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Some of you may remember Gloria from my story, The Creators (I promise that I'll finish that story, the last book is in the works). She's the only character that crosses over here, though I like to think every one of my stories are connected within the same universe, if not explicitly stated.
Chapter Forty-Three


The Terdini village was gone. The imperials had burned it to the ground while we were away. As I stared at it, I was glad that they had. Seeing it empty when it would never be filled again would’ve probably broken me. More so than I was already broken, anyway. My feet had carried me here on muscle memory, and now they did not know where to take me. South? North? West was the Highlands, and East was the Lowlands, and I didn’t want to see either ever again. South would take me past the Maples, into the Willows, the Palms, and the Tropics. I could probably make friends with the goblins there if they decided not to eat me. Though I’d heard there were spiders the size of cows down there, so… fuck that. North would take me back through the Tundra and to the Winged Mountains, where if I didn’t die from the cold, the dragons would get me. Maybe a valkyrie would cut my head off. That would at least be a unique kind of death, and I’d get to see a nice pair of tits before the end.

“Well, that decides it then.” I grumbled, and turned around. “North it is… what the fuck are you doing here?”

“What do you mean?” April asked.

“I told you to go back to camp!” I growled.

She cocked her head curiously. “But that’s not where you are.”

“THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT!” I roared. Her eyelids fluttered.

“Well, I can’t leave you.” She said simply, “You’re my master.”

“You’re a fucking dog. Your master is whoever puts kibble in your bowl.”

“I don’t eat kibble!” She laughed, and produced a dead rat, holding it up proudly.

“For me?” I grumbled.

“Ah-ha.” She nodded.

“Well… shit, I am hungry.”

I roasted the rat on a spit while April watched me with her amber eyes. There was nothing but adoration in them, but it wasn’t the kind of master-slave relationship Elena had had with her succubi. Though Yavara had turned the kitsune into a wanton slut, April was very-much of her own mind. I postulated that her canine instincts naturally bound her to one person, but then again, all my scientific musings were fucking stupid.

“You just gonna watch me eat it?” I asked her.

“I already ate one.”

“I wasn’t offering you any of mine. I just want you to look at something else.”

“I’m not going to.”

“Didn’t I just fucking tell you to?!”

“You can tell me to get you food, you can tell me to find shelter, you can tell me to scout ahead for danger. You can tell me to get on my knees, you can tell me to bend over, and you can tell me to spread my legs. You cannot tell me where to look.”

“Hmm.” I grunted, “Stick your foot in your mouth.”

“Why? Will it please you sexually?”


“OK.” She grinned, her tail swishing excitedly behind her. In a feat of flexibility, she grabbed her foot, and stuck her toes in her mouth. She sucked them, watching me with those big amber eyes full of lust and love.

“Keep it there. It pleases me… sexually.” I said, and enjoyed the rest of the morning in silence.


I knew a day had passed, because there was an enormous clock tower in the middle of the library. The great room was like a city of knowledge, the shelves looming overhead like skyscrapers, the rows wider than streets. We’d tried in vain to find a way out, but only accomplished getting more and more lost in the great library. There was one time when we thought Gloria was nowhere within a thousand yards of us, and Furia dared to begin transforming back. Then Gloria was suddenly at the far end of the row, watching us as her fangs grew from her upper lip. We would have no reprieve, and the craving was slowly gnawing at us.

The craving wasn’t just a hunger. It roiled through my veins, burned like acid in my belly, cramped my muscles, and beat in my head. My mind was a slush of fevered thoughts and transient tangents that led me to stare blankly at nothing for hours on end. There were times when my tongue could not form the words I was thinking, and then there were worse times when I could not find the words at all. I was hyper-aware of the smell that wafted from Furia, the hybrid scent still fresh on her vampiric flesh. Oh god, not even in the depths of my worst carnal needs had I felt a desire so great. If she could change just for a moment, just for a little second… I only needed a little bite.

We were huddled together in a dark corner of the library, watching outward. Occasionally, we’d see Gloria way off in the distance, putting one tome away and ***********ing another. She didn’t seem very interested in us, and was content with letting us have free range of her home. I was always taught to learn as much as I could about my enemy, but my enemy was not Gloria, and I didn’t know how much longer I could fight myself.

*We need to rush her.* Furia wrote into the dust beside me.

*She’ll tear us apart* I wrote back.

*It’s our only chance.*

*If I’m going to do a suicidal charge, I’d rather do it after I’ve gone mad.* I wrote back, *While we still have our faculties, we need to use them.*

*There’s no escaping her. There’s no running from her. There’s no outthinking her.*

*We haven’t tried fucking her yet.* I wrote, and Furia laughed. It was a bitter, terrified laugh, and I hated to hear it.

Furia scribbled something between us, then pointed down to get my attention. I’d drifted off again. How long had it been? Three hours. Three hours just musing on that laugh of hers. What had she been thinking in all that… four hours. I snapped back to the present, and looked over at Furia. She was gazing sightlessly at the bookshelf in front of her. I looked between us.

*The light is astral here. No fire.* It wrote. Vampires could burn. They could burn like dry driftwood, and this place was pure fuel. Furia had flint and tinder in her belt. I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to me. It was Gloria. She was grinning, holding the flint and tinder in her hands. She crushed it to dust with just a squeeze, a flame sparking and dying in her fist.

“All the knowledge you would destroy, and for what? Just to survive?”

“Where is Furia?!”

“Over there.” She pointed to a balcony a hundred feet up and a hundred yards away, where Furia was mindlessly dancing to music only she could hear. Gloria chuckled. “My, she’s a free spirit, isn’t she?”

“And you’re going to kill her.”

“I’ve heard farmers often assign personalities to their bovine. Do they spare their herd come slaughter time?”

“Please! We’re pregnant!”

“Only just. If you were later along, I’d keep you alive until the birth. I do so love veal.” She chuckled sardonically, and read the messages Furia and I had written between us. Her brows went up. “I suppose you could try fucking me. That would be a novel method of escape.” She grinned wickedly at me, “Perhaps the secret passage was between my legs the whole time, hmm?”

“We are a special species, born from the Dark Queen’s own flesh. Our ways in the arts of lust are unparalleled. If you—”

“Stop.” She rolled her eyes. “How many times have I heard something just like that? Nobody fucks like an: ‘insert species here.’ I’ve tasted Alkandi from the source, and there are far greater delicacies in the world. Your view is so small. Tenvalia is just one of fifteen continents on this planet. You didn’t know that, did you? Balamora is your closest neighbor, and then there’s the West Ocean, and then… well, for you, then the map just ends. There are places in the world of such magnificence, and you can only hear of them from travelers like me, and travelers like me are so rare. But the places pale in comparison to the people. You have high-elves, dawn-elves, and a unique offshoot of dark-elf here. What if I told you that there are hundreds of different kinds of elves? Some are taller than even you and I, some are small enough to fit in my hand; some are darker than night, and some are so pale that they would be lost in the snow.”

“None of them are like me.” I muttered, my vision beginning to become monochromatic red. Oh, all I had to do was flip the switch in my brain, and all would be well!

“Let me see for myself then.” Gloria breathed on my neck. Her bust pressed against mine, her satin dress moving like liquid cloth between our bodies. When had I lost my clothes? Her hand was between my legs, her elegant fingers caressing me, not penetrating me, but just brushing my petals, teasing my clit. “You’re so hot here.” She moaned in my ear, “Even as the blood leaves you, your body prioritizes this over your sanity. You have succubus in you.” She kissed my throat so tenderly, her tongue teasing the spot where she would kill me. I could not help myself. I tilted my head to receive her gentle predation, and I groaned as her fingers slowly pushed inside me.

“Please…” I breathed.

“Show me what you are, Adrianna Alkandra. Death is just the passing between moments. Let me make that passing the most pleasurable experience of your life. You thought the Dark Queen knew how to touch a woman? She knows nothing.”

Her long fingers pressed against my moist ceiling, and massaged me all the way to my core. Her thumb danced with my clit, engorging it from its hood. She didn’t do anything differently than any other person who’d touched me, but the way she touched me awoke my senses like I’d never known before. Every purposeful application of pressure sent a storm through my nerves, and my legs parted on their own accord, my heels pressing into the floor, my pelvis elevating. She bit me and injected her venom, and my fevered mind drowned in its intoxication. It was nothing like Titus’s venom, which gave me localized pleasure at the injection point. This was a melting of my mind, an electrifying of my synapses, turning every sensation into a world of ecstasy. I did not know my body could feel such heinous delights! I was weeping in her arms like a babe, writhing beneath her touch, bending my whole body about the bow of my neck so that her vampiric kiss was the axis of my being. But through all of it, the craving remained, thrumming against my temples, gnawing in my veins, burning in my belly.

Change for me. She whispered in my fading psyche, This existence does not end with your life. You will go on, Adrianna. There’s no need to hold on so tightly. Let go. Let me send you beautifully on your way.

She snaked the fingers of her other hand through my hair, tickling the roots, stimulating my scalp. Gently, she collected my black mane, and pulled just enough. My head fell limply under her control, no strength left in my neck as she poured her sweet narcotic into my body. I turned to her, and all I could see was an ocean of red. Not my veiled vision, but the ruby depths of her eyes. They were ever-changing, the truth of the world somewhere in their bottomless reaches, a pleasure, a comfort, a surrender that felt like freedom. Oh, it was death, and I wanted to slip so serenely into its cold blackness. I flipped the switch, and my body changed.

The craving left me immediately, and my mind came roaring back. For a moment, I surged into life with terror raging in my mind, but then I felt her. My body was so small in her arms, and now she held me almost like a babe, but for her fingers inside me. Now there was no room for them to move, and my violation was so complete that I could hardly breathe with the fullness of it. Yet it was still every-bit as pleasurable. More so. The toxin she’d injected into took over my body worse than succubus venom, making every muscle gelatinous, every fiber loose and warm, radiating through my flesh from the inside. Her pinky traversed the saturated length of my taint, and pushed into my ass. My anal ring sucked it in greedily, and she squished the division of my holes with her long digits, kneading those spots along its swath to perfection. I could not fight it. I groaned in utter defeat, and nestled myself into her bosom, taking one alabaster breast from the constraints of her bodice to suck from the pink moist nipple. My eyes never left hers, those depthless pools of red, hungry and wanton, and yet, there was such a comfort there.

Thank you, Dearest, for giving me this gift. She said into my mind, and her fangs grew.

I gasped, feeling not the pain of my throat being pierced, but the penetration of a new erogenous place. Who knew being eaten alive could be so sensual? As I nursed from her breast, and as she moved her slick fingers expertly within me, she drank the life from me. I moaned, my head bobbing in her hands, my eyes fluttering. Her pupils dilated. She began singing lullabies in my head. The pleasure swam between my legs, ebbing and surging like the tide. Not a violent sensation, but a smooth, easy ache of delight, pulsing, pulsing slower with my dying heart. My thoughts drifted to Furia. She was watching me from her balcony, leaning against it with great interest. But the beta wolf would not dare impede upon the meal of the alpha, and so she left me with Gloria, and waited, hoping to get the scraps.


Once April finally caught on to the game, she was not pleased with me. She wasn’t one of the silent-angry types, and I was berated ceaselessly about how I should be treating my stalwart companion. I took a swing at her when she got in my range, but she was lightning quick, and scrambled back just to yell at me some more. Only when a shadow crossed the sun above, did April’s voice finally cut out. She turned into a fox and scrambled for cover, but I didn’t bother to move. Whatever it was that was descending upon us, it would find me a very gamey meal. The winged figure landed silently behind me, and I reached into the fire, and casually grabbed the spit.

“Brock Terdini.” The predator said.

I sighed. I knew that voice. “Arbor.”

“Why are you here? What happened to your tattoos, hair, and eye?”

“I must’ve left them back at the Rift.”

She sat on the log across from me, and with her long tail, she extracted April from the hollow of the wood.

“You need not fear me, little one.” She said to the fox, and placed it in her lap. She stroked April with her delicate fingers, and April’s tension eased, and she nuzzled herself into Arbor’s lap. Arbor smiled fondly at the creature, which seemed strange for her. Last time I’d seen the forest spirit, she emoted like a tree. Now she almost seemed like a person.

“Take her with you when you leave.” I grumbled, “See if Adrianna wants her back.”

“She is bound to you now, Brock. A domesticated kitsune only has one master at a time, and the bond is nearly unbreakable. It took torture for Yavara to sever the connection between this beast and Thomas Adarian. She will follow you where ever you go.”


Arbor inclined her head inquisitively. “What did you do that has brought you here in such a state?”

“Yavara didn’t tell you?”

“The queen and I do not talk much. All-in-all, we do not have much to say to one another.” She paused, then said, “Alexa Jenania is dead.”

“Who the fuck’s that?”

“Someone beautiful in every sense of the word. I guess Trenok did not tell you about her.”

“I guess not.” I said, poking at the fire, “Why are you here?”

“Curiosity. You are an interesting man, Brock Terdini.”

I sighed. “That’s not my name anymore, and that’s all you need to know.”

She looked dispassionately upon me. “Brock, Yavara has claimed all the Midlands as part of Alkandra. If you have been exiled, which is the only explanation for your state, then you are trespassing on her lands. I will not get into a quarrel with the Dark Queen for your sake. You cannot stay here.”

“I was just leaving anyway.” I said, getting up.

“Where will you go?”

“I was thinking north, but fuck if it ain’t cold enough already. South then, to the Cove. See if I can’t join a Sea Serpent crew.”

“It will be a hard life.”

“Aye, well I’m a hard man, and life’s never been easy for me. Raping, pillaging and drinking my way into a watery grave seems like a good way to end this story, eh?”

“It will be a hard life for her.” Arbor said about April.

I snorted. “She’s tough. Come on, little doggy. It’ll be a pirate’s life for us. Yo-ho-ho.”


My eyes fluttered open. I was floating. All around me was warmth, wet and gentle. I groaned and tried to stand, but I could not command my limbs. They had succumbed to a pleasant lassitude that I did not have the will to fight. My heart beat slowly in my chest, barely pumping. Was I dead already? Was this the afterlife?

“Eat.” The voice of God beckoned soothingly.

I was in a thermal reservoir, the steaming mineral water slowly cooking me. I was naked, and so was Gloria as she held me in her lap, my chin just above the water line, my head resting in the crook of her arm, her left breast becoming my pillow. Her supple belly and thighs were a bed for my buoyant body, and I could only snuggle into it for her warmth. I was so cold.

“Eat.” She beckoned again, and placed a piece of bread in my mouth. I accepted it gratefully. I did not feel the hunger, but I knew I was starving. I knew the weakness I felt was me dying, but there was none of the pain or horror to compel my action. Only the ebbing of life from me, so graciously taken.

“I am not a glutton.” Gloria chuckled, running her hands through my hair, “You and I will enjoy our time together, Adrianna.”

“Furia?” I croaked.

“I’m here.” Furia’s faint voice answered. With what strength I had, I lifted my head. She was in Gloria’s other arm, a weak smile strewn across her face. She was in her elf form, and there were gemstones imbedded in her temples, inhibitors to keep her from transforming. I knew they had been drilled into my skull as well, but I could not feel the pain.

“She changed when she thought I’d finish you off. A romantic gesture to be certain, but she need not have; I’d already had my fill of you. Now, eat.”

Gloria fed me like I was a babe, putting the food in my mouth, cleaning off my chin when it spilled. She did the same to Furia, and Furia dutifully and gratefully ate from her killer’s palm. My arm floated away from me, and I touched fingers with Furia from across Gloria. Our hands clasped together, assuring the other that we were together in this finale of our lives. Gloria rose from the reservoir, carrying us in each of her arms. She placed us face down upon towels laid across plush pillows, and we sank splendidly into the softness, our faces turned toward one another. There were two holes in Furia’s neck, bloodless wounds that went deep. I knew they were in my neck as well, but I could not feel the damage done, only the weakness of it. Gloria knelt beside Furia, and began massaging her back. Her long fingers worked easily through muscle and sinew, and Furia purred in pleasure, closing her eyes to savor it. Gloria smiled, then slid her alabaster body down, gently squeezed Furia’s buttocks, and spread them. Furia opened one twinkling blue eye, and smiled at me as Gloria planted her mouth between Furia’s cheeks.

“Oh, sweet god.” Furia croaked. Her grip on my hand tightened, but it was still so weak. Gloria’s face was consumed by Furia’s flank, but I could tell by the way her long neck tensed that she’d bitten Furia, and was injecting her venom deep into the erogenous zone. Furia whimpered, her brow furrowing. “It feels so good.” She confessed to me, “Her tongue, Adrianna… her lips… there’s nothing I can do…”

Gloria’s hands spread out around Furia’s hips, so large that they spanned her entire body. She gently grabbed her by the waist, and rolled her over. Our hands broke, then reconnected once Furia was on her back, her manhood so engorged that it was purple.

“Yessss.” Furia hissed as Gloria elevated Furia’s pelvis to feast on her anus. The vampire’s magnificent body was bowed in a deep arch, her succulent glutes bulging in the air behind her, her red predator eyes gazing up at Furia. The clenches of Furia’s hand told me the intensity of her pleasure, and when her knuckles went white, I knew she was coming. Unable to move in her incapacitated state, she could only sob with delight as her cock spewed thick ropes of cum onto her belly, breasts and face, each spurt encouraged by the probing of Gloria’s merciless red tongue. But the vampire was not done desecrating my love. She shifted her face upward, and burrowed her slippery appendage deep into Furia’s womanly slit.

“Yes!” Furia cried, her entire body quivering with delight. Gloria hummed hedonistically, slurping sounds emanating from between Furia’s legs. She slid her hand beneath her consuming chin, and added her fingers to the frothy mixture.

“Eat me! Eat me!” Furia wept. Her belly was spasming, the toned ranger muscle showing taut beneath the bronze flesh, the pools of cum becoming rivulets that ran down her sides. Gloria’s fangs descended from her upper lip, and she bit into Furia’s labia, seeping her poison deep. Furia’s eyes rolled back, her tongue lolled in her gaping mouth. Guttural tones of ecstasy flowed from her parted lips, and her entire body tensed in a female orgasm that left her palsying from head to toe.

Gloria retreated, licking the film from her blood-red lips with a satisfied smack. She drew her eyes up the length of Furia’s cock, then looked to me. “Does watching me do this to your lover excite you?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied hoarsely. I was too weak to touch myself, and so my pussy was left unattended, pulsing and leaking, dripping down my taint. Gloria examined it, and touched me there once more, forking her fingers so that the webbing of lust parted with my opening petals.

“Such desire…” she purred, and inhaled my scent through her nostrils, “Oh, you poor thing. I didn’t mean to neglect you so.” She watched me from her red eyes, the pupils like reptilian slits. Her face dipped between my thighs, and I felt her lips, then her fangs. They pierced me, the venom surging down their capillaries and into my veins, permeating a wonderous warmth and release of pressure from the source, leaving me loose, my nerves receptive and waiting. Then her tongue came, slithering through my petals, the pliant texture conforming to the shape of my insides as it pushed deeper and deeper. Was there an end to it?! It moved all the way to my bottom, and the tip circled my cervix, tickling the sanctum where my child, my little Sherok slept. I wanted to cry out in horror, but I could only mewl pathetically for her, my entrance dilating. But she did not invade me, only teased the final resistance with her circling tip, the belly of her tongue sliding across every erogenous swath within me, moving so sensually. Her hand crept below her chin, and three of her fingers painlessly pushed into my ass. My rim sucked on her knuckles, and she kneaded the membranous flesh between her digits and the bottom of her tongue. I sobbed with pleasure, unable to move, only able to bawl with gaping, smiling lips, staring rapturously at the root-covered ceiling until the feeling exploded inside me.

Gloria withdrew, her impossibly-long tongue retracting back between her juicy red lips. She crawled atop me until her wavy black hair curtained my face. She smiled, her red eyes aglow, her long fangs glistening. I whimpered in fear. She descended, opening her mouth, her pupils dilating. Her lips connected with mine, and her tongue snaked into my mouth. I had never been kissed like it before. Her lips drew sensually upon mine, her tongue slithered and wrapped my own, embracing, trapping it, the tip caressing lovingly. The breath left my lungs, and I was a slave to the moment, a whore to the sensations and emotions she poured onto my palate. When she withdrew, I was in a trance. I rolled my head to the side, and presented her my throat. I felt the fangs enter me so gracefully, and I moaned in equal parts pleasure and despair, loving the way she killed me.

Furia was watching me as Gloria drank her fill. She was mouthing something, but I could not tell what it was. Ruse? Rose? What? But then my vision clouded, and my heart slowed. I was tired. So tired, and Gloria was so warm atop me, and the bed she’d made was so soft.


We were halfway through the Spruces when we came upon a clearing, and the biggest damn tree I’d ever seen. The nymphs never let orcs get this close to their home, but the nymphs were all gone.

“Brock, what are you doing?!” April cried in horror.

“Just marking my territory. Isn’t that what you dogs do?” I chuckled as I pissed all over Arbor’s tree.

“This is sacred ground!” She barked, and marched over to me.

“And I’m watering it. Arbor should thank me.”

“Stop that!” April snapped.

“Now you’re the one giving orders?” I raised a brow at her. “Make me stop it, you little barking gerbil.”

April marched right in front of me, and let my piss shower her bare chest. “You’ve used me as a toilet for so long already;” she sneered, “why stop now?”

“You’re gonna bathe in the river before you take another step with me. I’m not gonna have you stinking like piss all the way to the Cove.”

“But I like smelling like you.” She grinned.

My piss stream sputtered out, though it wasn’t because my bladder was empty. I’d gotten suddenly very hard. April looked at my rod like it was dinner, and took a step forward.

“Stay back.” I growled.

“No.” She giggled.

“I said stay!” I roared.

“No.” She giggled again. She closed the distance between us, and wrapped her little fingers about my cock. It was too big for her to get her hands around it, but she held it firmly, lifting it just below the tip with one hand, and stroking down the underside with the other. Her cool palm encased one of my nuts, and gently rolled it in her hand, watching me with those amber eyes, her long whiskers twitching, her lush mouth parted to yield anticipatory breaths. She lowered her face, and planted a gentle kiss on the tip of my cock. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could, and began to take me in. She was so small, barely taller than Yavara, but much slighter than she, not built to handle a man like me. And yet, she could. Though it pained her greatly, she took my cock all the way down her neck, choking and sputtering, her eyes watering. She loved that it hurt. She wanted me to be her dominant alpha, to overpower her, to let her submit and enjoy the way I damaged her. I grabbed her entire head with one hand, and held her against my crotch, feeling her esophageal muscles rolling and fluttering until she was humming high and panicked against me. Then I pulled back, let her have a breath, and did it again, and again, and again. Her hands slid between her legs, and she fervently pleasured herself, her eyes rolling back, her throat relaxing, accepting what was going to happen no matter what.

“Fucking take it, you bitch.” I snarled, and she hummed in appreciation, her bushy tail swishing excitedly. Somewhere, Arbor was undoubtedly watching. I wondered if she was touching herself.


One breath, then another. I slowly savored each one, wondering if they’d be my last. But Gloria retracted her fangs before she drew too much, and she sighed contentedly.

“I must commend you, Adrianna. Your kind is especially delicious.” She gently ran her fingers over the wounds in my throat, and I shuddered. “I will keep you alive for as long as I can. I must savor this. I can tell that you’re rare.”

“The money.” I croaked, “You promised to deliver it.”

“If I leave you, you will die, and your blood will spoil. I will deliver your money, but not until you’ve passed.”

“Then kill me.” I rasped.

Gloria looked pitiably upon me, and raked her long nails through my hair. I shuddered again, relishing the comb against my roots, the parting of my disheveled strands. “I am killing you, Adrianna. Life for you is only sensation now. Enjoy the pleasure I can offer. Do not think about the problems of the world. In the grand scheme of things, your concerns mean nothing. They’re trifling, cumbersome things that weigh needlessly upon you. Let them go. Let them just…” she held my head in her hands, and began running her nails in gentle circles about the nape of my neck, “…slide off you, little one.”

I didn’t know what she was even talking about anymore. My entire being was just the transient sensations tickling the back of my neck, and the world above moving in drowsy circles. She eased my head back onto the pillow, and my face turned back to Furia. She was still erect, staring vacantly at me, a string of drool hanging from her mouth. Gloria crawled over to her, and vision seemed to return to Furia’s stare. Her pupils focused on me, and there was a word poised on her lips, but it slipped from her the moment Gloria’s blood-red lips came around Furia’s cock.

Gloria tossed her black wavy hair to the side, and slowly slurped her way down. She stared up at Furia as she rotated her mouth, her neck tilting playfully, her red eyes sparkling. She drew up, her dramatic cheekbones showing through the gaunt hollows of her cheeks, the bulge in her elegant neck receding until her lips were pursed around Furia’s head. She held it there for a moment, then opened her mouth. Her red tongue slithered wetly out, and wrapped the entire length of Furia’s nine inches, leaving none of her dark skin to show. Furia whimpered, her eyes enraptured by what she was seeing, her body shaking with what it was feeling. The moist wrap of flesh pulsated with rhythmic constrictions, moving in a lathering, coiling embrace like a boa. Her mouth came around it, consuming Furia all the way once more, than holding her deep. Furia’s shaking turned to a palsying wrack of her arms and legs, and she screamed hoarsely, her face flushing, her bronze flesh glistening with breaking sweat. Gloria hummed, then withdrew, smacking indulgently.

“There is incubus in you, little Furia.” She said, and climbed atop her. Furia’s limitless cock rose on demand as Gloria lapped out the cum that Furia had shot earlier. She ended her licking path upon Furia’s chin, then kissed her as she had kiss me. Furia’s eyes rolled back, and Gloria descended, taking my lover’s rod deep into her tight pink slit. They moaned mutually, and Gloria began to move. Her shoulders pinched and hunched, her back arched, and her ass jiggled to the deep oscillation of her hips. Every part of her was lithe and succulent, moving with the grace of a predator on downed prey, savoring the meal within her. She pulled from the kiss with a gasp, her red tongue slithering back into her mouth, and she angled Furia’s throat, and bit. Furia cried out in delight, a wonderous smile spreading across her face. Her head fell to the side, and she stared at me with eyes that were all pupil. I held her hand still, caressing her with my thumb. It was the only movement I could make. Gloria hummed a groan around her feeding, and closed her eyes to relish the cock she danced upon.

Furia mouthed to me again. “Roos.”

“What?” I mouthed back.

“Roos.” She mouthed again.

I could hardly process what was happening, much less what she was saying. The world had become so dark. It was so cold. I only wanted to feel Gloria’s hot flesh against me, her slippery tongue inside me. I did not want to be bothered by what Furia had to say. I just wanted to marvel at the shape of her beautiful mouth as it formed the word.


Roots. With the utmost effort, I turned my head to the other side. We were on the upper level of the library, and the tree roots that made up the vaulted ceiling above also made the walls here. There was one root just a foot away. It might as well have been across the universe. I could not summon the strength to even lift my hand, much less move my arm. I struggled to turn my head back to Furia, but I could not. Instead, I just shook it along a tiny arc to signal my failure.

“Gloria,” Furia whispered hoarsely, her voice so faint, “I want to see Adrianna’s ass one last time before I die.”

As you wish. Gloria chuckled in our minds, her mouth too occupied. She rolled me to my side, and the hand that had held Furia’s flopped over, and touched the tree root.


I grunted with the last thrusts into April. Her tail was lifted back to show the ruination of her cunt. It was stretched so much that her asshole was opening by itself, and the labia were thin and white with pressure gripping my girth. It must’ve been painful at some point for her, but she took me all the way in, her belly bulging with the effort, and she only sounded tones of immense pleasure. I slowly pulled out, and her exhausted pussy stayed open, the netherlips shrinking partially, my cum pouring out freely. She shivered as it ran down her inner thighs, and she clutched at the tree with straight arms, her fingers digging into the bark.

“Thank you.” She moaned, and attempted to stand upright. She only managed to fall to her knees in a puddle of her own making.

I picked her up by the armpits, and steadied her on her feet until the strength came back to her legs.

“You still smell like piss.” I grumbled, “You’re going to take a bath in the river before we move on.”

“You sure know how to make a lady feel good about herself.” April sighed, and walked bowlegged around the clearing, before getting into a wide squat, and putting her head in her hands.


“Nothing, I’m just waiting for everything to get back to where it should go. You really hollowed me out.” She smiled at me from her disheveled mess of hair, “I know you’re used to fucking devil-made whores, but normal women can’t just take a foot-longer at jackhammer speed and go on a stroll like nothing happened.”

The flow coming from her gaping pussy increased, my spunk pooling between her heels. She let out an exerted groan, then sighed, her thighs quivering with relief.

“What the hell was that?” I asked.

“You pushed things upward. I had to push them back.”

“Does it hurt?”

“It hurts like hell, but it’s worth it to get fucked like that.” She grinned. “Like you said, I’m a tough girl.” She got onto shaky legs, then composed herself. In all the times I’d used her, I’d never once thought on what it was doing to her. I mean, I liked the way she squealed, and I liked the face she made that confirmed that I was breaking her in deep, but she always just crawled away on all fours when I was done, usually to pleasure the other men I’d brought for her to entertain. Even Yavara had been there in the gangbang circle, laughing as she sat on April’s face. Those days when she thought Elena was dead, and she truly was the Dark Queen.

“Brock?” April asked, looking at me curiously.

“I’m not sorry about what I did.”

“What are you talking about?”

“About what I did to you back at Castle Thorum. Doing those things to you in front of Adarian. I’m not sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything but what I wanted. What I’d been trained for.”

“Well,” I growled, “I’m just saying, I’m not sorry that I did it. You didn’t deserve it, but no one ever does. The world deals justice evenly, it just does it on its own goddamn time.”

“I guess that makes sense.” She said cautiously.

I sniffled, wiping away the tears that threatened to roll down my cheeks. “I want to get the fuck off this continent, April. I never want to see it again. When we join up with the Sea Serpents, we’re not going to kotow to some shit-stain human captain for long. You and me, we’re gonna run that mother fucker. I’m gonna kill my way to the top, and you’re gonna fuck your way through the crew, and then we’re gonna take that ship and set it straight fucking east, and we’re gonna go as far as east goes. We’re gonna take what we want, we’re gonna kill who we want, and we’re gonna fuck like goddamn devils until hell takes us. What’d’ya say?”

“I say, aye-aye, Captain.” She grinned, and scurried up my body before I could stop her. “There,” she laughed, “now you smell like piss too.” She straddled my shoulders, and grinded her slit against the back of my neck. “Piss and pussy; that’s what pirates smell like. And you don’t even have to fake the eyepatch. We just a need a three-pointed hat for this bald-ass head of yours, and they’ll make you captain the moment you step on deck.”

“And you’re the parrot on my shoulder, huh?” I grunted.

“Sure, but if you think I’m repeating the stupid shit you say, you’re delusional.”

I growled around a wide smile, and took a step southward. There was suddenly a loud cracking sound, and the tree beside us split open. A doorframe was formed in the bark, and a path of bioluminescence shone dimly in the grass leading to it.

“What the fuck?” I muttered.

“We have to go in.” April said.

“Like fuck we do.” I grunted, and strode forward. A branch thundered in my path, and another one fell behind me, so heavy that it shook the earth. I looked up to see two bleeding stumps where they’d been.

“We have to go in.” April said, “If she’s willing to do that to herself, she’s willing to kill us, Brock.”

“We’ll just wait until she flies over here then.”

A third branch cracked partially, and began to swoop between the other two. It stopped a foot away from crushing us, then edged slowly forward. The message was clear.

“Alright! I’m getting in the fucking tree!” I snarled, and ran through the threshold. The tree was hollow on the inside, bioluminescent lights shining all the way through the trunk. The soil was soft and moist beneath my toes. When I was all the way in, the door shut behind me. There was a moment where nothing happened, and I wondered if Arbor had just herded us to safety from an approaching predator. Then, the floor gave out, and I was falling.


Gloria’s head darted up. She looked at the ceiling where the roots converged, and hissed.

Not you! She yelled telepathically.

These ones belong to me, Gloria. Arbor answered.

We had a deal. I killed the imperial miners, I saved your precious tree, so anything beneath the forest floor belongs to me.

Make an exception. I am sending you two more to take their place.

She sniffed the air. That’s hardly a fair trade.

Take the deal, or I will discharge a billion rot spores into your library.

You wouldn’t dare!

Would I not? Knowledge written on sheets of fiber is so scant of the whole truth that it is practically a lie. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then memory is worth a thousand pictures, so you must understand that your precious library is but a mausoleum of knowledge to me, like a gravestone summarizing a lifetime of experience. Test me.

She gave me a disdainful look, eyeing the hand that touched the root. Since when did you care about the drama of mortals, Arbor Dawnbark?

Those you eat are as ageless as you are, Gloria Titus. But still, all of you are bound by flesh, and though you sing platitudes of your superiority now, I will feed the dust of your bones to my flowers one day. I will eat you, little one.

“When did she become such a gangster?” Gloria grumbled, and let go of me, severing the connection between her and Arbor. I rolled to my back, but my forefinger stayed on the tree root.

You are supposed to be on an island, Governess. Arbor said, The fact that I can speak to your mind means you have been very busy.

I was trying to recruit the subterranean vampires.

I have saved your life. Do not thank me with a lie.

We’ll talk later then.

Gloria dismounted Furia with a discontented sigh, and Furia whimpered, her cum-sheened cock slapping her belly, a thick pool of nectar forming from its tip. She smiled exhaustedly at me, and I smiled back. The ceiling opened above us, and from the convergence of roots, two figures fell, screaming in terror. Gloria moved like lightning, snatching them out of the air, and bringing the struggling duo back.

Do not think me cruel for this, Governess. Arbor said as the figures came into focus, It was just a twist of fate. Sometimes, God makes a joke. I am sorry that you are the punchline.

I didn’t recognize the orc right away. He was massive like a warrior tribesman, but there wasn’t a tattoo on his body, nor a hair on his head. He was missing one eye, but the other stared right into me. I knew who it was then. My eyes drifted to the woman, and my slow-beating heart sank deep into my chest.

“April!” I mouthed, unable to give sound to my voice.

She didn’t look at me, but struggled against the iron binds of Gloria’s grip, biting and clawing without effect. Brock landed punches that would’ve crushed me like a can, but they only managed to move Gloria’s hair. She caught his wrist in her mouth, and injected her incapacitating venom. He went limp in her arm, and she turned her face to April.

“No!” I croaked. Gloria stopped, and looked inquisitively at me, then at the woman in her arm.

“Kitsune,” she said, “do you know this elf?”

April turned to me, and her jaw dropped. “Thomas?! Furia?!”

Furia, who had never met April in her humanoid form, took a moment to realize who she was. “April?”

Gloria examined me. “You used to be a man then?”

“Let her go. Take me instead.” I mouthed back.

“I’m afraid that’s not an option.” Gloria said, “Arbor made it clear that you must live. It will take a day for the venom to leave your body. I’ll take your inhibitors off once I’ve finished these two.”

“Thomas, what’s going on?!” April cried.

“Gloria… please.” I mouthed, tears forming in my eyes.

Gloria frowned. “I can be merciful. I take no pleasure in other’s pain.”

“Don’t!” I screamed.

“Thomas!” April shrieked, the horrible realization coming to her, “Thomas, help me! Don’t let her—”

Gloria snapped her neck, and April’s head fell limply against her chest. Gloria rolled the spineless head to the side, and sank her fangs into the throat before April’s heart gave its last beats. She sucked in through her capillaries, and walked around the corner so that I would not have to see. But I saw. I saw the way April’s hand shriveled to that of an old woman’s, the way her face suddenly sunk into its skull, the way her flesh became loose over hollow muscle. I stared up at the rooted ceiling above us until I could no longer see it through my tears.


There were worse ways to die, I had to admit. There were much worse ways. The vampire held me firmly in her soft pussy, rolling her vaginal muscles up my length, squeezing me for every drop. Her breasts were gently suffocating me, and her hips were sensually dancing, stirring her tight sheath around me, the netherlips sucking me deeper, the salivating mouth of her womanhood consuming me with relish. She moaned gently, taking me with such ease, savoring every inch I had to give her. She rose, giving me a chance to breathe. She smiled dotingly down upon me, her red eyes sparkling, her red lips agape with pleasure.

“Such a brute you are.” She giggled, “I bet you’re used to women screaming for their lives at the end of this cock.”


She laughed again, so husky and sensual, the low registers of her voice belying her age. “Modesty, hmm? It’s funny how people change when death is imminent.”

“I was humbled before I met you.”

“Life humbles us all, but death should be faced with boldness. Do you want to walk into the next life with your head hung low?”

“I’m going straight to hell anyway.”

“Well then, let me deliver you in style.” She chuckled, and bit into my neck once more.

I groaned, my head becoming lighter by the second, the sensations in my loins becoming more intense. My thoughts drifted to Sherok, then to Trenok, then to nothing at all. It was better that way. Frankly, it was quite rude of them to intrude my mind in my last moments. How selfish of them.

Gloria’s fangs retracted, and she sucked upon my wounds before departing them. “You know,” she gasped, forcing her pelvis down to take all of me inside her, “you taste a little like Adrianna.”

“She carries my granddaughter.” I mumbled, hardly aware of what I was saying. The world was becoming darker, and I was becoming less a part of it. I wasn’t drifting away, I was drifting to nothing. Perhaps there was no heaven or hell. Perhaps this was it, and there would be no more. I liked the idea.

“What a strange circumstance of coincidence this all is.” Gloria mused, licking the wounds in my throat.

“God exists to bring interesting people together.” I muttered.

“Where did you hear that?”

“I made it up.”

She laughed again. “I love it. Who would’ve thought I’d learn a profound philosophy from a one-eyed orc?”

She held my bald head in her hands as she drank from me, her fingers so cool, so delicate against my pate. Her thumbs extended to massage the tension from my jaw, then my cheekbones, then my temple. I was left slack-jawed and vacant, a being of sensation without thought, simply feeling the myriad pleasures of her flesh on mine. She kissed my throat again, and again, she sank her fangs into the wounds. This was it. My heart was beating so slowly. My flesh was becoming numb. My vision was so dim. The world was falling away, or was I just sinking? Sinking through rock and time to exist forever in the last moment of my consciousness.


I winked open my eye. I was in a bed. I was so weak. I could not even lift my finger, nor turn my head to see who had spoken. She did it for me. Adrianna’s face filled my vision. She had much more color to her complexion then when I’d seen her all pale and shriveled on the floor. There were wounds in her temples that had been bandaged, and her throat was wrapped, two blood spots leaking through the gauze. I struggled to rotate my eyeball in its socket to look down at my body. I wished I hadn’t. I was nothing but skin and bone, my muscles wasted and shriveled, my complexion nearly white. I was too exhausted to truly process the horror of it all, and that was a mercy, I guessed, but there was no doubt about it, I was dying.

“She said that you told her something intriguing,” Adrianna said, “and that she wanted us to see each other for… whatever reasons she has.”

“I could’ve died getting fucked.” I croaked, “Now I have to talk to you instead. I couldn’t just keep my fucking mouth shut, could I?”

Adrianna smiled. I wished she hadn’t. It was beautiful.

“I never wanted to see you again.” I said.

“The feeling was mutual.”

“Hating you was so easy when I didn’t have to look at you.”

“I never hated you, Brock.”

“Don’t say that,” I smiled weakly, “unrequited hatred is worse than unrequited love.”

“‘Unrequited’ is a big word for a dumb fucking orc.”

I coughed instead of laughed. “My dad always told me I was too smart for my own good, and too dumb to realize it. He turned out to be a prophet.”

Adrianna’s smile stayed on her face. “What happened to you, Brock?”

“I lost.”

“A battle?”


“Everything?” She asked, implying another question.

“Everything.” I answered, and saw her face fall.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered, her eyes glistening. It angered me to see it. That she could weep so easily for a man she hardly knew, and I could only swallow the grief into the pit of my belly for a son that had been everything?!

I focused my eye on hers, “We were fighting a war we would never win. You know that, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“You fucking elves. Even when you’re on our side, you’re all just a bunch of scheming cunts!”

“You’re right.”

“You don’t care about us! This war isn’t about orcs and elves; It’s about elves and elves! We’re just bodies.”


“Stop fucking agreeing with me!” I screamed. I didn’t realize there were tears running down one side of my face until it was too late. I could not hide them from her. I could only bear them shamefully.

“I wish I could say you are wrong, Brock, but you’re not. Your people have been used and stepped on time and time again, but there is hope for you.” She took my hand in hers, placed it against her belly, and wrapped her hands over mine. I didn’t know if I could feel the child in there, or if my dying mind was just fabricating it. It didn’t matter, for I sensed someone in there, someone like me. “Sherok will be raised by orcs. She will learn orc ways and orc traditions, and with Terdini strength in her veins, and my speed in her reflexes, she will be the greatest of our kind. She will lead Alkandra one day, for Yavara has no interest in governing. Bit by bit, she will unlink the chains that hold your people down.”

“You promise?” I croaked.

“On my life.”

A pair of red eyes illuminated from the darkness, their glint tinged with hunger. Adrianna looked at them, and let my hand drop to the bed.

“I’ll say ‘hi’ to April for you.” I said.

“Tell her not to wait up for me. Thomas Adarian is already dead.”

“That ain’t how it works, Adrianna. People change, but they don’t die until they’re dead. Why else would you be creeping around the vampire caves with a strongbox in your arms?” I coughed on another laugh, “Yavara is gonna be pissed at you! Maybe you can say ‘hi’ to April yourself!”

“Maybe.” She smiled, and leaned forward, her lips opening.

“Don’t.” I muttered, “Not you. Not ever.”

She paused above me, and nodded in understanding. “Goodbye, Brock. And thank you.” She said, and left.

She disappeared into the darkness, and Gloria’s ivory figured reappeared, her hips rolling, her breasts bobbing, her predator’s smile stretching across her lips to expose her long sharp fangs. Though no part of me seemed to work anymore, my cock grew as hard as it ever had. I smiled back at the face of death as she crawled atop me, and welcomed me deep into her sweet heat. Then I kissed those red lips, and tasted my blood on them, and it was the greatest kiss I’d ever known. She parted with one of my last breaths in her mouth, and smiled down on me, pulling my loins into her with her erogenous muscles. My balls began to roil, my taint began to churn, and the pressure built at the bottom of my cock, more pleasurable than I’d ever known. She isolated me within her curtain of black hair, and hypnotized me with her depthless eyes. I didn’t even notice when they left my vision. I saw them in my mind’s eye, but my eye could not see anymore. I felt her lush lips draw against my neck, and I felt her fangs stab me so pleasantly. She drank my life from me, and I gave her the rest with one last thrust.
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