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My stories are based around a plot. There is sex in them but if that is all you want my stories probably aren't for you. These first 2 chapters don't have any sex but it set's things up for the next chapter that is hot!
Chapter 1

Pete was a very quiet 15 year old young man, some might have thought him slow or even mentally challenged, but the truth was he was a highly intelligent. School work was easy for him and usually didn't offer any challenge. Pete was built to play football, standing 6 foot 6 weighed around 265 pounds, but he wasn't interested in football. Pete was the only boy in the family, and that made him feel somewhat isolated. Pete loved the ranch and the work he did on it. He would rather help his dad working on the ranch than socialize. The work insured he was all muscles and fit. Pete didn't fit in with the kids his age either, mainly because he was very mature for his age, also he carried himself more as an adult than most adults. He rarely spoke, and when he did it was blunt and to the point. His twin sisters, Bree and Lee, were well developed young women. Their brunette almost red hair was long and straight hanging to the middle of their back. The only difference in the two was Bree had a full 32c rack were Lee was more in the b cup and Bree appear a bit heavier than Lee when you looked at them together. Bree was probably 125 and tall for a girl at 5 10 or 11. Lee was just as tall but Pete would guess she was probably 15 pounds lighter. Amy was just about as tall, around 5 9, but much skinnier, weighing right at 100 pounds. Her breasts were a major disappointment to her being a large A or small B depending on the bra. Her hair was more light brunette and she kept it cut short. Amy was popular and a star basketball player. Her grades were good and she was on the way to a scholarship for college. Then there was their mom, Sara at 5 foot 8 125 pounds 34 C cup shoulder length auburn hair and an ass that was any teen boys wet dream

Chapter 2

It was a warm Sunday afternoon in mid September Pete and his Dad was working in the paddock. Pete was repairing a broken stirrup on a saddle, and his Dad, was doing some ground work with a two year old colt. Something spooked the colt and his Dad was knocked to the ground. Pete seen the colt kick his Dad in the head. Pete could do nothing to help his Dad! He ran to the house and call for the ambulance, then ran back to his Dad. The ambulance arrived quickly, but it was too late, his Dad was gone.

The next morning Pete woke early with the decision made in his own mind! Pete knew he could run the ranch. This wasn't a 15 year old kid thinking he was more than he was, Pete knew he could do it. His Dad believe in him and voiced it many times and marvel at how Pete conducted himself, not as a child but an adult. Pete had decided he was quitting school and running the ranch. Pete would take over for his Dad, providing for his Mom and sisters. Pete resolved that they would not do without. Bree and Lee where twins at 18 they were seniors already preparing for college. Pete knew that his Dad planned on having enough money put back by the end of the year to cover their college. Amy was 16 and a junior she was almost 2 years older than Pete and very popular. She played basketball and had very good grades. January is her birthday, and Dad planned to have her a car by then. He had already given her one for her 16th birthday but, it had been stolen and wrecked.

Sara, Pete's Mom, had the twins at 16 just 10 days before her birthday. Sara was only 35 and still had a great figure. Yes Pete noticed her, his 15 year old teenage hormones were in high gear sexually. Pete got stirred up by his mom sisters and about every other female he seen. He would try and sneak peeks if he could get by with it. That was one of the few traits of a 15 year old he had.

Pete dressed for the day of work ahead. He went to the kitchen, made coffee and raided the fridge finding leftovers from the night before, no one was hungry after the accident. His mom came into the kitchen, probably heard him rattling around b, Pete thought.

"You're up early! What're you doing?" Sara asked. Pete could see she hadn't slept and had been crying

"Got work to do" Pete answered pouring 2 cups and offering one to his Mom

"Keep an eye on the time, you don't want to miss the bus." Sara had, years ago, figured out that Pete did his own thing his own way. Sara thought it might be his coping with what happened. Sara thought of Tim again and the tears began anew. Pete wrapped his arms around her pulling her in close to his chest. Sara managed to stifle the tears. "Remember you don't want to miss the bus. I don't think I could drive today."

"Ain't going!" Pete stated

" I understand you're hurting, but remember you miss school and fall behind it'll be a struggle to catch up." Sara was grief stricken but was still trying to maintain.

"I'm done with school. I'm going to take over where Dad left off" the statement took a second to finally register with Sara.

"Wait what do you mean?" Sara asked looking at Pete for some kind of sign that she heard wrong.

"Just what I said. I'm the only one of us that can run the ranch, and I'm the only one that would want too, for that matter. Let's face it Mom, you ain't worked since you had Bree and Lee, and that was at the Dairy Queen. It would be more than difficult for you to find any work that would pay the bills, not to mention the college fund for Bree and Lee needs to have more money by next fall, and Amy's college fund is way short! Amy wants a car now, Dad had a little set back for that, but it ain't really enough yet. I can run this place, and do what Dad wanted for all four of you. Now this subject is closed!" Pete placed his coffee cup in the sink, then walked to the door and left. A few minutes later Sara heard Tim's truck start, and she tried to process what Pete had said to her. Sara was overwhelmed with emotion. First off how dare her son talk to her like that, who in the hell did he think he was anyway? Second,how the hell did he know so much about their finances? Third and final, how in the hell did he think he could just step up and replace Tim? Sara was pissed off completely! Then it dawned on her, he had taken Tim's truck. Pete was going to have to be taught a lesson. He was not in charge! Sara was fuming, and couldn't think straight because she was so angry!

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-01-27 22:47:35
Good start but needs more.See what's in chapter 2. THANKS for sharing. Good grammar,, spelling, & plot.


2020-01-08 06:03:15
good start!

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