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New York city is tormented by mysterious monsters attacks and no attempts to track the suspected aliens are successful. The government's solution is to form an all new super hero team named G.S.P. to protect the city. The veteran heroes assembled know the hardship of being heroes and how sex might be an useful relief, but are they really prepared for what happens when an innocent (?) bystander hurt during one of their missions is something they have never encountered before?
This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author the Thundercloud and all rights are reserved.


Chapter 8 Dependency and False Security

* * *

With a smile on her lips Jennifer left Thundercloud's bedroom. Their extensive love making when they woke up had dulled some of the intense desire for sex. Still she craved for more sexual energy, but her new boyfriend needed some time to recover. Besides she had an errand to make.

Moving around the corner of the corridor she saw Firefly clothed in a bathrobe. With her hair in a tangle and a very dreamy look on her face, it was easy to deduce what she had been doing.

"Good morning Sarah, seems like you had a good night," Jennifer said.

"I suppose. I was with Mindeye and he sure knows how to push my buttons," Firefly replied.

"A mind reading partner can have it's advantages," Jennifer commented smiling. Firefly shrugged, some of her good spirits seemed to be gone.

"Yourself? You are up early," Firefly asked.

"I had great sex with Fang and Thundercloud," Jennifer answered. "Just for the information I and Carl decided to become a couple last night."

"More soon than I expected," Firefly responded. "Lately he has been driving me nuts with talk about how wonderful you are, but I thought it would take longer time for you to get over him forgetting to mention he had a wife in cryo-sleep."

"Yea, it is kind of awkward with his wife coming back from nowhere, not least that she was totally mad. On the other hand we do love each other and he accepts that I will sleep around so I thought why not," Jennifer responded.

"Happy to hear that you two have found each other," Firefly said.

"I hope you are not feeling jealous," Jennifer said.

"Not at all, he would not have been my preferred boyfriend," Firefly said.

"Who would that be then, Eagle?" Jennifer asked.

"Hell no!" Firefly responded. "The sex that his flight power allows is great, but if it was just about sex then Thunder would be the choice. Eagle and mine personality does not mix!"

"Shall we ask about if Mindeye is the lucky one," the demon wondered playfully.

"Remember how she reacted on my mind reading joke. Besides we need to be going if we shall be in time," Jennifer responded.

"I need to go, I have a meeting shortly," Jennifer said.

"I thought you did not know about anyone outside the team?" Firefly asked.

"Actually it is sort of team related. I asked Carol Winthers to meet me over breakfast to discuss something private," Jennifer replied.

"Ah, that girl that we saved from the psionic. I never thought she would recover from that comatose state she was in. Say hi to her from me," Firefly said.

They parted ways and Jennifer left the G.S.P. base and walked towards Broadway. She arrived just a few minutes late and found Carol waiting for her. Carol had ordered a pile of pancakes that she consumed with a happy smile.

"I assume you are paying since you wanted this meeting, right?" Carol asked as Jennifer sat down.

"Sure," Jennifer responded. "I am glad you could meet me here. I hope that I did not phone you too early, I wanted to get hold of you before you left for school."

"No problem at all really, but I don't have a school to attend to right now," Carol responded.

"How come?" Jennifer asked.

"One of the reasons I ran away was apparently that I was thrown out from my old school for failure to attend the lessons," Carol responded.

"What do your father think about that?" Jennifer wondered.

"I dunno," Carol responded. "In fact I have not seen him yet, he is away in Washington working. He arranged for me to have a private teacher until I get a new school. He also has this private detective that regularly checks that I am still around, but besides that he has not even had time to spare me more than a few token words over the phone."

"I am sorry, I didn't know," Jennifer said.

"It is no big deal, the worst problem now is that I am so bored with the studies. I know every single thing they try to teach me. You did finish university studies before your memory loss, right?" Carol asked.

"Yes, I believe so, but I don't have any details except that I often find unexpected skills pop up from nowhere. Not that I am that interested to know, I don't expect to ever have a regular job," Jennifer replied.

"By the way, what is the deal about your memory loss and the martial arts?" Carol wondered. "Your psi guy removed most of your recent memories when he used your mind to fix my mind, but he needed to keep those memories that are connected with you coping with the lost memories so I have a number of random memories of what has happened to you at the hospital and so on."

"I don't really know what to say. I can't really explain to you where our martial arts skills come from," Jennifer responded.

"I see, but you do know even though you for some reason can not tell me?" Carol wondered.

"I do have certain hints about the martial arts, but I don't know why we were hit by amnesia," Jennifer answered to evade the question.

"You are saying we. Are you more than one person inside there?" Carol asked.

Jennifer blushed when she realized that she let her tongue slip. "No comments about that," she said.

"No worry, I have enough secrets to keep without knowing yours," Carol replied.

"Good, but I do actually have a secret of mine that I wonder if you can keep a secret for me," Jennifer said.

"Would feel kind of silly to betray the one person who saved me from eternal coma," Carol replied.

"You promise not to tell this to anyone, and not to write it down?" Jennifer asked.

"Of course I promise, you feel like a sister of mine and I would never betray the confidence of a sister," Carol said and beamed.

"Good, funny that you should talk about sisterhood since this is about my real sister," Jennifer said.

"I am listening," Carol said.

"Okay, here is the deal. I have a sister named Linda and a brother named Clive. Up to yesterday I thought I have not met any of them, but it turns out that I have indeed met Linda in central park," Jennifer told.

"Why did she not say hi if you have met?" Carol wondered. Jennifer blushed deeply.

"She was sort of unable to speak. I was with this guy named Patric that thought that I was his demon possessed sister. I was planning to teach him a lesson by acting this role. He ordered me to force myself on Linda and since I did not want to break my cover story and I could sense she was excited by the thought I saw no great harm in it. The few words she said before we got busy were not enough for me to realize that she really knew me," Jennifer said.

"Sex with your sister, this puts my previous words about you being like a sister of me in a new light," Carol mumbled and blushed. She could not help throwing an admiring glance at Jennifer's attractive body.

"The problem of amnesia, I would never have done it if I had known the truth. There are plenty of people to have sex with that I am not related with," Jennifer said.

"Okay, I see," Carol said. "Why tell this story to me?"

"I don't really have a desire to contact my old family, but I heard yesterday that she has been trying to contact my team leader Eagle. I don't get why she wants to talk with him if she is just after contact with me. The whole situation makes me nervous, I really don't want to be thrown out of the G.S.P. team. Sex with a minor would probably be bad, and with it not exactly voluntary I would really be in a real mess," Jennifer explained.

"So you want me to approach your sister and try to find out what she is up to?" Carol asked.

"Yea, that is pretty much the idea, but I have no plans for how you should get to know her. Now when I heard that you lack a school I am thinking that you perhaps could try to get accepted to her school. It is named The Beacon School and fairly decent if I am rightly informed," Jennifer responded.

"Prep school?" Carol wondered.

"I don't really know, but they have like individual study plans and stuff so I suppose it might be," Jennifer said.

"I don't think that my grades are good enough to get me accepted into any decent school, but why not give it a try. Perhaps my father can try to use his influence to get me accepted," Carol said.

"Thank you, here is a picture of her and her address," Jennifer said and extended them to Carol.

"How come that you have a picture of her?" Carol asked.

"The government did research about my family when they wanted to know who I was," Jennifer responded.

"I will keep it safe," Carol promised.

"I think I need to go back to the morning briefing now. Can you phone me if you make any progress?" Jennifer said.

"No problem," Carol said.

Jennifer left the restaurant while Carol sat deep in thought. The idea to somehow get into a prep school seemed nice, catching up with the students would not be a problem with the knowledge she had from Jennifer. On the other hand it would take a miracle to get in.

"I need to talk to you now!" a woman said as she sat down in the seat Jennifer previously had taken.

Carol gave the woman a curious look. She was most definitely not of the same age, if she had to make a guess she would say 30 something. At the root of it the woman was gorgeous, but her red hair had not been washed for some days. Had she even slept at all?

She looked so very tired, but she did not seem like a bag lady. Her clothes were whole and very good fitting. Considering the summer heat she was dressed very conservative style with little or nothing of her skin exposed. Still Carol could not help but to take an admiring glance on the woman's firm round breasts and trim upper body, she was very sexy.

"I saw you talking to a woman here, you know her, right?" the red hair asked with an urgent tone in her voice.

"Yea, I do know her a bit. Why would you like to know?" Carol asked.

"I need you to get me a meeting with her," the red hair asked.

"Why did you not talk to her when she was here?" Carol wondered.

"Not properly prepared, I need stuff from home first," the woman replied.

"What is your name?" Carol asked.

"Eve Mortensen, I need you to help me meeting this woman," Eve answered.

"Why do you not ask her yourself?" Carol asked. "I don't get what this has to do with me."

"I really need to meet her outside their headquarters. I can pay you for the assistance," Eve pledged.

"This woman is up to something fishy, maybe I should play along to see what it is. I owe Jennifer greatly and it is not like I am defenseless with my martial art knowledge," Carol thought.

"Maybe I can arrange a meeting. She asked me to phone her later today. How much will I earn if I help you out?" Carol asked.

"Name your price and I will get it for you. I really need to talk to Blade," Eve said.

"One hundred bucks?" Carol asked.

"Sure," Eve answered.

"You said you needed to pick up something from your apartment?" Carol asked.

"Yes, it is just to take the express train towards Brooklyn. Won't take much time at all," Eve said.

"Maybe I will not be home in time for the private teacher, but this seems important," Carol thought.

"A deal then," Carol said.

"I pay for your breakfast," Eve said.

"Thanks," Carol answered.

* * *

Mindeye relaxed in his armchair, looking closer at a report. The topic was a technical analysis of the brainwashing attempt that yesterday had been done on Eagle. The G.S.P. gear had collected the mind numbing noise used by Professor Enigma, and sent it to NSA for further analysis.

The report described the mechanisms used translated into regular mind control symbols. Further analysis would be needed, but Mindeye was mostly at ease. The details indicated it was a straight brute force attack and not an emulation of the more advanced attacks within attacks that expert psionics do employ.

There was a knock on the door, and Mindeye extended a mental probe to determine who it was. It was Sandra from the reception desk. He added a control probe and prompted her to enter the room.

"Hello lover," Sandra said after she had closed the door.

He smiled at her as she pulled off her dress, of course she was nude below, besides from the white stockings. She moved over to kneel at the bed. With her legs spread wide and her arms at her side she really gave him a full view of her trim body, just like he wanted her.

"You are gorgeous," he said.

"Good, you don't summon me as often so I was starting to worry that you don't want my body anymore," Sandra responded.

"No need for such worries. It's just that with both Fang and Blade as added sexual partners I have less opportunity to find time to have sex with you," Mindeye said.

"It is as I feared. You like their touch more than mine," Sandra responded. A tremble passing through her body.

"No, silly. I just want to keep our relationship to be something private between us," he answered and put the report away.

He stood up and slowly pulled open his shirt while looking at her. Her eyes were glued to him, a grasp of desire left her mouth as he pulled his shirt off.

He stepped closer and she extended her hand. Feeling his stiff member through the confining clothes.

"I want you," she whispered and loosened his jeans. Pulling down he made his boxer shorts follow and his hard cock was exposed to her.

He stepped out of his jeans as he studied her slightly open mouth and the gaze that was locked on his maleness.

"I have overstepped my position by questioning you. Please punish me!" she pleaded.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" he asked as he caught hold of her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

He really liked the moment when she understood that her words had implied she was the one that wanted her to be punished. There was a flicker of fear there, but even more; raw desire.

"I am yours totally, do whatever you want," she pledged. He responded by playfully taking hold of her left breast nipple.

"Why are you mine?" he asked, tugging at the nipple.

"Master Clive, I am yours because you made me such," she answered, her voice husky from desire.

"Good," he answered. "Know that I won't forget what happened today. You will be punished severely for your transgression, but not now when you want it."

He sat down on the bed and pulled her into his lap. She responded with a happy giggle as she felt his maleness push inside her. She began riding him with frantic speed. He alternated between licking her breasts and giving the nipples quick bites.

The moans of desire that followed each bite filled him with anticipation. Seldom had he found her so wet and horny, he had really been ignoring her far too much lately.

Sensing that her climax was approaching he did one of his favorite tricks. Opening mental connections with her he reached inside to form a mutual feed of their desires and experiences. He would experience her climax and she would experience his. How he pitied those unfortunate that could not do this marvelous trick to enhance the sexual experience.

Like always he found the mental hooks inside her mind ready for him, after many repeated use her mind had adapted to crave this mind sharing of desire. His sexual excitement was boosted incredibly as he felt the storm of desire from inside her.

"Cummiiing!" Sandra shouted and rocked in spasms as she rode him violently.

"Wait, something is weird," Mindeye had the time to think before an incredible sexual bliss filled him.

His body buckled as he delivered his load inside her. Still, the excitement did not end but kept building. He had collapsed down on the bed, the sexual excitement holding him so hard that it was painful.

"Get myself free from her mind," he thought and tried to cut the mental feedback. He failed this simple task, a psionic was on the other side of Sandra's mind and kept hold of him.

He tried to open his mouth to ask what was happening, but he found he could not move a single muscle. Worse, there were many minds on the other side and they assaulted his mind through the vulnerability caused by his lust.

"This was great, the great Mindeye falling for such a simple trap," Sandra said as she still straddled him with a content smile on her lips.

"Damn, she has been taken over and I missed to notice her unexpected behavior like a pure newbie. I need to break body contact to lessen the psionic effect, but how do I achieve that?" Mindeye thought.

"The paralysis and mental block will lessen within a few hours, right?" Sandra said. "Newsflash, you don't have hours. I tricked agent Peterson to meet my masters. He was soon a good slave and has given them full access to the base and instructed the base AI to not allow any G.S.P. member to access the computers. The rest of the superhero team are captured as we speak."

The door opened and let five strangers inside. Without any hesitation they moved over to the bed and used straps to secure Mindeye's still throbbing member inside Sandra's wet folds.

"Just a precaution in case the great Mindeye knows any trick the Brotherhood does not know about," one of them explained. They sat down on the floor and closed their eyes in concentration. The impact on Mindeye's mind doubled as the attackers could touch him and Sandra.

"They are calling themselves the Brotherhood, they must be from the mysterious psionic group that kidnapped Carol Winthers," Mindeye relized. "We assumed the Brotherhood to be small and insignificant since they did not exist in the government monitoring program. What if the reverse is the truth? They are so powerful that they have managed to hide themselves from the monitoring program totally?"

* * *

Jennifer relaxed in the shower, letting the warm water wash over her. Agent Peterson had canceled practice today so when Carl returned from lunch they would have the afternoon to themselves. Provided that not some new crisis did happen.

New York really needed the calm to fix the damage caused by Enigma's robots. Many streets were still blocked by car wrecks and rubble. The one sending out the demons would of course not care one bit about such details, but you could always hope.

Suddenly Jennifer felt something brush against her mind. The demon reacted like usual and threw out the attacker using excessive mental force. The moment afterward dozens of mental attacks came lunging at them, the demon blocked these attacks also.

"What is happening?" Jennifer wondered.

"Massive number of linked mental attackers. Some of the individuals must be least level 30," the demon responded.

"Computer! The base is attacked! Sound the alarm!" Jennifer shouted.

"Request denied, access rights by G.S.P. members has been revoked," the base AI responded.

"Somebody must have infiltrated the base. Time to do battle," Jennifer thought.

There were unknown persons on the other side of the shower curtain. Vaguely she could see they carried firearms, aimed in her direction. She charged out while here hands gripped for her magical blade.

They were sixteen persons outside, most of them with rifles, but six persons on the back had their eyes closed, most likely doing the mental attacks. The thugs fired, but Jennifer's charge had been too sudden for them to get a proper angle.

She slashed herself through them and their formation broke within seconds. The first bodies had not landed on the floor before she reached the suspected psionics on the back. Two large swings later these six had also fallen.

A moment later she was outside in the corridor. The whole base was filled with enemies. Enemies that had heard the pains of mortal injury inside the bathroom. All the time the demon was busy throwing out metal attackers from their mind.

"How many can they be?" Jennifer wondered.

"At least a hundred psionics or so," the demon responded.

"The base is attacked!" Jennifer screamed as she dodged wild shots from opponents and charged into the closest enemies. With the confusion as they tried to attack her mentally and physically they had little chance as she sent their body parts flying.

"This is bad, running out of energy. Drop the magical blade now!" the demon screamed mentally.

Jennifer let go of the blade and charged into the next group. Without the sword it took much more work. On the other hand the enemies were not prepared to fight her. Attacking them with brutal violence she used their confusion to break kneecaps, stabbing her fingers into eyes, groin or throat and tricking them to fire at each other.

She got hold of an automatic rifle and even though it was an unfamiliar weapon the demon did not care. Eons of fighting gave instincts that more than made up for the lack of direct training with the weapon.

Using her fighting skills to take out those who were close and using the weapon to shoot people at distance they advanced. The enemy had still not managed to hit her with any of their shots, her nimble form being a hard target in the crowded corridor.

Jennifer's charge forward was stopped when the crowd parted for Thundercloud approaching. He did not have his costume on, but his face was like a motionless mask.

"Help me!" Jennifer shouted as she aimed for one of the enemies behind him. He blocked her shot, the bullets falling down on the floor without doing any harm.

He lunged out for her, his huge reach and large dexterity making him almost able to catch hold of her. He only gripped the automatic rifle. Jennifer escaped by somersaulting backwards. How many people behind her were only maimed, but still able to act?

"Carl! It is me your girlfriend!" Jennifer shouted. "Protect me!"

He lunged forward and Jennifer tried another somersault, this time she slipped on the floor wet from blood. He caught hold of her neck and pulled her up with ease.

"I break us out from here!" he suddenly shouted as a trembling rippled through his body. He turned and charged down the corridor with Jennifer's body hidden behind his body.

"He broke the conditioning!" one of the enemies shouted. The moment after they were firing at them.

He had caught hold of one of them and threw him so violently down the corridor that a dozen enemies toppled over. Those behind the group tried to split up to get a better angle to fire at Jennifer's barely protected body. He did not give them the chance to execute the plan, simply bashing himself through the left wall.

One wall later they were out in a new corridor, he stopped his charge. Jennifer tried to see what was in front of them, but he kept her pushed to his large body. Suddenly a chilling coldness washed over them and Thundercloud stumbled.

"All to easy," Eagle said in front of them. The moment after the world exploded in horrible sound.

Thundercloud had taken most of the impact and collapsed, but Jennifer was still dizzy as she struggled to not be stuck below the unconscious male. Eagle was standing in front of them with his Enigma weapon extended, frantic he scrambled to ready it for another shot.

Jennifer charged toward him when she got up. She used her momentum to do a handstand and launch a mule kick. He escaped the kick by flying up towards the ceiling. Jennifer whirled past below him and came up standing, uncertain about what to do.

She never got the chance to make the decision. Horrible pain filled her breast cage. Confused she looked down and saw the remains of Firefly's energy beam that had burned herself through her heart and lungs and left a large hole through her breast cage.

"Oh!" she had the time to mumbled before she collapsed on the floor.

"This is bad, so very bad. Our energy level is critically low. If I try to heal us then we will die even quicker. I will try to conserve our energy," the demon thought.

"Can we survive?" Jennifer wondered.

"With sex within an hour or so, yes. Without any sex, no," the demon responded.

"Is she dead?" one of the enemy psionics asked as he reached Eagle and Firefly.

"No master, but she might recover if she is placed close to anyone having sex. She gains power from people having sex close to her," Firefly responded.

"Okay, dump her somewhere where this cannot happen. She is far too dangerous to be allowed to live," the psionic answered.

"What about Thundercloud?" Eagle asked.

"Keep him chilled down and unconscious until we can see if we can make the brainwashing stick. I don't understand how he could break it," the psionic answered.

"Perhaps it was his love for his girlfriend Blade," Firefly suggested.

"They are a couple. Our mole at the reception desk did not alert us about this," the psionic said.

"She did probably not know. They only declared their love for each other yesterday," Eagle replied.

"Ah, fresh love. Yet if we know what we are dealing with, I think we can work around it," the psionic said. "What about Fang?"

"Fang broke down from the presence of many firearms. We made her turn into wolf and then chained her into a nice package. If she tries to change form the chains will probably kill her," Eagle responded.

"Seems like the brotherhood has beaten the G.S.P., but at what cost? Many lives were lost," the psionic said.

* * *

Carol Winthers followed Eve Mortensen into her apartment. Her attempts to talk to the woman on the way to the apartment had been mostly unsuccessful. Carol was unsure if the reason was that the woman was physically exhausted, or if she tried to avoid giving any information to Carol.

Her first impression when she saw the apartment that it was a real mess. Located directly inside of the door was a pile of pizza boxes that lay mixed with discarded clothes. If Eve saw the pizza boxes at all when she stepped inside was unclear. Stepping over the boxes she dropped her coat on the floor and walked into the next room. Curious Carol followed even though she had not been properly invited into the apartment.

The next room was the kitchen. The piles of dishes filling the sink gave clear indication that Eve did not just eat only Pizza, but it was hard to tell what. Carol got a strong feeling that she should avoid going near the sink if possible.

Eve had continued to the next room that seemed to be a bedroom. Carol felt that it might perhaps be a bit bold to follow her inside. To give herself a reason to get to look into the bedroom Carol went to a small television at the kitchen table and turned it on so she could watch it and the bedroom door at the same time.

Inside the bedroom Eve was busy fiddling with the contents of a box, Carol could not tell what it contained. The sound from the television suddenly caught Carol's interest.

"This is Eyewitness News that report from outside the G.S.P. headquarters. Government officials have so far been unwilling to comment on what is happening, but it seems the FBI has done a surprise raid at the superhero headquarters. For what reason is unclear, but anonymous sources at the police department indicate that they have heard rumors about something illegal connected to the superhero team. The superhero headquarters is currently locked down, experts indicate the base was constructed to hold of alien attacks and it is thus a formidable fortress. Until the agents inside open the base to communicate or the government officials decide to answer our inquiries we will probably be left in the dark about what is happening."

Carol turned to ask if Eve had listened to the television broadcast. Inside the bedroom Eve did just attach a shoulder holster for a gun. Carol froze when she saw it.

"Does she intend to shoot Jennifer?" Carol wondered. The question was rhetorical, everything pointed in that direction. She wanted to urgently meet Jennifer, but had avoided her at the restaurant.

Eve finished with the gun and put on her jacket to hide the gun. Carol returned her gaze to the television to not be caught staring. She wondered about what to do. Somehow she had ignored the possibility of guns when she reasoned about her martial arts being enough to protect herself from harm.

"I am done, can you please contact Blade and ask for a meeting?" Eve asked.

"I don't know if the timing is so good, there was just coverage on television about FBI agents taking control of the G.S.P. headquarters for unknown reasons," Carol said to gain time to think.

"We have a deal," Eve demanded. "I will give you money for making sure I get the meeting."

"I know, but this with the agents is something new," Carol said.

"There is no official phone number that you can reach the G.S.P. without talking to the management, but if you know Blade you have a direct phone number, right?" Eve asked.

"Yes, I know a number," Carol admitted.

"Use it now," Eve urged.

Carol picked up the phone and dialed the number, the response tone beeped, but nobody picked up the phone. What should she say to Jennifer if she answered?

At one level it did not matter if this crazy woman did an assassination attempt, Jennifer could heal any damage caused and Carol would be safe if she cooperated. The woman would not be safe on the other hand. It seemed very likely she might be fatally wounded if she tried to kill Jennifer. This made Carol feel bad for her. The woman had done little or nothing to earn Carol's thrust, but Carol felt something connect inside her when she thought about Eve's state of mind.

"Yes," an unknown male voice said over the phone.

"I would like to talk to Jennifer," Carol said.

"You must have the wrong number, there is no Jennifer here," the person responded.

Carol frowned, she could on the phone display see that she indeed had called the right number. Eve waited impatiently.

"Are you new? I am Carol Winthers, a friend of the G.S.P. team. Can you please put me in contact with G.S.P. member Blade," Carol said.

"Sorry, you must have the wrong number," the man responded.

"Can I talk to your superior?" Carol demanded. The man on the other side did just drop the connection.

"What is the hold up?" Eve complained.

"I think I was talking to one of the agents. Unfortunately he refused to even admit that I had phoned the G.S.P. base," Carol answered.

"Try to phone again," Eve demanded.

Carol did so, but without getting any reply.

"I think he recognizes the number and doesn't want to reply," Carol commented. She picked up her cell phone and dialed from this phone. This time the man did reply, but when he heard it was Carol he cut the connection again.

"This is not acceptable, if they won't answer the phone we need to go there so you can talk to her and ask her to meet me," Eve said.

"I don't think that I can do that, I need to be home for my home lecture or dad will be mad," Carol replied. She did not like the prospect of being alone outside the G.S.P. base with frustrated gun armed Eve.

"No you won't, I need you to help me get in contact with Blade," Eve demanded.

"I am sorry. I must go home and the news told the base was locked down anyway, so there would be not point with going there now," Carol said.

She started to walk towards the exit when Eve suddenly drew her gun and pointed it at Carol.

"I am sorry, but I can't stand it anymore. You must assist me or I will go crazy," Eve ordered.

"What will she do if we come there and the agents won't let us inside," Carol wondered. She feared the answer. The notion that the woman might go crazy did not seem very far fetched. Actually Carol wondered if she did not already had begun to slip over the edge.

"Why not try disarm her now?" Carol wondered. Strictly speaking she could think about a number of reasons why this might be a bad idea. Still if she expected to be forced to that anyway sooner or later this might be the better situation than if the woman became even more nervous.

When Carol had made the decision everything went quick. She dodged to the right and when Eve instinctively started to track her movement she whirled around to deliver a powerful round kick. She hit the woman's gun hand and the impact was so hard that Eve dropped the gun. Luckily it did not fire, perhaps the safety had still been on.

The woman yelped in surprise and pain, but then launched herself forward. Carol found the attack crude and badly balanced, but it was clear the woman had some education in unarmed combat. It was by no means an attack that was harmless.

Carol blocked the attack aimed for her solar plexus and returned a flow of continuous strikes and kicks. Most of them connected, even though the effect was far from what Carol expected. She did not simply have the same strength as Jennifer.

Her sixth attack was good enough for the woman to topple over without any air left. She was down, but not unconscious. Carol decided that she needed to tie the woman up before she recovered. Eve's shirt had been ripped open during the battle and Carol used it to tie the arms of the woman behind her back.

The gun was still located on the floor beside them. Carol did not want to touch it but instead pushed Eve into the bedroom to get some distance from it.

"Let me go!" Eve complained. "You have no right to tie me up."

"Like you have any right to threaten me with a gun when I want to leave. I really doubt the police would look kindly on that," Carol responded. Eve blushed deeply and diverted her gaze.

"What's up with trying to assassinate Blade?" Carol asked.

Eve refused to answer. Carol stared at her in desperation, could she really leave the woman tied up, but how could she possibly let her loose without endangering herself? Even if she discarded the gun the woman might have other weapons at reach. Carol tried to catch Eve's gaze.

"I don't care about anything anymore," Eve said, giving Carol a blank stare. Something in that stare connected to Carol. She recognized the feeling, nor from her memories from Jennifer, but from the torment she had suffered before.

Suddenly Eve launched herself forward to get past Carol. Carol was taken by surprise, but reacted by instinct and planted her knee in Eve's stomach. Eve collapsed in massive wordless agony.

"Why do you hate Blade?" Carol shouted. "Why don't you care anymore?"

She rolled Eve, and Eve tried to roll away crying. Carol could not help herself but slapped Eve hard over the cheek with an open hand.

"Answer me, dammit!" she shouted in frustration.

The response she got surprised her greatly.

"Yes...yes mistress...I'll be good," Eve responded between her sobs.

"She is a submissive," Carol realized. "Talk!" she demanded, shaking Eve.

"She...she killed...Clair, she killed her!" Eve exclaimed.

"She killed who?" Carol demanded and again forced Eve to look at her.

"She killed my former mistress Clair," Eve responded. "Please mistress, tell me what to do!"

Carol gave her a deep stare. It felt strange to have an older woman proclaiming that Carol was her mistress, but it felt kind of nice. Quite obviously the woman could not cope with taking care of herself in her sorrow. Who was this Clair that Eve referred to?

It suddenly hit Carol like a lightning stroke. This woman was the police that Jennifer had knocked unconscious at the hospital when Jennifer accidentally killed the nurse Clair that had been abusing her. When Carol made the connection it was easier to dive into the partial memories she had from Jennifer and recognize the woman. It was indeed the woman Jennifer had fought at the entrance of the hospital after she by accident killed the sadistic nurse.

"Was the gun you used to threaten me with your police gun?" Carol asked.

Eve turned totally crimson in shame, diverting her gaze. Carol frowned in irritation.

"Answer me when I ask you something!" she demanded, using her hand to force Eve to look at her.

"I am sorry mistress," Eve responded. "It was my work gun. I will lose my job if this got known at work, but I did not care what will happen."

"I order you to care!" Carol ordered. "Look at the mess in your apartment! Your respect for Clair might have let you come to this point after her death, but I don't accept it. I demand more, much more."

"I am so very sorry mistress, let me loose and I will fix it right away," Eve answered.

Carol gave her a long stare. The whole deal of suddenly having someone calling you mistress was weird. Just days before she had almost become enslaved due to the brainwashing of the Brotherhood. On the plus side, the thought of having a slave of her own thrilled her. She did not know if it was due to the effort of the Brotherhood brainwashing or not, but she felt desire when she saw this woman.

She moved away to let Eve rise. She did not remove the knots that kept Eve bound. Hesitantly Eve sat up, her gaze filled with uncertainty. "It might be a bit tricky to clean with my arms bound behind my back."

"I agree, your point being?" Carol asked. Eve looked around uncertain about what to answer.

"I mean that if I was not constrained like this I would be finished quicker and I would be ready to serve mistress, if you so desire," Eve said.

"Oh, yea, that is right," Carol said, giving Eve a playful smile. She stepped forward, but instead of untying Eve she unbuttoned Eve's jeans and pulled them down so hard that her panties followed. Obediently Eve stepped out her jeans, her breathing going shallow from anticipation. Eve gave her a nervous look, now she only carried her bra and the cloth around her wrists. Carol kept her face straight, not showing a single emotion.

"You are going to punish me?" Eve asked.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Carol asked, but then continued. "Thing is that you are of course going to get punished for your recent behavior. Yet, there is a certain balance here. You negligence to take care of your home is simply not acceptable. I can't have you doing stuff like that to get my attention. If you ever leave such a mess after you again you will be left alone again. You are in for some suffering while cleaning bound like this, but it is my reminder that you really want to be mine then you need to make an effort to be good."

"I understand mistress," Eve said and began cleaning.

Despite what Carol had said she took great pleasure from seeing Eve struggling bound and all but naked with the cleaning equipment.

Eve had a more developed body than Carol. If anything could be said about Carol's self image it was that her skinny body did not match her inner image that was more tuned to Jennifer's sexy body. Eve was not as athletic built as Jennifer, but it was a delight to watch her backside as she tried to pick up stuff. Carol liked what she saw, she hoped she herself would have such a cute pear-formed ass and full breasts when she matured.

To prove her point about the cleaning not being part of the real punishment Carol busied herself with helping to clean. She left the more gross bits of the dishes to Carol, but took care of most of the rest of the apartment. Each time she caught Eve staring at her she felt butterflies fill her stomach, there was a real desire in that gaze.

The only bad thing about the cleaning is that it made Carol's mind wander. The more she thought about it the more worried she was about what was happening at the G.S.P. base. The media story about the F.B.I. making a raid on the superhero team headquartes seemed far fetched. If the F.B.I. really had something so serious on the heroes to merit warrant a search of the base they ought to also be ready with plenty of information to the press.

Could she use Eve and her police training to somehow aid Jennifer? Nothing obvious came to Carol's mind. She also needed to think about making sure that Eve could keep her job. Having her as a responsibility did not sound as grand if she lost her job and could not pay rent and food. Had Eve had the sense to call in a claim to be sick before she began her hopeless crusade to kill Jennifer?

* * *

Mindeye still remained on his bed with Sandra riding his cock. Around him the five Brotherhood members sat busy trying to break into his mind. They had not succeeded so far, but their greater number and direct link to his mind through the subverted Sandra gave them every advantage.

For the last hour Mindeye had not been able to gain any ground. He was spending more and more energy on holding his mind protected. It was a losing battle. Normally he would have been stronger than the attackers, but the eternal orgasm caused by their clever trap made him so much weaker.

The unnatural orgasm would continue as long as his cock remained inside of Sandra's eager body. The Brotherhood agents had tied them together with straps to prevent him from accidentally breaking body contact.

An hour before there had been massive sounds of gunfire and people in mortal pain and Mindeye had hoped rescuers would come. Unfortunately this hope had been unfounded. Later he had sensed a general mental broadcast from somebody dumping the body of Blade in the boiler room and instructing all others to stay away so that she could not feed from sexual energy.

It worried him that they had managed to defeat her, no matter what Eagle thought Blade was really scary in close combat. With Blade down Mindeye suspected all his comrades were captured or killed. He did not like to think about the last possibility, he had to assume they were still alive.

"Focus, please focus. If they are dead or not will not matter if I am enslaved. They have us tied together, but there must be some trick left that they can not anticipate," Mindeye thought.

This thought made him suddenly realize that there was one trick they could not know about. Years back he had encountered a supervillain using the nickname Mindblower. The specialty of this enemy had been a device that erased psionic ability. Unfortunately for Mindblower his device had not been strong enough to break Mindeye and he had died an agonizing death as he tried to increase the power of his device. These psionics could not have encountered the Mindblower since their powers would have been too weak to actually defend from such artificial attack.

Problem was just that Mindeye had never dared to execute such an attack. His own ability might be in danger if any of the attackers had training in some advanced recoil techniques. Still what was his options? Allowing his opponents to wear him down seemed like an equally bad choice.

"I will only get one chance," he thought and started to assemble his will. He could feel the surprise as the attackers as they suddenly gained ground as he lowered his defenses. They were closing in on him from all sides. Filled with dread, he started to send the complicated pattern that would draw the attackers psionic power into more and more dangerous ground.

As his trap closed he felt one of the enemies doing something weird. He did not dare to stop, but continued while trying to isolate himself from the enemy pattern. Suddenly a joint cry of anguish came from the Brotherhood members. They collapsed on the ground unconscious.

"Masters, what happened?" Sandra asked.

The horrible orgasm had ended when the enemy did not feed it. Mindeye tuned his mind to take control of Sandra again. It did not work! His own psionic ability had been damaged beyond recognition during the fight.

He did the only thing he could think of; hitting Sandra with his fist. At least that worked. She collapsed on his chest unconscious.

Working quickly he got rid of the straps that had held them locked together. The enemies on the floor had slowly started to drift back to consciousness. He tied Sandra with the straps. Somehow he must undo her brainwashing, with his own ability damaged he would need help from some fellow psionic. The enemies was another matter, he used cable ties from his desk to suffocate them.

He must admit that is was plain murder. His only way of making it out of court case would to prove their brainwashing without exposing that he had been tampering with Sandra that she became a security vulnerability. Using psionic abilities to enslave others was a offense that merited death penalty even if you were on the government payroll. Still the idea to leave them behind was not an option, psionics could alert their comrades no matter how well he tied them up. Even if their ability had also been damaged they could still report back to other psionics contacting them.

Too bad there was nothing useful that could serve as a weapon in his room. He pulled on clothes and left the room in a hurry. Sooner or later some superior of the Brotherhood would be checking in on the men he had killed and sound the alarm when their minds were gone.

Leaving the room he hurried through the base, the destination was clear: the boiler room where Blade had been dropped.

It was risky, some of the Brotherhood might understand he had heard the broadcast about her. On the other hand, his current condition could work to his advantage. None of the enemies would suspect that his psionic power had been burnt out. They might be satisfied with a scan after any psionics being there and not look closely enough to notice a passive mind being present.

He entered the boiler room to find Blade dumped in the middle of the room. She looked very dead, and was cold to touch. Something, he assumed it might be Firefly's energy beam, had burnt a large hole straight through her chest. By the looks of it, she had lost all her blood from the huge injury.

"Could you really be alive still despite that injury?" he wondered. He remembered her bragging about how she could heal any wound if she had collected enough sexual energy.

"Time to test if you are correct," Mindeye said and opened his trousers to jack off. The chances she would still be alive seemed slim, but what alternative did he really have?

Perhaps it might be even more effective if he actually fucked her properly, but he could not bring himself to do it. Fucking an apparently dead body seemed far too morbid to him.

He turned his gaze away to not get distracted and worked at jacking himself off. It was hard, he was so very sore from his eternal fuck with Sandra.

"Let me suck on you," Blade suddenly said. She was awake, but still as pale. Disturbing enough the hole in her chest remained. Somehow no blood was flowing from the injury, but she still talked and moved.

She took him into her mouth, he had to suppress a shudder as he felt her so incredibly cold. Still he could not deny the pleasure as her talented tongue started to trace his form. She worked like that for what seemed like an eternity. His soreness keeping him from going over the edge.

Finally she broke contact. He looked down at her. Her injuries had healed themselves as by magic. She stood up, her body filled with strength.

"What is wrong with you psionic ability?" she asked. "It does not feel like usual."

"You can sense psionic abilities?" he wondered.

"Only when having sex with a psionic," she replied.

"I see, that explains much," he answered. "I was injured when I took out the Brotherhood members that tried to brainwash me. I am trying to not think about it. So where do we move from here?"

"I am not ready to fight if you ask about that. Just summoning my sword might be enough to kill me at this point," Blade replied with a sigh.

"A shame. Two heroes without powers and a base filled with enemy psionics, why could they not made this a bit more solvable," he muttered.

"Eagle and Firefly have been brainwashed by the Brotherhood, but Thundercloud broke the conditioning and Fang is immune to brainwashing," Blade said. "If we find them we can get the aid of their powers and their sexual lust can help recharge my powers."

"Sounds like a plan. Shall we get Fang first?" he asked.

"Yes she can track the presence of others by smell. Would work like a charm to give us advance warning if we are about to stumble on some enemies. She should be in her room if I understood correctly what they were talking about when I was injured," Blade replied.

They did indeed find Fang in her room. The enemy had made her turn into wolf form and then locked her up with heavy chains. The gaze she gave Blade and Mindeye was one of utter shame.

"I did not dare to make any resistance," she said after getting free and returning to humanoid form. "They had guns and threatened me with them, I could not collect myself to actually fight them. They locked me up and then I heard the fight outside and felt so bad about not trying to help."

"It is okay," Blade promised her.

"I am responsible for the mental safety of the team, you have very little responsibility compared to mine. I totally failed to protect the group from this great threat," Mindeye said.

Suddenly they heard the base A.I. turning on the speakers to the computer screen. "Incoming authenticated transmission from Pentagon," the base A.I. reported.

"To any G.S.P members listening, this is agent Anderson calling you. I might get fired for this, but you need to know. Pentagon has dispatched Ultrawave to travel to New York, arrival time is within two hours since Ultrawave will need to refuel his armor at Newark when he arrives. The cause for the government sending him to New York are your failure to respond to a current alien attack on the city. The larger of the current attacks are being handled by the Knighthood of Peace. I have every confidence that Ultrawave will be able to handle the other situation that is some kind of hostage scenario that looks like it might stall forever. Still I hear the talk here in Pentagon, and if you leave it to Ultrawave I very much fear G.S.P will be shut down permanently due to failure to perform."

Another voice was heard through the connection. "Anderson, what is this? I forbade contact with the G.S.P. base, we know it has been subverted by unknown agents. When Ultrawave has dealt with the current problem, he and the other superheroes summoned will deal with the base."

"I refuse to give up on the G.S.P. heroes so easily. G.S.P. members pay attention, I will transmit a prioritized feed with visuals from the kidnapping scene. I am counting on you. Overcome the attackers and deal with the hostage situation," Anderson said.

The computer screen lit up and showed a street still filled with rubble from the battle with Enigma's combat robot's. At the middle of the street there was a group of Thorned demons, the demon kind the group had fought outside Madison Square Garden. The demon's kept a circle around two woman wearing police gear.

"Aliens taking police officers prisoners, that is a new one," Mindeye said.

"Computer, can you enlarge the picture. Zoom on those women," Blade commanded. Of course the computer refused to serve the request since the access of the G.S.P. members had been cut by the brainwashed agent Peterson. Moments later the screen went dead.

"Why did you want to zoom?" Fang wondered.

"I wanted to see their faces, something about their poses did not feel right," Blade responded.

"No need to see them any larger, I saw them enough to say that they are not human," Fang responded.

"What are you saying?" Mindeye wondered.

"The whole hostage scenario is a trap. If I am correct it is a very dangerous trap," Blade responded.

"What makes you think that?" Mindeye wondered. Blade stared back him hesitating about what to say.

"You do know more about the aliens that you have admitted, don't you?" Mindeye asked.

Fang joined him. "You know what kind of demon's they are, right?"

"Demons?" Mindeye asked, giving Fang a curious glance. She ignored him.

"Okay I admit that I know more about the enemy than I have revealed," Blade said. "Female opponents of that size, makes me think there is a very real risk that they have breath weapons that are crazy powerful."

"How powerful?" Mindeye wondered. "We need to know if we are to fight them."

"Powerful enough to destroy any solid matter. If I am right I would be afraid of fighting them even if I was at the prime of my strength. They can dissolve just about anything with their breath, they are athletic enough to run up along a wall and fast like a leopard in motion," Blade answered.

"Oh! You are talking about hunters," Fang said, a tremble passing through her body.

"Would Thundercloud's invulnerability protect him?" Mindeye wondered.

"The breath weapon would eventually turn cold to kill him, the breath weapon adapts to the material it is trying to destroy. Without someone like Firefly providing energy to counter it he would be dead within moments," Blade responded.

"This sucks, Firefly is brainwashed and I doubt the Brotherhood would instruct her to help us," Mindeye said.

"Can we take out those two demon's without Firefly's assistance," Fang wondered.

"No, we can not if they are what I suspect. Eagle and Firefly are our only team members with distance attacks," Blade responded. "Let us start with recovering Thundercloud while we consider our options."

* * *

"Anyone inside?" Blade wondered as they reached the door to Thundercloud's room.

"One person besides Thunder," Fang whispered back.

"We are in real danger here, three unknown minds so close to his position. The psionic will notice us as soon he makes an effort to scan the surroundings. He must be very busy to have allowed us to come this close without discovery," Mindeye warned.

"It does not seem like any alarm has been sounded yet, if we could keep it like that it would be great," Blade commented. "Fang can you kill him?"

"What if he has a gun?" Fang complained, fear creeping into her voice.

"What is the deal with the werewolf? Why is she such a sissy about weapons?" Mindeye wondered.

"The person inside will probably have a gun, just about every psionic we have seen have been using such," Blade responded.

"What the fuck are you messing around for?" Mindeye complained. "We need Fang to do it and not folding from pressure You said you could not use your blade so it all up to Fang."

"Fang, you will go in there and the person inside will try to shoot you. Yet it does not matter because you are going to kill him before he can aim, right!" Jennifer said,

"What if he is ready and shoots directly?" Fang wondered.

"You are quicker and can dodge," Blade, trying to keep her voice down. Her whole stance had become more hostile. Mindeye thought he recognized it as her combat pose.

"I am afraid," Fang complained. Her whole body trembling as her gaze went back and forward between Blade and the door.

"Just do it!" Blade commanded and gripped Fang and threw her toward the door. Fang used the momentum to slam through the door. The moment after she changed into wolf form. It looked surreal as she landed on the floor and in one fluid motion jumped towards the bed.

Blade and Mindeye followed inside, but it was already over. The psionic had just time enough to open his mouth to scream in horror before Fang ripped his head off. His gun remained on the bed untouched.

Fang stood bent over his bloody body, having turned back into werewolf form. "Quick enough?" she asked filled with joy. Mindeye just nodded affirmative.

"Then I should hunt! I can do this! That I could forget how slow humans are! They are so very dead!" the ecstatic werewolf chanted.

"That was not so hard, was it?" Blade asked. While talking she was busy looking on her beloved who lay motionless on the bed. He was totally nude and unconscious.

"Mistress, can I hunt?" Fang asked eagerly.

"Yes, provided you don't get near Eagle or Firefly," Blade said. Fang was out of the room in the same moment.

"I never seen her follow Eagle's commands so eagerly," Mindeye said.

"Thanks for the compliment," Blade said. "What about Carl? How could he be sleeping through this? Can we wake him?"

"I honestly don't know," Mindeye responded.

"I feared that answer," Blade said.

She hit Thundercloud's cheek with all power she could assemble to wake him up. The characteristic sound of discharging electricity was heard as his invulnerability power kicked in to totally absorb the impact caused by her hand.

"Can we try something, I wonder if I can read his thoughts if we make out. I already know I can read the minds of a psionic while having sex. Perhaps this extends to others I have sex with," Blade said.

"Sure, I am not so sore anymore," Mindeye said.

"If you suck me and I do suck him I think that would be enough," Blade replied.

They arranged themselves like Blade had proposed and she took his limp, but still impressive member into her mouth. After a short while she broke contact and spoke.

"Works like a charm, I could read his mind and view the remains of their brainwashing attempts," she said.

"Did the brainwashing stick?" Mindeye wondered.

"It won't since it depends on keeping him in misery about me being dead," Blade said.

She moved up and kissed him deeply on the mouth. A tremble went through his body and he opened his eyes to stare at her.

"You are alive, but I saw you killed by Firefly?" Thundercloud asked.

"Remember, I heal any injury," Blade said as she hugged her body close to his.

"I give you some privacy to catch up," Mindeye said, walking towards the exit.

"No time for that, we need Firefly now if she shall save the team," Blade responded.

"Yes, boss," Thundercloud mumbled happily.

"How can we get her back on our side?" Mindeye said. "Remember I have lost my powers."

"Don't know yet, but perhaps I can learn something useful while reading her mind," Blade said.

* * *

"Master?" Firefly asked. Her master from the Brotherhood did not answer, but stood up looking at the wall. How lovely his male member looked covered in her sex juice. She wanted to swallow him and suck and lick until he groaned in pleasure but she understood that she must not disturb him.

"I can't sense the others, why would they all decide to leave without telling me..." he said. "...need to scan the surroundings."

Firefly waited impatiently at the bed as he closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Werewolf!" he suddenly exclaimed, at the same moment the door burst open and Fang came charging into the room in her humanoid form.

Firefly did not need the mental prompt from her master to fire at Fang. Unfortunately her energy beam hit the wall. The nimble wolf had dodged her attack easily.

She twisted sideways to fire again, but already understood herself to be too late. In one moment her master was desperately scrambling backwards and the next Fang's claws had pierced his breast cage and throat.

There was a shower of blood as Fang ripped her master apart. Firefly screamed in anger and fired madly towards Fang. At least she tried to do so when a soft but large object smashed into her and made her totally dazed.

"Was is it a couch?" she wondered. She struggled to focus again, the enemy had put her on the bed again. Her hands were surrounding a male member. She felt something brush over her face. She opened her eyes.

The thing touching her face was a pussy. A female was kneeling over her face. It must be Blade. The view did not appeal to slave Firefly, she did not like girls that did not belong to the Brotherhood. Without hesitating she fired her energy beam at full power. The only response was the sound of electrical sparkles as Thundercloud's invulnerability kicked in.

"Stop that!" Blade ordered.

Slave Firefly ignored her. Yet it was hard to ignore Blade's sex that was pressed to her face with a suffocating hold. At least they could not force her to lick or pleasure Blade.

Suddenly she felt something brush over her own sex. A male member that was probing her sex. She wanted to fight back and defeat them, where was her masters? How could they G.S.P. had beaten her powerful masters? There was so little she could do with her hands and head caught. She tried to wiggle away from the intrusion but the male cock invaded her sex.

It felt very good to have the cock stretch her inside. She must defeat them. Blade was whispering something to Mindeye.

Suddenly she heard Mindeye mumbling nonsense words. The words captured her imagination, held her there locked. It felt so incredibly good to have the brotherhood member drilling her love hole.

"Wait a second, when did Mindeye join the brotherhood?" slave Firefly wondered. Did it really matter? He knew the secrets to unlock pleasure in her mind. That must mean he was really of the brotherhood, right? It did not make sense, but none of her brotherhood masters came into her mind to deny his membership. Where they all dead? Not if Mindeye was one of them.

"Firefly, all G.S.P. members are also members of the Brotherhood," Mindeye said as he kept fucking her. "Do you understand?"

Firefly was so confused, it felt so good. How could her team comrades from the G.S.P. also be with the Brotherhood? Still it felt so good to be property of the Brotherhood. Had the others joined when they understood how happy she was? No, wait. He said the others was Brotherhood, not that they were the property of the Brotherhood.

"She is struggling with the concept of who owns who, order her to lick my pussy," Blade said.

"Lick mistress Blade's pussy," Mindeye ordered.

"No, I am straight," Firefly complained.

"Why would the Brotherhood do care about you being straight, lick me!" Blade ordered.

"She reads my mind," Firefly thought. It felt so good to have him fucking her own pussy. She had actually started to stroke Thundercloud that still kept her hand locked over his cock.

"Firefly, I know what happened to you at the bathhouse. Start to lick me!" Blade said.

Firefly stiffened from fear, in the bathhouse she had almost been defeated. The invisible enemy had dominated her, raped her and finally done the ultimate humiliation by pissing on her. She had barely fought back before the very end.

"Thing is you loved every moment of it, just like you will now enjoy licking my pussy even though you are straight," Blade said.

"What is she saying? Yes, I did enjoy it, but it is only because Mindeye had been messing with my mind," Firefly thought. Her nose was filled with the smell of Blade's sex. The smell felt alien and weird, but it also filled her with thrills. Why was she upset with Mindeye messing with her mind? After all he was Brotherhood and in all rights of doing such.

"You liked him dominating your body, just like you enjoy submitting to Blade and me now, right?" Mindeye asked.

She opened her mouth to complain, but of course this only allowed Blade to push her sex into her mouth. She reacted by instinct and let her tongue explore the sex exposed to her. The degradation she felt was enough for her climax right there. Her whole body tremble in sexual want as waves of pleasure washed over her.

She did not stop licking, it felt so good to give pleasure to Blade. The rhythmic bashing into her own cunt was driving her wild. She buckled against Mindeye with all the force she could assemble. Distantly she could notice that Thundercloud had delivered his load over her hands. It felt so very good, she kept stroking his member.

A second climax hit her from nowhere, she could hear Blade purr in sexual delight. She really was eating her pussy without abandon. The thought to be servicing another girl felt so dirty and wrong, but Mindeye had said Blade was Brotherhood and her purpose in life was to pleasure her masters, right?

Mindeye's breathing had quickened as he gradually increased the pace of his hard thrusts into her eager pussy. It felt wonderful to have him inside her. He was stretching her inside in just the right way.

"Cummming!" he screamed as he delivered his hot load inside her. She buckled against him as she again came hard.

He pulled away and the moment after she felt Thundercloud moving to replace him. His member had become hard again from her urgent stroking. With the remains of the previous round of sex he slipped inside her without effort, that was a new one. She groaned in sexual bliss as she felt him fill her up. He was larger than Mindeye, but it still felt like a loss compared to Mindeye.

Blade did suddenly also distance herself from her eager tongue, Firefly was on the way to rise up to connect again when she saw Mindeye's cock approaching. It was still not at its full size again, but it looked lovely covered by cum and her cunt juice. She took it into her mouth and sucked hard, she felt it wiggle with new life and start to grow larger.

To her disappointment he pulled out when she had gotten him large. Blade's naked sex was still there and with wide eyes she saw him probe her opening.

"Little slave, now you get to watch, and of course lick, as I enjoy Blade over your face," Mindeye said. By now he was moving in and out of Blade's eager hole.

Firefly followed the order and busied her tongue with his balls and her tights. Thundercloud also had started a rapid thrusting into her and she felt herself approaching yet another climax.

"Firefly, you know what," Blade panted. "You are the teams little slave now, but especially you are Mindeye's slave."

Firefly could only groan in sexual bliss, it felt so incredibly good to belong to him.

"You have had a crush on Mindeye since you came to the team, but you did keep him at extra distance, didn't you?" Blade asked. "You desired him, and wanted to submit to him, but feared him messing with your mind."

Firefly froze as she heard her words. She could hear from the taunting sound in Blade's voice that she had something on her mind.

"Can you imagine the stress on Mindeye," Blade said. "He knew you get off from being forced to submit sexually to others. He knew that you fantasize about him using his power to enslave you and dominate you. All this he knew, but he was bound by contract and threat of death penalty to never mess mentally with any of G.S.P. members. How could he dare to act on your desires without giving others the cause to believe that he indeed had brainwashed you. Your sexual kink of being dominated is not the work of Mindeye or the other Brotherhood members."

Firefly could not think, she just lay there frozen as Thundercloud fucked her hard.

"It is true, I started to mess with the blond Sandy in the reception to let out some steam. Ironically Sandy was the attack vector used by the Brotherhood to attack us and the reason why you are the slave of not just me, but the whole team," Mindeye said as he kept fucking Blade.

"What about the rest of the Brotherhood?" Firefly asked at the brink of another climax.

"We are the only Brotherhood that remains. They have all died the death they deserve. You are our little bitch now," Blade responded.

Firefly squirmed in desire at her words. Thundercloud suddenly slammed into her hard, him filling her eager cunt with his cum. Of course this made Blade climax again, causing Mindeye to be pushed over the edge also. They collapsed down on Firefly who lay there locked in place by their bodies still trembling from sexual desire.

It felt so incredibly good, her last hesitation about the team being the Brotherhood vanished. After all the Brotherhood could have put safeguards in her mind against this if this was not their desire. With a thrill she wondered if she would be forced to have sex with Fang also, this thought was enough for her climaxing hard again. Blade groaned in sexual bliss.

* * *

"This is Eyewitness News reporting directly from Amsterdam Avenue. The unexpected hostage situation with five aliens who have taken two female police officers as hostages has not been solved. The police attempts to communicate with the aliens has so far been without any success. Perhaps the stalemate is finally going to get ended since the G.S.P. team has finally arrived. Rumors have been going that the G.S.P. team had been shut down, but here they are dressed in the G.S.P. gear. Their flying transport is hovering over the street as Thundercloud, Firefly and Fang is directing police to increase the safety distance around the aliens. The G.S.P. heroes doesn't seem very concerned for the safety of the hostages. There is no sight of the other G.S.P. team members. Wait, something is happening, the transport is opening again."

Blade came rappelling from the G.S.P. ship. The reporter was on the way to speak again when he discovered three of the aliens charging forward towards the G.S.P. team members. They only got halfway before they were hit with a missile from the G.S.P. transport. The explosion ripped the aliens apart and sent their body parts flying.

"The G.S.P. ship was outfitted to combat alien spacecrafts, apparently the team decided to deploy a custom programmed missile that would trigger from a timer event. It is unclear how the team expect the aliens to react on this turn of events. Do they really believe they can take out the aliens without them hurting the hostages after they have slain three of the aliens?" the reporter wondered.

The smoke from the explosion had cleared enough to show Thundercloud charging towards the aliens. The rest of the superhero team waited behind.

The moment before he reached them Firefly hit him with her strongest energy beam. Glowing with heat he bashed past the spike covered alien in front and brutally slammed the policewoman behind with his full strength. The response was spectacular, green energy extended out and absorbed the damage. The impact lifted her from the ground and sent her flying, but she suffered no real damage.

"I'll be damned. The hostages are also aliens!" the reporter screamed as the other apparent policewoman suddenly breathed a cloud of red energy. It hit Thundercloud without causing any direct damage, one of the other aliens were not so lucky. The whole upper body was rapidly dissolved into nothing.

Things were unfolding quickly, the two remaining spike covered aliens had broken formation. They were rapidly advancing towards the rest of the team. In the middle of the fray Thundercloud battled the two apparent females as Firefly rapidly hit the area with powerful energy beams. The opponents were too nimble for Thundercloud to hit them solidly. On the other hand they were utterly unable to damage him as Firefly kept him heated. The demon's also had to dodge the energy beams from Firefly, something that made it hard for them to fight effectively.

Suddenly the G.S.P transport fired again sending a volley of missiles towards Thundercloud and the demons. The explosion was this time powerful enough to make the closest houses collapse.

Below the transport Fang and Blade fought the two spike covered aliens that had attacked them. With the aliens mindlessly charging Blade it took little effort for Fang to flank them. Blade just needed to use her energy sword to block their attacks as Fang used her magical claws to rip them apart from behind.

The smoke cleared from the battle site around Thundercloud and revealed him repeatedly slamming the remaining alien into the ground. The shrapnel from the missiles had been something they could not dodge. Finally the alien collapsed from injury and disappeared in a cloud of evil looking smoke.

As Blade and Fang managed to kill the last of their opponents the news reporter finally managed to collect himself to talk again.

"This is Frank Blake for Eyewitness News. The hostage situation was obviously an alien trap, but the G.S.P team member have prevailed after some intense fighting. The damage to structures around here is massive. I am at a loss to say how the superheroes could know this in advance so they could plan ahead. We have not seen all G.S.P. heroes present here today and it remains to be seen if the team decided they did not need everyone to be present or if the missing heroes Eagle and Mindeye are connected to the government raid on the G.S.P headquarters."

* * *

An hour later Jennifer entered the office of Eagle and like she had suspected there was an incoming call waiting. She took a deep sigh and then flipped the switch to accept the call. The screen lit up to show a room filled with executives. They did not pay much attention to her. Even though the sound was muted it took little imagination for her to realize that they were shouting at agent Anderson, that seemed very tired and worn out.

"Blade, here calling from the G.S.P base," Jennifer transmitted.

"About time you call back, where is Eagle?" one of the executives asked as they lined up towards the camera.

"Eagle will not be here, Mindeye don't trust him after he has been brainwashed by a psionic. You will have to speak with me," Jennifer said.

"We need more details about what has happened, where is agent Peterson?" agent Anderson asked.

"I am afraid agent Peterson is dead, he was brainwashed by the psionics who attacked the team. When we fought back he got in the way and was slain by a stray bullet," Jennifer responded.

"You speak of psionics, who are these and what steps has Mindeye taken to counter the threat?" one of the executives asked.

"The psionics came from the group named the Brotherhood, but they have all been slain. Unfortunately we have suffered some losses. Mindeye has suffered some damage to his ability, but we have so far been able to work around that by us combining our powers. Eagle and Firefly were brainwashed totally. We have not had time to work at Eagle, but have managed to get Firefly see the rest of the team as her masters. She seems to be behaving and enjoy her current position."

"That turns us to the question why you are here doing the talking? Why are not Thundercloud or Mindeye here?" an executive asked.

"I am here because we have decided I should be the leader of the team," Jennifer said.

"What makes you believe we would accept that?" one of the executives asked. "You are not even a regular on the team!"

"What? Why do you say I am not a regular member?" Jennifer asked. She could see many angry stares at the man who had spoken.

"Please ignore him, he is just speaking nonsense. Still his question is a valid one, why should we accept someone with so little qualifications as you in the role as team leader?"

"Well, no matter what you decide the team recognize me as their leader. If we should continue on our own or stay as government funded team is up to you, but Eagle is not a very good leader. The ambush we defeated today was a clear warning of what it is to come, we can't go on with an ignorant leader," Jennifer responded.

"I reckon that you consider yourself not one of the ignorant kind. Speaking of such, how could you anticipate the ambush?" agent Anderson asked. He got many angry stares from the executives around him.

"I knew we would end here, how shall I be able to explain my knowledge without revealing what we are," Jennifer thought.

"What if we go with part of the truth, with Fang's talk about demons and the many recordings of demon going berserk and attacking us it is just a matter of time until we get unpleasant questions even if we keep silent," the demon responded.

"You have a point there," Jennifer conceded.

"The reason I must be the leader is because I understand the nature of the enemy. They are not aliens like you have assumed, but instead demons. The hunter demons disguised as police officers is something I have encountered before," Jennifer said.

"Demons you say?" one of the executives asked.

"Yes, the enemy are demons. That is why all your effort to track incoming spacecrafts has been in vain. The enemy teleport into the city using magic. Is this really so hard to believe?" Jennifer answered.

"If we for a moment assume you are speaking the truth, how could you possibly know this? You have at least claimed to suffer from total amnesia?" agent Anderson asked.

"My talk of amnesia is only partly true. I don't have a single memory of my everyday life before the accident. Yet what nobody asked me is the history of my energy sword. I do remember using that to battle lots of demons before the accident. Many of these demons are much worse than anything seen so far. My amnesia prevent me to remember the exact details of how I came to be in this battle, but I can assure you that I have one of a kind knowledge about the demons," Jennifer said.

"So, you have been some kind of secret warrior in battle with these so called demons. Why did you keep this information to yourself?" one of the executives asked.

"I learned you thought the enemy to be aliens, did not think you would believe the truth," Jennifer responded.

"Why would we indeed believe you? What has changed to make you tell us this now?" agent Anderson asked.

"What has changed is increased need. The demons are sending more and more powerful demons. I am sure you have noticed pretty much all of them go berserk and try to kill me on sight. The demon fear my knowledge and I don't dare to face them alone or working below a team leader that don't understand what the enemies really are," Jennifer said.

"Let us discuss this for a while, we call you back," one of the executives said. The visual link shut down and Jennifer sat waiting impatiently.

After what seemed like an eternity they called back. By now it was obvious agent Anderson had regained some of his authority.

"Blade, we have been discussing the details of how to lead the G.S.P. team. It is our firm belief that we must still keep the role of government agents like myself commanding the team," agent Anderson said.

Jennifer nodded, she could not really object to the government to continue to be involved.

"As for the matter of field leader we do acknowledge that some of your criticism towards Eagle is based in truth," agent Anderson said.

"It seems there is a 'but' coming there," Jennifer said.

"Indeed," agent Anderson replied. "We are already suffering from criticism about you being accepted to the team despite lacking formal merits. Accepting you as a field leader would not exactly make it easier to counter this kind of criticism."

"How can I get such formal merits?" Jennifer wondered.

"I like your style of looking for creative solutions. Thing is there are a set of aptitude and tactics test that we used to determine that Eagle was best fit to team leader. If you can finish those with an acceptable score then we would have our backs covered so to say," agent Anderson said.

"Will we have any chance to finish those?" Jennifer wondered with dread.

"I think we do, there is little knowledge about tactics that I don't know after my thousand of years of demonic wars. If you can handle the aptitude part we can come out on top on this," the demon responded.

"I take the test," Jennifer said.

The test did start and she was soon boggled down in intricate details. The demon kept getting irritated on how their answer was rated by the test engine, but to Jennifer it seemed like they did great.

Finally they were done and Jennifer looked at the final score of 16534 for tactics and 2345 for aptitude and wondered how this score would measure up. She flipped on the communication channel again, the room with the executives was all but empty with the exception of agent Anderson who seemed very nervous.

"Your tactics test is severely broken," the demon complained using Jennifer's voice.

"You are done already?" agent Anderson asked surprised. The moment after he started on the score transmitted with an open mouth.

"You have totally wiped Eagle's score on the tactics test," he exclaimed.

"I would have gotten more points if you did not have so many questions with retard suggestions for the right answer," the demon complained.

"Okay, I understand your concern, but it really does not matter. I don't think anyone ever has had such a high score," agent Anderson said.

"What about the aptitude part?" Jennifer wondered.

"Not so great I am afraid, lots of questions where you give rather unexpected answers," he replied as he did review the answers.

"I did my part, but you screwed up," the demon complained furiously.

"I am not your average girl, how does my answer compares to for instance Fang's responses?" Jennifer asked.

"You are less extreme than Fang, but there is definitely some similarities," Anderson responded.

"You think you can work to convince the others?" Jennifer wondered.

"Actually I think they will be so impressed by the tactics score that I can get them to not getting stuck on the aptitude part. Of course that depends on them trusting me directing the operations of the team. That I so to say can keep your more savage personality in line," he said and gave her a long stare.

"If I get to plan the battles against the demons then I am content with you deciding the rest," Jennifer promised.

"I think we have a good understanding," agent Anderson said. "Just so you know my career pretty much depends on this working. My failure to keep my priorities right when I learned about the explosion at Area 51 has not really made things easy for me. My successors even greater failure is the only thing that allows me a new chance to run the team."

"I can easily demand you being the agent put in charge of the team," Jennifer suggested.

"Then I shall use all my skills to make you field leader," Anderson said.

"They might not yet believe the part about the enemy being demons but I think this can work out nice," Jennifer thought.

* * *

Carol looked at Eve who still was nude and bound. She stood at the entrance to her bedroom, glancing back towards towards Carol with want in her eyes. Around them the apartment was cleaned, it had taken them lots of effort, but now they were done.

She felt butterflies in her stomach every time the more mature woman looked at her. It was not just sexual desire for her body, but also the thrill of knowing Eve wanted to submit to Carol. That she as a grown woman with a steady income from her work as police still found Carol impressing enough that she wanted to offer herself as a slave felt unreal. Could she really deal with this relationship?

"You want to be mine?" Carol asked, leaning back on the kitchen sink. She was still fully clothed, but did not need any additional evidence on Eve liking what she saw. Eve could not take her eyes away from Carol. The question seemed to puzzle the older woman, finally she spoke.

"I want you to command me. I want you to tell me when I can pleasure myself. I want you to punish me when I misbehave," Eve said. Her voice thick with sexual need.

"But I am just a young school dropout. Can you really submit to me?" Carol asked. She let her hands slide over her body, drawing her attention to her perky breasts.

"I felt so terribly lost when I was left alone. When I work I play a role and it works out, but at home I want to drop the mask. I need it to be able to act like a cop. I need you to dominate me, please don't leave me!" Eve begged.

"What do I really have to lose? I am stuck in a body ten years younger than my mental self, why should I be afraid of acting like a grown up in this relationship?" Carol thought.

She walked forward and saw hope in Eve's eye. She caught her in a hard hug, pushing her pelvis towards Eve's pelvis. Her tights and sex tingled with sexual desire. Eve moaned in pleasure rubbing her body against Carol's.

"You are mine from now and forever, I want to have sex with you until to scream of desire," Carol whispered into her ear. "...but first you need to be punished."

The last word produced a moan of excitement from Eve. She pushed her into the bedroom, using every bit of martial arts she knew to make her push powerful. It worked very nice. Eve yelped in surprise as she stumbled towards the bed much more quickly than she had anticipated. Since her hands were bound she could not catch herself but toppled over and landed spread out on the bed.

"Now just to decide in what ways to punish her," Carol thought. No great ideas came to her directly and she felt a flicker of uncertainty about the relationship, still the sexual want she felt when she saw Eve laying bound and naked on the bed still dominated.

Slowly she walked towards the bed stripping her clothes. She liked how Eve breathed deep as she pulled off her top, she was glad she had taken her only lace bra today. She loosened the buttons on her jeans, but kept them on as her fingers suggestively searched into her panties. She found herself very wet.

"You are so sexy," Eve mumbled.

Carol beamed at her and used her free hand to loosen her bra. Her breasts were still mostly hidden by the bra that hung loose. Slowly she pulled her jeans down, making sure her panties followed down. Eve stared transfixed at Carol's fingers that was still spreading her pussy.

"Wishing you were doing this?" Carol asked, stepping out of her jeans.

"I want you, I want you to use me," Eve said.

Carol smiled as she suddenly had a suiting punishment in mind. She would need some help, but she was sure that would not raise any problem.

"You have been bad, have you not?" Carol asked as she slowly, so tauntingly slow, did pull of her socks. Eve stiffened as she heard Carol's words.

"I have been very bad," Eve agreed, breathing hard.

"Should I spank you to remind you of how childish you have been?" Carol asked. She could see that Eve liked that thought very much. "Of course I will spank you, but it would be something you would like, wouldn't it? Hardly a fitting punishment for your transgression."

"Maybe if you use some of the toys from the wardrobe," Eve said.

"Maybe I will do that, but this will be to make you mine and not to punish you," Carol said. Slowly she walked over to the wardrobe, she had made sure to explore it when they cleaned so she knew what to look for. She took the right object, but hid it behind her body.

"I do know what I will do, something that I would like very much and you will not like very much. At least not from the start," Carol said.

"Please tell me," Eve begged.

"Should I tell you, and risk you coming down from the sexual heat?" Carol teased. She motioned and Eve rolled over to kneel in front of her with her ass exposed for what Carol had in store for her.

"I am yours to punish," Eve replied, already panting in anticipation.

"Of course you are mine, to use in every way I desire," Carol said. She slapped Eve's ass hard with her open hand and Eve grunted in sexual desire.

Carol pushed herself close to Eve's backside, her hands finding Eve's nipple and clit. Eve groaned as she felt Carol explore her.

"I know you desire me as much as I desire you, how could then anything sexual with me be real punishment. As for pain you like that too, don't you?" Carol asked. Her fingers tightening their grip on the nipple and clit. Eve could not respond but just leaned towards Carol as her breaths came in short bursts.

"Your punishment will be quite simple. You will get to watch me as a I have sex with Blade from the G.S.P." Carol said.

Eve froze in her arms, turning her head to look at Carol with a look of disgust on her face. Carol took the opportunity to kiss her violently, she broke the kiss to talk again.

"I thought about forcing you submit to Blade, but maybe you would like that," Carol said. "If you behave well I will maybe allow you to have sex with Blade afterward if you beg enough. Still remember this, if you ever cross the line you will have to watch me having sex with someone that you don't like. Perhaps I will like them better than you and leave you, don't ever try me like that."

"I remember," Eve promised.

"That is a good girl," Carol said. Breaking body contact she picked up the paddle she had fetched from the wardrobe. The vibration through Eve's body as she hit her ass with it was very satisfying.

"Your Mine! Mine! Mine!..." Carol chanted as she kept spanking her slave. After a short while Eve was back in her mood and groaned in sexual bliss at Carol's administration of pain. Every so often Carol would take a short break and let her hands slide over Eve's body. Eve took both the spanking and the caress with a smile on her lips.

Carol felt eagerness herself and dropped the paddle and slipped in front of Eve and then pulled Eve's face towards her pussy. She did not need any prompting, but began eating her out. Carol relaxed on the bed with Eve using her tongue to explore her pussy. It felt so incredibly good when her tongue danced over her sensitive bud. Life was good beyond belief.

Suddenly Carol's phone rang on the floor. Carol felt the world come crashing down on her. She had totally forgotten about time, a large part of the day had gone by. What about the tutor that she was supposed to meet at home, but had forgotten? She pushed herself free of Eve and stretched for the phone.

"Carol, here," she said. It was her dad, already screaming his lungs of. Every word said would be heard by Eve also.

"Carol, what is happening! The PI I hired to keep track of you rang and informed me you are not at home and that your home tutor says you were missing this morning! Don't you dare run away again!" Congressman Winthers screamed over the phone.

"Calm down dad, I am not on the run. Just forgot about time," Carol said.

"I demand to get to know where you are!" her father shouted.

Carol felt fear assault her, what should she really say? She had no good reasons for missing the meeting with her home tutor. Eve looked at her with concern, she pointed at the phone and made a questioning gesture. Carol nodded and handled her the phone, even though she felt fear. What would her new slave say? Hopefully not the truth, this would not be the moment to tell her dad she was a lesbian.

"This is Eve Mortensen talking, I have been looking for your daughter since I saw the wanted posters. When I stumbled over her today I felt that is was my duty to make sure she was still not missing. After that we had lots of catching up and forgot about time," Eve said.

"Eve, who are you? What is your line of work? How did you learn to know my daughter?" Congressman Winthers asked.

"I work as a police at New York Port Authority, yet my relationship with your daughter is not part of my daytime job," Eve said. "I think she has potential and was very worried when I learned that had disappeared. I am very sorry that I was not present to assist her when she felt distressed. That is why I have taken a new effort in making sure your daughter feel fine and get educated about how to deal with the realities of life."

"Oh, a police officer. I had no idea. Still I must insist on the importance of her home lectures," he responded.

Carol motioned Eve to give her the phone.

"I am sorry dad, but the home lectures is perhaps not the best for me. I need to meet more people to come over my depression. I am thinking about trying to get enrolled in the Beacon prep school," Carol said.

"Seems hard to get accepted in the middle of the term, but if you are motivated for this I shall see if I can get the school to accept you," her father promised.

"I am very motivated," Carol replied.

"I love you," her father said.

"Love you too," Carol said and hung up.

"Your father seems like a pain in the ass," Eve said.

"Maybe, don't know really what I think about him. You were so good my little slave," Carol responded. She pulled Eve into a close hug, the mood had been broken but she still felt like touching. There would be more time for sex later.
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