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Five of us play poker on a regular basis. One, Carl has a habit of getting carried away and betting when he shouldn't, which has lead to a few welched bets on his part so we are very careful to make sure that he can pay whatever he bets. This time though he makes a wild bet and it was so tempting I had to take it.
Four of my co-workers and I play poker every Wednesday night. This night, the game had been going for a couple of hours and I was down $50.00 and hadn't won a hand in the last 45 minutes. On the last deal I had held the ten and King of Spades and drawn three cards praying to get at least some thing worth betting.

I pushed my cards into a single pile, picked them up and looked at the top card. It was the ten of Hearts. The bells went off in my head with visions of a three of a kind. I spread my cards apart slowly, holding my breath as I did. The next card was the ten of Spades, the one after was the King of Spades. I pushed the forth card out and saw that it was the ten of Clubs. I was ecstatic! I had three of a kind! But I also had one card left to look at.

I closed my eyes and pushed the last one out where I could see it, then peeked out through slitted lids. I had a very hard time not screaming and jumping up and down in my seat as my eyes fastened on the ten of Diamonds. I couldn't believe it! I had four of a kind ! I had been playing poker for years and had rarely drawn such a good hand!

I looked around the table at the other players, trying to keep a straight face. Jim from shipping and George from accounting had looks of disgust on their faces. Each threw their cards onto the table with a grunt. Frank who worked in the mail room, looked back at me steadily. I figure he had something. Carl, who was one of the junior executives, also had a poker face. I figured both had a fairly good hand. Frank would usually bet on a good hand, but wasn't a gambling nut.

Carl on the other hand would bet on almost anything. He normally left the game early because he was broke. In fact he played so badly no one would take his marker because he had welched on a few bets. If I played it right I could clean out at least one or both of them. It was Franks bet and he threw in $40.00 in chips. Carl called and added $75.00 more.

I was sure I had Carl so I grinned and shoved all my chips into the pot and said,"That's $511.00 to you if you want to stay in."

Frank said,"Shit!" as he tossed his cards in.

Carl quickly counted his chips, then looked up at me and said,"I've only got $73.00! Is there something else I can bet?"

I was in a very good mood at that time. With the hand I held, there was little doubt I was going to win.

So to be funny I said,"You could always bet a video of Susan."

Susan, Carl's wife was a sweet, sexy blonde with one of the best bodies I've ever seen. She was a dancer before she married Carl and still had the trim, tight figure of a dancer. She stands 5' 6", has 38 "C" tits and an ass everyone of us would die to feel. She seems sweet and acts innocent, which just adds to her allure. We loved to tease Carl about her because he would always get indignant and get all huffy about it.

The reason I said a video was that Carl had run out of money in a game three weeks before and bet a video of Susan masturbating. George had won that hand but when he asked for the CD Carl had tried to welch. All of us had to threaten him with expulsion from the game before he handed it over to George.

Carl demanded that George not let anyone else see it and that he return it to Carl at the next game. George agreed with a huge grin. George watched the CD, then called me and Frank directly afterward to tell us that Susan was one smoking hot woman and had put on one hell of a show. That caused a round of begging and threats from me and Frank before George agreed to share.

Frank got the CD first then brought it to me a few days later. When I watched it I couldn't believe how fucking hot Carl's sweet little innocent seeming wife was. In the video she fingered her pussy, squeezed her ample tits, then fucked herself with a vibrator all the while playing to the camera. One of the high points of the action was when Carl had zoomed in on her pussy as she climaxed. You could see her pussy pulsing and squeezing the vibrator. I jacked off and came three times

while watching it, my mind filled with the thought of how good it would feel to have her pussy squeezing my cock as she came.

At the next game we gave the CD back to Carl, after each of us made a copy of course. During the game Frank let slip that all three of us had watched it, which caused Carl to get red in the face and sputter. We had to let him win two or three hands to settle him down.

Carl snarled," You've already seen everything you're going to see of her!" which is what I expected and we all laughed.

"Ok, ok." I said,"Calm down! So what are you going to bet?"

"Can't I do it on my word?" Carl ask.

I shook my head and said,"I can't do that Carl. You don't have any credit with us and you know why! I want to see the money."

Carl sat looking at his cards, then he said,"I'll write you an IOU. I'll pay you, I promise!"

"I just can't let you do that." I said,"You've burned those bridges with all of us. Come on bet or toss ‘em in."

Carl stared at his cards for a long time, then said,"Ok."

"Ok?" I asked puzzled,"Ok what?"

"I....I bet Susan." He replied in a voice so low I wasn't sure I heard him.

"What?" I said in disbelief,"Did I hear you right? Did you bet another video of your wife?"

Carl's eye lit as he said,"Yes...aw...that was it....I .....aw....bet another CD of Susan!"

I sighed, looked at my cards and considered, Was it enough? Did I want him to bet more? After pondering on it for a few moments, I decided that Carl would bet more if I pushed him. What, I had no idea, but I wanted to see how far he would go and just what he would bet.

"I don't think that will cover it." I said,"You're going to have to sweeten the pot with something else."

Carl stared at his cards for a long time then said in a low voice,"OK.......I do. I....aw....I bet.....Susan."

"Carl I've already said another video isn't enough." I replied.

"No you don't understand," He said,"I bet Susan."

I sat in shocked silence for several heart beats then asked,"Wait, you're telling me you're betting your wife? Like in I get her if I win?"

Carl looked up from his cards and said in a slightly louder voice, enough where we all heard him,"Yes...aw...yes. I bet Susan."

"Damn Carl! Are you sure you want to do that?" I asked, still stunned he would make such a bet.

Carl nodded his head,"Yes. She's my bet."

I had to make sure he knew what he was doing so I said,"Let's get the conditions of this straight. You bet your wife. That means if I win, I get her for a few hours to do anything I want with her. Is that what you're betting?"

Carl nodded and said,"Yes. That's it. Are you willing to take my bet?"

It took me a moment to let what he said sink in. I shook my head knowing in my gut that Carl would never pay up, that Susan would never agree, but also knowing that having her in my bed, no matter how slim the chance, was worth a try.

I said,"You damn straight I'll take your bet! So, what do you have?"

A huge grin spread across Carl's face as he laid down a full house, three Jacks and a pair of eights..

"Aw damn!" I yelled,"All I have is two pair!"

Carl grinned and reached for the pot.

"Wait a second." I said.

Carl stopped and looked puzzled as I said,"I have two pair. A pair of tens and another pair of tens."

I grinned as I said,"Sorry old bean, you just got beat!"

Carl's face went white as he saw the cards.

"But....but...but..." He sputtered.

"I know,"I replied,"You should have won with a hand like that. But mines just a wee bit better. Sorry."

I rubbed my hands together and said,"So when do I get your sweet little wife?"

Carl looked like he'd been shot as he said,"I....I can't ask her to do that! She'll....she'll kill me if I asked!"

In disgust I pushed my chips toward Frank who was the banker and replied,"It figures! I should have known you'd welch! I'm done. I will never play another game of poker with you, ever!"

"I think that goes for all of us." Frank said as the other two nodded in agreement.

Carl said nothing more as we cashed out our chips. Frank left first, then George. I was the last one to go.

"I knew you wouldn't pay up when you made that bet. Why didn't you let it go? Why did you make such a stupid bet?"

Carl said nothing, he just shrugged. I was more sorry for Carl then angry as I made my way home. I was also sad because this spelled the end of our weekly poker game the way the had been. While Carl had welched on some bets the reason we let him play is he was fun to play poker with. Now that was at an end.

Carl avoided all of us at work and especially me. I'd spot him coming toward me, then see him duck into a doorway so he didn't have to face me. After a while I began to get pissed that he was such a pussy and welcher to boot. I was sitting watching a game one Friday evening a month after that game when the phone rang.When I answered it Susan was on the other end.

"Hi Lou." she said.

"Hi Susan." I replied, wondering why she had called,"What can I do for you?"

"Carl has been acting like he's lost his best friend and he won't tell me why. Do you know why he's like this?"

I knew exactly why, but I didn't want to tell Susan her husband had been kicked out of our poker game because he had lost her on a hand of poker and then welched on the bet.

"Aw, well, aw, I think you should ask Carl." I said.

"I have. He won't tell me. In fact he won't talk about it. And when I ask why he doesn't go to his poker games any more, he says they aren't any fun. I know better then that. Carl loves poker! I can tell by your stammering you know. I need to know. And I need you to tell me."

"Well, aw, I'm not really comfortable telling you why." I said, still trying to get out of divulging what had happened.

"Just spit it out!" Susan said as her voice got a hard edge to it,"What ever it is, I'll take care of it so Carl can go back to his poker game. It's the pits living with him when he's like this!"

"OK," I said taking a deep breath,"But remember you asked to know."

I quickly went through what had happened, trying to get it out as quick as possible. When I finished there was total silence from Susan.

I waited for almost a minute, then said,"Aw, Susan? Are you still there?"

There was 10 or 15 more seconds of silence.

When Susan replied her voice was so Saccharin sweet it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, "Well, I see. Thank you Lou for telling me what's bothering him. One thing I'd like to clarify though, you were the one who won that hand, right?"

"Yes." I said.

A moment later Susan said,"Thank you again for being honest with me. Good bye."

I hung up the phone feeling very sorry for Carl. From the tone of her voice I was positive his wife was going to emasculate him for sure. I watched the rest of my game and just as I turned off the TV, the phone rang again.

It was Susan and after she identified herself, she said,"Carl and I have talked about this. He told me you had bet all your money, a total of $511.00. Is that correct?"

"Yes, that was my bet." I said.

"Carl has agreed to make good on his bet." She said,"Will you be home tomorrow?"

"Yea, I was going to mow the lawn and spend the day working around the yard." I replied.

"Carl's payment will be brought over at noon, Ok?" she asked.

"Sure." I said,"I'll be here."

When I hung up the phone I thought,'So she talked him into paying his bet, huh? Well money is better then nothing. Although it would have been nice to have the original bet. A few hours with Susan would have been grand!'

The next day I was sitting at the kitchen counter having a beer when my door bell rang. When I opened the door Susan stood framed in the doorway. She was dressed in a business outfit: a brown wool skirt, a white blouse buttoned to her throat covered by a short waist length wool jacket and a pair of black high heels. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun behind her head. She looked the part of a no nonsense business woman. Even with the conservative aura she projected, like magnets to steel my gaze snapped straight to her 38 C breasts. Her blouse was tight enough to outline her magnificent tits, even though she was dressed so conservatively.

"Can I come in?" She asked in a soft voice.

I tore my eyes away from her fantastic tits and said,"Aw...sure....sure come in, come in."

She walked past me and my eyes locked on the sight of her hips undulating under the material of the skirt. Even a conservative wool skirt couldn't completely hide the fantastic shape of her ass.

I stepped around her and said,"Come on in the livingroom."

I showed her to a seat on the couch, then sat down in a chair across from her hoping to get a better view of her shapely dancers legs.

"I can't believe Carl made that bet." she said.

"He has a habit of making some bad bets. This one was a bad one on his part."I said.

"Yes, he doesn't think about the consequences some times." She said, then looked up at me and added,"I have the money in my purse to pay you."

The disappointment must have shown on my face because she said,"You look upset, don't you want it?"

"Yea, It's fine.” I responded

“Are you sure? I want to make sure Carl pays his gambling debts.”

“I...aw..yea it’s fine.” Before I could stop myself I added,” That wasn't the original bet but it’s fine."

I saw her cheeks turn pink just as I realized what I had said to her.

"Jeez Susan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you!"

She smiled and replied,"Only a little. Do you have a restroom I can use?"

I showed her to the bathroom and she smiled at me as she stepped inside. I walked back to the livingroom wishing that somehow the original bet could be enforced. I was sitting in my chair when I heard the bathroom door open. A moment later Susan came around the corner and I was stunned. She no longer had on the business outfit. She still had the high heels on, but in place of her business suit she now wore a light blue see through, baby doll nighty. Her long blonde hair had been taken loose and it cascaded down over her shoulders.

She walked over, stopped in front of me. In one hand she held an envelop.

"I have the money,” she held up the envelop,” but I'll also stand by the original bet if you'd rather have it."

It took me a few moments to realize what she had just offered and to regain my composure.

When I did I tore my gaze away from her stunning body under the gauzy blue material, looked up at her face and said,"You will? What...aw what will Carl say?"

She smiled and replied,"He needs to learn to pay the bets he makes."

My eyes were once again drifting down over her luscious body as I said,"How long will you stay?"

I heard her soft sexy voice say,"I told Carl that because you had to wait so long for payment, you would probably want interest, so I figured you would want me to stay until tomorrow morning."

She stood there looking at me with a half smile on her face. She was gorgeous.

"So," She said beathily,"What would you like first?"

I reached out, took her hand and pulled her to me.

"Come, sit on my lap." I said.

Her half smile stretched into a full one as she slowly straddled my lap, pressing her warm pussy against my hard rod as she settled down. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck, then leaned forward and pressed her full lips to mine. I felt her lips part, then our tongues were tangled together.

My hands were resting on her bare thighs and I slowly moved them up her shapely dancers legs until my thumbs were pressed to her panty covered pussy. I rubbed her slit through the damp material of her panties with my thumb as my other hand moved up under her nighty. A few moments later my fingers located her firm nipple and I began to roll it.

I pulled my mouth from her's and asked,"Have you ever done this before for Carl?"

"No." She panted,"I've never been with anyone else except Carl. I've fantasied about it though. I decided before I came over here today that if wanted the original bet I'd do anything you want. Anything."

She pushed her hips down, pressing her pussy tighter to my cock as she said in a sexy whisper,"So what will it be to start?"

"I've dreamed about fucking you for a long time," I replied as I rubbed her pussy slit with my thumb and cupped her smooth, soft breast with my other hand,"but if I do that right now I'll bust my nuts before I get it in. How are you at sucking cock?"

"I'm glad you asked!"She said with a giggle.

She slid off my lap onto her knees between my legs. She reached out and unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans then slowly unzipped them. My cock was hard as hell straining to get out of my underwear. She pulled the band of my shorts down and a small gasp escaped her as my cock sprang out.

She wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and held it pointing toward the ceiling. She gently licked at the head, then let it slip between her lips. She gently sucked it, licked it, intermittently looking up at me to make sure I liked what she was doing. It didn't take much of her soft lips and talented tongue on my cock to push me to a climax.

"Oh fuck.....oh fuck....I'm gunna'...oh fuck...CUM!" I grunted.

As my cock throbbed the first time, blasting a rope of cum into her mouth, I felt her slide her mouth down my cock, so the entire length was in her mouth and throat. Five times my cock throbbed, blasting rope after rope of sticky cum down her throat. When I was done cumming, I slumped back in the chair. Susan gently licked my cock clean, sucking gently on the head before pulling her mouth off.

"You cum a lot more then Carl." She said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to drown you." I replied with a grin.

"No problem. " She responded,"I like the taste. And I like the feel of your cock in my mouth."

She was still kneeling between my legs with one hand wrapped around my semi-hard rod.

She looked up at me and said,"Now what?"

I considered for am moment, then said,"You said you'd do anything I want?"

She smiled and nodded.

"And I have you until tomorrow morning?"

Again she nodded.

I stood, took her hand and lead her to my kitchen. My dining table, a large heavy oak affair, sat in the middle. I turned to her took hold of her nighty and slowly pulled it up over her head. She held up her arms to help and after it came off I tossed it to the floor. I stood admiring her perfect breast for a few moments, then hooked my thumbs into the band of her lace panties and pulled them to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood before me totally naked. I grinned, took

hold of her hips, picked her up and set her on the table.

"Lay back." I said.

As she did I pulled a chair up between her legs. I put her feet on my shoulders, then took a long look at her pussy. She was shaved bare except for a landing strip at the top of her slit.

"It's time for my lunch." I said, "Which will be you."

I leaned forward and pushed the tip of my tongue between the soft, pink lips of her pussy. As I began to lick her clit I could hear a muffled moan come from her. I moved closer, pushed her legs up and buried my face in her wet, warm, tasty pussy. I licked her for a bit, then slipped two fingers into her tight hole. I curled them and began to rub her G spot as I licked her clit.

It took me almost 20 minutes to get her to cum. When she did she let out a long quavering cry, grabbed the back of my head and pulled it tightly to her pussy, almost smothering me. She came for over a minute, then I felt her grip relax.

"My, my." I said with a grin,"I take it you liked that?"

"That was.......that was fantastic!" She breathed,"but this was suppose to be for you to enjoy to pay the bet."

"Oh I enjoyed that, trust me!" I said,"Making you cum was a pleasure and there's no reason you can‘t enjoy this too!"

I stood and pulled her to her feet as I said,"So shall we retire to the bedroom?"

She smiled, did a curtsy and replied,"As you wish master."

When we got to the bedroom I stretched out on my back and motioned her to straddle me. She smiled, and mounted me, guiding my cock to her pussy as she did. As she slid down onto my cock it felt so damned good.

She began to move her hips, fucking herself on my cock as she said in a husky whisper,"Relax. It's my turn to make you cum, again."

For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening we fucked, napped, snacked and fucked again.

We fell asleep for the night late, around 1:00 AM and didn't wake until 9:00 the next morning. I woke to find her gone from the bed. The bathroom door was half open and I could hear the shower running in the bathroom. I had to piss badly so I got up and decided to use the head even if she was showering. I stepped in and took my piss.

As I finished I heard Susan's voice from inside the shower stall,"You can join me if you'd like."

I didn't need a second invitation. I opened the door and stepped in. She was soaping her tits so I took the bar and began to do it for her. I soaped her from neck to knees, spending time on her tits but avoiding her pussy, reserving that for last. I had her pinned to the shower wall staring into her eyes as I finally pushed my hand between her legs. I spent at least 15 minutes rubbing and fingering her pussy while I stared into her eyes.

Finally I said,"I want it one more time before you go."

"I want to give it to you one more time before I go." She said.

I let the water rinse off the soap, then turned it off. We stepped out of the shower and I toweled her dry, then I lead her back to bed. I ate her again, licking her fabulous pussy until she was very close to cumming, then I slid up and entered her. I fucked her slowly, wanting it to last. It lasted a long time, at least a half hour before I was close to cumming.

"I'm close." I grunted as I slid in and out of her.

"I can't." She said,"But I want this one for you. Cum for me baby."

I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her harder. It took another minute or two before my cock exploded. It was good ,but I had cum so much since we began that my balls hurt when I did. I finally rolled off her and laid next to her on the bed.

"You have to go home huh?" I said.

"Yea, our time is up." She replied as she rolled up on one elbow, then kissed me on the side of the mouth,"But if I had known how good it would be I would have urged Carl to do this a long time ago!"

She climbed off the bed and began to dress.

“Would you like to shower again?” I asked.

She smiled at me as she pulled her skirt up and replied,”No. If I do I’ll want you to join me and we’ll start all over again. As much as I’d like that, I really need to get home. Besides I want to go home freshly fucked so Carl knows I paid his debt.”

She pulled on her jacket and I followed suit, getting dressed in sweat pants and shirt. When she had her clothes on I followed her to the door.

As I opened it she turned, smiled, then kissed me gently and said,"It was fun. I liked it a lot. Do me a favor? Tell the other guys that Carl can play poker with you? Because if he bets me again, I'll pay up, guaranteed."

As I watched her walk down the sidewalk to her car I grinned. The thought that there would be some really lively poker games from then on in my head.

I called the other guys and filled them in on what happened and Susan's promise. Everyone agreed to reinstate Carl to the poker game. The next game is this week end and all three of us are excited. If Carl get's carried away and does it again, we know that Susan will pay the bet. And all of us are hoping Carl does get carried away. The bet payment is well worth it.
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