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Brutality, savagery, and raw gore. These are all important components to a real vampiric contest of strength. But even for vampires, sometimes things can be taken too far, and bonds can be beaten down so thoroughly that nothing could ever restore them.
Titania was the mightiest of all of dark lord Kevin's children. She might have been mightier than Kevin himself. Titania was mightier than all of her sisters and her brother and also mightier than Kevin. She knew she was the mightiest and never felt the need to show it because it was so known and because she was very humble. Titania was just shy of eight feet in height, her skin a pale grey that would look like white in the moonlight. She had a very toned and strong body with a strong stature. Her hips were very broad and her thighs could crush anything. Her thighs were very large but smooth. Though her entire body was quite fit and strong she had the slightest layer of fat over a majority of her body just to make her feel soft when relaxed but rigid when tense. Titania's hair was the deepest black and wild, it ran long down her entire back and beyond her firm, perfect ass. Though it was not particularly tangled her hair was very wild and gave the appearance of a feral lifestyle. It jutted out in a series of downward spike-like points almost like the third stage of super powerful ape people from space but she also had eyebrows. Her eyes were quite stoic and never seemed to show emotions; they were golden. Titania had large boobies even for her size, though they were not as large as the boobs of her sister Bessie or her mother. Titania's boobs were very firm yet soft, and had lost no perkiness to sag due to such incredibly strong muscles and the fact she was an immortal vampire. Titania's fangs were unique. They were the largest of any in her family, and she had a second smaller set on the outside of the primary set. Some of her sisters joked she was less a vampire and more of a werewolf, and though most of her family knew her to be extremely loyal many of them feared her.

Titania was often too brutal and intense for her sisters. When they were younger and they use to play together she would often break bones and sever limbs entirely. When they began to hunt together she would do things so cruel and savage to humans that it made many of her sisters feel sorry for them and a few of them swear off human blood entirely. Sometimes Titania would tear babies in half and pour the blood directly down her throat. Those were the lucky ones that died quickly. None died cleanly. Titania was often criticized in her youth for spilling and dirtying more blood than she consumed, and so she grew to feed from the walls and ground before she finished. On occasion she was known to eat the entirety of the humans she hunted, bone and all. Most humans knew of lord Kevin. All humans knew of the demon daughter Titania. Humans feared her above all others and many would kill themselves the moment there was any sign she was coming for them. If Titania was part of a raid none of the humans survived it, and if you saw confirmation of her presence it was often far too late to try to end your life peacefully before she tore you apart. Titania never did this to be cruel, though. She killed this way because of her uncontrollable, brutal nature and insatiable hunger. Titania felt nothing for sadism or torture, though she also did not mind doing so as humans were food and only food to her.

As Titania's reputation grew she began to develop rivals. Many of her sisters rivaled her and few lasted long, often giving up and feeling defeated or outright pathetic at how horribly they lost to her. Some few, such as Doorknob and Doorbelle, devoted all their time to growing stronger in hopes to one day surpass their sister, but it never ended differently. Every ten years the sisters would hold a competition to see who was the strongest, and Titania would always win so absolutely they began to form a second bracket for all the remaining participants. Many were ranked rather than a winner on who came closest to Titania, and rivalries became intense amongst those beneath the mightiest of them. That is until one of the daughters rose up. A daughter who had never shown and sign of competitiveness or rivalry. A daughter who often seemed cruel to the rest and pushed them away, speaking down to them. When they were younger she would bully them and do horrible, cruel things to them until Titania had pushed her into the shadows and made it impossible, causing her to live a life of mostly reclusive and passive cruelty. Her name was Virginia, and she was a Great Big Bitch.

Though Titania may have been the mightiest, Virginia was the largest. Virginia never seemed strong and never had much bulk or muscle to her, she was actually rather thin and lanky. Virginia towered clear over Titania, having to look straight down to see her eye to eye. This made it easy for her to look down on her sisters. But this year was different. As the spire of a woman entered the competition, fully cloaked in a very tall robe, something seemed different. She smirked confidently as her sisters questioned her presence, bewildered by her. She had never come to watch, and she certainly made no sense to participate. But then she dropped her robe, and something bizarre had happened none of them could explain. Virginia's bulk now matched her height, her body completely bulging from raw muscle so immensely it seemed as though her skin would explode. Her veins popped out boldly and were a bold red. Her skin, which had once been pale all over, now grew to a dark black at the extremities, matching the black around her sunken, glowing red eyes. Her red hair was wild and beast-like, and her fingers were tipped in long, razor-like claws. This would not be a competition like they had previously had, and the Great Big Bitch Virginia would make sure of that.

Previously, Virginia had felt sick of never being able to bully and beat on her sisters as thoroughly and absolutely as she wanted. She hated that Titania was always there to get in the way, and she hated that Titania was so much stronger than her. She was the tallest, she should be the mightiest, but she had always been weak comparitively. She needed that to change, so she did what she had to do. Taking flight, Virginia sought out that which had been forbidden; witches.

Coming across a coven of the most beautiful and full figured witches anyone could ever hope to find, Virginia offered her purity to them in exchange for raw power. Stripping her lanky body of its garb, the witches pressed their naked bodies against every inch of the towering vampire, kissing every inch of her and rubbing their swollen mounds against her. Virginia drank from their enchanted boobies, drinking their milk and feeling it empower her in a way that she was certain her slut mother's never could. Soon the group moved to a large, decorated stone slab upon which Virginia was laid upon. Her whole body was sprawled across the slab as the witches worked their magic. Each of her toes were sucked, the bottoms of her feet licked and her ankles sucked as well. Her shins and her knees, every bit of her impossibly long thighs, they were all thoroughly coated in magic saliva as they devoured her taste. One particularly thick and shapely witch straddled Virginia's face and pushed her incredibly swollen and heated mound to the vampire's lips, forcing her to lick, suck, and drink from the engorged pussy. Then she felt it. Sharp blades pierced into each of her extremities, ripping her flesh open to gush profusely across the slab. Her clitoris was split in half, her labia mostly severed and barely remaining attached. Virginia's breasts were sliced open and gutted, as were her actual guts. Every last bit of her skin was flayed and the pathetic excuse for muscle within was hollowed out. By the end only a very lanky, gore enshrouded skeleton remained on the slab, only the hands, feet, and head maintaining flesh.

The witches consumed the flesh they stole and drank the blood they drained, and as they did so they grew even more hopelessly curvy and seductive. Then, in a circular formation, the witches stood upon the slab over the barely living vampire and proceeded to urinate thick streams of enchanted, red magic all over the bones. Virginia screamed in horrific agony as her muscles and flesh began to grow back, bulging outward so fast the newly forming skin struggled to keep up and continually tore before finally taking final shape. No amount of agony had ever been felt to this degree amongst any of her sisters, and she wanted to die, begged to die. Soon, however, the Great Big Bitch Virginia rose from the slab a colossal, hulking monster the world had never seen before, and as the last of her suffering thoroughly converted to hatred and madness a twisted grin emerged across her face. Just as the horror lunged out at the witches who had mutilated her they managed to barely vanish, cackling as their creation failed to tear them to pieces. Releasing a rage fueled roar, the Great Big Bitch Virginia took flight and tore through the air on her way back to her home, catching back up to the present time.

When they prepared to compete for speed, the Great Big Bitch Virginia bolted clean through each of them, quite literally tearing many of her sisters into pieces as she passed by. Titania was so far ahead, as expected, that she failed to notice the carnage behind her. That is, until the Great Big Bitch Virginia slammed full force into her spine and sent her hurdling across the castle grounds, her large and rolling form shattering on in its path before slamming against the wall and collapsing part of it onto her. The Great Big Bitch Virginia was no longer competing normally, she was out for blood. Titania burst from the debris and charged at her sister, leaping towards her only to plant a mighty fist across her jaw and ripping it free of its proper fixture. The Great Big Bitch Virginia scoffed and jammed her jaw back in place, blood gushing as she did so, before driving her fist full force into Titania's stomach, rupturing her stomach into a flurry of blood and launching her skyward. The Great Big Bitch Virginia launched high into the air and thrust both feet directly at the top of Titania's head in a lethal kick, only to have her ankles gripped and shattered from pure force. Titania, holding onto her sister's ankles, jerked her closer and slammed her forehead into the Great Big Bitch's nose, shattering it and driving the nasal bone straight into her brain. As the Great Big Bitch Virginia began to fall Titania maneuvered herself over her falling sister and, grabbing her ankle and wrist, slammed her feet into her side so hard it tore her directly in half. Carnage and gore rained across the interior of the castle as pulp and flesh rained down. Titania landed with a massive thud in a super hero landing like pose, her wounds entirely healed leaving her completely unphased. Dead sister decorated the entire surrounding area, not an inch of anything was free of a deep crimson.

Titania's sisters saw her differently now. They approached her not with fear nor intimidation, not with contempt or a feeling of inferiority but instead admiration and love. She had stopped something far worse, and it now became clear to them that she had been protecting them all along. In truth, Titania did not much care about the well being of her sisters so long as they were not killed. She had not been protecting them, but simply maintaining order and keeping her sister in her place. These details were unnecessary, and she neglected to mention them when her sisters proceeded to strip her and obsessively pleasure her. Doorknob forced her face directly into Titania's cunt, taking her scent in deep and sucking and licking hungrily with her muscular tongue. Her tongue ravenously fucked Titania's swollen pussy as Doorbelle began to eat Titania's ass deeply. Scarlet and Skarlet each took one of Titania's powerful legs and proceeded to grind their tight pussies against them, and wrapping her strong thighs around Titania's waist so tightly she could support herself entirely on that alone, Futana inserted her thick cock between Titania's breasts and proceeded to fuck them until she exploded cum across the entire orgy. The group shifted positions, Titania pinning Futana against the ground and immediately mounting her cock, forcing it inside and riding her intensely. Snutana came up behind her sister and slammed her own cock deep inside Titania's ass, reaching around to squeeze her large breasts as the two of them double teamed the mightiest of them. Sexina pressed her swollen mound to Titania's face who proceeded to feed upon it, eagerly licking and sucking the sweet pussy before her and moaning into it.

After several intense orgasms leaving many of the sisters completely spent and helpless on the floor, the newly regenerated Great Big Bitch Virginia took her opportunity and lunged forth. Her mighty abomination of a frame plowed directly into Titania's side so heavily it shattered several ribs so sharply they ripped through her side and even pierced into the Great Big Bitch herself. Titania gasped from the sudden impact, blood gushed from her lips as she was slammed against a pillar, shattering it and leaving Titania impaled through the stomach against the rubble. The hulking horror stood with a cruel, insane smile as she stood over her butchered sister, mocking her and telling her how she's going to die horribly, but nowhere near soon. She would not let Titania die that soon. She was going to draw this out, and her death was going to be a long and horrible one. There would feel like there was no end in sight to how long and drawn out Titania's death would be. Surely it could not end here. Not like this, not this soon. Their one sided rivalry had lasted too long, had been too intense and too cruel to end things like this. She would draw it out, long and slow, second by second to torture Titania slowly over time and make her realize just how much of an eternity of absolute horror she had awaiting her. Every second of the remaining long, long life she had was going to be absolute terror and agony. There would be no end in sight and it would drag on and on for an unspeakable duration.

Titania burst from the rubble and gripped the Great Big Bitch Virginia's face, her fingers clenching so tightly her eye instantly ruptured and her bone shattered beneath. Flexing all of her strength through raw, pure rage Titania tore, and ripped the Great Big Bitch Virginia's head in head, before thrusting her fist straight down the split neck into her torso with such fury it ripped her sister completely in half. The cries of horror were beyond comprehension, and the Great Big Bitch Virginia suffered in ways nobody had ever suffered before. Each of her bones were ripped clean from her body one at a time, only to be forced by in backwards and forced back into the joints in which they did not belong. She curled her arms and legs into tight spirals, managing to be so forceful yet to gentle that the bones did not even crack. With the Great Big Bitch Virginia's much faster healing from her abominable self it made it easy for Titania to give her breaks, just long enough to regenerate what was even possible to regenerate, only to break her down again. By the end even Titania felt she had gone a little too far, standing over less sister or a body and more writhing pulp, which she then proceeded to pound into the stone floor so viciously her own bones began to crack and the entire lower room began to collapse. And then Titania began to eat her sister's pulp. Little bit by little bit she devoured her wholely, leaving not even a morsel of flesh-like matter to be found.

Titania had won.
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