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I shuffled down the hall you greet my daughter and find out why she was home so early. As I neared Sally’s bedroom door, I thought I heard a moan. My first thought was she might have fallen in the shower and injured herself. The next sounds stopped me dead in my tracks. Was she watching porn on her laptop?

It was Friday and the start of one of those days. Everything that could go wrong did. First of all, my car started acting up on the way to work. A block from the office, the engine started knocking and then went kaput. I called AAA and had it towed to the dealership. The dealership was backed up and wouldn’t be able to work on it until the next week. That left me stuck without a car until Monday. The dealership promised to deliver a loaner car on Monday.

To make matters even worse, I hadn't had sex in over a month. My wife, Patricia, had gone back to school and earned a law degree. She was now working long hours at the largest Law firm in town, trying to make a junior partnership. We were lucky to see each other coming and going, much less finding time for a relaxed roll in the sack. To say I was a bit horny was an understatement.

When I sat down at my desk, my secretary, Millie, put a cup of coffee in front of me and apologized in advance for the bad news she was about to deliver. I don't know the name of Millie's perfume, but one whiff and my cock stiffened. Not from Millie but the sexy aroma and the fact I hadn't had sex in weeks. Millie is not a particularly attractive woman. However, she does have a pretty face and a beautiful smile, but she is way too heavy to suit my taste.

Millie informed me that two of my biggest clients were threatening to take their business elsewhere. I spent the next three and a half hours on the phone negotiating a new contract. We went back and forth, making offers and counteroffers. I gave it my best effort, but I ended up giving away more than I usually do. Normally I am a very tough negotiator, but since being caught off guard, the contract wasn't as lucrative for us as in the past. At least I was again able to retain the client’s multimillion-dollar business.

After I wrapped up the deal, I had a splitting headache and needed to go home. It was just after lunch, and since my car was in the shop, I had to beg a ride home with a colleague. The solitude of my home was just what I needed. My daughter, Sally, was at school and my wife wouldn't get home until after six o’clock or possibly later. I took a potent pain killer that my doctor had given me months ago for an injured back. It was probably a stronger pain killer than I needed, but I gulped it down with a swallow of water and crashed on the den sofa.

I don’t know how long I was out when I heard the backdoor slam, followed by the sound of soft footsteps scurrying down the hallway toward Sally’s bedroom. She dropped her book bag with a loud thump. I assumed it was around six o’clock because Sally had cheerleader practice Friday afternoons and usually got home about six. Next, I heard the shower running in her bathroom. I wanted to get up and let her know I was home, but I was groggy from the pain pill. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I awakened sometime later and had no idea how long it had been since Sally arrived home. I went into the kitchen and drank a large glass of water, and then noticed the clock over the stove indicated it was only three-thirty. She must’ve skipped cheerleader practice for some reason. I shuffled down the hall you greet my daughter and find out why she was home so early. As I neared Sally’s bedroom door, I thought I heard a moan. My first thought was she might have fallen in the shower and injured herself. The next sounds stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Oh my God, Daddy, that feels so fucking good.”

That couldn’t be coming from my daughter’s bedroom, I thought. I stopped and listened for a second, then I heard.

“Fuck yes, Daddy! Keep your tongue right there. Oh yes, yes, yes, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m gonna cum soon.”

I was shocked! No, I was more than shocked to learn that my little girl, my sweet innocent little girl was watching porn on her computer. I didn't know if I should interrupt her or just let it go. I didn't want to embarrass her, but sooner or later she is going to find out I was at home. It could trouble her more, wondering if I was aware of what she had been doing. I took a deep breath and stepped into Sally's bedroom.

“Oh shit,” I almost screamed. I put my hand over my mouth to muffle any sounds as I stood frozen, ogling my naked daughter’s body. I was very horny and extremely aroused. I was disgusted with myself yet turned on at the same time. Still, I'm her Dad, and I shouldn’t continue looking at my daughter, but I was enjoying what I saw far too much. I needed to allow Sally her privacy and relieve my throbbing cock in privacy. Still, despite that, I stayed frozen where I was, gawking at my naked daughter.

Sally was lying in the middle of her bed completely nude, and her long blond hair unfurled, forming a halo around her head. Her eyes were screwed shut, and her breathing was shallow, rapid, and raspy. Her legs were splayed open, exposing her silky blond pubic hairs that sparsely covered her young vagina. Sally had a large, silver bullet-shaped vibrator. She held it in her right hand while spreading her pussy lips with the left hand.

I could see her clit, which was already hard and aroused in anticipation of what was coming next. As soon as the vibrator touched Sally’s clit, she threw her head back and moaned. Sally’s breasts seemed to have a life of their own as they quivered and danced slowly in time with the actions of the vibrator. I gasped. Sally heard me and sensed someone was in her room. Her head popped up, her eyes snapped open, and she instinctively slammed her legs shut.

“Oh my God, Daddy! What are you doing home,” she shrieked?

Sally let go of the vibrator and tried to cover her breasts with her right arm and her pussy with her left hand. The image of her blond manicure vagina forever imprinted in my mind. I had never sexually thought of my daughter. Sure, I had noticed she was growing into a beautiful young woman, but she was my innocent little girl, and I was her Dad. However, I was super horny at that moment, not having had sex in almost a month from Patricia. I even tried to blame my weakness on the potent pain killer.

I scrutinized Sally’s breasts more closely than I had ever before. They were perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical, with small pink areoles and eraser shaped nipples that stood like cone-shaped pebbles. My cock stirred in my pants and then went from stirring to trying to break free of my pants. Horny barely described what I was feeling at that moment.

We were both at a loss for words. I didn't want to see my sweet baby girl traumatized by what had just happened. I sat on the edge of Sally's bed, searching for the words to put her mind at ease. I wanted her to know that there was nothing wrong with masturbating. It was a normal biological part of growing into a woman. I wasn’t sure I could adequately express that with a hard cock threatening to rip through my pants at any second.

Sally was blushing a crimson red and couldn’t bring herself to look me in the eyes. It took me a minute to realize Sally's eyes glued to my oh so visible erection. I placed my right hand on her knee and said, "Its okay, Honey. You have done nothing to be ashamed. Its something we all do at one time or another."

Sally slowly shifted her gaze from my crotch. She sat up, apparently over her initial embarrassment, and folded her legs in a modified lotus position, exposing her tits and beautiful little pussy to me. She slowly raised her crystal blue eyes to meet mine and whispered, “Everyone?”

I tried to maintain direct eye contact with her. It took all my concentration not to let her catch me stealing a glance at her tits or pussy. I nodded my head and repeated, “Yes, Honey, everyone.”

Her eyes sparkled when she asked, “Even you and Mom?”

I cleared my throat and assured her, “Yes, even me and Mom.”

Sally seems relieved to hear that, and a smile flashed across her face.

“Everyone has certain biological needs that have to be met,” I said. “When there is no one around to help with that need, you often have to take matters into your own hands, so to speak. In your case, your vibrator.”

Sally giggled and threw her arms around my neck and said, “Daddy, I love you soooo much. You are so understanding.”

It was my turn to blush. I smiled at Sally and said, "I was young once, and I remember the strain my hormones placed on my teenage body. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your Mom or me."

Sally blushed again and started to say something, but hesitated. I noticed her hesitation and wanted her to feel comfortable discussing any personal matters with me.

“If you have something else you would like to discuss, go ahead. I’ll answer any questions you may have,” I prodded.

Sally looked at me like she had an essential question on the tip of her tongue, but then shook her head and said, "No, I couldn't. I would just be too embarrassed.”

“No. Go ahead and ask, Sweetheart. I promise nothing is too embarrassing for me to answer for you,” I encouraged.

Sally thought about it a moment, and then without looking me in the eyes, she mumbled, "Will you stay here and watch me masturbate, Daddy?"

I wasn’t sure I had heard my daughter correctly. When I ask Sally to repeat her request, she looked me squarely in the eyes and firmly said, “Will you stay here and watch me masturbate, Daddy?”

I felt what seemed like a bolt of lightning shoot straight to my cock, through my balls and terminating in my anal cavity. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. I took a deep breath and stammered, “Oh no, Honey. I… I… I couldn’t possibly do that,” I stammered and stuttered. “That would be so… so… inappropriate for me to do such a thing. I’m your Dad… and Dad’s… shouldn’t be present when their daughter is engaged in such a private… a private… You know what I’m trying to say, Honey.”

Sally looked at me with her big pleading blue eyes and whispered, “Please, Daddy. It would mean so much to me if you stayed until I cum at least one time.”

There was a small degree of hesitation, but it was quickly eroding because of my horny state of mind. I knew right then I was defeated. I could never resist my little girl’s pleading blue eyes when she asked for anything. I was certainly not going to win this battle. Besides, inside I was dying to watch her play with herself. I took a deep breath and exhaled through trembling lips before nodding my okay. Sally laid back, locking her eyes on mine and pickup her vibrator. She wet the tip of her vibrator in her mouth and winked at me. "Oh, shit," I thought. There's more going here than I initially realized.

Sally began to work the vibrator up and down her wet pussy lips going all the way to her tight little asshole and then back up to her swollen clit. She made an “O” shape with her mouth and let out a soft moan each time she touched her clit or asshole with the tip of the vibrator. I suddenly felt a need to jerk off. I didn't want to distract Sally's concentration, so I sat there and suffered from an uncomfortable erection.

Sally continued her seductive activities, and each time I thought she was on the verge of cumming, she slowed her pace just enough to let that urge pass. That went on for quite some time, and then she startled me when she finally pressed the vibrator to her clit and yelled, “Now, Daddy! Now!” Sally’s ass came up off the bed as she pushed the vibrator hard against her clit and closed her thighs tightly around her hand. Her beautiful hard nipples were standing straight up. I squeezed the head of my cock tightly and almost came in my pants.

When Sally's climax subsided, she relaxed back onto her bed with her eyes closed. She hadn't turned the vibrator off yet, and to my astonishment, she began to rub the vibrator over her clit again.

“Take your cock out, Daddy,” she whispered with her eyes still closed.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This whole thing was way beyond my comprehension, and I thought it was my imagination. The only thing I could do was answer with a weak, “What?”

Sally opened her eyes and pointed at the bulge in my pants and said, “Take your cock out, Daddy. I want to see your cock.”

I was in a trance-like state, but I did as she asked. My cock was as hard as I could ever remember. I stood up and mechanically unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor. I stared at my daughter for a few seconds. I could see the determination on her face. I loudly gulped and took a deep breath and then quickly pulled my boxer shorts down, letting my six-inch cock slap loudly against my belly.

Sally looked at my swollen cock, then up at me, and said, “Start jerking off for me, Daddy. I want to see you jerk off.”

I couldn't believe I was obeying my daughter's directions. It was like I was in a dream, and everything was beyond my control. As I began to stroke, my pulsating cock Sally commenced moving the vibrator over her sensitive clit again. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I could feel my orgasm rumbling in my balls. I didn't want it to be over so quickly, so I did something that even surprised me and shocked Sally. I stopped stroking my cock and placed my hand on my daughter’s stomach. My heart was pounding as I moved my hand lower, letting it glide down her smooth stomach until I reached her pubic mound. I raked my fingertips over Sally’s mound through her wet pubic hair.

I pushed the vibrator away from her pussy, placed my head between her soft velvety thighs, and closed my mouth over her clit before she could offer a word of protest. I shoved my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. I began rapidly swabbing her clit with my tongue as if my life depended on it. I didn't know if she wanted me to do that, and frankly, I didn't care if she approved or not. It was something I felt I had to do. And so, I vigorously ate my little girl’s pussy.

I put my hands under her thighs and draped Sally’s legs over my shoulders and buried my face between her thighs. Sally grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my mouth tight against her pussy and squeezed my head with her thighs. She started giggling and moaning and bucking her hips off the bed. She kept up a steady chorus of “Oh shit! and Oh fuck!” Every time my tongue touched her clit, she squealed. She tasted wonderful, and when I gazed up into her blue eyes, I realized she was crying tears of joy.

I continued to alternate between licking Sally's sweet cunt and licking her tangy asshole. She grunted, hissed, moaned, and squawked each time my tongue made contact. I kept my tongue to her clit and let my hands drift up to her tits. She met my hands with hers and directed them to where I could explore her tits fully. When I saw my little girl responding so encouragingly, I knew there was no stopping me now. I felt I had to give my baby girl the best, possibly orgasms ever. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She purred and cooed as I licked up and down her wet slit. Occasionally I dipped down to swab my rough tongue around the rim of her sexy little asshole and then back up to her clit.

It was only a matter of minutes until she slammed her pussy into my face and screamed, “Oh my God, Daddy. I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your mouth, Daddy! Oh, fuckkkkkk!”

I felt Sally's pussy twitch, and her body stiffens as each spasm washed over her. She began to quiver and jump with each wave of her orgasm. After about thirty or forty seconds of non-stop cumming, Sally finally collapsed onto her bed. I wasn’t through with her yet. I continued to lick her clit and drink her sweet juices. A muffled sound of delight emerged from Sally’s lips as my fingers dipped into her slit that was already slick with her juices. Another soft murmur passed her lips as two of my fingers descended into her entrance, then found their way up to her G-spot.

Sally’s nipples were hard, her fingers nails scraped against the back my neck, and she was again gasping for air. Despite how close she was to the edge, her next orgasm was building slowly, and she repeatedly moaned as I kept fingering her wet tunnel. She squirmed and fidgeted underneath my persistent touch and murmured, “Yes! Yes!”

I didn't slow up or stop. Sally shivered and squirmed from my touch, and cried out in happiness as the pleasure spread, overtaking her senses. She nearly wept with joy as my fingers kept its pace against her G-spot and sensitive hard clit.

And then she peaked and dangled over the threshold. All at once, Sally’s orgasm hit her like a freight train. Sally breathed deeply as my fingers slowed, gently stroking her pussy as her body began relaxing. I moved my lips to the fleshy part of her inner thighs and licked the draining juices. From there, I put my lips against her vaginal lips with quick little kisses. Sally giggled and gasped with each little kiss. After I devoured all of her delicious nectar, I moved to the edge of her bed and sat drinking in her beauty. My face was wet with her juices. Sally's eyes were tightly closed. Her breathing was rapid, and her beautiful breasts were rising and falling with each breath.

A sudden twinge of guilt hit me, but my cock was stiff, and I was straining for relief. I slowly stroked my cock up and down while licking my lips and tasting my daughter's juices on them. I was on the very brink of erupting when Sally opened her eyes and pushed my hand off my cock and replaced it with hers. She rubbed the head of my cock against her perky little nipples, smearing them with my pre-cum. She then began jerking me off like a pro. It only took a few strokes before I shot load after load onto Sally’s tits. Much of my load hit her chin, her lips, and the last few spurts landed on her stomach. I can't remember ever cumming that much.

Sally kept stroking my rapidly deflating cock as she casually licked the cum from her lips. The remanence of my fading orgasm trickled out over Sally’s hand, coating it with my thick white cream. I nearly came again when Sally lifted her hand to her mouth and seductively licked the remaining trickles of my cum while maintaining eye contact with me. She swallowed every globule.

"Thank you so much, Daddy. You have no idea how long I have fantasized about you and me," Sally murmured.

I was conflicted. I felt guilty for taking sexual advantage of my young daughter during the most vulnerable time in her life. I felt guilty because I had enjoyed it so much. I felt equally as guilty because I wanted to do even with my daughter.

Sally placed her soft hot little palms on my face, put her lips to my lips, and gave me a tender kiss. She pulled away, gazed into my eyes, and said, "Can we do this again some time, Daddy? Maybe next time you will let me suck your cock and swallow your cum?”

She looked expectantly in my eyes for my answer. My mind was screaming that would be wrong on so many levels. My inner voice was advising me to be the adult and say no. I nodded my consent and whispered, “Don’t tell your Mom.”

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2020-01-28 14:11:40
The ways of HOT daughtaers for their Dad. Unless just an egotistical bragart,a person is very careful to reveal any sexual activity to anyone else. I agree that there is plenty of potential for future chapters. as she entices Dad to get more & more bolder each time till she gets her cunt filled with his dick. The first time, he pulls out, but in the repeat session, he's caught off guard by the quickened results of arousal & she gladly accepts any & all her Dad can give her. Probabllly between fucks, she has to suck him hard again. This is a great story, don't stop now. Really looking forward to the next chapter.


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Great story.


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A fantastic story and, quite frankly, hot as hell! I look forward to me chapters about detailing this daddy-daughter adventure. To say I enjoyed this beginning would be a massive understatement.


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I enjoyed this story immensely. Hope we get episode 2 with Dad banging his daughter into total bliss.

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