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This is a work of fiction involving a somewhat famous actress during imaginary events. I make no money from this story. WARNING: racially charged setting with slurs present during speech.
Four large, aggressive males surrounded Marjean Holden. Her home town of Minneapolis was, like many cities in America, exposed to flare-ups of interracial strife. A “not guilty” verdict in a trial of a black teenager accused of raping a wealthy industrialist’s wife infuriated many people across the nation, and created massive civil unrest and chaos on the streets. Marjean found herself having to use her martial arts to deadly effect, to stop rampaging attacks coming from bloodthirsty racists.

These particular males were actually trying to break into a shop owned by Asians, most likely wanting either the dangerous tools the shop sold, or some of the more corrosive chemicals on offer. However, when the rowdy group spotted a black female clad in a tight, dark blue jacket, they zeroed in on her with lethal intent. The items they wielded, such as baseball bats and wrenches added another layer of threat.

However, Marjean was not afraid. She had recently finished the filming of Ballistic, an action movie. It seemed like the attackers had no knowledge of her identity, or combat abilities, however.

“Tear the n***er apart!”, one of them shouted.

As two burly, bearded men charged forth at her, Marjean stepped back, waiting to counterattack until both targets were in front of her.

Swinging her left hip forward, she unleashed a high kick that made one of the attackers stumble, right into the path of the other one, temporarily felling both of them. This collision also caused both men to drop their weapons.

The other two had tried to come around, and attack from the sides, and Marjean had to make sure there was enough distance so both of them couldn’t attack at the same time. Dropping down to the ground by performing the splits, she avoids a medium-height machete attack, before unleashing a left- right punch combo in the groin of a younger, blonde male.

Writhing in terrible pain, he drops the machete, staggering backwards a few steps before falling on his ass, while holding his crotch.

“You filthy ape!”

Furious swearwords from behind are a clear sign to the black woman that the fourth male was heading for her, angry at the unsuccessful attacks of his friends. She rolled out of the way of his sledgehammer swinging down on her, and closer to the man on his feet.

While on her back, Marjean looks her legs around the left ankle of the tall, well-built man, and pulls back, successfully bringing him down with a groan and shouts of frustration from him.

Knowing she has little time before the first two would be ready to attack again, she adjusts her legs to fixate the opponent’s left knee, before gripping his foot with her hands. As he resisted by trying to kick her with his right foot, Marjean had to twist the trapped leg to her right, fast and hard. A quick heel hold was all she had time for, considering so many active enemies.

The resulting crack and scream, coupled with the male rolling around in agony, were sufficient signs to the female that this one was crippled. She uncoiled her legs, and got up, eager to try and handle the first two attackers, who were by now getting to their feet.

She quickly went in behind them, and since they were positioned side by side, she could finish off both with a simple enough hold. Beating up men actually turned her on, and her pussy began to tingle at the prospect of killing two men simultaneously.

Hitting each man with a knee strike to the spine, she stunned them, and set up the double dragon sleeper, while sounds of violence echoed in the distance. When she began suffocating them, the older males thrashed violently, forcing Marjean Holden to end them right there.

Her hard pull brought both men down hard onto her jutting knees, and produced extreme stress on their necks.

CRRK- CRRACK-POP! “Ungh…yes….”

Marjean heard spinal and cervical vertebrae snap, and this turned her panties wet nearly instantly. The two rioters had gone limp immediately, and she dropped their lifeless bodies, ready to deal with the final two enemies.

The one youth she had struck in the groin was crawling up, ready to stand up, and thus, Marjean went after him first.

Just as he was getting up, the deadly female grabbed hold of his right arm, and sat on him, while pulling the trapped arm in a straight armbar.

“You’re next.” she said huskily, and yanked upwards viciously, until a sharp crack followed by a loud scream brought a smile on her face. The violent, panicked thrashing of the youthful blonde made her chuckle, as she looked at her black tights- there was a massive wet spot in her crotch. She destroyed his shoulder in one move, and it was such a turn-on. She did not want to stop at simply crippling him- another kill could lead to a new orgasm.

She got onto his back, wrapped her legs around his torso, and then applied a sleeper hold. This time, she did not need to rush for the kill. Her legs squeezed the blonde male’s torso, and Marjean moaned as he groaned and wheezed. Her arms tensed, slowly shutting down the oxygen supply of her target.

As the sleeper hold became more intense, the resistance of the blonde rioter faded. Knowing he would be dead soon, Marjean decided to finish him in an emphatic way.

Turning to her right side, she arched her body backwards, while keeping her legs locked around the male, effectively bending him back. Her body was bendy, but his wasn’t. She took her body to its limits, and the nearly dead male into a U-shape.

Suddenly, after a pull from her hips, his spine snapped. Hard. A deep groan escaped Marjean’s lips, as she experienced an orgasm triggered by this innovative, yet cruel maneuver. However, she wasn’t done. As her body went rigid, she twisted his head with her hands, breaking the victim’s neck.

“Black…power…,” she moaned, as her orgasm kept going. For about 20 more seconds, she pulled back on the corpse, to force out more of those exquisite pops. And she succeeded, enjoying herself with each display of the power of her trained body.

When she got up, ready to finish the crippled man, she saw a panicked person who had wetted his jeans, out of fear. Her tights were soaked with pleasure-derived juices.

Without mercy, she went forward; easily catching up to the male who was trying to crawl away from her. She gripped his right leg first, and then turned the male around slightly. Gripping his crippled leg, she prepared a Boston crab, and sat on his back.

“N-no! S-stay away y-you bitch!” the male was frightened, because he knew what was coming.

“I’m going to make you a bitch.” Marjean Holden said coldly, and then pulled back.

The crunch of her victim’s spine made her cum again, and she kept pulling back, fueled by her gushing pussy and the agonizing wails of the muscular man in his thirties. For both her and him, this time seemed like an eternity. To her, of bliss, and intoxicating power. To him, complete agony, and helplessness.

Finally, she released the hold, having witnessed the man’s legs twitch, then go limp soon after she had broken his back. She slid her soaked tights down, as well as the blue panties she had, and then walked in that state to the front of the last of the four rioters.

He wouldn’t be alive for much longer, though. As his eyes conveyed shock and fear, Marjean laid on her belly, wrapping her thighs around his head.

“I’m going to cum on your face as I snap your neck.” she announced, triggering immediate resistance from the broken male, full of desperation.

She simply squeezed, lightly rotating her lips to get a good feeling on how to get the best snap, when her ears picked up a groan that did not come from the last victim.

Turning her head, she noticed the shop owner, most likely. An Asian male, who seemed to be dizzy, had to brace himself against a wall to avoid falling. He must’ve seen all those moves.

“Get ready…I’m going to put a show for you…” she said, licking her lips, to which the middle-aged man’s jaws opened.

The resistance of the male trapped in her headscissor was fading, and felt like tickling to the black martial artist. It was still turning her on, though. After one final squeeze, she turned to face the shop owner, grit her teeth, and twisted her hips to the left.

She gasped, as the twitching of the dying man made her squirt a bit. Making sure the Asian male watched, she jolted her hips upwards, causing a crack louder than the first, followed by a sharp twist to the right, after which, she felt no life coming from the white rioter.

It took time for her orgasm to subside, but soon, she got up, away from the fresh corpse, and approached the shop owner, who had begun to grip his heart. The middle-aged man was obviously affected by so much deadly action, and his heart rate had spiked out of control.

Marjean simply walked over to him, not bothering to put her clothes back on.

“You can’t take any more, huh?” she said, coming up very close. “Maybe your last moments should be heavenly…” A finger pointing to her exposed, wet opening follows her words.

As the owner slowly goes down, most likely slumping from exhaustion, Marjean Holden stands over him, positioning her crotch just above his face.

In the distance, she can hear voices that are African-American. Possibly armed groups fighting against the initial rioters. It could be self-defense, or the beginning of a race war.

In her current state, Marjean knew which side she would be on. Killing bad guys was a turn-on. And even ending this one’s life- he seemed to have had a heart attack anyway.

Seeing he was sporting an erection, she didn’t feel much guilt about doing something that could worsen his condition.

Trembling, the man begins to lick her dripping snatch, and is rewarded by deep groans, while the deadly woman places her legs to either side of his head. She soon pushed down, wanting more of his tongue inside her pussy.

The Asian male did not resist, and as he licked faster and deeper, Marjean cries out in bliss, while her legs cross behind his neck, locking him in place.

“Yeah…deeper…oh, yeah…” Her voice grew hotter, more excited, while she took her jacket off, and then the dark red shirt underneath. Soon, the shop owner had the pleasure of viewing her breasts, free from the confines of a dark blue bra.

This made him ignore the obvious signs of oxygen deficiency, and he kept eating the black woman out, sucking on her clit, and drinking her juices. All of this contributes to her upcoming orgasm.

Marjean Holden massaged her breasts with her left hand, while her right one went low, to the covered crotch of the storeowner.

Ungh…yeahhh…time to break your neck…” Her words are followed by a twist to the left, a swift crack, and, as the dying man twitches, the deadly woman screams, squirting all over his face, while rubbing his erection.

Soon, he groans, and she can feel the fabric getting wet. At that point, she twists her hips to the right with full force, ending him as her body quivers.

As the cries of war and chaos in the city become louder, she releases the dead man’s head, and begins to put her clothes back on. Her mind was made up now: she would definitely be making use of her deadly talents in the fights that were about to come.
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