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Being a big brother/ house boy/ sex toy for a Sorority is pretty much the greatest job ever.
Jan, President and Grand Mama of the "In" Sisters calls me up and and says she's picking me an official Little Sister. If I want a really hot one I'm gonna have to bribe her... “with oral sex, and lick that booty hole some more like you did.”

"Yes sister"

I have to get over to her apartment to service her. Tough work!

One finger then two fingers inside her. Licking the clit and a third finger, up in deep, going for the g-spot. Fingers out, licking the clit and the slit and dipping down to tongue her asshole. Lubing up her pucker with cunt juice and then probing with a finger. Two fingers in her cunt and one pinky in her booty and vigorous work with the tongue on her clitty. She finally takes her shirt and bra off for me and I look up at her pale tits and large but faint, pinkish brown aureola while I’m bringing her to a climax. She’s got her head thrown back and shouting at the ceiling. I love the freckles on her pale skin between her breasts glistening with sweat. I want to cum there some time! I feel her vaginal muscles pulsing and her anal sphincter clenching as her screaming orgasm echos through the apartment.

After all my hard work I get dismissed. “Ok, you can go now. Good job.”

. . . . . . .

I get a sorority little sister. Here's how that works.

They pretend to be holding a solemn ceremony with girls standing in white robes in a circle around me. The lights are down and they pass the candle around the circle and after several circuits it stops on Lisa. She blows it out. Then the fun begins! The sisters strip her down and me too and I fuck her on the table. Just straight to it! And again I say, her TITS ! They’re fantastic! Her rib cage is very narrow but her boobs bulge out like cantaloupes! Her puffy, cone shaped nipples are perched on the upper third of her swelling breasts and the curve of flesh beneath them is astounding. It's so stellar! In profile there is a perfect ski slope swoop from her collar bone to the tip of her nipple. Her neatly trimmed snatch looks like two hamburger buns with a long frill of meat hanging out from between. When her legs spread they go flat against the cushioned table top and her labia peel open. I'm inside her in a second. Her mouth was awesome but her pussy is magic! She goes wild underneath me, acting like a porn star and screaming out. Everyone is cheering us on and feeling us both up as we fuck. My cock does a really good job and I last for over 20 minutes before I pull it out at all the girls insistence and let several hands direct my spurts of spooge at their sister's tits and belly. They play with the rivers of cum all over Lisa. I get the feeling most have been waiting for a chance to grope her tits and some lick my goo off of her. Becky gets down on her knees in front of me and cleans my dick, gobbling the last dribbles of jizz with her cute little lips. Girls are kissing me, kissing Lisa, kissing and grabbing each other in a frenzy of lust. I guess all the same sex rules are suspended for the moment. I think I see Shelby and Tracy head off together for some carpet munching!

I kiss and congratulate my new little sister. Her tits are really the greatest thing in the world and I get to motorboat them. That starts a train of sisters wanting to rub their faces in her sweaty, sticky cleavage.

The girls want another fucking to take place and they're doing their collective best to get me hard again. Kelly, Ashley, even Jaime have a go at my dick with their mouths until finally I'm sporting wood again. I mean, it's my job!

Somehow it's decided that Bonnie should be laid out on the sex table for me to service with the cock that they all feel they now own. I'm just the legs that carry it around. Bonnie is blond and curvy, nice round tits with a bit of a belly, her navel looks like a slot. She's got sturdy thighs and a bit of a poochy mound and a thick lipped pussy. I stand at the edge of the lovin' table and stab it inside her and she starts moaning right away. We move nicely together and her tits slosh with my thrusts. Her thighs jiggle. I put a thumb on her clitoris and tickle and tweak it. She gets loud and seems to be cumming for two whole minutes. She heaves and squirms. Her pussy feels slurpy wet inside. I'm looking around the circle and locking eyes with my sorority sisters as I fuck the pussy on the table. Chelsea winks, Shannon flashes her tongue, Katie stares at me dead eyed.

"I'm gonna cum ladies, I'm gonna cum!" My voice is rising along with the feeling in my loins. It's time to shoot. Bubbling and tingling and my legs are shaky. Bonnie grips her round tits and mashes them together.

"Cum on my tits! Decorate my boobies!"

"UhUH UH! Uh! Oooooh!" I send spurt after spurt of white jizm onto Bonnie's bulgy tits and stiff nipples. The crowd goes wild. Bonnie is happy with cumn all over her. I feel like a superhero. Lots of hands rub my goo into the skin of her chest as her sorority sisters give her a cum massage. It's a good tit day for sure!

I'm done for now! Let's have a drink!

. . . . .

Kelly and some sisters have lined up pledges for a hazing session and they all have to suck the mystery cock.

That's me, that's my job! They're in bras and panties, side by side and kneeling on the carpet in a dorm room with blindfolds on. The blind folds are narrow and sorta loose so I think they can see out pretty much.

"This is how you get to know your big brothers chicks! These dicks are yours when you get initiated."

We pretend to make them guess between my dick and Stewart's dick.

Stewart. He's tall and athletic blonde like a basketball player but a really nice guy, not a stuck up jock. His dick is bigger than mine and the head on it is huge, like half an orange. It's never totally hard though as I learn from observation. It sticks out but curves down making an arc like a fishing pole with a fish on the hook. Like me he's just totally ready to do whatever the sisters tell us.

First there's Jessica. 32 -24 -34, 5‘-3“ 28FF or G and only 100lbs. Big boob job gives her those jaw dropping proportions. Straight brown hair and bottomless brown eyes. Nice round hips and tummy of toasty tan skin. The gamma disappears when she wears her letters, all you see is the A and the Pi. Hair just down to her collar bones, curls under her chin. She's in a firm underwire purple bra with hot pink ribbon trim. She's dressed the raciest of the group, like she was prepared for exhibiting her goods. Her panties match "always" she says.

Pledge Blair has medium blond hair that she teases up. Lanky, sorta skinny with smallish tits. Her bra is white cotton with embroidery.

Then pledge Taylor. Jet black hair and beady eyes. A bit of meat on her but that means big titties. They sag a lot for a girl of 19 but oh well. Big pink lips. On her mouth that is.

And pledge Casey. Blondish Brown hair with dark roots and prominent eyebrows, also nice lips and smile. Greenish brown eyes. Small tits but quite perky with brown nipples. She's wearing a tank top with no bra underneath. Her nipples broadcast a high degree of excitement. Her fingernails are all different colors.

While we're switching places and switching pledges I throw caution to the wind and reach over to grip Stewart's dick. It's thick and spongy and vein covered and I feel good about holding it. He gives me the warmest smile! I help Taylor's mouth find it and she sucks it in.

I move on, up and down the line, dipping my penis head in between five pairs of lips. Slapping some of them with my cock. Smearing it on their outstretched tongues. Sometimes Stewart and I arrive at the same mouth simultaneously. Blair can't handle us both but Taylor opens her big pink lips super wide and we cram both cockheads in. It looks more comical than sexy. She tries her best but has better luck just switching back and forth really quickly, kinda like a circus seal.

Jessica keeps getting groped from behind by the sisters hazing her. Her breasts are magnetic. Kelly is calling the shots, telling everybody what to do.

"These are awesome tits! Big brothers, you need to tit fuck this pledge!"

Her bra is beautiful and thrusts her tits out and they look magnificent but when I try to slide my hard on between them the front connection is in the way and I can't get a good stroke. Stewart's bigger, duller dick is no better. Kelly has an idea.

"Pledge, take that top off!" she barks at Casey. Casey's wearing a tight, ribbed tank top that's cropped to her midriff. She peels it off and we see her cone shaped tits and puffy nipples.

"Get your bra off Jess, let's see those sweet tits." Jessica, leaning forward to get her arms behind her back unfastens her bra and her breasts billow out. They stand out proud. First rate augmentation! Breathtaking. Mouth watering!

"Now put this on!" Kelly tosses Casey's top at her. She wrestles herself into the slimmer girl's tank and adjusts her melons. Her nipples poke out in a very appetizing manner.

"Let's see if you can make him cum without your hands. Just titties!" Kelly starts pushing us together. I bend my knees and insert my hard rod up and between Jessica's sumptuous bosoms. It feels fantastic in there! It looks fantastic as well when she starts bobbing up and down and her tits massage me like the swirling brushes in a car wash. She looks up at me with a huge grin. She is so seriously cute! Those big brown eyes are miles deep and flashing white teeth show she's having fun!

"OK! Who needs a job? Eeny, meeny , miney, mo Blair! Let's see your oral skills. Stewart better be spoogin' in 5 min!" I look over at him and Blair is giving a pretty good, no hands Knob polishing. He nods at me like "Oh Yeah'". We're buddies now. I mean, we've had our dicks in the same girl's mouth at the same time! That's a bond!

Jessica is hopping up and down on her knees and my dick is disappearing and reappearing out of her cleavage. She is grinning up at me and winking and really playing the sexpot. My cock is feeling stupendous. I call to Kelly.

"Sistyer Kelly, I'm about to blow!"

"We ALL wanna see that!"

Blindfolds were all off by now and Jess and I were the center of attention.

"Do you want it?" I mouthed silently to the buxom girl bouncing on my stiffy. I'm really loving the feeling of her tit tunnel!

"YA! I want it!" She stage whispered back. Her hands were out by her side and only her magnificent melons were traveling the length of my shaft. My legs started to tickle, then quiver, then shake. I felt the fluid rising from my balls and straining upward and outward. Everybody is looking at me, or at the Kevin and Jessica meat piston to be more exact.

Everybody but Blair.

"Keep suckin' that dick pledge!" shouts our drill sargent. Blair is hoovering frantically on Stewart. He gently slows her bobbing head with his big hands.

Jess's got her mouth wide open showing her pretty teeth. Thin curved eyebrows and dark lined eyes. Brown hair falls away from her smooth forehead.

I'm gonna cum. Here it comes. It's gonna go everywhere. Oh god, I'm squealing and,

"OOOOOoooohhhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!"

Gouts of sperm are flying straight up in the air. I'm a cum fountain! It's splashing down on Jess's neck and tits and her face and forehead. I churn out four, five, six geysers of spooge and the room erupts in screams and cheers, just like my cock erupted, emulating a creamy volcano!

Jessica is covered! Kelly is shrieking her approval. Stewart is checking out the discharge from my cock and then he starts grunting in climax and we see as Blair puts her hands on him and pushes back and his cockhead slips out and frothy whiteness spills all over her face. Double facials!

"Yeah Buddy! Go team!" Stewart high fives me over the heads of the messy girls.

Kelly scoops up some off of Jess's tit and holds her finger out to the kneeling Casey who flinches a bit but then Kelly pops it in her own mouth.

"I wouldn't make you do anything I wouldn't do!"

She gets some more and Casey accepts it, sucking the finger clean and her expression changes.

"Mmm, not bad!"

"Ya he's got sweet cum, that's why we love him. Kevin from Heaven, everybody get a taste!"

Taylor is much quicker to suck my cum off of the proffered finger and she seems to like it just fine.

"Get to know your big brother!"

Jess is licking the sperm off from around her lips but then she pulls her messy tits up and off of my member and proceeds to pop the end of my dick into her mouth. I feel her sucking and it turns out I have a little more to give.

"Yum! No joke! this boy has some magic cum!"

Stewart didn't produce enough to share but Kelly still tries to get Casey and Taylor to lick Blair's face.

"I didn't get any Kevin cum" complains Blair.

"Well it's all over my tits" says Jessica "come and get it baby!" She strips off the tank top and Blair crawls over and licks a big gob of batter off of Jessica's bare breast. She lingers on the nipple. Jess pulls her face up and gives her a wet, lip wriggling kiss on the mouth so I guess she gets a taste of Stewart too.

Good time had by all!

. . . . .

There's a sister named Andrea. She has short brown hair and kind of olive skin. Andrea has increadible dick sucking lips, big brown eyes with heavy lids and soft round tits. A low slung ass with wide hips moves around on sturdy but svelte legs. Her face though very pleasant is expressionless and never seems to change much . Her boyfriend is not at school with us.

She tells me very matter of factly some time after the pledge session that she wants to learn about fellatio and cunnilingus. She doesn’t like to swallow but wants to learn how in order to make her boyfriend happy.

"I don't know! I've never done it!" She says in her sweet southern drawl.

She has heard from other girls that my jizz tastes pretty good. I mean, it tastes OK to me. Cindy prefers it to all the others she’s tasted. Jessica slurped it like it was cream filling.

Through hands on research we discover that she likes sustained clit sucking. Her boyfriend has a good sized cock but it hits her in the wrong spot and he just keeps banging away with it. She has a solid, smooth outer pussy with inner lips that hang way down. They get cold when they're left out in the open air.

She gets comfortable with my penis and her oral skills progress rapidly.

"It's just the perfect size and it doesn't jump around like a jackrabbit or try to go all the way down my throat"

The first time I cum during her "oral lessons" she obediently holds still, keeps her heavenly lips wrapped around just the tip of my cock and, one hand lightly holding the shaft, receives what had to be a raging torrent of cum while I fight to keep motionless and not thrust into her face. Those beautiful eyes look up at me when she finished swallowing.

"Did I do awlright?"

She has a twangy southern voice, not as high brow as Jan's.

I get phone calls.

“You can come over to my room if ya want to.”

When I come over to her room we get right into it with the lights on and everything, like we're studying. Usually in the afternoon when we know her roommate has class. She'll even come up to me in the cafeteria and say "OK, we've got to go study for that test now."

I like to go down on her right away and I get her moaning and saying freaky shit in that honey sweet, southern accent.

"Dang! your tongue is magical. It's like a little animal in there!"

I peel her thick outer labia apart and there’s an orchid flower or maybe a dancing apricot inside I can lavish attention on.

"Oh eat my coochie spot!"

“Gawd!! Oh Gawd!!”

After she's had a loud, shuddering orgasm she's very playful and wants very much to please. I talk her into letting me shoot all over her tits and face after she sucks me like a pro for ten minutes, working all the possible angles. “Like in the pornos." I say " Don’t get it in your beautiful eyes."

She shucks off her tshirt and scalloped underwire bra in a flash and lines up with my pulsating cockhead. I'm holding myself aimed in her direction and holding back from a gush of cum I can feel boiling up. She’s thrusting her overripe fruit up to me with both hands.

"What's a pearl necklace?"

"It's when I decorate your neck and your chest with a pearly string of semen."

"Let's do tha-at!" I stroke slowly and feel it about to blow.

"Oh ya! God you're beautiful, Uhhhhhh!" I lay a rope of white from one shoulder down to her perfect tanning bed cleavage and then "Uhhh!" another from the other shoulder down. She moans and stretches her chest up towards me and I deposit another wad right in the middle of those soft round melons but I'm not finished, I contract again as I'm pulling back on my rod and a jet shoots up and splats across her upturned face. She claps her eyes shut and grimaces. "Ayeeeeee!" but her mouth opens and her tongue rolls out and I gurgle another stream onto her lips and tongue.

"Ahhhhhhh....huh..huh...." she luxuriates in my cum and swirls it around her lips before enwrapping my cockhead one last time and sucking hard to get the last drops. She opens her eyes experimentally and then stands and goes to the mirror to look at her self.

"HAH! HA HA! I've got a pearl necklace!" She does look sensational wearing my cum.

"Oh ma Gawd!"

I eat her out one time in her dorm room while she's on the phone with him. She invited me over but then he called and she mouths the word "Boyfriend" at me and sits back down in the armchair and spreads her legs for me. No panties under that short cotton skirt. She's just talking about normal stuff but as I get her worked up she starts with the sex talk. She tells him to jack off and that she's fingering herself. "Yes baby, I think about it all the time now. It's so big. I really want to do it now that we've been apart. You can put your cock in my mouth, yeah honey, I wanna suck on it. I wanna give you a blow job."

I get her to cum by sucking on her clit and she says his name over and over. They say goodbye. I bet he has some cleaning up to do wherever he is.

"That took care of him, now let me take care of you." She shows off her new talents as a dedicated follower of fellatio. Those puffy lips and big brown eyes work together to shoot me off in no time at all. She pulses between pillowy and constrictive and her fingertips lightly caress my balls and I bust my creamy nut over her tongue and down her throat.

On another occasion, another "study" session, we try giving each other oral at the same time. First lying on our sides, soflty lapping and nibbling, head resting on inner thigh. Then she hungrily rolls on top of me and those awesome lips start washing all over my dick. I get my tongue up inside her and the tip of my nose nestles right into her asshole.

"I can't concentrate! It's hard not to focus on just one thang!" she has to release my dick and gasp. "Like I either have to give or receive!"

I get her bud between my lips and focus on that.

"I... I want you to shoot your juice in my mouth when I'm orgasming. I think that would blow my mind! But.. but... Oh!...Oh!"

I'm sucking hard on her clit and she's breathing hard on my dick. She has to adjust so she's supported on her elbows but holding the base of my cock with both hands and fighting to keep her mouth over the end of it. I'm sucking her clit into my mouth and thrumming it rapidly with the tip of my tongue.

"Ooh! Uhhhhh! Uuuhhhhh!" She's getting loud but it would be even louder if my dick wasn't in her mouth. I'm concentrating on getting her to come and she's grinding her hips down onto my face. I can barely breathe.

"Oooooooooohhhhh!" I can tell she's cumming bacause that's the sound she makes. Like singing! She has one lip on the tip of my cock and she's shouting right across my glans. Her high moan goes on for a long time and when she finally collects herself and I feel her vagina stop clenching she envelops my strainng dick and sucks hungrilly, moaning on it and vibrating my sweet spot, my zone right below the ridge of the head. I hug her hips to my face and grunt into her wet crack and explode inside her mouth.

"Unggg!!" She groans on my dick but those fantastic lips stay clamped around me, sliding up and down and milking my cream out as I pump three, four, five times.

"Ghaaa!" she cries and opens her full mouth and my semen sluices out and down the shaft of my cock. I feel the wet slime flow down my balls and ass crack.

"I couldn't get it all! I hadta breathe" She swallows a bit and then gently wraps her pillowy lips back around my cockhead while it finishes oozing and twitching.

"You come a whole lot, I couldn't swallow it all."

. . . . . .

We're having a study session one afternoon.

"woah! WOAH! You caint do that! That's... that's just wrong!"

My tongue had ventured down from her sopping honey hole and flitted around her tighter, browner bung.

"It's nasty! I can't believe you're doin' that!" She squirmed and wriggled. I pulled away.

"Ok, you can do it again..." she giggled.

I lick her asshole like it's the most deliscious meal I've ever had. It is pretty tasty! I feel nectar from her pussy wetting my nose. She gets off hard from me moving back and forth, back and forth, from her cooter to her booty hole. (her words). I lodge my fingertip in her squirming ass hole as I suck her clitoris to orgasm. I feel it clenching and twisting around my finger. She is relaxing and calming back down but my sexual organ is in dire need!

"If I wanna stick my cock in you..."

"No! That would be cheating." She has limits.

" I wanna jack you off on mah titties." she says. I stand up and she kneels down to recieve my load.

She aims it at her tits and hard nipples.

"Come on baby." She strokes me towards her with both hands. I look down at her gorgeous eyes and delicious lips and swelling breasts. That creamy skin is about to get a coating of my jizz.


She should be my girlfriend. Then I could fuck her too.

. . . . . . .

There's a sister named Jemma

She corners me at a party and reveals that she's a virgin despite a long detailed back story she's been giving everybody about high school boyfriend and all. Now she's dating a fratboy and he wants sex and she doesn't want to be outed as a virgin or to be unprepared for their inevitable first time together.

She comes over to my room in the afternoon when my roomate is for sure in class and we get to business fairly quickly.

"Have you given head before?"

"Yes actually, definitely. I've even had your cock in my mouth before. At your initiation. You were blindfolded."


We stood before each other, fully clothed and not sure what to do next.

"Are we going to kiss or just do the technical deed?" I asked.

"Kevin, you're really gorgeous, of course I want to kiss you! It'll get us ready anyway... for intercourse." Her arms go around my neck and we have a good long french kissing session that definitely gets my attention in the pants department. She's a good kisser and I'm quite aroused. We strip for each other, standing in the middle of the room.

She has pointy tits with puffy nipples, they're dark pink on light pink and they point out away from her sternum almost like bananas. Her skin is pale with dark, tiny freckles. She lies back on my bed and i crawl over her.

Thick coarse bush of black hair that needs to be parted with my hands before I can delve into her pink folds with my tongue. She's wet but I get her wetter and then start exploring with two fingers. I feel her hymen, only my second one ever, but her vag seems to be loosening up in eagerness. I tongue her clit a good bit and she's flushed and sweating slightly. My dick is ready to go in there and I moisten it with juices from her slit. It's no problem getting past her labia and I'm two inches in before I meet her resisting membrane. She winces a little but stares directly into my eyes. Hers are dark brown and sparkling.

"I guess this is it, let's go! Get it over with." She seems really excited.

I hover over her and lean in for more kissing. I rock back, then gently forward but pull back when I feel the hymen, again, again, again, she moans into my mouth and then

"Unngh!!" I snap my hips forward and I break it, like a bubblegum baloon.

"Ahhhhhh!! Shit!" She gasps and pulls at my waist and I'm all the way in her.

"There we go... it's in. We did it!"

"let's get to the good part."

We get a slow pumping rythm going and she's murmering good things and breathing really deep and heavy. I'm rocking my hips and trying to find her gspot with my dick and also grind against her clit. She's moaning and breathing in my ear and it's rattling my bones. My skin is crawling and I can feel that soon the buzzing will travel to my groin. I want to hold off but I don't know if I can. Then she groans in my ear;

"Say my name. Say my name while you're fucking me."

"Jemma, Jemma... I'm gonna come in your hot body!"

"Yes! Come! I want you to come! You popped my cherry now cum for me!"

"Should I pull out?"

"No, no, I want to feel it. My first time, I wanna feel your cum."

I let the buzzing sensation build and travel and I keep pumping and it concentrates in my groin and I hold off the contraction and pump a few more slow times. She's staring at my face and I feel it flushing and reddening, my vision of her gets a little fuzzy and then I finally let my muscle contract and shoot a jet of sperm that would blast out the top of her head if it wasn't contained by her virgin vagina. In free air I bet it would have flown six feet and voluminous like an exploding fire nozzle.

Her eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped wide.

"OH GOD!! Oh my God! AAAhhhhhhh!"

I followed that with another mighty blast coming from the base of my balls and

"oh JEEZ I felt that!"

. . . . .

Pledge Tiffany is a dyed red Bimbo. Sorry, but it's true. Tall and skinny with long straight hair and small tits. She has a pretty face and nice freckles. She speaks in a squeaky voice that probably makes her sound like a kid when she's talking over the phone.

I get an interesting request. She wants me to take pictures of her since I’m in a photography class, so we have a session late at night in the art school. It turns out that nude modeling is really what she had in mind and taking all her clothes off and being the subject of undivided attention really turns her on. She drops all these hints about what I could do to her and how I should take advantage of a nude woman behind a locked door in an empty building. Finally I just put down the camera and get my dick out. I show her that indeed I appreciate her lithe naked body. She shows me, with no misunderstanding, that her naked body is ready for my hard cock. I sink it fully into her red trimmed snatch. It is slick but clingy.

She looks really good when she's modeling but her sex face looks like something horrible is being done to her. She drags things out in a long slow climax, and I have to keep giving it to her hard. It's not really the experience I’m looking for but nailing a tall redhead on a table in a school building is pretty cool. I even snap some shots of her strawberry blonde cunt taking my engorged member before she says it's probably not a good idea. Besides, she wants my hands free for harder fucking. I have to really hammer it into her before she finally comes in a screwed up face siezure that looks like she's crying. As soon as she's over the edge I pull it out and do some artwork of my own all over her freckled chest and her bright pink nipples that look like pencil erasers. Once that's done she's no fun any more and she wraps up and scats out in an impolite hurry.

I show Christine the photos I develop in the darkroom and she wants to keep a couple to masturbate to. Naked Sorority girls are a fantasy of hers.

"The ones NOT with my dick in them?"

"Actually... your dick looks pretty good splitting that cunt wide open."

"well... she is hot and all but she looks like something terrible is happening to her when we're fucking."

Christine is quiet.

"And that high pitched voice, she sounds like she's really young, not even high school."

"That's probably how old she was when she got raped"


"Ya, learning about it in Psyche. Sexual trauma can freeze vocal development."

"So like every girl with a squeaky voice?"


I think about that.

I bring it up when I'm talking to Cindy on the phone late one night. I'm under the covers and my roommate is asleep. She sounds very close through the phone.

"Christine says that when you're sexually assaulted as a child your voice can be affected, it can stay at the age when it happened."


"I'm just saying..."

"Saying what?... I wasn't raped."

"I was like way older than you and you were like..."

"Shonda!" I can hear the emotion in her voice.

"I wasn't raped... you made love to me!" I could hear the tears and my own were coming and my voice was choked.

"But I... I.."

"No no, I loved you and you loved me and we both wanted to! You made love to me my first time. You never did anything to hurt to me! You're my big sister and I love you!"

"I love you too... I love you too."

. . . . .

Coming up soon is the Sorority Spring Formal!

I'm allowed to invite Cindy since all the sisters seem to have gotten dates and I'm not needed to escort anybody. There are events planned for the whole weekend.

Thursday night is a wine and cheese at an Alumnus' house. I'm not anybody's date, just invited and Cindy hasn't gotten here yet. Lots of flirting and knowing looks from my sisters among all the older men and women. Kelly is relentless. Her boyfriend doesn't get here until Friday either.

She keeps coming up to me while I'm listening to someone else talk and whispering in my ear.

"I wanna suck your cock"

"I wanna give you head lover boy"

"Give me some dick... dick, dick."

She grabs my crotch when no one is looking, I hope no one is looking.

Jan. "How are you doin' darlin'?"

"Kelly keeps teasing me"

"Stick something in her mouth, that'll shut her up."

"Jan, how long have the "In sisters" been around?"

"Well, I only think a few years before I got in. I know of some Alums in their late 20's but no one much older than that. They're too square."

She looks around the room.

"Actually, do you see Vicky Carrolton? She's the ash blonde in the peach blouse and pencil skirt? She was a senior when I got Initiated." I'd love to hear more details about that.

"Ya? I think she totally winked at me!"

"That's 'cause you're gorgeous baby. Anyhow I'm not surprised she could tell just by looking at you. We have a way of knowing what kind of man will be our boy." Somebody walked up and we had to stop talking. I looked at Vicky some more. She was pretty attractive. I'd like to see what's under that skirt.

Then Kelly drags me out into the carriage house bathroom, sits me on the sink and sucks my dick. She goes at it really hard and fast and I have to get her to slow down and soften her grip so my skin doesn't get worn off. She eases up and her mouth gets really slobbery and it feels quite good. I think about all the older sorority women in the house and what they're wearing and if they used to get cock from the house boys back in the day. I get turned on thinking about fucking Milfs and housewives.

I warn Kelly that I'm about to cum. I remind her that she said she wanted me to give it to her and also that she's doing a really great job on my dick.

"Mmmm Hmmm" she says with my dickhead clamped in her mouth as I climax. My balls churn and she swallows fast but not fast enough for all the hot spurts I'm giving her. She coughs a little and a dribble of semen escapes and hits her dress right at the tip of her left tit.

"Awww, damn!"

We clean her up with some water and a towel but there's still a damp spot. Jan eyes us knowingly from across the room when we return and then rolls her eyes when Kelly motions to the wet spot on her boob.

I get a ride back to the dorms with Heather and her date. She eyes me a lot in the rear view mirror but we don't get up to anything.

. . . . . .

Friday is a thing I'm not invited to and Cindy is showing up. Out of the blue my roommate tells me he's staying in town this weekend. Holy Shit! I tell Cindy when she gets here and she says "Let's get a room." She has a car now (I think she's 16?) I don't know where she got it. I don't wanna know where the money comes from. We pack up our stuff (without roommate seeing all the weird shit like dildos and lingerie) and go.

"Let's invite Christine to come and play with us!"

"Heck Ya!"

I get her on the phone.

"Cindy's in town for the formal and we have a motel room. Come over tonight and hang out with us."

"Ohh, hmmm! Do you just want to hang out and stuff... or is this a hot date?" she asks.

"Lemme see what Cindy thinks,"

"Gimme that phone" barks my sister and then "Girl! Get that pussy cleaned up and dressed up to impress me and get over here. We're gonna make you talk to Jesus again!"

She shows up looking divine. Red corset and a chain around her neck. Stockings with cross patterns on and her panties have a heart shaped cut out in the back framing her alabaster ass crack. She Alternates between acting serious and goofy.

I'm dressed in a pair of high waist red lace panties that have boning like a corset to compress my waist and a stretchy black lace bra that somehow looks ok on my no tit chest. Black stockings and red heels. I worked on my hair a lot and it looks shiny and silky. The supportive panties have a snap crotch so my dick can lunge out and Cindy is giving me head like a true exhibitionist. She turns to Christine and wags my shiny hard on at her.

"Don't you want to put it in your mouth? Just pretend it's a big throbbing clit!"

"Nooooo, it'll shoot stuff all over me."

"That's excellent moisturizer. You liked it on your tits last time."

"I liked it when you were licking it off!"

We all get on the bed. Cindy crawls over Christine who is on her back and hovers her pussy right above her active mouth. Cindy can then reach her tongue to Christine's drooling cunt and goes to it. I grease up Cindy's rectum with some lube and enter her from behind while she's being licked. I push/pull her spread slit back and forth over Christine's flicking tongue. The texture of Cindy's tight hot ass has me rushing towards a cum, especially while watching her face down and rooting into our friend. I want to pull it out and cum on Christine's face but she freaks when I pop out just above her forehead and she wriggles out of the way. I ram back into Cindy and hammer a huge wad up her ass. We both gasp and squeal as I throb inside her tight gripping anal sphincter.

"Ew, go get a shower. I don't want that stuff leaking out of there." barks Christine.

Cindy pops into the bathroom real quick to clean her booty. She's back in a flash.

"I need more licking baby!" snaps Cindy. They take care of each other while I'm in the shower. I can hear it over the water rushing. When I come back in they're hugging and glowing.

"So what are you guys going to DO at the thing tomorrow? Are you gonna fuck sorority girls? I wanna fuck a sorority girl."

"I wanna fuck a sorority girl too!"

"That's not out of the question" I say.

"That Elizabeth is in my class, she's in that sorority. I so wanna grind on her! She runs track I think. Tall and sinewy and long legs and always that red lipstick. Blonde Hair. Mmmm! Do you think she might go for it. I'd show her the ropes!"

"You'll have to show me who she is Shon. I'll cruise her for you Christine. Maybe I'll be your pimp, put you to work on some curious Sorority girls."

"Oh God, that made my crotch wet!"

We both dive for it and take turns with thrusting tongues. She comes at least twice.

"I wanna fuck her with your dick" purrs Cindy, loudly in my ear.

"Ok Shon, you get to be a dildo." Says Christine. Turns out She'll let me do stuff to her once she's cum a few times, and if my sexy sister's in the bed with us.

"That's my job!" I crow. My dick is stiff just thinking about getting inside her.

We start out with Christine and I in the missionary position and Cindy on my back, guiding my thrusts with her hips. Her snatch is really wet and willing, Christine's is. She almost passes for a straight girl. They try to kiss over my shoulder but that doesn't work too well so we change positions. Christine spoons into me and I enter her from behind. My length is sufficient to get between her ample haunches and penetrate her gooey poontang. Cindy gets to play with her whole front, her boobs and her clit. This works really good for Christine, she rolls backward towards me and I lift up her leg to stroke better into her pussy and in a few minutes I get to feel her cumming on my cock. That's something I never thought I'd get to feel and it brings me to the edge.

"Guys, I'm about to come."

"No! No! Not inside! I don't want those little things swimming in me!"

"Don't come yet!" says Cindy. I pull out of Christine's pussy and Cindy rolls me onto my back. Then she directs our friend to lie on top of me on her back and pulls my hardon through her legs. She gets between our spread legs and takes my cock into her mouth, licking Christine's goodness off of it and then sucking it in deep. I get both hands on Christine's breasts from behind and she looks down at her crotch and sees the tip of a penis protruding up and then disappearing into Cindy's mouth.

"Oh God that's sexy!"

"Ya, I'm giving you a blowjob lover!"

"This is crazy."

"I fig yorg na bwow ma mawf" mumbles Cindy past my thick stalk halfway down her throat.

"What? I can't hear you past Shonda's dick" gasps Christine.

"I think you're about to blow a load in my mouth." says Cindy, pulling off my slobbery cock.

"Take it all bitch" cackles Christine.

And then I do. Cindy gets the first shot on her tongue but then pulls it out and milks it with her hand and ribbons of cum arc up and splash down on Christine's smooth white belly.

"Oh ya! Cum for me baby!" She gets the rest of my semen in her mouth as it's coming out and then starts licking it off of Christine's abdomen. There's a lot in her short cut bush and also some is trickling down between the folds of her labia. Cindy spends extra time in there.

"God, now I need a shower!" says my friend.

I Need a nap!

I wake up a few hours later and watch them having more girl on girl sex. Christine adds two, three and four fingers until she works her fist up into Cindy's cunt. I swing my legs over her head, lean against the headboard and I hold my sister between my legs like the position Twyla was in the first time I fucked her daughter''s little virgin pussy. Now I'm watching Christine's hand disappeared up to her wrist in Cindy's vagina. She's pumping it and twisting it. She's smacking her clit. Cindy starts to quake and moan. She has violent shaking orgasms, locked up muscles and animalistic spasms for a full minute before melting back into me and falling asleep in my embrace. Christine moves up to me and we kiss as she strokes my hair.

"you guys are really lucky. you have something really special"

. . . . . . . .

My morning wood is pretty reliable. Cindy finds it and she's on me almost before I'm fully awake. It's a great way to start the day, seeing my adorable blonde sister riding my dick while my best friend Christine lies close by fingering her pussy and tweaking the nipples of her glorious milk white tits.

There's no kissing as we all three are aware of our breath. We share a toothbrush later.

And take a really crowded shower.

. . . . . .

Saturday night we get dressed up and go to the formal in a hotel ballrom. All my sisters look good but none of them are as hot as Cindy. I get all kinds of looks and comments and spanks and prodding from the girls once they have had a few drinks.

Cindy wants to know which one is Elizabeth, the one Christine has the hots for. I point out the athletic blond in the blue dress cut high up her left leg.

"OH, I would totally mash her! Introduce me!"

They disappear at some point and when Cindy comes back she's beaming.

"Ya, I fucked her! That was totally awesome! In the bathroom!" She pops two fingers in my mouth. Pussy!

"She's down. You can totally get her and Christine together. Set it up in your room and get pictures for me!"

Cindy proceeds to put everyone to shame on the dance floor. She's got stripper moves. God knows from where. These college girls can't compete.

We both get pretty drunk and take a cab back to our motel room.

"You're going to graduate and get a good job and then I'll come and live with you. Outside the house we'll be boyfriend and girlfriend but inside we'll be sister and sister."

We rip off our clothes and start out fucking hard and rough. She's really randy and heated but by the time she's had a few orgasms and I finally cum she's regressed back into my little sister and we snuggle and cuddle and she falls asleep drunk and sweaty and and drools on my chest.

Family love is the best!
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