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This series I am hoping will captivate and have you wanting more so drop me a comment and let me know
Morning came early as usual for Pete. He sat on the edge of the bed running over the events of the previous evening. He had fucked Sara in front of his sisters then all 4 ladys had brought him to another orgasm. He had been given the place at the head of the table, where his Dad once sat. He heard noises in the house as though someone was up which was unusual for this time of the morning. He pulled on his jeans and shirt and moved towards the kitchen where the noises were coming from. He entered the kitchen seeing Sara.

"What are you doing up?" He asked

"My job! You sit I'll bring you some coffee in a second." Sara answered smiling at him. she wore a terri cloth robe with a belt tied in front. Pete was a little confused by her saying her job. She hasn't been up this early since Dad was alive. Pete sat at the dining room table took a cigarette out of the pack and lite it. Sara entered with a cup of coffee sitting it in front of him "here you go. We're out of eggs, will oatmeal and bacon do?"

"Yeah. What's all the special treatment for?" Pete asked.

"It's not special treatment! I should have already been doing this. You're providing for us, I should be taking care of you." Sara explained she leaned in and kissed him gently. Pete wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his lap. He hooked a finger in the belt pulling it untied. Sara didn't complain or move to stop him. His left hand slipped inside to cup her right breast. He squeezed softly as his index finger brushed across her nipple. "Mmmm baby you going to start something!"

"Something you don't want?" Pete still felt a guilty about the night before. Sara leaned into him, her lips pressed against his then her tounge was intertwined with his.

"Come with me baby." Sara stood taking his hand. She lead the way to her room. They entered Pete paused to close the door, Sara let the robe fall to the floor, and crawled on the bed. Pete pulled off his shirt then his jeans, then moved to the bed. "Baby I want you to lick my pussy, Please."

"I'll do that for you anytime happily!" Pete sat on the bed leaned over with his head between Sara's legs. He kissed her first on one side of her outer lips then the other lightly kissing and gently squeezing her inner thighs. Sara moaned and tried to get Pete to get into her lips. She had trimmed her bush back to a thin line pointing to the top of her slit the rest smooth and clean.

"Baby please you're driving me mad! I want you……." Her words went to a squeal as he shoved his tounge between her lips as his hands opened her some allowing access right to her inner folds. A small amount of movement his tounge parted her inner lips and almost imediatly circled her hole entrance. Sara squealed and moaned as the sensation arrested her. Her brain fogged as Pete's tounge found her clit. He flicked it with a light touch of his tounge. He circled her clit then flicked again. Sara shook and twitched as Pete went back down her slit around her entrance. She was very wet already as his tounge circled her entrance. Pete had been reading magazines about how to please a woman and one part had seemed so messed up when he read it, but now he thought it was the right move. He wanted to try, so he slid down slightly as he lifted Sara's legs. His tounge hit her asshole. Sara screamed out, bucked, shook, thrashed and humped her hips as Pete's tounge actually entered her ass. "Oh fucking hell! Oh God! oh God! fuck yes! Aaa fuck my ass with your tounge!"

Pete managed to get his thumb over her clit holding pressure as Sara's own movements stimulated her clit. Pete was actually have a bit of problems holding Sara up off the bed with all her thrashing and humping. He held pressure on her clit. Sara shot a stream of liquid out catching Pete in the face then another. First he thought she lost control and pissed on him then remembered she squirted the night before. He stopped fucking and licking her asshole letting her back down on the bed. Sara lay still her brain fogged from her orgasm. Pete stepped out to the bathroom to get a towel, Amy was in the hall.

"What the fuck is going on?" Amy asked as Pete pushed past to get the towel. He excited the bathroom pushing past Amy again but stopped only to kiss her full on the lips while Sara's cum still dripped from his chin. He entered Sara's room with Amy hot on his heels. Amy seen her mom curled up on the bed there is a big wet spot on the bed under her ass and down almost to her knees. "Oh my god did she pee? Oh hell you was giving her oral sex! That's what's on your face and what I tasted on your lips! That's so fucked up! Why did you do that?"

"Until you realize, you acted like you enjoyed it. Did it taste bad?" Pete asked feeling confident almost cocky. Amy looked shocked, but Pete seen she was getting more than aroused. Her nipples stood out pushing against her pajama top. She may only be a A cup but Pete was amazed at her bullet nipples. He watched her shift from one foot to the other and seen she had juices running down her inner thigh. He thought she had either completely soaked her panties or she didn't have any on. The thought of her not having panties made his dick jump pushing past his belt. He was so hard it was hurting he wiped his face with the towel then wiped Sara clean. As he wiped down Sara he slid to one knee on the floor sitting back on his ankle he could now see she had no panties. He reached out and put his hand to her thighs. Amy looked nervous but spread her legs to allow Pete access. His hand slid between her legs his middle finger spread her slit finding her hole almost running with excitement. His index and ring fingers squeezed her outer lips. Amy moaned at the sensation his middle finger slid all the way past her entrance to her taint then he drew it back, his middle finger had her clit pressed against herself. Amy shuddered as she moaned.

"You like that don't you honey?" Sara had roused up. She still had the post orgasmic glow. "Pete let her sit here. Give her some of what you gave me she'll love that!"

Pete all but lifted her up with his hand between her legs and sat her on edge of the bed. He unfastened his belt then unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped letting his jeans glide down his legs he pull one then the other leg from his jeans. Both Sara and Amy stared at his muscled body he was solid built his abdomen rippled with muscle his biceps and triceps well defined. His calves and thighs bulged and of course his ridged pole sticking up large and proud. Pete knelt down at the edge of the bed. His jaw was a little tight but he wanted to taste Amy's cum as he had Sara's. He felt if they were going to freely give themselves over he'd enjoy every bit of it. He sat Amy's heels on the bed. Pulled her ass closer to the edge. Pete leaned in flatten his tounge and drew it from Amy's taint to her clit circled around her clit but didn't touch it then went back down. Sara unbuttoned Amy's top and opened it exposing Amy's A cup breast and her bullet nipples. Her arouras drew right up and became almost the base of solid large nipples. They came right almost to a point. Pete kept his eyes on her breast as he spread open her lips pushing his tounge in her entrance. Sara placed a hand over Amy's breast gently sliding her hand over Amy's right breast. Amy moaned from the stimulation then locked up

"This is really weird! Mmmm. Oh hell! It feels so good, but my brother and my mom being my first sexual experience with someone besides myself! Oh oh God right there! Ohhhhh." Amy shook and thrashed as Pete slide his middle finger into her soaked hole going only past the first knuckle and locking his lips around her clit sucking it in as his tounge flicked across it. Amy didn't squirt like her mom, but she had her juices running down Pete's hand and arm. Sara tapped Pete on the head to get his attention to have him back off. Amy let her legs fall from the edge of the bed dangling her feet not quite touching the floor. Pete needs relief badly he was actually hurting. He reaches up to Sara pinching her nipple lightly as he stood up, before he move to Sara, Amy reached for him. He leans in kissing her on the lips then there tounges play a dance together. The kiss broke

"Try and put it in me Pete! I can't think of any better way to loose my virginity. I have two people I trust and love! Please Pete!"

"Honey are you really sure? He's so big! If he does get in it'll probably hurt!" Sara tells Amy. Looking at her with a lot of concern, but Amy nods yes "Pete be very slow and careful you will hurt her bad if you don't!"

"You really sure Amy?" Pete asks again Amy nods yes Pete picks her up off the bed gently and moves her on up onto the bed. Pete sits with his knees on the bed his butt on his feet. He lines his cock up with her wet entrance. His cock is bent down some as he gently pulls Amy to him his head stretches her opening, but goes in about an inch. Sara sees Amy's reaction and gives Pete the signal to stop. They stay like that for a moment or two then Amy nods Pete pushes forward as he pulls Amy to him his cock slides in about three inches.

"Pete don't push any more in just yet. Pull back just a little then slow and gentle slide back in." Sara instructs Pete. Amy is trying not to show it hurts but her mom knows, since yesterday when he rammed it into her. Pete rocks back and forth with little coming out or going in but Amy is starting to relax and enjoy it. Is that feeling good honey? You want him to put a little more in you? Careful Pete just a little! I know you must be horny as hell and just want to pound out your own orgasm but Amy needs you to be very gentle."

"I'm trying! God she is so tight I think she might cut it off!" Pete grunts as he pushes another three inches into Amy


"Do you want him to stop honey?" Sara asked very concerned. Amy shook her head no. She takes a deep breath and pushes towards Pete sliding more in, she feels him hit her cervix. Amy squints her eyes in pain as Pete held still, he sees a tear running down her cheek and tries to pull back and out. She grabs for him shaking her head no. Pete stayed in about 7 inches his head against her cervix. He leaned forward twisting his body so he could take her left nipple into his mouth. He kissed and licked then sucked rolling his lips over his teeth biting gently. Sara played and rubbed Amy's right breast with her left hand her right slid down Amy's abdomen across her mound. Sara's index finger found Amy's swollen clit it was hard and out of the hood. Amy moaned. Her left hand ran through Pete's hair pressing him to her breast. Her right hand had reached out to touch Sara. Her hand brushed across Sara's left nipple. "You ready honey? Remember, take it easy on her. If you can't hold back, pull out baby and I'll take it. She'll be a bit sore just from the stretch, but she can adjust if you're easy."

"I don't know how long I can last! She's so damn tight! I can feel her walls squeeze and release me." Pete grunted. Amy was moaning loud as Sara made circles on her clit. Pete drew out about half way then pushed in easy till he bumped her cervix. Slowly Pete worked his cock in and out of Amy's hot, tight, hole. He was slow and easy for almost 5 minutes

"JUST FUCK ME ALREADY! GIVE IT TO ME GOD DAMN IT! SLAM IT TO ME. PETE PLEASE!" Amy screamed as she pushed up against Pete. Sara gave him the nod. Pete moved faster. He tried to keep from hammering into her cervix. Pete pumped fast as Sara rubbed faster on Amy's clit and pinched a little harder on her right nipple. Amy's head pushed back into the mattress. Sara leaned in taking Amy's right nipple in her mouth. Amy was flopping under Pete as he pumped in and out. Amy's right hand had been on Sara's breast, but now it slid down between Sara's legs her index middle and ring fingers went easily into Sara's opening. Only a few short thrust then her pinky joined in with the other fingers. Her hand slid in her wet entrance, Amy's thumb pressed against her clit making Sara moan into Amy's nipple which was very sensitive. Sara stimulated Amy's clit, involuntarily moaning on Amy's sensitive nipple, and Pete pumping in and out of Amy's just deflowered pussy, pushed Amy over the edge. She orgasmed hard. Her walls clamped down on Pete's member in almost a crushing vice grip. Pete had just noticed Amy's hand being in Sara's pussy, Sara sucking and biting on Amy's nipple, it was too much, he shoved hard into Amy's cervix gaining about another inch into her. Pressed hard against Amy's cervix Pete exploded. His first shot caused his body to shake and shudder. Amy's own orgasm was hammering her body in waves of pleasure. As she twisted, shook and humped into Pete. Her hand pushed and twitched up into Sara. Her thumb, still on Sara's clit, rubbed and stimulated Sara. With her son shoving his huge dick deep in her youngest daughter shooting his load and her daughter's fingers in her pussy, it was too much. Sara had another hard orgasm. Shaking and pushing her pussy down on Amy's fingers trying to get them deeper. Pete shot his first rope and held ridgid inside Amy. As she came her inner walls squeezed and relaxed squeezed again milking rope after rope out of Pete's balls through his dick. He was light headed, sweating and shaking as Amy's orgasm began to subside. Pete had to roll onto his back as he pulled out of Amy. His cock was deflating quickly. Pete's breath was short and he gasped for air for a moment. He could tell Amy and Sara were doing the same.


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