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I started telling our story to our guests - all six of us were naked and the ladies all were trying to keep two men's output and our own juices from making a mess on the sofas, Our guests, who were new to swinging, wanted to know how the four of us, me, my sister Nancy and our husbands, got started swinging. It went back further than they could have imagined.
We were still cleaning up when I started in. Nancy had provided hot washcloths to all six of us. That was kind of her trade mark among swinging groups - nobody else we knew did that.

"I was supposed to have soccer practice but our coach, Coach Fox, called it off when thunder and lightning erupted in the west. We would have moved into the gym but the PTO was organizing a craft show there."

I went on, "Her language wasn't pretty when she realized they were in there - it never was, even with us girls, though her vocabulary was limited because something in the past led her to avoid sex cuss words. Anyway she sent us home."

"I showered in the locker room and got back into my catholic school uniform - a blue knee-length skirt and light blue blouse - and went home. I should have been on alert when the front door wasn't locked, but I put my keys back in my purse, dropped my gym bag off by the washing machine, and headed upstairs. I got the shock of my life when I got to the door of the bedroom I shared with Nancy,"

"Nancy," I gave her a mockingly accusatory look, "and her boyfriend Nate," a long nod in her husband Nate's direction, "were totally naked and not only that, he was lying on his back and she was kneeling between his legs and had his thing in her mouth. (OK, nobody calls it a thing now but I'm trying to talk the way I talked when I was a virgin.)"

Nate, now Nancy's husband, broke in, "Nancy was ... is ... the most beautiful girl I knew - raven hair - dark stormy eyes. And she sat next to me in the trombone section of the band. We'd been having sex for a few months every chance we got, when that happened. "

Nancy chimed in, "You were so shy. It took forever for you even to kiss me."

Nate added, "Yeah. The first time we kissed - we'd been teasing each other - i guess you'd call it flirting - for months. We were in the storage room behind the band room and well it was time. We kissed but she pulled my hand away from her tit when i tried to feel her. We kissed a lot after that but nothing much was happening, Until ..."

Nancy again, "Well I'd been thinking, maybe I shouldn't be stopping you from, you know, touching me and things, So ..."

"After school one day, you asked me if we could go to my house. And so, up in my bedroom, we started kissing and you put my hand on your tit," Roger noted.

"I said 'I want you to take off my clothes but first i just want you to kiss me and feel my boobs.' That was wonderful, but eventually i put your hands on the buttons of my blouse and said, 'OK' "

"I should have ripped your clothes off as fast as I could, but I was in a reverent mood I guess, kinda like my first communion. Button by button i opened your blouse to see a lacy bra bulging with those boobs i so much wanted to see. You turned to help me slide off your blouse and undo your bra. You flipped it over to the dresser and turned to face me. Such a gorgeous sight - round globes with dark nipples, " turning to our guests, "as you can see." After a pause, "I wasn't sure i could touch them but I had to and you sighed when I started to feel their bare skin."

"I had to remind you to take off my skirt. Then you couldn't make the zipper work."

"And there you were in nothing but your panties and shoes. You put my hand between your legs and said, 'Rub me..' I wasn't expecting the wetness in the fabric, but you seemed to like me rubbing you there and I sure liked doing it. Finally you stepped back and slid your panties off and stepped out of your shoes. You were so gorgeous. Your raven hair and eyes, your perfect tits, a triangle of black fur hiding your sex. I stood there agog until you said, 'You better get undressed, too.' I did and we laid together on the bed, kissing, cuddling and rubbing each others sex. 'I can't believe how big it is,' you said and then you watched it squirt, squirt, squirt all over you and the bed."

"It was fun playing with you like that, especially when you started putting your finger in me. You always wanted to study my pussy, open things up and see what was what - is a girls body that much more mysterious? Anyway, then the band trip came."

Funny thing I noticed when they were telling their story. All three of us girls had our legs discretely crossed at the knee as if we had skirts on and were protecting our modesty, LOL.

"I was in a hotel room with Carl. Remember him? We decided we'd sneak out and pay a visit to you and Mandy J in the room you two had. Now that I think back, I guess Mandy and Carl must have made a plan cause how did he know your room number? Hmmm."

"Tap, tap, tap on the door. Mandy and me, we'd been awake talking about boys and sex and all. She said, 'I bet that's Carl,' and ran to the door. There you were, too. Both of us couples started making out as soon as the door closed. I only had a nightie and panties on but I didn't let you get me naked cause of Carl being there you know. I knew Mandy and Carl were going to have actual sex, cause they'd already been doing it. But I guess they didn't want to do it with us there. So they crept back to you boys' room and we were left alone in the hotel room. Suddenly, ti seemed incredibly romantic."

"I couldn't wait to pull your nightie and panties off and see your lovely body and do the things we'd been doing. I got undressed, too. Feeling inside your vagina and sucking on your tits was such a turn on. Then you said, 'Mandy told me I should have you kiss my pussy.' Oh!!! With a bit of hesitation, I stopped sucking on your tit and bent down to kiss it. The aroma that was always on my fingers after our play was even more delicious up close."

"He, he. Then I said, 'Now lick it,' and you started, 'In between,' i begged,"

"What a gasp you let out! And you were moaning. You were having one of your orgasms. Then out of nowhere, 'Nate, Nate, make love to me.' Oh my goodness. My jaw dropped open, but I wasn't about to stop, now; i couldn't believe this was happening but then it occurred to me, 'I don't have a rubber,' You said, 'It's OK. I want it to be real. And its a good time. It'll be OK.' "

I was actually sitting in Nate's lap while they told this story. His cock was totally hard in my hand and his fingers were way up in my drippy pussy. So much for crossed legs.

"I wanted it to be special and feel what it was like to have a boy come inside me without a rubber," Nancy offered.

"I climbed between your legs as you laid back on the bed. I managed to find the right hole and my dick slid in deeply. You were moaning as I pumped in and out. I was the feeling built up. Then I felt myself exploding inside you. When I pulled out, I finally took a good look at your vagina. Shiny pink flesh was showing in the middle of the patch of hair. A few blobs of white bloody semen dribbled out."

"I washed the blood off my cock and you surprised me again. 'Mandy said I should put your dick in my mouth and suck on it.' I still remember you looking up at me with those big dark eyes with my dick in your mouth - I don't think you knew whether you were doing OK. I wasn't sure I should let it squirt in your mouth, so I pulled out for that part and everything landed on your face and neck and naked tits."


I stopped rubbing Nate's cock and chimed in "Ahem! That was a nice story but I thought I was telling about the time I came home. Like I was saying, Nancy and Nate were totally naked and she was sucking on his thing. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed and she was kneeling between his legs. It was big and hard and sticking straight up like a telephone pole. Nancy's mouth was sliding down and up as it went in and out. He was moaning and she was sorta grunting and slurping and her boobs were swinging back and forth in rhythm with everything else that was going on. Every once in a while, she would take it out of her mouth and look at it and lick the tip - then back in."

"I just stood there. I was totally fascinated. But then Nate opened his eyes after a few minutes and I was caught. 'Oh my God, Fuck!!!' he said. Nancy turned and had the same reaction, 'Oh my God! Shit Carly' I was frozen in place, 'Oh, Oh, Oh,' I cried. 'You've been watching us, you shit, haven't you?' Nancy was utterly pissed!."

"I decided I'd better drop my books on my bed and high tail it. I went across the room to my bed, but when I turned to leave, Nancy stopped me and surprised me, "I suppose you want to try that too, huh?" I stood frozen once again, shaking my head No No. But she urged me on "It won't kill you. You'll like it. He'll really like it.' I couldn't help but notice, Nate's penis had sagged and flopped down." Looking at him today I teased, "Poor Nate." It didn't seem to affect the woodie that was pressed against my leg today, LOL.

"So anyway, I crept over and knelt next to the bed. I took his floppy thing in my hand and got the end into my mouth. 'Rub it and suck on it," Nancy said, and I did. It was amazing. It just started to swell up and get harder and longer in my mouth until it turned into a telephone pole again. I was bobbing my head up and down over it and Nate was moaning. 'Faster, faster," Nancy said, 'Faster, faster.'"

"Nate's moans got more uh, I donno, urgent, but I hadn't learned to recognize the signs of what was about to happen. All of a sudden I felt something warm squirt into my mouth. I took his thing out of my mouth and spit. I watched squirt after squirt of his white jelly shoot out. Some of it got on my blouse. I tried to rub it off but it only made it worse. Nancy was laughing at the whole scene!"

"Well it was pretty funny," she giggled. "Anyway, I said, 'He wants to lick your pussy, so you better take your panties off.' I hadn't asked him but I didn't think he would object," she added, looking straight at her husband.

"Well I was embarrassed at the thought, but I pulled them down and sat on the edge of the bed. Nancy pulled my blouse and bra up and I was, you know, essentially, uh, naked in front of Nate. Nate came around and pushed his head up under my skirt. First he kissed me there. Nancy was playing with my boobs. Then I felt his tongue licking my special place. Oh God. And then it was between the two halves. My whole body got on fire and I was moaning out of control. Was his tongue going inside? I was having an orgasm! Yes, yes that was an ORGASM!. 'Ohhhhhh' "

"Nancy was watching and holding a small square packet in her hand.'You want him to fuck you, don't you?' She held it up."

"'No, No...," I started to object, but I guess my widening legs told a different story, especially when I pulled up my skirt, hehe. I suppose I really was curious what it was like to have sex, and anyway, I didn't have much control left at that point. I watched Nancy take the rubber out and roll it down over Nate's shaft. Then I closed my eyes and waited."

"It was like her black haired cunt was begging, 'Take me. Take me.' There was even a pink place where I was gonna put my cock in and her legs were wider than I ever thought a girl could do," Nate chimed in.

"It only hurt for a second and then I just felt good. His thing was shoving itself up inside me over and over and he was sucking on my boobs the whole time. That orgasm thing was starting again, but I started to get raw inside. I guess Nate noticed I was wincing."

"Well I didn't know she was a virgin, til, you know, it was kinda hard getting in. Anyway, Nancy didn't seem to mind letting me finish off with the bloody condom in her own cunt."

"You didn't last very long, Hehe."

"I never thought I would see Nate screwing Nancy right in front of me, but there it was, hehe. When it was over Nancy told me I'd better shower and put the bloody sheets and skirt in the wash."

"After we went to bed that night I got another shock. Nancy asked me, 'Did you like it when I took off your blouse and rubbed your tits?' She had come across the room and put her hands on my nightie. 'Uh, yes, I suppose," I muttered."

"I'd never told her I was thinking about being bi."

"Before I knew it, her hand was down the neck of my nightie playing with my boobies. Then she pulled up the hem and her hand was between my legs pushing my panties aside.Oh My! It was happening again, my orgasm, and it exploded full force when she pulled my legs over the edge of the bed, pushed her fingers in and started licking!"

Nancy is more bi than I am, but I have to admit I enjoy it.

"Well fair is fair, so after that I told Carly it was her turn to do me."

"Oh No, i thought for the fourth or fifth time that day. But I realized Nancy was already naked and she sat down next to me and pushed me off the bed. I knelt on the floor between her legs. I kinda knew what to do since I seen it twice that day on me. Nancy really liked it and it was actually kinda fun. I had to admit to myself I'd never really thought about what a girl's pussy was like and I certainly didn't know how it would taste, hehe."


"Anyway, isn't that where Roger comes in?" asked Nancy as she glanced over at my husband. "I really thought you two were already fucking!"

"I hadn't been letting Roger even get to first base with me, let alone everything that happened that afternoon and night. i was feeling so guilty, but I didn't know what to do. I ruminated for a few days and finally, when we were alone the next time in his house, I blurted out, 'Do you want to take off my clothes?' I guess it was Roger's turn to be surprised."

"I sure was. I wasn't very good at that job either, but when she was finally naked, I was totally awestruck. I stood there, gawking at her boobs. And then her bushy triangle."

"'Well?' she asked. 'Uh, Uh, I, I, you're beautiful,' I told her. 'You can touch me if you want, you know.,' she said."

"I started rubbing her boobs. I didn't really know what to do, but she liked it. 'Between my legs, too," she said. I'd never thought about how it got wet down there, but she was liking it even more when I rubbed it. 'Put your finger in.' That was totally totally awesome and your whole body was pulsating. Then you said, 'Let's have sex.' 'What? ... Oh my god?. "

"Carly laid down on the bed. I stared again at her beautiful naked body. Her legs were apart and I could see everything. I took off my clothes and laid down on top of her. I figured out the right place to put my dick and it slid in easily. What an amazing feeling. I'm sure I didn't last very long. As I was cumming, cumming, cumming I was trying to visualize what was happening inside Carly's pussy. You know, like uh versus what happened when I masturbated."

"'When it was over we both fell asleep,'" I said. "We woke up when we heard Roger's father come in. We scrambled to get dressed and came out trying to pretend nothing happened. I think his dad had some idea but he didn't say anything and I kissed Roger good by and went home."

Roger continued, "Well I got to thinking, what if she gets pregnant? That didn't happen, but another thought crept in."

"You asked me, 'It wasn't the first time was it. I mean like, uh, uh, wasn't there supposed to be blood or something?"

"I didn't quite know what to say, but finally I came clean. I told you about the finding Nancy and Nate like that Then I uttered the biggest understatement of the century, 'Things happened....I'm so sorry it wasn't you... It should have been.'"

"I was really hurt, but then you said, ...."

"I'll make it up to you. .... Nancy wants to have sex with you, too. ... You know like all four of us get together. You me and Nate and her and have sex.'" Our guests gasped. Even though we were all sitting around naked and sperm was still leaking out of all three of us girls, they seemed shocked.

"Well that was quite an afternoon. Anyway we've been fucking together as well as with others ever since, Swinging I guess, though we'd never heard the term back then." Nancy added.

Carly had been sitting in Roger's lap facing us. She was kinda giving him a lap dance with her back side though I don't think she ever worked in a strip club - yeah, I done that too - and then she bent over and reached between her legs, lifted up and eased back down. Roger got a shit-eating grin on his face until his breathing got faster.


"Ok, Carly and Norm, it's your turn. Tell us how you got to the point where you wanted to try swinging when we offered."

Carly stopped bouncing up and down on Roger and started in, "Well you know we've been married 20 years. I suppose things were getting boring. A couple of years ago, I'd been kinda hitting it off with a guy in the garden club. Alex is his name. We'd be crawling around in the dirt with everybody else planting bulbs and such by the library or wherever."

"Hitting it off? I'd call it flirting," Norm added even though he was about to ejaculate against my leg..

"I started to realize how attracted I was and one day I thought it would be fun to really tease Alex." She bounced up and down on Roger a few more times.

"I put this really baggy shirt on. We were across from each other planting annuals, He could look down my neck and see everything. I wasn't even wearing a bra. Alex averted his eyes, but he kept peeking. 'Are you being a naughty boy, Alex,' I teased. 'Sorry,' he apologized red-faced."

"A few moments later I suggested he might want to come over for a drink.Norm wasn't going to be home but I didn't tell Alex that. i knew his wife was away, too."

"We both needed to clean up but I was still barefoot just in my satin robe after a shower when the doorbell rang. We sat on the sofa sipping Manhattans that I had made up before my shower. Finally Alex screwed up his courage and said, 'I kinda liked what I saw out there.' I showed him a better view pulling open my robe. He undid the sash and pulled the bottom half of the robe totally open. One hand went between my legs and the other played with my boobs. I found out he really knew how to lick a girl's pussy - not at good as you honey - and it wasn't long - my robe was still on - before my suddenly adulterous vagina filled with Alex's sperm, hehe."

"You're listening to this, Norm?" I asked. I was barely able to talk, what with what his fingers were doing.

Nate stopped my hand so he could talk. "Well, I wasn't being an angel either, but Carly didn't know that. A girl in my office, woman that is, Lily, was working on short term financial models and I was programming our long term model. We would share ideas and try to make our models work together. Many times that would lead to long hours and sometimes only me and her in the office."

"One afternoon I was getting frustrated with my results, 'Damn, Damn, Damn." Lily came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. 'You need to relax Norm, You need a massage.' and she started massaging my neck, arms and shoulders. 'Does this feel good?' 'Oh yes.""

"Then she had me lean forward and started massaging my back, and later I leaned back and she massaged my chest. It felt so good. And I'll admit her perfume was entrancing me with her face against mine as she worked. It didn't really surprise me when she was holding and 'massaging' my cock thru my pants as it grew bigger and harder."

Nancy was kneeling in front of Nate, sucking on his cock and turning to listen every time someone spoke.

Norm continued, "I stood up and turned to face her. We kissed and kissed as I held her more than ample breasts in my hands. She had never let go of my cock and soon I was rubbing her thru her pants between her legs as well. 'Let's go in the conference room,' one of us said."

"I slowly undressed her taking advantage of each new exposure as a place to kiss or lick or suck. She's one of those girls that seems to get an orgasm when you suck on her tits. No wonder she had three babies, all in college now. She undressed me too, starting with my shirt. And when my cock flopped out she gave it a good licking and sucking. I was gonna explode if I didn't stop her." I started rubbing him again, hehe.

"So I laid her back on the table with her legs up in the air. I leaned down to taste her. She was all shaved, like Carly, and she tasted wonderful. She started cumming again and begged me, 'Fuck me. Fuck me now.'. Oh god, I wanted that." Norm let out a moan and ejaculated against my hip.

When he got his composure back, he continued, "I fucked her on her back with her legs way up. I fucked her from behind on her knees. And we got in 69 position on our sides on the table. I came in her mouth while she came from my tongue and fingers. She swallowed most of it but spit some out on her fingers and six inches from my face, pushed some of it into her vagina. What a lark. We took a few minutes to recover, kissing and caressing the whole time. Then we fucked again in missionary. I still had plenty to donate there."

"When we found out about each other's trysts, we were both pretty devastated," Norm said. "But we told all, talked it through and decided we didn't want to stop. We continued to describe every detail of what happened on our 'adventures'. And that's why we thought we'd take up your offer to try swinging."

I was about to ask Carly what she thought of that, but I was fascinated to see her dump a whole lot of lubricant we had provided on Roger's cock. I watched her turn her back and sit back down on him. Had all the sex dried her out? That happens to me sometimes. But no, she was taking his cock deep in her ass! She was leaning back. I could see it in there and still see all of her pussy. She was humping him and fingering her pussy. Nate didn't miss a beat. He came over, took her hand away and shoved his cock into her vagina. I don't think she'd thought about doing that, but she certainly didn't object. Both boys stroked inside her til they came. "That was wild," she said. "Never tried that before."

Roger and Nancy and me felt left out. We laid down on the carpet in, well how do I describe it, 969 position. We both licked and sucked his cock. He fingered us both and took turns licking each pussy. Nancy sat on his cock first while he licked and tongued me. Then I sat on him till he once again filled my vagina with sperm. It almost seemed out of place that it was my own husband.

The six of us have been getting together at least once a month ever since.
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