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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

All characters are 18 and older

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My name is Michael Hunter and I'm the luckiest man in the world. I know that's a pretty bold statement, but I believe it's true. After I tell you my story, you can decide for yourself if it's true.

My story starts two years ago. I'd been on a dry spell for almost six months, so my friend, Shawn, set me up on a date. All he would tell me about the woman was that she was a police officer and that, if I would give it a shot, she could make me very happy.

I was skeptical at first. After all, I have some, unusual tastes. I am very much into bdsm and I like my females young. Looking back, maybe Shawn knew that, but I always thought that I hid that part of myself pretty well.

Anyway, the night of the date came and I got ready. We met at a little Italian restaurant that wasn't far from her place. Right away, I was stunned by how gorgeous this woman was.

Her name was Katie and she had long red hair that flowed down her back. She had bright green eyes and plump lips that made me imagine dirty things. She was just over five feet tall and maybe one hundred and fifteen pounds. And she had amazing tits, a firm c cup, and an ass that I wanted to slap right there on the spot.

The date went well, Katie telling me about herself. She had a daughter, Molly. The dad had never been around, so it was just the two of them. They had a pretty happy life, but Katie was lonely. She didn't date much and the few men she found got scared off when they got intimate.

"Why is that", I asked, very wary of this woman, wondering if I should make and excuse and leave right then. Boy, am I glad I didn't. "Well, when I tell them about the things I like in bed, it seems to scare them off", she admitted, blushing. That was, without a doubt, the cutest thing I had ever seen.

"What kind of stuff do you like that's so scary", I asked, beginning to get curious. "If you really want to know, why don't we go back to my place", she said and I immediately agreed.

Once we got to her house, she paid the babysitter and sent her home. That was when she introduced me to Molly. The girl was in skimpy pajama shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. She had short auburn hair, her mother's green eyes, and a petite body. Her budding breasts were a solid A cup and her ass looked firm and small, but still had a lot room to grow.

After she sent Molly to bed, Katie took me to her bedroom. It looked pretty normal, nothing like I'd thought from what she was saying in the restaurant. She went into the bathroom, telling me to make myself comfortable.

I suppose I'd better describe myself. I'm six foot and I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I keep in shape by running every morning and going to the gym twice a week. I have short black hair and blue eyes. My dick isn't super long, only seven inches when it's hard, but it's very thick.

Anyway, while Katie was in the bathroom, I stripped down to my boxers and laid on her bed, waiting for her to emerge. When she did, I couldn't have been more surprised.

I had expected her to come out wearing sexy lingerie or maybe nothing at all. Instead, she entered the room wearing an outfit that was identical to her daughter's. And, from the way it fit her, it was probably the same size.

She came over and sat down on the bed, her eyes drawn to my cock that was poking through my boxers. "You like what I'm wearing", she said seductively. "Well, to be honest, it's not really what I was expecting", I said. "You look like you're ready to cuddle and sleep, not fuck."

She just smiled and placed a hand on my leg, inches from my dick. "Not at all. No, I just want to live out one of my fantasies", she said. "And what would that be", I asked, my eyes traveling over her body. "I want you to pretend I'm Molly", she said, her face maintaining a serious expression. "I want you to pretend that I'm my daughter while you fuck me. Imagine it's her, her young body pleasing you. And please, be rough."

I looked her dead in the eye. "Are you serious", I asked and her eyes fell. "Great, I've scared you too, haven't I? Now you're going to leave and never come back", she said, her voice full of regret. "Hold on", I said. "I just want to know if this is for real."

Her eyes quickly perked up. "Yes, it's very real. I've often fantasized about seeing her fucked by a strong man and this is the closest I'll ever get." I smiled, knowing then that I'd hit the jackpot. "Alright then, let's do it", I said.

I could see the excitement in her eyes and she nodded her head. "Alright, I hope you're ready for this", I said and I stood up, my dick inches from Katie's face. "Ready for what", she responded in and innocent voice, like a little girl. I didn't say another word, just dropped my boxers, my shaft popping out and brushing against her lips.

Her eyes grew wide, making me smile. "That's your thingie", she said, continuing the little girl act. "No, it's my dick. That's what big girls call it. And you want to be a big girl, don't you", I said to her, incredibly turned on by this roleplaying.

She nodded enthusiastically. "Um, is it okay for you to show me your dick, mister", she asked, her voice full of longing. I simply nodded. "This will be our little secret. But I can tell, you want to touch it, don't you?" "Uh huh", she said, her eyes glued to my shaft.

I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my shaft. "Now, slowly stroke it. Go from the bottom to the top", I said. She eagerly obeyed, her hand feeling amazing as she obeyed me. As she did this, I imagined Molly doing this for real. I wished it was her middle school hand wrapped around my shaft.

I stroked her hair for a moment, enjoying her hand. "Now, I want you to lick up and down the shaft. Imagine it's a popsicle", I said, imagining Molly's little mouth on my cock.

Katie began licking hesitantly, just like she would if she were Molly. But she got enthusiastic about it quickly, moaning in pleasure as precum leaked out of the tip of my dick. "Now, open your mouth. I'm going to fuck that pretty young face of yours", I said and she immediately obeyed.

I placed my dick inside her mouth, feeling her wrapping her tongue around the shaft as I pushed forward until I hit her throat. I pulled back and quickly rammed forward again. It didn't take long for her to begin drooling and gagging on my thick dick as I fucked her face like it was a pussy.

Needless to say, with the roleplaying fantasy adding so much enjoyment for me, it didn't take long for me to orgasm. I pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth and exploded, feeding her spurt after spurt of my cum. She had no choice but to swallow it.

When I pulled out, I smiled down at her. "How was your first taste of cum, little girl", I asked. "It was delicious mister", she said and then I got a pleasant surprise. Normally, after I orgasm, it takes me awhile to get hard again.

Not this time though. Maybe due to her partially fulfilling one of my fantasies or maybe it was because she was so sexy, but my dick didn't even get a little soft. I decided to take full advantage of this.

I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. "What are you doing, mister", she asked, mock fear in her voice. "I'm going to fuck that tight, young, virgin pussy of yours", I growled and I ripped her pajama shorts off.

Her pussy was soaking wet and bald. The slit was so small she could have been mistaken for a much younger woman. I loved it, since it added a visual aspect to the fantasy. I reached down and rubbed her clit, causing her to moan loudly. She never broke from the little girl voice though, much to her credit.

I placed my dick against her slit and rubbed it up and down, using her natural juices as lubricant. Then I pressed my cockhead against her tight hole, imagining Molly in the same position. With a thrust, I pushed half my dick inside her cunt.

"Fuck, your cunt is tight", I groaned as I thrust back and forth, going deeper with each push. "It's because your dick is so big, mister", she moaned. It took several thrusts, but I managed to bury myself inside her. My balls rested against her sopping wet cunt and then I felt it. Her pussy began convulsing as an orgasm overtook her.

She arched her back and screamed as her juices squirted out all over the bed. Then she looked me dead in the eye, fire in her pupils. "Please fuck me, mister. I want to feel the way mommy feels when she has her friends over."

Her begging, especially in that voice, pushed me into overdrive. I pulled her legs onto my chest, grabbed ahold of her hips, and started fucking her hard and fast. My dick hammered her cunt, causing her to cum again and again.

Her constantly spasming cunt was pushing me closer to another orgasm. When I felt like it was almost there, I started to pull out. She quickly wrapped her legs around my waist. "Don't pull out, mister. Mommy made sure I'm on the pill, just in case. Please fill up my pussy with your cum."

I growled and thrust deep inside her, pushing against her cervix. With a primal groan, I exploded, flooding her womb with my seed. I didn't realize I was capable of cumming again so soon, especially so much, but no one had ever played into my dangerous fantasies before.

When I finally finished, I pulled out of her pussy, cum leaking out and running down to her asshole. "Fuck, that was amazing", I said as I lay down on the bed beside her. She crawled beside me and looked into my eyes.

"I can't believe that didn't scare you off", she said, back to her own voice, and I laughed. "Fuck no. That actually came pretty close to fulfilling my fantasy", I admitted, not realizing that I'd let my guard down with someone I barely knew.

"And what fantasy would that be", she asked, her voice very suggestive. "Um, I don't know if I should say", I said, hesitant to reveal the truth about myself. "After all, you're a cop." "I promise, no matter what you tell me, you won't get into trouble", she said. "What the hell", I said. "After all, I know your dirty secret."

I took a deep breath and looked at her. "I fantasize about fucking girls that are Molly's age. I want to use their tiny, petite bodies in all kinds of depraved ways." I had expected her to pretty much throw me out when I told her, even given what she had told me about herself. To my surprise though, her eyes lit up.

"I wandered why Shawn told me to go out with you", she said. "But now I know." "What are you talking about", I asked, confused by her statement. "I want more than to just pretend to be Molly", she said. "I want you to actually fuck her."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Are you serious", I said. She simply nodded. "I'm a voyeur at heart. I love watching people fuck more than I actually like fucking. And I want to watch you fuck my daughter. And maybe her friends." I pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

I smiled as I looked into her eyes. "You're fucking perfect, do you know that", I said to her. "I do", she said with a giggle. "Just make sure you always have enough in the tank to fuck me when I want it and I'll make sure you have all the young pussy you could want." "You got yourself a deal", I said with a laugh.

To be continued...


2020-01-18 11:15:14
Alandee yes and no you can be 6' 250lbs still jog and work out twice a week IF one you have dense bones(like I do), and dense muscles. And that is from working out when a teen to get strength not bulk. I know this cause I was like that when I was younger.


2020-01-17 11:51:47
Sentences that are questions should have a question mark at the end. Punctuation in conversations should occur before the quotation marks, not after.


2020-01-14 01:44:57
I respect the fact that that you didn't say you were packing 8-9 inches like everyone seems to say but 6' tall and 250 is a very large man. Guys that big who are muscular don't jog (very hard on the joints) and if they are that muscular hitting the gym 2 times a week ain't gonna make that happen. The other type of 6' 250lb guy isn't going to be a jogger either because the only shape they would be in is round.

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