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This is the first part to the story, the second will be released within a short time period
I was 18 when I realized I was addicted to my mother. I started watching porn just like all the other kids in my school. I was a horny teen with desires I could not overcome. My mother is a tall woman with long shapely legs. She has long straight black hair that goes down past her shoulders and past that she has her shapely body. Now I know being her son Im not supposed to think of my mother that way but I know an attractive woman when I see one or perhaps I was just an overly sexual teen who needed to get laid. Once in high school I became that kind of guy that wasnt overly popular but everyone knew who I was, I hung out with different groups of people and over time I had a few dates. But even after losing my virginity and having my sexaul endeavors as some might put it, I still found myself back to thinking about my mom, still found her attractive and ended up fantasizing about her half way through one of my many jerk off sessions. I liked the idea of always having her around the house and the secrets we could keep together. She didnt help my poor sexual thoughts as she always wore tight clothes to show off her body to the outside world. She knows what she has and shes not afraid to show it off and why should she be.

But now Im 19 years of age and still horny for my mother. If she only knew the things I would do to her she would kill me. Id be a nymphomaniacs dream come true. It seemed like five times a day I found myself masturbating because of this woman walking around my house and she had no idea of my desires. I craved her and it kills me that its completely one-sided. But as much as I masturbate and as much as I try to stay away from my sinful thoughts it wasnt enough and I needed more. I needed to see her, I needed to touch her, I needed her to want me as much as I wanted her. I became more brave in my attempts to see her naked, to just get a small glimpse of this goddess once in a while. Id wait until shes just getting out of the shower and accidentally slip pass or wait until shes tired and going to bed to try and catch her while shes changing. But then one day something had changed in the house and by something I mean my mother. I woke up one morning and instead of my mothers usual outfits she was wearing a looser shirt that showed Alot more of her chest. I could tell she wasnt wearing a bra that day and my eyes were glued to her chest hoping to get a glimpse of my mothers tits. Truthfully she had caught me right handed goggling at her chest.

"Something your looking for" she said as my face went pure red in embarrassment. I knew what I was doing was wrong but at the same time I never thought ahead about what I would do if I ever got caught. Sorry mom is all I could muster. "Jay your 19 now and ive noticed youve been more clumsy lately; you think I havent noticed you accidentally walking into bathroom every now and again" as she said while using fingure quotes. My heart sank as she knew this whole time that ive been trying to get glimpses of her. "Im not mad because I understand at your age you just want to hump anything you can get your hands on but I want to know what your thought process is, you know im your mother and that its wrong". The first thing that came to my mind is that she doesnt really want to know what im thinking cause what im thinking is that I want to bend her over this kitchen table and shove my hard cock so deep in her tight ass that she'll believe in a higher power. But all I said is im sorry again and that I couldnt help it. I told her that I find her pleasant to look at and that I cant help it as shes always around. She looked flattered and flustered in an odd way. "Jay I have thought about this for a long time and im going to offer something no mother should ever offer her son, but if you except what I offer then you will never make an approach or talk to me about this from this day foward". I was intrigued and worried at the same time when she said she has an offer for me that no good mother should do so all I did was sit there and continue to listen to her. "Its 9am right now and im offering for you to do whatever you want to me, to fulfill all your desires and all your needs until 12 midnight but my one condition is that you still treat me with respect and treat me like a mother after today is finished, by doing this im hoping to relieve some stress and built up frustration you have towards me".

For a second I thought I was imagining everything as if I was in a messed up wonderful dream or in a coma, but either way dream or not im still going to let things play out. I was in such shock and disbelief I didn't believe my mother and thought this was some sort of set up until my mother reached into her shirt and pulled her tits out one by one. Those glorious tits that I have fantasised over for years now right in front of me in arms reach. "I know you must have a thousand thoughts going through your mind right now but im being serious, you have until 12 tonight to use me like one of those prostitutes you watch watch on porn". "Why dont we start off by doing the top thing on your list honey?". I was already fully erect and getting sore from my hard on pushing into my pants looking for freedom, and I knew she wasnt anywhere near ready for the top of my list, I dont want to scare her with my sexual thoughts and the dirty desires I had in my mind for years. But I knew by the end of the day all her holes will be filled with my cum, her sons cum. "Why don't we just start this off slow with a blowjob mom". She nodded and moved over to my chair without hesitation. This was actually happening, my dreams coming true and possibly my moms nightmare. Today was not going to be easy for her. She undid my pants and my hard erection flung out in relief, my mom kneeled there in front of me while I was still sitting in my chair just staring at my penis. "Is everything okay mom" I asked in a shy voice scared she was going to back out. "

"No nothing, I just didnt expect your size honey" She seemed a little new to blowjobs even though the way she dressed and portrayed herself was as if she new her way around a cock. She opened her pretty little mouth and wrapped her lips around my penis. Her warm mouth was heavenly after all these years thinking about her. She began bobbing her head on my dick taking more and more of my shaft into her mouth with more saliva. I couldn't help myself but to grab her head and run my fingers through her long dark hair as she took me deeper into her mouth with every slurp on my cock. I knew I wouldnt last long being my first time with my dream girl who just happened to be my tight mother. With my dick still in her mouth I reached down for her chin and made her look me in the eyes as I forced my dick a little deeper into her mouth entering her throat to release my hot load. I could feel stream after hot stream of cum release into her throat and I could see in her eyes every time another stream hit her. She wasnt expecting me to do that, it was clear to tell but she did say I could do whatever I wanted to her and I was going to make sure I did. I slowly pulled my dick from my mothers throat which was one of the best feelings I could ever have, watching some cum drip from her mouth as my dick slid out and looking at the tears in her eyes caused from gagging on my dick. She was beautiful.

Luckily for me being my age and my sexual recovery I was all ready to go again within five minutes of staring at my mothers breasts. She stood up and put her tits away without saying anything. I wondered if she was regretting this yet, because I knew in another hour or so she would be. "whats next on your list" is all she said staring at me with run down makeup from her eyes. "Do you have any toys?" I asked already knowing the answer from snooping in her room from previous horny endeavors. She brought me to her room and like most single females her age she had some toys hidden in her drawer. Vibrators, dildos and such but one had caught my eye in particular. She had a big purple dildo meant to suction to a wall. I told her to grab it and that were going to go for a shower together to get cleaned up a bit. I headed to the bathroom to start the hot water for a shower as she grabbed her giant dildo from her drawer. When she got to the washroom I was already naked and in the shower, she slid the door open and passed me the toy slightly unimpressed for what I had planned but for all she knows she might enjoy it. I watched her get undressed through the fogged up glass as she pulled her shirt over her head and pulled down her pants. I saw her pause for a moment before pulling down her panties, I knew deep down she wasnt sure about this. She walked towards the shower and I opened the door for her to get into the warm water. I immediately looked down towards her well trimmed pussy. The pussy I came from and the pussy that I plan on cumming in by the end of the day. She looked at me then noticed the huge fake dick stuck on the wall behind her. "Its alright mom" I said as I grabbed her closer to me so I can kiss her. Not like a son but a passionate kiss as if I were a lover. As I kissed her I felt her breast push against my chest and made my cock twitch again. I pushed my tongue a little into her mouth and she excepted willingly with no hesitation. I was making out with my own mother as warm water was beating down onto my back. I couldnt believe how lucky I was, how wonderful my mother was for allowing me to do this. As we continued to make out for a couple minutes more, our tongues down eachothers throats I slowly began to move her body back a couple steps until she felt the purple dick in her lower back. She opened her eyes and I smiled a little "try and enjoy this mom" as I reached behind her to guide the fake dick into her moist pussy while raising her a little to get it positioned just right. I saw my mothers eyes widen as it entered her body. I bet when she woke up this morning she didnt think she would be having a shower with her son while fucking a fake dick, yet here we are.

As her eyes widened and her mouth parted from mine when she took half the dick between her legs my dick became most erect seeing my mother in such a position. My beautiful mother who raised me is now standing there slightly hunched over with a massive dildo in her twat staring at me wondering what im thinking and what I will do next. I took a step towards her to give her one last kiss on the lips then arched her back lightly to make her bend over like a good slut so my dick was in eye level with her while she still had the dildo in her pussy. I grabbed the back of her head once again and stepped foward sliding my dick back into my mothers mouth for the second time today which will definitely not be the last time. I began to fuck my mothers mouth slowly swaying her back and forth from the wall to make her slowly fuck that fake cock behind her making her moan slightly with my dick in her mouth. The vibrations from her moans drove me wild and I began to become more aggressive with her slowly putting my dick deeper into her mouth but then pulled out of her mouth for her to take a breath. She had drool come out of her mouth as I pulled out and I saw her push back into the dildo willingly without me having to guide her. I could tell she was trying to make the best of this and get a little pleasure out of this fucked up situation. I moved foward again to enter my moms mouth as she was swaying back and forth. Her breasts swinging in the air with hard nipples caused by the warm water. She was gorgeous in this position and I felt like the luckiest person alive. I was staring at my mothers ass in the air while she was taking the fake dick between her legs and I couldn't take it anymore. I once again like earlier grabbed her chin and made her look into my eyes but this time she knew what I was doing. She gave me a small moan of consent that she was ready for my load, but I wasnt going to make it that easy. With more then half my dick in her mouth and saliva and precum dripping from her mouth I pushed my full shaft into her throat making her gag causing the sensation to be so much better. But while I was making my mother deep throat me I had pushed her back into the dildo more causing her to take the whole thing into her tight little twat. Her moan became a little scream causing me to twitch more making me release my entire load into my mother. I was spit roasting my mother and I loved it. Sliding out of my mothers wet mouth she moved foward removing the cock from her wet pussy. She stayed slightly bent over in relief with slight pleasure that we were done for the current moment. I stared at the purple dick and realized that my mother had cum on it just now which made me all that more horny and desired her more. I stood her up a little and let her lean on me in an embrace. We stood there in the shower naked holding each other covered in cum and I whispered into her ear "todays only begun mom". To my surprise she said "use the real thing next time". She has no idea how much more im going to use her today.


2020-01-19 18:15:36
Finished reading. Very short. I've noticed your stories tend to suffer from that. In the long run, you have a collection of nice chapters with plenty of action. Not bad. There's a subtle suggestion that she's still reluctant to do this; which makes it more realistic and enjoyable imo. I feel like if you turn the reluctance up a notch, it'll give the story more character. One of my favorite parts of incest/reluctance stories is the conundrum of overcoming the reluctance for the reward of sexual pleasure. Getting a random stranger to sleep with you has minimal obstacles. Getting a known entity of authority such as a boss or teacher adds more obstacles. Getting a family member implies obstacles on many levels. The obstacle here was apparently overcome by parental love and care, possible mutual attraction and genetic lustful drive, but anything goes sounds like a mistake of the moment that could definitely be exploited for story purposes. Potential roleplay, video, risk public exposure..


2020-01-19 15:56:45
I haven't finished reading, but I read the part about being a nymphomaniac's dream come true. I also have an unusually high appetite. It's made even worse by an inability to easily climax. If anything it makes relationships harder rather than easier. When the women in your life feel that they can't fulfill you, they think negatively of themselves. I also now find women humorous when they call themselves nymphomaniacs, because it feels as if it's a different classification for women than for men. Most men have a naturally high sex drive in comparison to women. I have a high sex drive in comparison to men. I leave the women sore and satisfied after a few days, but I am never satisfied. It's truly a genetic curse.


2020-01-14 09:56:21
I have a feeling he's going to do a lot more than just ass fuck his mother. I'd wager by midnight he has himself a pet slut for as long as he wants her

Dirty SamoneReport

2020-01-10 07:04:33
He needs to fuck her asshole. I love to read about ass fuckin.

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