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How Zoe gets her brother and parent involved after she was introduced to exhibitionism and sex by her friends.
If you have come here without reading Chapter 1, read chapter 1 first.

Zoe: After spending the weekend with Katie and Tammy, I have a whole new passion. I found out I like to be naked and I like people to look at me, I am an exhibitionist. I feel different, I am more confident, I’m happy, and always excited. Later that night at home when I went to bed, I could not sleep. I stripped off my pj's and masturbated until I fell asleep. The next morning when I awoke, I was still naked. I had to wonder if my father or mother came to my room and saw me naked, just the thought of one of them seeing me naked put a smile on my face. I put on a pair of shorts and a top, then went into the kitchen for some breakfast. My brother Dan was already there, my parent had gone to work. Dan is 3 years younger than myself and we have always got along. We talked as we ate breakfast and I mentioned to him that I was going to the mall this morning. Dan asked if he could go along.

After breakfast, I drove us to the mall. Dan wanted a computer game, but I told him he had to stay with me and then we would go where he wants. He was not very happy, but I felt I had to look after him.

Dan: What are you looking for Zoe?

Zoe: “I am thinking about getting a new swim suit.” When I said that Dan looked at me with an interest. He has always been trying to see my bits, as any boy his age would. I thought about teasing him and the thought got me a little excited, this could be fun. I wanted to try out what Tammy and Katie taught me.

Zoe: In the store, after picking out a bikini, I had Dan sit on a chair outside the changing room while I went behind the curtain to changed. I though about leaving the curtain open a little, but I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to go with my brother. I was feeling a little guilty about teasing Dan at his age, but after seeing how Tammy and her father get along, and the taboo factory, it was very tempting. After I put on the bikini, which was not daring at all, I walked out. Dan’s eyes lit up. I looked in the mirror and turned around a few times. I could see Dan looking at me and he had a big smile on his face. Standing there with Dan watching me, stirred my newly acquired exhibitionist desires. I told Dan, “this suit is not that different than what I have now. I want to look for something else.” I changed back in to my street clothes and Dan followed me to the swim suits again. I began looking through the suits and picked out 2 more bikinis.

Zoe: We again went to the changing room area, Dan sat down while I changed. I put on the first bikini and walked out, it was a little smaller than the previous one. Dan had the same reaction as the first time. I told Dan I was looking for a suit to wear at the house (we have an above ground pool). To peak Dan’s interest I told him I was looking for a suit that gave me minimal tan lines. I asked Dan “how do you like this one?”

Dan: “It’s OK.”

Zoe: “You don’t seem very happy about it.”

Dan: “You said you wanted minimal tan lines, right. That suit is not much different than what you have now.”

Zoe: Dan, if I bought a very small bikini to wear during the day when mom and dad are not home, would you keep it a secret and not tell them. I don’t want them to freak out about what I wear.”

Dan: “Yea, I won’t tell. You can get whatever you want.” I suddenly became very interested in my sister’s choice of swim wear. I was hoping to see Zoe in a tiny bikini. I would love to see her walking around the house in it and give me a nice visual for my jerk-off sessions.

Zoe: “Pinky swear.” We always kept secrets from my parents and we would pinky swear since we were both little.

Dan: “Pinky swear” and we shook hands with our little fingers interlocked.

Zoe: Let me try on the next one. I came out in the next bikini. The bottoms were a little smaller, but the top was way too big, for my nothing breasts. I looked at Dan and said “if I had breasts, I would like it better.” I raised up my hands and put them on my breasts and said “my breasts are not any bigger than yours, I wish I could go topless like you and dad.” Let me get dressed again and we can look at some other bikinis. After changing back in to my dress we walked over to the swim suits again. I picked up a small thong bikini and said, “Dan, do you like this one?” Dan just shook his head up and down, I said “maybe I will try it on.” Even though Dan liked watching me in a swim suit, he was getting a little bored waiting for me to pick something out, so I said, “Dan you can pick out a suit for me to try on, if you want?”

Dan: “Yea, sure!” I perked up and began looking for the smallest suit I could find. I knew there was a slim chance she would actually put it on, but I thought if she did, it would be awesome.

Zoe: As I picked out another thong, I saw Dan pick up a suit and he had a big smile on his face. I walked over to Dan and said “before I go try these on, you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone, not even your friends. I don’t want your friends coming over to ogle me wearing a tiny bikini.” Even though the thought of being almost naked in front of a bunch of boys was really what I wanted. I was getting more excited just thinking about it.

Dan: “I pinky swear.”

Zoe: We again shook hands with our little fingers and we both began to look at other bikinis. After a while, I had 2 suits to try on. I asked Dan “what did you pick out for me to try on?”

Dan: I handed Zoe a little micro g-string. I have seen girls wearing them on the porn sites.

Zoe: The suit had a narrow patch of cloth to go over my pussy. The top had just a little triangle about an inch wide. I looked at Dan and said “You really want me to wear that?”

Dan: “You told me to pick something out and you would try it on. It has minimal tan lines like you wanted.”

Zoe: “I don’t know, it looks awfully small. I will take it and try it on, but I am not sure if I am going to let you see me in it.” The thought of being exposed and walking around in front of my brother was making me wet.

Dan: “I think you will look beautiful in it!”

Zoe: That is the first time my brother ever gave me a complement and it made me want to reward him, somehow. We walked to the changing room area again and I tried on the first suit that I had ***********ed and came out to the mirror and looked at myself. I could see Dan looking at my ass and he had a smile on his face. I turned and asked Dan, “What do you think of this one?”

Dan: “It is OK, but you are going to get a big tan line on your back and butt.” I was hoping to convince Zoe to wear something smaller.

Zoe: You might be right, let me try on another one as I walked to the changing room. I quickly changed in to the next suit I had ***********ed and saw the one Dan had pick out for me. I had to smile at the thought of wearing it for Dan. I walked out again and looked in the mirror.

Dan: “That suit is the same as the last one, it is just a different color.”

Zoe: “Yea, I guess you are right. Let me look at what you had picked out.” I went back to the changing room and tried on the little g-string Dan had picked out. After putting it on, I looked at myself. The bottom patch over my pussy, would pull up in to my crevice, leaving most of me exposed. The little patches of cloth to cover my nipples were too big. As I moved about, the material would fall away from my nipples. I knew Dan was waiting for me and if I didn’t wear it out, he would be disappointed. But this suit was too little, for right now. I made a decision and pulled off the bottoms and put on my thong panties, which gave me an idea. I grabbed the bottoms and the other two suits and walked out of the changing room. As I walked over to Dan, I looked about and no one else was nearby. I could feel my nipples come out from behind the panels. I said to Dan, “I cannot wear these bottoms, this piece keeps pulling in to my pussy. See the top, my nipples keep popping out. I might as well not be wearing anything at all.” I made a show of putting the top over my nipples and then moved a little and which let them pop out again. “How about this Dan. Since there are a lot of beaches where women go topless, would you mind if I don’t wear a top? Are you ok with that?”

Dan: I could only node my head. I didn’t think she would ever go topless in front of me. This was more than I ever hoped for.

Zoe: “Here” as I handed Dan all of the bikinis. “Go put these back, but wait a second” as I took off my top in front of Dan.

Dan: When I saw Zoe taking off her top, my eyes were glued to her chest. I got to see my very first set of actual tits. I mean on a live girl, not a picture. I could see her hard nipples poking out and they looked awesome. It was not cold, so she must be excited. It sounds like she was going to go topless at home. My dick got hard and I could not wait to jerk-off. I just stood there and looked at my sister with my mouth agape.

Zoe: I let Dan stare at me for a while and then asked, “how do you liked these bottoms?” Dan pulled his eyes away from my breasts and looked at my bottoms as I turned around for him.

Dan: “They are nice, but you still have a fair amount of material on the back piece that is going to leave a tan line.” I was now hoping to convince Zoe to go bottomless.

Zoe: These are my panties. I can just find a pair of panties to wear around the house. Then I don’t need to buy an expensive swim suit.

Dan: I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless. Never did I think my sister would be standing in front of me in only her panties.

Zoe: “Go ahead and put these back, while I get dressed.” I walked to the changing room and left the curtain open as I put on my dress. I saw Dan watching me, which made me smile. I put my bra in my purse. Dan was still watching me when I had finished dressing and I had to say “come on lets put those back and lets go look at some panties.” Dan followed me. We dropped off the swim suits and walked to the underwear section. I found a black g-string. I laid my purse on the rack and looked around, still no one to bother us. I reached under my dress and pulled down my panties and handed them to Dan. I said “Here put these in your pocket for now,” My panties were damp and I got a little embarrassed that I just told my little brother to put my panties in his pocket. I tried on the g-string and once I had them adjusted, I lifted up my dress to look at them and asked Dan, “What do you think?”

Dan: “Those are nice” as I put my sister’s panties in to my pocket. I was trying to act cool, as I pushed Zoe’s panties in to my pocket. I had to readjust me now very hard cock when Zoe wasn’t looking. I was hoping that she would forget that I had her panties, I wanted them for later. I was so excited that I almost came in my shorts as I touched myself.

Zoe: I let my dress down and quickly pulled off the panties before they got too wet. Lets go pay for these and then we can go wherever you want. Once we walked out of the store, we walked to the video game store. As we walked I could feel the cool breeze on my now very wet pussy. Then I felt my juices running down my legs. I was so horny, I wanted to give myself some relief. I saw a sitting area near the store where Dan wanted to go. I told Dan, “I will be over here waiting for you” as Dan went in the store. I sat down on the bench. Not very many people were out this early in the morning. I began to finger myself and had an orgasm quickly and kept at it. I moaned as another orgasm made my pussy spasm, then kept at it.

Dan: I did not want to take long in the store, knowing that Zoe did not have any underwear on and after seeing her topless, I just wanted to go home and jerk-off, so I only stayed for a minute. As I walked over to Zoe, I saw her hand was under her dress, she did not see me coming. I stood still for a few seconds and heard her moan. Then I said, “I am ready to go.” Zoe jumped as I startled her.

Zoe: My face turned red and I quickly pulled my hand out from under my dress. I said “I am sorry about that, I didn’t know you would be done so quickly.”

Dan: “It’s ok, I know what you were doing.”

Zoe: “You do?”

Dan: “Yea, just because I am younger than you, doesn’t mean I am stupid.”

Zoe: “Where did you learn about that?”

Dan: “The internet of course, I have watched many of girls getting themselves off. Some of them in a mall, just like what you were doing.”

Zoe: “OK, I had not thought about that. Come on lets go.” While we were driving home, I said to Dan, “You know, I have seen the internet also and by that bulge in your shorts, you need to jerk-off.” This time Dan’s face turned red. I said “You don’t have to be embarrassed, it is normal for a boy your age, it is a complement to me that I can make my own brother hard. I am assuming it was me. I also know from the internet that boys like girls panties. So if you want, you can jerk-off in my panties that you have in your pocket. Just put them in the laundry after you are done.”

Dan: I sat there aghast. My sister knows I am hard from seeing her and she just gave me permission to jerk-off in her panties. I got a huge smile and did not know what to say. I finally squeaked out “thank you,” which was a weird thing to say. I can’t wait to get home now, my dick is so hard and I believe that if I just touch myself I will cum in my shorts, I may not even make it home.

Zoe: At home, as soon as we got in the house, I said, “I am going for a swim, let me put on my bottoms”. I reached in to the bag and got out the g-string, then slipped them on. I then took off my dress and left it fall to the floor. I looked at Dan and said “How do you like them,” as I slowly turned around for him.

Dan: “You are beautiful Zoe. I will be out in a while.”

Zoe: “Thank you Dan!” I went over and gave Dan a kiss on his cheek. I started out the back door as Dan run up the stairs to his room. I knew Dan was going to jerk-off so I quietly came back in the house and made my way up the stairs. Dan was in so much of a hurry, he did not bother to close his door. I peaked in to his room and saw him naked, stroking his cock, while smelling my panties. Poor Dan only lasted a minute before he came. His cock remained hard and he was still stroking it. About another five minutes, he came again. This time he wiped his cock off with the panties. My g-string was soaking wet and my nipples were still hard. Dan got up and I saw him get out his swim shorts, so I quickly walked out to the pool and jumped in. The water felt good, but did nothing to cool me down, I was horny and I too would soon need to masturbate. Dan came out and I asked him “Did you have a good cum?”

Dan: I blushed and said “I guess,” then jumped in the pool. I watched my sister and even though she did not really have any breasts, my eyes were still drawn to her chest.

Zoe: I got up on the edge of the pool and began to rub my pussy while I thought Dan was not looking. However, Dan took notice and came over to me. I was so horny, I had to have some relief, so I decided to take things further. “Dan, I came back in the house and I watched you jerk-off. It was so hot watching you.”

Dan: I could feel the heat on my face as I blushed. I did not know what to say.

Zoe: “Now I want to return the favor. You can watch me.” I removed my panties and spread my legs letting Dan see all of me. I began to masturbate and then finger myself. Dan came closer. I was just about there and I told Dan, “Squeeze my nipples.” As soon as I said it I could not believe what I told him to do.

Zoe: Dan reached up and pinch my nipples hard and I screamed as I had a huge orgasm. Dan twisted my nipples and again I had another orgasm. I laid back, Dan leaving go of my nipples. I laid there with my legs still spread wide open and I felt a hand on my pussy and then a tongue. I looked down and Dan was eating me. Oh my god, I could not believe it, but I did not have the will to stop him. Dan gave me another orgasm and then I pulled away from him.

Dan: “You are not mad at me, are you?”

Zoe: I leaned in and kissed Dan on the mouth. I could taste myself on his lips. I said “No, I am not made.” I asked him “where did you learned to do that.”

Dan: “The internet. I wanted to be ready when the right girl came along. By the way Zoe, you taste great.”

Zoe: “Dan, get out of the water and take off your shorts. I am give you a blow job. Did you ever have a blow job before?”

Dan: I quickly got out of the water and sat on the edge as I watched Zoe jump in to the pool, naked, then said “no”.

Zoe: Dan was hard again. I got between his legs with my mouth just about touching his cock and looked Dan in the eyes and said “You are going to love this.” I then sucked his cock in my mouth as I kept eye contact with Dan. I got his cock coated in my saliva and began bobbing up and down on it while massaging his balls. It took me a good ten minutes to get Dan to cum in my mouth, but it was the third time for him in less than an hour. I showed Dan his cum, then swallowed as he watched. I sucked his cock a few more times and then asked “how did you like your blowjob?”

Dan: “That was the best thing ever. You did it exactly like the girls on the internet do.”

Zoe: “Come on, it is getting late, we both need to get cleaned up before mom and dad get home. We can get a shower together if you would like.” I got out of the pool and was standing beside Dan. One other thing Dan, “I do not want you to jerk-off any more today or tomorrow, OK.”

Dan: “Why not? I don’t think that will be possible, seeing you naked has me very excited.”

Zoe: “Because I want you to have a huge load of cum, when you fuck me. I guess I should ask if you would like to fuck me?”

Dan: “Zoe, that is what I have always dreamed about, I would love to fuck you! You are the most beautiful girl that I know.”

Zoe: “Thank you Dan” I turned towards Dan and kissed him and we started to make out. I finally pulled away and said “we need to get cleaned up.” We both took a shower together and Dan rubbed his hands over every part of my body. Dan was hard all of the time. After the shower we both stayed naked as we check the house to make sure we left no signs of us being together. We got dressed just before our parents came home from work. For the rest of the night, we tried to acted like is was a normal night, although Dan had a big smile on his face and his hard cock was pushing out his shorts.

Zoe: I slept naked that night. In the morning, I made sure my parents had left for work, then took off my bathrobe and went about getting some breakfast. Dan came down in a pair of shorts and I told him about how I like to show myself off, while we had breakfast.

Dan: “How did you get started?”

Zoe: I told Dan about Tammy and Katie and all that they taught me and the things we did. Dan really liked when I told him about having sex with them. I did not mention having sex with Tammy’s father. After we ate I asked Dan to show me some of his favorite porn.

Dan: In my room, I showed Zoe all of my favorite porn sites. Then I showed her the few that I liked to jerk-off too. I also showed her my favorite video which is a girl in a mall exposing herself and then masturbating.

Zoe: All of the girls that Dan liked to jerk-off too, looked liked me. Several of the girls had on black thigh-high stockings and high heels. Then Dan showed me a girl who was in a mall flashing and masturbating at the food court. I asked Dan if he had any other exhibitionism videos and he showed me a few more of girls flashing. Watching those videos gave me some ideas on what I can do. We spent the whole morning watching porn and talking. I asked Dan if he was hungry, then said lets go to the mall, to the food court. He immediately knew what I wanted to do. I got my short dress that I got with Tammy and Katie and Dan watched as I put it on without any underwear. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about what I was going to do. I could see Dan was still hard.

Zoe: At the mall I had Dan go with me as I went to a clothing store and bought a pair of black thigh-highs, Dan did not know what I was buying. Then we went to the shoe store where they was an older man working. After I picked out a pair of shoes, I let him measure my feet and as he did, I let him have a good look at my wet pussy. Dan was standing behind the guy and was watching me expose myself. When the salesman brought the shoes for me, he slipped them on my feet, where I gave him another view of my pussy. Once they were on, I walked around a bit to see how they fit and asked Dan if he liked them.

Dan: Zoe put on a pair of black heels with little straps, the kind that I like to see women wearing in the porn videos. I told Zoe, “I like them.”

Zoe: With the salesman behind me, I bent over to adjust the strap on my shoe, knowing that both the salesman and Dan, could see my ass. After I stood up, I said I would take them and I would like to wear them out. The salesman got the box and my sandals, then put them in a bag. Dan and I left for the food court.

Dan: I told Zoe how hot she looked and that her ass looked great when she bent over. It was exciting to see and also somewhat funny seeing the expression on the salesman’s face.

Zoe: “OK Dan, here is what I want you to do. I want you to go get something to eat at a different store than I, so people do not know we are together. Then wait till I sit down and find a seat where you will have a good view. “Here hold these bags for a second.” I opened up a few buttons on my dress. I turned towards Dan and asked how I looked.

Dan: “You look great!”

Zoe: “Am I exposed anywhere?”

Dan: “No, I can see a lot of skin, but no important bits.”

Zoe: “OK, let me have my bags. You know what to do?”

Dan: “Yes”

Zoe: “When I leave, follow me out. OK, lets split up.” I walked over to a shop and got in line. Already there were several men looking at me. After I got my food I sat at a table where I was facing three men. I left my legs open slightly and I felt my dress fall off the side of my legs. While I ate my food I began to rub my pussy. I looked around and saw the men at the table were almost staring at me. I saw Dan and he had a smile on his face, I had to smile back. Now that I was finished with my food, I opened my legs wider and began in earnest to masturbate. Then men at the table all turned towards me and watched me. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and wet them, then began to finger myself. I looked at the men and maintained eye contact with them. I was getting close to coming and squeezed my nipples and that sent me over and I had an orgasm. I could feel cum leaking out of my pussy. I regained my composure and as I looked around, I saw other people were watching me. I gathered the trash on my table and got up. Then I bent over with my ass to the men and picked up my shopping bags, giving them all a good look. I walked to the trash bin and then left the food court.

Dan: I caught up with Zoe and we stopped at the mall exit. I said “That was the best thing I have ever seen, way better than any video on the internet. Did you see all of the people watching you!”

Zoe: “That was a good orgasm. It is still running down my legs. I am not only an exhibitionist, but I think I am a slut. When I was looking at those men, I was wishing they would all come over and fuck me, right there in front of everyone.”

Dan: I looked at Zoe and I saw the white milky cum running down her legs, with a want in my eyes I looked up to her face. Zoe must of read my mind and she said “go ahead.” I ran my hand up her inner thigh to her pussy, gathering up the cum, then sucked it off off my hand.

Zoe: “Come on lets go before I take off my dress and walk back to the food court and ask those guys to fuck me.” I then gave a little laugh. As we walked out to the car, I undid the last buttons on my dress and let it fall open. The air felt good on my body and helped cool me down. On the drive home I talked to Dan. “Dan I have to find somewhere that I can be naked to show off myself and where I will not get arrested while doing it. Do you have any ideas?”

Dan: “Not offhand, but when we get home we can look on the internet for ideas and we can see if there is any place near here where you can go topless or naked.”

Zoe: “OK.” On the drive home I passed a girl jogging and she had on what looked like to be panties and a little top. When I got closer to her I saw they were tight shorts, but that gave me an idea. “Dan see that girl jogging?”

Dan: “Yea. What about her?”

Zoe: “What if I started jogging in a pair of panties and a cut off t-shirt.”

Dan: “That would be cool, running around in just your panties.”

Zoe: “When we get home I will try out some outfits to see what I can manage.” A few minutes later we arrived at home, I left my dress opened as we walked to the door. Once in the door I dropped my dress and said “I am still horny.”

Dan: “Can I eat your pussy again.”

Zoe: I laid back on the sofa and told Dan, “Go ahead.” I let Dan give me 2 orgasms before I stopped him. His face was covered in my juices. I kissed him and asked how he was doing.

Dan: “I have been constantly hard since you told me I could fuck you. Don’t expect me to last long tomorrow, I think if I just touch my dick, I will blow my load all over.”

Zoe: “Tomorrow when you fuck me, you can fuck me till I can’t take it anymore or you are worn out, even if it takes all day.”

Dan: “I love you Zoe.” I gave her a big kiss.

Zoe: “Dan, I love you too, but you know that nothing can come from this other than us having some fun. You will find another girl someday, one that you will love in a differently way from me. So don’t get all hung up on me.” I then kissed Dan. “Are you sure you are OK?”

Dan: “I know what you mean, it is just that you are the first girl that I have done anything with.”

Zoe: “Now lets make some plans for some situations that might come about and how we should respond to them, particularly with mom and dad.” After we talked and made a number of contingency plans, we both went to our rooms. A while later, “Dan, can I have one of your t-shirts?”

Dan: “Yea, come on over.”

Zoe: I was still naked and Dan handed me a t-shirt and I put it on. “It is tight but I think it will be alright. Thank you.”

Dan: “What are you going to do with that?”

Zoe: “I am going to cut it to make a crop top for me to go running. I will come and show you before I go.” A few minutes later, I had everything ready for me to go running. A pair of black bikini panties and a cut off t-shirt, after I put on a pair of sneakers, I went in to Dan’s room and asked, “How do I look?”.

Dan: “Turn around. From a distance it looks just like a running outfit. Up close, your nipples are poking out.”

Zoe: “My nipples are always poking out nowadays. What do you think mom or dad would say if they saw me wearing this?”

Dan: “I don’t think they would be too mad. Probably just tell you to wear something else.”

Zoe: “I am going to go for a run, I want mom and dad to be here when I come back. If they say anything to you about what I am wearing, would you tell them that this is the latest style and all girls are wearing this now. If you are with them when I come in, act indifferent.” I kissed Dan on the cheek.

Dan: “I will try.”

Zoe: As I went out the front door, I thought to myself, this is it. I will surely be seen by the neighbors and anyone can recognize me. Others will be staring at me or I may get rude or hateful comments from other women. Is this what I really want? Then I thought about how I felt today masturbating in front of those men at the mall, and I knew it was. As I rounded the front of the house, Frank, my neighbor was getting out of his car. I’ve known Frank since I was a little girl and he said hello and we began to talk. I was watching his eyes and they went to my nipples. He did say I was pretty, but he always says that. When we finished talking, he watched me as I started running down the street. I had to wonder if he got hard looking at me. No sooner than I got down the block, my mother passed me in car, I smiled and waved. She smiled and waved also, I hoped that she still has that smile when I got home later. I went on my regular running route. I passed a lots of people in their cars, with no one really staring at me, except for a few men, but there were are always a few, no matter what I wear. I passed a few other runners and other than the customary “Hi” as we passed, I got no signs that anyone noticed what I was wearing. I began to wonder if I have made to much about what I was wearing, after all you really can’t tell the difference between panties and tight shorts, or panties and bikini bottoms. Then I thought, it is only me that knows my bottoms are panties. My breasts don’t bounce all over the place as I am running, so they do not draw any attention. Then I remembered what Tammy had said to me, people really do not pay attention, as long as you are acting normal, nobody may notice you or what you are not wearing.” As I got back to my street, I was getting more nervous about my parents seeing me, although I wanted my parents to see me. I wanted them to be fine with what I had on. I decide that when I went in the house, I would go see them first, and then go for a shower.

Zoe: As I walked in the front door, I made my way to the kitchen where my mother, father, and Dan were.

Mom: “What are you wearing?”

Zoe: “I got a t-shirt from Dan.”

Mom: “Don’t you think you should be wearing something other than just that?”

Zoe: “Why? It is not like my breasts are falling out or that I need to keep them from bouncing around.”

Mom: “You should be covered up more!”

Zoe: “You mean cover all of this? They are covered.”

Mom: “You know what I mean.”

Zoe: “Mom, I have no breasts to cover.”

Mom: “You still should not be dressed like that.”

Zoe: “Mom, I have nipples and so does dad and Dan and you. Should Dad and Dan be wearing support or something to cover them when they are in the pool? They only have a t-shirt on now. That is what I have on.”

Mom: “Don’t get flippy with me.”

Zoe: “I’m not embarrassed about my body, if someone wants to look, then they can, I don’t care.”

Mom: “Women are not suppose to be dressed like that.”

Zoe: “Mom, have you heard about the Free the nipple movement?”

Mom: “We should talk about this some other time, not in front of your father and Dan.”

Zoe: I went over to my mother and hugged her then said so everyone can hear, “mom, I love you and always will, but we should talk about it as a family, and not what other people think is right for us or me. I am going to go get a shower, and then while we eat dinner we can discuss it calmly, OK? I gave my mother a hug and kissed her on the cheek. I left the kitchen for my bedroom. I heard someone coming up the stairs and it was Dan. “Dan, can I have another t-shirt?”

Dan: “Yea, I will get one for you.”

Zoe: A minute later Dan was back with another t-shirt for me. I quickly cut to make it just go below my nipples. I grabbed a pair of bikini panties and the t-shirt, then went for a shower. Finished with a shower and I was just leaving the bathroom, I heard my mother call us for dinner. I gave out a sigh, then walked to the kitchen.

Mom: “You could of put something else on!”

Zoe: “Why? Everyone has seen me wearing this already.”

Mom: “OK, lets everyone sit down and eat.”

Zoe: Nobody was talking as we started eating. I waited a few minutes for someone to say something, but the air was tense. I thought about what to say and then said “mom you know I love you, but I don’t want to be caught up in those silly preconceived notions that women have been passing along to their daughters for ages about how to act and dress. You know in Europe, families go to the beach together naked and they don’t have all the hang-ups that we do or the self-esteem issues we have.”

Mom: “Do you want to be naked or just topless?” As I sat there considering what I just said, I started to feel hot. Thinking about my daughter naked in front of my husband and son was so erotic to me.

Zoe: “I wouldn’t mind being naked, but I know that is a big change for everyone, so I will settle with being topless. Wearing a bra all day with a strap digging in my back is very uncomfortable, as you know. To wear a bra when it is not needed, is just silly.”

Mom: I turned to my husband and said, “What do you think?” The image of Zoe walking around the house topless, showing herself to my husband and son, was beginning to affect me. I was beginning to getting excited at the possibility.

Dad: “It will take some getting use to for everybody, but I can see her logic and I have to agree on not passing down some notions that woman have. Since we are being honest honey, when we were dating, I can remember a few times when I went to pick you up at your parents house, you and your mother were fighting over what you should wear.”

Mom: “Great, you heard us arguing over what I wanted to wear back then?” I acted disappointed, but a little smile came to my face knowing my father never said a thing about me wearing skimpy clothing. I have to wonder if he liked to look at me.

Dad: “Yes, do you know how uncomfortable it was sitting there with your father and we both heard you and your mother arguing.”

Mom: “Oh my god! I had forgot about those days. I should not admit this, but I remember telling myself that if I ever have a daughter, I would not be that way, and hear I am.” I left out a sigh.

Zoe: “Mom, I know you have good intentions.” I reached out and put my hand on my mother’s hand and said “I do love you mom.”

Mom: Inside I was delighted, but I didn’t let on and kept a stern face. “If it is OK with everyone, dad and Dan (both nodded yes), then you can go topless, but there are some rules. If we have company, you have to be dressed. Dan, you cannot bring over any of your friends unless Zoe is dressed. So you have them wait outside or call you before they come over. I cannot think of anything else right now, but there will be other rules we will all have to abide by. OK.” With those words, I just gave permission to my daughter to be topless around the house. I felt flush and excited, my nipples hardened.

Zoe: “Thank you mom, and dad! OK, I am going to take my top off, so lets get all of the awkwardness over with. You can ask me anything, say anything, or make any comments you want. I have heard a lot already. Dad and Dan, you can stare if you want, don’t be embarrassed about looking at me, the sooner everybody is use to seeing me, the better it will be for everyone.” I reached up and pulled off my top as everyone watched. I could feel my panties getting wet. I never thought I would be taking my top off while my family is watching me.

Dad: “Another rule, I am not going to be turning the heat up this winter for you to be warm while topless.”

Zoe: Everyone started laughing and it broke up the tension and awkwardness of the moment.

Mom: “Well you were right, no real breast, just a nipple.”

Zoe: “Thanks mom. I hope someday they will get bigger, maybe when I have kids. My mother left out a gasp, so I said, “That will not be anytime soon. I want to finished school, I mean college before I even think of having kids.” My father and Dan did not say much about me after that, of course Dan had already seen me. I did notice my mother, even though she had on a bra, I could still see that her nipples were showing through. Everyone began to loosen up as we finished dinner. I helped my mother clean up the kitchen and when we were finished, I gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek, then said “thank you!”

Zoe: The next morning when I got up. I looked to see if my parents had left for work before I walked around to find Dan. He was already in the kitchen having some breakfast. I got some orange juice and kissed Dan on the cheek and said “wait right here”. I went up to my room and put on the thigh-high stockings and my high heels, then a little make-up and combed my hair. I went back to the kitchen and when Dan saw me, his mouth fell open.

Dan: “Zoe, you look beautiful.”

Zoe: “Thank you Dan. I forgot to mention, that the other day when I said you could fuck me. I should of explained to you that you can fuck me in any hole or all of my holes. Are you ready? I am so horny. Where do you want me?”

Dan: “Ever since you told me I could fuck you, my dick has been hard. I want to eat your pussy first, lay on the table.” I took off my shorts and began to eat Zoe, she tasted so good. I ate her pussy for about an hour, giving her multiple orgasms. After that I wanted to fuck her, as I entered her pussy, I started cumming. It felt so good to cum in Zoe. I kept fucking her till I came again. The last two days without cumming had me so built up, I kept fucking her till I came in her a third time. My cock then, became limp.

Zoe: Throughout the day, Dan fucked me in every hole. We still had two hours before our parents would be home from work so we cleaned up the house and aired it out. Then Dan and I got a shower together. I told Dan there is one other thing that I want you to do.

Dan: “What is that?”

Zoe: “I want you to start sleeping naked.”

Dan: “Why?”

Zoe: “I have started to sleep naked and I want dad and mom to see me naked. I hope they come in my room and catch me. I want you to do the same, hopefully mom will come in and see you.”

Dan: “But Zoe, in the morning I usually have a hard-on, you know morning wood.”

Zoe: “I know, please let mom see you. Wouldn’t you like to be able to fuck me in front of mom and dad, or what would you think about fucking mom? If we get them use to us, we maybe can get them to join us.”

Dan: “I hadn’t thought about fucking mom, but that would be cool. What if they ask me why I am sleeping naked.”

Zoe: “Just say it is hot and it is more comfortable, after all it is your bedroom.”

Dan: “Ok, why not, all they can say is to start wearing clothes. Just thinking about it would be hot, to fuck you while mom and dad are watching. Great, now I will be thinking about that all night long, I am getting hard again.”

Zoe: Dan went to his room for a nap. I put on my panties and cut-off t-shirt and went for a run. When I got back from my run, my parents were in the kitchen. I took off my top as they watched, which still got me a little excited, but after all day with Dan, I was pretty well sexed out. I told them I was going to get a shower. I looked in Dan’s room and he was still asleep on his bed, he was not naked.

Zoe: Over the next few days, everything settled down and my family got use to seeing me topless. During that weekend, I began to wear a pair of thong panties while at our pool. I could see the disapproval in my mother’s face, but she did not tell me to change. I spent sometime with my mother while we laid out by the pool and talked. I complement her on her body and after a while suggested that she go topless. Her reaction was “no,” as I expected, but the way she said it and looked at me, there was something else going on. I then suggested that she at least stop wearing a bra while at home, to be a little more comfortable. She was worried about what Dan would think. I convinced her Dan thought nothing of me being topless and she finally agreed. Baby steps I told myself.

Dan: The next morning, “Zoe, this morning I pretended to be asleep, until mom came in my room to get me awake, and of course I was hard. After she came in she did not say anything for a minute or two. She was just looking at me, then she called for me to get awake, she stayed in my room till I sat up. She never said anything to me about sleeping naked.”

Zoe: “Ok, lets see if she comes in tomorrow morning again, so you will have to get awake early so you can tell, she has work tomorrow.”

Dan: “Why must I be awake?”

Zoe: If she just comes in to look at you, it might indicate her willingness join us.

Dan: “I see. It was exciting to let mom see me, now I know how you feel, exposing yourself.”

Zoe: During the week I began to wear my thong panties around the house. I have seen my father watching me and sneaking peaks at my ass. My mother has come to Dan’s bedroom every morning, even though she does not wake him up. Dan comes over to my room after they leave for work. We have been together almost every day, he is use to seeing me and he does not have the need to ogle me or even have then need for sex all of the time. My mother lived up to her word and has taken off her bra while at home. Her nipples seemed to get hard as soon as I came in to the room when my father or Dan are there. As the weekend got closer, I asked my parents if Katie could sleep over Friday night. They said yes and thankfully did not ask me if she would be going topless.

Zoe: Friday came around and Katie showed up about noon. I went to the door naked to meet her and once she was in the house, she also stripped off her clothes. When Dan came in, he was happy to see Katie naked. Katie already knew about Dan and I and what we have been doing, she and I talk all of the time about our adventures in nakedness.

Dan: When I saw Katie’s breasts and her puffy nipples, I could only think about how they would feel in my mouth. Katie is only the second girl that I had ever seen naked, I was in a state of awe and not sure what to say or do, I finally squeaked out a “hi”.

Katie: Seeing Dan so excited was a turn on for me. I walked over to Dan and took his hands and put them on my breasts and said “you can do anything to me that you have done with your sister.”

Dan: I started fondling Katie’s breasts, they were small, but I could get a handful, she also had bigger and longer nipples than Zoe.

Katie: After a few minutes of Dan playing with my breasts, I said “You can suck on them if you want.”

Dan: I immediately moved my mouth to her nipple and began sucking. It was different than when I sucked on Zoe’s. I could suck Katie’s breast in to my mouth. I saw Zoe coming over to Katie’s other breast.

Zoe: I sucked on Katie’s nipple and then kissed Katie, while Dan watched. I then knelt down and pulled Dan’s shorts off him. Dan’s was hard already and I sucked his cock for a minute and then sucked on Katie’s pussy for a few minutes. I asked Dan, “are you ready to fuck her,” as Katie laid on the floor.

Dan: I got a big smile on my face and then said “yes.” I moved in to position as I watched Zoe crawl on top of Katie and put her pussy on Katie’s face. Zoe then leaned forward and licked Katie’s pussy and then sucked on my cock. Zoe then pulled me forward by my cock and guided me in to Katie’s pussy, I began to fuck Katie. Zoe used her tongue on Katie’s clit and my cock while we fucked. I was not going to last long with the sight before me. It was only a few minutes more, before I shot my load in to Katie. I stopped humping Katie and left my cock in her.

Zoe: I pulled Dan’s cock out of Katie’s pussy and sucked the cum dripping from his cock. I then fingered Katie until she had an orgasm and sucked the cum from her pussy.

Katie: Dan still had a hard cock so I motioned for him to come to me. I pulled his cock in to my mouth and sucked him and then guided his cock in to his sister’s pussy. I licked Zoe’s clit while Dan fucked her. Then sucked on Dan’s cocks before returning it to Zoe’s pussy. After a few minutes, Dan grunted and came in Zoe. I pulled out his cock and sucked him clean, then began to eat Zoe’s pussy again.

Zoe: I got off of Katie and we kissed for a while as we stood there with Dan watching. “How was that little brother?”

Dan: Watching two girls making out is hot!

Katie: What did you like the best?

Dan: Watching you eat a creamy pie, was awesome!

Zoe: OK Dan, lets talk a little about some plans for tonight and tomorrow.

Dan: What do you mean?

Zoe: Well I am going to let dad catch us naked.

Dan: OK, what do you want me to do?

Zoe: After we made some plans, it was getting late. So I suggested that Katie and I go for a run and come home after my parents have arrived from work. We both wore a pair of panties and a cut off t-shirt, then left for a run. We did not go very far, as Katie does not usually run, but we did just hang out and talk as we walked around.

Katie: I had a big wet spot on my crotch, being out in public in just my panties was making me wet, even though nobody really paid any attention to us.

Zoe: When we came in the door from our run, both my parents saw us. My father had a surprised look on his face and kept his eyes on Katie. I think he saw the wet spot on Katie’s panties. After a little small talk, we both headed to my bedroom. I saw my mother’s nipples were hard again.

Katie: “You father could not stop staring at me. Wait till he sees me topless.” We both started to giggle and then went for a shower together.

Zoe: Once we were finished in the shower, we hung out in my bedroom, in just our panties. I was sort of afraid to go down stairs, not knowing how my parents would react to Katie being topless. I was hoping that they would not start a big argument in front of Katie.

Mom: “Zoe, the pizza guy just pulled up, came you get the door? The money is on the end table.”

Zoe: I looked at Katie, then said “here we go” and then yelled, “Ok mom.” No body saw us until we walked in the kitchen with the pizza. Both my mother’s and father’s mouth dropped open. They both looked shocked, so I quickly called out, “Dan the pizza is here” and went about getting some plates.

Dad: When I heard Zoe call for Dan, I stopped staring at Katie’s tits. I did not want Dan or my wife to catch me, so I tried to act normally.

Dan: That was my cue, I quickly ran down to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and some pizza. I took a bite, then asked Katie if she wanted a soda. I got one out for Katie, Zoe and myself, then handed it to them. I asked my mother if I could eat in my room, I was playing video games. My mother looked flabbergasted and did not say anything. So I asked again.

Mom: I snapped out of it and just said “yea” to Dan. I would of thought that Dan would be staring at Katie’s breasts, but he seemed like he did not care. I was confused, then I looked over at my husband. He was getting a drink out of the frig. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy exciting. I immediately felt flush and excited, my nipples were hard and poking out my shirt, I wished I had on a bra.

Zoe: “Katie, lets sit over here.” As we sat down, I could see my mother was still processing the situation. Then I saw my father walking over to us and he sat at his usual place. He did his best to not stare. I think he was afraid of what my mother would do if she caught him. Dan had come down to get some more pizza and my mother watched how he reacted, but Dan just acted normally. By the end of our meal, my mother seemed to be more at ease, although she did not talk much while eating. After we cleaned up the dishes, Katie and I went to my bedroom, there we just started to crack up laughing. We talked about how my parents reacted, no one even noticed we answered the door to get the pizza, topless. We hung out in my room for the rest of the evening.

Mom: It was time for bed, I stopped by Katie’s room and looked in, both girls were watching tv and laying on the bed. I told them “don’t stay up to late” and left for my bedroom and a shower.

Zoe: “Good night mom.” Now for the next step, we partially closed my bedroom door and we removed our panties, then laid back on the bed and began watching tv again. We waited for my father to come by.

Dad: I was sitting downstairs giving my wife sometime to do her thing in the bathroom, and just thinking about the little puffy titties on Katie. I was thinking back when we told Zoe she could go topless, I never though of her bringing friends over and them being topless, but I must say it was an unexpected bonus. I just hope my wife isn’t going to freak out on me when I go up stairs. I was sitting there contemplating the evening, then it occurred to me, they went to the door topless to get the pizza, oh my god, these girls are crazy. On my way to bed, I thought I should stop in to see the girls, and by that I mean look at Katie’s titties once more. Zoe’s door was partially closed, so I opened it a little more and poked my head in. Before I looked in I said, “you girls doing ok?” Then I noticed they were both completely naked.

Zoe: I got up from the far side of the bed and walked towards my father. Katie swung her legs off to the side and sat up with her legs open slightly and leaned back. I said “yea daddy, are your going to bed?”

Dad: My little girl’s pussy was completely hairless, and she looked beautiful. Katie had a little landing strip and when she sat back, I could see her small lips. It took me a while to register Zoe’s question, I was still processing the beautiful sight before me. Then I snapped back to reality and said “yea honey.” Zoe was standing just to my side, so close, I could touch her. My head was moving back and forth, from Zoe to Katie and back again. I wasn’t sure where to look.

Zoe: “What time are you getting up tomorrow morning?”

Dad: I had to pull myself together. “Probably about 8, why?”

Zoe: “Could you come in and get us awake?”

Dad: “Sure, I guess I can.”

Zoe: “Ok, thanks daddy.”

Dad: “Anything else?”

Zoe: “No that is all, good night” and then I kissed my father on the cheek. I turned around and bent over to pick up our panties off the floor, only bending over at the waist with my legs spread. Then I turned around and smiled at my father.

Katie: “Good night Mr. Goodman.”

Dad: “Good night girls.” I managed to pull my head out of the room and pulled the door close. I am going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. I then began to panic, what do I say to my wife, then I thought it better I don’t say a thing.

Katie: “Why did you tell your father to get us up at 8? I don’t want to get up that early.”

Zoe: “I hate to tell you Katie, but we are getting awake before then.”

Katie: “Why?”

Zoe: “To see if he comes in the room and looks at us before he gets us awake. See my mother goes to yard sales in the morning, so she leaves about 7. So my father will have plenty of time to spy on us.”

Katie: “You know the first time Tammy’s father saw Tammy and I naked was when we were sleeping. He checked us out for a few minutes before he covered us. You are sneaky Zoe, we taught you well.”

Zoe: I set my phone to wake me up at 6:30, then we laid down and made out with each other till we fell asleep. The night flew by and my phone got me awake in the morning. I left Katie asleep, while I turned over and parted my legs. I soon heard noises coming from down the hall and thought it had to be my mother. Eventually she came down the hall and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I heard my door open and then footsteps, she had come in to my room. I heard her walking around my bed, she was looking at us. My mother was there for a good 5 minutes. I finally hear her walk out of my room. I carefully opened my eyes, she left my bedroom door wide open. Maybe she wants my father to see us. After a while I heard my mother walk out the front door and then her car start and she drove away.

Zoe: A while later, it was getting close to the time my father was to wake us, so I positioned Katie so she was spread out, but left her sleeping. After a few more minutes, I heard noises coming from my parents room, it had to be my father. I heard footsteps in the hallway, so I closed my eyes. I heard someone walk in to my room and they were walking around my bed. I heard a noise and realized whoever it was, was taking pictures of us. My pussy was getting wet, knowing what they were doing.

Dad: I had a couple of pictures of each of them, so I went over to Zoe and gently wiggled her arm and softly said, “time to get up honey.” I had to do it several times, before she started to stir.

Zoe: “Morning daddy” as I gave a fake yawn. I stretch my legs out and opened them more and watched my father’s reaction. Not sure what else to do, I thought quickly and came up with an excuse. “I've got to pee, I will be right back,” then went running out of the room. I hoped my father would stay there till I can back. I peed and walked back to my bedroom. When I got to the doorway, I saw my father was watching Katie sleep.

Dad: As I saw Zoe at the door, “I am sorry honey, I was just waiting for you.”

Zoe: “It is ok daddy. Doesn’t she look beautiful.”

Dad: “Yes she does, but I should go.”

Zoe: “Ok, but wait a second, let me wake Katie up and see what she wants for breakfast, I am thinking of making bacon and eggs.” I crawled on the bed with my ass towards my father, letting him have a good look at my pussy. “Katie wake uuupppp,” as I gently shook her arm.

Katie: “What, what time is it?” as I got a wake, I saw Mr. Goodman standing at the bottom of the bed.

Zoe: “Do you want some bacon and eggs for breakfast?”

Katie: “Sure that sound good.”

Zoe: “Ok dad, I will get Dan up and then we will be down to make some breakfast.” I followed my father out the bedroom door, as he went downstairs, I went to Dan’s room, knowing full well my father saw that I was completely naked. I got Dan awake, then told him about breakfast.

Katie: I got up and went to the bathroom, when I came back Zoe was there and had put on a t-shirt and panties. “Why are you covering up Zoe?”

Zoe: “I don’t want bacon grease to spatter and burn me.”

Katie: “Why are you wearing panties? Both your father and brother have seen us naked.”

Zoe: “Yea I know, I don’t want to be to obvious and I want to tease my father some more. Come on lets go have breakfast.” After breakfast Katie and I sat out by the pool.

Mom: It was late morning when I got back to the house, I called out “I am back”. I saw Zoe and Katie coming in from the pool. Both of them were just wearing panties. I asked Zoe “where is your father and brother.”

Zoe: “They went to the home improvement store for something. We are going to layout by the pool for a while and since dad and Dan are not here, we are going to remove our bottoms to try to even out our tan. Let us know when dad and Dan get home so we can get dressed again. Thanks mom.”

Katie: After we were out by the pool again, “Why did you tell your mother to warn us about your father and Dan coming home?”

Zoe: “I have a sneaky suspicion that my mother will not warn us. I believe she likes to see me naked around my father and Dan. I think she gets off on us being exposed. When I am topless and my father or brother are around, I see her nipples get hard and I think she is getting excited. I want to test my theory.”

Katie: “Then what?”

Zoe: “I don’t know. I will think of something.” We both pulled off our panties, and as we laid on the chairs, I saw my mother watching us from the window. We laid there for quite a while getting a tan and we were both getting thirsty, so we decide to go get a drink. Leaving our panties outside, we both started in the house and as we rounded the corner to the kitchen. My mother, father and brother were sitting at the table. “Mom, why did you not tell us they were home,” I said rather excitedly.

Mom: “Oh, I forgot about you two.”

Zoe: “Come on Katie, lets go get our bottoms,” as we turned around and left the kitchen. Once we were outside, I quietly said to Katie, “Yep my mother likes to see us exposed.”

Katie: “Yea I saw her nipples were poking out her top, she was waiting for us.”

Zoe: “Well I am going to play her game and act like it was an accident for now. It was kind of fun.” Now covered, we both went back in the house, everyone was still at the table, and my mother had a sly grin on her face. We sat for a while with the rest of the family while we had something to drink.

Katie: After a while, I suggested to Zoe that I get cleaned up, that I will need to leave shortly.

Zoe: After Katie left, I suggested to my mother that we layout out by the pool. Once she got out to the pool, I told my mother I was going to get a drink. I did get a drink, but I also told Dan to keep an eye out back, I was going to try to get mom to tan naked. After I was by the pool again, I said to my mother, “let me put some lotion on your back so you do not burn.”

Mom: “Yea that would probably be a good idea.”

Zoe: As I started to apply the lotion, I untied the string for her top, she seemed surprised, but did not say anything. Then I began to work on her legs, gently rubbing and massaging them. A faint moan escaped her lips. Softly, I said “you should get another bikini, something smaller than these granny panties.”

Mom: “I thought about getting another swim suit, but I don’t know about getting something smaller.”

Zoe: “Why don’t you try on my bottoms? I was going to take them off again to get some more tan on my butt.” My mother looked back at me, so I pulled off my panties while she watched. “Here lift up your hips.” I put my hands on her hips and gave her a nudge, she lifted up slightly. I untied the sides of her bottoms and pulled them off of her. “Let me put on some lotion first.” I squeezed the bottle and let the lotion spritz on her butt, some going between her ass cheeks. I started to working in the lotion, letting my fingers run over her puckered hole. Another moan escaped her mouth. I looked to the kitchen window and there stood my father and Dan, watching us. Encouraged by her moans, I let my fingers gently graze over her pussy. My mother opened her legs more, so I did it again, this time longer and the with more pressure, I ran my fingers over her pussy.

Mom: “Ok, that is enough lotion.”

Zoe: I pulled away and sat on my chair. “Oh the sun feels so good on my body.”

Mom: “It does feel good, but what if your father or brother come out.”

Zoe: “Probably nothing. They both have seen me already.” I caught myself slipping up and added, “you know earlier today. What are you going to do if Dan comes out?”

Mom: “You know, close my legs and yell at him. You know a mother’s wrath.”

Mom: “Are you going to put your bottoms on me?”

Zoe: “Not right now, lets enjoy the sun a little while longer. Oh, by the way, did you really forget that we were naked, or did you want us to be caught naked?”

Mom: “Well, two weeks ago, you said you would like to be naked, so I thought I would help you along. Oh, by the way, why did you not tell us your girlfriend Katie was going to be topless. Your dad, was quite surprised by that, I was too.”

Zoe: “Mom, have you thought about just staying naked?”

Mom: “I don’t believe I have enough courage to do that, right now I am so nervous, that Dan will catch me.”

Zoe: “I know what you are feeling, it is exciting though isn’t it. Do you like to be naked?”

Mom: “I like the feeling I get being naked, but I don’t think I would like a bunch of people seeing me naked, that would be too embarrassing.

Zoe: “I thought that too.”

Mom: “What do you mean you thought that too?”

Zoe: “Well the other week when I slept over at Tammy’s place. I did not have a bikini and I borrowed one from Tammy to go to the pool. It was very small, and I thought I would die if someone saw me wearing it. Then after a while, I wanted people to see me. The excitement and embarrassment together make me feel good.”

Mom: “But you said you like being naked, but now you said you had on a tiny bikini.”

Zoe: “Well we were the only ones at the pool, so after a while we dared each other to remove our bikini and we were naked for a while.”

Mom: “But you said other people.”

Zoe: “Well after a while we got out and laid in the sun, thinking we would hear if someone came in to the pool area. Two guys came in and we got covered up, then they told us they were watching us from their apartment. We didn’t realize people were looking down on the pool.

Mom: “So all three of you were naked and you don’t know how many people were actually watching you.”

Zoe: “No we don’t. But later on after we talked about it, we all liked what we were feeling. Then later on that night, we went to the indoor pool, other people were there and while we were in the water we took off our bikinis. When we got out of the pool, we wrapped our towel around us, then we walked back to the apartment.” My mother turned her head towards me, listening intently.

Mom: “What else did you do?”

Zoe: “The next day at the pool, I wore a white bikini and when it got wet, it was totally see through. I felt the eyes of everybody watching me and it was the most exciting experience that I every had. Later on I thought about what it would be like to masturbate while others watched me.”

Mom: “What else have you done?”

Zoe: “Well you know my running outfit.”

Mom: “Yea.”

Zoe: “They are just a pair of my panties.”

Mom: I sat up quickly and said, “Zoe, you mean to tell me you are out there running around in a pair of panties and a t-shirt, that is it?”

Zoe: I looked at my mother, her nipples were hard. “Yea, no one other than me knows there are just a pair of panties. You didn’t even know till I just told you. No one even cares, nobody has ever said anything to me about them.”

Mom: “But Zoe, what if someone catches you, what will they say?”

Zoe: “I would just be naked. Lie down on you back, here let me put some lotion on you.” I started to apply lotion on to my mother, I started on her stomach. I looked to the kitchen window and my father and brother were still watching us. I moved my hands slowly up and was now just grazing my mother’s bare breasts. She was breathing heavily. After a few moments, my hands went over her breasts, kneading the lotion on to her soft fleshy mounds. I wanted to keep massaging them and even suck on them, but I held off for another time. I move my hand down to her waist and squeezed out some more lotion, this time a dollop went on to her pussy. I rubbed in the lotion, except for her pubic area. I then ran my hand over her pussy, letting my finger slide through her crevice. Her labia was engorged, she was definitely turned-on. I looked to the window and we still had an audience. On the next pass of her pussy, my mother left out another audible moan. I moved to her legs and messaged them as I put on the lotion, pulling her legs further apart. Once I was done, I moved up and sat close to her. She looked at me with a want in her eyes. I then said “mom, why don’t you stay nude for the rest of the day with me. If you do, I will do anything you want me to do for the next 2 weeks.

Mom: “Anything?”

Zoe: “Yes anything!”

Mom: “But don’t you think dad and Dan will think it is strange that all of the sudden I am nude.”

Zoe: “No, I think they will like you being nude. After all, you have been going in to Dan’s room and watching him naked with a hard-on in the mornings.” My mother picked up her head. “I also know you have been opening my bedroom door, hoping that dad and Dan see me totally naked.” My mother got a look of panic on her face. “It is ok mom, I like it and Dan doesn’t mind either.

Mom: “Dan knows?”

Zoe: “Yes, he told me about it.”

Mom: “You will do anything?”

Zoe: “Yes anything.” I left her ponder that for a few seconds. Then I said, “besides, it’s not that dad and Dan haven’t already seen you nude.”

Mom: “What do you mean?”

Zoe: “Both of them have been standing at the kitchen window watching us since I came out here with my drink.

Mom: I quickly turned my head and look in the window, there both of them stood watching us. My face went red with embarrassment. I was speechless.

Zoe: “I can see it in you face, you like being watched, admit it.

Mom: “I never thought Dan would be interested in seeing me naked.” I smiled at them.

Zoe: “You do like the attention, don’t you? You also like for them to see me, don’t you.”

Mom: “Alright, I must admit at first I wasn’t in to it, but watching you strut around here topless started getting to me.”

Zoe: “I know, when you gave up wearing you bra, I saw your nipples become hard when I was around with Dan or dad. Why don’t you motion for dad and Dan to come out.”

Mom: “You will do anything right?”

Zoe: “Yes anything.”

Mom: I motioned for my husband and Dan to come out. I watched as they walked out to join us. I was embarrassed, but Zoe was right, the feeling I was having was incredible. I sat up and pulled my legs together and told them to sit here beside me. Dan on my one side, my husband on the other. I saw Dan looking at my breasts and felt proud that he liked to look at them, even if I was his mother.

Zoe: Once everybody was seated I said, “mom and I have decided to go completely naked around the house, I assume that neither of you have an objection to that.” Both were too shock to say anything, but both nodded their head no. If you want to look at me, you can, I don’t have a problem with that. I then sat back and spread my legs. Hesitantly everyone began to look at my pussy. I then took my fingers and pulled myself open for them. I could see my mother’s face was flush. I wondered if she would do the same.

Mom: “Ok, that is enough for now, lets go get cleaned up. Zoe and I need to figure out what we are having for dinner this evening.” I picked up my swim suit and Zoe got her panties and we went in to the house. When we got up stairs, I told Zoe “we will talk later, get a shower and then I will see you downstairs.”

Zoe: I went in to my room and Dan stopped by. I let him know I told her about coming in to his room.

Dan: “My dick is as hard now as when you told me I could fuck you. Mom has an awesome body, I can’t wait to fuck her.”

Zoe: “Slow down, we are not there yet, I don’t know what dad thinks about what is happening.”

Dan: “I can tell you he thinks it is awesome. As we were watching from the kitchen he asked me if I think mom is beautiful. I blurted out she has nice tits and I loved the lips on her pussy, without thinking. He gave me a strange look and then said, I guess I cannot blame you. I then asked him what he thinks of you? He said I bet you she has a tight pussy. I did not let on that I already knew.”

Zoe: “I told mom if she stayed naked, I would do anything she asked for the next two weeks. If you have not noticed, she likes to show me off, so there is no telling what she is going to have me do. I have to get a shower now, so be ready for anything.” I walked to the bathroom, I did not bother closing the door, there is really not a need now. After a shower and combing my hair, which was still wet, I went downstairs to the living room. My brother and father watched me walk in the room. I asked them “is mom down here yet?”

Dad: “No she is still up stairs.”

Zoe: “What are you watching?”

Dan: “Just some sports” as I said that I heard my mother coming down the stairs. She came in to the living room and she was naked.

Mom: “So what do you think?” I turned around for everyone to get a look at me. “I shaved. I guess that I should let all of you get a good look at me like Zoe did. Zoe, show them again. Come here and sit on the coffee table. Dan come over here and sit beside your father and I.

Zoe: I moved to where she said and after sitting down, I spread my legs open and leaned back.

Mom: “Spread yourself open.”

Zoe: “I pulled myself open,” my pussy was becoming moist from showing off to my family.

Mom: I leaned over and whispered in to Zoe’s ear, “masturbate for us.” I looked behind me as I began to sit again and noticed Dan was looking at my pussy. I had completely forgot about the view I would be giving him bent over like that. I had a sensory rush, Zoe was right about the feeling you get when someone sees you naked.

Zoe: I began to rub myself, I saw my father and mother lean in closer to me. My fingers were moist, but I want more lubrication. I licked my fingers making them wet and returned them to my pussy.

Mom: “Oh you want more lubrication,” I leaned in till I was just inches from Zoe’s pussy, as I inhaled, I smelled her sex, she smelled sweet. I then spit on her pussy. I felt so erotic and my pussy was becoming wetter. I look over to my husband, he had a smile on his face. I said “help her out, spit on her pussy.”

Dad: I could not believe what my wife just told me to do, but I was eager. I leaned in and got a mouth full of saliva and then spit on Zoe’s pussy. Once I sat down again, my wife kissed me. We watched as Zoe started to moan louder.

Mom: “Dan, help her out.”

Dan: I was so horny from watching my sister and having my naked mother beside me, I thought I would do something different. I leaned in closer and stuck out my tongue, licking Zoe’s pussy.

Zoe: “When Dan’s tongue touched my pussy, I let out a low groan.”

Mom: I was shocked, but so turned on seeing Dan lick Zoe’s pussy. Then I thought about, what it would be like and I had to find out. I leaned and stuck out my tongue, as I began to taste her, I felt a hand on my butt cheek, then a tongue on my pussy. I looked toward my husband and he was sitting at my side. I realized that my son is eating me. Just the thought gave me an orgasm. At this point I didn’t care anymore. I began to eat Zoe with vigor. I heard Zoe call for her father. I saw him walk to her, she was laying on the coffee table now. Zoe reached up and pulled down his shorts and underwear. Then she grabbed hold of his cock and pulled him in to her mouth. I felt a cock enter me, Dan was now fucking me. Oh my god, I have never been so turned on before. I came again. As I ate Zoe, I watched her blow my husband and I recognized his actions, he was ready to cum. He tilted his head back and let out a low groan he was cumming, Zoe swallowed most of it, some dribbled out the corners of her mouth. Then I felt Dan push in me deep, I felt his cum pouring in to me. I bit on Zoe’s clit, she let out a scream and she came hard and became very wet and very sweet tasting, she creamed with her orgasm. My legs became weak, I licked Zoe a few more times, then sat down. I watched as my husband pulled his cock from Zoe’s mouth and then he sat beside me, his cock was still hard.

Zoe: I took a glance at everyone, my mother was slumped over, Dan was laying back, my father was sitting up and his cock was still hard. I got up and walked over to my father, pushed him back against the couch and then straddled him. I took hold of his cock and lowered myself on to it. My mother had taken notice and she was watching us as I began to ride my father. I leaned over and pulled my mother’s head towards me and kissed her. I felt someone behind me, it had to be Dan. I sank down on my father’s cock and kept still. My mother and father watched as Dan pushed his cock in my ass. Once he was in I began to ride the both of them. My god, one cock was good, two cocks in me felt wonderful. I began to have a small orgasm with each hump. When I felt my father cum in me, that was it, I left out a howl and had a huge orgasm, which set off my brother and he came in my ass, my body shook as I had another orgasm. I was exhausted, I fell in to the arms of my father, my brother pulled out of my ass. I sat there hugging my father with his now soft cock, barely inside of me. My mother was rubbing my back, and then she kissed me.

Mom: Seeing the complete look of satisfaction on my daughter’s face only made me think of one thing, I got to have my husband and son at the same time. We all rested for a few minutes, no words were spoken, just heavy breathing.

Zoe: “Mom can we order something for dinner tonight, I am too tired to help you cook.”

Mom: A smile can to my face, then said, “how about we order some Chinese food, and you answer the door naked?”

Zoe: “Sounds good to me.” While we sat eating, we all talked and I told my parents about all that I have been doing. They were surprised to here that Dan and I have been fucking for a couple of weeks. They were also very surprised that I masturbated in the mall with the men watching me, however my parents want me to repeat that performance so they can watch this time. I told them about Katie and Tammy and her father. My father and Dan want Tammy and Katie to come over, my mother is looking forward to meeting Bill.

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