Daddy, she’s always taking their side, she thinks I hate them all the time.”

“Don’t you?”

I had to smile when she said “Not all the time, no, but this week for sure.”

It was time to let her know I knew her secret, that her sex toy was missing, that she shouldn’t be blaming the boys. I pulled a small box out of my jacket pocket and put it on the table, “Here, maybe this will help you calm down.”

She lit up with a smile, she liked getting unexpected gifts, “You got me something?” The smile disappeared seconds later, just after she opened the box. She was looking at her own dildo lying on a bed of cotton. Charlotte’s face scorched red, her eyes went as wide as saucers, she froze in place, she wasn’t even breathing. Slowly she lifted her stunned eyes to mine, dropped the box then scrambled from the booth and out the door. I wasn’t surprised by her reaction, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be ‘Oh thanks, I missed this’.

She wasn’t in the car when I got in, my daughter had fled to parts unknown so I pulled onto the street and kept an eye out for her as I cruised slowly. She made it almost two city blocks before I found her; I pulled up next to her, “Charlotte, get in, you can’t run away from this.”

“I’ll never get in a car with you again, get away!” She yelled loud enough that some woman walking near scoured me with an evil eye then punched 911 into her phone. She saw a middle-aged man harassing a young girl on the street and she was going to report me. I pulled away to the next corner then got out of the car and waited for Charlotte. When she got close, I stopped her, “You have to get in the car before the cops show up.”

“Good, I hope they do!”

I didn’t get mad like her mother does, “Good? You want me to tell them why you’re mad?” I pulled the box out of my pocket again, “This might not look good for me at first, but after a few minutes of good cop/bad cop routine they would know whose this really is; get in Charlotte, I’m not going to beat you or embarrass you anymore.”

With an attitude a mile wide, my daughter pulled open her door then slammed it closed. I got into the car then drove quickly from the woman, who was coming closer with her phone stuck to her ear. As we left, I was hoping she didn’t get my license for the police.

The house wouldn’t be a good place to take her so I headed across town to a city park, we could sit by Loon Lake and talk out the mess her dildo had made. As I drove, my daughter picked up the box then cautiously peeked inside again, she blushed once more then put a finger tip on it, like she was saying hello to an old friend. She looked up at me, “Did you take this from my room?”

“It was on the floor when I came in to tuck you in.”

“Did you show it to mom?”

“No sweetheart, so far it’s just me who knows you have that.”

She took a deep breath, a sigh of relief and resignation combined, “Thanks for not telling her.” Nothing more was said for the few more minutes to the park.

We sat on a bench facing the lake watching ducks paddle past, “I guess I don’t need start a conversation about the facts of life, do I?”

“No, I think between mom and other places I know enough.”

“Other places? Like boys?”

Charlotte smiled slightly, she was becoming less agitated, “No daddy, no boys. Just my friends and movies and stuff.”

I was relieved to hear she hadn’t taken the final step but I had a hundred questions crowding on my tongue, waiting to be asked, but I had to be slow, delicate with her, “How long have you had that, where did you get it?”

“A couple of months ago me and Janel went online and bought it, she got one too.” She grinned for the first time, “I had put in my birthday so I made one up, like I was nineteen. After that I was the first to check the mail every day until it came.”

“Online? I don’t normally see ads for sex toys online, where were you looking, on porn sites?” Once again, she blossomed red, she colored from cheeks to down her neck, she didn’t need to answer the question. My daughter looked at porn. Sitting beside her, I checked the legs extended from her skirt and felt a tension tighten my balls. I recalled the image of her nude on the bed and the tension extended to my prick. I had to change the subject, “Look girl, your secret is safe, I won’t tell your mom. You can keep your toy and do whatever you do with it, my lips are sealed.”

She looked as if a huge weight was lifted from her but only mumbled quietly, “Thanks dad.” She caught my eyes with hers for a moment, “I really don’t do anything with boys but I get curious, I have questions about them and how they think about girls. If I asked you some questions, would you answer them?”

I was taken aback, “Right now?”

“No, later, right now I need to go home and be nice to mom.”

“And your brothers.”

She grinned up at me, “Not them, they’re still loathsome cretins.”

There was a cop car in front of the house, Pearl was standing on the lawn talking to an officer; the woman had seen my license. Charlotte and I went to the cop and in a few minutes explained the situation; satisfied I wasn’t some kind of sexual predator or abusing my family, he left. When the cruiser pulled away Pearl asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

Charlotte put a hand on her mother’s arm, “I was fighting with daddy on the street and some woman called it in.”

“Are you two still fighting?”

“No mom, I’m done fighting with everybody, let’s go in the house.” Pearl shot me a look of gratitude that her daughter was again part of the family.

Two weeks went by and Charlotte became even more comfortable when she and I were together. I wanted desperately to ask her what she was doing when the lights were out but propriety kept me mum. It was another Saturday when she approached me in the back yard. I shut down the mower when she came to me, “Daddy, can we talk?”

“Sure, what about?”

Her eyes flitted from the ground to the sky, “About, you know what, about my thing.”


She looked at me annoyed, “Dildo.”

Well at least she was being blunt, not evasive, “What about it?”

She surprised me by asking, “Does mom have something like that?”

“Uh, well, yes, if you need to know.”

Charlotte looked around, took a nervous breath then looked back at me, “Do you help her with it sometimes?”

I didn’t know where her curiosity was going but I wasn’t about to tell her to go away, what her mother and I did in the dark was too private, “Sometimes, it can be a fun diversion when we make love.”

She began to blush and I could see her struggling to tell me, “I kind of use mine a little but I haven’t gone all the way.”

Even though I knew what she was saying, I wanted to hear the words, “All the way?”

Charlotte flustered, sipped a breath then let it out as a rush of air, “I never put it in me, I’m scared to, it might hurt, I might bleed and it would freak me out.”

“So, what are you saying sweetheart, you want to use it properly but won’t unless someone helps you?”

My daughter nodded slightly then very quietly asked “Can you help me daddy, if you help mom, can you show me how it’s supposed to work too?”

A hundred different responses flooded my mind, my nuts tightened up, my prick flexed with an erotic shock, my mind’s eye locked on the memory of Charlotte naked and lying on her bed. I felt a shiver run up my spine as she looked at me, pensive, waiting my answer, “Are you sure that’s what you want?” She didn’t say anything but dropped her eyes to the lawn, nodded, then turned and ran back into the house.

Charlotte left the house shortly after she propositioned me and I was glad because the couple of times I saw her before she left, my prick reacted to her. Not a full blown, tent my pants erection, but a swelling that tickled with thrills; half hard. If she had been in my sight longer, the whole family would have noticed.

Another week passed; she didn’t say anything. I didn’t approach her, but I did sneak peeks in her room after she went to bed. I never saw her toy but I did manage to see her nude again. Twice I stood by the bed and admired her curves as she slept. Those two nights I seduced my wife which was my unspoken explanation for having an erection when I went to bed. The next Friday night Charlotte was out with friends, Pearl took the twins to an Avengers movie so I was alone. I gravitated to my daughter’s room and sat at the desk and her laptop. I opened the computer and booted it. In moments I was looking at ‘password’. Hmm, what might she use? I tried her name, her birthday and a couple of obvious words. It was when I typed in ‘Furball’ that her desktop opened up. Furball is her cat.

I snooped in documents and pictures a bit, but found only school work and non-nude selfies. I didn’t bother with any social media accounts but I opened her browser then went to the history file. Apparently, Charlotte didn’t know how to delete the history because two weeks’ worth of web information popped up. I settled down to see what my daughter surfed. It didn’t take me long to find her porn sites. The most popular seemed to be a site that was suited more for women than men. There were beefcake men in various poses and clothing, including nude, pictures and videos of male genitals, hard and soft, and an assortment of videos of women and teen girls playing with each other and sex toys. For over an hour I sat and browsed my daughter’s fantasies, watching the fair sex fuck and suck plastic pricks of all sizes, colors and shape. The only thing I didn’t see was actual cunt and cock action. Maybe she looked at the sex act on another site, but this one was not of that trend. I had to quit because Pearl and the boys would be home soon, but I knew I would be back.

I was hooked on the idea of teaching my daughter how to use her dildo properly. I waited for a few more days but Charlotte hadn’t said a word, hadn’t indicated in any way she was ready to experiment.

I was having a hard time being her father, especially when she would wear tight jeans or ass hugging black yoga pants. My daughter’s shape and form drew my eyes like magnets.

We were sitting in a restaurant having a family night, Charlotte was sitting across from me at the table, the boys were keeping themselves occupied and Pearl was texting a friend. I looked up and into my daughter’s face. She locked her eyes on mine and I felt a shock of electricity shiver down my spine and settle in my balls, I could read her thoughts. It struck me right in the heart, she had invited the intimacy, made her wishes clear, but now it was up to me to take the lead, after all I was her father, it is natural that I be teaching her. I knew in that one glance, whatever happened, it was up to me, she wouldn’t be the aggressor. The sensual rush I felt was similar to the first plunge down a steep rollercoaster, my prick was swollen through dinner. Once I understood how the game was to be played, I started looking or an opportunity to get my daughter alone with her dildo.

Pearl was going to a baby shower; the twins were invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover, which meant the house would be empty. I went to see my daughter as she was getting ready to leave. She had put on light makeup, wore a fetching skirt and blouse combination and was searching in her closet for a sweater when I came in, “Charlotte, got a minute?”

She turned to me, “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Are you going somewhere important?”

“Uh, not really, me and Janel are going to hang out with Maxi and Joyce.”

“Why don’t you stay home tonight, your mom and brothers will be gone?”

Charlotte stopped moving, she stared into my eyes and read the message, her face bloomed red, she shuddered with a breath, “Okay, I guess I can.” She shivered once more then added, “I’ll call Janel.” I had to leave the room before she saw my reaction to her answer.

An hour later it was just me and my daughter in the house, we had at least four hours alone. My cock didn’t believe that what I was about to do with my girl was educational, not sexual; I hated to disappoint him, but he wouldn’t be involved, I wouldn’t let him. After all the goodbyes were said and the door closed, I went looking for Charlotte. She was in her room, sitting at her vanity looking at nothing; that she was nervous was apparent, she was visibly shaking. I sat on the end of her bed and invited her to sit next to me. She sat carefully, looking like a rabbit about to bolt from a fox. Her eyes met mine, I tried to calm her, “You look nice tonight, you’re very pretty.”

Her eyes softened slightly, she offered me a minimal smile and mumbled “Thanks.”

We both knew why I was there so there was no sense in hinting or trying to ease into the situation, “Where is your toy?” Charlotte laid back on the bed and reached over her head and put a hand under a pillow, I was admiring the softly rounded thighs showing from under the short skirt when she pulled out the dildo then sat back up, again she was red in the face. “You keep it handy, your mom does too.”

“She does?”

“I’d guess that a lot of women keep these close, they are convenient when they don’t have a husband or manfriend. Do you have a boyfriend yet?” She shook her head; I could see she was relaxing. “Well, I can always hope it stays that way, but I have to be pragmatic, one day soon some kid is going to kick your heart into high gear, you should be ready when that happens.”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to go to bed with him and not be worried about ‘first time’ trauma.”

“I don’t know dad, I’m not thinking like that, most of the boys I know are full blown retards.”

I laughed, “That will change sweetheart, that will change. Hand me that.”

My daughter fingered her dildo a couple of seconds, making the final commitment, then handed it to me. I made a production of inspecting it, length, girth, and fake balls. “Have you seen a real penis yet?” She shook her head, “There are two conditions for a prick, flaccid, or limp, and erect. This is an imitation of an erection, a stiff prick. This is nature’s way of making sure the boy can penetrate the girl and deliver the goods, a stiff one. Limp cocks are just that, and are only good for emptying the bladder.”

Charlotte looked from her toy to my eyes, “I never saw one for real but me and Janel sometimes look on the internet, there are some that look really huge when they are hard. The women that go to bed with them guys must be big too, because I don’t think something like that would fit in someone my size.”

Again I snickered at her naivety, but since she opened that door, “Would you show me? What you look at?”

She hesitated only a moment then got up to retrieve her laptop. In less than a minute my daughter was sitting next to me looking at internet porn, my own cock was beginning to take a serious interest in the intimacy she and I were developing. Charlotte spent several minutes showing me different pictures of men in various stages of dress and arousal. In that time, I explained to her that size wasn’t really a factor unless the guy was hung like a fucking horse, I used those words, ‘hung like a fucking horse’. When I did, she shot her eyes up to mine then smiled slightly, our reticence to be direct was breaking down; I said it, she wasn’t repulsed. I’m not hung like a horse but just then I sure as hell was hard as a rock. Our conversation soon dropped from polite to base, penis and erection became cock and boner or hard-on, vagina became pussy or cunt. Sex became fuck and screw. After about 30 minutes of internet browsing and breaking down language barriers, I asked my daughter, “Are you ready to let me show you what you can do with your dildo?” Direct, to the point.

She didn’t answer, but stood from the bed, put her laptop on the desk then turned to me; again she was nervous, her anxiety had returned to body shaking levels, “Lie back sweetheart, lie on the bed, put your head on a pillow and try to relax.”

When she was on the bed, on her back, I reached under her skirt and pinched her panties on each side then started to tug them down. For a quick moment I thought she wouldn’t let me but raised her ass off the bed. She lifted her legs one at a time so I could pull them off. When her panties were on the floor, I picked up the dildo and suggested, “Close your eyes Charlotte, close them and pretend I am your favorite movie star.”

She locked her eyes on mine then replied, “I don’t have a favorite movie star,” she paused, licked her lips and added intimately, “but I have a favorite dad.”

I didn’t answer, but the insinuation of her words caused my cock to flex solidly in my pants, my heart picked up a quicker pace. I folded my daughter’s skirt up until she was exposed from feet to stomach. The junction of her thighs drew my gaze as I picked up the dildo, she was beet red and taking short shallow breaths. “What have you done with this so far?” I asked her.

She shivered as if she had goosebumps then said “I only rub myself, I’m too scared to put it in.”

“Is that what you want, you want me to use this to break your virginity?” She nodded almost imperceptibly. I was fucking overheating and my nuts swollen by a factor of ten. I put the tip of Charlotte’s sex toy against the folds of her pussy then began to stroke her lightly, her hips shifted, her legs moved a little more apart. We stopped talking as I began to seduce my daughter with her plastic prick.

She may have been embarrassed, she may have been terrified, but her pussy was seeping slickness, I could see the natural body oils glistening on her cunt lips and the end of her dildo. I pressed it further between the folds of her pussy, stroking her from clit to ass, her body began to move. Charlotte closed her eyes, licked her lips again then clutched her blanket in her hands. My girl was getting turned on, I was turning her on. After a few minutes of lightly rubbing the outer parts of her body I tipped the dildo up slightly and pressed the head of it to the entrance of her body. I could see the tight pink hole stretch to allow the dildo to slip up and in. Charlotte slapped her hands to the bed, shook her head and opened her eyes, “Oh my god dad, what did you do?”

I was only an inch or so into her so I replied, “I’m getting you ready to be a woman.” I pulled the toy from her then put it my mouth to slick it up with saliva. When she saw what I did, Charlotte gasped, jerked and grunted, her eyes were huge, locked on her dildo slipping off my tongue. As I tasted my daughter on the plastic, my cock was about to split open from the increasing heat and pressure of lust. I had to take a break, to give both of us a chance to catch a breath so I got off the bed and hurried to the bathroom for a towel; if I was going to take her innocence, she shouldn’t bleed on the bed. Charlotte was still on her back, skirt hiked to her stomach when I came back. She had recovered enough to look calmer, less tense. As I approached her, she was watching the huge tent in my pants. Just as I put a knee on the bed to join her, she said “Daddy, why don’t you take your pants off,” her eyes darted to my face, “that doesn’t look very comfortable.”

Ah fuck! She couldn’t possibly know how her suggestion squeezed my balls. I stood next to her bed and stripped my pants down and off; god that felt better. Again, as I was about to get back on the bed she whispered, “I want to see it daddy, I never saw one for real, let me see.” Without hesitation I pulled my briefs off for her viewing pleasure. Charlotte looked from my proud standing erection to my face, her eyes were baffled, “You’re almost as big as some of those guys on the website, how does mom get that in her?”

I smiled down on her, “Baby, you have a lot to learn.” I got back onto the bed next to my daughter, folded the towel under her butt, then picked up her dildo again and said “Lay back.”

I licked the tip of her dildo once more then pressed it to her, she spread her legs wider then reached up and grabbed a second pillow to put under her head. From the higher elevation she could see what I was doing. “This might hurt a little” I cautioned her. Her eyes flickered understanding then she nodded. I took a breath, my cock flexed and I pushed my daughter’s dildo through her maidenhood. Charlotte cringed, tears formed in her eyes and she yelped with pain. I penetrated her until my own hand was pressed against her body then stopped moving until I felt her relax. I pulled the dildo from her, it had traces of blood on it, her pussy was spotted with blood. I took the towel and dabbed the seepage from her as I said, “Done. Girl, you are technically no longer a virgin.”


“We used a fake erection to break you in, technically you haven’t been fucked.”

She evaluated my comment then asked “Does it always hurt?”

“No, that should be the only time, unless you screw a guy hung like a horse” I quipped.

She smiled, “Won’t be today, I’m sore.”

The party was over. My daughter had I had smashed all kinds of barriers, personal, legal, moral and physical and I had to remind her, “Charlotte, you can’t tell anybody what we just did, if you do, it could be the end of our happy family. Anybody. Swear it girl.”

“I swear Daddy, I know if I told anybody then we couldn’t do this again.”

Again, the suggestive remark pumped more hormones into my blood. I laid down next to my daughter and folded her in my arms, we were sharing a moment of daddy/daughter closeness, sex was forgotten, almost, for a few moments. When I got up to leave, she put a hand on my arm to stop me, she looked at my erection then asked quietly, “Can I touch it?”

I didn’t give her a verbal answer, I took her near hand and guided it to my cock. She carefully wrapped her fingers around it then began to tug slightly. It took only about four strokes on my bone before it exploded. I gushed long surges of semen on her leg, across the top of her pussy and over her stomach; one blotch stained her skirt. Charlotte watched me cum all over her then smiled with all her teeth, her eyes were glinting fun, “Feel better?” I didn’t say a word, but my cock was mocking me, because he did get involved with her. I got off the bed and left her alone.

Twenty minutes later Charlotte came to the front room, she had dressed up and made up, “I’m going to Janel’s, when should I be home?”

She was acting completely normal, a daughter talking to her father, “What is this, Friday? Be home by eleven.” Then I cautioned her again, “Our secret?”

She beamed happily and gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek, said “Always our secret, I love you daddy” then left the house.

A week later Pearl and Charlotte were invited to a bachelorette party for Teri, one of Pearl’s cousins. They were gone maybe four hours and when they returned my wife was supremely agitated. As soon as Charlotte went to her room, her mother turned to me, “I can’t believe what happened, that wasn’t a bachelorette party, it was a fucking sex show!”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

Pearl grabbed a glass then poured herself a double shot of Rye Whiskey, “We got to the party, there were about a dozen women and Charlotte. Janel, Maxi and another girl I didn’t know were there too. The four of them grabbed a table in the back of the room and spent most of the time on their phones or talking. We women drank wine, toasted the bride, played games and then she opened her gifts. I was shocked when she opened one box and pulled out a Bob.”


“B-O-B; Battery Operated Boyfriend. Angela had given her a cock shaped vibrator. I looked across the room and all four girls were watching Teri fondle her new toy. I didn’t think the girls should be exposed to something like that, but it was too late. Anyway, after the gifts were opened and more wine poured, Carrie called us to attention then announced the next phase of the party. Some music started playing and two male strippers came into the room and started dancing. Men strippers, and my daughter was watching! God, I wanted nothing more than to drag her out but that would have embarrassed her in front of her friends; again, I was too late to stop her from watching.”

“Come on Pearl, male strippers can’t be that bad.”

“It wasn’t for about two minutes, then they started tearing off their shirts and pants. They were totally buff, big and good looking. One was brown, you know African American, the other tanned all over, and I mean all over. Most of the women were yelling and hooting, some were making some pretty crude comments, all were encouraging those guys to strip everything. In moments they were in loin cloths, you know, thong type briefs, but they didn’t hide a fucking thing. Their packages were on full display, and Charlotte was eye-locked on them.”


“Yes, eye-locked. Her eyes were riveted to those two big bulges. By then I kind of accepted that those young women were about to get an education in life.” She paused to empty her glass, “I just didn’t know how much life.”

I poured myself a drink then refilled Pearl’s. She sipped quietly for a few moments then went to the hall closet and took off her coat, kicked off her shoes then came back and sat on the arm of the sofa. She took another swallow of whiskey and resumed, “After they wore only loincloths, they both grabbed a woman and began to dance with them. In maybe twenty minutes they had danced with all of us.”

“Including you?”

“Not only me, but your daughter and her friends. Every woman in the room got dragged to the open floor and them guys did some pretty crude dirty dancing with us. The white guy was dancing with Charlotte when he grabbed her hips and pulled her close and started rubbing his cock on her butt. Before I could react, she scrambled away from him. She went back to her friends then they all started giggling as they talked about what he did.”

“So that was the end of the party?”

Pearl looked at me for several long seconds then said “No, Maggie got fucked.”


“Maggie, Teri’s sister, my cousin, she is Teri’s bridesmaid. Just about the time I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Maggie and Angela pushed Teri to the floor with them guys and told her she had to screw one of them or both, it was a bachelorette party tradition. I was shocked and Teri absolutely refused so Maggie took over. She went to them and they started pulling off her dress and when she was in bra and panties, they started messing around with her. Most of the women were drunk and screaming and hollering encouragement to Maggie. The black guy ripped off his thong then pranced around the room showing off his erection. Half the women there felt him up, he even paraded in front of the girls where Janel copped a feel too. I think Charlotte would have touched that thing too but she looked up and saw me shaking my head, she knew she shouldn’t, I would have screamed bloody murder. He went back to Maggie, lifted her up then when she was sitting on his hips, his buddy pulled her panties to the side and he shoved his big black cock up into her. The white guy tried to get Teri back up but she damn near slapped him silly so he caught Angela’s hand then in less than a minute, he was fucking her. That was the end for me, I went and hauled Charlotte out of there and we came home.”

“What about her friends?”

“Their mothers were there, they weren’t my problem, but the one girl, the one I didn’t know, her mother was Angela. That girl sat there and watched her mother get screwed in the middle of a crowd. And she’s fucking married!”

I feigned ignorance, “Who is fucking married, the daughter?”

Pearl barked a short cynical laugh, “Fuck you.” She finished her drink then said, “I’m going to bed.”

I sat in the front room and thought about my wife’s tale. A bachelorette party turned orgy and my daughter was in attendance. I should have been shocked and outraged, but after what Charlotte and I had done, I wasn’t. I gave Pearl enough time to freshen up then get to bed then went to join her. On the way past the kids’ rooms I checked on them. The boys were soundly out so I went to Charlotte’s door. I eased it open and saw her seated at her desk, laptop open; she was naked except for the earphones over her ears. She didn’t see or hear me as I came up behind her. On the monitor of her computer I saw a sizable erection sliding in and out of a hot young woman while Charlotte had a hand under the desk. My daughter was watching fuck porn while using her dildo between wide spread legs. I retreated quickly, before my cock grew stiff; she didn’t realize I had been there.

I’m not sure how much later it was, but I was in bed asleep when I sensed a presence in the room. I opened my eyes and saw a pale shadow standing next to the bed. Charlotte was looking down on me, she was wearing an oversized t-shirt that came to barely below her crotch. Before I could wake up completely, she reached for my hand then pulled it to her; she stepped her legs apart then tugged my middle finger straight and put it on her, at the top of her slit. She started rolling her hips, stroking her pussy on my finger. I came fully awake and my prick exploded in size as she used my hand as a sex toy. Charlotte was heating up rapidly, her pussy began to seep, when I bent my finger and pressed it into her hole, she was hot and wet, it slipped in easily. After a few moments of sliding on my hand she gripped my wrist harder then froze in place, a long silent sigh escaped her open mouth. As soon as she stopped shivering, she dropped my arm then left as quietly as she came. I was so fucking charged up I rolled to Pearl, split her thighs and fucked her while sucking on the finger that had been her daughter. I savored my daughter’s flavor while screwing her mother. My wife was drunk enough that she didn’t wake up or protest the late-night invasion of her privacy.

The next Monday was some day off for school, Grading Day I think it was called. The kids didn’t have to go to school. Pearl left for work but as I was getting ready, I was overwhelmed with the idea of being alone with Charlotte again. With a thudding heart I called in and told my boss I needed the day off. I went to check on the boys, they were fast asleep and I knew that they would stay that way until hunger forced them out of bed around noon. I went to my bathroom and made ready to visit my daughter in her room. At 8:20 that morning I slipped quietly into Charlotte’s room; my prick was already a stone monolith under my robe. I lifted the blanket and looked at her. She was wearing a mid-thigh length flannel gown, it was pulled up to her hips, her legs spread enticingly wide. She wore no panties which caused my erection to swell even more. I dropped my robe then went to bed with my daughter, my heart was crashing against my ribs, my entire body was shaking. I hadn’t felt that way since the first time I screwed the girl’s mother. I rested my head on a second pillow then put my hand on her waist. In seconds I eased over her stomach then slid my fingers down, over the contour of her pussy. I began stroking her and she shivered. Charlotte moved slightly, increasing the gap between her legs enough I could cover her completely with the palm of my hand. I pressed on her cunt then slid my long finger down her slit and felt for the hole. My fingertip dipped into her then I bent my wrist then pushed in to the top knuckle. I was fingering Charlotte as she came awake. She whooshed a breath, her back bent and she rolled her head to me. She was silent, looking through sleepy eyes until she could focus. She put a hand over mine and pressed it more on her body as she murmured, “Daddy?”

“Good morning Charlotte.”

Her eyes became more alert and she asked “Where’s mom?”

When she asked where her mother was, and not ‘what are you doing?’, my balls damn near erupted; her first concern wasn’t about where my finger was, she was concerned her mother was near, “She went to work, I took the day off.”

Charlotte moved away causing my finger to slip out of her, she rolled to her side facing me and put her arm over me and pulled me tight, her silky thighs were rubbing against mine, her tits were mashed on my chest, “I’m glad” she puffed into my ear.

“Glad she is gone, or glad I took the day off?”

She tilted her head back to get a clear look at me, “Both.”

No more needed to be said, I pushed my daughter over so her back was to me, lifted her top leg and pulled it over to rest on my thigh. I reached for her hand then guided it to my erection which was lying on her inner thigh, “Take me Charlotte, hold it and put it where you want it.”

She wrapped her fingers around my cock then lifted it, she rubbed the head on her slit a couple of times then centered me on her hole. I was slick with overflowing pre-cum so I slipped gently without friction into her. Charlotte let go of my cock then I pushed as far into her as nature would allow. She was snug but there was little friction and no virginal barrier to break. She moaned softly, arched her back then put a hand on my hip and creased my skin with her fingernails.

I had taken the girl’s virginity with her dildo two weeks earlier but that was a technical event. As my groin slapped gently against my daughter’s ass, I realized I had just taken her virginity a second time, only this was the true triumph. My erection was sliding in and out of her tight teen body and I didn’t feel evil, shame, lecherous, or that my soul was forever tarnished. I felt great, and judging from her reaction to getting fucked the first time, Charlotte wasn’t hating the moment either.

My stamina was critically short that first time I screwed her. She was fresh, young, new, exciting, and forbidden so my balls were in a hurry to consummate our union. The climax started in my nuts, my cock swelled with pent up semen and lust then the top of the mountain blew off. I slammed into her and held her tight while I finished fucking my daughter Charlotte. I pulled my relaxing cock from her then she rolled to face me, she was smiling, her eyes sparkling, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

She put a hand between her legs and fingered a glob of cum from her pussy then looked at it, “Don’t you have to be careful?” she asked.

I hadn’t given a thought to if I should or should not cum in her, I didn’t have to, “You don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

“After your brothers were born your mom didn’t want to use birth control anymore. She talked me into getting a vasectomy. I’ve been cut, I can’t make a woman pregnant.”

Charlotte looked at me puzzled, “You got neutered?”

I chuckled, “No, not neutered, I still have all my equipment, I’m still fully functional, I just can’t pass sperm on to a woman.” I challenged her, “I can fuck your brains out and you are safe.”

Charlotte got caught up in the mood, she wasn’t a bit wary about what I had just done or said to her, she challenged me right back, “You think so, you think you can fuck my brains out?”

“I can try girl.”

Charlotte got off the bed, “I have to pee” then went to the bathroom. I laid on my back, watching sunspots on the wall until she came back. She pulled off her nightgown, giving me a magnificent view of young womanhood, then as she crawled on the bed again, she reached under her pillow and pulled out her nighttime friend then dropped it on my stomach. She grinned prettily then proposed, “Let’s see if you can do it.”

My memory was short, “Do what?”

She smiled, her eyes sparked fun, she offered coyly, “Fuck my brains out.”

I don’t know what affected me the most, the smile on her lips, the fire in her eyes or the tease in her voice, but within seconds after my daughter’s bold proposition, my cock was firming up again. I picked up her dildo and she rolled seductively to her back.

Charlotte stretched out, her arms over her head; her feet pointed to the end of the bed and let me look at her from mussed brown hair to blue painted toes. I’d seen her nude several times since my discovery, but I took more time to examine the body lying next to me. Somehow, over the last couple of years I had missed that my daughter had reshaped from unisex anonymous to hot sexy teen. As I absorbed the view, she put a hand on my cock and fingered me as encouragement, then held her arms up and spread her legs, inviting me to seduce her. I laid on my side next to her, the end of my erection was smearing bubbles of lube on her thigh. I put the tip of her dildo against her sex, smiled into her eyes then pushed it deep. Charlotte gasped, shifted her hips then put a hand on my arm when I started fucking her with the fake cock. She slid her hand off my arm then reached for a real cock. While I plunged the toy in and out of her pussy, she was pulling and tugging on my hard-on. I bent to her breasts and licked a nipple then captured it in my lips and caressed it with the tip of my tongue. That was a new move, she’d never had her nipples sucked, and the sensation caused her fingers to squeeze my erection hard, she moaned. I kissed and licked her breasts, never pausing what I was doing between her legs. She began to rasp short harsh breaths; she was quietly squeaking shocks of rapture. I pulled the plastic prick from her then pushed two fingers deep in her pussy then fingered her to her first climax. Charlotte arched off the bed, yelped sharply twice then started to moan even louder while she kicked her legs on the bed.

I moved over her thighs, hesitating long enough for her to spread her legs further and flex her hips. The moment the head of my erection penetrated my girl I stopped and looked down into her lust laden eyes. She put her arms around my neck, pulled me close and breathed quietly into my ear “Daddy, pretend I'm mom the first time she let you. Take me like that.” I drove into her so hard she moved inches up the bed. Charlotte grabbed my ass with both hands and helped me as I thrust and pulled in and out of her.

I don't know if Charlotte was the sexiest, hottest girl I’d ever screwed or if it was the perversity of fucking my own daughter, but every fiber of my body, every nerve, was tingling with pleasure as I thrust and slid in her hot tender pussy. When I was deep, I could feel her from the swollen head along the full seven and half inches to my balls, she learned quickly her small body could take something much longer and thicker than her five-inch toy. Charlotte whispered passion into my ear as I fucked her, “Oh! Fuck dad, this feels so good, don't ever stop! OH! Awwwwww! Uh-Uh-Uh, keep, uh, going!”

I couldn’t keep going, I needed to pull out of her or I’d finish way too soon. Driven by pure primal nature, I pulled from Charlotte then fell between her legs and kissed the top of her pussy. I licked, then fondled her with my lips and the tip of my tongue, she slapped her hands on my head, wove her fingers into my hair then pressed my face tight against her cunt. I ate my daughter until she erupted with her second orgasm. She was getting loud and the twins weren’t that far away so I grabbed a pillow and flipped it over her face, she wrapped her arms around it and continued to wail and shake. She had barely gotten a chance to catch a deep breath when I rolled her to her stomach and penetrated her again.

By the time I blew my balls into my daughter I had sucked her tits and pussy and screwed her in three positions. Charlotte had a series of orgasms while I was building to one gigantic climax. We were lying on our sides, spooned together front to back as my cock plunged through the lips of her hot swollen sex. I was stroking her nipples when I couldn’t hold on any longer, “Now, Charlotte, feel me cum in you. Now!” My daughter put a hand on my hip and pulled me as close as she could, then our morning ended when I flooded her with long surges of incest.

I got off the bed, my knees were weak, I could hardly stand. My daughter stretched languidly, appealingly, and smiled with love and satisfaction, “I love you dad, I’m so glad we did this.”

I watched my cum seeping from between her legs and felt another jolt of lust in my nuts, I had to get away from her before I screwed her again, her brothers wouldn’t sleep that much longer, “I have to go sweetheart, it’s time to act like you hate us all again.”

She grinned, “I know, but when mom and the boys are gone again, do you think we can look at things on my computer, there’s still a lot I want to know.” She sat up, put her hand under my balls to hold them then leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock, she looked up at me, daring, “A lot.”

I picked up her dildo and pressed it to her lips, “Are you going to practice?”

Charlotte took it from my hand, licked it from balls to tip then with glowing warm eyes and a large smile, said “Yes.”

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