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Andie learns about BDSM and realises its what she has been missing.
This is part of a longer story, and is still quite long. I have cut out the opening third.

Andie has moved to the town to manage a new production facility.

Jerry is the local “go to” man for any type of machinery fix.

Jenny is the local nurse.

Rufus is a partner in the local law firm and uses his position and money.


Andie didn’t hear from Jerry during the following week, but she had been so busy at work that she didn’t have time to chase after him, anyway. On Monday though, her phone rang. She answered excitedly, but it was only Rufus’s secretary, explaining that Rufus insisted she meet him for dinner on Saturday at a members-only country club. It wasn’t the best invitation, but she accepted. She felt that this was a business related invitation, so she was willing to tolerate Rufus for an evening. The secretary asked for her measurements and, bemused but curious, Andie decided to give them. Two hours later, a package was delivered to her front door by a man in a black car who didn’t stay to introduce himself. The package contained three dresses.

The dresses were of different styles but had two key features: a very low-cut bosom and high split sides. Not Andie’s style, but what the heck. She didn’t like the way Rufus assumed she would attend, she didn’t like the way he sent her clothes that were slutty, but she didn’t want to upset the status quo.

Saturday night came, and with it, a chauffeur Rufus had sent. Andie had chosen the dress to wear, it was way outside of her comfort zone but this was the least worst in her opinion. It was a very dark blue, very low-cut in front, but it did actually accent her bosom in a way she was not exactly displeased with. The dress was ankle length and with high heels she felt more ladylike. Her natural skin tones showed well. She walked out to the car and as she sat in the back seat virtually all her leg was on view, only the smallest cover over her crotch, and if she leaned forward most of her breasts were are display. Totally too tarty; it was obviously what Rufus imagined for her. The dress had been cut to make the most impact, if a woman wanted to show her assets to a man!

The club was splendid – a beautiful building surrounded by well-kept grounds. Everything looked expensive and elegant. The whole style was sumptuous and expensive and Andie loved it. Rufus had been there all day; from his comments and they way the staff deferred to him, it would seem that he was involved in the ownership or management. The staff made sure he was not wanting for anything, although every customer seemed to be well attended. Dinner and drinks were excellent. Rufus mainly talked about himself but the time passed quickly. They finished eating and he invited her to take a stroll round the building. He initially showed her the grounds and first floor, which seemed to be a high quality hotel. Strange, she thought, that the secretary had described this as a country club.

Then, they came to a door locked with a keypad. Rufus tapped a quick code and opened the door, ushering Andie through it ahead of him. Here, the whole style changed -- still quality, but more understated. They walked along a corridor and found a series of seats lining a wall. Rufus gestured for her to sit before he pressed a button. Andie looked at him for an explanation, but he seemed unwilling to explain, probably wanting her to be surprised by whatever happened next. She understood that his style was to show he was superior. He liked to prove to others that he somehow had more knowledge and influence than they did. She guessed this was actually one side of the building’s first floor where the other side had been hotel rooms. This seemed totally out of the style of the club, but she decided to wait and see what he had planned.

The opposite wall slid up and Andie gasped. She was looking at a scene from hell. They were looking into a large room, and she thought she was looking through a one way mirror since the people in the room did not react to the reveal.

The space was dominated by a huge woman, and Andie then thought she understood the term Amazon. The woman was well over six feet tall with muscles like a warrior, and was completely naked. In front of her, kneeling, and giving her oral pleasure was a naked man. He was handcuffed, with each hand chained to an ankle. His back was red with lashes from a whip the Amazon held. To one side was a naked woman, chained face-first onto a St Andrew’s cross, displaying her back to the Amazon. Like the man, her back and buttocks were covered in bruises and marks. Every so often, the Amazon would flick the whip across the woman’s back.

Andie was horrified, but kept looking on in fascination. Why would these people be punished like this? There seemed to be no logic or reason.

“The couple are married,” Rufus said, seemingly unfazed by the violence of the woman’s actions. “I don’t know much about them but every once in awhile they come here and get whipped. The woman doing the whipping is a friend of mine, so if you’re interested, just let me know.”

Andie shook her head, no way did she want that, thank you.

“Rufus, what is this part of the club, why are we here watching this? I know you say the couple have chosen to come here and be whipped, but why?”

Rufus smiled at her.

“The club is mainly for dining, but we do have some hotel facilities, and a separate membership for this part of the club. This section caters for people who like aspects of a BDSM lifestyle. They tell us what their interests are and we try and make it happen for them. This couple likes to be whipped. How about seeing what the next room provides before you make your mind up?”

Andie wasn’t sure. She had no experience of anything like this but she had read about BDSM. The little she knew had not appealed but the overall concept of pushing boundaries had intrigued her. She had not dated many guys but she had felt there was something missing. Maybe something here would...?

Rufus smiled at her and closed the screen before walking further along the corridor to another set of seats. Again, he opened a screen and, again, Andie looked in. Two men stood naked. Sitting in front of the older man was a young woman wearing a beautiful red dress, and in front of the younger man was an older woman in a different, but equally beautiful, dress. The men masturbated in front of the women. the women were watching carefully, eyes switching from one man to the other. The older woman seemed to be equally interested in both men but the younger woman mainly watched the older man standing in front of her.

Rufus spoke up again. “I suppose this is CFNM, but I know it is also a competition between the men.”

“CFNM?” Andie asked.

“Clothed female, naked male. It is popular but usually it is a naked woman.”

Rufus smiled at Andie, but she wasn’t going to go down that route. The way Rufus mentioned CFNM she knew he wanted her to be the naked party. She simply had no romantic or physical interest in Rufus. She was here for purely business reasons, nothing to do with dating or sex. Rufus continued.

“The older man is John, the older woman is Michelle, they were married, now divorced. The young man is Ben who is Michelle’s toyboy. The younger woman goes by “Sweetie,” and is with John. They come here as a foursome, and after dinner go through this routine, but I don’t know why. Perhaps John is proving he is still capable.”

Andie didn’t bother to respond, she had some interest in this tableau, but she really didn’t understand the dynamics between the people. She felt this was very stylised and the contrast between the beautifully dressed women and the naked men. Why would a couple who were divorced be meeting to go through this process? She could imagine the younger ones accepting this as part of something the older ones wanted, but why had John and Michelle discussed and agreed to this arrangement? They watched, and the masturbation got more frantic. Ben came first, turning his body so that he came all over the front of Sweetie’s dress. She sat still as the front of her dress was covered. John followed close behind Ben, his face bright red from his exertions, but he came covering the bodice of Michelle’s dress. Michelle made no response, remaining as she was. Rufus closed the wall.

“The two women travel home like that, covered in semen. I don’t understand what any of them get out of it, unless it is something that brings them closer somehow, but they pay to be here so why should I worry?”

Along the corridor to another seat, another screen. Andie was intrigued, alone in the centre a well-dressed man was sitting in a simple chair. She looked around and watched as a woman walked into the room. The woman wore a black top, a long black skirt, and heels. A mask concealed her face. She walked to the side of the man, undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Andie watched, amazed by the stylish way this was unfolding. The whole thing was theatrical, especially as the two people would presumably not know if anyone was watching. Andie had gasped when the woman’s skirt fell away. She was not expecting the woman to do that, or to be completely naked underneath. Andie liked this drama, she could see they were building up to an action and she was engaged with them even as an unseen spectator.

The woman now stood completely bare from her waist down, revealing nice legs, slender but strong. Still wearing her heels, the woman stepped forward to the man and laid down across his knees.

When she was still, he raised his hand high and slashed the palm of his hand across her buttocks. Andie could not hear the slap but she saw a red mark, and then more steady smacks, maybe twenty in total. The woman’s bottom was completely red and looked very painful. The earlier smacks had made her skin red but were now changing to a darker coloration.

Andie stared at this couple, she had so much more interest in this scene that she had in the two previous. The man slowed down for the last few smacks, Andie holding her breath until each one landed. The woman had remained fairly composed for the earlier smacks but now she was in obvious pain, each one causing her to be more agitated.

Andie experienced a strange sensation, she could not believe anyone would want to be smacked like that, but she so wanted to have this woman over her knee so she could do the spanking. She had no idea where the thought originated but she could feel herself getting hot and damp. She was getting turned on!

“Do you know who that is?” Andie had almost forgotten Rufus.

“No,” she replied breathlessly.

“That’s your friend Jenny.”

Andie looked at him and processed this information. “What! Why should she?”

“This is her thing; she comes here to be spanked. Your boyfriend will be outside somewhere, sitting in his car and driving himself mad because he has no idea what she does here.”

Andie felt a surge of hatred for Rufus. He had invited her just for this moment, to embarrass her and out of spite for Jenny and Jerry.

“It’s time for me to go home immediately.” she said with as much controlled venom as she could muster.

Andie stood and started walking back along the corridor. Rufus didn’t follow, and soon she was back in the main part of the club, where people ate dinner and laughed as if these things weren’t happening behind closed doors. Fuming, she requested a car to take her back home. She stewed in anger and revulsion, trying to ignore and repress that flame of excitement that had caught when she watched that bloom of color that grew with every smack Jenny had received.

Andie spent the rest of the evening and most of the night tossing and turning. Thoughts of Rufus being horrible to thoughts of Jerry’s inscrutable feelings. It went round in circles, anger, hate, passion, lust – each feeling flying through her brain – but always returned to that image of Jenny, hidden behind her mask, as the man slapped his hand across her exposed skin. When she imagined that moment, and felt the thrill of excitement deep in her stomach, it wasn’t the position of Jenny she imagined and envied, but the strength of the man who held her on his knee.

She lay awake and all she could imagine was the man sat in the room, the woman coming to him, bending over and the smack of his hand. Andie pictured it so strongly. She wasn’t by any stretch sexually active, and even before she became caught up in her new job, she had never really felt fulfilled by sex in the past. She had seen Jerry and lusted after him in a “potential boyfriend” kind of way, but these new thoughts of punishing Jenny, which is now how she saw it, was overwhelming.

She gave up on trying to sleep when the sun began to rise, and went about the house trying to occupy herself with chores and making breakfast. Nothing helped her attention though; she knew she had to go and talk to Jenny.

Jerry was at his barn when she drove down the lane, but his wave faltered when Andie didn’t stop her car. She didn’t even greet him as she parked by Jenny’s cottage and knocked at the door. Jenny looked equally confused when she opened the door to find Andie on her step. Good manners won out, though, and after a pause, she invited Andie in. They got the preliminaries out of the way, made coffee and sat on either side of the kitchen table. Andie surprising herself by assessing the chair before she sat on it, wondering if it would be suitable to sit on with Jenny over her knees.

“Andie, to what do I owe this visit? We have hardly met, are you unwell?

Andie took a deep breath. “Jenny, I am not sure how to start this conversation. If I speak out of turn, or say too much, just tell me to go. Rufus invited me to his club last night. We went down to the private rooms.”

Jenny’s face hardened, but she made no reaction beyond that.

“I watched a man spanking a woman. Rufus said the woman was you.”

Jenny remained silent and stone faced.

Andie began to lose her confidence, she only had Rufus’s word for it and Jenny wasn’t helping. But more than that uncertainty was her fear that it sounded like she was threatening Jenny. She steeled herself against fear and embarrassment.

“I’m here because watching that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I could barely even sleep last night because of it.”

Jenny stared at Andie. The silence between them lengthened. Andie was sure she was about to be told to go. She watched Jenny’s expressions, not really able to decide if Jenny would entertain this intrusion into her home. Suddenly Jenny stood and Andie was sure she would be thrown out, but Jenny offered another cup of coffee, making Andie aware that she had been allowed to stay.

“It is crazy. I was a small town girl eighteen years old, ready to leave to do a nursing degree. Jerry and I had always been friends and Rufus was jealous. Rufus was much the same age as us but went to a different school, but this is a big area with a small population so we kept coming across him during sports and city events. You need to remember that by his teens Jerry was well known around the whole area. He was spoken to and treated like an adult. Rufus hated this, as he had to rely on his family connections and money to get anywhere. So what Jerry gained easily, Rufus wanted, but could not have.”

“Jerry and I had always hung around together, so Rufus must have decided to steal me away from Jerry. He made a play for me, not wanting me but not wanting someone else to have me either. He invited me to the club, I am certain we should not have been allowed in and in fact we had a private dining room. Then he took me down the same corridor you were sitting in last night.”

“I was shocked, to be honest. I had no sexual experience at all and it was weird seeing people doing things to each other. The last window was a man sitting at a chair and a woman walking in, removing her skirt and being spanked. Nothing in my experience or knowledge had prepared me for that and it took hold of me. I wanted to be that woman and being smacked hard, pink, red and painful.”

She stopped to drink. “I hid my excitement from Rufus and never went out with him again. I never told anyone about it either. Off to college, the usual chances of boy meets girl, a couple of girl meets girl opportunities, but nothing gave me any frisson, any excitement. Maybe a bunch of eighteen-year-olds wouldn’t understand. So, after a few months I stopped dating and became an industrious student. Then I found the internet and found that you could watch spanking videos, not as good as I imagined the real thing, but for someone too shy and scared to actually seek out the real thing, it was the best I had.”

She looked up and smiled at Andie. Andie was still, not wanting to break the conversation.

“After receiving my nursing degree, I came home and started as a nurse. I knew the club was still there and one day went over to see the manager. Asked if I could be spanked. He nearly fell off his chair, as you can see I am fresh faced and never wear makeup, so I must have looked like a teenager to him. He demanded my driving license, even though I am sure he knew who I was. Asked me to give him a contact phone number and he would get in touch. Two weeks later, he invited me over for that evening. What you may not know is that glass can be adjusted, sometimes both ways, sometimes one way. I went, met the man on the chair, I wore my mask, top, and skirt and went through what you saw. And I loved it. I went home and masturbated for hours afterwards.”

Jenny stopped and appeared to be reliving the experience.

“I found out later that the manager was inviting people to watch me, through a one way mirror. I didn’t worry too much, I was enjoying myself and with the mask, no one would recognise me. So I have been going once every so many weeks since then. Being spanked is the only way I am able to release my passions. I think I have to be punished for being naughty before I can be naughty, even though my rational thought knows masturbation is perfectly normal. Every time I wore that outfit, mask, skirt, top I saw myself as being the woman I had watched all those years ago. I wasn’t Jenny the nurse, I was some mysterious woman who could release all her inhibitions, in such a simple way. I offered my body to be smacked, knowing that was what made me tick.”

Andie waited for any more information.

“A couple of years ago, I was called in to see the manager at the club and sitting there was Rufus. He had bought a share of the club. He generously told me that I could continue to use the facilities, but only under the condition that Jerry had to drive me there and back. Rufus still wanted to pull our chains. I never explained to Jerry, just asked him if he would drive me to the club, which he readily agreed to. I should explain that Jerry will do anything for anyone but you have to need his help. He seems to work on the basis of being needed. So Jerry to take me there and then he drives home again. Rufus thinks he is sitting in the parking lot, but never bothers to check. And Rufus loves the idea that Jerry is outside and he and I are inside and he can watch me any time.”

Andie decided now was her time.

“Jenny I watched you, but mostly I watched that man. Each time his hand connected, I stopped breathing. I have had boyfriends and sex, but never anything that made the earth move, as the saying goes. I’d never imagined anything more for myself than me, a man, and a bed, until last night. I’ve been reliving the experience. It was fantastic beyond words, but I have no idea why. I watched that man slap you and each time his hand hit your flesh I was delighted. I have looked up some stuff on the internet and I think you and I are opposite sides of dominant and submissive. It also said I might be a sadist and you a masochist but I thought that might be more extreme. I have to admit I am confused and don’t have a label for it. The other thing that puzzles me is that I imagine spanking a woman, but I have never thought about women sexually.”

“So you want to smack me, is that it? ”

Jenny stood up and walked away from the table, turning so that she was sideways on to Andie.

“Andie, how would you like to smack me, how do you think it would feel? Do you know that when that man smacks me I can feel his erection, he is so stiff that I keep expecting him to explode. Do you think that would happen to you. I think you need this as much as I do, we are the two halves of something.”

“I would love to try, but I don’t know how you would feel.”

“I don’t know, either. It has always been that man for me, but I don’t see why it could not be a woman, depending on how hard your hand is.”

Andie was about to ask but understood, Jenny had to feel pain.

“And does it have to be OTK?”

“Sorry, what is OTK?”

“It is Over The Knee, me lying across your lap.”

“Oh, hadn’t thought about it, simply assumed.”

“You might get more power standing up and hitting me.”

Andie visualised and weighed up the options.

“Jenny, if you are agreeable can we try both ways?”

Then Andie put her hands to her face. Was this really going to happen? Oh my!

“Jenny, I have a confession, I am already wet.”

Jenny smiled, and gestured for Andie to stay where she was. She disappeared upstairs.

Andie scooted round and brought the chair away from the table. She could hear and feel her heart beating at a phenomenal rate. Andie sat on the chair, her legs bent and waited for Jenny. Andie gasped as Jenny reappeared, she had changed her clothes, now she was bare legged, wearing her skirt and a top. In her hand she held a scarf, flimsy, chiffon. She stood in front of Andie and tied the scarf so it covered her face. Now she was the woman at the club again.

“Andie, I think I am a masochist as you guessed, but I don’t know if you are a sadist. I am not really submissive; I think of the man who usually spanks me as a piece of equipment. I do love the pain, though. I love to feel each smack land hard on my flesh. I told you I watched lots of spanking videos and a lot of them are older women smacking their supposed daughters, but that isn’t you and me. The thought of you smacking me now has made me wet, though I can’t say it has made my panties wet, because I haven’t got any on.”

And she removed her skirt.

Andie sat, staring. Here was the woman from the club, now ready to go over the knees and be spanked. Her heart was in her mouth, she was beyond excited.

“Jenny would it make a difference to you if I took off my jeans? Does the roughness of clothes make a difference to you?”

Jenny nodded her agreement, but didn’t speak, Andie assumed she had gone into some act that she put on when she was the mystery woman.

Andie stood and removed her jeans, then sat back down. She knew her panties were soaking wet but didn’t want to feel how wet. Jenny stepped forward ready to go down. Andie spread her legs wider and Jenny leaned over. Both women shuddered when they felt skin contact with skin.

“Jenny, I’m sorry but I don’t have an erection.”

Jenny smiled. Both of them were heading for unknown shores.

Andie looked at Jenny’s bare buttocks, which were still slightly pink from last night. She laid her hand on Jenny’s flesh, it felt hot. She had a sudden panic, what had she talked herself into?


Jenny answered with a grunt. This had aroused her as well.

Andie raised her hand as high as she could.

A deep breath and… she brought her hand down as hard as she could.

The sound was deafening in the silent room.

Had she hit Jenny hard enough?

“More” said with an urgency which suggested she had.

Andie said out loud “Number Two” and flayed her hand down. She raised her hand and looked, two handprints on Jenny already. “Number Three” and down her hand went.

By “Number Twelve,” Andie’s hand was bright red and her palm stung.

Jenny’s ass was covered in pink, red and dark hand prints, she could almost follow the progression based on the color. Andie was holding Jenny in place, expecting Jenny to stand.

Both women were breathing heavily from their exertions. Andie felt Jenny’s hands move underneath Jenny’s body. Jenny had started to masturbate. Andie held her and rubbed her hand over Jenny’s buttocks, she could hear Jenny getting more and more aroused. She could lean over and actually watch what Jenny was doing but felt that was an intrusion too far. Jenny started to grunt and move her hands quicker. All this movement in Andie’s lap was having an effect on her, Jenny was doing enough to stimulate Andie, and of course the situation was highly charged. Jenny grunted more, her hands were now moving so fast and undisciplined that she was hitting Andie’s labia each time. Andie’s groans began to match Jenny’s grunts. Jenny ‘s whole body shook, Andie had to really grip her tight. There was a guttural noise deep in her throat and Jenny came, all of the thrashing about put Andie over the edge and she came too. They remained in position for a while, chests heaving, breathing raggedly.

“Damn that was far too quick. You got me steamed up.”

Jenny pushed herself up and stood. Andie could see her vulva was wet and she had juices running down her leg. Andie was wet, over her crotch, over her thighs. They looked at each other and smiled. Now both were very self conscious. Embarrassed to be standing there together.

“Come on, we need to clean up”

Andie followed Jenny up the stairs and could see her hand prints on Jenny’s flesh.

They washed, found some dry panties for Andie and said goodbye.

They both needed some time alone to think things over.
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