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Pete entered his room, the talk at the table and the thought of sex had him hard. He removed his shirt and unbutton and unzipped his jeans dropping them. Pete stepped out of them with little effort. Completely naked he turned, his sister had removed her shirt and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. She unbuttoned her jeans and run down the zipper. He had expected Lee but Bree stood in front of him. She wiggled as she pushed down her jeans getting them to her ankles. Pete gripped her shoulder gently helping her balance. She got her jeans off and tossed them to the side as she straightened up. Pete guided her to the bed and helped her down onto the bed. Pete removed her panties. Bree was completely bald! Her outer lips were puffy and her inner lips was very visible. That was a contrast to Amy and Sara their outer lips hid the inner. Bree crab crawled up and to the center of Pete's full size bed. Pete crawled up on the bed. He leaned in. He picked up her legs letting them bend at the knees,and spread. Her pussy open and inviting with her inner lips parted allowing Pete to see her entrance and clit covered partially by her hood. He flatted his tounge laying it with the tip right at the bottom of her slit his nose pressed against her clit. "Mmmm" he pulled his tounge up through her slit allowing his noses to rub across her clit. "Mmmmmm" Pete circled her entrance with his tounge tip. He flicked his tounge across it then plunged into her hole with his tounge. "Ohhhmm" he pushed his tounge in and out allowing his nose to stimulate her clit. He slid one hand up gently caressing her right breast. Letting his finger tips brush across her nipple. "Ooooooooo" her entrance was wet as her juices dripped out. Her hips began pushing up off the bed. Pete moved up from Bree entrance, her clit was now fully exposed. He latched onto her clit sucking it in between his lips. He flicked his tounge on it and then pressed and wiggled his tounge on her bud. At the same moment Pete pressed in his middle past her entrance palm up. He found the spot inside to her g spot he curled his big finger up simulating her inner spot "OH HOLY FUCK! YESSSSSS" Bree yelled her excitement out her hips bucked as her hands hooked in Pete's hair trying to push Pete further into her groin. Pete pushed in his index finger. Now with two of his large digits inside her Pete pushed them in deep turned them up wiggled them side to side then pulled them back pushed in "OH GOD DAMN! I'M I'M GOING TO….. FUCKING ………...CUM!" Bree shook and convulsed as a strong orgasm smashed through her body. She squirted slightly, not the gushers that Sara has had but a small squirt followed by a large amount of her girl cum running from her inner vault out her entrance past his two digits. Pete eased his fingers from Bree's inner walls she was tight on the two fingers during her orgasm she clamped down tight on his fingers. Pete knew she wasn't as tight as Amy's vice like inner walls. But her guess she'd be tighter than Sara. Pete wiped his face on the bed spread,then moved up on Bree "hu un I'm going to take top. I want you to lay still and let me do the work. No thrusting or humping. I'm in charge here! Get on your back." Pete obeyed. Bree straddled Pete took hold of his cock and slid the head just past her entrance. She worked her hips in a circle somewhat. Bree push down on his cock taking a few more inches she rocked her hips, done the circles, but not taking anymore in. She rode Pete's dick like this for some time. It annoyed him some, but he let her continue. Bree stopped her movement looked straight into Pete's eyes and plunged down engulfing his cock in a tight wet and warm wrapper! like Amy, Bree could only get about 7 inches inside her warm pussy. Bree sat straddling Pete with 7 inches of his rod pushed in her. He stretched her out because of his girth. Bree sat still letting her body adjust. The invasion was uncomfortable but not painfully. Finally she rose up about three inches then plunged down hard felling Pete slam against her cervix. She rose again about three inches then slammed down implying herself. Pete loved the feel of Bree's inner walls as it squeezed him. He enjoy the feel as she slammed down on him but it was just enough to keep him hard but not enough to allow release! Bree was getting very vocal and Pete felt her juices running down to his balls then down his crack. Bree changed up a little while still impaled on Pete she shifted so her feet were flat on the mattress. She lifted up till just the head was left inside her then she would squat down hard letting Pete bottom out against her cervix back up then hard down. Bree moaned loudly and yell things like fuck yes oh God damn yes yes yes. Bree's legs shook but she didn't slow her pass or rhythm. Pete felt his own impending orgasm on the horizon. Bree was at the point of no return she drew up to just the head inside her. That's when her legs slid out from under her and she slammed down onto Pete with her full 125 pounds and nothing to catch her. She felt Pete hit her cervix and felt a give inside with a very sharp pain as she sat down her ass cheeks right on Pete's pubic bone her legs were almost stretched forward up toward Pete's head on either side. Pete was completely up inside her the last four inches past her cervix. "Oh holy fuck! Jesus Christ Almighty! Oh I'm fucking ruined! How the Fuck can I explain this in the fucking ER!" Bree was freaking out badly. Pete hurt himself, with the hard drive into Bree. His dick had bent some and was uncomfortable but now he was deep in Bree and as tight as she had been this was different.

"Bree what's wrong?" Sara asked entering the room. Pete could see everyone huddling in the doorway.

"My feet slipped! He busted something loose and went deeper." Bree screamed almost hysterical "he broke my insides! I'm ruined! I'm going to die of embarrassment just from having to go to the ER and tell them what happened!"

"Bree calm down! Now do you hurt? How bad? You're not broke! Just calm baby. Calm down ok." Sara had crawled across Pete's chest straddling him in front of Bree. She caressed Bree's head running her hand through her hair softly. Pete stared at Sara's blue denim clad ass as she sat in front of Bree calming here. His cock was so damn hard it wasn't funny! He was really getting into it, and was close then bam this. The denim was pulled very tight across Sara's ass. Pete loved the look of her ass at any time now it was beautiful site but torture. "Pete just hold still for a second ok honey? Bree you didn't break anything baby. What happened is Pete is so big that he past through your cervix. It may hurt some but that will pass. How do you feel Bree?"

"You know how when a guy is pounding you hard from behind? He has the thrust going good then he draws back a little too far pops out of your cooch then slams right up your ass all the way with no warning?" Bree asked. She had calmed down with her mom softly caressing her face and playing with her hair.

"Then if they hold still and not move. The pain subsidies some. It still is uncomfortable but the sharp pain is replaced with dull pain and that will then give way to pleasure?" Sara more stated. She could feel that Pete was struggling to not move any so he wouldn't hurt Bree. His muscles under her denim clad pussy twitched and rippled some. She looked at Pete and mouthed 'are you still hard' he nodded yes. "Ok Bree baby do you want off Pete or do you want to try to finish up?"

"It feels a little weird but the pain isn't bad just dull. I could swear I feel his heartbeat through his cock now! I want to try and see if we can finish mom"

"First off no more mom! Can't wrap my brain around that! Now Amy, Lee and Heather come in! One behind one on each side. We are going to help her get here legs back under her so she can try and continue."

"Mo….um Sara could I ask something and it not seem real weird?" Bree asked sheepishly

"Well I'm straddling my son with my ass right in his face. Yes I wishing I didn't have my jeans on so he could use his tounge all over my ass and pussy. Top that with being turned on by the thought of your sexy body, and you impelled so deep on his cock. What could possibly be weird at this point?" Sara spoke looking deep into Bree's blue eyes.

"I need a little help. I am horny but this kinda mess the groove up." Bree whispered just loud enough that Sara barely heard her.

"Yes baby I'll help you. Girls did you hear her?" Sara seen a huge smile come across Heather. Putting the knowledge that Lee and Heather had been having sex together and the general knowledge that Sara had seen over the years Heather had been coming to see Lee. She knew it was a dream come true for her. It was obvious she had a thing for Bree, but never got to act on it. "Heather get behind Bree and reach around she needs a little help."

Amy was to Bree's right and Lee took the left. Sara jumped up quickly and wiggled out of her jeans and soaked panties. She straddled Pete again this time her mound was right at his face. Sara pull her shirt and bra tossing them to the side. Pete was still hard inside Bree but had started to deflate some from inactivity. Now with Sara's wet pussy right in his face and thought that all the girls was going to be messing with Bree his cock began to inflate once more! Heather had pull off her top and bra exposing her C cups and rock hard nipples. They were the size of a pencil eraser. Her breast were perky and firm her bush was just a triangle with the point at her slit. It was neat and clean. Her inner thighs glisten with the arousal that had ran down her inner thighs. She moved in behind Bree wrapping her arms around her. Amy stripped quickly her bullet nipples hard her pussy clean shaved. Lee stripped sitting next to Bree it was obvious Bree was a firm C she was not fat but she was curvy and probably a little heavier than Pete originally thought. Lee was thin, with them both naked side by side Lee was clearly one maybe two sizes in the waist smaller her breast was clearly a B cup. Her ass was small but solid. Heather had her hand on Bree's mound kissing her neck and nibbling Amy began squeezing and messaging Bree's right breast Lee moved in taking Bree's left nipple in her mouth flicking her tounge around the edges. Heather's fingers found Bree's clit slowly rubbing and flicking. The girls had help Bree get her knees bent so she could push up and slide down on Pete's dick. Sara had settled herself down so Pete could work her pussy over with his mouth and tounge. Pete pushed his middle finger in her her hole a few strokes and he slipped his index finger in. Sara already had juices running from inner walls and cervix. Pete with drew his fingers from her pussy. Sara let out a disappointed sigh then Pete pushed his index and middle finger into Sara's asshole they sink to the first knuckles. Sara was in a lip lock, tounge wrestling with Bree, she gasped sucking air hard actually taking Bree's breath a second. Sara began grunting and moaned loudly as she continues to kiss Bree passionately. Her pussy had fluids running out, it dripped on his chin and neck. Pete quickly become covered by Sara's juices as they run from her pussy.

At the same point Pete fingered Sara's ass Amy Heather and Lee worked on Bree's body kissing caressing and lifting her up and allowing her to slide down on Pete's cock. Within moments of the restart, Bree began to shake and tremble. Her eyes rolled back as a massive orgasm hit her. Bree was being lifted about two inches up and sliding back down. Amy Lee and Heather supported Bree as she came down from the first orgasm then another wave slammed into her she shook and tremble through another powerful orgasm her vocalizations from earlier was lost to just gibberish, grunts, and a few moans. Sara exploded into her own powerful orgasm. Her asshole clamped down hard on Pete's fingers as her orgasm hit she squirted once Pete locked on her clit shaking his head he'd rolled his lips over his teeth biting down on her clit sucking while flicking his tounge on her bud.

"Fuck! PLEASE! I CAN'T….UUUGGH…OH SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! NOT AGAIN….UUHHHHH….. DAMN IT PLEASE! UHHHH… I'M CAN'T NO MORE!!!" Sara came four times quick squirting every time totally soaking Pete. He actually looked as though he'd just stepped out of the shower. Sara rolled off and laid in the fetal position on the bed. Bree had her eyes rolled back as she shook. She had came more times than anyone could keep up with. She managed to roll forward and was attempting to pull off Pete. Heathers Amy and Lee realized she was done, helped her to get off Pete's cock. Bree curled up next to Sara in the fetal position too.


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